• douche and a half

    someone who exceeds the limits of being a normal douche, a douchebag, or even a douche canoe. 1 douche and a half = 50 douche canoes. inspired by the m35 2-1/2 ton military cargo truck (“deuce and a half”). person 1: what’s with the parade of douche and a halfs? person 2: they want to […]

  • new super mario bros.

    the same game over and over again only they add new sh*t and its f*cking r*t*rded. the cover art is always the same render and you pay 60 dollars for it. bullsh*t. hey did you buy the new super mario bros. game? no because its not new anymore its the same sh*t

  • pissfork

    another insult for someone who is a d*ckhead gavin: hey, did you see what that absolute p*ssfork did the other night?

  • amirica

    amirica means a girl who gets a lot of boys and is very intelligent, confused, beautiful ,premature, is kind , have a very bad att*tude when p*ssed look at that s*xy girl amirica!

  • taliban math

    certain math topics that school girls are not allowed to study, as religious ultras are not keen to have women who can think critically and become financially independent. in a number of muslim-majority countries, taliban math is preventing tens of thousands of school girls and young women from securing a formal education, as they’re often […]

  • tireding

    it’s when you are tired and stressed out. also known as tireding today was a tireding day.

  • third down brown

    penetrating someone twice in the v*g*n* followed by a sudden switch to the *ss (then usually shouting touchdown) dude, i totally gave her a third down brown last night

  • taco purse

    v*g*n* during the strip search, a handgun was found in her taco purse.

  • gymnitis

    people who are allergic to the gym. oh, i won’t be able to make it today i think i have gymnitis

  • legal jazz hands

    when a plaintiff doesn’t have a good case, acts panicky, and freaks out for lack of any other option by filing a frivolous lawsuit, hoping to whoop up public sympathy. “if they’d had a case, they would’ve filed for an injunction. instead, they went all legal jazz hands with a frivolous lawsuit they’ll never win.”

  • thiyagan

    a pimp-*ss son of a b*tch who is so much nicer than he thinks he is. this bruh just deserves the world. person 1: i’m so cool person 2: no bruh, not as cool as thiyagan

  • iwftsooyiylm

    “i would f*ck the sh*t out of you if you let me.” girl you are so fine, iwftsooyiylm!

  • bobby cao

    a person who needs to learn how to be nice. don’t be a bobby cao.

  • god of pretties

    a man that is so unbelievably handsome that all of the other pretty people in the world are nothing in comparison. look at the pic j just sent me, he’s the hottest thing i’ve ever seen. he is 100% the god of pretties

  • freewynd

    causes all of the problems in the world quote: why is server down again, wither? wither: #blamefreewynd

  • phase 5 meltdown

    the highest attainable level of detachment from mental stability, and social awareness, usually marked by intense fits of rage, and irrational behaviours everybody better leave before i have a phase 5 meltdown

  • open world

    a term for a game that allows you to explore the entire world and have barely any limits. gta 5 is my favorite open world video game!

  • put me in the roosevelt

    asking for a room in a “nice” hotel (by their standards) for an event, but the hotel is actually not that great, so it just shows you’re trashy. put me in the roosevelt or i’m not coming!

  • vacbed

    amazing device that seals you up in latex sheets. i had fun in vacbed

  • kayrs

    kayrs is the most beautiful girl ever. she’s smart funny and amazing. u text her everyday but she’s not single. she makes u wanna spend u hole life with her. karys is the most beautiful girl ever, she’s dreamy. kayrs means happy.

  • oily tortoise

    the fully erect and lubed up genitalia of a male over the age of 60. gavin: “margret you ready, i’ve already got an oily tortoise”

  • here i come i am cinnamon

    a meme. 200 pound 6’5 athletic monster, whose skills were demo’d in his video when he completely destroyed a camera. “hey, did you see that one video?” “oh yeah, here i come i am cinnamon”

  • digitally acquainted

    social media term for interacting with someone on a friend level that you have only known through their social media interactions. the interaction occurs only because they are friends or relations of someone you have met physically or someone you met online through a game or other outlet but with whom there is two way […]

  • it’s only temporary

    a statement that 99.99% guarantees that a suddenly-foisted-upon-you undesirable situation/stipulation will be absolutely permanent, or at best will last for many months or even years. alternative versions or “cl*ssic” variations include, “it’s just till we get back on our feet” or “it’s only till the third of next month”, but we all know that things […]

  • the bullis school

    a cr*p school. you pay 30 grand for tuition and you don’t even get a good education. she goes to the bullis school

  • toony boony

    when you fart while watching cartoons and get a b*n*r or h*rny. delbert just had a toony boony while watching sponge bob.

  • fuck a bitch raw

    not rapping it before you tap it.. if he loves you, he’ll f*ck a b*tch raw.

  • the hentaiden

    korean version of fifty shades of grey with more intense and s*xier “bed” scenes and more thicc korean hawties the handmaiden, more like the hentaiden…

  • dirty sierra

    someone that f*cks a boy hard your a dirty sierra on the bed.

  • tickle the spider

    when them wriggling fingers tickle just right. don’t be a spider tickling virgin. tickle the spider – make him laugh! make him cry with laughter! spiders don’t cry, dumb*ss. they will!

  • njio

    that guy with godly long hair. njio’s hair is so nice.

  • clooty

    when you standing behind a bad *ss chicky and her p*ssy is so fat you can see it from behind, but it blends with the booty. may resemble a hot dog bun. ” d*mn, check out that clooty!” that’s a fat p*ssy, sh*t looks like a bun

  • penguins chuff

    a penguins v*g*n* you stink like a penguins chuff, take a bath!

  • upsidedown butt chug

    after b*tt chugging a beer, your remove the funnel, put it in a friends mouth and they chug the beer out of your *ss. “yo man, can you believe blake just upsidedown b*tt chugged that from averys *ss” upsidedown b*tt chug

  • thattacocristian

    a random *ss mexican who cant stop using his accent in his podcast, but can in his videos. he makes remixes, and mash-ups. no one, but his friends, knows what he looks like. if thattacocristian is taco, how come his profile picture doesn’t have one

  • canon t2i

    one of the top sh*ttiest cameras of the 21st century. the camera is so d*mn heavier than the t3i. boy: yo usher, i got the canon t2i boy #2: the t2i is f*cking r*t*rded n*gg*. boy: wtf do u mean bro? boy #2: ive got da t3i my n*gg*.

  • nasty smut

    nasty sm*t : a girl who f*cks everything and anything and just looks gross and easy ashely is such a nasty sm*t she f*cked the whole gang

  • colundjulism

    1) an idiom or metaphor either completely fabricated or derived from another, has no real meaning and is mostly used to confuse people in long winded or undesired conversations for amus*m*nt. 2) a word either derived from another word or completely fabricated to suit the context of a situation. “i like to make up my […]

  • well’d

    when the girl you like changes the caption of the pic of you together to “well” talia~*changes caption to well* caleb~ f*ck i just got well’d

  • sackaholic

    a sl*tty girl who only will settle with sucking the guys b*lls. she is a sackoholic. “aili you are such a sackoholic!!! not my b*lls again!” “oliver, im not a sackaholic! i just have a scr*t*m fetish!”

  • gubment name

    the official name that appears on your government-issued identification. not your street name, nickname, or gang name question “who shot pookey?” answer “i don’t know his gubment name, but on the skreets they call him “dae dae”

  • alexander hall

    a s*xy *ss n*gg* from around the block an will f*ck yo b*tch if you ain’t with her that n*gg* alexander hall will f*ck yo b*tch

  • scooted

    getting turned up let’s get scooted tonight

  • sgt castro

    a black hearted soulless sgt of marines who will stick his foot so far up your *ss, his toe nails tickle your tonsils. the mere whisper of his name invokes fear in even the most battle hardened of staff nco’s. he is one h*ll of a hard charging pipe layer. rah devil. “did he just […]

  • sharymar

    intuitive mystical being, with powerful eyes that if stared long enough will look into your soul. i looked at sharymar’s eyes and i was hypnotized .

  • cucumber water

    there aren’t any definitions for cuc*mber water yet. can you define it?

  • weeamo

    when someone is both an emo and a weeaboo at the same time. look at that lil f*ggot, cutting his wrists and watching yuri on ice at the same time. he must be a weeamo.

  • conjulate

    consummation and conversation intertwined. we spent our mornings conjulating…. man, its deeper than that fam – we don’ just consummate and conversate – we conjulate!

  • penis peaker

    the act of gutting and disemboweling a dead hooker then f*cking her so you can see your p*n*s peaking out from her insides my c*ck looksmuch bigger from the inside. my p*n*s peaker is awesome

  • packing dacks

    v. sh*tting ones pants. australian slang. commonly used to describe a state of immense terror, said terror either figuratively or literally leading one to involuntarily empty ones bowels directly into whatever trousers one may be currently wearing. experienced by most persons at some unfortunate moment in life, this temporary affliction can be both hilarious and […]

  • duphelnator

    a duphelnator is a person who is 1 part procrastinator and 2 parta failure i sent my cousin to pay power bill but that duphelnator only paid half . now my power is disconnected.

  • youtube bating

    the act of masturbating to some random *ss youtube video; mosty done while casually masturbating or out of boredom *thomas jerking off while on youtube * carl: thomas what are you doing jerking off to a makeup tutorial? thomas: oh i’m just youtube bating.

  • gang burrito

    a very bad mexican p*rno we went to jessica house and she got a gang burrito

  • buttercon

    mother f*cking b*tter in a connecter i like b*ttercon

  • katchya

    katchya dumb but still stealing your man she likes to eat her own spots and putting others down she has brown short hair and blue eyes and loves the word soloviy wow your the katchya to my soloviy

  • snaoplo

    a common way of saying snowplow i’m from chicago, yo i got the snaoplo.

  • panda math

    when a guy and a gal fail to figure out how to approach a math problem. johnny and rachel had been indulging in panda math for the past week, without any clues how best to go about solving the problem.

  • lucy howley

    a red-headed b*tch out to get you. she is quite the wh*r* and sl*t and will do anything to steal your boyfriend, and your soul (seeing as she is a ginger). omg that lucy howley! why can’t she just close her legs already!!!???

  • amaël

    someone who will always want to be rough and rebellious but is a big softie on the inside amaël is so rebellious but he helped me with my homework earlier

  • excel master

    “just like mozart mastered the piano to make beautiful music, an excel master mastered excel to make beautiful spreadsheets.” -jh an excel master makes a layman’s excel spreadsheet look like a paper towel after cleaning up a pizza party gone to the dogs. typically, excel masters hold their former excel spreadsheets dear to their heart. […]

  • red drop shawty

    lil peeps off some crazy drugs again making amazing music fall in love with a stripper in the club, i got demons in my mud, red drop shawty cuz i dont give a f*ck

  • vehickle

    a truck/car owned by a red neck. bubba told jethro to run bring the vehickle out the shed.

  • putinproved

    a fact known to be true because it’s been denied by putin and/or the kremlin. guy1: we know the fsb hacked the elections. guy2: how do we know that? guy1: the kremlin denied it just the other day. guy2: yup. putinproved.

  • slippery ass

    when the guy eats the girls *ss and leaves his saliva in her *ss crack. “god oliver, you gave me slippery *ss again! stop eating my *ss!”

  • max wootten

    a person who looks as if he is half cancerous, h*m*s*xual, and inhales more d*ck than all of the girls v*g*n*s combined. he’s always “too busy” to hang out with girls, but always is willing to wack off with guys. “i like d*ck” – max wootten

  • burka math

    math questions that contain so little information that they look as if there are missing data that need to be provided, before they can be solved. besides those one- or two-line fiendish olympiad math questions, lateral thinking questions or puzzles are another type of burka math, which often puzzle novice problem solvers, who think that […]

  • boo snatched

    when someone (usually a homewrecker/hoe) goes out of their way to try to gain the attention of a member in a (relatively unhealthy) relationship and “sn*tch” him/her from the other member. note: if the member is succsessfully boo sn*tched, they are usually dogs and not worth the other member’s time crissy’s hoe *ss boo sn*tched […]

  • handkapus

    describing the hand of a man who is engaging in foreplay with a woman while reaching down into her pants. the term is descriptive of how his hand imitates the motion of an octopus moving along the sea floor. i heard some rumors of how you you used your handkapus on rita last night.

  • ur-fascism

    first coined by umberto eco, ur-fascism refers to the prototypical ideology that has expressed itself in various movements with different names, from the fascists of italy to the n*z*s of germany to the falangists of spain to the modern-day american “alt-right” and european “ident*tarian” movements. “fascism became an all-purpose term because one can eliminate from […]

  • collected

    when someone makes an unwarranted advance with the intention of taking you home that night. can you believe my friend allie almost got collected tonight? tragic, right?

  • jerky purse

    a v*g*n*. she likes sausage in her jerky purse.

  • she pokes

    when *ss appears big and/or nice in pants d*mn she pokes

  • pizza tweaking

    when you’re waiting for the pizza and keep looking out the window like a tweaker quit pizza tweaking bro it will be here soon.

  • alaskan ballet slipper

    when a p*ssy has giant lips to help keep itself warm i f*cked her last night, she totally has an alaskan ballet slipper

  • manosri

    princess of hearts mano=heart; sri=princess u know she is manosri

  • dylanist

    a person who smokes bacon and hates beef and kebab omg i’m so dylanist i hate kebabs i’m gonna smoke some bacon with my homies

  • bubones

    curves on a women’s body wow, she has amazing bubones

  • terrys chocolate orange

    when a girl wears too much foundation beth your such a terrys chocolate orange

  • drumpfster fire

    the catastrophic immolation of a once great country resulting from the election of a pathological, narcissistically disordered liar (family name drumpf) by a white minority infatuated with fake wealth and wilting status derived from overt and covert subjugation of non-whites. elizabeth almost felt bad for the bonfire enthusiasts who were so disappointed when they suddenly […]

  • nidka

    a n*gg* that takes another n*gg*s p*n*s in the *ss. i heard matt is a nidka. n*gg* that takes d*ck in the *ss i heard john is a nidka.

  • chicken off the bone

    a vulgar description of a fine *ss women. that girl is chicken off the bone.

  • vegeterrarian

    a vegetarian who only eats off the ground i tried to give my friend a salad, but that b*tch threw it on the ground and ate it bc she a vegeterrarian.

  • frajay

    n*ble and loyal companion. frajay is a good dog.

  • buenology

    the study of being brainless, dumb and noob yo! ma n*gg*! u need to study a lot ‘cuz you are buenology

  • teeny tiny

    extremely tiny in size. nothing is smaller , ever. teeny tiny tina was toying with her teeny tiny teen t*tties, when a teeny tiny teen turtle testified that her teeny tiny teen t*tties would terrififically turn even teeny tinier.

  • make holes in people

    a nurse defining part of the job description. (taking blood samples, giving shots, administering i.v., *ssisting in surgery, etc.) “what do you do for a living?” (rn): “i work at the hospital and make holes in people.”

  • witness the litness

    you’re about to experience something amazing! something spectacular! something so lit that your mind will be blown and shattered! witness the litness is basically when a dude thinks everything is “lit” or cool/bad*ss and wants to show the whole world what he has. it can be a trick, a flip, something like video, something inside […]

  • landesman

    best math teacher ever landesman is a god

  • athifa

    the most beautiful girl i’ve ever known. she’s kind and loves to lend her help to anyone no matter what aged it is. she loves to hide her emotion despite how bad the condition is. athifa is smart and talented. she knows how to managed her time very well. athifa is beautiful inside and out.

  • the trigger

    a person who is ill tempered and or get’s angry easily. “look the trigger is laughing at you”

  • comedicly stressful

    this is when some ones humor causes an elephant so suddenly appear in the room. although that doesn’t mean it wasnt funny enough to blow some ones cover. its the kind of funny that makes you not want to laugh because of how profound the cloud that just loomed over is. everyone’s stressors are different. […]

  • rawrin

    rawrin is the funniest dude ever. he’ll will make you cry with laughter, but don’t underestimate him he had a tongue like a blade and his words will cut you. “omg did you hear what ryan said to luke?” “yeah he was almost as savage as rawrin”

  • joeing out

    being so stoned that you cannot do anything other than lay on your back and mong out. yo look at jack, dude he’s so high that he’s joeing out.

  • popsicle sex

    shoving a popsicle in a girls v*g*n* i had popsicle s*x last night

  • franed

    usually under the influence of cannabis, a person who franed cooks the most cancerous food with the the equipment he has available to him. the food will usually kill if even smelt. the death occurs due to the salmonella found in the food. the only one whois able to consume such radioactive material are people […]

  • kameron marion

    a s*xy *ss boy that has a long d*ck that will steal your hoe and f*ck her brains out then give her back kameron marion will steal yo hoe bro

  • zoantae

    an ugly *ss, b*tch *ss, piece of sh*t. i hate her she act like a zoantae.

  • robben blind

    it’s a word that descibes a tight unity and bond usually within a team. a bond so unbreakable even robbing someone blind wouldnt break it. omg, those guys over there are so robben blind

  • julio martínez

    is a s*xy *ss boy that has a big *ss d*ck and all the girls want him but he only wants a girl name brenda is that julio martínez he so cute af and i bet all the girls like him too

  • david bailey

    the squad leader that f*cks all the b*tches on a daily bases. also he has a m*ssive d*ck way bigger than anyone else in bristol. i’m such a david bailey

  • vin cecil

    a tasteless hobo from down south. works on the corner as a “escort” and by escort i mean sucking dudes off for free. will do anything for crack cocaine even slap his own mama. performs c-section on the low low for $25. also works as a dentist on the side in that creepy *ss hut […]

  • ilishia

    base word: elijah, but female a lion like figure that has a tendency to be wrong. can be smart at times but is usually unintelligent when it comes to basic math and science. strives for greatness and ends up at the bottom. loves running but is still quite slow. loves to wear weird reptile fashion […]

  • woah technology

    a quote by youtuber yanderedev. the phrase is often used in youtube video comments to convey a feeling of awe or excitement, or to sarcastically mock poorly designed video game elements. when i first saw this, it blew my mind! i was like, ‘woah technology’!

  • sonoran science academy

    sonoran science is a private schools for the stupid rich or extremely smart poor d*mn i go to sonoran science academy

  • douche l’orange

    a derigatory nickname for donald trump. in a tweet yesterday, douche l’orange chastised yet another person who said something negative about him.

  • eclius

    a stupid person who believes he is superior to everyone else that guy is such an eclius

  • tadonya

    a girl that will act mean to you because she loves you. and also shes short and thick d*mn there goes tadonya thick *ss

  • betzida

    you are a very nice person. you have a strong sense of confidence your very popular and try to hide your true self your very betzida

  • random movie quote disorder (rmqd)

    disorder in which someone randomly quotes a particular movie/scene from either a movie/show from time to time “boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in the stew!” she says. “did you just quote lord of the rings? you must have random movie quote disorder (rmqd)!” he replies.

  • internet uterus

    an internet uterus is the show of how much the internet cares about you, when the internet stops caring, your uterus has dried up. man, even facebook has given up on showing me ads, my internet uterus must have dried up.

  • adarmeism

    a disease that makes you completely doubt yourself and realize you suck at life so it causes you to re-evaluate your life to be way better i got adarmeism soph*m*re year and i’m better than ever

  • viran

    a person that deserves girls like a man. he is charming and he never gives up on something… my boyfriend is like a viran

  • jon hoff

    a male with some fluffy hair and just does not care i’m going to the barber shop to get a jon hoff hairstyle

  • yalinie balaganesan

    a beautiful, smart and athletic girl! who is loving. and is just awesome!! i am sooo like yalinie balaganesan. well no there is only one

  • idubbbzed

    when your life has been ended on the internet by somebody else who was just pointing out how r*t*rded you are wow after that kid idubbbzed you your channel after that roast

  • religious freedom

    something the republicans cite whenever they want to discriminate against lgbt people, but forget about when they literally ban muslims. the republicans have lost all right to use the term “religious freedom.” a bullsh*t excuse used by conservatives and the religious right to justify using their beliefs as weapons to preach against others who don’t […]

  • niggahead

    the alternative to the word n*gg*. “what’s gucci n*gg*head ?”

  • winchester high school

    winchester high school is located in illinois. the school is full of hicks and low quality girls. blonde sl*ts lurk the halls seeking relationships to ruin. winchester academics are very poor, probably because of their drug of choice; meth. sally- chad, grace’s boyfriend, was seen with kimberly last night. she’s goes to winchester high school […]

  • pokeminavigate

    to play pokemon go for someone else, if they are unable. for example, while they are driving. “can you pokeminavigate for me while i drive? i need to hit a couple of poke stops today.”

  • jeff sessions

    84th attorney general of the united states. former senator from alabama from 1997 to 2017. a guy whose real name is jefferson :d. however, his middle name is beauregard :(. a guy with a surprisingly round head. secretively, a guy who smokes weed everyday!* some guy: apparently, some guy called trump became president and nominated […]

  • bat cilantro

    bat cilantro this plant is known for its incredible capabilities. it actually attracts bats from the wild and which will clear the insects in your area. these plants are considered a weed and which are actually part of de cannabis plants dna but are only used to attract bats with the scent that they put […]

  • white boy oreo

    similar to the other racist slang for oreo meaning a black person who acts white (black on the outside and white within), oreo can also be used as slang for a white person who acts as if they are of the black culture. all these white rappers are white boy oreos.

  • sleepy puppy

    when benadryl is poured into an *sshole and then lapped out by a second party. drown him like a guppy in that surly sleepy puppy.

  • yuoke

    a weapon used by the true chefs and beekeepers to abuse the local bug boi you boutta catch a yuoke

  • the monsters within

    there aren’t any definitions for the monsters within yet. can you define it?

  • sharriah

    sharriah is a funny,beautiful girl with a lot of kindness in her heart.she has a banging personality and a amazing body.if you ever meet a sharriah make sure to keep her for she will bring so much delight and happiness to your life. sharriah is very pretty.

  • fluffburger

    a fluffburger is the reality or area between an actual lie and a wish. one can make a promise without the means of achieving an objective. the promise is surely wishful thinking (not an actual lie) but in reality not supported with a path -means-or substantive resources to achieve that goal. the individual rendering a […]

  • beef colored schmegg

    beef colored schmegg is the finest roast at liberty memorial central middle school. it means someone who is stupid by all means. also used with the roast form of “boy look atcho”. another way to say schmegg is “schmeegers” or “schmeegerton” “boy, look at atcho beef colored schmegg looking self, boy you look like shrek”

  • hitoshi

    stupid j*panese kid. who’s that asian kid? oh that’s h*toshi

  • loreleigh

    perfection is hard to describe perfection: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. loreleigh

  • massington

    the ship for m*ssie block and derrick harrington (or derrington) in the book the clique. omg my favorite ship in the clique is m*ssington!

  • chaos erection

    when an audience prefers to read, hear or watch devastating news developments; while simultaneously sh*tting on the media for not paying more attention to happier topics and over-dramatizing the darker side of humanity. donald trump says multiple news outlets are failing; but america’s collective chaos erection says otherwise.

  • diddly dob

    your average s*xual encounter hey derek, do you want to do the diddly dob tonight?

  • bitch maggot

    a dog with a lot of maggots in its *ss my dog is a b*tch maggot

  • came back like a burnt snake

    to return angrier than when one left amy came back like a burnt snake when she found out she was overcharged for dinner.

  • leelakay

    a dumb*ss lesbian who has a pink sock from fisting herself in the *ss. she she has resorted to raping 4 year olds for s*xual satisfaction. leelakay shoved her lacrosse stick up her p*ssy.d

  • a lickout man

    if someone is being a total *sshole then they are a lickout man jack: how was david’s party? matt: it was so sh*t jack: hey stop being such a lickout man!

  • venus flap try

    a close, but failed, attempt at sleeping with a stunning girl renowned for being a tease. “so ryan, did you seal the deal with sarah?” “na, she walked me back to her place, showed me a lingerie pic on her phone then ordered me an uber.. she’s so f*cking hot though!” “sucks man. total venus […]

  • brendan lee morrson

    a big bully that knowone wants to be around. somehow has a very small d*ck ( it’s like a mm small d*ck) i want to get away from this guy named brendan lee morrson

  • empty plans

    making plans with someone you don’t really intend on following through with ” he hit me up to go to the gym but ended up going with someone else” “don’t text me with empty plans”

  • pal sex

    when meth (pot) cookie has s*x with random men on palringo because pal marriage. cookie: lets have pal s*x. 34 random guys: yes.

  • rajvinder

    a s*xy beast that belongs to paulina no rajvinder s*xy. he’s paulina’s oh

  • zachery daniel smith

    a bad *ss hoe you are such a zachery daniel smith

  • hicklesnart

    when you laugh, burp, sneeze, and fart all at once in a swift motion stop making me laugh! i’m gonna hicklesnart!

  • carstions

    when you are riding home from school in a car and your parent asks you every possible question about your day. parent: so, did you have fun at school today? you: *sighs* no, it’s school, of course i didn’t have fun. parent: why? what did you do that wasn’t fun? you: well, i had a […]

  • yajur

    strange guy… sometimes regarded as creepy or annoying he will always have an obsession with something/someone. “hey what on earth is that thing in the bushes?!” “oh it’s a yajur”

  • stanky wanky

    when you f*ck a woman that smells like fish, and ya, that’s kinda gross… -dante d. last night i got stanky w*nky’d

  • she shits too

    no matter how many times a guy gets shot down by a pretty girl with or without an att*tude, buddy, she sh*ts too. barry came back dejected after asking hot kate out. don’t worry guy “she sh*ts too.”

  • 6.2

    on the 69 scale, the act of a handjob i gave rob a 62 behind the gym. average size of male p*n*s found by scientists. our study is complete, the male genital is 6.2 inches. internet-speak. “ok” with the numlock on. a) what do you think? b) 62 what you call when you can see […]

  • fox farm

    nursing home, old folks home, retirement home when bob gets old he’s going to the fox farm

  • joshua doty

    he sucks d*ck. my name is joshua doty and i like to suck d*ck

  • moneypool

    a figurative meaning that you have a lot of money.basically like you have a large sum or “pool” of money. bruh you seen my moneypool!

  • siberian mudslide

    a siberian mudslide can be performed via multiple s*xual positions and among both heteros*xual and h*m*s*xual partners, however doggystyle is the preferable position for maximum value. it is also recommended that you ingest a large helping of horse laxatives approximately 30-40 minutes before s*x. after *j*c*l*t*ng onto your partner’s back (preferably as high as possible […]

  • deebendob

    a made up word, or random *ssortment of syllables. . “is glycolysis a real word, or just some deebendob?”

  • marinela

    the girl everyone drools at school, she is open minded and has a lot of boy best friends, she loves running, and also takes on rugby. she is not a backstabler unless she need to to protect someone. tom “have you seen marinela in rugby she was good” jake “i she’s really s*xy” marinela is […]

  • mega cow

    a huge cow you f*cking sh*t head god d*mn how stupid are you go back to school you *sshole f*ck you look at the mega cow b*tch

  • kushina kush

    when a girl removes a perfectly rolled blunt from her heavenly shaped bottom lips while holding her panties to the side for her partner to smoke thus calling it kushina kush! homeboy: ay jon have you ever tried kushina kush ? jon: best sh*t i ever had! comimg out soon to a place near you: […]

  • fryjacking

    the act of taking a food item from someone else’s plate without their permission the fryjacking occurred last night at dinner when drew took fries off of tom’s plate after he refused to share them with her

  • dollafied

    rich and financially generous toward career politicians. betsy devos is highly dollafied to be secretary of education.

  • corporal fowler

    corporal fowler is the supreme being on planet america. corporal fowler may i request to go to the head.

  • the first 48

    a time in which a guy takes interest and you, and after this time is up you are ghosted example: he hasn’t texted me back in 3 days, yes because he hit you with the first 48

  • trump flu

    this awful and horrible flu affects yoyr whole body, this make your skin turn orange, you hair to thin, you become very racist, and you will hate all womon except for you daughter, you may even want to date her. you may also feel an urge to build walls between your neighbours, dont worry though […]

  • pepelexia

    the disability to process, and understand memes. most commonly found in older, mature adults. less likely to occur with children person#1: “hey check out this meme” person#2: “i don’t get it” person#1: “i think you might have pepelexia!”

  • chisme chapporter

    chisme chapporter- 1.mexican/ hispanic slang. ( chisme) pr*nouced cheez-meh – chapporter for supporting the chisme. which means good gossip, supporting the topic of chisme without being biased or judgmental. just listens for pure entertainment purposes only. 2. that one guy or girl who sits in while other people gossip and i was like …shhhh! there […]

  • pokeminavigater

    a person who sits in the p*ssenger seat and plays pokemon go on the driver’s phone, in order for the driver to advance in the game. “can you be my pokeminavigater since i’m driving?”

  • shatrujeet

    a horse-riding indian prince. look at that shatrujeet ride! i wanna be so under him!

  • meritocracy

    a once-popular theory that the successful deserve their success, this was conclusively proven false in early 2017 in washington, dc. president trump: *literally can’t find the lightswitch* everyone else: well, that about wraps it up for meritocracy. in a nutsh*ll: a form of government where your power or position is based on your ability or […]

  • caytlyn

    caytlyn is a beautiful girl who is kind to everyone. she has her kind, affectionate, and loving side. but also her quirky, crazy side that’s a little insane, which is quickly your favorite thing about her. her friends are lucky to have her as her boyfriend is the luckiest of all. everything she does is […]

  • coach pitch

    when a ball is pitched to the t-stand by the coach for the player to hit. nick is playing coach pitch today because he is a child

  • yattman

    refers to a man constantly attempting to woo and bed any woman he comes across; and has no regards for other individuals – even friends – when doing so. mainly used to negatively describe someone, but can have positive connotations. a: “isn’t zain supposed to be working today?” b: “yeah he’s walked out after that […]

  • wardson

    a guy eats from the dollar menu from mcdonalds , gives no sh*t about what people say, thinks he’s the sh*t but really no he aint, and ig bad*ss hey whos tht ? thts a wardson right there

  • whoop dee do

    when you don’t give a f*ck. when someone says something and you laugh at them you say whoop dee do!!!!

  • marcus judd

    there aren’t any definitions for marcus judd yet. can you define it?

  • ahkee

    a c*nt who is bis*xual ahkee is doing his homework

  • losererer

    a complete idiot she’s such a losererer.

  • trumpinize

    a white person being rude, racist, and threatening to non-whites, due to donald trump being president of the united states, and thinking they’re all that because of it. “trump is going to deport your *sses all of you,” said the white man. in response, “don’t trumpinize me, you’re lucky my kids are here.”

  • boner sniper

    when someone is so d*mn ugly that they can kill your b*n*r from a long distance. that chick’s a f*cking b*n*r sniper.

  • daceyandalice

    basically a cringey youtube chanel that you somehow know about because you are looking it up cringe daceyandalice are cringe

  • arsenalfantv

    a youtube channel where rival fans come to chill after *rs*nal has suffered a humiliating defeat. person 1: *rs*nal 2 nil down to watford at home :d person 2: fam, *rs*nalfantv will be lit tonight. person 1: *rs*nalfantv and chill, blud.

  • lonesome road

    a bad*ss dlc for fallout new vegas,telling more about the mysterious protagonist the courier jim: “kyle wyd” kyle:”just killing tunnelers” jim:”wut” kyle:”just got the bad*ss dlc for new vegas lonesome road its pretty dope” jim:”oooooooh ok , soooooooo wyd”

  • ashvir

    f*ckboy. “bro don’t be an ashvir”

  • lisangely

    the girl of your dreams tbh. she could make you fall for her so hard but the min u f*ck up u f*ck up forever. there’s only one of em and when u find her, u better keep her. she’s 100% wifey material and knows what u like. but best believe that she gunna get […]

  • bar grub

    if you are in a bar and a man or woman (depending on your preference) is next to you offer them a drink. after you have done that if she says yes then ask her if she/he likes “dat bar grub” if he/she says yes then get them a packet of crisps from the bar […]

  • past one

    the action of being played d*mn, did he pull a past one?!

  • all cat out

    it is a term used to describe a social media post where a person puts to many cat sayings or pictures into one post without regards for others cat limits. that girl all cat out her snapchat story this morning

  • maddie foutz

    hottie with a body that girl is so maddie foutz

  • slosk

    this is the infamous slosk. the first slosk word anyone knows. it is the most versatile word in any language. it can be used any way you like, insert it in between any word, sentence, letter. it probably fits. the definitions below are some common uses: 1) slosk 2) slosk! 3) slosk 4) what a […]

  • gang gang gang

    gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang […]

  • secular talk

    a radio/youtube show where some 28 y/o, squeaky new yorker called kyle kulinski talks liberal, secular politics, new atheism, and s*xual jokes. regularly rants against: ann coulter, donald trump, hillary clinton, bill o’reilly, sean hannity, obama, money in politics, religion, conservatism, war. regularly rants for: bernie sanders, weed, healthcare, jill stein, free speech, secularism, atheism. […]

  • lotta ciabatta

    when a girl has a saucy *ss d*mn shaniqua gotta lotta ciabatta

  • gsymln

    go suck your mom’s left nut person: “that’s why i have a higher gpa” you: “gsymln” person: “stupid b*tch”

  • allahna

    a allahna is a girl that’s name is spelled differently she is very beautiful usually with a nice brown skin mostly determined as a ligh skin or she’s white she talks a lot and she’s very friendly sometimes get mad and most likely you’ll never see her cry because of how happy she usually is […]

  • snarly dragon

    while a girl is giving head, you hold her head down when blowing your load. the result is your c*m shooting out her nose my girlfriend blew my mind while i held her head down on my c*ck producing a fire-breathing, snarly dragon!

  • gay shower

    when a g*y orgy sprays c*m everywhere wow! thats such a nice g*y shower.

  • gay polarization

    when two poles are attracted to each other, or two holes, or pole to hole. g*y polarization defies any regular polarization such as magnets. when andy and nick meet they were instantly drawn together pole to pole and knew they had g*y polarization .

  • suvin

    the most beautiful girl in the world she is smart, intelligent and seems very nice. but be careful she can be a demon when she is angry! don’t mess with suvin your gonna die!

  • chabola

    a person who thinks they are all that, but is a piece of sh*t he’s such a chabola.

  • amazeling

    1. amazeling is something which is *more* than amazing. it’s more than incredible. it’s amazeling!!! 2. amazeling can also be defined as a person who is just absolutely great. 3. if they are an amazeling amazeling, then they would be called an amazeamazeling. 4. if you weren’t amazeling, but the opposite, then you would be […]

  • dilfadactyl

    a person who is really attracted to s*xy *ss dads. i’m just a dilfadactyl living in a barbie world.

  • thiccums

    to describe someone who is thicc. girl: wow look tanya, she’s such a thicc*ms boy: i agree when a tall guy were small shorts that come up to mid thigh that shows a bad tan line in marching band steps on how to be thicc*ms step1: forget you shorts at home step2: ask the skinniest […]

  • big russ and the colossal twats

    russell crowe’s little known rock band. did you know that russell crowe has a rock band called “big russ and the colossal tw*ts” yeah, he also owns the world’s third largest beat farm

  • frelcome

    a gracious response to franks. you’re frelcome anytime!

  • kiralfy

    an absolute c*nt of the highest order. that mr.kiralfy confiscated the children’s sweets again… that man really is a c*nt of the highest order.

  • bl4ze

    a sh*tty troll on memedroid who got popular for being a self proclaimed h*m*s*xual, in reality dan* is a tame guy who likes to troll, he is now dingle ponky hey bro quit spamming your being a bl4ze in the comments me: not as bad as icab still better than tweet by a long shot.

  • juango

    getting owned. taking a big one; and liking it. talk sh*t, get juangoed. get your juango while it’s fresh, i juangoed your mom last night, come get this juango. taste the juango. you’ve just been juangoed.

  • veehangi

    a super cool and awesome girl originated from bihar/up , india. i just met a veehangi yesterday! it feels so awesome.

  • madagufta

    “ya bl**dy madagufta.” a term used for describing a person or object that is silly but also a daredevil/crazy design. ya bl**dy madagufta

  • dapper john

    dapper john is a legendary south augusta paremedic with the hair to prove it that is one dapper john that… is… dapper john

  • perkatanious

    hotties w big perky t*ts d*mn look at that shorty, she perkatanious af!

  • freshman ripper

    any upper cl*ssman who has a thing for freshman girls yeah jacob is freshman ripper he tries to get a new one every week

  • sweet sweet putang

    what you call it when you eat a woman out jamie is getting it chloe’s sweet sweet putang

  • bone rattler

    when it is extremely cold weather that wind is a real bone rattler

  • sweet somethings

    endearments and pillow talk whispered into a lover’s ear. more meaningful than sweet nothings. we were kissing and then he spoke sweet somethings softly into my ear. pillow talk lovers making out

  • gwsd

    known throughout message boards and online chat, “gwsd” stands for men who aren’t well endowed. the acronym has quite a loyal following and you’ll even here it yelled as a battle cry in stadiums, coffe shops, and public libraries. hey see that group over there, just a bunch of gwsd’s not giving a heck about […]


    who needs that dictionary when you have urban dictionary? is useless, just use

  • major johnson

    a saucy grandad with a 12 inch schl*ngg, loves a cheeky saville inspired b*m in the shower. likes to drive minibuses with 20 kids in the back. “how longs the journey sir?” “12 inches” lectures on windage may result in a cheeky finger and a smirk to wake you up. “how long’s your barrel?” watch […]

  • shravani

    the closest thing to a elder sister and an awesome friend. i want a shravani in my life.

  • emojitize

    the automatic conversion of an ascii emoticon to a unicode emoji by computer software. computer science enthusiast who’s been on the internet since 1995: i can’t stand how facebook emojitizes all of my emoticons with no option to disable it! average teenager in 2017: 😂 “rawr xd is so 2014” computer science enthusiast who’s been […]

  • professional smartass

    a smart*ss but one who has a degree in such a subject that he or she is almost always a smart*ss and will always give you a response in such a manner. he is such a professional smart*ss; i’ve seen his degree.

  • shannon syndrome

    when a chavvy person spends to much time sticking their b*tt out when they don’t have one that the spine is bent in the shape of an s everyone knows shannon has an s shaped back probably because she has shannon syndrome

  • french eat

    where you stick your nose deep in your girls p*ssy, sniff as hard as you can and suck up all of the p*ssy juice, hawk a lugi in a cup and drink it. i’m gonna give nicky a good old french eat

  • vaginanus

    vagin*n*s is a deep c*n*l of v*g*n* skin combined with *n*s skin *n*l c*n*l of a inter-bi-s*x male-female{male/female}. a inter-bi-s*x male-female{male/female} inserts the p*n*s(p*n*s/cl*toris/cl*torisp*n*s) inside the inter-bi-s*x male-female{male/female} vagin*n*s during s*xual acts pertaining to marriage/engaged to be married/married natural moral christian of two interbis*xuals{straight/g*y/bi}. a h*m*s*xual b*tthole josh was whining like a b*tch with a […]

  • kajewtals

    feet that smell get your kajewtals outta here

  • first pioneered in egypt , the d² is the act of sucking cheap champagne through a condom that has been previously occupied by a erect phallus. it is uncertain if *j*c*l*t**n occurred whilst the condom was in use however what is clear and confirmed , is that the condom was worn both ways ( inside). […]

  • buloshe

    1. the act of raising your left index finger, resting it on the *n*s of a lover or friend, putting on a faux mustache with your right hand, while rocking white new balances a few sizes too big. 2. a coyd frankel get-together 3. witchcraft “hey honey, want me to buloshe you tonight?’ “wow that […]

  • rithan

    a s*xy guy. every girl goes crazy for him. smart, talented, s*xy are just a few words do describe him. sasha, c*ssier, amy are best friends but they fought each other to go out with rithan

  • drop a body

    to whoop someone’s *ss so bad that their body drops. basically a knockout. this fool kept takin’ h*lla sh*t so me and zay had to come through and drop a body.

  • kabam kunt

    the individual staff members that supposedly get paid for doing absolutely no work at the company kabam the kabam kunt could not fix the lagging issues or unfair game play or the kabam kunt knows even less than a f*cked up monkey

  • black racer legend

    in the american south, there is a snake purported chase those who run from it and like many other creatures, will run if chased. billy is like the black racer legend, chase him, he runs, run he chases you – so stay on the offensive!

  • reblindican

    a member of a political party who blindly supports a member of that same political party, despite clear and overwhelming evidence that said politician is simply wrong for the job. did you see the result of that latest poll about our elected buffoon? dude, yes… those reblindicans just can’t see that their guy is a […]

  • cotton candy bang

    the sweetest bang of your life. that was a cotton candy bang

  • say nigger

    a form of attack or har*ssment upon a /white/ woman in which the offender locks their arm around the victim then speaks the phrase “say n*gg*r”. this is a traumatic experience where the victim was nearly raped and killed in public. now look into the camera. say n*gg*r!!!

  • mongolian back scratcher

    when someone sh*ts in their hand then gives you a good rough back scratching how was your date with jenica? “great until she gave me a mongolian back scratcher”

  • jonnya

    a beautiful girl who has dumb moments and loves herself no matter what. a girl who love both genders and not be shy about it that girl was a real jonnya

  • fuzzify

    a wild creature in louisiana who enjoys blowing dudes and talking sh*t about kevin. that guy is like fuzzify

  • ronald rump

    an idiotic guy who wants to be president and is a big pain in the b*tt. based off of donald trump dude, don’t be such a ronald rump!

  • caprice eldridge

    any girl named caprice eldridge is usually a young beautiful girl with a perfect body. she usually has every guys attension. she’s so hot that even guys with boyfriends check her out. this girl has a s*xy *ss and loves to have fun. she only dates guys named, brad, chris, and john. her eyes are […]

  • frapping

    when you pour a frappuccino on your d*ck and you jerk off he was frapping after he went to starbucks wherein an individual leaves their facebook profile logged in and unattended.. leaving it open to have their status update free to be comically or embarr*ssingly changed by another person. status update frapping >> michael jones: […]

  • spacalaca

    another word for a spastic, commonly used against stupid people. billy:”hey jimmy how did you do in the geography test” jimmy:”i got one out of 20 marks billy” billy:”jimmy your such a sp*calaca

  • thyfe

    a hoe, floozy or “thot” for life. i would never make a thyfe my wife.

  • carlyse

    carlyse is a very sweet loving lady, she’s very fun to be around. she cares for others and is a great friend. carlyse is love carlyse is life.

  • hyacinthus

    greek hero and boyfriend of apollo until he was killed by a flying discus that was blown by the west wind, controlled by the god zephros, into his head just above his head. hyacinth flowers were named after him by apollo due to the grief and guilt apollo felt over hyacinthus’ death. read trials of […]

  • shopping fingers

    when your fingers are sore and tired after carrying around heavy shopping bags. stacey’s had shopping fingers after going to the mall with her friends.

  • december 12

    national kink and s*x day. the day to let lose your hair and have some fun. this day is for all your kinky needs wither its some rooe or collars today is your day. are you celebrating december 12th? ya i just got a new tail. ^_^ national s*x and kink day. wither it’s some […]

  • kozakiewicz

    the long last name of some polish person, usually the only people who are able to spell the name correctly are the person them self or a friend who for some reason has to spell it a lot, so if you are able to spell it correctly, then good for you “how do you spell […]

  • creamy spoon

    when your wife/girlfriend doesn’t put out and you end up big spooning them and you have a wet dream and c*m on their back she’s had a headache for weeks so a few of those nights she ended up getting the creamy spoon

  • dayln

    a weird but funny person,who should not be messed with. easy to make friends with and is always thoughtful. your a good friend dayln

  • casmern

    a chill dood who likes to f*ck b*tches by the sea. guy#1:yo bro, i straight casmerned her last night! guy#2: oh dude, he’s a cool guy, did her p*ssy get salty?!

  • whip kick

    you athletically kick someone when you falling you are style bro, did you just see bruce lee whip kicked the sh*t out of betsy devos.

  • diamondback clincher

    c*mming inside of your s*x partner during a good ole *ss f*cking while they’re squeezing their *ss-cheeks together. yo! guess what? i heard that luke skywalker pulled of a diamondback clincher with darth vader last night. i stole the tape, want to watch it?

  • savaginity

    your ability to be savage. if u lose your savaginity, then you’re not a savage. sarah never had her savaginity

  • yo muthers an animal!

    a typical new york street insult. hey you with the boom box, yo m*th*rs an animal!

  • munchie gut

    result of excessively eating while stoned. could be compared to a beer belly. “man, matty has really put on a lot of weight. has he been drinking a lot?” “nah man, he just has a munchie gut.”

  • just like this post for no reason

    just do it come on man just like this post for no reason

  • nugget daddy

    similar to a sugar daddy, but keeps you in constant supply of chicken nuggets. i will never understand why you are with him. he’s my nugget daddy, and we all know how much i love chicken nuggets!

  • alex martin

    d*ck munching brother f*cker your an alex martin mate

  • angril

    a word hybrid of angry and evil, in which both are inter-related to a characteristic or personality. there have been many misfortunes in colin’s life, turning him from an amiable to angril person.

  • dorito faced

    when a human or animal isn’t high but looks like they are. “dude i think marcos is high!” “nah he’s just dorito faced; he’d never get high.”

  • miss fairweather

    crazy old hag that smokes at least 20 packs a day. small annoying and will die of cancer one day boy: stop smoking girl:never boy: ur such a miss fairweather

  • cannamom

    cannamoms began as a group of p*ssionate mothers advocating for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their own critically-ill children. knowing that working as a group of mothers all with the same message would have a much greater impact than any one mother working on her own, these mothers formally […]

  • flash and splash

    a showy, outlandish, sometimes exaggerated appearance or impression left on others. more style than substance. the plot, on its own would have made a great movie, but they had to throw in the flash and splash special effects. special effects action movies

  • nazzim

    the s*xiest man alive. if there is a god, he is god’s gift to women. definately the greastest kisser on the planet. a night spent with him will always be the greatest night of your life. he is said to know the contours of a womans body better than she does. *warning* simply making eye […]

  • water wasted

    when a person in recovery drinks water instead of alcoholic drinks. is able to still engage in having fun without alcohol. my friend and i are going to get water wasted at the bbq. do you want to come? don’t forget to bring the six pack of aquafina!!

  • schaan

    a pale short white person with white hair who loves pc gaming.. schaan is loved by everyone and is a great pillow to use.. a schaan is normally born in may.. i really love my schaan

  • lizin

    losing in a fun way shut up it is too a word i’m lizin

  • thirstism

    the act of being super thirsty for no apparent reason, just acting like they don’t have no other options females these days need to chill on the thirstism

  • yueming

    too asian is yueming coming? no, he’s too asian.

  • bitpoh

    an abbreviation for “burn in the pits of h*ll” ugh i’m so mad i hope you bitpoh.

  • robbie walsh

    there aren’t any definitions for robbie walsh yet. can you define it?

  • spam addict

    someone who can’t stop spamming. 1 new message from sydney: “hey name get online” 1 new message from sydney:: “hey name get online” 1 new message from sydney:: “hey name get online” 1 new message from sydney: “hey name get online” name: “sydney is a real spam addict.”

  • womanspreader

    a move of which a woman takes up 2 seats with her her bag and herself. *a woman comes on the bus and takes up 2 seats* look at that womanspreader

  • hyparfanate

    the cause of a major explosion between the legs, causing a ruffled sound i think the man ,after mexican hyparfanated.

  • james buchanan barnes

    a.k.a bucky, he and steve rogers were childhood friends before (spoiler alert) bucky was turned into the winter soldier and had his memory erased. james buchanan barnes iis my g*y lil baby hurt him & i’ll kill you.

  • pricha

    a word to describe a s*xy lady pr*nounced as priha the word is from the hebrew language and the actual translation is crispy dude look at that chick ! she is totally pricha !

  • stooopid

    the chola version of ‘stupid’. i hope juan doesn’t show up to my cousins quinceñera, that would be so stooopid!

  • vienesse

    a loyal helpful funny and kind individual. will always help you with whatever you need. oh cl*ssic vienesse.

  • barathi

    adorable she’s a barathi feel like hugging her all the time !

  • triple toe pretzel

    a generalized figure skating move that doesn’t actually exist, used by people who know nothing about figure skating to describe fancy jumps. “whoa, did you see that? that was one of the best triple toe pretzels i’ve ever seen in a compet*tion like this.”

  • suburban vertigo

    disorientation one experiences while traveling around residential and commercial zones in and around a city. feeling lost while driving around a location for the first time. i would have made it to the bar mitzvah sooner, but my godd*mn suburban vertigo put me going west on oak st when i thought i was going east.

  • s’mani

    a female with a dirty p*ssy, and smells fishy “her p*ssy stinks, she’s a s’mani.”

  • rippin the meat

    the act of jacking off vigorously. i got blue balled so hard last night. that i went home and started rippin the meat…

  • cunt-stopped

    when a lesbian gets c*ck-blocked. this chick tried to steal my chick, so i c*nt-stopped her.

  • butterflies and rainbows

    used to compare two things, saying one of them is b*tterflies and rainbows compared to the other shows that the other option is much worse. kind of like how prison is b*tterflies and rainbows compared to school. prison is b*tterflies and rainbows compared to school. adolf hitler is b*tterflies and rainbows when compared to all […]

  • jaymel

    a guy who’s mom ignores, very smart! his friend is only his reflection (even though it breaks) very good in spanish and 4 square. jaymel is such a jaymel!

  • sinky booty

    its when you got ahhh sinky booty reallll baddd! oh bubus got a sinky booty ahhh yeah.

  • scangie

    wild or trashy. none of the other kids at my school dressed that scangie

  • alabama nut slam

    a hot sensual also consensual slam of the nuts by a black (oppressed) female. usually implemented with the knee or *ss cheek, depends on preference. after the smash the female should suck the soul out of the nuts. slam at your own risk ole racist billy got him a sweet alabama nut slam last night.

  • twitter twat

    a person who tweets ignorant thing on twitter. did you see the cr*p twittertw*t posted today…doesn’t know up from down, left from right or in from out. completely ignorant of real things in real time. a person who tweets far too often that b*tch is on twitter all day, what a twitter tw*t. a no-life […]

  • quale

    a single hiccup sometimes when i eat pancakes too fast i get the hiccups, but sometimes i only get a quale.

  • bashermænd

    a mixture of the two danish words “bash” and “tømmermænd” which means being “high” or stoned” and having a hangover . bashermænd is the hangover you get, the morning after smoking a lot of weed the night before. i’ve got bashermænd after last night

  • imprented

    when a pregnant person imprints on other people. the woman imprented the thought of double rainbows in my mind.

  • vesoid

    vesoid is a rare species of computer user. they enjoy hacking, ddossing and destroying skrubz. a vesoid will always win any situation and never forget how to tried to undermine it. person1: dude my account was hacked yesterday! person2: really? person1: yeah really! person2: must have been a vesoid!…

  • expolienturoralis

    person that is repeatedly given oral pleasure to the point of feeling lavishly spoiled. he was repeatedly mind blown from s*xual gratification that can only be described as expolienturoralis bl*w j*b bj .

  • tiff time

    it’s that time of the year usually consisting of a weekend to 2 weeks where 2 best friends meet up to vacation with one another. holy cow, this year’s tiff time was off the hook!!

  • bloop le snoot

    a sentence in the imperative form, that does not mean anything. please, bloop le snoot.

  • first whore

    a woman who f*cked a rich guy long enough to become the first lady but is beneath the office so she hides out in a penthouse because she knows she has no place in the white house. after years of having cl*ssy women representing this country as first lady i guess its time to have […]

  • shit swizzler

    (1)a type of person who agknowlages him/herself in the best way possible and doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone, even his/her family. (2) the act of giving someone a swirly after you cr*pped in it (1) you are such a d*mn sh*t swizzler! (2)”how was your day?” “it was awful, i was a victim of […]

  • clungee jumping

    what the baby does if a woman gives birth standing up did you hear about mike? his baby went clungee jumping

  • cunt dumplet

    1) a semi-b*tchy person of youth or college-aged person, particularly a female in the beginning stages of her menstreual cycle. 2) a wh*r*, particularly of female gender, that a select few members of a group of bros p*ss around, but not quite the whole group as referring to a c*nt dumpster or c*m dumpster. 3) […]

  • love your face

    meaning special to me.. saying i love you with out saying it. goodnight , i love your face

  • brooklyn cabello

    the biggest brat you will ever meet stop being such a brooklyn cabello!

  • drift stitch

    a b*mper fix usually zip ties occ*ssianly wire often used for when ken block wannabes f*ck up daddys car and have to fix it when they hit a curb snowbank ect. whinny teenager “dude i f*cked up my dads car while trying to be ken block last night” stoner friend “dude its ok just use […]

  • esteban montero

    a perfectly round guy. loves minecraft and likes a new girl each day. – your typical f*ckboy hey esteban montero ! who’s the next girl?

  • maybe baby gravy

    any j*zz like substance that is hanging off something is that gel or maybe baby gravy on your face sl*t?

  • isatta

    a sweet girl that’s always happy and kind . isatta likes to hang out with people a lot

  • doperson

    it is a more cool way of saying dope dude that is freakin doperson

  • dion the god

    the girl that is awesome at basketball and i great at shooting and defense hey do you know dion the god she’s awesome

  • glow girl

    someone with a positive vibrant energy. they glow everytime you them even if their smiling or not. usually a girl who brights up a room full of positive energy and joy. the student in our cl*ss is such a glow girl. she brights up the whole room.

  • jewish tan

    where only one half of the body gets color from lack of rotating while laying out in the sun burnt on the front and white on the back? that a s*xy jewish tan you’ve got

  • monteyne

    a monteyne is tough. has gone through everything. you must be a monteyne your tough man!

  • you already know wassup

    when he or she wants to date etc. tbh: you already know w*ssup

  • bottle of drunk

    strong *ss alcoholic drank guy 1: “yo let’s get some drinks man” guy 2:”aight let’s go, i’m boutta get a bottle of drunk” guy1: “wtf is that man?” guy2: “that strong *ss drink bro” guy 1: “ayyeeeeeeee”

  • hawaii homosexuality

    a s*x move that is performed on the same s*x. it is when you stick a coconut it the *n*s, a pineapple in the mouth, and fondle with their s*xual organ. dude i was drunk at a g*y bar and someone performed a hawaii h*m*s*xuality on me, i still taste the pineapple.

  • paranomasia

    form of word play that suggests plural meanings. serves to fill conversational voids. very handy. makes you look interesting and possibly a lot smarter than you are. to appreciate paranomasia, you have to be o-pun-minded.

  • buddy code

    when committing an act that would otherwise be immoral, taboo, or inappropriate with a single friend or more, one may invoke “buddy code” to create an immunity cloak and thus be excused from ridicule or codemnation by other friends or members of society. could you believe silly willingly took a tea bag to the face […]

  • fakementum

    feyk-men-tuh m a feeling that overcomes an athlete or compet*tor when they or their team does something good. it will be lost as soon as a member of the other team does something as good or better. the patriots head into halftime down 21-3 in super bowl li. the falcons hold all the fakementum.

  • skybree

    skybree is a beautiful girl,nice , and very smart. that skybree chick is adorible.

  • fondudle

    verb. 1) the act of dipping anything in cheese. 2) the act of fondeling someone while drawing on them. robyn was excited to fondudle with her man at the melting pot.

  • soike

    soy-ke sike, but said in a very accented and loud way; used to make a point stover is wrong to say soike when somebody calls her cute because she is! sike stover

  • mexican ivy

    a wall shower of feces often found in public restrooms. we stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the restroom, but the mexican ivy was so bad i decided to just hold it.

  • alt-white

    alt-white: accolade bestowed by minorities to sensible caucasians with an inclusive worldview is the ultimate alt-white site

  • alan wang

    a hottie with a jawline so sharp that it can slice a papa johns pizza! 😉 alan w*ng:super hot guy with a nice jawline!

  • baked chrissy

    the act of expressing excessive flatulence into a pillowcase, throwing that pillowcase over someone’s head and punching them in the face. can be used as a consensual s*x act, a form of revenge, or platonic wholesome fun with friends and family. that ho wouldn’t stop talking so i served her a hot baked chrissy and […]

  • my haters

    people who act like they hate you or they are really annoying to you but really they wanna be you. my haters just really wants to be me

  • knuckle crawler

    another term for a black person or a n*gg*r “where did all of your beer come from” “my knuckle crawler friend reggie dropped it off at the window”

  • matootsie

    a person who acts in a totally shameless manner. an individual who is a complete righteous charleton. someone with no principles. my niece acted like a matootsie to her own mother . my boyfriend is a complete matootsie on a night out.

  • conclersion

    when a remark made by somebody makes the conversation awkward and of a s*xual nature. friend 1: “i was showing my wife a product.” friend 2: “was it a s*x toy?” friend 1: “well you just jumped to a conclersion.”

  • erection election

    someone who gets voted for something just because they are attractive man 1: hey dude lisa is our team captain . man 2. f*ck her she’s just a erection election

  • the kitty getter

    this describes the cat version of the boogie man and explains the cautious behavior of cats. fluffy peeks around corners ti make sure the kitty getter doesn’t grab her!

  • thirsty cat

    a female who is looking for a mate to the point of using craigslist to have s*xual intercourse boy 1: hey i found this girl on craigslist she’s pretty hot. boy 2: d*mn she a thirsty cat

  • vegetarian math

    resources that are made to look like real math on the surface in order to satisfy the cravings of innumerate persons, who secretly desire to be like those symbol-minded people. publishers have come out with a number of pop math t*tles for math-anxious adults to make them think that they can actually do math, without […]

  • gkyoidifysyllbc

    go kill yourself or ill do it for you sl*t you look like bill cosby. roger: hey judy!! do you wanna donut? me: gkyoidifysyllbc!! roger: uhmm.. me: wait did u say donuts?

  • nomd

    n*gg* on my d*ck man that nomd so i had to split

  • jamont

    a guy with really stupid broken gl*sses, that plays video games in cl*ss and talks like fkfhdhfjbjdn. known as: cocoa puffs and big smexy you cocoa puffs come her bro!!!! – jamont

  • pull a lick

    to rob someone,breaking an intery, put one over on someone. an old likes me term. i’m about to pull a lick and come up.

  • khumalo

    a warrior someone who’s strong and undefeated .a wise respectable person boy your like a real african khumalo :meaning your wise or strong

  • bollock goblin

    someone who gobbles bolllocks (a b*ll*ck gobbler) sarah: can i suck your b*lls otis: why yes sarah: yumma (gobble gobble) otis: you b*ll*ck goblin sarah: i’m goblin your b*ll*ck

  • mariah katherine

    a wh*r*. she rides the d*ck like no other. that girl’s a mariah katherine! she’s crazy in bed!

  • munusics

    when a hot girl is on facetime with a group of guys and whips out her b**bs. hey you are hot. are you a munusics?

  • stupid ugly

    a person who is very very ugly that you can’t even use the word ugly alone. guy 1: let me see the picture of her! guy 2: *shows picture guy 3: d*mn she stupid ugly!!!!

  • out my name

    calling someone something derogatory other than thier legal name, usually when tentions are high due to a disagreement or fight. shaquita called me a b*tch and i sn*tched off her weave! she know better than to call me “out my name!”

  • full ronty

    this is the end game for most men in yoga cl*ss which is to perform f*ll*t** on oneself i go to yoga in the hopes that someday i will be able to complete a full ronty!

  • screamin indian

    so your ramming it home doggy style real nice and without warning pull out and slide it right in that booty hole and as you send it home you reach around and move your hand on and off her mouth like the indians do. haaabababa abbabababa this b*tch cheated on me now i’m gonna have […]

  • hisself

    a contraction of “his self”, similar to “himself”, meaning “his own person”. it is not of “southern” origin, or used “by non-educated, moronic, toothless wonders” (as other definitions here claim). hisself actually comes from how words were formed in old english. the reflexive was made by adding self to his, as in belonging to the […]

  • shufang

    girl who is ugly af,annoying af.mostly chinese she can be funny sometimes i don’t like people like shufang

  • deader serious

    more than just dead serious. you mean it a lot more. “i’m dead serious sarah” “well i’m deader serious lola”

  • ass cock

    *ssc*ck- when a male is being an *ss. hunny, stop being an *ssc*ck! a very small p*n*s. so small it’s only good to use in the *ss. “he had a total *ss c*ck.” from the movie “jay and silent bob strike back” means donkey p*n*s. i need to log on every day just to make […]

  • deynan

    one of the most important people alive they will always be there for u if u are always there for them hey look it’s deynan he’s so awesome guys

  • gut drop

    when a obese man or woman stands over someone who is on all fours and drops their flabby stomach onto them. “man, she gut dropped me so hard last night i dropped to the floor.”

  • litt dick

    to be very lit or to be extremely beneficial to the person expressing their feelings using this word yo that party last night was litt d*ck bro, we gotta do that again sometime

  • antflacid

    substance or medication that engorges the male genitalia (p*n*s), by increasing blood flow for the purpose of coitus (intercourse) v**gr*, cialis, revatio, dried bull p*n*s he picked up an antflacid to help with his erectile disfunction.

  • fuxauto

    an embarr*ssing and/or cringeworthy typo while texting that you can blame on autocorrect. sorry, didn’t mean nutless that was a f*xauto

  • jasianna

    girl with big b**bs,big smile,bipolar asf and a ride or die you will never wanna lose her and not to mention she’s gorgeous inside and out.betray her and she will dishonor u.a true princess -if she has the qualities of a jasianna,keep her.

  • teenie tiny

    nothing will ever be smaller ever no no never ever vomit all over d*ck and p*ssy teenie tiny teen kitties are my teeinie tiny midnight snack before a teenie tiny teen p*ssy that was f*cked for 80 hours so it was the teenie tinyest

  • imanuella

    imanuella is the sweetest, most loving and funny person you’ll meet. she lights up the room with her beautiful smile and always knows what to say to heal a broken heart! you will want her to be your best friend and she is so genuine and pretty and kind and everyone wants to be like […]

  • suck my rod

    an immature, yet charming way of saying “i don’t care” or “so?” richard: you should really start taking your job seriously. what if the manager found you slacking off? immature tommy: suck my rod! richard:….. immature tommy: that’s what i’ll say. plus i’m not slacking, i’m fixing my rod.

  • sassionate

    when you are s*ssy and p*ssionate. when you are being a rachel i am so s*ssionate right now!

  • bethan king

    changes hair colour a lot, gets men whipped as a slave, farts like a pipe with a gas leak, smokes weed like its oxygen, biggest sick ever you’re such a bethan king

  • gleep glorp

    cheating on the person that you are flirting with by flirting with another person. it was created by christine sydelko. when you find out he’s been gleep glorping other b*tches.

  • snowsuited

    when a woman comes over but sleeps with you fully clothed. jeff invited lisa over to netflix and chill with the intentions of banging lisa. but lisa didn’t go for it but still wanted to cuddle all night. jeff was snowsuited

  • she has bruises on her knees

    it means that she is a hoe that has been sucking d*ck behind the staples she has bruises on her knees

  • esmelgie

    a ugly rat that gets ugly girls . small p*n*s no girl would wanna be with him esmelgie gets all the ugly girls

  • anal rose

    this word is popular in the g*y community, and is used to describe an *sshole that has been f*cked/fisted or torn up that it resembles the petals of a rose “d*mn, by the time we’re done your gonna have an *n*l rose😏😉😂” *ss turns inside out me and my girl had *n*l for the first […]

  • straighten the mirror

    go to the bathroom. check your face. excuse me, i need to go straighten the mirror.

  • frig-window

    a large window without curtain, blind or covering that lets in an uncomfortable cold breeze. i barely slept last night fanks to that gert frig-window frigid

  • riley bye

    someone who is an ugly jerk omg you’re such a riley bye

  • superman awesome

    believing something is more awesome than superman. something that is totally fly… man that sweater is superman awesome.

  • combover in chief

    a version of “commander in chief” describing the hair styling used by the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. the combover in chief authorized a raid in yemen. combover trump

  • sieann

    it is a name from the native americans. it means the one that walk among the clouds. it is said that the native americans looked at the sky and saw something walking on clouds. looking up at the sky. the clouds looked like a sieann.. sorry i’m not very good with sentences

  • pronse

    to pr*nse is to walk smugly. i’m gonna pr*nse over there and show ’em who’ s boss!

  • ensign deadmeat

    a night of sloppy mediocre s*x where the guy drops dead afterwards while still wearing his star trek communicator badge toy. eddie refuses to wear his communicator to bed, so he doesn’t become ensign deadmeat.

  • gluten free cunt

    all those idiots that haven’t been tested but think a good allergy is a fashion accessory i spoke to the gluten free c*nt at the counter wanna knock the rest of her good teeth out

  • nanager

    noun. a childcare professional who combines her service with effective home-management support. “my nanager cares for my kids and handles the household while i work.” noun. a derogatory term used to describe a stay at home mom, often rich, who spends a majority of her time managing nannies and house keepers. ” jane takes a […]

  • fush

    an acronym for f*cked up sh*t head. emma: omg i hate him so much! he’s such a d*ck. katie: i know right, he’s a total fush emma: you’re totally right. noun. the powerful and exclusive attraction to f*cking the sh*t out of another person in which there is no desire for long term commitment, romance, […]

  • fucken wobbly

    british slang: to act insanely or be rash about a situation. i almost had a f*cken wobbly when the boss acted like a douche to everyone

  • laubs

    a g*y squeaker who jerks off to animal p*rn on xbox oh no i hear animals squealing he is on his xbox laubsing

  • clamp juice

    the liquid that drips from the vigina when having s*x. also, can be the spit that slides down to the ball sack during a bl*wj*b. d*mn, that clamp juice was good asf.

  • javairya

    javairya is complex, impulsive and often hard to know. you never know where you really stand with her until you p*ss her off. then, you’re basically dead. she’s loyal, fun loving and never seems to settle down. beware of falling for javairya.

  • on-point positive

    very, very sure/positive i am on-point positive that i hate everyone at my school.

  • jidarian

    s*xy *ss gangsta n*gg* who will f*ck yo b*tch man, jidarian is so s*xy

  • guillem

    dumb*ss autistic and r*t*rded man that guy is such a guillem

  • ghostism

    discrimination against ghost. racism against ghost. person 1: “dude that ghost is so f*cking ugly” person 2: “dude that’s ghostism”

  • insecurity guard

    a private sector security personnel/ door supervisor (bouncer) who feels inadequate about his life choices and bullies the clientele/ customers he’s contracted to supervise. normally on their 200th cycle of anabolic steroids. inflated sense of ego to mask their lack of confidence dude 1: did you see the way he restrained and choked that guy!? […]

  • pancake dragon

    when your s*xual partner pours pancake mix into your *sshole, and then as you continue to release it (either through flatulance or other more creative means) he /she will smack you and call you a roaring pancake dragon. “hey bro i just had some crazy mistress i met on craiglist give me the pancake dragon […]

  • sorobot

    something that doesn’t know. that sorobot over there is in dire need of a hard reset.

  • kweenie

    slaying queen you look like such a kweenie in your recent post !

  • deadington

    finding something so hilarious you are dead, and in your own town called deadington. “bruh last night was so funny, i’m literally deadington”

  • marrie

    the best girl in the world, anyone would be lucky to have her omg did u see marrie this weekend? yeah man, i wanna ask her out

  • peyton offield

    a asian that eats dogs and cats and beats the sh*t out of hoes man or woman dude look at that queer with his small eyes oh sh*t ahhhhhhhh hes attacking us wtf its a peyton offield

  • lemon nil

    someone who is half nil or has a large nil. a nil is the tip of a p*n*s. ha ha this dude got a lemon nil.

  • sodium briantide

    element of saltness there is an increase in sodium briantide in our body when we lose in a match where they were taunted and were trolled.

  • let me spit

    a jesture toward a male, or female to lubricate the *n*s prior to penatration. hey aaron, let me spit. i’m not that big it won’t feel bad. brian, let me spit before you sit down.

  • meat cheerio

    a b*tthole jessica sharted from her meat cheerio

  • danillo

    a little munchkin from dunkin doughnuts. very short and funny. sometimes can be a little creepy. oh danillo

  • digilant

    in the global war on terrorism, a lower level, or less-than-careful watch for possible danger or difficulties, utilized by indigenous soldiers from non-western countries. a contraction of the words”indigenous” and “vigilant.” advisor #1: “how did they walk right into that ambush?” advisor #2: “duh, hey were being digilant.” diligently being vigilant. you have to be […]

  • cool joey

    the person who stays calm even during the most dangerous and frightening situations. dude 1- dude donald trump is the president of usa. dude 2- so what? dude 1- what the h*ll is wrong with you.stop acting like a cool joey,you are supposed to react whenever you hear his name. dude 2-we live in australia […]

  • peyton weaver

    a long d*cked m*f* who will f*ck ur brains out and steal ur b*tch oh sh*t peyton weaver f*cked my girl so hard she can’t walk

  • regli

    f*ggats but in a cool way. “the reglis are coming.”

  • love bugger

    some one you love but sometimes bugs you. boy: my love b*gg*r. girl: hehe.

  • triggered af

    “triggered af” is an adjevtive that is a specific category describing someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt after specifically being pranked by ‘the boysh’ (the boys). boy 1: “d*mn boys, we got jeanette good there” boy 2: “yeah i know right! she is triggered af”

  • kornkanok

    extremely powerful, heir to the *ss*ssins of knight. kornkanok is a girl, who grew up in a dark place. her kingdom was suffering from the bio-weapon that was released by the *ss*ssins of knight’s mortal enemy. everyday, she watched her people die, falling to the ground. the virus was getting worst and the heir had […]

  • nfl patriotism

    the act of being on the nfl patriot bandwagon there is nfl patriotism in this house.

  • frise

    person mostly female who thinks highly of her/himself so much that it makes everybody around him/her feel inferior. that girl is such a frise

  • rage quited

    is to get furious at a game and then quit. i rage quited unfair mario because it was so rage-inducing.

  • cuntacity

    c*nt·ac·i·ty (kunt’·as·i·tē), n. 1. extreme b*tchiness or c*ntlike mean-spiritedness, especially with selfishly arrogant disregard for the emotional or physical safety of others, conventional thought, or other established societal restrictions. 2. actual or potential ability to behave in a b*tchy or c*ntlike fashion. 1. her foul-mouthed c*ntacity and poor treatment of (insert spouse’s name) shocked even […]

  • dontevius

    a g*y donkey he is such a dontevius

  • fuzzy anal

    when you are “doin the do” and you can’t see anything because your bush is in the way. “bro, i just did fuzzy *n*l with brittney last night!” “you should shave that sh*t dude!”

  • mintek

    mintek a slang word usually used by arabs, can mean f*cked, whacked, or when your itckity acktiacki, heard in terms such as; im mintekkkk, im too mintek, that’s mintek, ur mintek, mintekky tek easily just trying to say, i’m f*cked and i can’t be f*cked because that’s f*cked.

  • in a fix

    to be in a fix simply means to be in a confusing or frustrating situation. to be in a dilemma justina’s car still won’t start and there was no way she was going to demean herself by struggling for a bus at the crowdy bus station.she was clearly in a fix as she was already […]

  • sullivan high

    a high school in missouri. full of “hicks” and preps. sl*ts and sk*nks. sh*tty people with sh*tty personalities. worst school ever where do sl*tty girls go? sullivan high

  • megumin

    megumin is a *fictional* character from the anime, konosuba, possibly designed as a way to get sonichack to love it so much. golly, doesn’t sonichack love megumin?

  • streamie

    someone who follows mainstream trends without being interested in anything alternative. person 1: “i hear that they only listen to chart music and that’s it.” person 2:”oh wow…what a streamie.”

  • spit roast seconds

    two males and one female, male and female in the cl*ssic sixty-nine position with her on top. second male f*cks her doggy style until he comes inside her. than the bottom male switches with the other male and f*cks her doggy style (sloppy seconds) while they are in the sixty-nine position. both males get a […]

  • dompstomp

    a traditional dance performed in the french town of domps, performed by the dompsois during the wine harvest. hurry to the town centre or we’ll miss the dompstomp

  • rescue chimp

    much like a “captain save a ho” but only saves midnight looking women ! look at bobby being a true rescue chimp tonight !

  • comfort dump

    p**ping just enough to relieve your r*ct*m from being in pain. a comfort dump may be used to squeeze out just enough poo so as to relieve discomfort or to buy time until the p**per can make it home or to a more comfortable setting for a truly satisfying dymp. i took a quick road […]

  • devil’s spitoon

    the sp*ce in between the human genitals and toilet seat when sitting on the toilet. i had the sudden urge to cough up a loogie while sitting on the toilet so i hocked that motherf*cker right down the devil’s spitoon

  • edolie

    edolie is the prettiest girl around. is usually quite small but smart. everyone aspires to be her. the men can’t seem to keep away. she is funny and lives to make people laugh. she has a good imagination. and is very creative i saw an edolie yesterday.

  • ancie

    ancie.. a cute girl who has the most beautiful smile that can make someone’s day. she usually has guys that chase her but she doesn’t like to brag about it. she’s usually very nice but when someone is rude to her she still tries to act nice xd. she is also very stylish and words […]

  • emma rodgers

    a girl who doesn’t know why guys are such a holes boy on phone: wow are you emma rodgers? emma rodgers on phone : yes boy still on phone: send me your nudes emma rodgers texting back: no boy texting back: you are so prude

  • fanny boner

    you get a b*n*r in your cl*t by millie coutts ‘oh, i have a f*nny b*n*r!’ you get a f*nny b*n*r in your cl*t by mia leverington adam walked past today and it gave me a f*nny b*n*r

  • nibbling on

    just nibbling on this crispy calamari just nibbling on this crispy calamari

  • technicolor tofu

    epic puke that looks like it belongs in movies don’t eat a dreamcicle when you have the flu. what’ll come up is technicolor tofu.

  • fat head ass

    one’s who head is of a abnormally large circ*mference. person #1: yo i just got this new fitted person #2: oh yea? what size is that slime person #1: a size 8 person #2: witcho fat head *ss …. head built like a ford truck

  • gannoning

    “pegging” by either female, transgender, or self induced while providing a reach around or reaching back around. he’s getting a good gannoning.

  • jesus chin

    a dumb *ss shrub with a chin so ugly jesus would hate it. this dudes chin looks worse than fricken kazoo kid on crack. look at dat fool, he gots a jesus chin. dumb jew

  • ohha

    a subst*tute for many words, often used by people with low intelligence. typically can mean really, sure, wow. yeah and ok. d*mn, that was savage, ohha.

  • manspreader ultra

    that guy who awkardly clenches his legs before suddenly and violently expanding his manspreading territory. karson done got karsoned and now he’s a manspreader ultra.

  • bishead

    a complete pill head that digests pills for a living. they must take pills to get through each day of their life and without them they cant function. tom is such a f*cking bishead mate, i saw him taking so many pills the other night.

  • 212

    a rock-*ss h*t from azelia banks ft. lazy jay yo that song 212 was lit, fam! new york city area code my number is 212-… -new york city area code -the number of degrees fahrenheit it takes to boil water. if eminem was from nyc, it’d be “now everybody from the 212, put ya m*th*f*ckin […]

  • cleandirty

    when something like a biscuit / cookie is dropped and hits the floor but is picked up very quickly to be eaten. she dropped an oreo but it was only on the floor for a second so it’s cleandirty and safe to eat.

  • conformation sniff

    the act of smelling a man’s p*n*s or b*lls to confirm whether or not they have had v*g*n*l intercourse. usually done by women suspecting there significant other of cheating, occasionally done by bros to call bullsh*t. andrew “sorry i’m late guys i was, like totally getting laid at 4:30am and not sleeping in like a […]

  • fkaple

    fake people. people you don’t value cause they fake. i dislike fkaples ,i mean why they gotta be like that .get a life how bout that?

  • lil kodak

    a black *ss n*gg* who wants stay “cool” with there baby meat my n*gg* dropped his phone on insta live and showed his lil kodak and all the ol’ ladies loved it.

  • stink pussy

    very smelly v*g*n* hairs that’s give off odor that’s unpleasant man jack you gots stink p*ssy n*gg*

  • thabash

    a word made up so my teacher looks it up because she’s old mrs.eden is so old she looked up thabash only to find it was a prank

  • urchin loaf

    when you super glue golf tees to your ball sack and then make your s*xual partner gag on its entirety just gave steph the sickest urchin loaf. you should have seen her after, she coughed up blood, it was awesome when you super glue golf tees to your ball sack to simulate a sea urchin […]

  • urban pervs

    the people who turned urban dictionary into basically a dictionary for holy virgins. the urban pervs turn everything perverted

  • thepotatochurner

    the best youtuber ever, practically a meme. he’s the master rubik’s cuber, and an ultra-lit gamer. he is my big daddy! xd thepotatochurner is a s*xy monster. or i think thepotatochurner is gonna surp*ss pewdiepie in subs.

  • lichtie

    a dude who love freshman! cant stop thinking about volleyball. is lovable! #rope is big #coach is smart #deric is a loser #eric cuts omg bro why are you so lichtie

  • chicken mcdicken

    a phrase you use meaning to be f*cked in a mcdonald’s bathroom. ayo man i just got chicken mcd*ckened yesterday d*mn bro you alright yeah he used a condom

  • cadenzah

    a beautiful girl, normally treated like a princess cause she is one. deserves the world and more. although she’ll tell you how beautiful you are, is unaware of her own beauty. loves kids and would be a great mom. has many talents including dancing, singing and drawing. “yo that’s finn’s princess, cadenzah.”

  • shakalacking

    •a good way to start a conversation with a crush • a well known quote by marty the zebra • “hey girl, you look shakalacking” *insert finger guns here*

  • float your boat

    appeal to or excite someone. if you love suspense and thrills, this movie is guaranteed to float your boat.

  • wife nigger

    someone’s b*tch “who’s that?” “that’s his wife n*gg*r.”

  • zandae’jiah

    zandae’jiah is a dark person who stands up 2 b*tches she has a pretty soul but…also ghetto as f*ck zandae’jiah will break ur ducking legs

  • squirt shot

    when you aim your c*m “john lets squirt shot again”

  • patheticist

    the most pathetic. sondra is so patheticist. she told me that she can’t go to school because she can’t put in her lock combination for her locker.

  • obstructionist bastards

    those individuals who halt progress forward. those who engage in merritless areguments in order to pathologically impede progress. ie hillary rodham clinton, senator charles schumer, representative nancy pelosi, etc. those obstructionist b*st*rds won’t help the president progress the nation forward. the b*st*rds want to keep us on the reservation.

  • shimola

    money .cash . meet you there dave i got that shimola for you.

  • qualil

    a wh*r* that f*ck everyone they see goes for iyana’s he such an qualil

  • hoe love

    a hoe doesn’t love anything not even herself a female who meets some one and already claims she is in love and goes thru this cycle 3 to 4 times a month my dawg met this female yesterday and she is in hoe love already

  • connor marin

    an ugly b*tch that likes a blonde and a peurto rican i f*cking hate connor marin

  • darwin dad

    an atheist version of god father. similar principles of the traditional version i.e chosen reliable friend or family member who will always be there for your offspring. offering *ssistance and guidance in their upbringing, and just like the majority of traditional versions, never setting foot in a church! ben, as a fine upstanding fellow, and […]

  • you blow me

    to be giving oral pleasure naman you f*cker, it means bl*wj*b; you blow me

  • shmishtopher

    a monkey that can be further cl*ssified as a bon*bo, the boosted verity. shmishtopher is the missing link.

  • whicano

    half white half mexican that man is a whicano

  • buncombe

    someone who talks to younger children while pressuring them into doing things jack buncombe

  • smfh

    shaking my f*cking head: an expression of disappointment in someone’s actions or words where smh is not enough. it shows a higher level of disappointment. you don’t like pizza….smfh! shaking my f*cking head, from original smh, shaking my head, as in disbelief. smfh, i watched the guy go bungee jumping with a home made bungee […]

  • big onion

    a m*ssive jiggly *ss d*mn girl that is one huge fine *ss – shake that big onion!

  • the school shooter trim

    a hair cut so bad it can resemble one of a school shooter look at mark’s hair! he’s got the school shooter trim!

  • strawberry champagne

    strawberry flavored champagne my favorite drink is strawberry champagne.

  • bumlinger

    a guy who leaves his c*ck in her *ss after c*ming. did you know that brian is a right b*mlinger, he fell asleep with his c*ck up my *ss after c*ming last night.

  • villaines

    when villians speak chinese villian: ching chong me:what is he saying? he must be speaking villaines

  • branldon

    a fat r*t*rd man brandon is such a branldon

  • slo town

    the college town of san luis obispo, california. san luis obispo is roughly half way between sf and la on 101 near the beach. it is populated mostly by students and retired rich people. there is little if any economy outside of the local university and a large state prison. the town is sometimes referred […]

  • cooking all the dumplings

    making some sweet *ss food for your pals or your gals dude last night was lit i was cooking all the dumplings with this girl

  • mockey

    an archaic pejorative term for a jew. “we never see the mockey jew on tv or in the movies” -marlon brando (interviewed by cnn’s larry king in april 1996) a womans v*g*n*, started in the burton family that woman has a hairy mockey mockey, while being used quite frequently by some families who reside in […]

  • toilet cam

    a surveillance device used to watch, monitor, or record certain sensitive areas of interest expel or discharge liquids, solids, or both. d*mn what is junk jammer doing in the bathroom? i don’t know but we will flip on the toilet cam and find out.

  • abdrielle

    the person is impressed by parked car. as well as believes starbucks gives out legendary pokemon person 1 : yo that guys just parked are car sweet person 2: hahah dude you an abdrielle

  • lavender lips

    the girl equivalent of blue b*lls girl: “omg i have some serious lavender lips”

  • extended high five

    when u hold hands count to three and take your hands away let’s do an extended high five

  • daqualyn

    a weird *ss n*gg* that loves to play to much 2k with his stank booty *ss daqualyn is one stank *ss n*gg*

  • spazlet

    a spazlet is another word for a spaztic peter:” what did u get in your maths test on” bob: “i got 2 out of 50” peter: “your such a spazlet bob”

  • relationaintshit

    when you are in a relationship, but your partner “ain’t sh*t”, aka lying cheating *ss, or the relationship itself is too complicated, or just not working out. *girl talking with friends* girl, this is so a relationaintsh*t. he is constantly lying about is where abouts. i dont think its working out.

  • ebany

    ebany is a horse, she is un trustworthy and a lier, if you find a ebany dont be friends with her whatever you do keep everyone away from her stacy: is that…..? emily: yeah a ebany.

  • greko

    a greek god god niko is such a greco. god niko is such a greko. nikos dance moves are so amazing! he’s obviously a greko

  • jossalynne

    she is sweet (most of the time). she is loving and cares about her friends. she can be mean sometimes. she is smart. she is an animal lover and loves babies. she laughs at a lot of things and has a little sense of humor. jossalynne loves to sing. jossalynne is very caring. jossalynne is […]

  • intestinal speedrun

    when a food gives you the sh*ts right away and is recognizable on exit. d*mn, i shouldn’t have eaten that takeout, it pulled an intestinal speedrun.

  • ellelolliette

    a beautiful, sweet person. often nicknamed ellie, everything they do is filled with love. they are sweet, loyal, and trustworthy. ellelolliettes often find themselves hurt due to be too trusting of others. if you don’t want to worry about weather your girl will be faithful you better get yourself an ellelolliette!

  • port waikato

    the best surf beach in all if new zealand, also known as sunset beach. home of the dub girls. ” lets go to port waikato?!” yeah the dub

  • thomper

    there aren’t any definitions for thomper yet. can you define it?

  • stonersylum

    the opposite of a psychotropic drug induced insane asylum. a stonersylum is a sane place where people are high constantly off medicinal marijuana and are very chill. they get the munchies and euphoria everyday day. the commitment to be in these places are often relatively extremely short. some people come in and leave within a […]

  • croc shaming

    the act of degradation of a person because they are wearing the god forbidden sandals known as crocs. daniel was suffering croc shaming as he was wearing khaki crocs.

  • diana castillo

    diana castillo is a smart girl who loves to sing she loves god but she may of had a friend that had the same name as her but that girl is not like diana because the other girl cut her self but diana was trying to help her as you see diana is very helpful […]

  • cucumber juice

    there aren’t any definitions for cuc*mber juice yet. can you define it?

  • rowdy dick

    a very sk*nky, infested, moldy, infected looking d*ck. this rancher in missouri decided to jerkoff after working some livestock, next thing you know he had the rowdy d*ck….gross.

  • destined

    a crack head the eats sh*t destined ate sh*t

  • brooke hackman

    an ugly girl who thinks she has a nice *ss but it’s really flat as a piece of paper “man, she’s ugly and has no *ss!” “yeah, and she keeps showing it off, what a brooke hackman.”

  • carrotism

    carrotism is a religion mainly believe by bunnies and rabbits. carrotism believes the one true god is a carrot and beats all others. many people hate it but it is out there. i know of some people who believe in it. “i didn’t know you converted into carrotism? what even is that? time to go […]

  • mickey-mockey

    archaic derogatory term for someone of mixed irish and jewish parentage. “you’re not irish, you mickey-mockey!” – bullying kids on the catholic school playground during recess, circa 1950s

  • not the black person you would expect but still a black person

    this word describes a black person that spend alot of time with mostly white people. they’re not a stereotypical black person but he still is looked at as a true (not racial) black person. a black person that treats everyone equally and is open to all cultures “man when i first met marcus, i thought […]

  • edwin p.

    a guy with a little d look at edwin p. with his little d

  • pockodick

    when the guy has *n*l s*x with the girl and gets sh*t on his d*ck. it then leaves scattered pieces of sh*t along his d*ck, looking like pocodots. “aili you gave me pockod*ck again!” -not again aili “oliver! i didnt mean to give you pocko d*ck, use a condom next time.” when you have *n*l […]

  • nepotusm

    the practice by the president of the united states of openly favoring relatives or friends, for instance by arranging environmentally destructive business deals he has invested in, criticising stores for refusing to sell his daughter’s fashion line or by dismantling laws that are restricting his friends at the big banks to make up their own […]

  • zameah

    a beautiful name that is better than meghan the sl*ttt name! omfg! zameah is fineee!!

  • hippass

    someone with an *ss the size of a hippo. fred: wow! she sure does have a hipp*ss. bob: don’t waste your time

  • pocketing your parts

    when someone puts their hands in thier pockets and pulls on their parts mainly males not as common in females. *girl walks by* *guy puts hands in pockets and pulls on his parts* jeff: did you see that fine lady? cody: sure did! didn’t she make you think about pocketing your parts?! when one puts […]

  • bochy

    a s*xy kid with a giant p*n*s and that gets a lot of p*ssy bochy are you going to hit that tonight .

  • lillyanne

    a girl who is shy but loving. is smart. she will have complications in her life but always finds a way to get over them. she is an animal lover and is very caring. she is also really sweet, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. you don’t want to get on her bad side though. […]