agreement; conformity:
in accordance with the rules.
the act of or granting:
the accordance of all rights and privileges.
contemporary examples

“we have been and will continue to work to acquire the drugs in accordance with the law,” mcnaughton said via email.
pennsylvania’s lethal injection fiasco christopher moraff september 17, 2014

it would take shape in accordance with a three-step acknowledgement of the basic realities we confront on the issue.
the house gop’s big immigration fail james poulos june 4, 2014

as it happened, i was the eldest of our group, so in accordance with iraqi protocol i posed the first question.
is iraq shifting to iran? gary sick november 15, 2009

and if language is not in accordance with the truth of things, then affairs cannot be successfully carried out.
find a china reset b-tton orville sch-ll june 6, 2013

in accordance with the example of american law,” he transitioned seamlessly, “the koran must be punished.
terry jones: how the mad pastor oozed back leon dische becker april 1, 2011

historical examples

each one of us dreams of the unknown and the impossible in accordance with his nature.
les misrables victor hugo

lorenzi lowered his point in salute, in accordance with the rules of fence.
casanova’s homecoming arthur schnitzler

in doing so he simply acted in accordance with the ideas of his time, and this is the one excuse that can be made for him.
the english church in the middle ages william hunt

but the arguments of reason are not always in accordance with the suggestions of feeling.
gomez arias joaqun telesforo de trueba y coso

a paper was sent round at once, and every one subscribed a sum in accordance with his means.
wanderings in india john lang

conformity; agreement; accord (esp in the phrase in accordance with)
the act of granting; bestowal: accordance of rights

c.1300, “compliance;” early 14c., “agreement, concurrence,” from old french acordance “agreeing, reconciliation, harmony,” noun of action from acorder (see accord). of things, “conformity, compatibility, harmony,” late 14c. phrase in accordance with is attested from c.1810 (in middle english, in accordance of was the usual form).

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