meaning: oh fo sho
sup man you comin street racing tonight?
reply: ofs!!11
acronym for the words, “oh f-cking sh-t.”
ofs, get off of me!
eh, ofs ,d-ck!
acronym for oh f-ck s-x. when a person is d-mn excited. hehe.
guy 1: hey, i got the rock concert tickets
guy 2: ofs!!!! this is the best d-mn thing thats happened in the whole day!!.
o.wn f.ucking s.chedule
term for a person who shows up to things whenever they want and anyone who wants to see them must be inconvenienced by them.
guy 1: i need my uniform, where’s the dude who takes care of that?

guy 2: he’s on ofs, you just missed him. try again tomorrow.
on for some. when you’re up for action with a member of the opposite s-x, however unlikely, and probably don’t even speak with them.
helen is looking good today. i’m ofs.

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