adjective – needlessly change or scramble:
‘well’ was a perfectly fine word until some slack-jaw nincomp–p fizjarbled it into ‘welp’.

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  • Flip Flopped

    when one is extremely high off marijuana (mainly used in stoner culture) “wow, i’m so flip flopped right now after hitting that bong” when one finds a random flip flop(sandal) on the ground(beach,park,etc.), picks it up, than slaps someone in the face with it. i found a flip flop on the floor and slapped this […]

  • foodsomnia

    inability to go to sleep due to intense craving for food. me: yo. did we get robbed last night? my friend: no. jose’s foodsomnia is acting up again! he totally ransacked the pantry last night.

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  • Friend-Nation

    as a guy; when you get friendzoned by so many girls you create a nation. angel just got friendzoned by mary, the fifth girl this week. he’s creating a friend-nation.

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