as is

or asi asi means so so
1:hey how are you?
2 asi asi
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the way things currently are, the status quo.
“as is, we’re already struggling to make ends meet. if you lose you’re job, we’ll be doomed”

“i’m fine with the festival line-up as is, any more bands will just be icing on the cake”
1. -n-l seepage issues=]
1. commonly found in your typical fat-ss.
2. when you think its sweat but its more.
3. unexpected flow of wet sh-t also known as asi
a mexican that has friends but make fun of him cause of his nose , everyone new that met him always asks him why is it red. he usually says don’t worry about it. he is often a good friend but gets f-cked up when he does things to him self like drugs, but now going back to his nose a lot of people still see his nose from a long range.
some people that see him from a long range always know its asis!!!
1. (n) architect’s supplemental instruction/information. small drawings which better explain the intent of the design of a building or structure.

2. (n) -sshole seeking instruction – contractor needs to pull their head out there -ss.

3. (adj) ape sh-t ignorant – see above.
he doesn’t know how to build it? looks like the asi needs an asi…godd-mn he’s asi!!!

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