new zealand term of abuse for britain, reflecting the terrifying, dangerous wasteland that it has become. used by british expatriates who have moved to nz. pom = australian & nz slang for a british person + suffix suggesting mongolia, windblown desert area of asia, renowned for its banditry, unpleasant climate and remoteness from civilisation.
an auckland conversation i overheard:
gregg: do you think you’ll ever go back to the uk, dad?
gregg’s dad: what? pomgolia? not f-cking likely, not after last time. i’m leaving that disgusting sh-t hole behind me.
frighteningly cold h-ll-hole in the northern hemisphere inhabited by pastey whingers with a general lack of sporting ability.

many centuries ago pomgolians ruled the world. now they are a laughing stock.
many folk flee pomgolia to avoid the climate and fat w-nkers

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