The Walk of Shame

walking home still wearing your clothes from the night before the morning after staying over at a guy/girl’s house that you met at bar or party. alcohol is usually involved in your decision to go home with them.
she took the walk of shame, still wearing her dress and heels, at 6am.
the aftermath of -j-c-l-t–n to the point of getting s-m-n everywhere, especially your hands, thus having to walk to the sink to wash off your shameful act.
“dude, why we’re you in the bathroom so long?”

“ugh, i just did the walk of shame!”
the trip you take when you realize that you just took a dump at a stall or bathroom with no toilet paper and need to go get some.
dude, look at the way that guy coming out of the stall is walking! poor guy probably needs to make the walk of shame.

i reached for a piece of toilet paper only to realize that i needed to travel on the walk of shame.

guy 1: “hey you’re out of toilet paper!”

guy 2: “really? what did you use?”

guy 1: “i had to make the walk of shame to ask you were so tp is.”

guy 2: “dude, you smell like cr-p.”
after being rejected by a girl in a bar, the time spent getting back to the table where your drinking buddies are.
he’s setting himself up for a walk of shame. that lady is ann coulter.
discribes the walk from the exit of the public toilet to the wash basin..after have had a horrific sh-t, (windjammer followed by a mad session of the peebledash effect)in front of other users of the toilet
listening to sn-gg-rs from people who are looking at you

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