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[mit-l-ee-nee; Greek mee-tee-lee-nee] /ˌmɪt lˈi ni; Greek ˌmi tiˈli ni/ noun 1. Also called Lesbos. a Greek island in the NE Aegean. 836 sq. mi. (2165 sq. km). 2. Also called Kastro. the capital of this island. /ˌmɪtɪˈliːnɪ/ noun 1. a port on the Greek island of Lesbos: Roman remains; Byzantine fortress. Pop: (municipality): 37 […]


[mi-tee-shee; Russian mi-tyee-shchyi] /mɪˈti ʃi; Russian mɪˈtyi ʃtʃyɪ/ noun 1. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, NE of Moscow.


1. variant of before a vowel: myxasthenia.


myxadenoma myx·ad·e·no·ma (mĭk-sād’n-ō’mə) n. An adenoma having the structure of a mucous gland.


/əmˈzʊŋɡuː/ noun 1. (E African) a White person


General Rafael Bueina [Airport] (Mazatlan, Mexico)


Mozambique-metical (currency)


/əmˈzeɪ/ noun 1. an old person adjective 2. advanced in years


/əmˈzʌnsɪ/ noun (South African) 1. a low-cost national bankinɡ account


abbreviation 1. Mozambique standard, file format The file signature of an MS-DOS executable (.EXE) file (0x4d 5a), always the first two bytes of the file. It was reportedly invented by, and named after, a Microsoft programmer, Mark Zbikowski. In Unix systems, the string MZ is the magic number that identifies an MS-DOS EXE file. (2003-06-10) […]