a person who is just as (if not more) beautiful as their name suggests. a person who, through individualization, has become like a jewel to the public eye. someone hard to tear your attention from.
person 1 – wow, what a trista. -points-

person 2 – i know, isn’t she great?
trista: usually female, shorter version for tristan.

an intellagent, beautiful woman.
very attractive to most guys.
not shy.
good kisser.
maybe a bit dramatic/b-tchy.
usually a good fighter.
wow, you see the way she fights? definately a trista.
the female version of the name tristan but sounds more appealing and beautiful to the ear.
person- hey, i’m trista.
a wonderful girl, usually found in wisconsin, but likes traveling the world. her beauty is incomparable, her smile is special. she cooks like none other, and sometimes you wonder… honey & cheese??? she is so intelligent and sweet she makes you feel on top of the world. a flower fanatic, who is caring and creative. approaching 21 years of age, an overall crazy and incredible girl who keeps you in check…if you ever get out of line… 🙂

beware! very distracting
trista, you make me smile!

i love you trista
trista is someone who just doesn’t fall in love with anyone. ever. no matter how hard the person tries, she will never fall for him. she’s extremely gorgeous as well.
boy : will you date me?
trista : if i say no, can we still be friends?
one who is extemely sensitive and starts alot of family drama.
shes just being trista

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