camp friends are beyond wildest dreams

thats it
“we just cfabwd all over urban dictionary”

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  • Wrangle My Garfield

    the act of masturbating while your cat watches i think i need to run home and wrangle my garfield, if you know what i mean.

  • Wrap and slay

    the act of putting on a condom and subsequently engaging in coitus with a female companion whose vajayjay’s cleanliness is questionable. said female would most likely be a drunken one night stand. “dude, see that girl?” “yeah” “pierced nipples” “no way, how would you know such a thing cornelious?” “i wrap and slayed that -ss […]

  • harder-on

    (alternative spelling: harderon) when your hard-on becomes even harder. when she took off her bra, i got a harder-on.

  • Hemaholic

    one who is addicted to the consumption of blood. a hemaholic is a person, animal, or vampire that feasts on other humans and/or animals for the purposes of drinking their blood.

  • lady lettuce

    the term to describe the over-sized inner l-b– of a woman which sometimes appears as if a lettuce has been inserted into the vajayjay dave: “did she have a cute vajayjay?” mike: “f-ck no dude! her c-nt lips were so big they looked like a lady lettuce!”

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