• asian logic

    someone who makes decisions (typically financial ones) that contradict common sense and is unable to prioritize . this is typically found in asian culture (i.e driving an expensive car but living in a dump) eugene spends $2000 holiday that he didn’t want to go on but wont spend $350 on a lawn mower he needs […]

  • marathon sentence

    there aren’t any definitions for marathon sentence yet. can you define it?

  • fathercunter

    married to a motherc-nter with c-nt prodigee. you fatherc-nter!

  • knee-snapper

    like an ankle-breaker, but higher up the leg. ledarius: did you see when that guy got crossed? jevarious: yeah man, that was a real knee-snapper

  • fetishize

    to make a fetish of something. to fantasize about a particular fetish you have. just admit it that you fetishize black men and go!

  • trump hour

    a unit of time in which any number of scandals, revelations, or other dismaying news can occur. here’s a recap of all the things that have happened in the last trump hour.

  • scab rat

    a scab rat is defined as a person who will go to great lengths to pool resources of value such as illegal substances, gadgets, fried chicken, hard rubbish and power tools. a scab rat has no self worth and is willing to take part in low life activities. scab rats are easily identifiable and can […]

  • quhzk

    pr-nounced: quh-ziks, or kwa-ziks. whats the ducks says. seen in the metalocalypse episode called “klokblocked”. it is skwisgaar’s play in the scrabble game. pickles:”go skwisgaar! it’s your turn! go! gogogogogogo!” skwisgaar: “i ams goings, holds ons, i ams thinkings. uh…okay, is this a words? q-u-h-zs-k?” toki: “quhzks! that’s what’s the ducks says.” pr-nounced kwuz-iks, quhzk […]

  • drop it low

    when kaitlyn can drop it faster than a sac of bricks. usually referring to dancing using the b-tt, and the dropping motion right before twerking. dang! kaitlyn sure can drop it low!

  • warrior scholar

    the absolute pinnacle of existence. a combination of the characteristics of both a warrior and a scholar. someone who is willing to fight for what they believe in as well as be able to articulately debate his or her principles in a forum. based stickman showed those antifa cucks what it means to be a […]

  • tokyo red eye

    a spin off of a tequila shot: snort the salt, shoot the tequila, and then squeeze the lime into your eye. the boys and i did a tokyo red eye at the bar and now my eyes are on fire.

  • jimfuz

    when you have to get c-m out of your beard omg you came so much i’m going to have to jimfuz it out

  • jisuse

    a woman who uses men for their sperm she is a jisuse, stay away unless you want to pay child support.

  • school wifi

    a thing at school that blocks literally almost every website in the world including urban dictionary, duckduckgo, and some other stuff you probably shouldn’t be on in school; but who cares, not me. i wrote this whole thing in 1st period. it also makes cl-ss really boring if you wanna play games but they’re blocked. […]

  • polypenis syndrome

    a chromosomal disorder when each time you like a new girl, a new p-n-s grows out of your scr-t-m. this allows you to have s-x with all your crushes at the same time. it’s going to be a nightmare when you put a guy with polyp-n-s syndrome into a room full of hot chicks.

  • cover cursing

    using terms that are meant to replace curse words. i beat that motha-hussla at his own game! cover cursing is safer to use.

  • drugscapade

    doing lots of drugs and going adventuring and doing stupid sh-t ”yeah me and josh went on a drugscapade yesterday, sh-t got crazy.”

  • booth pigeon

    a common occurrence in nightclubs where a gaggle of club-goers (usually female) blag their way into the dj booth and then remain there for the rest of the night taking selfies of them with the dj. these “booth pigeons” also have a tendency to snapchat 80% of their night (with the flash on) and have […]

  • mr. falcon

    a benign proxy for the expletive “motherf-cker”. employed by american television censors in the 1990s when broadcasting the film die hard 2 (1990). the phrase was inserted into bruce willis’s dialogue when he declared, “yippy-kai-yay, motherf-cker” while lying on a snowy tarmac just before he ignited a trail of jet fuel that destroyed an airliner […]

  • monicko

    someone that takes great talent in fidget spinning and dabbing did you hear, monicko got a new fidget spinner today.

  • old fashion victor

    when you mix a guinness and vodka preferably belvedere to 3:1 ratio. p-ss my an old fashion victor, more vodka the better

  • kiddiliwinks

    amusing term of affection for children. grandpa says: what are you up to? mum says: hanging out with the kiddiliwinks generally used to describe young children. funnier when used to describe older children who have grown into adults.

  • kridler

    bad -ss who will steal you’re girl has the biggest d-ck and is the best sports player at any sport. jesse kridler

  • hey, that’s mildly adequate!

    a phrase used when you want to give someone props for something that isn’t even “pretty good”, but isn’t quite bad either. it’s just barely p-ssable, and therefore “mildly adequate” ben: “what do you think?” tom thinks to self: well, it wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t bad… tom: “hey, that’s mildly adequate!”

  • zoludy

    a dumb-ss account owned by two b-tches cole: yo did you see that account that aly made? it’s so gross henry: it’s totally a zoludy!!! ew

  • mushahaha

    noun a way to show evil evil laughter to someone or something. he looked at the girl and yelled “mushahaha!”

  • go fuck myself

    do something to pretend you are busy, when you get rejected. person 1:hey you want to hang out later? person 2: no man i have plans. person 1: okay, il just go f-ck myself.

  • goddes of beauty

    a beautiful girl named courtney. courtney is the goddes of beauty!

  • pauer

    a group of kick -ss rock stars who will be successful in life…except for teo…that guy sucks. (and just because you’re vegan, don’t try and force us to eat eggplant…you can eat all you want yourself!!)!!! that group be ballin hard…they must be pauers!!

  • cougjacked

    having your stadium seat taken by a fan from washington state university. seattle traffic at a crawl. late to the game. my 3rd row seat had been cougjacked by some dork in head-to-toe crimson.

  • jonathan lewis

    a strong fast man he will make your girl drip down her panties like fiji. he is the booty gang diciple oh yea oh yea baby oh give me that huge d-ck jonathan jonathan lewis is the best

  • hard core fuck

    having hard core s-x so hard that the p-ssy turns bright red and the d-ck c-ms so much that it is soaked and the woman is moaning so loud the neighbors here it across the street. hey you want to hard core f-ck tonight yes how much will it be……. uuuuuuuh😦😦😦😦😦🍒🍆🍑

  • north pitt

    the most ghetto school you’ll meet. filled with c-ckroaches, and flying rats, and people proposing despite having an on and off relationship. you’ll also meet a peach with a dead rattail on her head. “dude, you go to north pitt?” “yeah, i met my future babymama there.”

  • turkish sandbag

    pretty self-explanatory… a n-ts-ck my girlfriend cheated on me so i punched the guy in the turkish sandbag

  • pester tagger

    cl-ss a attention wh-r- who tags everyone and their dog when uploading a photo/video/anything in the world ever. did you see the music video that dude shared on twitter? he pester tagged about 20 people about 6 times asking them to share it. what a desperate -ss loser. she posted a selfie and tagged the […]

  • madden bell

    one who is obsessed with his clothes and has 15+ girlfriends at a time and they all accept eachother. madden bell dropped makayla and started dating abby, elizabeth, and laura.

  • dilcy

    dilcy fake from the outised just like the inside. you can’t trust this person she will spell out the secrets! she may be beautiful but not be the best friend to expect… don’t think about dilcy!

  • dublin fuck

    a s-xual technique when adopting the rear entry doggy or spooning or standing positions which can be used when penetrative s-x is not possible or not desirable for any reason including location, period or fear of pregnancy. after lubricating the female’s natal cleft ( b-tt crack ) with saliva, lubricating jelly or b-tter, the male […]

  • tinfoiltommy

    a tinfoil tommy, is like an over attached ex girlfriend, and a tsundere. they miss a person who stopped liking them, but they are too proud to beg, so they pull a barrage of stunts in attempt to get attention while keeping their dignity. ever since the break up, they have been such a tinfoiltommy.

  • a whole loaf

    a hottie; synonym for shnack/whole shnack “hmmm, girl! he was looking like a whole loaf!”

  • vomit tear

    a tear that is shed during a more heroic vomiting episode. often a single tear. how’s my face paint? i had a solid puke and shed a vomit tear or two

  • tossing clouds

    the cool way to say “vaping” cody: bruh squad and i were tossing clouds like the pros bruh jon: h-m-s-xuality is a sin

  • letting the little guys out

    releasing sperm by stroking or frisking of the p-n-s. or to jerk off. (this definition was originated by my friend nick!) every day after school, little jimmy’s mom walks in on him letting the little guys out.

  • tsiyone

    amazing, sweet , adorable , smart, pretty, crazy feminist wow isn’t that an adorable little girl she’s tsiyone

  • baja buggy

    a car or buggy with soft suspension and has tires off-set of the body / frame . good for ripping around in in deserts or on sandy beaches for compet-tion or just plain old fun . a lot similar to a dune buggy . that baja buggy is lit af

  • midnight candy

    the act in which you tell a 14 year old girl you want to have s-x with her “d-mn she’s only 14 but she’s so hot i’m gonna midnight candy her”

  • meme jihad

    a meme jihad is a word play of the muslim term of jihad, where an individual sacrifices his meme magic for the greater good. it consists of a blitzkrieg-like raid on and certain individual or a group of individuals. the tactics used to do this are as follows: 1- beheading normies 2- rampant sh-tposting 3- […]

  • ryan white

    was bullied in his early teens because he was given blood that had adis. ryan was banned from school and moved to indienaples were he was welcomed. when he died michael jackson went to his funreal with many others. i have hiv and ryans my hero he’s as brave as ryan white

  • closet key

    someone who makes other people realize they are g-y. kristen stewart in twilight was the closet key for a generation of young lesbians

  • trustworthiness

    the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful. having trustworthiness is important.

  • oc the hedgehog

    (proper name) the general name for a user-created character in the 2017 video game sonic forces. as the latest entry in the sonic the hedgehog franchise, chances are the character will be a hedgehog. often used by a sonic hater. what’s your animal’s name? oc the hedgehog?! ha-ha!

  • nigger soup 1

    n-gg-r soup is another word for ramen noodles because it is cheap and easy to make they eat n-gg-r soup 1 cuz they broke and daddy’s in jail.

  • bitch tantrum

    a highly unliked person acting like an adolescent. rachael; did you see that crazy b-tch running her mouth and waving her hands around at that chick who was making out with her boyfriend? sonya; yea, she was having a b-tch tantrum for sure!

  • ball sweater

    someone who try’s so hard that their b-lls sweat. ball sweats or ball sweaters are especially found in call of duty games. gamer #1 : dang that guy on the other team is going 38-0…he is a ball sweater. gamer #2 : yeah i bet he keeps a bowl under his b-lls to hold all […]

  • bestu

    boy and girl who are best friend and have s-x even though they are in a relationship with other. similar to friends with benefits. the word gain popularity in the year 2017, may, after a long story was published in confession page. i had a bf and he too had gf. but i had s-x […]

  • pornogrind

    a sub-genre of music. is similar grindcore or goregrind, but with intense moaning as vocals. i f-cking love p-rnogrind!! a subgenre of grindcore, most commonly -ssociated with goregrind. the most obvious trait that separates p-rnogrind from other grind metal styings is the extremely graphic and offensive s-xual subject matter, which may also feature gore-related subject […]

  • false rejection

    (verb) : when a person (usually female) acts in such a way as to indicate rejection because they misinterpreted your actions as romantic advances, despite the fact that to any sane third person observer, they would not be considered as such. people who falsely reject usually suffer from some form of narcissism and have an […]

  • (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻

    a table flip when triggered he was so triggered he (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻’ed table flip he was so triggered, he (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻’ed.

  • taco butter

    a culinary concoction made by whipping sour cream and guacamole into a spread, which is then generously applied to the warm side of a flour tortilla for one’s taco. dude, how do you keep your tacos from falling apart? bro, i just can’t eat tacos anymore without a squirt of taco b-tter…

  • shredball

    there aren’t any definitions for shredball yet. can you define it?

  • killingness

    the act of killing in ness he figured out that when they were released they were killingness

  • coach purcell

    beaver -ss n-gg- that can’t close her mouth cause her teeth some shark teeth coach purcell go back to your home.

  • montbel

    a p-ssy that will never back you up and steals money from his parents. he has no social life neither a d-ck. he is the weakest person you’ll ever meet! he would be good in bed, if you think of him as a woman. help me out ! no! you’re a montbel!

  • ‘chomany

    a shortened version of the words ‘choke’ and ‘many’. basically when someone is experienced in deepthroating. charlie: how many have you succed, baby girl? romany: ‘chomany *winks*

  • shit meets terrible

    a level beyond retartedness, like not physically possible don’t even try, you’ll probably hurt yourself be careful or you’ll end up like sh-t meets terrible

  • morning pebble

    the female equivalent of morning wood, i.e. when the cl-toris becomes stimulated in the morning. i woke up with the biggest case of morning pebble, after my dream last night

  • moist glue

    moist glue is sperm that gets all over your leg during a s-xual act. sometimes i lick the moist glue.

  • syllabaphobia

    the fear of syllables. guy 1: “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” guy 2: “please don’t say that, you know i have syllabaphobia.”

  • destiny is innocent

    destiny rose is the most innocent person ever. she is often framed for not being innocent but that is either a lie or photoshop. those people are just jealous of how innocent she is. “destiny is innocent af.”

  • sociodrain

    a person who has lost all social connectivity due to aggressively obsessed for various modern gadgets such as smartphones, computers and other latest fashionable electronic devices. “derren ryaan is a sociodrain for he is a non-stop computer gamer” “anaya refuses to leave her smartphone aside while at her break-fast table ; i am afraid she […]

  • grundy

    reference to one’s huge ego. typically paired with english/scottish males named joe. “wow! he seems a bit far up himself!” “yeah he is a bit of a grundy.” (australian): underpants. derives from sydney rhyming slang, “reg grundies = undies”, which is a reference to that excellent australian tv production outfit reg grundy, behind such televisual […]

  • brayan ruiz

    a f-ck boy beaner that is in search for p-ssy. just wants head but doesn’t want to wife you up. take advantage of the girls that f-ck with him and he is occasionally g-y. brayan ruiz is a f-ck boy he should go back to mexico.

  • goostrich

    mix between a goose and an ostrich. you may see one of these on your roof! woah! look at your roof.. there’s a goostrich on it!

  • fridge-wife

    a person consistently going to the fridge due to hunger. tommy goes to the kitchen so much he’s a fridge-wife.

  • dankerosity

    the act of being dank or cool. that’s pure dankerosity bro!

  • flirt fodder

    girls in which you have no intention of sleeping with or dating and are only used to practice fliting. that girl has no personality but i can still use her as flirt fodder.

  • the lincoln

    a c-mshot to the back of the head. i was h-tting it from behind,then i gave her the lincoln.

  • silkku

    silkku. (pl = silkkus) (rare: silkkuliini) pr-n. silkku. a silkku is a shy creature who moves quietly and furtively around the house. they are characterised by large, often confused eyes, and are blonde on the outside as well as the inside. often to be seen eating healthy food, silkkus can be easily startled, so it […]

  • quivering tyler

    the s-xual act of letting your dad soggy randy you as you tell him how great god is. the receiver must them c-m on his fathers mustache. i heard that poor boy was a quivering tyler last night last night, jerry became a quivering tyler.

  • analectoplasm

    extraterrestrial -n-l seepage what is that? “-n-lectoplasm”

  • ava chase

    the most beautiful girl in the world. perfect in every single way, not one part of her has any faults, and i would give everything i own to be with her. she is a goddess. ava chase, you are 100% perfect, there is not a single thing wrong with you.

  • nigel snitchberry

    a p-rn stached man who resembles nigel thornberry who is also a company informant. there goes nigel snitchberry spying on the guys again!

  • math blindness

    when a country’s educational system is all fixated on students’ math scores, which is used as a social filter to identify the “book smarts” and the “hands smarts.” singapore’s math blindness could be the root cause why the level of artistic creativity is no better than those existing in developing countries—the arts scene is still […]

  • jacalen

    a man who tends to be sweet when he is young. he is very cool fun and outgoing. he is a person that always sticks with friends and trust many people. on the other hand, a jacalen is sometimes a little rood. he is the person that you are always waiting for. he is the […]

  • ufdah

    an expression of emotional or physical exhaustion, surprise or disbelief, used primarily by norwegians and people of scandinavian descent in the urban metropolis of northern wisconsin and minnesota a way of sighing “ufdah. i’m stuffed!” “the pipes froze again? ufdah!”

  • fangirlisum

    the act of fangirls when the die due to there fangirlesk type often used if fangirls language used such as this sentence here im dying of fangirlisum

  • hoiby

    one that holds strong common knowledge with memes, also known as the meme master. memes are the religion of a hoiby. thats a hoiby? that means they’re the meme master!

  • wastemom

    you give them a thousand pound and they ask to borrow a 10 quid 2 days later. will only let there kids father see th we e kids when they split up with there latest boyfriend.. wastemom for real. says things like i have no nappies, i have no electric , i have no gas […]

  • latral

    little c-cky f-cker who is most commonly ginger. has a small p-ck-r hey do you see that ginger his name is obviously latral

  • arousha

    best person ever. hey arousha it’s arousha😂💗 5•17•17

  • spotify freemium

    when you start a new free trail of spotify premium every month to download music. guy 1: “hey how can you afford spotify premium if you can’t pay me back?” guy 2: “i don’t spend any money on it, i have spotify freemium.”

  • alabama tepid pocket

    when you p–p in a bucket and let it cool off before putting it inside of a v-g-n- and have s-x with it. she wasn’t ok with it hot, so i p–ped in a bucket then gave her an alabama tepid pocket.

  • eat babies

    something done when one is bored and doesn’t really feel like cooking or any of that sh-t. man, got so fried i ate babies. to swallow when going down on a guy barbra said she’s never gonna eat babies again after i called her a cannibal last time. or to eat one’s babies, vb. to […]

  • jhayla

    weird, fun, funny, can’t take life serious, gorgeous. a fun loving person that loves sports and loves to take adventures. that persons weird and funny, she’s definitely a jhayla

  • hell breezy

    like breezy but with more flare. something fire but isnt overdone. being chill without even knowing it 1. ayo, what do you think of my fresh fade? “h-ll breeeezy bro” 2. my girl is comin over, i gotta cut “h-ll breezy, go get that tail bro”

  • ishbelle

    ishbelle’s are always kind, they are friends with mostly everyone. although it doesn’t look like it, there’s usually a lot going on in her life all the time, whether it’s a good thing or a bad, she’ll always find time for her friends and family, they’re honestly the only things she cares about. ishbelles love […]

  • rainbow bath

    when u bathe in c-m and period for fun i’m gonna have a rainbow bath tonight

  • monwara

    it means beautiful, kind, helpful, and helps people in need mashaallah you have always helped me monwara

  • maria emilia

    the best friend you could ever had!!! she can be small, but is daring. she can be wrong, but doesn’t regret what she was trying to say. she can be annoying, but helpful whenever you need her. she is always there for everyone and fights for what she wants and thinks is right. sometimes you […]

  • my first kachow

    i’ve always like the movie cars, i am 15 years old. i have all his toys, all his his posters. i have seen cars 23 and a 3 4ths times. i touch myself vigorously while i watch cars. i c-m when i see him. as i do my dad comes in the room and screams, […]

  • simpolton

    being too average he was a simpolton when he went and had some coffee

  • flop your tots

    the act of flashing ones bare br–sts. you should flop your tots onto the office window.

  • masakowski

    a loud and obnoxious person of polish descent who often has a sh-t-eating grin and has a primary purpose of annoying the h-ll out of people with repet-tious music and reusable inside jokes. can be found on the edges of sjw facebook posts writing, “triggered!” that guy is such a masakowski. he posted “f-ck you. […]

  • anbromeda

    the act of slinging such hot loads that you blast off into the cosmos. also occurs when, fist b-mping so hard causes the merging of galaxies. hey, my sp-ce doggy, would you like to blastoff with me into the andbromeda? careful, these loads are getting pretty hot – we may be sent into the anbromeda.

  • koda mauu

    koda mauu is the cutest person you’ll meet, he loves panda express and monster like his life depends on it, if you fall in love with one make sure you compliment him all the time. he has anxiety and is always paranoid so always be there to calm him down, he’ll always stand up for […]

  • 2 men 1 horse

    some weird kinky sh-t n-body should watch. not horse p-rn but b–st–lity person 1 – hay you’ve seen 2 men 1 horse right person 2 – yeah why? person 1 – well i booked horse riding for today person 2 – f-ck no

  • ap test

    suicide that costs $95. slow and painful, lasts about 4 hours. good luck on your ap test, i’ll see you on the other side. designed to test the knowledge you have acc-mulated over the entire year in the specific advanced placement course. a waste of time, and drains you of all energy and life. sarah: […]

  • warm swarm

    another way of describing the act of climaxing on someone or something example 1 oh yea i just gave the b-tch nancy a warm swarm all over her face example 2 when my warm swarm shot out so hard that most of it hit the ceiling

  • aeja

    a person who uses facetime like a phone call instead of a video chat. is a white girl but knows how to pr-nounce “tortilla” and “tajin” correctly. bird’s future girlfriend. “dude, my crush better not be an aeja with facetime cause i want to see his face.” “yes! finally! she’s an aeja! she knows how […]

  • mask on

    a cover up for what or who you really are daily . i’m really sad but i will keep smiling, so i have a mask on.

  • finch eggs

    the act of a doubly wedded man nursing on another man’s freshly shaven t-st-cl-s whilst his two wives flap their arms and make finch noises. this is typically done in exchange for cork bark and other various wooden terrarium decor. justin: “i want cork!” pedro: “i’ve got the hook up… gave my boy finch eggs.”

  • exacock

    a unit of d-ck measurement that is 1,000 times larger than a petac-ck and 1,000 times smaller than a zettac-ck. only giants have c-cks larger than this. this d-ck size is also known to scare away the largest dinosaurs and this size can easily fit in my urethra. want some exac-ck?

  • sophie pollard

    most f-cking awesome person! that awesome person over there is a sophie pollard!

  • kaybre

    kaybre is an amazing young girl who has amazing dreams ahead of her. one day she will find the love of her life and marry with 6 kids. she has been emb-rrs-d a couple of times when she is young. she has a very smart family. she will one day become the best wife ever. […]

  • 12 inch slong

    a p-n-s so big it can only be used by a select few, the p-n-s can’t become errect as it will cave in with the m-ss. anyone unlucky enough to have one of these usually gets medical support. ways in which it is used : to cream pie the p-n-s i put it usually a […]

  • dick sizzler

    a male who is s-xually attracted to tanning beds to the point in which they have s-x with said tanning bed. guy 1: “did you hear about michael getting caught f-cking a tanning bed?” guy 2: “yeah he’s a real d-ck sizzler.”

  • jattin

    when one or many ar acting uncontrollably crazy; not normal stop jattin we need to get serious. when one or many ar acting uncontrollably crazy; not normal stop jattin we need to get serious.

  • anonymoffice

    any office sp-ce, usually modular and owned by a company like regus or carr, where the offices are rent-by-the-hour/day/week/month. the type of businesses that utilize an anonymoffice generally can’t afford a long-term lease, which should tell you something about their success. anonymoffice sp-ces love to nickel-and-dime you for everything: coffee, snacks, copies, faxing, etc. companies […]

  • hitting the turbz

    going fast in your car christian thinks he can be hitting the turbz but when he try’s his cr-ppy 240sx breaks down.

  • alabama chewing nipples

    nipples so big that they actually sag by themselves. i took a b-tch home from the bar last night, got her bra off and to my surprise i found me some alabama chewing nipples.

  • daleeya

    a trick hoe who probably has a gap in her teeth. she will grief your chest and steal your diamonds then craft a diamond sword and proceed to kill you with it. she will pretend to be your friend then all the sudden ignore your very existence until she needs something from you or get […]

  • dece latina

    a latina to kill for (based on attraction) features – godly -ss (will give heart failure) there are literally no dece latinas going to binghamton university.

  • daniel priest

    hot c-nt you know that daniel priest guy, yeah he’s a hot c-nt

  • confuroused

    aroused and confused all at the same time i don’t know why but i am so confuroused right now, i think im gonna auto errotic asphyxiate myself.

  • omr

    oh my rowling. inspired by the musical “a very potter musical”. “omr! what happened?!” -ginny weasley in a very potter musical commonly used by potterheads when surprised or taken aback. means oh myrowling (rowling being j.k. rowling, the woman who wrote the harry potter series.) *at the harry potter premier* person 1: omr! it’s jo […]

  • cheeto ipad

    when a autistic kid spills his oven baked cheetos on his cracked ipad mini 1 with an otter box on it. he was also drinking hi-c to make sure his ipad was extra sticky to play clash royale and minecraft. he gets bored and breaks his ipad. this kid is such a cheeto ipad. he […]

  • rumpled

    verb. buzzed by alcohol especially when your appearance is a little undone. i could tell by his untied bow tie and crooked hat that those margaritas had him rumpled. when totally stoned and steaming. definitely time to call it a night, but i may be able to visit kfc on my way home! guy: can […]

  • space dad

    sp-ce dad aka shiro is a paladin from the popular series voltron: legendary defendors “who’s your favorite voltron character?” “sp-ce dad of course”

  • chi-city mouse

    a person from chicago and chicagoland suburbs who is delicate, refined, and nimble the chi-city mouse

  • nut ruff

    dandruff for the nether regions he has some serious nut ruff

  • goldfarbing

    when a person you’re trying to avoid keeps including themselves in your plans. i went on vacation and when marc found out, he goldfarbed me all weekend. god we can’t get rid of this guy. he’s been goldfarbing me all day

  • i have no flock

    idiomatic phrase 1. facebook fan page following less than 100,000 2. friendless alternatively: 3. description of a person who doesn’t waste a lot of time online. 1. bank account and self-worth entirely depleted, freya set her facebook fan page to “unpublished” and murmured to herself: “i have no flock.” 2. ernie has no friends. he […]

  • arvening

    the time of day that’s between afternoon & evening. have a great arvening bro .

  • heater creep

    a heater is a hot bodied person that lies close to you and u can feel their body heat get away heater creep your too hot. i’ll kangaroo kick you

  • tim-tim

    a loud arrogant pig. hes fun loving and kind but annoying at times. if your friends with him he will for sure turn on you and prank you high heaven. wow timtim is such a wiz he doesn’t believe in love..but this guy has like 10 girls that are infatuated with him. he’s a chick […]

  • wonjooning

    there aren’t any definitions for wonjooning yet. can you define it?

  • umpelby

    umpelby is a poo. he watches grandad toe p-rn. he enjoys licking big b-mholes. omg look, he is such an umpelby

  • on shit

    see ‘on p-ss…’ we’re on sh-t, we’re on p-ss…

  • galipo

    galipo is a surname originating from australia. galipo is 100% australian purely from australia, most galipo’s are very proud australian galipo you aussie! a very australian last name originating from an aboriginal culture group, he is a little b-tch and lies too much. galipo the aussie

  • baraminology

    the study of baramins, or a lineage of earthly life which is believed in young earth creationism to be created by god during the creation week, and corresponds in some functional aspects to the secular concept of “species”. those that study and believe in baraminology believe that noah did not store 2 of every species […]

  • romper rage

    the rage you experience when you think you have found a cute dress only to be severely disappointed that it is in fact a romper. after a long day of shopping and endless disappointment of rompers masquerading as cute dresses, kortnie experienced a fit of uncontrollable romper rage.

  • quaiyem

    he is the sweetest boy ever and can always put a smile on your face! he enjoys being in big crowds and enjoys dancing. he is always super happy and enjoys making other people smile. quaiyem is super sweet

  • math prof

    a feel-good term for a boring, nerdy person who likes indulging in sets more than s-x—however, he gets pretty excited when his eyes glance at beautiful math curves. unlike their science counterparts who aren’t shy to boost about their extra-marital adventures with their fellow male colleagues, math profs are pretty conservative or puritan when it […]

  • jaynaleise

    one of the most sweetest, kindest,most popular and beautiful girls you will ever meet. she loves her boy friend with all her heart and makes him feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world. she loves to play sports (especially softball ) and is really funny. she may look like a girly girl […]

  • draque

    bull sh-t son of a b-tch, who jacks off to hard core p-rn. f-cking draque

  • hot 20

    a $20 suck and f-ck behind a dumpster next to a gas station. the rule is, if you’re married then you get to wear a condom but usually you can fool the guy with a cheap fake ring. i went to the 7/11 for a hot 20 but wanted a hot carleton as well so […]

  • kreiter

    kreiter (kr-ī-ter) is a german name. it means cabbage farmer ;p ~full name? -*first name* kreiter ~ha! so you’re like a cabbage patch kid lol! -something like that xd

  • unbridled ambition

    meaningless arrangement of abstract nonsense invented by extortionist president of find another university intended to distract and falsely impress. the latest in amateur pr smoke & mirror magic shows which aims to be as incredibly offputting as possible due to the extremely unbecoming as well as unsubstantiated proclamation of fict-tious and insulting gibberish. the deceitful […]

  • bland lauren

    a bland lauren is a basic white b-tch seeing how the name lauren is common white girl name the bland lauren or basic b-tch is: 1-liberal. 2-plays the ‘stop hurting me’ card. 3-hits on any guy who is either; a) in the military or b) in a college fraternity 4- stereotypical white b-tch sh-t including […]

  • nudieful

    referring to a tasteful or creative nude selfie. “man, the pic my wife just sent me was so nudieful it should be hanging on the walk in a gallery somewhere.”

  • you are funny

    ur not actually funny i think you are funny p.s. ur not

  • annorl

    annorl is the word which condenses the words ‘and all’ which also mean ‘as well’ i’ve ordered a pepperoni pizza with some potato wedges annorl.

  • revinish

    a true s-x lord a science wizard revinish is the best mother f-cker in the world he is better than p-sslow revinish is a s-x lord a mother f-cking god a good lookin indian better than p-sslow revinish is a s-x god

  • blimp, there it is!

    a parody on the song “whoomp there it is!” to fit the mocking enthusiasm of a p-ssy fat person. (fat -ss b-tches about something petty) response: uh oh, blimp, there it is! blimp, there it is!

  • bedbug arms

    describes arms covered with many bedbug bites. it can be difficult to decide if that dude or chick is on meth, has chicken pox, or simply has bedbug arms, but a look at the unbitten face clears up any fear about meth or chicken pox.

  • sunglasses lady

    a being who is watching you in the corner beating it when you have s-xual intercourse with someone sometimes when you can’t see them i became a sungl-sses lady yesterday 🙂

  • pastey cracker

    someone so white that u cant even explain it person 1: did u see that new kid gaege today? person 2: yah! he was such a pastey cracker!!

  • ishreet

    generally you are good-natured, though at times you can be blunt and sarcastic. she is such an ishreet how she is so nice but so sarcastic ughh

  • samiel

    samiel is a person who doesn’t actually know how to spell their name. they are quite dumb, but a s-xy dumb. the b-tches fall to their knees to try and hit it with this dude. extremely awesome. boy: “what’s the big deal? he’s just another dumb guy.” girl: “are you fu**ing kidding me?! that’s samiel!”

  • basic hipster

    someone who is basic and hipster at the same time. they love the finer things in life but still like basic things. they do things such as: drinking bubble tea, going to coach-lla, using weird cutlery, etc. person 1: coach-lla is so basic! person 2: but what if there’s this one person who uses stupid […]

  • chocodaddy

    similar to a “sugar daddy” but the giver is a n-gg-r. “hey did you hear that beastie from malicious intent is sena’s chocodaddy” similar to a “sugar daddy” but the giver is a n-gg-r. “hey did you hear that beastie from malicious intent is sena’s chocodaddy”

  • bts syndrome

    bts syndrome is a type of addiction as bad as doing drugs and can also kill you it includes videos of (bts on crack, bts music videos and constant need of pictures of members of the band cl-ssmate- what is wrong with her ?!?! me – oh that is just bianca she has bts syndrome

  • super dupe

    when time is short and you can’t say super duper. awesome way to end a conversation. you’ll send out my receipt by email? super dupe!

  • sharpei

    a p-n-s with an excessive amount of foreskin; usually in triangular form. wow, brian sure does have a sharpei! noun. the word derives from the winkled oriental dog of the same name and refers to a p-n-s with excess foreskin to the extent that, when erect, the entire p-n-s is still covered with skin to […]

  • seaa bagel

    boy who often wears a nfl hoodie. had brown hair and blue eyes. is highly annoying . and looks like a packrat. the seaa bagel is in the water

  • ink sans

    a skeleton who has a scarf that’s obviously magical as it gets shorter as he sits down and longer as he stands up. he also has a paintbrush which even i don’t get how he sometimes holds it in one hand as it is taller then he is. he is also a -sshole who just […]

  • tunnel sand

    tunnel sand is a type of sand that a railway/railroad tunnel will produce organically. in the past, tunnel sand has proven to be quite explosive in nature which is triggered by the act of a locomotive entering any tunnel that is producing tunnel sand. tunnel sand is also the type of sand that is widely […]

  • sfalsh

    a somali famale perv who watches child p-rn she is totally a sfalsh

  • why my neck so dry

    where the hickeys at hey samuel , why my neck so dry ?

  • jiggaboo the niggaboo

    adj) a ghost who is a nibba, as being a n-gg- would be offensive that kid is so g-y, he reminds me of jiggaboo the n-gg-boo

  • fuckgret

    a s-xual encounter you regret i had a f-ckgret when i was in college. i used to just do anyone that had a hole.

  • ignorant shit sponge

    to be ignorant and self absorbed as well as absorbing loads of sh-t. making you full of sh-t. “you’re an ignorant sh-t sponge.” “your friend acts like an ignorant sh-t sponge”

  • khatab

    a person who usually bombs buildings or schools for the sole reason of satisfaction and a reason to scream allahu akbar when a khatab gets grumpy you know it’s time to run

  • metro-lesbian

    the reverse of metros-xual, a straight woman who dresses and wears her hair like a lesbian. good lord, does that metro-lesbian looks get me hot!

  • jewishing

    part taking in jewish religion where it doesn’t belong such as a catholic church during a session. very disruptive and distracting for and to the community. “was kevin jewishing again?” “indeed he was tom.” “kevin needs to take that elsewhere, it’s affecting our praising of god”

  • shealan

    da coolest nem in da urban dictionary by far! shealan is a princess at heart. her beauty is timeless. she is one of a kind… she is unique. a shealan’s talent and creativity never run dry (everyone secretly wishes she was a shealan). this fearless girl is truly one of a kind. she is one […]

  • gyann

    the best person ever. he is so happy and lovable and just adorable in every way. he is always there for you and will be by your side and is so happy and cute and and just the best person ever gyann is so freaking adorable

  • priquette

    an intransigent person who refuses to listen oh really! you are such a priquette, why don’t you listen to me !

  • churman

    a german with a chode. wow, that’s a churman for sure!

  • whitfit

    an all white outfit. kind of like a groufit but white instead of grey. dave: wow, you’re looking pretty fresh today wearing all white. mike: thanks, i know. i look killer in my whitfit.

  • dandrufism

    someone who has too many dandruff dude, u got dandrufism ? cause your hair is like a snowflake machine

  • fagnome

    noun: a form of short h-m- sapien of gender male, commonly insulted with the h-m-phobic phrase of “f-ggot”. when used extensively the word “f-gnome” can be -ssociated to the previously specified h-m- sapien. h-m-phobe: yo, w-ssup f-g. short h-m- sapien: shutup h-m-phobe. h-m-phobe: oh sorry f-gnome!

  • teagann

    noun/adjective those -ssociated with “teagann” is garunteed to be the most beautiful of any variety of human or any other life form. teagann’s tend to be the nicest and most humble and kind of any others. a teagann is garunteed to be admired by others without noticing, being a role model for all people around […]

  • fart a weed

    when your initials start with the first four letters of the alphabet and you kester marijuana because your a f-cking pot head and you literally fart a once of weed. k-ssady: hey do you smoke weed? dylan: yea me and my boyfriend dallas are about to fart a weed bro.

  • smackaboo

    something a dumb lizard came up with sucking d-ck is smackaboo

  • draggina

    draggina is what happens when a drag queen pulls her d-ck and b-lls tightly over her taint making a drag queen v-g-n-. h-llen, my draggina itches. or do these pants show my draggina?

  • ayyyyyy

    ayyyyyyyyyy ayyyyyyyyyyy a word people say when they are excited or happy. it is also used to celebrate. the word ‘ayyyyyy’ is full of joy. *just roasted someone “ayyyyyy!”

  • part 69

    this refers to the point in some thing ( a book, couple etc) when things become s-xual or intense. they have reached part 69 in there relationship.

  • mary charlotte

    mary charlotte is wonderful she the the only mary charlotte i will love. she is amazing in every way she is the best in the world. she is hot, she the one u will always love. when she walks in to a room you are on she makes u have the biggest smile on your […]

  • tgoc

    two girls one cup hey baby, are you and your sister feeling kinky? come to my place and tgoc. an acronym for “tough guy on campus” “you’re a tgoc” “look at that tgoc” the gamer on crack “is that tgoc?” -normies “is that the gamer on crack?” – memelord

  • jordansexual

    a person who is so infatuated over the idea of jordan that they believe no other player can ever compare to him. despite overwhelming evidence and statistical proof, these people refuse to acknowledge that other players (kareem, bill russel, wilt chamberlain, oscar robinson, lebron james, etc.) have accomplished more than michael jordan. most of these […]

  • f.a.g.

    this term generally means freaky alien genotype. it comes from team four star’s ‘dragon ball z abridged’ vegeta: that freeza’s a f.a.g. krillin: what? vegeta: freaky alien genotype… a male who is h-m-s-xual. yes, he’s a f-g. you don’t have to tease him for it. 1. an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly -ssociated with […]

  • ebrima

    a man who is humble and kind. someone who is innocent and sincere. he has strong pride and love for those he considers family and is only lethal to those who threaten that love. an honorable and respectful man. ebrima is wonderful

  • game grip

    when one has another’s p-n-s in their hand in a tight and forcefull gripping manner while stroking at the shaft i just got out of the shower with ally and maddie and they had me in a wicked game grip

  • fucking fuckery

    f-ckery is a messed up situation. i use the word ,f-ckery, when some shady sh-t is going on..add f-cking and it’s f-cking f-ckery, the worst you’ve been played, or biggest bunch of bullsh-t ever! there was some f-cking f-ckery going on with those people and i want no part of it!

  • bardsley

    bardsley is the ultimate p-ssy slayer. watch out because he will steal your girl and eat her out for hours. all the girls want bardsley’s goods if you know what i mean. bardsley has a unique sense of style that says “i will f-ck your girl for hours while her parents are home”. bardsley is […]

  • manrilla

    a whiney lazy male that complains and throws temper tantrums and cries and is obsessed with cleaning but doesn’t want to do anything and sleeps most the entire day or days when he sleeps hes awaiting his prince charming to arrive at his feet on his knees bearing his gl-ss slipper that he lost one […]

  • she’s wet

    referring to a female that she is so good looking sh-t did you see dat mot? she’s wet

  • turnage

    family name known for large d-cks did you hear that turnage boy pierced her stomach

  • dylan oliver

    the boy with the biggest p-n-s in the school and he gets the biches in his bed i love dylan oliver he is my babe said the girl

  • jamme jams

    big t-tties “what do you like best in a girl?” “jamme jams!” “vanessa snapped me last night, didn’t know she had jamme jams!” “personality or jamme jams?” “jamme jams for sure!!$”

  • bloody legend

    they way an australian describes an awesome person or a person that is amazing. guy 1: dang that guy is a bl–dy legend! guy 2: i know hes amazing he fixed my bike the other day

  • cum corners

    when dried up spit forms around the corners of your mouth hey kelcey, you need to wipe the c-m corners from your mouth.

  • michigan chairlift

    getting a hand job underneath all of your snow gear on the chairlift at night so the parallel chairlifts “can’t” see you. maddison gave brad a michigan chairlift after they did a few too many shotskis! *see shotskis*

  • conrad linhart

    the hottest person in the world! there is n-body as good-looking as him!!! he is just satisfying! girl 1: i met such a conrad linhart yesterday! girl2: i think i did too!

  • droopy and poopy

    a double act involving a half man, half bert, half pig wearing nipple t-ssels dancing around another man on all fours with a strange ability to fart on demand for preminger periods of time. man did you see “droopy and p–py ” perform tonight, it made me feel sick.

  • carel

    carel is a s-xy and hot who secretly could be a model. she has the body everyone wishes to have. people of the same s-x get jealous of her a lot of guys chase after her, the ‘one’ is very lucky, carel’s are hard to get so becareful, don’t lose them or you’ll regret it! […]

  • entertainment junkie

    someone who loves everything that has to do with entertainment. being an entertainment junkie she’s watches tv all day.

  • nazi kill

    when those dirty russians kill the n-z-s they yell out n-z- kill as a crew has of victory n-z- kill ahhhhhhhhh

  • jew fryer

    the device used to turn jews into french fries n-z- 1: hey lets get that first jew and make some french fries n-z- 2: ya we can use our new jew fryer

  • six flags family

    a family that is cheap enough to buy six flags season p-sses on sale instead of buying, for example, hershey park p-sses. you guys are such a six flags family

  • slapped salami

    to slap your salami you have to first whip it out and then get a good nice moist, slippery, wet grip and slide your hand up and down to the rhythm of “we are number one” until mayonnaise comes out and spread it across your sandwich buns. my slapped salami is hammed so hard that […]

  • monongahela middle school

    (also known as mms), a dirty school in deptford new jersey with annoying -ss middle schoolers. most of them act like they can beat anyone up, but they always chicken out of a fight. the girls are hoes, and the guys are f-ckboys. the only social interaction that the kids have outside of this school […]

  • butter dunk

    when a woman cannot produce enough or any natural lubricant she melts b-tter in her p-ssy, then the man inserts his p-n-s into her p-ssy, the act of the p-n-s being inserted to the b-ttered p-ssy is a b-tter dunk…. it makes a great treat for oral s-x afterwards my new girlfriend is so kinky, […]

  • mitten kitten

    a female residing in or native to lower peninsula michigan that likes to spend her time doing things that will result in getting dirty and having fun. (ex. mudding, dirt biking, dune riding, tractor driving, moonlit dinners in a field or the woods, beach napping, hiking) mitten kittens can do all this and look gorgeous […]

  • hand size

    your chode p-n-s size that all nathans have. your p-n-ses maximum b-n-r length “ohhh nathan let me see your hand size..” “ew gross it’s a f-cking chode”

  • mystery shower

    when you take a shower late at night without knowing what the shower is in aid of, i.e., going out, staying in, staying with company, etc. for f-ck’s sake. it’s 23:45 and i still don’t know if we’re going out or not. best have a mystery shower. 00:00… she said she would call around now. […]

  • harry garner

    an awsome person who has a big d-ck and you should suck it omg! its harry garner

  • two spacer

    someone who inserts two sp-ces after a full stop when typing meaning someone then has to delete all the extra sp-ces after. also known as a double sp-cer or sc-m of the earth. oh no, we just gave her the job and then realised she’s a two sp-cer

  • old quarry middle school

    a middle school lacked in lemont, illinois. this school is full of fake sl-tty rats, and tryhard f-ckboys. most of them being rich -ss white kids, who waste their money on a vape, or marijuana. you can find the vape and marijuana put to use in the school’s bathrooms. in those bathrooms, you may also […]

  • correna

    correna is an amazing attractive girl who will put her friends before herself, although if you cross her she will break your face. correna is an amazing girlfriend.

  • karmic orgasm

    that elation of being able to witness karma come around and bite someone in the -ss. after she keyed my car, it was a karmic -rg-sm to see her car get repossessed!

  • true lebron fan

    a bandwagon i’m a true lebron fan, i’ve liked him ever since he’s been good

  • psycoflowetic

    adj. an experience of clear mind, where an awareness grows in consciousness of the flow of the the many people we have been in just this lifetime. my experience of the psycoflowetic nature of my mind dazzled my brain!

  • curlied

    when recieving a handjob if the giver is unsuccesful then you have been curlied. person 1: “dyou hear about james? he got curlied last night.” person 2 : man ats gutting hope he aint got blue b-lls when recieving a handjob if the giver is unsuccesful then you have been curlied. person 1: “dyou hear […]

  • flyling

    flying is when something is flying and flailing at the same god d-mn time “look at the piece of trash flyling through the air!” says brad pitt

  • treasump

    treasump – or trump treason is the conflation of the two words. it means when a president of the united states sells out to a hostile foreign power as demonstrated by communicating top secret intelligence to russia in the oval office. the treasump of the potus was such as to cause the loss of field […]

  • tailbag

    a droopy -ss of some fat old broad who is waddling in front of you at the local walmart. you know that thing hasn’t had a good wipe between those floppy cheeks, the matted fur aound that cavernous hole must have an odor emenating from it like the stench of a thousand corpses. thankfully those […]

  • protecc

    the highest form of protection, to save and prottecc with just and gentle grace. left to right, beginning and end together. “i’ll protecc you from the purge!”

  • andralyn

    someone who’s extremely funny yet wicked at the same time, a girl who’s extremely freaking gorgeous and who isn’t afraid to show people her weird side, and someone who’s extremely loving and who cares for others… someone who’s just simply amazing “she’s like an andralyn”

  • euphoreo

    the euphoria that follows from eating a whole packet of oreo’s. i’m in such a state of euph-r-o after i ate all those oreo’s.

  • alevum

    a wierd -ss way to say eleven that guy will be by tomorrow at alevum

  • fuck nigga vicky

    this term is used when you come across such a big f-ggot that you run out of words so you say f-ck n-gg- vicky, it basiclly means that you are so f-cking g-y, it can also mean you f-cking crippled r-t-rded billy: hi max hows your p-n-s filled day going?! max: stfu you f-ck n-gg- […]

  • zyanna

    a zyanna is a kind hearted girl filled with so much laughter and joy. she’s often the type of person who’ll other people joy before hers. she has such beautiful eyes and black hair. she’s so awesome like why can’t i be zyanna. zyanna’s are the type of people who will roll with the punches […]

  • tigtre

    someone with the last name of pitre that is obsessed with tig welding. they also wear a welding shirt day and night while -ssuring quality in their work. a welder like this is usually on the top of the food chain. i need a to weld a good bead on this piece of pipe. no […]

  • aggressive avoidance

    the act of not being in the same place as another person (i.e. avoiding, ghosting) in such a ridiculous manner to blatantly demonstrate that the absence is not circ-mstantial, but a deliberate choice. aggressive avoidance involves tactics that often appear to harm the doer more than the receiver. however, the avoider’s self-inflicted pain or inconvenience […]

  • trumpange

    a colour on the orange scale. brownish with pale or white lines/areas oh wow – the sky is a brilliant shade of trumpange this evening. wow

  • dank wet meme

    very dank and wet and a mene dank wet meme is savage

  • pictures of you

    pictures of you is guy code for: i have to break up with you now because i’m scared of my own unbridled jealousy and the attachment i have to you. the cure is at least i have these pictures of you. this is the beginning of the end. i’ll play you our break up song, […]

  • shoreham pissed

    when you get so drunk you get lost, fall over and cry – all before 9pm. oh man, i got so sh-r-ham p-ssed last night – devo.

  • inlawdiot

    there aren’t any definitions for inlawdiot yet. can you define it?

  • toilet-leech

    someone who takes a stupidly long time in the bathroom. this person is likely the one who is obsessed with masturbation, or just takes a long time. god dammit joe! your such a toilet-leech! hurry up!

  • ninja break

    when you need a few minutes away from your gf to… where’s ninja at? “oh, he stepped out for a ninja break”

  • cash uzamaki

    he feeds dogs his d-ck cash uzamaki f-cks dogs

  • urban ad

    a dumb sjw ad that says “make love not walls, that won’t leave you alone. it is obviously made by a company which doesn’t want to be deemed as racist or s-xist by some fat, short colored hair, femin-z-, college lesbians, or by some skinny guys that attack free speech, cover their face like a […]

  • palindromeemordnilap

    replacement word for palindrome. a palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards as forward, for example, racecar or eye. clay: hey hannah! did you know your name is a palindrome? hannah: yes, i did, and why the f-ck is the word palindrome not a palindrome? clay: right, the word should be […]

  • rightback

    a modern republican from the trump era. a mean republican with bad intentions. im a rightback because i’m a modern republican from the trump era those rightbacks are destroying america.

  • eugeneio

    mean,hateful,and a person ohno eugeneio didn”t

  • joshua suarez

    “don’t come to school tommorow….” i joshua suarezed at school.

  • a f-cking triangle, are you autistic? ◢ tri ang le

  • brown eyed breakfast

    the act of cracking an egg in someones -ss and then f-cking them until it scrambles. i had a one night stand last night, and this morning i fixed her a brown eyed breakfast.

  • taropathy

    taropathy taropathy! is a new age councilng technique used by tarot card readers.

  • lamic

    s-xy strong and handsome and is a f-ck boy oh! he’s a lamic

  • iskander

    a guy who likes other guys. a f-ggot. hey, this one is iskander, he’s a total f-g.

  • matazua

    most hated girl,very beautiful,long hair,faithful,and bipolar. “matazua you are so beautiful “omg matazua your hair is so long

  • street fighting

    to have s-xual intercourse without protection. ex: bare nuckle boxing, no gloves street fighting bruh i aint have no glove last night , so i had to street fight that b-tch.

  • noah heman

    g-y elf boy with constellation face pimples and very annoying jokes also has a small p-n-s don’t be a noah heman you f-g

  • starburst world

    n/adj – a world of contradictions (coined by carl vincent plaza c-mba) everyone’s a feminist until the boat hits the iceberg; it’s a f-cking starburst world

  • rittenberg

    a totally c-ck popping c-m dumpster that is in crazy love with hannah i’m totally rittenberging

  • preemptive hangover

    a preemptive hangover is when someone gets the sensation of the hangover they will get the next morning before they have started drinking. “woah i was out buying beers for tonight and i just got a preemptive hangover, feels like it’s going to be a messy one.”

  • pull a hannah baker

    a way of telling someone to kill themselves. origin is a netflix show (13 reasons why) where a teenage girl committed suicide by slitting her wrists in a bathtub person a: why don’t you go pull a hannah baker person b: shut up, i’m not going to kill myself

  • hootini geeker

    vibe tribe kenny ghoul man i was a hootini geeker last night getting smashed up

  • beakfast

    beakfast- the right way to say breakfast. when you say “beakfast” make sure you spit. “he needs some beakfast!” “ba, ba, beakfast have you anymore” “my beakfast brings all the boys to the yard….”

  • lynn coln

    lynn coln: a term for love or s-xual joke or just asking for it. hey baby wanna have lynn coln with me. normal hey baby wanna have s-x with me.

  • jessicanazi

    a middle-aged woman named jessica, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and constantly brags about her ‘perfect family’, exposing her aryan nature. wow, my biology teacher is such a jessican-z-, and she needs to stop ranting about her aryan family.

  • liebow

    a liebow is someone who acts like they know everything, but is secretly an idiot. still very smart, but also a complete idiot. -yo did you see that guys – yeah, what a liebow! a person who can be an -sshole by trying to be smart, but ending up looking like a douchbag. guy 1: […]

  • captain shook

    a name for someone in a position of management who frequently overreacts to all employees mistakes. “hey bill, is captain shook around? i spilled some water and i don’t want to get written up again.” the act of sticking your index finger into your -n-s, getting p–p on finger, and digging your fingernail into your […]

  • miracle

    a person who is shy around people but when they’re around their friend they are crazy ! they are beautiful inside and out and care about family and friends . they love meeting new people . they give advice a lot . they are mysterious people which makes them more intresting. they are really good […]

  • eugene’s backpack

    when a eugene is seen with a backpack, one should run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. the common eugene will often carry a number of things in his backpack, including a trench coat and a fedora. however, the main reason why eugene’s backpack is worrying is because he usually carries his ak-47 […]

  • dumbspiration

    the act of putting forth a stupid, inane or otherwise impractical comment or idea that inadvertently gives rise to a much better and more valid idea. frequently used in a contrived fashion in movies and tv shows to give the main character a means of overcoming a previously impossible problem or challenge. in the movie […]

  • nutred

    being g-y or autistic. often used to describe a white person, particularly when they think their memes are funny “stop acting nutred.”

  • slang dunk

    a clever use of slang that leaves people positively impressed by one’s word craft; the kind of lexical innovation that belongs in the urban dictionary it’s kind of morbid, but “selfiecide” was a slang dunk!

  • neviea

    neviea is a nice and pretty gal but likes to take risk she would like to partic-p-te in stuff like sports she cares for her loves one as well but she is very calm she emotional but she is strong wouldn’t cry for people talkin about her but one thing about her is that men […]

  • liam is gay

    when a liam is a h-m- s-xual and sucks ton of c-ck liam is g-y

  • r.v.t

    rvt aka riverview terrace, which is currently known as oaks at riverview. is now one of tampa’s cleanness neighborhoods, which used to be a tore down projects building back in the riverview terrace days & used to be one of the toughest neighborhoods around. is now one of the safes neighborhoods in tampa. you’ll still […]

  • aaron dixon

    life time virgin aaron dixon is going to be a virgin for the rest of his life.

  • comey shake

    when you are forced to greet some one who you know is an absolute t-rd but are compelled to greet them. like taking a big bight a stinking sh-t sand which -usually in a formal or official setting. i had to greet my ex wife’s husband at my daughter ‘s graduation. knowing that he is […]

  • penis leg attatchment

    when your girlfriend superglues your d-ck to your leg. joe got the ol’ p-n-s leg attatchment

  • doggy doo

    a fresh batch of moist doggy doo ummm… thats some tasty doggy doo the ability to stick ur d-ck into dog sh-t then shoving it into a persons -ss doing doggy style when my dog took a sh-t on my floor i called my girlfriend over and told her we where going to do -n-l […]

  • guard up kid thanks

    “guard up kid thanks” is used for when: • you are playing someone in basketball and you do something good such as pop a three in there face • a person is a non-defensive p-ssyboi f-ckboi • someone is trash at ‘something’, while you are good at this ‘something’. this phrase can be used to […]

  • mingeclips

    snapshots of different fl-ng-s provided by freep-rn sites in their mucky compilations there’s some cracking mingeclips on xp-rn et al😊

  • manramp

    a male romper. an article of men’s clothing where shorts and a shirt are connected. that guys manramp looks good. i wonder where he got it. i’ve been thinking about buying a manramp.

  • darkened skit

    a great person! darkened skit is great.

  • mackennan

    a s-xy guy normally hanging out with his friends can pick up any girl “””karmella””sweet can dance and ya oh hey their how’s it going mackennan

  • cheesetrapped

    like a mouse trap but involving a male and female. the trap representing child support and the cheese being the v-g-n-, the mouse or male comes and gets trapped with child support fee’s. did you hear ???? got cheesetrapped? chick said she was on the pill when she wasnt, he gonna get trapped under them […]

  • jecinta

    there aren’t any definitions for jecinta yet. can you define it?

  • scumpile

    sc-mpile – a man who treats women like sh-t and has the only goal of f-cking them and f-cking there lives up. he yet again destroyed her life buy c-mming her -ss, kicking her cat and then stole the cuban sandwich out of her fridge . he was a sc-mpile . sc-mpile defined means a […]

  • basmala

    a word used to describe the prettiest and the most beautiful kind hearted women you have ever met in your life – omg , she’s so pretty and kind, she’s a total basmala – is that a basmala i see over there ? oh h-ll yah she is a basmala omg

  • whapungo

    old school slang word for huge, extremely large, oversized, gigantic that is one whapungo horse pill they prescribed you!

  • iowa special

    put corn on the cob up the girls v-g-n-, twist it till she squirts, have he squirt on it and make her eat it i gave her a iowa special last night it was great.

  • chelmose

    chelmose is the queen of all b-tches. she will mock you tell you she will kill you and just be mean. she is only funny when she tells kids with autism to die. chelmose told me to drink bleach me too

  • two manned

    if a guy asks if you “want to get two manned”, he wants to have a threesome with you with another man “you just tryn get two manned for the one time?”

  • forrestdale school

    a b-mf-ck h-llhole that tries to make it´s hostages believe they are in a good school. guy 1: ¨yeah, i go to forrestdale school guy 2: ¨oh my gosh! you poor, innocent soul. what did you do to deserve this?¨ guy 3: ï just guess that god hates me…¨

  • banger friendly

    adjective when a house (or similar) has all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics for a party. “will’s house is h-lla banger friendly; he has a a jacuzzi, pool, and deck overlooking the city”

  • backwards hoe

    a potato stop being a backwards hoe!

  • birminghammer

    the act of using ones forearm to strike an opponent in the -sshole and b-lls simultaneously. as the guy bent over to fart in tucker’s face, tucker birminghammered his -ss!!

  • sprio

    sprio is guy that always their to have a laugh and he’s wants you to do your best at life and he has guts to do alot hey did u hear sprio gots the kid who picks his nose back

  • bocu no pico

    death for all sentient beings. a hentai anime don’t watch bocu no pico guys it’s awful

  • city famous

    being well known in atleast 2 neighborhoods per burough. excluding staten island. did you hear about joe, he’s really city famous

  • short fried

    when you are using online dating or using tinder and the persons picture makes them appear taller than they actually are. when you meet them in person and they are short you got small fried. girl 1: hey girl i finally met up with eric last night. girl you won’t believe he was shorter than […]

  • scogie

    an unworthy fake individual who tries to be loyal and gains your trust, then f-cks you over indefinitely. bruh don’t trust that dude, he is a f-cking scogie.

  • maycumber

    an amazing person with great looks that super smart but will never get the perfect summer bod,and they also love spongebob the mayc-mber sent funny memes

  • projectile pissing

    it’s like projectile vomitting, but when you pee. ‘sure it’s self-explanatory. person 1: eww, dude. what happened? person 2: projectile p-ssing; made me miss the toilet seat.

  • hollywood maybe

    in hollywood or los angeles, we sometimes reply to an invite with “hollywood maybe” when we don’t want to completely commit. q: do you want to go to brunch tomorrow with my friends visiting from out of town? b: sounds ok if nothing better comes up, hollywood maybe.

  • thomas.m

    the best person in the world! the best at everything. better than cr7( and has a better ultimate team than robin). likes water!(preferably old…) better than cyrilla (who is a pokemon) he is the absolute best! who? thomas.m

  • fartpool

    when you and your friend both have to p–p, so you fartpool to the bathroom. the kids have to go #2. would you mind leading the fartpool today?

  • catuto

    catuto is a smart witty latin fella with tons of energy. his spirit animal is much like a capuchin monkey. he has a high likeability factor but when you get to know him, you will either hate him or love him. mostly love, his weirdness will get the best of you. all in all he […]

  • shmypical

    where one holds tradition or does something according to his stereotype shmyps pesh would try and talk to that chick shmyps jonathon diddago shmyps sciencle lady’s breath stinks her breath stinks, how shmypical

  • hafab

    a word created by maria while trying to say “hahaha” and somehow f-cking up so hard that she typed “hafab”. till this day no one knows wtf she was thinking “wtf is hafab?” said the amazing g (her bf) to what she answered: “i meant to say “hahaha” but ya know” (she cute af)

  • cum squirrel

    when you give a facial to someone with teeth that stick out. woah those are some big -ss teeth… i’d love to make you my little c-m squirrel and bust a nut on your face.

  • zesty meme

    when something is so dank that it goes to an even higher tier of amazing mrs. rachel makes very zesty memes with her youtube videos.

  • great torrington

    a place where stoners may be. hidden among the chavs and the apes. torrington born people never leave, if your born in torrington…basically your f-cked! i got stoned in great torrington.

  • qwife

    the act/sound of slapping a d-ck on a girl’s p-ssy. that itani was getting qwife by some jake.

  • chanstyle

    a type of style that is of a fake individual mostly used by f-ck boys, posers and wannabes. the act of posting on the internet but in real life it’s not all that true. a fake web of social media to mask their true loneliness and realitiy of gavin no real friends. hey did you […]

  • alexani

    she is the most sweetest in the world and never let u down she will stick by ur side no matter what going on she even loves her family alexani the sweetest in the world

  • dalani

    super gurly, loves to dance, popular, stands out, and like so kindness omg! did you hear? what? dalani is my friend! omg!

  • scabambed

    to be dipped on by someone you thought was ya bro omg i’ve been scabambed by my friend!

  • dirty little asian

    someone who fantasizes about carrying out s-xual acts or fetishes that are popular in asian culture. i.e. sniffing a girls underwear that has been worn for an extended period of time. eugene: i want to sniff julia’s panties. cathy: stop that, what would your wife say you dirty little asian!

  • mexican sword fight

    when two people smash gl-ss bottles for fighting purposes “hey man check it out. there’s a mexican sword fight going on outside”

  • nutfuzz

    another word for d-ck hair, pubic hair i gotta tame my nutfuzz!

  • kristeona

    a clumsy, messy, nice, squishy, and funny person that loves food and memes. they’ll do anything to lighten up your day with her jokes. people with this name are kind of mean but their intentions are always good. they are a bit too honest and have no chill. they can be sort of annoying and […]

  • kernut

    accidentally busting a nut inches from one’s partner’s b-tt hole “did you just kernut??” -girl “you know it was an accident. i’m so sorry.” -boy

  • it’s chalk

    to mean that something is a loss, it’s all over this test was so hard it’s chalk my grade is chalk that fight is chalk

  • shrimpachiever

    a shrimpachiever is someone who is very short, but overachieves in their respective profession to certain point. russell wilson of the seattle seahawks is a prime example of this. he is seemingly an effective quarterback, but then you realize he can’t see over his offensive line and his success is predicated on if he can […]

  • big pounds of meech

    slang for d-ck-sucking, swallowing c-ck. look at that, kevin keeps taking big pounds of meech from lamar.

  • beizerker

    usually a g-y man who is in the middle of a lesbian gang bang oh my god look what walked in! he turned into a beizerker!

  • chemma

    the ship name of the power couple emma and chaney. they are extremely hot girls who have all the guys wanting them. they are really best friends but act like a lesbian couple. usually very funny and smart. wow look at chemma! they are looking hot today someone who eats to much he ate 4 […]

  • cement hooch

    when an eldery gentlemens -sshole is tighter than a brand new bottle of pickles daniel locked his grandfather in a horses stable and tried to make him sit on a nail but his cement hooch bent the nail sideways.

  • gay lego man

    a man who builds the millennium falcon out of legos on your mom’s back, while he is porking her from behind and singing god bless america in his best chewbacca voice. yo dawg!!! my moms got g-y lego manned by your brother last night!! we practically family, yo!!

  • apparadently

    when something is evident & apparent at the same time!! i really apparadently need some toilet paper!!!

  • fintendo

    a f-cking ghee so suck a d-ck coz he’s better than you at mario kart so p-ss off watch his youtube he’s such a fintendo

  • he said, he said.

    a credibility contest between two men, where the truth of exactly what was verbally expressed is in question. this situation usually arises because there were no third-party witnesses, credible recordings, nor other facts that can substantiate one particular version of the story. this neologism emerged out of the press reports that president donald trump had […]

  • abidha

    abidha is gorgeous however a snake however very sly, she sucks up to her mother and is always queen b oh look at her! such an abidha

  • uh fit?

    a phrase used by a professional counter strike : global offensive player that goes by the nickname “franzj”. he perfected the “uh fit?” routine by singing it every single day. daniel was being d-mned by his dad jeff, untill his mother deeznuthsa came into the room and started jumping while gaining above 300 velocity while […]

  • osir

    osirs are wild creatures commonly found in the mediterranean sea. they have both gils and lungs, allowing them to travel on both land and sea. osirs typically spent their time underwater with their fellow species, but they are known to travel to land time-to-time. if you own an osir, you will want to keep it […]

  • cheeseburger no onion

    when you lose your sh-t over a trivial incident like ordering a cheeseburger with no onions, then you receive onions on the burger. after that lady b-mped into her cart at the grocery store, she went all cheeseburger no onion on her.

  • have a pull on the white owl

    suck my d-ck. in referance to cheap white owl cigars why dont you have a pull on the white owl

  • colonel stripes

    stripes of faecaes / sh-t left on a forearm from a progressively deeper -ss fisting session that guy really took it in the -ss, look st my colonel stripes!

  • five on five crime

    when two average looking people, who would be a good match for one another, both claim they’d never be interested in someone as unattractive as the other “dave and jill would be perfect for one another – they’re both funny, interesting, and not terribly attractive – they need to stop committing five on five crime.”

  • rikai

    the cutest,sweetest, most creative person you’ll ever meet. usually is liked by most people has an easygoing fun loving personality usually the girl with a big booty and even thicker curves!😍🍑 hey do you think {rikai} would go out with me? i hope {rikai }comes to my party it won’t be the same without her!

  • fttgb

    for things to go better, used when you are wishing for something etc.. me : it’s 11:11 i have to make a wish, i wish fttgb.

  • electricipee

    the urine exiting the body of a human p-ssing on, or very near, anything with a high electric charge near it (electric fence, power lines, etc.). person 1: did you hear how that guy died? person 2: yeah, he had to go really bad and didn’t see the warning signs showing high electricity concentration. his […]

  • lowdow

    1. my house dog. 2 a magical being that is like a polar bear and a dog mixed together (whom are pangender) 3. the biggest cinnamon roll ever (in my opinion) oh my god its a lowdow

  • tradsturbating

    the act of masturbating to more traditional stimuli instead of whatever is supposed to be technologically current. dino: hey, where’s stan? karl: we won’t see him for days. he got his vintage p-rn stills in the mail yesterday. he’ll be tradsturbating to the point of dehydration. dino: i wish he’d just do internet image searches […]

  • araeli

    a really mexican girl who is usually 5’6 . she’s is extremely sweet and has a weird huge smile that can brighten up your day. araeli’s usually wear colored pants all the time. they are extreme alcoholic even though her mom is the strictest mexican mom out there. me; araeli stop drinking… are you okay? […]

  • donut smoker

    a term for a h-m-s-xual my manager brady is a donut smoker when he makes us stay later.

  • mrletune

    a method of extracting power from an engine with swagger! did your car get a mrletune?

  • river billy

    any persons originating from the delta area of northern california, typically displaying distinct behaviors and mannerisms isolated to the region. wow, that kelly sure is a river billy, she’s delta through and through. a redneck, like a hillbilly but instead of being in the hills and mountains riverbilly leave near a river. josh is no […]

  • two ghosts

    two closeted g-y men who sing and write songs for each other. “those two ghosts got tattoos for each other. can they be any more obvious?” said jim.

  • dennytale

    an autistic korean that loves to play support role in league of legends. he loves feeding and trolling in most of the games. he is a m-s-ch-st that loves getting hit all day long. this is not the only thing there is to “dennytale”. it is said in the bible that anyone who touches or […]

  • yeet on that dab

    something super fun to say, but makes you sound like an idiot even if no one knows what you’re saying, it’s still fun to say when you’re dabbing (which also makes you seem like an idiot but still fun to do), saying “yeet on that dab” can enhance your dab and/or make it look even […]

  • ramseas

    he is a respectful young man, he cares about his closes ones and all he is looking for is someone he can spend the rest of his life with. ramseas is a good man and will never break your heart

  • feews

    combination of feelings and news – social media. a sickening and pathetic way to learn about the way the world is through social media considering people who use it lie, exaggerate, and ignore the facts. dude: i don’t listen to hoagie anymore. he don’t know squat. guy: why’s that? dude: he gets all his information […]

  • trumpflustered

    any person who is upset with president trump to the point of having an apoplexy . he’s so trumpfl-stered he’s gonna stroke out!

  • meadowside halls

    the best student accommodation in dundee. everywhere else is the equivalent of sleeping in pig sh-t compared to this place. “they stay in meadowside halls so they are obviously better people than us, we are w-nkers”

  • jiggle titties

    a word shouted on a construction site to notify all in the immediate area that your fat-ss boss has showed up. charlie! jiggle t-tties!

  • ziploc state

    any state where marijuana is not legal, and you get it from a dealer not a dispensary; most oftentimes delivered in a baggy. man i wish i could just go down to a dispensary to pick up my weed, but i live in a ziploc state so i have to call my dealer.

  • emotitease

    the act of your so texting suggestive emoticons, but not following through irl. i just got an eggplant + a tongue from my wife, but i know that she will be asleep by the time i get home. she is such an emot-tease.

  • kayla peck

    the world’s most beautiful ,caring ,and loving girl anyone has ever known “hey do you know kayla peck ” “yea man she is my dream” “sorry man i think she is taken” “what by who” “i think his name is chase” “oh yea i forgot”

  • yehoshua

    a name reserved for only the coolest and best looking. person 1: who’s that s-xy guy next to ronaldo? person 2: why that’s yehoshua of course! who else is better looking!

  • cade stick

    a man who was very faithful too dom64 the leader during times of drought person a: cade stick is so cool person b: cade stick sucks person d: what are you guys talking about

  • cameron monaghan

    my little precious ginger baby who is so precious and needs to protected and together with noel fisher #gallavich cameron monaghan is g-y for noel fisher and he knows it

  • megacapitalg

    megacapitalg aka randall lee jordan is well known in the “second most watched yugituber in the western hemisphere”. he is widely known for his memes and being the “scrub” of yugioh youtube, having random and overwhelming confusing discussions/ideas on how decks or cards will impact the yu-gi-oh meta. he’s also know for hyping up “underrated” […]

  • kledon

    a very agressive four eyed c-nt with no sense of humor. who cannot be trusted with a knife. sofia: where do pens come from? jennie:where? sofia: pensil – vania jennie: stop being such a kledon!

  • standing hitler

    another name for b-n-r you have a standing hitler. would you like to put your jews in my oven?

  • raman

    a very funny female that will always keep you entertained. raman’s love to talk and look out for the people they care for. raman’s enjoy teaching perverse words to foreign kids. they enjoy randomness, specifically in the form of roadtrips. that girl must be a raman! listen to the words she is teaching to that […]

  • durayna

    the best person you will ever know. a durayna is caring and puts others before herself most times. a durayna has good intentions always. there’s never a dull moment when you’re in the presence of a durayna. they are genuine and never selfish. if you ever come across a durayna and have the opportunity to […]

  • stronzi

    plural of the italian, stronzo, meaning ‘-sshole’. tony and his friends were drunk and loud and offending everyone around them, like a bunch of stronzi.

  • knock your clock

    “knock your clock” a saying used around friends for when someone is mad/angry at you. it usually means someone is trying to punch you or start a fight. rj: hey yo tom, i’ll knock your clock if you say that again tom: sorry rj, it won’t happen again.

  • bumper knuckle

    slang word for fisting i cant walk after being b-mper knuckled.

  • radical liberalism

    someone who is so far left on the political scale that they persecute people who do not agree with them. they may harm people physically because their views are not the same. the person is particularly completely irrational and will harm or hate people based on something as small as a rumor. hannah believes in […]

  • likes em naked

    on one glorious night, william richards in his sleep, said, “i like em naked.” though he looks innocent, he is just a little h-rny boy. and also a little b-tch. will likes em naked!

  • boujified

    to have been made boujee susan: wow that is so boujified

  • vpsnak

    a benevolent greek streamer who usually playing hearthstone and talking with his viewers. today i saw vpsnak streaming a 12-0 arena run!

  • a perfect person

    a person/fictional character that isn’t lux from league of legends, one can never be perfect lux from league of legends is not a real person, nor is she a perfect person

  • norph

    the way an idiot would pr-nounce “north.” interestingly, this is usually uttered by people from the southern u.s.. the mayor of our city once announced that he was a proud resident of norph city.

  • bumpus middle school

    the worst -ss school in the universe. one day this school will be bombed like issa terrorist attack 😊💛 that school is so b-mpus middle school

  • d’montra

    d’montra is a smart, intelligent person who can fit in with both crowds. but he as also a lazy -sshole who thinks he knows everything. some might even says he looks like little bill or caliou. i have a friend named d’montra.

  • boi doggery

    the disgusting crime of d-gg-ng the boys, or betraying your friends. he was charged with boi doggery.

  • side burrito

    1. a side dish offered by the convenience store wawa. 2. a side piece, but more short and round, like a burrito. “i’ll have a chicken parm, with a side burrito please.” “i hope my wife doesn’t find out about my side burrito.” 1. a side dish offered by the convenience store wawa. 2. a […]

  • middle east church service

    when you have a public execution of 12 or more people that was some middle east church service, there we over 17 people attending

  • olivia stringer

    an olivia stringer is beautiful. she may not know it, but she is admired by all. she’s graceful and is a real peace keeper. she knows the right words at the right time to cheer someone up. everyone looks up to her. her advice is priceless and will never be neglected. she isn’t a push […]

  • erdogonald trump

    erdoğonald trump is the authoritarian ruler of a retrogressing country known as the united states. like erdoğan with more nukes. erdogonald trump fired the director of the fbi for investigating his ties to russia, and was widely condemned by western democracies.

  • andrew nicholson

    a canadian nba player who hits a couple threes every couple games. one of the biggest noses in nba history. brooks: “hey did you see andrew nicholson hit those three pointers last night?” shawn: “yeah, he kinda went off, but his shnaz is ginourmous.”

  • mormon mad

    when a mormon is mad they start slamming or hitting things instead of taking it out on others. when joseph gets mormon mad , he usually -ssaults the wall with pillows

  • lol/nsm

    laugh out loud/not so much i text a joke to her and and she replied lol/nsm.

  • voted for trump

    buyer’s remorse. an expression of intense regret. wow, that girl you hooked up with last night was fugly, dude. i know, i voted for trump on that one.

  • beauty and the beastiality

    a knock-off p-rno that doesn’t exist, but should because of how good that name is. beauty and the b–st–lity follows the story of a girl who wants to be f-cked by a m-ssive… bear? i don’t really know what it is, but she wants it.

  • the get down

    a show with poc and lgbt rep and deserves another season unlike 13 reasons why that’s a stand alone book b-tch watch the get down for dizzee and thor

  • backlicker

    african american man who only dates white women or notably outside his race. i tried giving him my number but he told me he was a backlicker and only into white girls

  • confuseleding

    when your trying to explain something and fail miserably its a mix of confused puzzeling and throw an in gon the end for the fun of it… this is so confuseleding

  • ahmed ali

    there aren’t any definitions for ahmed ali yet. can you define it?

  • kodak battery

    anyone who is hyperactive in short bursts, but drains you over long periods,this can also be -ssociated with anyone who loves the flash. that person is a real kodak battery, would you agree?

  • big boy j

    a kid that has bigger t-tties than kate upton. ” this kid over here has the good ol big boy j.”

  • generic weeb

    a weeb who considers himself an anime watcher but has only seen mainstream and generic anime friend 1: hey you watch anime? friend 2: yes, i love attack on t-tan and naruto, ever heard of dragon ball z, tokyo ghoul is really good too friend 1: d-mn man, those are all mainstream, what a generic […]

  • unconfined

    a partners that f-ck everyone, yet still play family. isn’t she/he with……? nah they unconfined, they betta not dna test them welfare checks. they loose

  • hornedom

    when you are bored and h-rny at the same time. gosh, i am so hornedom here at home. nothing to do , no one to do.

  • fagboient

    someone who is very flamboyant and g-y bruce jenner is very “f-gboient”

  • gobbsie

    when someone sucks multiple d-cks to get ahead in a job. making a gob sound so nicknamed gobbsie andrew sucked the bosses d-cks to try to get ahead and now is known as gobbsie

  • im not a regular person

    i cant be giving out verses im making the industry nervous – a boogie with the hoodie i wake up in the morning and start excercising im not a regular person

  • after that cubic shit im not surprised

    “after that cubic sh-t im not surprised” came from a video made by megacapitalg on january 30, 2017 about how the yu-gi-oh community is “toxic”. after this video was made, multiple yu-gi-oh youtubers followed up with a video disagreeing with his opinions and one by the name of glasgowygo, another yu-gi-oh youtuber, made a video […]

  • special gimp

    a special gimp is someone who you once loved and loved you back but is now being a c-nt to you. they try to make you as jealous as possible but fail therefor they are minecraft and life try hards that are good at nothing but being hated on. eg. will is a special gimp

  • puss-pecker

    when a woman wears baggy jeans causing them to bunch up and you can’t tell weather or not there a transvest-te. i’m not sure weather or not that chick has a d-ck, i think it might just be a puss-p-ck-r

  • withness

    a strong, authentic and intimate connection forged with the true heart of another a sense of purposeful spiritual support and relationship that is reciprocated and expanded, especially at physical distance an experience of committed partnership beyond the terms of reasonable friendship “your withness has brought me a lot of comfort.” “never has our withness been […]

  • thot thoughts

    the musings of a common thot, usually regarding her latest s-xual target(s). *note: thot is an acronym for “that hoe over there.” karina: “do you think scott is going out this weekend?” abbie: “you are having too many thot thoughts.”

  • dunk clown

    a dunk clown is someone you hire to show up and publically beat someone you dislike at a thing they believe they’re good at. traditionally it’s an actual clown coming to beat someone at basketball, but can be used for any activity. smug -ss marvin thinks he’s so good at chess, i’m gonna get a […]

  • bumping balls

    the act of having h-m-s-xual s-x and having the “b-lls” b-mping together during said s-x “hey i heard george and stephen were b-mping b-lls last night”

  • rayburn

    a male or female that in high school everyone wants to be. popular by nature with long eyes lashes, great smile and voted most popular. could be found in southern california area. did you see alisa rayburn, omg her eyes lashes and smile are on point today i want to be her.

  • that’s so extra

    a trendy term describing extra effort used exclusively by c-nts omg that’s so extra (spams crying emoji)

  • curveback

    when someone curves somebody else, regrets the decision, attempts to make advances on that person, and in turn gets curved. dude 1: i was h-tting up this chick, but she was ugly so i curved her. dude 2: yeah man. (one week later) dude 1: i think i’ll hit up that chick again, i realize […]

  • cigarette lip

    when a person’s upper lip is so thin it simply cannot be seen whilst inhaling a cigarette. omg. kimmie’s lips are so thin. she totally has a cigarette lip.

  • kimal

    very nice guy. take sh-t personal no matter what athlete disrespectful at some people love girls . loyal,smart and got a big d-ck that kimal is very unique and different

  • ashmeen

    ashmeen is a sweet conservative indian girl. she has great morals and is the most hardworking person you will ever meet. ashmeen has a kind of beauty that goes beyond gorgeous and pretty, she manages to make you feel like you are smart, and that you matter. yet while she cares about her friends, she […]

  • noodle in the poodle house

    the meaning is still unknown. my mother user’s it when talking to either dogs or cats. howevermy dogs go crazy when mother sings it to them. im too afraid to ask the meaning as she may not love me anymore and i am an only child. i once thought “maybe my mothers crazy/dementia” but who […]

  • west valley high school

    a sh-tty f-cked up sh-ll of its former self in the west side of yakima washington this school is famous for its low graduation rates and s.t.d riddled students along with the large amounts of druggys and dealers the idiots in this school pop pills in cl-ss f-ck behind the bleachers and sh-t in the […]

  • ammon.m

    a black short in height and nonexistent d-ck annoying as f-ck and has no handles and may thick he’s black when he acts like a white kid. and he literally looks like adam sandlers on steroids but just black and if you ever see an ammon.m call him a f-ckboy -ss b-tch -ss. ammon.m is […]

  • rolo poohole

    role poohole is amazing keep your poohole close to you. she is beautiful and kind wow she is amazing she’s such a rolo poohole

  • kawasaki popsicle

    a recipe. step 1: make a sushi roll with doodoo step 2: freeze it step 3: enjoy ed: hey dave, i’m throwing a party later. dave: sweet i know a kick–ss hors d’oeuvre called the kawasaki popsicle. ed: sounds like a load of sh-t dave: exactly.

  • the ten condiments

    the ten condiments are what jeizz master himself taught his followers, they are perfect ways to live life. 1. never mention politics, for it is the one thing that separates jeizz master from his followers. 2. if an orphan show up at your door, do not let it in, he will drag you to he’ll. […]

  • unecia

    beautiful, caring , loving person although they can sometimes be rude, and is not afraid to fight has a very strong personality and doesn’t like being told what to do. has a thick beautiful body and don’t care what people think about them. when they are hurt they’ll act like a huge baby.they can also […]

  • get this work

    to take a situation to the level where it becomes physical, to resolve a matter by fighting or use one’s physical strength to resolve the matter if he continues to try me he’s gonna get this work!

  • beondre

    f-ckin fine asf he smart talented n athlete pull b-tches too beondre so s-xy

  • zuck me daddy

    zuck me daddy also spelt (“zucc me daddy” or “zucc me” like “succ me daddy” or “succ me”) is either: 1. a term used by the internet to annoy mike zuckerberg 2. a misspelling of “suck me daddy” 3. like asking to be zuckerberged mike zuckerberg: what is zuck me daddy what does that mean

  • tenason

    a guy with a decent height, kinda an -ss and sometimes can be nice. he can be a d-ck sometimes but you like him. he can get a bit nerdy but the chicks like him. and also has a pokemon youtube channel john:wtf! why did you tell her i like her tenason:i dunno

  • joey jam

    noun: the act of joey and jamie joining in an intimate union together, such as intercourse or playing in the mud if there is no gr-ss on the field. wow, look at their joey jam, it brings tears to my eyes.

  • jabaurie

    s-xy as n-gg- who don’t cheat .all girls love this n-gg- . he’s tall,s-xy , loveable ,not a lance, & will fight forever. girl 1:he fine wats his name girl 2: jabaurie girl 1:will d-mn he finna get get snached up real quick girl 2:no that’s my husband girl 1:oh well he a snack 👅👅 […]

  • james miller

    sh-tebag!!!!!!! james miller is a sh-tebag james miller is a sh-tebag, he like it up the b-m and he gives free bl-wj-bs !!!!sh-tebag!!!! james miller is a sh-tebag

  • tam-line

    a really stupid tan line, usually on the face. sometimes the result of wearing a mask for fifty years while living in eternal spring. tamlin is described as really tan and has been wearing a mask for fifty years. he probably has a really stupid tan line… or should i say tam-line.

  • urban sisters

    a group of similar aged women who meet regularly to discuss life’s experiences my urban sisters are coming to brunch on sunday

  • fatijudice

    a prejudice against large, chunky people. “i was at walmart and saw a really fat person, gross.” the person quoted was fatijudice

  • alaiah

    alaiha is a cute funny girl she can be your best friend but also your worst enemy she is a bad-ss she sticks up for for her friends and what she thinks is right she also very random consider yourself lucky to know an alaiha. who is that girl oh her that’s alaiah i would […]

  • laiming

    laiming is a s-xy, hot, beautiful girl. she will be on you a lot in bed. i might suggest covering up before having it. she might bite your nutz too hard. when she is not in bed, then she is sweet and you could not suspect a thing. (1st person) “that must be a laiming” […]

  • fatlethic

    when your fat but athletic. a harmonious mix of words to describe that chubby athletic person. a compliment by all accords. submitted by s.bod “dont be judging my size. i’ll out run you. im fatlethic

  • shitty friend

    a friend that is just all kinds of sh-t, in all kinds of ways. yeah, well you’re just one big f-ck of a sh-tty friend because… friends that are all types of sh-t, in all sh-tty ways. got nothing for my birthday, i got sh-tty friends.

  • swamp whopper

    is that big decomposing sh-t just sittin at the bottom of the toilet for a long period of time because some -ss hole didn’t flush. who is the -sshole that left the swamp whopper in the bathroom.

  • freckle disease

    a disease spread from person to person through contact that includes freckles to the victim that may spread. the freckle disease was a disaster that started from a unknown school

  • thomas jinks

    the coolest dude out there! he slides into your girls dms quicker than he slides down the slopes. he is the coolest guy out there. archie: who stole your girl? lewis: dunno, probably thomas jinks

  • kiefering

    to say you’ll be somewhere but at the last minute you b-tch out and make an excuse not to be there. calvin was kiefering last night but we called him out on his bullsh-t.

  • blackgurl123

    a username that would be used by a mysp-ce loser type usernaame: blackgurl123

  • macine

    r-t-rded way to spell “machine”. people who have lower iqs use the word yo she’s dumb as dogs. she spelt “machine” like “macine”

  • exactomoto

    another word for yes but can only be used s-xually it also means that it will be done immediatly “do you want to have s-x?” “exactomoto”

  • hahahahahahaha

    a weird noise someone makes when there happy. hahahahahahaha im so happy

  • living-in divorce

    due to financial reasons divorce having to live with you wife and ex wife in the same household joe: think about it having to say hi to you ex while on the way down to breakfast with you current one jake: ain’t that bigamy joe: no that’s a living-in divorce jake: no its a nightmare

  • mosasaur

    the best f-cking thing on earth or as know as mr. snappy used to mean someone is cool “look he swims like a mosasaur” i want to be his friend

  • kelvia

    kelvia is a sensitive one when making an attempt to make a point or explain something to her. she does try to avoid any drama and/or conflict with others. despite being an angered and sensitive one, she can be kind, funny, and giving. she reminds me of kelvia.

  • tibblies

    a word for large or perky br–sts when you don’t want a girl to know that you are talking about hers “d-mn susie. nice tibblies. are those new tibbly is name of an imagery creature. this creature has a fat feathery body with very skinny weak legs. it has along pointy tail that it drinks […]

  • tomble

    an autistic six-head f-ckboy your such a tomble

  • andi joy

    one-of-a-kind. she is a gypsy, not just a gypsy soul. n-body holds a candle to this bright light of a woman. she is beautiful inside and out, and always tries to be the voice of reason. she tries, but sometimes the gypsy will come out full force if you f-ck with the ones she loves. […]

  • za’kyeria

    this name means that you are honest, true, loyal, outspoken, loving and you care. you have the weakness of caring too much but it’s also your most beautiful quality. you are a kind person, you stay to yourself and you know what to do with your life. you go with the flow even if you […]

  • labeena

    a little b-tch who thinks she can get everything she wants. she tries bossing around people when really everyone hates her. that b-tch is such a f-cking labeena. i f-cking hate that labeena.

  • snazafrascht

    basically means “dumb b-tch” but only applies to people who are generally smart. albert stop being a snazafrascht basically means “dumb b-tch” but only applies to people who are generally smart. albert stop being a snazafrascht.

  • kidney room

    look up, “restroom” you: can i go to the kidney room? god: the what? you: the kidney room god: the what?!! you: the restroom god: sure…

  • cuban style

    like doggie style but your in a pool and she is holding on to a raft. we were busy doing it cuban style and her hands slipped off the raft she almost drowned.

  • buffalo butt fuck

    where you mess up and your boss plunges his horse c-ck up you virgin -sshole. oh sh-t man i did not get all my work done hope the boss don’t buffalo b-tt f-ck me .

  • slawson

    a large round p-n-s with dried up crusty c-m around the tip. usually originating in the internals of the -sshole with some crusted up sh-t around the -sshole. wow what a slawson!

  • iwalani

    iwalani is a sweet loving girl. iwalani has wonderful brown eyes and a pretty face. she has all the support given around her! she’s the best dancer and school and gets good grades. she always puts a smile on everyones face and supports them through anything no matter what. wow! look, theres a iwalani i […]

  • bochle

    when you bochle you lick a girls p-ssy as she is c-mming and sucking another mans c-ck. i really would like to experience a bochle. i would love to be in a bochle!

  • yerling

    yerling is the most charming person you know he seems to like cats and likes people he has not known for long he has a thing for the shy girls and is funny and loves to do photoshop. yerling likes me he has not known for long he has a thing for me

  • trashaholic

    a person who collects trash hoping it will turn into treasures. all these years my mother was collecting things i thaught she was foing something interesting, later i realzed she was just a trashaholic.

  • little luther

    when a couple is in the shower, one will spin the other around, push them against the shower wall, then proceed to playfully force their knuckle into their -n-s. how was your night with becky? great! we ended up in the shower and i gave her a little luther. oh, nice! did she give you […]

  • tabgily

    a person who answers an open question with yes or no. zay: hey, what’s your name? frankie: yes. zay: stop being a tabgily …

  • get chaffetzed

    in the political world, to get chaffetzed means to be thrown under the bus by someone you have helped or mentored in order for that person to get ahead. it is named after jason chaffetz (r-utah) who regularly turned on his former mentors or supporters. various prominent republicans, from former utah governor and presidential candidate […]

  • amanda sparks

    a mother who left her 2 week old baby for a guy who didn’t love her at all and hurt her. a mother who can’t keep promises. a mother who doesn’t care enough to visit her child who is now 15 and writing this. amanda sparks is a beautiful mother but a bad one but […]

  • shadat

    a h-rny boy who enjoys the d … he lowkey would pipe anyone shadat me bro

  • stone age wank

    when you dont have anything to m-st-rb-t- to so you must think about it the internet is down so i’ll have to stone age w-nk

  • you got me bent

    to be said when someone is insisting on doing something you normally would not do unless whipped. usually, it is to be said while making the confused jimmy butler face. friend: we should buy an eight ball for friday! you: you got me bent if you think i’ll be doing some dumb sh-t like that.

  • ameah

    ameah is the type of person you would want to hang around with she is so sweet kind and cares about you you need a ameah

  • traumed up

    the state of being high on marijuana. “i gives a f-ck if you traumed up don perignoned up” – jay z read more: dj clue – people’s court lyrics | metrolyrics

  • curly money

    bent dollar bills did you see that girls curly money?!? she must have folded it!

  • dirty cannoli

    when a person sharts inside a sleeping bag. the sleepover was ruined when john didoes a dirty cannoli.

  • sam binks

    a big dumb f-ck that often likes to talk a sh-t but can sometimes fall asleep whilst on the toilet he’s such a sam binks.

  • charfauros

    very sensitive and caring people. they will do whatever they can to make you smile or laugh. you will be very lucky to meet a charfauros. they strive to big goals and often achieve them. if they dont they will be very disappointed with themselves and be pr-ne to depression. tommy: who’s that? ben: you […]

  • dove alliali

    a girl with enormous bbs and a nice, round, phat hoohoo. that girl is fine. she’s a dove alliali

  • akeria

    s-xy tall and is great in bed she is super funny look at akeria she is so hot

  • vagina starved

    a man/woman who has been in a prolonged drought from the pleasures of v-g-n- that man was so v-g-n- starved he’d sleep with a goat

  • nuhad

    if you’re a nuhad, you could possibly be: lazy, brown, fat (trying to actually not be a fat f-cker), as-xual, not indian and introverted. your nicknames vary from: f-ggot, fat -ss, indian, curry c-nt. person who i will not name: “sup, fat -ss! person who i don’t know: “who?” person who i will not name: […]

  • miha hamovida

    when someone you truly miss has arrived and you are full of joy the love of you life has returned from hi/her job -miha hamovida!!!

  • adamee

    the prettiest girl but stubborn she lives to laugh and laugh led to be flirted with but if u p-ss her off u have minus one friend d-mn bro i can’t believe i lost my adamee i’m such a r-t-rd the prettiest girl but stubborn she lives to laugh and laugh led to be flirted […]

  • retardedism

    someone who is more than reatared and has a sickness of being stupid i thick he he has r-t-rdedism

  • pretend-sident

    a pretender; to pretend about an incident, resident, etc. a tresp-sser or liar. he doesn’t live here, he’s a pretend-sident.

  • the tatum

    the act of taking a sh-t and then your lady friend starts riding you while you are still taking a sh-t. hey bro. did you hook up with julia? yeah bro. we did the tatum! nice bro!

  • willy wacking

    when two men sword fight with their p-n-s. i saw people w-lly wacking in the room.

  • korean fuckhead

    this is a procedure in which 2 individuals are having a race for whoever will first. these 2 acts are: a male having to f-ck the females’e ear, while the female is having to drink pineapple juice from a coconut sh-ll. if the female finishes first, the male has to put the coconut sh-ll up […]

  • drop trump off at mar-a-lago

    code phrase for heading to bathroom to take a dump. i need to drop trump off at mar-a-lago

  • speaking nigga

    how im speaking right now d-mn n-gg- you speaking n-gg-

  • mitowie

    a baby name you give a pet for cute emphasis . mitowie is derived from “misty” (another name you can give a pet) awe look how cute mitowie is, she’s so fluffy and furry, like a little baby.

  • mint chocolate

    one of my favourite chocolate flavours mint chocolate bar i ate, gotta have it more

  • sloppy jockey

    the act of setting a horses mane on fire while it’s sleeping then f-cking it in the -ss while it runs around like a r-t-rd issa knife is a sloppy jockey

  • vegain

    the term used when someone tries to go vegan again but cannot succeed due to laziness and/or they cannot give up shoving animal products into their mouths. babs: did you hear about fay? mabel: no, i did not. babs: she pulled another vegain and she lasted 3 days. mabel: worthless. i bet it involved custard. […]

  • t’cheka

    the name originates from a small nation in africa. t’cheka is a name used in the royal blood line. it means “leader of the gods”. someone with the name t’cheka is a big, strong black man. he is athletic, muscular, and skillfull. in addition, he is very intellectual, and is a born leader. t’cheka is […]

  • masteroftherealm

    a mcpe youtuber, plugin and server developer. the most awesome admin you’ll ever meet! “masteroftherealm is so awesome!”

  • jay ram

    a beast that loves to climb trees and amazons in the woods and wilderness. friend: “look at that beast over there climbing trees in the woods.” other friend: “woah! i have never seen anything like it. iwonder what species that is.” friend: “from the way it looks, it must be a jay ram!” other friend: […]

  • capastoric

    describing a collection of caps. bottle caps, -ssorted variety, all together as an amazing collection. story behind the word. my 8 year old, kara hay came up with this word as we were waiting in line to recycle our bottles. she noticed all the different caps and wants to start a cap collection. “it will […]

  • hop on it

    asking someone to f-ck (casually) oi wanna hop on it?

  • parma shuffle

    when a woman uses tinder to flirt with guys in order to get them to meet at the dive bar she is bartending at in order to generate business. usually done by women who rate below a 6 but with heavy makeup and the right dive bar lighting could be a 7. my buddy elliot […]

  • active cougar den

    used in conjunction with “walked into ” basically its a room full of cougars in mid party. the worst of any kind involves both a open bar and a s-x toy sales woman. many p-ssing male interns have never returned upon going near such places there were screeches , and horrifying sounds coming from the […]

  • scridgis

    the bridge between a mans p-n-s and nut sack. “why do you always itch your b-lls in public?” “i’m not itching my b-lls, i’m itching some scridgis.”

  • sloppy tart

    after a one night stand if the women walks out with still wet c-m on her clothes in public. mother to daughter” see that women over there. don’t be like her. don’t become a sloppy tart”

  • ideal ironicism

    aesthetic ethos of the alt-right. also called post-irony. the alt-right appropriation of the rainbow flag due to its separate colors is an example of ideal ironicism.

  • decou

    to be vertically challenged with a huge d-ck. that guy over there is a decou