slippy toad

1: a character from the star fox series.
2: of poor quality
1:i just kicked major -ss, thanks to slippy toad!
2:the controls in sonic adventure are slippy toad.
a character in the popular video game star fox 64, and the most annoying, idiotic frog ever created. his voice is high and annoying, he always needs you to “get this guy off me!” totally useless except for showing you boss health. also runs in a hilarious way.
“get the d-mn guy off your own d-mn self, slippy toad! if i can do a somersault, so can you.”

“slippy toad, i hate you. stfu!
when a guy lubes up his d-ck and watches his girl try and toss it off
guy 1: dude i made carol give me a slippy toad
guy 2: did she manage it
guy 1: of course not, it’s a slippy toad

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