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Charles (Elwood) (“Chuck”) born 1923, U.S. aviator and test pilot: the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound (1947). Contemporary Examples The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds Nina Strochlic May 30, 2014 The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds Nina Strochlic May 30, 2014 The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds Nina Strochlic May […]


Charles Tyson, 1837–1905, U.S. financier and mass-transit magnate. Robert Mearns [murnz] /mɜrnz/ (Show IPA), 1876–1956, U.S. psychologist and psychobiologist: pioneered in studies of the great apes. Historical Examples A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke Lady Merton, Colonist Mrs. Humphry Ward The Age of Big Business Burton J. […]


Boris Nikolayevich [bawr-is nik-uh-lahy-uh-vich,, bohr‐,, bor‐;; Russian buh-ryes nyi-kuh-lah-yi-vyich] /ˈbɔr ɪs ˌnɪk əˈlaɪ ə vɪtʃ,, ˈboʊr‐,, ˈbɒr‐;; Russian bʌˈryɛs nyɪ kʌˈlɑ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1931–2007, president of the Russian Federation 1991–99. Contemporary Examples Blame This Drunken Bear for Vladimir Putin Eleanor Clift April 21, 2014 Blame This Drunken Bear for Vladimir Putin Eleanor Clift […]


William Butler, 1865–1939, Irish poet, dramatist, and essayist: Nobel prize 1923. Contemporary Examples Prism and the NSA: Something Congress Can Agree On Lloyd Green June 15, 2013 Hurricane Sandy Will Be Dwarfed by an Earthquake Winston Ross November 4, 2012 David Maraniss’s ‘Barack Obama: The Story’ Excerpted in Vanity Fair: Juiciest Bits Ben Jacobs May […]


Prince Aritomo [ah-ree-taw-maw] /ˈɑ riˈtɔ mɔ/ (Show IPA), 1838–1922, Japanese field marshal and statesman. Contemporary Examples Lennox Samuels reports from Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures on their new reality—and their conspiracy theories. Japan’s New Survivalist Instinct Lennox Samuels March 15, 2011 A survivalist mood deepened in Miyagi prefecture, and spread in nearby Yamagata prefecture. Japan’s New […]


yersin Yersin Yer·sin (yěr-sāɴ’), Alexandre Émile John. 1863-1943. Swiss-born French bacteriologist. His work with the diphtheria bacillus led to the development of antitoxins to neutralize pathogenic toxins. Historical Examples The bacillus pestis was discovered by Kitasato and yersin, working independently, in 1894. Experiments on Animals Stephen Paget It is caused by a specific bacillus isolated […]


Alexander, 1792–1828, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader. his brother, Demetrios [dih-mee-tree-uh s;; Greek th ee-mee-tree-aws] /dɪˈmi tri əs;; Greek ðiˈmi tri ɔs/ (Show IPA), 1793–1832, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader. a city in SE Michigan, W of Detroit. Historical Examples Two weeks later the Corner House girls saw the Ypsilanti lady and her troublesome little […]


a member of the royal house of England that ruled from 1461 to 1485. 1st Duke of (Edmund of Langley) 1341–1402, progenitor of the house of York (son of Edward III). Alvin Cullum [kuhl-uh m] /ˈkʌl əm/ (Show IPA), (Sergeant) 1887–1964, U.S. soldier. (def 1). Ancient Eboracum. a city in , in NE England, on […]