a whale-hippo. a fat and ugly b-tch who thinks she is hot and all that.
that nasty whappo should not be wearing a halter top.

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  • high up on the food chain

    a way to describe an obese person. friend a: “yo dude did you see what happened to jenny?” friend b: “yeah it’s a shame, she used to be hot.” friend a: “too bad she went and got herself so high up on the food chain.”

  • maslin law

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    the pooch suit aka “sun dress”, is a new fashion weapon heavy set woman use to conceal their sometimes deceiving stomach pooches. over weight middle aged college girls have really began to use this weapon to their advantage during the late night party scene. when woman wear the pooch suit refer to them as “inpregneto” […]

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    a pierced and glitter covered p-n-s. can also be used in reference to refer to a glitter donkey “look at that f-ck-ng poofnis” “want to touch my poofnis?” poofnis is a phrase that means wild or very fluffy hair. “your cat should be named poofnis his hair is wild”

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