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noun 1. a surface in a kitchen, often of heat-resistant laminated plastic, that is used for food preparation


noun, plural W’s or Ws, w’s or ws. 1. the 23rd letter of the English alphabet, a semivowel. 2. any spoken sound represented by the letter W or w, as in way, bewitch, or row. 3. something having the shape of a W . 4. a written or printed representation of the letter W or […]

W-R star

noun, Astronomy. 1. Wolf-Rayet star. Wolf-Rayet star [woo lf-rahy-ey; French vawlf-ra-ye] /ˈwʊlf raɪˈeɪ; French vɔlf raˈyɛ/ noun 1. a very hot (35,000–100,000 K) and luminous star in the early stages of evolution, with broad emission lines in its spectrum. Wolf-Rayet star /ˈwʊlfˈreɪət/ noun 1. any of a small class of very hot intensely luminous stars […]


1. White Russian Soviet Socialist Republic.


1. warehouse receipt. 2. Insurance. war risk. W.r. Wassermann reaction


W-plasty W-plas·ty (dŭb’əl-yōō-plās’tē, -yu-) n. A procedure to prevent the contracture of a straight-line scar in which the edges of a wound are trimmed in the shape of a W and closed in a zigzag fashion.


noun, Physics. 1. either of two types of charged intermediate vector bosons, one having a positive charge and the other a negative charge. Symbols: W + , W −. noun 1. (physics) a type of elementary particle with either a positive or negative charge considered to transmit the weak interaction between other elementary particles. W […]


1. weather permitting. 2. wire payment. 3. working pressure.


noun, plural wos, interjection 1. woe. noun (pl) wos 1. an archaic spelling of woe abbreviation 1. War Office 2. Warrant Officer 3. wireless operator wo Wolof WO 1. warrant officer 2. who (shortwave transmission)