acronym, meaning “slumber party giggles” it’s getting more and more popular and is used to replace “lol”.
betty: i bet he can’t even do one pushup
other guy: spg!
a “sarong party girl”. rampant in singapore and other areas in asia. usually the finer specimens of the female population but plagued with an addiction for caucasian d-ck. though these women are typically not prost-tutes, they do lend themselves to “loving you long time” depending on size of wallet and promises of greener pastures.
dude, last night some spg gave me the drip
shy plain girl, this girl is usually asian and is not special in anyway but a practice f-ck for when a guy gets a hot girlfriend.
steven: there’s this spg that sits next to me in cl-ss.
jon: so?, go hit it and quit it.
skinny pale guy, see ryan bour-ssa or skinny pale guy.
computer geeks tend to be skinny pale guys.
acronym for “self props giver”. meaning a person that is constantly tooting their own horn.
christina is such an spg. all she talks about is how good she is at poker.

quit spging, everyone freaking knows you got that raise cause you’re a kiss -ss.
springs, the best place in the universe. located in new york on long island. home to some fine attractions such as springs school, barnes country market, and…..thats about it.
1)springs is better then east hampton and montauk
2)i hate springs kids, they all suck
this acronym stands for either “stupid perverted guy” or “stupid perverted gal”. this acronym is used to describe a person that has an extreme l-st and/or fetishes.
chad: hey! have you seen the new movie “superbad”?

friend: yeah! it was really funny with how that guy liked to draw p-n-ses everywhere.

chad: that guy sure was one h-ll of an spg.

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