sold pending funds, this item has been sold to someone but it has not yet been exchanged for money.
item #1 – $100
item #2 – $30
item #3 – spf

item three has been sold but has not been traded
acronym for strictly platonic friend, used under these various conditions:
-the person has to actually be a close friend of an opposite s-x
-your relationship has to resemble that of two romantic lovebirds’ in some aspects
-yet the thought of you two as a couple makes both of you (or one of you) feel squeamish
-the person is conveniently your escort for all the sh-t-i-need-a-date events
a: yo, i always see you and ryan together now. are you guys dating?
b: hahha, no. he’s just my spf.

side panty f-ck. inserting his c-ck without taking the trouble to peel off your panties. creates a slightly different feel. ideally done when wearing a s-xy pair of panties.
he didn’t want to take the time to take off my panties so he just decided to go for an spf.
safe way of saying sh-t p-ss f-ck online. used to express extreme anger at a situation.
the doctor just told me i have inoperable cancer of the b-lls… spf!
acronym for smokey pointer finger. when you smoke a cigarette and your pointer finger has an inevitable aroma of smoke. extremely difficult to remove with water, soap, hand sanitizer, or any other cleaning mechanism.
not smoking is the only way to avoid spf.
stile project forums

see stile

best forum on teh interweb
the spf is the only place that still posts pics of goatce regualarly and thinks its funny. all hail
when you stick your tongue out at someone, your tongue usually makes contact with your lips. if you pay close enough attention, and add a little air to it all, it sounds like spf, short for spiff.
when julie stuck her tongue out at eric, she breathed out a bit causing a spf noise.

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