a friend who is sh-t, but also valuable
d-mn gregory, you flipped over a table again last night, but thanks for driving us home. you’re such a p–pbuck

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  • Open-bomb

    when someone opens a snapchat sent by you but doesn’t reply. is particularly annoying when making plans or wanting to have a conversation. dude 1: i haven’t spoken to this guy for a while. -sends snap- dude 2: -opens, but doesn’t reply- dude 1: dammit, i didn’t know this f-cker was an open-bomber!

  • pringleberry

    combination of “pringles” and “dingleberry,” describing the discovery of ancient pringles crumbs that fell into your belly b-tton at least a fortnight ago, and which, over time, have hardened around one or more of your belly-b-tton hair follicles. the ensuing fermentation of said pringleberry leads to a related situation called “belly-b-tton hands,” which describe a […]

  • Triple Dick Flip

    a legendary s-xual manoeuvre involving wacky, crazy techniques, water pistols, rubber ducks and a ten gallon barrel of lube. if performed the person or person(s) involved will not be able to keep their hands off you. steven: so how was s-x last night? daria: your triple d-ck flip was so on fleek i came like […]

  • waning poetic

    the opposite of waxing poetic. a sentence that starts off beautifully poetic but goes to rubbish; a poem that by the end is just, sort of, words. man, that speech started off so well ’til the speaker started waning poetic

  • sarcastic onions

    a subtle, plausibly deniable insult used when a person is getting on your nerves. respond to the person or imitate them in a way that is socially excessive. this is usually done as a last resort when there is no other way to get back at the person. made most famous by fast food employees […]

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