star-crossed lovers.
romeo and juliet are swehesh.

swe hesh

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    a wormy or lipless arrogance. smarmy, anxious verbosity. a statement offering no clarity designed to evade and avoid accountability at all costs. most often employed and -ssociated with small town politics. accompanied in many cases by an ever present -ss sweat. 1. don’t you be swiddy with me. 2. his swiddy comment summed him up […]

  • SWOB

    defined as m.o.b.-swag. m.o.b.= money over b-tches swag = one’s appearance, style ,or the way he/she presents his/herself. thus swob would refer the “swag” that accompanies the m.o.b. mentality. if one’s motto was money over b-tches, the philosophy denotes that a man who wants money and/or true power must always put money first and women […]

  • Swole Hag

    when a female that your with seems to be a little on the whorish side and happens to be unattractive. dude 1: woah! …..are you two dating ? dude 2: naa shes a swole hag dude 1: oh okay scared me for a second dude 2: lol


    south west united synagogue youth or so weird usy drew ” are you going to the next swusy convention?” richard”of course!!!! swusy is the best”

  • loss of sense

    cant tell what is up or down or right or left

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