sometimes you may get into a ‘work-overcharge’

this is a condition of the mind after you’ve done lots of non-stop work.
mostly shows up when multiple people ask you something to do and you try to finish the work as fast as possible but with great accuracy.
the brain gets fully charged with that status and you experience some kind of ‘drug’ effect.
you feel like you can take on the whole world and you are in the mood to do lots and lots more.

some symptones are:
– forgeting you are tired
– heavier sweating
– no idea anymore of the time or don’t care anymore
– tired feeling when ‘cooled down’

when you take a rest or you are incapable of doing a requested action the charge will be most likely to cool down and finally go away.
jack: john.. can you finish the script please for me ?
john: yea sure .. hang o..
paul: eeeeyyy john.. can you render the presentation movie for me please?
john: euhh i’m busy with the th..
chris: yo john.. can you zip the files for me and send them to my computer, thanks.
john: yea sure.. ill do it all in 2 min… sure !
(john is now officially work-charged)

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