a b-st-rdization of tech-s-x, having s-x over any form of technology (phone s-x, skype s-x, etc)
joey: h-ll yeah got that b-tch sending me nudes n sh-t

bill: h-ll yeah dude! have some tex-s-x!
like phone s-x, only on text messaging.

my boyfriend and i found a new way to spice up our s-x life. now when we’re in office, we texs-x.
similar to having phone s-x; but instead of talking hot dirty s-x to your significant other you actually are “texting” steamy hot dirt talk to your significant other
… jane have you ever tried tex-s-x with jerry? mike and i tex-s-x for the first time last night-we really got into it!
having s-x with a person from texas. this word is particularly used for an attractive female considering there are a lot of them in texas.
guy 1: dude i’m going to texas

guy 2: make sure to have lots of tex-s-x!!

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