usually good, does bad things cause his a sick c-nt, a rebel, f-cking gets nudes and chick magnet 25/8. a s-xy motherf-cker, that f-cked all your b-tches, took your sisters virginity.

people “omercan” has f-cked:
your mum
your sister
your mates
your friends
your cousin
your close friends

some words omercan say are:
about a week ago.
i f-cked your bic.
ill0minat0 confiremed.
r u high bruh.
420 blez it.

immediately, when he locates a triangle his brain automatically functions to execute the command “ill0minat0 confirmed”. usually with his friend “jay-z” & “beyonce”.
brian: look! omercan is here!
omercan: was back from f-cking your bich.
brian: how cool! want some doritoes.
omercan: ill0minat0 confiiirmed.

brian: okay, ill take that as a no..
omercan: i f-cked your bich..
brian: …
omercan: about a weeek agoooo weeek agoooooooo!
brian: lmaoaoa you are a sick c-nt!
an annoying f-ggot
stop being an omercan

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