a rash that occurs on the abdomen and is extremely uncomfortable. should seek medical attention and dont rub on anyone (especially the young or elderly!).
well billy…i had shingles once…yep
a subst-tute for sh-t in a situation where you can’t curse words. e.g. a high school sporting event, a youth soccer game. (very useful when you have gotten halfway to making a curse word mistake, a faux pas, sh-t morphs into shingle quite naturally.)

don’t think you sound odd, you sound polite in front of other people’s kids.
oh my, shingle, that was a horrible call.

shingle. shingle. shingle.

holy shingle. you gotta be kidding me.
an awesome dance that is danced in hawaii commonly danced by females with pink gr-ss skirts.
you move your hips, and wave your arms in a random -ss way.
“hey lets go do the shingles on the dance floor.
a geeky shaking dance done traditionaly by nerds. arms up and wiggling with head.
everybody in the house do the shingle!
a paddle, as is common in greek letter fraternities and sororities
make me a shingle, pledges!
another word for a slice of pizza.
we walked into the deli to order our sandwiches for lunch. while i was waiting for my sandwich i ordered a couple of shingles.
thick pizza that is very well done and is tough to chew. therefore when bitten into it has the same affect as bitting into a shingle, hence it’s name.
“whoaw, what’s wrong?!”
“wow, that pizza was tough to bit, it was like bitting into a shingle!”

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