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System building

noun 1. a method of building in which prefabricated components are used to speed the construction of buildings

System catalog

database The data dictionary of a DBMS. The system catalogue stores meta-data including the schemas of the databases. It is a mini-database, and is usually stored using the DBMS itself in special tables called system tables. It maybe referred to as being “on line”, as it is active, and can be queried by users like […]

System call

operating system, programming The mechanism used by an application program to request service from the operating system. System calls often use a special machine code instruction which causes the processor to change mode (e.g. to “supervisor mode” or “protected mode”). This allows the OS to perform restricted actions such as accessing hardware devices or the […]

System control language

language (SCL) The command language for the VME/B operating system on the ICL2900. SCL was block structured and supported strings, lists of strings (“superstrings”), integer, Boolean, and array types. You could trigger a block whenever a condition on a variable value occured. It supported macros and default arguments. Commands were treated like procedure calls. [“VME/B […]


noun 1. Wislawa [vis-lah-vah] /vɪsˈlɑ vɑ/ (Show IPA), 1923–2012, Polish poet: Nobel prize 1996. noun 1. Wisława (vɪˈswavə). 1923–2012, Polish poet and writer: Nobel prize for literature 1996


noun 1. Karol [kah-rawl] /ˈkɑ rɔl/ (Show IPA), 1882?–1937, Polish composer. noun 1. Karol (ˈkarɔl). 1882–1937, Polish composer, whose works include the opera King Roger (1926), two violin concertos, symphonies, piano music, and songs


noun 1. a city in W Hungary: founded a.d. 48. noun 1. a city in W Hungary: site of the Roman capital of Pannonia. Pop: 81 113 (2003 est)


noun 1. a city in central Hungary, at the confluence of the Tisza and Zagyva rivers.


noun 1. Henrietta, 1860–1945, U.S. Zionist: founded Hadassah in 1912.


SZL Swaziland-lilangeni (currency)