the shed

a large, overweight woman that lurks in the shadows with dire need to grab at any piece of man candy possible. reguardless of your weight, size, etc; one should stay away from the shed, if he has any reputation whatsoever. once you visit the shed, you are dead.
“the shed tried to grab my p-n-s last friday, so i smacked her in her face and told her to go f-ck herself.”

“the shed hid in the shadows of the alley as the innocent man walked through.”

“scotty f-cked the shed, and since, hasn’t been found.”

“he tried to escape from the shed, but her overwhelming size brought him down as she ripped his pants open while screaming ‘give me your c-ckalicious!'”
a sketchy place where local kids go to get high, drunk, burn stuff, and be jack-sses.
hey, lets go down to the shed and get f-cked up.
fat ginger girl sl-t who goes for anyone she can grab. stay away from the shed! you will “regred!” if u succ-mb to the shed, dont be surprised to have a hot and painful itch tomorrow morning.
scotty f-cked the sh-t out of the shed…literally. he f-cked her and then she sh-t on his bed.

a magical place somewhere in the world that teenagers sit around in the cold and get stupidly high and then “big man” mongs.

the cause and solution to all teenagers problems.
“are you going to the shed”
possibly the greatest place on the planet. nay. in the universe.

the shed is at battle with the anti-shed ran by cooper and the sheeves
oh yes the shed
neil (see neil scheme) saw me going on the shed.

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