system requirements

a set of words letting you know if you have to pay lots of money in the near future.
doug: what’s system requirements on that thing?
bob: i think i’m going to have to buy a new computer, for this…. what’s your name again?
doug: doug.
bob: -kaboom-
doug: i hate it when that happens.
the never ending upward spiral!

your computer must at least match the “system requirements” in order to run the software or hardware.
system requirements for bla2004

2.5ghz processor
500mb ram
128mb gpu memory 🙁
windows xp
.. and something you haven’t got! >:-/
the minimum level of hardware and software that must be present before a piece of hardware or software will work properly.
halo pc

windows 98se or higher
733mhz processor
1.2 gb hard drive sp-ce
32mb videocard
8x cd-rom
sound card
that thing you do not meet when calling a technical support hotline.
-sorry sir, but you do not meet the system requirements and therefore do not qualify for support.
-thanks for nothing -sshole
in computers, the minimum hardware and software required to run given program or use a piece of hardware.
to run program x you need at lease a 1.4ghz processor, 128megabytes of ram, 600megabytes of hard drive sp-ce, a 4x cdrom drive, a 32megabyte videocard, directx 7.0 and windows 2000 or xp
1. system specs required to run a program or install a piece of hardware on your computer.
2. way to make you buy new computers.
system requirements…. 500$ and a trip to staples/business depot…
“minimum” computer system specs needed for a computer game to play.

a game will never work if you only meet these requirements. to avoid sh-t-heavy lag, surp-ss them like crazy.

do some f-cking research before you buy a game to see what you really need.
“noob, ignore the system requirements. 512 ram is nothing, everyone knows battlefield 2 needs 2 gigs to run properly.”

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