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[sahyt] /saɪt/ verb (used with object), cited, citing. 1. to quote (a passage, book, author, etc.), especially as an authority: He cited the Constitution in his defense. 2. to mention in support, proof, or confirmation; refer to as an example: He cited many instances of abuse of power. 3. to summon officially or authoritatively to […]


[krahy-uh-tron] /ˈkraɪ əˌtrɒn/ noun, Electronics, Computers. 1. a cryogenic device that uses the principle that a varying magnetic field can cause the resistance of a superconducting element to change rapidly between its high normal and low superconductive values: used as a switch and as a computer-memory element. /ˈkraɪəˌtrɒn/ noun 1. a miniature switch working at […]


noun a registered trademark for a process in which meat is sealed in plastic, the air removed by a vacuum pump; also the thermoplastic resin wrapping film which can be heat-shrunk onto foods


job, cryptography /krip’ee/ A cryptographer. One who hacks or implements software or hardware for cryptography. [Jargon File] (1996-08-23)


Distributed logic language. “CS-Prolog on Multi-Transputer Systems”, I. Futo et al, Microprocessors & Microsystems, March 1989.

Cs gas

noun 1. a gas causing tears, salivation, and painful breathing, used in civil disturbances; ortho-chlorobenzal malononitrile. Formula: C6H4ClCH:C(CN)2

Cs forester

[fawr-uh-ster, for-] /ˈfɔr ə stər, ˈfɒr-/ noun 1. C(ecil) S(cott) 1899–1966, English novelist and journalist. /ˈfɒrɪstə/ noun 1. a person skilled in forestry or in charge of a forest 2. any of various Old World moths of the genus Ino, characterized by brilliant metallic green wings: family Zygaenidae 3. a person or animal that lives […]


1. . abbreviation 1. (formerly) Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe 1. Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange 2. Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe


Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery and Cardiology Assembly


Trigonometry. 1. . 1. Civil Service Commission. abbreviation 1. cosecant abbreviation 1. Civil Service Commission csc Abbreviation of cosecant cosecant Civil Service Commission