The Club House

a hidden group of people that play a variety of games within the community “next generation roleplay”. one thing that is strange and odd about this group of gamers is that they are strictly supportive of the h-m-s-xual decent, with that kept in mind they usually have a different mindset when playing games. they tend to play games unlike other gamers in a more flamboyant way and play the ‘hero’ in every game in hope to make only friends with the other males in the game they’re playing. this group has such an extreme friendship that they even take certain times out of the year to go on gay-friendly cruises and stop by the most exotic places that are known for gay people. this group of people is just amazing due to the fact they are changing the gamer world much like other activities that are being morphed into allowing gay-friendly communities.
i went on the club house cruise and we had a great time making friends.
#ngrp #next generation gaming

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