charles jones, 1866–1918, chinese merchant (father of ai-ling, ch’ing-ling, mei-ling, and tse-ven soong).
[ahy-ling] /ˈaɪˈlɪŋ/ (show ipa), 1888–1973, wife of h. h. kung.
ching-ling or ch’ing-ling
[ching-ling] /ˈtʃɪŋˈlɪŋ/ (show ipa), 1892–1981, widow of sun yat-sen.
mei-ling or mayling [mey-ling] /ˈmeɪˈlɪŋ/ (show ipa), (madame chiang kai-shek) 1897–2003, wife of chiang kai-shek.
tse-ven or tzu-wen
[tsoo -wuhn] /ˈtsʊˈwʌn/ (show ipa), (t.v) 1894–1971, chinese financier.
historical examples

she ventured, in a right melancholy way, to suggest a hope, that it was not his purpose immediately to leave the valley of soong.
dealings with the dead a s-xton of the old school

yet these members of the “soong dynasty” did not shape the course of nanking policies as a closed concern.
government in republican china paul myron anthony linebarger

an influential chinese family, notably soong ch’ing-ling (1890–1981), who married sun yat-sen and became a vice-chairman of the people’s republic of china (1959); and soong mei-ling (1898-2003), who married chiang kai-shek

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