the most amazing region in all of usy, filled with love, fun, and of course hookups.
from sato to sects we do it the best, we’re pinwheel usy
1. the act of vomiting and defecating at the same time.

2. when the smell of one’s own excrement causes him to vomit directly after defecating.
i was drinking mad dog all night, and when i took a sh-t, the smell sent me pinwheeling.
a s-xual position where the female is in a handstand and the male performs oral s-x then she switches to a standing position and s-xual intercourse begins alternating between the two

usually for the more active s-xual couple looking for a real work out
wanna pinwheel?
to mentally freeze in the middle of telling a protracted story, likely as a result of drug use or sleep depravation. the conversational equivalent of the spinning pinwheel icon that appears when an apple computer locks up.
so i was talking to this girl and then, all of a sudden,


thousand yard stare

five minutes later

where am i? sorry, just pinwheeled.
aka-pinner the smallest of all joints you can roll, just enough for 1 or 2 people to get stoned.
my bag was running low, so i rolled a pinwheel to conserve what i had left.
a fetish tool that looks like a demented dental tool; used in bdsm. aka: wartenberg pinwheel
“i’m into bondage, spankings, and experimenting with a good pinwheel.”
when you put your hands together and roll them down a friend’s back unexpectedly in a quick unexpected motion, hopefully making them jump or yelp.
“i’ve had enough, dude! stop pinwheeling me!”

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