south side beaver

a school full of ether preppy middle cl-ss kids who act rich or redneck kids that talk about hunting, fishing, trucks, quads drinking and partying. no matter who you are, you’ll most likely attend at least one georgetown party and get drunk and most likely get chased out by cops because some parents called because there’s never cops around. there’s a lot of kids at south side who don’t care. the teachers are vary chill and fun. you ether hate them or there your best friend there’s no in between. the schools vary small everyone probably knows everyone’s names in every grade above them and to 4 grades below them. 80% of the kids don’t even listen to country but wear boots and jeans everyday. if you don’t wear boots and jeans or at least look laid back your probably one of the sn-bby kids that everyone says they like but don’t. rumors get around the school fast. teachers even know who’s having s-x with who who got in a fight with who. they most likely know everyone’s personal life wheather they know them or not. south side is a family that likes to fight eachother but also defends eachother.
person 1: we have a game against south side beaver tonight.

person 2: you mean that redneck school thats talks sh-t on everyone?

person 1: yeah dude. it’s gonna be a close game or a fights gonna break

example 2:

person 1: did you hear what happend at the crick party other night?

person 2: yeah! those freshmen girls are dumb partying with those redneck boys that are 3 years older than them.

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