this is the real meaning of the word. means “powerful” or “beloved”, derived from arabic ‘azza meaning “to be powerful” or “to be cherished”.

the description given before is nothing close to real meaning. armenians use a lot of arabic and turkish words, they just never admit that. well, is anybody surprised???
al-‘aziz was a 10th-century fatimid caliph.
intelligent, funny, charming, but most of all drop dead gorgeous and s-xy.. an aziz is someone who you can easily click with and appreciate the fact that you’ve met.. he’s the best friend, loyal and always puts his loved ones before him.. when it comes to women he is extremely erotic and seductive, aziz will rock your world in bed.. everything an aziz does is perfect except for being too protective and curious at times
if you were an aziz i’d bone you

i wish i had aziz in my life

stop azizing me you’re making me blush
amazing hot dude iv been crushing on for years
girl one”ow look at him,”

girl two “ugh he’s not nearly as hot, deep and charming as aziz”
some egyptian kid that is actually pretty cool and goofy sometimes. btw hes a wicked hotty
that is one d-mn hot aziz
a straight-up mack daddy who attempts to mack on all the ladies, and rarely succeeds. a wild aziz can often be found creepin in the background of family photos, or photos of yourself and your friends. they tend to walk awkwardly close behind certain individuals they deem worthy, and once one has your scent, they are almost impossible to lose.
look at aziz! layin the mack- oh wait, shut down…
to bad i never heard an arab use it, and looks like you just missed the train lol
es examplnel tsngtsrets arten…
sad guy who is sad enough to practise cs so he can kill some1, a nerd who spends all of his life in front of the computer monitor. he is even sad enough to ask teachers if the play runescape. basically a sad guy who isnt going to get anywhere in life.
ur such a stupid aziz

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