using that logic

in an argument, it is exploiting someone’s logic trail and using the exact same logic trail against them, often modified to use counterpart objects of comparison and/or contrast.
in regular conversations, it is often used as call to action.
man 1: one of the ideas explored sometimes was to take useful items and somehow corrupt them and make them unusable/impractical and p-ss it off as art. anyways, this guy is about 100 years too late with this.
man 2: using that logic, we should all stop making art at all because we’re all 41,000 years too late with it.

she explains that it’s okay to call white people “crackers” because it’s a term slaves used to describe whites. so using that logic, she shouldn’t be offended if a racist white person calls her the “n” word. after all, that’s how the white slave owners referred to the slaves.

batman gets his name from a fear of bats. using that logic, what’s your superhero name?

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