now out of production, but still one of the most kick -ss yet most hated vehicles ever made. hated by many who would jump at the chance to own one, it is simply a one of a kind vehicle that was made for those who can afford one, and is one of few vehicles that can give the jeeps a run for their money. its incredibly capable off road, but can still look d-mn good pulling up to a fine restaurant or event. there are three models, all equally impressive for different reasons. if your lucky enough to own one, get ready for dirty looks, sneering, and middle fingers. its ok, they all secretly would own one if they could. let em have their prius….
i took my hummer off road this morning, and stopped at tavern on the green on the way home.
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more than a bl-wj-b; it’s when a girl actually hums (thus vibrating her lips) when her mouth has encased your engorged p-n-s or b-lls.
your mom gives great hummers.
1. a civilan version of the military vechicle humvee. hummer’s are produce by the general motors company. currently there are two version’s h2 and h1.
2. a bl-wj-b when the girl hums during the bj
i got a hummer in my hummer the other day.
n. what you and all the other soccer moms will have to start doing to pay the gas bill for your ginormous suv. pucker up, beeyotch.
a bl-w j-b which incorporates a gentle humming while performing the duty to increase stimulation.
my husband asked me to give his boss a hummer to thank him for giving him a promotion.
a d-ck magnifying four ton metal phallic symbol.
“rick just bought that big hummer. rumor has it he has a micro-p-n-s.”
no, not the suv, an extremely pleasureable type of oral s-x which involves the female humming to create a vibrating sensation in the p-n-s during oral s-x.
a hazard to the road that puts the drivers of smaller vehicles at serious risk in case of an accident with one of these monsters. seriously folks, i drive a 96′ 2 door pontiac grandam. what the h-ll do you think would happen if i got in a wreck with a hummer!? gets about 9-12 miles per gallon, and big rich men with sungl-sses talking on a cell phone can be frequently seen driving them. occasionally you will see the top of a woman’s head over peering over the dashboard and two skinny arms reaching up to the wheel.
hummer, the car that says: “i have a small p-n-s.”

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