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  • soda shoes

    when you’re driving home from wendy’s with food in one hand, the steering wheel in the other, and a large soda in your lap and all of a sudden you hit a b-mp causing your soda to topple over and spill in your shoes 🙁 “yea man, i was on my way but then i […]

  • azzergablet

    an amazing and beautiful person with b–bs so big you can see them from sp-ce. wow, marge is an azzergablet

  • french horning

    the act of fisting a girl and eating her -ss simultaneously. can i have a tic tac? carly and i were french horning last night.

  • white w*lly wasted

    when a young lad who recently turned 18 years of age goes on a drinking binge and makes a complete t-t of himself on the dance floor by stumbling into people, knocking over people’s drinks and rolling his eyes, followed by the bouncers removing his sorry -ss. that lad was white w-lly wasted

  • pig porker

    a pig porker is one who has s-x with unattractive partners. juan was so h-rny he decided to become a pig porker for the night!

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