a sl-t, who is unfortunately, but not surprisingly, an idiot as well.
stacey is such a slidiot.

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    1: a character from the star fox series. 2: of poor quality 1:i just kicked major -ss, thanks to slippy toad! 2:the controls in sonic adventure are slippy toad. a character in the popular video game star fox 64, and the most annoying, idiotic frog ever created. his voice is high and annoying, he always […]

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    1. a play on the word ‘hypnotized’ meaning to get lost in listening to slipknot. 2. as quoted by a friend of mine. “the feeling of having your brains blown against the wall by the awesomeness that is slipknot.” guy a “did you hear what i just said?” guy b -listening to mp3- -takes out […]

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    (noun) a cold slimy v-g-n- (noun) a b-tchy sl-t with a frosty sludge filled (most likely diseased) sn-tch you know that b-tch, diana? my homie f-cked that sl-t the other night. she’s got a giant slizznatch. he said he slipped right in but his d-ck got frost bite from the cold. man, diana is such […]

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