what you f-cking doing
hey, wyfd?

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  • waffle stomp

    to defecate in the shower and then proceed to try to stomp it down the drain with your foot in a hurry to cover up the evidence, she waffle stomped. verb. to defecate on a shower floor near a drain and to begin stomping the fecal matter through the drain, thus creating a waffle imprint. […]


    ‘what you see is what the f-ck’ – a parody for the acronym wysiwyg dude, my new monitor is wysiwtf or that girl at the disco was wysiwtf when i finally approached her, again showing good from far is far from good.

  • Wagjob

    the wagjob is considered to be the most intense, painful, and utterly gayest and most h-m-erotic form of s-x, ever. it involves eight condoms, six d-cks, three plastic bags, a towel and a stork. only performed by the gayest possible men on earth. the wagjob has only been performed one time in history, and even […]

  • waiting to happen

    a phrase used to describe what someone or something is about to do. you look like mischief waiting to happen. old faithful is an -j-c-l-t–n waiting to happen. jamie lynn spears is another britney spears waiting to happen. that puppy is a puddle on the floor waiting to happen. the apocalypse, rapture, h-ll is waiting […]

  • waist band hero

    the act of taking ur b-n-r/partially erecteed woody and cautiously sliping it into ur waist band of ur shorts to eliminate the sticking out of the w-ng. —very helpful in a group seetting 2 avoid awkwardness — (usually the go-to guy in terms of the b-n-r evasion) -not necessary if your w-ng is 2.5 inches […]

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