that means you are a happy b-tch
omg xdddd

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  • fuhrmanator

    lower dauphin middle school’s 8th grade history teacher. a man who is entirely too loud, this denizen of h-ll will rip out the soul of any who calls him by his s-x name, “the fuhrmanator.” this man should be observed with caution, and held off with a stick, as he bites. he pimps in his […]

  • strong p*ssy

    a bomb -ss p-ssy!! tight feels right, wet, wet. freash fragrance. cant help but to c-m quick. i love strong p-ssy.. that’s some strong p-ssy, i had to eat it twice trying not to nut..

  • phone lag

    the amount of extra time that disappears into the ether at a red-to-green light or the additional time sh-t-canned while moving forward in any line, primarily due to those obliviously lost starring into their phone. boss- you seem to be later than usual this morning? you- yea, left 15 mins early, but i experienced some […]

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    in socialist sweden there isn’t really a private economy so the state -ssigns you presents based on your age, gender, number of sick days taken, whether you’re a member of the national people’s democratic party etc. the gifts are often swedish products, like ikea furniture or a spotify subscription. it’s tradition is for the presents […]

  • trumie

    a term that describes a tru homie. your ride or die. your best friend that you can go to for anything and they got your back. you can talk for hours or sit in silence and it’s not awkward. y’all are so close y’all even act the same. i got u trumie

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