there aren’t any definitions for svein yet.

can you define it?

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    a awesome person with a huge p-n-s and is really good at hockey and other sports logan-is that jaxon sheppard? jeremy-yeah i have heard he has a really big p-n-s

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    a group of savages who roasts anyone who opposes them. do not mess with bake squad #ijwbg

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    when your parent walks in on you jerking off and you turn around and spray them with your load. i was over at jimmy’s house and his mom walked in on me and i pickle sauced her.

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    shot right in the face at close range with a large caliber gun. 2. made a stupid mistake. mike just got derped with a 12 gauge shotgun. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh! i derped! derped (v.) to derp or have the action of derp be used upon you. shannon really derped when she fell face first on her skateboard. […]

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