Bas mitzvah

bat mitzvah.
a solemn ceremony, chiefly among reform and conservative jews, that is held in the synagogue on friday night or sat-rday morning to admit formally as an adult member of the jewish community a girl 12 to 13 years old.
the girl partic-p-ting in this ceremony.
to administer the ceremony of bat mitzvah to.
(sometimes not capitals) a variant of bat mitzvah
(of a jewish girl) having attained religious majority at the age of twelve
the date of, or, in some congregations, a ceremony marking, this event
the girl herself on that day

1950, literally “daughter of command;” a jewish girl who has reached age 12, the age of religious majority. extended to the ceremony held on occasion of this.
bat mitzvah [(baht, bahs mits-vuh)]

an important ceremony and social event in judaism marking the beginning of religious responsibility for jewish girls; it is the less frequently observed counterpart of the bar mitzvah. bat mitzvah is hebrew for “daughter of the commandment.”

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