meaning ‘from the laurel flower’
a beautiful name, in fact one of the best names ever.
hey laura, you’re soo fly
a really really cool person;
guys want her and girls want to be her.
has many friends.
everyone likes her,
they dont only pretend to like her.
guy 1: why can we never get a laura?
guy 2: they all already have great boyfriends.

girl 1: lauras so cool, i want to be her.
girl 2: your just lucky your her friend.
a girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy at times and crazy (especially when she is sugar high) the next, but is always a fun person to be around. she likes to make lists and keep everything in order. she loves to be creative with her stories she writes, and takes too many photos on her camera. she loves to hang out with a group of friends at all times. reading is her favorite pastime, and she barely ever misses a tv show. you will never regret ever meeting a laura. she likes to keep everything in order, and makes sure everythings in its place, except not really :). she loves to make up one syllable words and languages out of these words. her favorite number is 4 and she is really good at remembering numbers. best traits: can keep secrets when she wants to, can always cheer people and friends up, knows the right moment when a friends in need.
you cant live life without a laura there to cheer you up.

the person with this name is the most amazing person you will ever meet. after you say hi to her, magic fairy dust will sprinkle on your head and then you’ll be able to fly! omg! who wouldn’t want to fly?
that girl is so cool. her name must be laura! -begins to fly-
-s-x on legs
-tiger in the bedroom
-waiscoast is teh s-x
-possibly the rudest person you will ever meet
-cute. end of.
mich-lle: “did you meet up with laura last night?”
hannah: “yeh, she was a tiger in the bedroom!”
(laura walks past…)
mich-lle: “aye up, s-x on legs..”
a young woman, typically -ssociated with romantic themes. though the name originally came from the roman tradition of placing a wreath of laurels on victors’ heads, it has developed more emotional ties in recent years.
the most famous laura is from dr. zhivago in which she is a star-crossed lover who leaves her true love to marry another man.
a really great girl either in the bed or on the floor. also one of the kindest most beautiful chicks you’ll ever meet. the kind you never let go of.
man, i met a laura last night. i’m not gonna let this one get away!

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