Texas Chilli Bowl

it is a cruel an inexplicably twisted method of torture or violence of a s-xual nature.

it is performed with the following elements:
1: tabasco sauce
2: telephone
3: and..the -n-s

this method is thought to have originated from texas due to the food used.
“this man ratted out some rapist..and 3 years later he was tortured with the dreaded texas chilli bowl.”
involves tob-ssco sauce, a telephone, and the -n-s.
i lubbed up the phone with tob-ssco sauce and placed it in jon’s -n-s. me and the boys call it the texas chillibowl! :d
a “texas chilli bowl” is when someone defecates into their partner’s -n-s or v-g-n-, who effectively sucks it into the orifice and holds it for as long as possible, or alternatively, lets their partner put their c-ck in the sh-t-filled orifice. often, the person will use aides such as laxatives, enemas, or tabasco sauce to make the consistency of their fecal matter as wet and runny as possible. also referred to as “scat swapping,” doc-mented in the cl-ssic internet fetish video swap.avi.
“billy sucked the wet candy out of danielle’s chocolatey texas chilli bowl while it was still warm.”

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