shes the best thing that can happen to anyones life . shes beautiful, caring and a trustworthy person. shes the best and coolest girlfriend there is and shes a great kisser
you know u love her .. shes a iliana
the best and koolest friend in the whole world!!
did u see iliana ….totally rad!!
an awesome, mexican person who enjoys life nd living every moment of iht(:
omg i can’t believe iliana is such an amazing person!
a princess g-ddess diva of the universe .
as in a female who has s-ss and doesn’t take sh-t from anyone .
iliana has an att-tude, but she’s so cute !
a woman who is tough on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside. she’s sweet as peaches, and hotter than all your moms combined. she’s s-ssy, smoking, s-xy and incredibly gorgeous. you have no choice but to fall in love with her, sooner or later. also has a nice and comfortable bosom.
one minute she was calm and demure, then the next she was all iliana! like hulk.
amazing,love able,caring,beautiful,wonderful,awesome, and the best kisser. she will listen to everything you say. she has a big heart and welcomes anyone into it. she is unique and doesn’t care what people say. she can be the best thing that can happen to you in your life. she can be shy but she can overcome that shyness. she is very trustworthy and can give you any kind of advice. she gets very close to people and become the best of friends with everyone.she is the type of person that enjoys life and living every moment of it. she can tell you anything straight up. she has a great personality you do not want to miss.
have you met iliana?! she is so cool!

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