smoke show

a word used to describe a sereously hot girl (must not be overused and abused on medeocarly hot woman!)
“man that girl is a f-cking smoke show!”
a term used to describe an extremely hot girl
i didn’t know she was that good looking, what a smokeshow!
a word to describe someone so hot that you basically see the smoke coming off them…
(s-xy bombsh-ll walks into a bar)

dude 1: “dude, check out the smokeshow that just walked in!”

dude 2: “holy…she’s hot!”
a word used to describe a girl ranking 10/10 on the attractive scale. similar describing words include: bombsh-ll, s-xbomb, major babe (mb), hottie, ect…
that girl on instagram is a smokeshow!
a girl who is both smoking hot and entertaining.
man those girls we ran into at the bar last night were such smokeshows, we should’ve stuck with them all night
to be a smokeshow is to be so great, goodlooking, and out of this world. it is derived from the term smoking hot. as in…”shes’ smoking hot”
you were a smokeshow last night on the dancefloor. or/ your a complete smokeshow
used to describe an extreme display of exhaust smoke from a locomotive, car, truck, bike, or burning rubber.
that steam engine was really putting on a smokeshow as it pulled the train up the steep grade.
he got in his hotroded dodge diesel ram, dropped the hammer and put on quite a smokeshow.

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