big heart, kind, wonderful, sweet, giving, caring, beautiful inside and out
you’re such a tanea!

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  • tapdancinggangstalove

    a couple were the man is a wigga and the woman is a hungarian tapdancer cool guy: yo stephen check it out anita is dancing to wes rapping isn’t that crazy? stephen: yeah cool guy thats whack man. but can’t you just since the tapdancinggangstalove. cool guy: yeah actually i can. dang thats crazy.

  • The Walk of Shame

    walking home still wearing your clothes from the night before the morning after staying over at a guy/girl’s house that you met at bar or party. alcohol is usually involved in your decision to go home with them. she took the walk of shame, still wearing her dress and heels, at 6am. the aftermath of […]

  • tekken

    greatest fighting game ever unmatched depth in gameplay. probably take 10 years to master all the layers of depth within just tekken 3. b-tton mashing aint gonna get you far on this one. the fighting system isnt based on over the top infinities, shooting fireb-lls, or over powered moves. yet it is still so fun. […]

  • the breaks

    bad luck, a d-mn shame, or an unfortunate occurrence. at the laundromat: doc: “what up dogg.” timmy: “nothing much. i lost a quarter under the washing machine a couple minutes ago.” doc: “that’s the breaks.” a week later: doc: “what up dogg.” timmy: “didn’t you hear? i lost my job and my wife left me […]


    people who can get sh-t done i tried to fix the sp-ce station with some duct tape and it only made it worse so i called up pwcgsd and they fixed it in an hour!

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