you quirky you.

a person or their behavior that is odd but cool.
that was yqy when you showed your punk rock -ss at homecoming,
#yqy stands for yaaas queen yaaas and is used to describe something tasteful or an approved point of view.
i just got one of those new starbucks pumpkin spiced latte’s #yqy
pr-nounced “icky”. means foul, offending to the nose or taste buds.
jeff: this coffee is absolutely yqy
joe: i don’t think it’s that bad
jeff: f-ck you, i slept with your wife
“you queer yet?”, used when someone does something non-gender-conforming and people give them heat about it.
b-tch: you still working on your dad’s engine?
girl: yeah, why?
b-tch: idk, yqy?
the misspelling of yay
yqy i p-ssed high school!

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