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a compound produced by bacteria in the stomach that appears to correlate with risk of heart disease, according to preliminary studies. TMAO is produced in the body from egg yolks and red meat. Researchers believe that it affects the body’s metabolism of cholesterol, leading to enhanced development of plaque on blood vessel walls, and can […]


The development and production of mutations in the genome.


Mutation, acquired Mutation, germline Mutation, hereditary Mutation, missense Mutation, nonsense Mutation, null Mutation, point Mutation, private Mutation, somatic


A benign tumor derived from connective tissue that has a gelatinous appearance. A myxoma is the most common type of primary tumor of the heart.


The plural (along with myxomas) of myxoma.

Myxedema, infantile

Hypothyroidism (subnormal activity of the thyroid gland) that starts after birth and is manifest by features including delays in growth and development and myxedema surfacing during infancy. Myxedema is a dry waxy type of swelling, often with swollen lips and nose. Infantile myxedema is also called infantile hypothyroidism. Another name, now little used, for the […]

Myxedema coma

A rare and life-threatening complication of hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormones in the bloodstream) characterized by loss of brain function (coma). Before a patient develops myxedema coma, features of hypothyroidism are usually present and may have gone unsuspected for a long period of time, including fatigue, lethargy, intolerance to cold, mental and mood changes, […]


A surgically placed tiny incision in the eardrum. Any fluid behind the eardrum can then drain and usually thickened secretions can be removed. A small plastic ear tube (a tympanostomy tube) is often inserted into the eardrum to keep the middle ear aerated for a prolonged period of time. These ventilating tubes usually remain in […]


A great number, a very large number, a huge number of something. There are, for example, myriad ways in which syphilis can present; it is the great imitator. “Myriad” is a Greek word for 10,000 (ten thousand).

Myotonic dystrophy type 2

An inherited disorder of the muscles and other body systems characterized by progressive muscle weakness, prolonged muscle contractions (myotonia), clouding of the lens of the eye (cataracts), cardiac abnormalities, balding, and infertility. Type 2 myotonic dystrophy is caused by mutation of a different gene than type 1 myotonic dystrophy and tends to be milder than […]