the area between the n-ts-ck and -sshole that prevent a man from sh-tting on his nuts. see durf.
if it wasn’t for the taint, my nuts would reek of poo!

a taint is the stretch of skin found only on women between the p-ssy and the -sshole. the term originated from the phrase “taint an -sshole and taint a p-ssy.” in contrast the skin between the scr-t-m and -sshole on a man is referred to as the “gooch” and first known usage is a reference to bob “the gooch” guccione the owner/publisher of penthouse. his employees and acquaintances couldn’t quite decide if he was more of an -sshole or a d-ck, a general consensus eventually formed that he was both and “everything in between,” hence the gooch.
q: hey lady, do you know why the piece of skin between your v-g-n- and -n-s is called a taint?

a: because it taint a p-ssy, and it taint an -sshole.
‘t aint quite your -rs- and ‘t aint quite your b-ll-cks it that bit in between
p-ss me that cactus…. i have an itchy taint
1. on a man, the area between the sack and the crack
2. on a woman, the area between the giney and the heinie
d-mn, my taint is sweaty.
the perineum – the area betwwen the genitals and -n-s, male or female, although the term is said to orginate from the saying “it ain’t p-ssy and t’aint -ss…”
a hairy taint is a blivet hazard
that spot between your b-lls and -ss
im sweat my taint off
jersey is the taint of america
the piece of flesh dividing the -sshole from the b-llsack.
i feel like i’ve got sh-t nuggets in my taint.

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