• ogre the top

    to say something is overdone while making a reference to shrek green is a bit ogre the top, don’t you think?

  • snowderboat

    the act of *j*c*l*t*ng onto a woman’s br**sts, then proceeding to motorboat said woman’s br**sts into your own *j*c*l*t*. i blew a load on her t*ts, then snowderboated her.

  • thcankle

    when the thigh calf and ankle all become one dawn girl u got a thcankle

  • on the ten

    simply the best. similar to 10 out of ten. “thanks for making me dinner, it was on the ten”

  • tender age

    it means ” a young age” i was able to play tennis at the tender age of five.

  • gutti wala

    someone who always says “my g” and “saying” which doesn’t even make any sense. this person is full on a pr*ck and acts hard. but when someone big comes up his tati starts to come out. he’s such a p*ssoo. 0 to 100 real quick he’s such a gutti wala

  • oversneeze

    when someone intentionally makes a sneeze louder than it should have been, or makes the sneeze sound a specific way on purpose. “ahmed oversneezed like the little attention wh*r* he is”

  • nude panties

    (noun, plural.) skin-colored, beige or brown panties without visible panty lines, so that you can’t see them through your clothes. – “sweetheart, you can’t go out like that! i can see your undies right through your dress.” – “but mom …” – “we really have to get you a pair of nude panties, darling.” – […]

  • basic beta

    the male equivalent of a basic b*tch. friend: “i can’t think yet. i need my pumpkin spice coffee first.” you: “… you’re such a basic beta.”

  • gun wrestling

    a spinoff of thumb wrestling, where the player, instead of playing with another person, is alone with possibly a bottle of alcohol and a gun of any choice. the player then wrestles with themselves on whether or not they should use said gun to commit suicide. i spent all last night gun wrestling. i’ll never […]

  • simieon

    guy with fat punging c*ck that tears *n*ses simieon inside of you

  • wizard powers

    when you don’t m*st*rb*t* to p*rnography, for each day you don’t, this is what you recive. the more you don’t m*st*rb*t* the more people are subconciously attracted to you s*xually. wow daniel i can not believe you got that hot girls number, it must be your wizard powers!

  • slab dab

    a slab dab is the inhalation of the vapors produced when someone vaporizes a slab (large amount of concentrated marijuana thc in the form of wax, hash, or etc., pressed into a flat sheet). this is usually done by placing the slab onto an extremely hot piece of metal that has been heated by a […]

  • wisconsin cheese doodle

    orange milky p**p i just took a wisconsin cheese doodle! it was amazing!

  • frie-cream

    when you dip your mcdonalds fries into you icecream yo, try having frie-cream, just fold your chip, dip it, eat it. so good. so good.

  • unlusting

    not l*sting for someone and/or something. he was unl*sting about the beautiful girl.

  • coffee house revolutionary

    this is similar to an armchair quarterback, all talk and no action. tyler was a typical coffee house revolutionary, all radical talk with no chance of action!

  • sqough

    queefing when you cough. pr*nounced sc-wawf “i coughed so hard in cl*ss i sqoughed.”

  • hackess

    there aren’t any definitions for hackess yet. can you define it?

  • upsetti spaghetti

    when someone is triggered. only your mom died, don’t be so upsetti spaghetti about it,

  • redorkable

    someone who is ridiculously cute being a dork. when your bf or gf does something dumb however they are still ridiculously cute. they are redorkable

  • funny you should ask

    someone who reminds somebody else about something he forgot to ask. how did you won that pastry contest? funny you should ask. i made a cake covered in cream and strawberries. that made me victorious.

  • ball gaser

    (ball gaser) when someone gets caught gasing at another person’s b*lls . haha your a f*g you looked at the brain your a f*cking ball gaser!

  • salt nation

    the saltiest motherf*cker that ever walked the american-canadian border. known for general grungy-ness, american-flag bro tanks, and being a loud and obnoxious drunk. the name is derived from his signature, salty responses to everything. person 1: “dude, i got you alcohol, what are you upset about?” person 2: “i asked for beer, not f*ckin’ vodka, […]

  • mulletry

    mulletry, the act of mullet ong, and generally *ssociated with camaros. between daughters i dabbled in mulletry

  • nutt-netted

    the process in which a human male that has recently finished his coming of age, still finds himself bound to modern internet society and culture. as he watches his peers socialize with potential mates, soon the realization sets in, that his own “coming of age” was encased by a digital webbing spun by the meme […]

  • sket

    daisy is a sket daisy is a sl*t who’s eyebrows look like dead caterpillars a sket short for sketel. caribbean term for super ho. that girl is a sket. do not drop the t. a motha f*kin b**tch even sl*ttier than a ho i h8 that b**tch she a sket basically a ho. wears mini […]

  • natusgender

    the non offensive term for cisgender. natus coming from the greek meaning born. the trans movement is against men playing trans women. should they allow trans women to play natusgender women?

  • barnacle boi

    a term used to flame a crusty person bob: “boiiiii ur a barnacle boiiii” tim: “oh wow u got me there”

  • bawlsssss

    typically used when you are trying to stop an awkward conversation or break and awkward silence. *sitting silently in study hall* random dude: bawlsssss

  • roman body shape

    (noun) a female human body in line with the tastes of the romans in cl*ssical antiquity, i.e. healthy-looking with wide hips, a straight waist, and small br**sts. whereas the modern beauty ideal tends to emphasize large br**sts, a slim waist, and round b*ttocks, combined with an unprecendented skinniness. – “i really wish i had an […]

  • lunch lady ass

    ah *ss that’s extra tall and extra wide but not at all thicc also you don’t kno where the legs stop and the *ss start “d*mn that fat girl got lunch lady *ss smh where her got d*mn legs even start tho”

  • sophia grace

    that one girl who thinks she’s so famous, but is really just an obese sloth who tries to sing. usually seen i’m a pink tutu, ordering around her slave, rosie. sophia grace is a fat b*tch who should be put in jail for kidnapping rosie.

  • ripped hoes

    a hooker or easy person who is so incredibly muscular, that one is more threatened than attracted. “dude i was definitely gonna slide in this ripped hoes dm’s but then i saw her biceps and i don’t know man, now she just scares me”

  • junior’s law

    any conversation, if long enough, will eventually have a s*xual reference. guy 1: “did you see that catch? how he held onto that ball was crazy!” guy 2: “must’ve learned from your mom. she had a grip on my b*lls last night.” gut 1: “seriously? pulling junior’s law at a football game? just wrong.” guy […]

  • miliei

    they love c*ck big ,medium as long as it’s a c*ck they will take it.they are know for taking it any where any time and in any hole. your such a miliei

  • putin dickrider

    a person from a western country who admires and praises russian president vladimir putin. bob: there trump goes again, praising putin. joe: what a putin d*ckrider!

  • creetin

    a synonym for a bully; acts rude, mean, or ignorant to someone or something tony d was a creetin, said freak a synonym for a bully; acts rude, mean, or ignorant to someone or something tony d was a creetin, said freak

  • alabamin

    the constant act of cousin f*cking and doing other alabama things i.e inbreeding,stealing ,ect.. johnny likes f*cking his sister,but she thinks it’s alabamin.

  • olmedo

    an old tomato that guy is olmedo

  • libba’d

    a state of immense intoxication to the degree of looking or acting like afl footballer tom liberatore ‘oi boys let’s get f**king libba’d tonight!’ ‘i heard jack got libba’d last night’

  • zachary yekta

    there aren’t any definitions for zachary yekta yet. can you define it?

  • fresh out of g.a.s.

    fresh out of g.a.s. means tired of caring or giving a sh*t! i was so sick of the games at that job, i am fresh out of g.a.s.

  • hemish

    the blackest sh*t you will ever see sh*t, my dog just did a huge hemish

  • mudiwa

    a shona (zimbabwean) name/ word meaning “loved one” or “darling”. usually a male name. mudiwa is such a sweet guy.

  • smitee

    a smitee is one who is struck or smitten. to smite the wicked is great fun, so let’s get a smitee.

  • kevontae

    a real trill hooper. that dude is a “kevontae.”

  • ellyes

    ellyes is the name of a total bad*ss, a scholar, and an incredibly fun guy. the name ellyes originates from the center of the earth and is incredibly rare. if you do happen to find a wild ellyes be sure not to say his name wrong or he will attack you with what ever is […]

  • hady

    kind of a cool stupid. hady needs to die.

  • file dump

    a file dump is a when you have been saving unused video clips on your camera/sd card for no reason and then run out of sp*ce foret new videos so you put all the clips into one video and will upload it to the internet. jason uploaded his first file dump to give sp*ce for […]

  • shakaia

    shakaia is a pretty, outgoing, and nice person. she can be chill with you depending on the relationship you two have. the type of person to bring a bag of snacks to cl*ss and share it with you. she is smart, playful, rough, and strong. and is also a cool person. “that girl is a […]

  • stewism

    v. (verb) the act of speaking in a matter that no one understands you, or leading students to commit suicide after my teacher used stewism no one could understand her

  • inetchuwah

    i need you i love you hi brooke inetchuwah!

  • boxican

    someone with a square shaped body frame, usually short. selena: does this dress make me look fat? friend: no, selena, your body shape goes perfectly with that dress, you’re a boxican.

  • tito dick

    d*ckman, baby! t*to d*ck, d*ckman baby! he raised phil and loves the ladies.

  • 360 fake

    that you’re so fake and you cant change on how fake you are. josh: wow. jennifer just stood me up at the movies again. she’s so 360 fake

  • perky jerky

    a b*n*r. an erect p*n*s aroused by s*xual activities. sometimes happen for no d*mn reason at the wrong time. oooo girl you just gave me a perky jerky;) you gotta jerk your perky jerky jeremy. suck my perky jerky sara lynn.

  • dick levee

    a d*ck levee is a line of pillows placed between two males while sleeping in same bed d*mn son, you need to throw up a d*ck levee or else ponchoboy will grind your hindquarters

  • ladarion

    a man who plays varsity football like a god, but can’t go half a season before injuring himself. often seen riding around on a scooter. wow that guy got hit hard! hopefully he didn’t pull a ladarion!

  • hyneama-noosh

    the expression “hyneama-noosh!” suggests to instantly disappear just as the legendary halloween creature is known to do. the origin dates from “the legend of the hyneama-noosh”, which reveals the spooky antics of a clownish scarecrow, best known for smashing pumpkins, and having a talent for vanishing into thin air. “you’d better “hyneama-noosh” and get the […]

  • devan’s cock

    the smallest p*n*s know to man. you’d need some mighty fine equipment to see that small thing wow that guy had like no d*ck. he must have a devan’s c*ck

  • fakewad

    a person who follows you on social media only out of politeness or for the numbers, not actual agreement or interest. guy i follow posted a s*xy picture of a girl. but when i twote a pic of same girl nekkid, he blocked me. what a fakewad.

  • sasqueech

    sasqueech. (noun) a female sasquatch. most commonly used to describe a female of uncommonly tall stature or a female who’s physical features and appearance resemble those of a sasquatch. ben: hey, bigdaddy! check out that girl over there, she must be at least 6’4″ but she’s so fine. i would love to hit that amazon […]

  • electile dysfunction syndrome

    a lifelong condition that makes a person not care and unmotivated to vote for any politician ever again in their lifetime. this is not a bad condition as democracy cannot be subverted by one single president; otherwise, that would be a fascist dictatorship. electile dysfunction syndrome can make your physical, mental, and emotional health a […]

  • motorhole

    the act of motorboating an *ss id like to motorhole that *ss!

  • trujb

    another way of writing true jb, meaning true jailbait, meaning actually younger than the legal age and not just a twenty-something who tries to look like a teen. awww, this one’s trujb!

  • mcdonald’s wifi

    very bad, laggy internet. usually is an insult during gaming in group chat referring that you have bad wifi. – gg bro your not hosting your on mcdonald’s wifi

  • tarnjit

    someone who is always crying for no reason stop being a tarnjit

  • michael jordy ortiz

    some who is being gay-hitler bryan is being michael jordy ortiz

  • breadpussy

    a yeast infection. friend:”amy told me she has a yeast infection dont embar*ss her” aye !!! amy greg said you got breadp*ssy that true!!!

  • kelvin benjamin

    a very compet*tive s*xy beast known for their athleticism a wide receiver on the carolina panthers (#13) that player is a good example of kelvin benjamin a very agile player

  • large donger

    a rather big male genitalia in both length and girth. emilio: wow, that’s a large donger!! nick: thanks emilio, i knew you would like it!

  • john loverde

    works for veneklasen *ssociates. identifies as the smartest person in the room and the biggest c*nt in the acoustical kingdom. dude, he’s being a straight up john loverde.

  • sword brother

    “olden times (greek/uncle?) when men would go into battle and would be like: we’re sword brothers!!! so they would just f*ck and bond cause they’re sword brothers.” i’m cool with sword brothers. –ron stoppable aka jiggity james

  • gutted salmon

    a large juicy and succulent v*g*n* with mouth-wateringly sweet pink and fleshy lips.. not so appealing to vegans and vegetarians.. more a gourmet dish for the committed practicing v*g*n*rian.. must be eaten fresh, or it rapidly becomes a musky mackerel, which is not quite so fresh, or even worse, a rancid pilchard.. big lady was […]

  • daelon

    goon *ss n*gg*; will f*ck you up on sight;take yo b*tch;flip a brick; and make 2 mill by tuesday n*gg* f*ck wit me “yo cuh if you trynna be the daelon of the gang you gotta earn yo stripes lil p*ssy” -gøønsquâd šçrappÿ łøčč gspc 602

  • colorado campfire

    the act of stuffing a marshmallow up a girls *sshole, and then proceeding to f*ck the marshmallow deeply inside her, like one was loading an old civil war musket. then upon finishing inside said *sshole, the female is asked to evacuate the contents upon two eagerly waiting graham crackers. it is considered rude if the […]

  • trump kiss

    to kiss a stranger whom you never met before on her lips instead of on her cheeks. a miss universe was taken aback when one of the event organizers gave her a trump kiss, before she was officially crowned.

  • bible fool

    a person who makes stupid decisions resulting in loss of *ssets and disaster of biblical proportions. fred: i adopted an akita from a family that says the dog has become aggressive. lynne: you’re a fool, like from the bible. you’re a bible fool.

  • lil buddy

    a little friend hey lil buddy whats up? a chicago term used to identify a friend or an unidentified person. what iz u lookin at lil buddy. what’s good lil buddy. a little redneck guy who is the direct result of in-breeding. on his way to the tavern yesterday lil’ buddy fell off his horse […]

  • bi curryous

    a person who loves curry so much that it becomes part of their ident*ty. this person often struggles with deciding which is their favorite curry. tanya knew she was bi curryous when she found a pool of drool all over herself after daydreaming about curry lauren is bi curryous, she can’t decide yet when alex […]

  • shoheb

    the pablo escobar of his time. dual personality good and evil. shoheb is good in bed and has a large p*n*s. shoheb is a trap star

  • dental vagina

    dental v*g*n* is a term for a castrating woman and her way of demeaning males. juanita was an angry woman with a dental v*g*n*.

  • meme addict

    someone who is addicted to memes like an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, or a drug addict is addicted to drugs. did you hear jamie is a meme addict, he cant live without them.

  • mongschlong

    after consuming one too many beers and then trying to have s*x with someone while struggling with a limp p*n*s i pulled a bird but after all that beer all i could do her with was my mongschl*ng

  • work boy

    term for a male s*x worker dating back to slavery/plantation times i like to f*ck my work boy

  • danger dolan

    a type of rare pink carrot found in ireland no i don’t like danger dolan

  • rapach

    sweet *ss dude man, that guy is such a rapach!

  • extraneous solution

    an illegitimate solution of an equation, which was obtained as a result of indulging in some extra-algebraic or illegal manipulation—the “faux solution” fails to satisfy both sides of the equation. in solving an algebraic equation involving a radical, students tend to square both sides of the equation, which often results in an extraneous solution—a number […]

  • moniggn

    expression of happiness ,excitement ,or agreement. guy1: wanna go play some xbox? guy2:moniggn!

  • sahdud

    one variation of the urban slang for “what’s up dude?.” often used as a casual greeting between mates. most common spelling – sud dude jerry – “sahdud” tom – “oh sahdud!” one variation of the urban slang for “what’s up dude?.” often used as a casual greeting between mates. most common spelling – suh dude […]

  • hibaq

    an annoying girl who toxic and everybody hates. also a girl who thinks she is oh so funny. oh my god that girl is such an hibaq!!

  • black baboon

    (noun) a real spear-chucker who causes problems with their outlandish comments and actions (noun) an uncle tom who gets him-/herself into trouble for being a true nig nog (noun) n-word jim “f*cking ricky is such a black baboon; he caused such a brawl at the black pearl on grand avenue last night…” “how many times […]

  • resident-baiting

    the act of presenting spurious information on social media platforms with the specific intent of gaining adverse and/or aggressive reactions for the amus*m*nt of the posting party and others wise to the motivation of the post. resident-baiting is so known due to its origins on the 25,000 member ibiza winter residents facebook group. due to […]

  • make garrett great again

    a movement established in 2015 to make anything with garrett in the name great again, because let’s be real, it wasn’t already great. this includes garrett county, garrett middle school, and garrett as a first name. god d*mn people, why can’t we just make garrett great again?

  • pansy mouth

    someone/something that cannot handle extreme/spicy flavors jim is a pansy mouth, he can’t handle the taste of pepper.

  • lltp

    laughing like a teapot. when you laugh so hard and uncontrollably, you sound like a steaming teapot. ben stein was so funny, he had me lltp.

  • laying doggo

    british slang for in bed, sick as a dog! nigel was laying doggo for a day after the public crawl!

  • spat in the burger

    the act of applying moisture to a dry v*g*n* she opened her legs and i was consumed by a cloud of dust, like a sandstorm in the sahara, so i spat in the burger. as made famous on a pinball forum

  • hailavitis

    a rare disease on witch the cl*toris becomes unaware of its soundings, making the female *rg*s*m neerly impossible without the aid of stimulation of the brain. “its too bad that nicole has hailavitis, she’ll will never feel the delighted experience of s*xual intercourse again.” said logan

  • enass

    en*ss is a person who appreciates the realness of life. she’s that friend you tell things that you don’t usually say out loud but you understand each other. en*ss is a friend you can be real with

  • dasani dick

    a p*n*s that is abnormally shaped like a dasani water bottle. “what did his p*n*s look like?” “his dasani d*ck was shaped like a water bottle” “ew”

  • ergo ergo

    the best soothing enhancing s*x toy i love that ergo ergo

  • mr west

    gay c*nt that guy is such a mr west

  • my brain hurts

    to cause pain to the brain . or to cause pain to the cerebral cortex my brain hurts when i think bout that.

  • bad ronald

    something that’s really good. a bad-*ss mother f*cker. d*mn sonny d this pesto-*ss pizza is one bad ronald sh*t fam mcdonalds is so good it’s definitely the baddest of ronalds

  • sean dyer

    an idiot who can p*ss you off and get whatever he wants he’s a b*tch to u and won’t leave you a lone with the huh challeneg oh god it’s a sean dyer in its natural habitat

  • canadmunist

    a canadian expatriate, usually wealthy or a celebrity, living in the united states, who constantly talks sh*t or down about their host country. usually they are escaping paying high canadian taxes, their cr*ppy healthcare system or just because canada sucks so bad as a place to live. matt: “did you hear what that punk seth […]

  • henton morton

    a “henton morton”, usually is a reference to a male that has the appearance of a f*ckboy that looks/is dusty, crusty, musty, and has a tetris looking hairline. that boy over there looks like a “henton morton”.

  • icey eternity

    when an immortal is thrown into a fridge and cannot escape. left to only be able to fap and play on their phone. gary was forever trapped in his icey eternity.

  • calvin cycle

    contrary to popular belief, the calvin cycle does not refer to the process of photosynthesis in plants. it refers to the online internetainer leafyishere. similar to the keemstar cycle, the cycle follows as such: 1. bullying 2. youtube drama 3. sh*tty behavior backfires 4. plays victim the calvin cycle is almost certain to coincide with […]

  • homadic

    roaming cities and living all around a city. replaces the derogatory ‘homeless.’ a homadic lifestyle is not for everyone, but it can be quite an adventure!

  • kneecoleslaw

    a cat choking b*tch that shows her t*ts on chaturbate. girl, did you hear about legendarylea? i heard she kneecoleslaw’d her cat.

  • pepr

    people is such a mainstream word, pepr (pr*nounced: peeper) is a greater alternative 😉 plus you’ll get a lot of girls saying the word pepr instead instead of people, it sounds sophisticated and s*xy! “we the pepr of the united states..” “morgan and morgan for the pepr” “you pepr need to calm down”

  • wikipedia vandalism

    wikipedia vandalism is an act of course where the user will add an irrelevant comment, remove all the text, replacing the text, adding links etc, which have nothing to do with the original article. person 1: why the f*ck are there mario links on the f*cking sonic page on wikipedia? person 2: some f*ggot did […]

  • plooging

    reaching *rg*sm “i’m plooging right now.” “i;m gonna ploog!”

  • touhou project

    (note: this is coming from a person that has never played any of the games but has read the wiki) touhou project, simply referred to as touhou, is a series of j*panese danmaku games created by a single man that undergoes the name “zun.” tp put this to simpler terms: it’s little girls shooting lasers […]

  • vertical 69

    a s*x position your parents may have done to bring you to this world i had vertical 69 with my girlfriend last night, she loved it.

  • bralessness

    (noun) (1) the state of being braless, or not wearing a bra; (2) a feminist act of defiance against normative expectations for women to constrict their br**sts in something impractical and useless; (3) a risky strategy that implies letting your br**sts free rein, allowing men and women alike to stare at your wobbly br**sts or […]

  • higher than a billy goat

    the billy goat is the alpha male of a herd. he is at the acme of command. darius is higher than a billy goat

  • nutritional fuck

    the act of purchasing a food product based upon the nutritional facts guide on the package, then later realizing the serving size has been scaled down to something a small insect would ingest. you: “heidi you just ate that whole bag of chips!” heidi: “it’s okay, it only had 2 grams of fat.” you: “you […]

  • 👅🍑

    what a guys sends claiming he wants to eat *ss. jay: omg becky i wanna stick my tongue in your *ss👅🍑 becky: omg jay i would love that👅🍑

  • life’s debt

    the opposite of a life’s savings. its when you acquire lots of credit card debt, car loan, students loans and are financially inept. jack spent his life buying what he wanted with no impulse control and built up his life’s debt.

  • pulled a jigglypuff

    the act of drawing all over someone when they are p*ssed out or unconscious. matt is p*ssed out…. tim takes a sharpie and draws crude pictures and words all over matt’s face and body. george yells “d*mn, tim pulled a jigglypuff!”

  • popularst

    most popular when referring to a trap nation song. this song is going to become one of trap nation’s popularst songs ❤💎

  • 180bpm deathgrip

    the act of stroking ones p*n*s with the force of a hulk, while going at the speed of 180bpm completely destroying the male reproductive system. – did you hear what happened to pöhö last night? the chick gave him an 180bpm deathgrip. he was hurried to the hospital and might never recover.

  • banana pingas muffins

    what you yell in frustration while hungry and desperate to jack off knowing full well it’s going to take for f*cking ever to get your sh*t done. person a: how much do we have left to do? person b: we still got to *insert a list so long that i was too lazy to write […]

  • staredaddy

    a dad that stares with l*stful eyes at his teenage, or young adult, daughter’s friends or son’s girlfriend it just creeps me out to hang out at molly’s house because her father is such a staredaddy

  • let it wang

    a) to rage b*lls b) to do fun drugs c) to play music at full volume. did you see freckles last night ? yeah he was all f*cked up screaming and skateboarding around with a bottle of jameoh and two broads. he definitely let it w*ng , forsure. a) to rage b*lls b) to do […]

  • debuqa

    a hard social studies major grade project mrs. hawes gave us a hard debuqa in social studies cl*ss.

  • nawrin

    an individual that runs away from love proposals. guy: “will you go out with me?” girl who guy likes: *runs away* guy’s friend: “what a nawrin”

  • jazware

    someone who has the incapability of saying “sea gulls” and instead says “sea galls” jazware can also be pr*nounced “vaz waaaare” someone who has the incapability of saying “sea gulls” and instead says “sea galls” jazware can also be pr*nounced “vaz waaaare”

  • meme magic

    harvesting the power of memes to effect any large events such as the 2016 presidential election. “trump’s alt right supporters used meme magic in his favor”

  • real heroes die alone

    military combat slang for going on a high risk small unit or solo mission. don’t worry sarge, real heroes die alone anyhow!

  • terryanda

    a girl who is shy, has strong feelings,beautiful,usually has a small booty,and is smart when she wanna be. terryanda is beautiful.

  • momma v

    the world’s most awesome, yet bad *ss mother. she can be your best friend or she can scare the sh*t out of you. even though she’s gorgeous, she won’t admit it. she’ll buy you a lot of clothes that probably don’t look good, but you love her anyway. she loves her dog and ice cream. […]

  • de-virginalization

    to deflower a person, or to take their virginity i think i might go through with de-virginalization tonight with felix!

  • clown hunt

    when you and your local boys are going out on a hunt for clowns oi bruv wanna get the g’s out and go for a cheeky clown hunt while popping xanies so we can finally get over our depression?

  • fisting coffee

    a provocative way to get caffeine into one’s system, usually involving the thrusting of both fists aggressively and suddenly into a bag of coffee beans to begin the brewing process. joe enjoyed fisting coffee in the morning.

  • “milo stewart” syndrome

    the belief that “all men are misogynistic,” that “all white people are racist,” that “all cisgender people are transphobic,” etc. gross stereotyping. person 1: “that girl said i’m h*m*phobic because i’m cisgender!” person 2: “d*mn, that’s a case of “milo stewart” syndrome

  • the asps

    general feelings of agitation “what’s up with david? he’s been pretty on edge recently.” “don’t worry about that, he’s just got a case of the asps”

  • twatbeard

    someone who is a bit of a pr*ck with well manicured facial hair. look at adam over there, kicking a ball, what a tw*tbeard.

  • playing tarzan

    this is military slang for survival and bushcraft exercises in the field. next week, we get to go to sere training to survive and start playing tarzan in alabama!

  • slacklinning

    to urinate through the for-skin and not having the courtesy to ‘c*ck-back’ and revel the helmet for increased aim. usually ending in a large amount of spray in all directions. dude, which one of you cucks was slacklinning!! there’s p*ss all over the floor!

  • wiggle womper

    someone who hooks up with lots of different people for cuddling, not s*x. – clarissa is such a sl*t. – nah, she’s just a wiggle womper.

  • casual nudity

    (noun) the state or quality of being naked in the presence of somebody else, just because it happens or needs to happen, for example when changing clothes in a changing room. the term implies that the person being naked is comfortable with it because it is casual, functional, and thus meaningless. for the other person […]

  • queer meme

    the opposite of a dank meme. a meme that is not funny in anyway, and is unnecessary, and is not one of those jokes that are so bad that they are funny. person1: i had milk and cereal this morning! ha! person2: queer meme.

  • nightpizza

    a word used to trivialize nightmares for young children. is this show going to give you nightpizzas little one?

  • jacob wickett

    commonly known as “mouth breather”, every breath he takes sounds like hes gonna bite the dust. believed to resemble the appearence of freddy krueger as he constantly picks at acne on his face. his body has been noted by eye witnesses to be pale and covered in either moles, acne or both. it is also […]

  • #lglg

    shortcut on blackberry phones to clear all history. #life’s good life good as jay gets pulled over by gang suppression unit he swiftly punches #lglg then blackberry b*tton to clear all phone history so he doesn’t get narct.

  • fire-tist

    one who is knowledgeable in the inner makings of a bonfire. most importantly, the individual likes for the fire to look good throughout the entire process. d*mn max… when’s that fire gonna be ready? response: b*tch i’m a fire-tist, you can’t rush perfection! now go get me another load of wood. that’s exactly why you […]

  • 4 seazons

    south side atlanta’s answer to rittz. he’s a white boy that can rap fast. disrespecting me i’m 4 seazons muhf*cka.

  • paganator

    a paganator is some one that is a snake, b*tch, snitch and so on. also a paganator creates others to be b*tchy sarah: “am i a pagan” lillie:”not just a pagan but a paganator ” or friend:”your such a paganator” me:”tell me about it”

  • carolina scorpion

    male inserts p*n*s in to v*g*n* from the back and lifts up the female till her arms ar locked holding her body up on the bed she then wraps her legs around the males back (he is in a standing position) then he puts his hands on the bed to thus create the scorpion shape […]

  • holly young

    i love you i love you, b*tch (holly young)

  • gang bang ladder

    when a whole f*ckton of people continuously climb each other so they can f*ck one person. everybody knows an orgy isn’t great until the gang bang ladder starts.

  • shector

    is an all around amazing person who’s funny , loving , caring , generous , handsome, and charismatic. shector is someone that i’d want to meet someday !

  • tristanne

    this person is an amazing person. she helps all her friends and is an amazing athlete. she helps people in anyway she can. tristanne helped me with my math homework.

  • gymsick

    the state of being sad and overwhelmed because you’re away from your regular gym and you’re finding it difficult to adapt to the new one. steve : why couldn’t benchpress that !! it’s so light for him ! kev : get off his back, he’s feeling gymsick.

  • 100 lux

    to be 100 lux you have to meet the following requirements: 1.someone who gives no f*cks. 2. a person who is s*xy as f*ck. 3. someone who’s in there own universe. 4. someone who makes there own rules and breaks them just because “why not”. 5. someone with taste, but it has to be there […]

  • majestic thunder

    the most handsomest-man-alive. current handsomest-man-alive: kyle crisus stuyck, june 24, 2003 everyone: isn’t that majestic thunder guy just soooo dreamy?(fluttering eyes) majestic thunder: you know it sweetheart.(wink) everyone: awwwwww.(fainting from the bright blue-ish/green-ish/gray-ish sparkle of his eyes)

  • barbecue fingering

    when you finger a girl’s *sshole and some sort of residue comes out onto your hand. you decide to give it a lick, it looks like barbecue sauce. it’s definitely not. “i had a bad case of barbecue fingering last night…”

  • froggo doggo

    a doggo who is also a froggo, but is a doggo. what? froggo doggo is majestic, but doggo is not froggo… what is life anymore?

  • antonio hale

    former bd now a bdk antonio hale is also a co-founder of ldg but just wants to be inna mafia sucking d*ck antonio hale is a d*ck sucking *ss eater

  • kiboy

    kiboy is usually a name of a person who mistreats people and is very s*xist and biast. people say a “kiboy” is a devil offspring. that person is such a kiboy!, you should punish him!

  • jameel abdul pittman

    is a savage can take your girl and f*ck your sister at the same time.also can pleasure any women,is a ultimate p*ssy a handsome and has good luck. jameel abdul pittman just ate my p*ssy out so good

  • will vanslander

    will vanslander; a boy but is definitely a f*g! is hayden a will vanslander?

  • mooselamb

    a slight representation of the word “muslim”. to be said in “southern like slang”. “a mooselamb works here at the 7-11” “those d*mn mooselambs getting away with stealing our oil!”

  • scoopia

    a nick-name for anyone who is super s*xy and tatted up named richard. to also be used with the word nadies. “hey there scoopia! how are you doing?” she said. “i’m doing fantastic now that you are here nadies!”

  • dope honey

    a female that dates a man or woman that sells drugs. them fly b*tches ain’t got no job, they ain’t nothing but some dope honeys.

  • jason monroe

    a bad *ss attorney from the southside of atlanta. i totally recommend jason monroe.

  • maplewoodstock

    the yearly congregation of ex-hippies and nuclear families in stoner park, maplewood nj. known for lots of weed and bad music. i can never decide if i love or hate maplewoodstock, but i definitely have strong feelings about it.

  • snowball eruption

    a s*xual act where a female puts four fingers into a male’s b*tt hole while sucking him off until he *j*c*l*t*s into her mouth then she spits the load into his b*tt hole after that the male stands over her an farts the load back into her mouth. did you hear ms. johanson is super […]

  • etson

    a name for the best person in the world hey look it’s etson

  • yeti-ing

    the act of rubbing j*zz covered p*b*s on your partner’s face 1) did you hear what braedon did to ryan. he was yeti-ing him all night. 2) oh my god. i can’t believe he would do that.

  • watdfukovr

    when someone is doing something stupid when somebody runs up behind you and threw water on you. you would say watdf*kovr.

  • pop the fuck off

    move back, pop off, get out of my face, a frase meaning to leave you alone said in a p*ssy tone andun told jonathan to pop the f*ck off after he threatened him

  • nibba

    the art of changing word “n*gg*” slightly, so no one gets offended. white folk: what up nibba?! black folk: did you just say n*gg*?! white folk: no, lol, i said “nibba”! black folk: ok, we cool, my nibba. n. a synonym for the word, n*gg*, that white peeps can use without fear of being called […]

  • tallented

    a basketball player who is just tall but has no other skills for basketball. john: he’s so tall, but he’s bad at basketball. matt: he’s just tallented

  • flutie funnel

    pouring alcohol down a women’s *ss crack then drinking it in the tossed salad position. this was invented by buffalo bills fan base. i just drank from the flutie funnel…bruh!

  • swurshin

    the act of moving your fingers or tongue in a downward spiral. everytime i perform oral on my girl. i always make sure i’m swurshin cause you gotta treat your lady right.

  • loupanzee

    a cross species between human and chimpanzee. the humans must be named louis and look like a chimpanzee. i wonder if we can see the loupanzee at the zoo?

  • fruity hole

    putting fruit loops and milk inside an *n*s i have her a fruity hole

  • mihalina

    another name used for a v*g*n*. very irritating mihalina is fire

  • jooging

    typically used in the bay area jooging means to discount or to sell at a discounted price plug: this is sour d bruh u aint gun get better sh*t than this lil bish: ill do u $10 for an egg plug: trust me bruh im jooging you here, $20 for a g lil bish: fine […]

  • chontaya

    someone who has a mom that is white, but wanted a black kid. chontaya is a bad b*tch, but is white as h*ll

  • sphincter spigot

    a homemade enema (usually made from a combination of a crack pipe and large funnel) that makes the flowing waters of sh*t turns into an unsightly sea foam green, resembling the rivers of ganges. man, i got so constipated from all that heroin, i had to make a sphincter spigot in order to clean out […]

  • quarry lane

    a sh*t school where kids think they are smart, but really they are arrogant sh*t heads who can’t give a speech for their life, however they are ok at math and science. the quarry lane student was asian.

  • trumping the nation

    trumping the nation means to run for president hillary clinton is trumping the nation!

  • methcie

    a term to jokingly refer to muncie indiana and the met epidemic. did you hear that the delaware county sheriff’s department buster over 200 meth labs in muncie last year, in other news the city council has decided to change the name of the city from muncie to methcie, with our new tourist slogan being […]

  • bread stick pudding

    the action of rammimg an olive garden bread stick repeatedly up the *n*s for a burning sensations. the bread stick must quickly be replace before it gets saturated in pudding and no longer provides pleasure. i told my girlfriend i wanted to get kinky for our anniversary, so she let me eat her bread stick […]

  • bed bird

    a person who has their make-up done well but is otherwise in bed. typically have messy hair and pjs on. “i did my make-up but then just laid in bed all day. what a waste.” “you’re such a bed bird.”

  • dicky booty

    a very offensive name to call a females who is s*xually active wow, brittany is such a d*cky booty.

  • cownalingus

    the stimulation of a female cows genitals by using ones mouth. usually done by young males in the d*nka tribes of south sudan, in order to force the cow to lactate. this is believed by many to be the reason why many african american males refuse to perform cunnalingus. i tell ya bro, she wuz […]

  • coomi

    black t*ts or coomel: lady with black t*ts coomasculine: man with black t*ts coomer: black t*ts with cancer you’re a coomi

  • april red

    nice girl and lovely to people. can be a b*tch (all the time) and really biased. watch out. also a nurd guy 1: yo fam, that girl is a major april red” guy 2: “but she a b*tch tho” guy 1: “that why she is an april red

  • tuvoo

    what are you f*cking gay paul: hey i like c*ck zander: tuvoo what are you f*cking gay paul: hey i like c*ck zander: tuvoo

  • kitiara

    kitiaras can be very vicious and sweet at the same time if you get to know them kitiara is a b*tt

  • my right nut

    not the left one 2k kwame : my right nut hurts finn: you mean the left one 2k kwame : no i mean the right one

  • costco dim sum

    free, *ssorted tasting samples at costco jill: what do you all want for lunch? kendall: we’re good, dad and i just came back from costco dim sum

  • selworthy

    education center for sp*ccers/r*t*rds like caedschl*ng. go suck off a r*t*rd from selworthy

  • astromatch

    when your astrology sign is a perfect match with your significant other’s sign. me and my husband are a perfect astromatch! he’s a taurus and i’m a scorpio.

  • u.s. chair force

    this is a derisive term the army uses to mock the usaf for generally having less mandatory physical training or pt. the u.s. chair force only has a 2 mile run!

  • tharushi

    a round potato, also known as a small child. generally very smart and is creepy. look at her! she is a potato, her name must be tharushi!

  • howbout

    a conjugation of ‘how about’, such as “how about we do this” or “how ’bout we do this”, such that it would be written “howbout we do this” howbout we go to this spot.

  • unassigned assigned seat

    a seat in cl*ss (most often a college cl*ss) that you normally sit in all the time; so much so that it practically belongs to you. more often than not, the majority (or even the entirety) of the cl*ss has one because they pretty much always sit in the same seating arrangement every cl*ss. however, […]

  • wiener salting

    the act of creating friction between your p*n*s and a mattress. an advanced form of masturbation. i’ve been doing so much wiener salting last night i should become an honorary citizen of tuzla.

  • dentitals

    a v*g*n* with teeth be careful of chanel number 5. she devours d*cks with her dent*tals.

  • mad eats

    food will: where are you going – you hungry? nicole: yeah, i’m getting mad eats.

  • alieni ite domum

    latin phrase meaning “strangers go home”. alieni ite domum is not a racist phrase by itself, since it doesn’t really define the term “stranger”.

  • hairchop

    the arbitrary impulse or desire to grab the back of woman’s hair and pull harshly exposing her neck and then deliver a judo chop. he walked into the house and his wife yelled “take out the garbage” to which he responded, “how about i givè you a hairchop?”

  • jechrey

    a giant f*g. he is such a jechrey

  • icing the muffin

    icing the m*ffin is where you *j*c*l*t* on the m*ffin top of a woman. because once you put icing on a m*ffin it is now a cupcake. she has a cute little m*ffin top. yes and i am going to put some icing on that m*ffin. aka icing the m*ffin

  • ντακότα

    ντακότα is the greek term for dakota .dakota is a kind guy who uswoly gets all the girls wow a dakota he is so cute did you know in greek it is ντακότα so dremy

  • clurvey

    describes someone who has a very unique and funny nature and stands out from others. brendan has a very clurvey personality.

  • gummin’ up some nip

    when a person with no teeth attempts to bite or ‘gum’ on a nipple, often for s*xual purposes. i would have went to that site if they we’re hot, but i don’t need to see ruthless toothless gummin’ up some nip. i would love to just bite on a nip but my dentures always fall […]

  • va-jay-jay sweater

    a hairy p*ssy, usually one that is thick and matted over like those heavy holiday sweaters with tangled p*b*s like they’ve been woven by amish elves. yeah, imagine trying to f*ck that! dolph: d*mn, bro. i just had my hand down frita’s pants! gregor: score, dude! dolph: not so fast, holmes. i couldn’t even get […]

  • thorange

    a combination of the and orange. otherwise is the only word that rhymes with orange. braden: hey what rhymes with orange? tom: thorange. braden: thanks!

  • little tot

    a small ___. used mainly to explain little children and sometimes something small. a -” aww look at that little kid!!” b- ” the little tot is cute”

  • weedoff

    a person that gets off by just looking at weed wow! he is such a weedoff!

  • daniel chase

    winner of the human race; daniel chase will always be there for a sick friend in need. if found please return to murphy’s barn off the 401. “is there a daniel chase in the audience?” -eden

  • medieval body shape

    (noun) a female human body in line with the ideals of medieval europe, i.e. a pet*te and slender figure, small and round br**sts high on the chest, and a protruding, round belly. beauty ideals change over time and depending on the location and context. in western europe during the middle ages, the n*bility set a […]

  • 🐸☕

    this can be used as “no comment” in a text conversation or as a remark to something, someone has said; emplying that their statement is a lie or ridiculous. lisa: “oh yeah, i didn’t f*ck both of them in one night” sharon: “mmm…🐸☕”

  • painting pumpkins

    the act of going to a girl house and c*mming al over her *ss during the fall season matt loves painting pumpkins yo anyone wanna paint my pumpkin tonight yeah man i totally painted her pumpkin last night

  • noah b.

    noah b. is a pretty cool kid dude… noah b. is sick

  • small breasts

    (noun, plural) female br**sts that are considered small, i.e. smaller than average or smaller than what is considered beautiful. with a huge variety in breast sizes as well as preferences, what are considered small br**sts differs widely, too. the smallest bra size is an aa cup, followed by a and b, which are often considered […]

  • jew boi

    name given to a person who loves being a jew and calls anyone who doesnt understand it a n*z* chris: being a jew is great kaelin: stfu jew boi chris: n*z*

  • trumpspunket

    female political devotee of donald trump. usually a m*ss of uninformed prejudices and vitriol squeezed into an overweight body in grubby jeans and t shirt. either a quite physically unattractive woman, or an attractive woman, whom, once she starts to speak, you realise she has nothing but gopvomit between her ears where her brain ought […]

  • auddie

    auddie usually is someone who sucks d*ck for money so she can just shoot in her arm. she likes to suck d*ck, but never for free and decides she will give rimjobs at somepoint in her life. she loves d*ck and *sshole, usually starts to be a wh*r* around the age of 15. omg, she […]

  • maryjoy

    maryjoy is the term used for a girl with d*ck sucking lips and likes to act smart john: d*mn did you see that maryjoy walkin down the hall zach: h*ll yeah dude

  • puerto rican paige

    down *ss chick with a heart of gold. loyal as they come, will have your back for life unless you give her a reason not to. puerto rican paige that’s my home girl

  • iphone finger

    the pain and soreness that develops in the main finger used to swipe the screen of your iphone or smartphone. iphone, smartphone, swipeitis, swipe, apple, samsung, finger, overuse i am developing some serious iphone finger, i have been on my iphone all day and my index finger is killing me.

  • chanz

    a really funny and good looking dude. very sarcastic but all around liked by everybody. has a caring side thats makes the girls go crazy. loved by women all around the world. especially in america and china. generally the coolest kid around. they call him mr. steal yo gurl girl 1: have you sew the […]

  • charles martin

    someone who usually p**ps next to the toilet instead of in it that freaking charles martin freaking p**ped in front of the toilet

  • paddish

    swedish slang for ipad. typically used by people who think they are better than everyone else “give me the paddish” “you mean ipad?” “uhm, of course” a word that is an adjective, verb, and noun. can define someone or something that is cute or cool etc. a word to use when something in life is […]

  • stewicide

    the act of committing suicide due to a horrible teacher the whole cl*ss committed stewicide after they all failed their exams.

  • bryin

    he is a c*nt that likes p*rn and jacks of to his dog he will watch any p*rn especially gay p*rn he has no d*ck so he uses a strap on to pretend he is another keemstar yo stop being a (bryin)

  • hot fortune

    betting you only have to fart and losing tony bet he only had to fart. he lost and won a hot fortune

  • akkshaye

    a person who is smart and strong. good to have as a boyfriend. usually falls in love with people whose name stats with s and ends with e akkshaye is here! quickly try to impress him!

  • straight juicing

    swagged-out to the max; the word incredible on steroids. bro, that mixtape is straight juicing.

  • coniferophilia

    (noun) (1) (biology) a profound interest in conifers: cone-bearing seed plants with vascular tissue, better known as pine trees, cedars, firs, redwoods, spruces… (2) (psychiatry) a type of dendrophilia, i.e. s*xual attraction to trees, more specifically conifers. dendrophilia is a paraphilia. paraphilic dendrophiliacs and coniferophiliacs are aroused by trees and sometimes want to have s*xual […]

  • street darts

    used hypodermic needles discarded in the street. usually found in most large cities, in and around parks, subway stations and homeless encampments mike: lets take the kids to that park downtown next to the museum. cristine: ok, great!! they’ll love it. it’ll be fun. mike: they will have a lot of fun, but we have […]

  • blushle

    being so embarr*ssed, but you try to play it off like it doesn’t bother you. 1. hey bro! stop blushling, we know you didn’t mean to pee in your pants. 2. dannnng!!! the blushles are real. your girl is trashing you bruh 3. yo, if you tell my secret, i’m just going to blushle and […]

  • ascension school

    ascension school is a private school in oak park that was established by the ursuline sisters in 1912. its great place to ruin your child’s life. the uniforms would look more flattering on steve buscemi then on literally anyone there. they have gym twice a week with the actual corpse of george washington. that school […]

  • keiaylah

    basically a beautiful girl, loves other girls, wears choker chains, loves takis, loves candy, and is taken by jaurne. this is by treshta . wow keiaylah is really humping jaurne.

  • alley scrounging

    exploring your neighborhood’s alleys, parks, abandoned parking lots, construction sites, etc, finding “usable” junk (furniture, statues, cd’s, etc…), then selling said junk at your own yard sale alley scrounging tbbh is more fun and educational to me, than let’s say an easter egg hunt.

  • espoohogi

    the chemical excrescense produced by a teenage male’s esophagus. can be found on the black market in 2-6 ounce jars for .05-.19 potato. “i just coughed up a lot of espoohogi.”

  • fertilize the clock

    the same as milk (or milking) the clock, but while you are staying on the clock beyond the end of your shift you are in the bathroom taking a long dump. are you going home right away? no that burrito i had for lunch is talking to me. i think i am going to stay […]

  • flourpour

    the process of pouring cocaine on a gl*ss table, into baggies, etc… yo, flourpour that on the gl*ss, so i can cut it.

  • straight up bear violence

    a phrase to concisely describe a ruthless, vicious mauling, that leaves the victim dazed and confused. “did you see what claire did to max just now?!” “yeah brah, straight up bear violence.”

  • sxoul

    to be so cool you can’t be defined as cool person 1: trey is so cool! person 2: no dawg he’s sxoul

  • mongo duke

    when you gotta take a huge sh*t. worst than diarrhea. worst than pretty much every other sh*t in the world. bruh i gotta take a huge sh*t. aww no it’s. mongo duke!!!

  • tege

    a very very very dark individual who usually has abnormally large eyes who also tends to talk in a in an obnoxiously loud tone this tege here is a right slapper

  • abss

    asian blind smiling syndrome when a person’s smile is so big that their cheeks push up their lower eyelids and they can’t see anymore. person 1: dude, look at that guy. he just ran into tree and he’s still laughing person 2: he must have abss.

  • take her to poletown

    take her to poletown is a way for a guy to tell someone that they are going to have s*x with a certain woman. it may be mistaken by the more naïve person (even the woman herself) as a reference to the polish district of a large city but that is just a guy’s way […]

  • jakie stewart

    jakie stewart means confusion. it means death to a.p students grades. it means the eventual suicide of at leaset 20% of students who take her cl*ss. man gonna go jakie stewart myself now. i’m so jakie stewart right now.

  • anal assassinator

    when someone f*cks a woman’s *ss so hard the *ss turns red and when the male *j*c*l*t*s, it completely fills her up and some c*m squirts out of the *ss. jeff: i don’t like to brag, but, her *ss was as red as a cherry. bob: i never knew you were an *n*l *ss*ssinator.

  • propoganda pushers

    the media outlets run by the establishment that destroy any political candidate who does not support the agenda of corporations and the superrich. corporate media, the liberal media, the 1%, corporations, superrich, the establishment, journalists, reporters, network news, cable news, biased media i am so tired of these propoganda pushers trashing my favorite candidate every […]

  • quid bone bro

    when you get your booty call to score you something you need. she wanted to come over and bang but i was out of weed so i made her bring some, quid bone bro.

  • boosted ape

    someone who is bad at league of legends kai is a boosted ape

  • bedbopping

    the act of dancing while sitting on a bed. while the upper part of the body moves to the music the lower part bounces on the bed to the beat. did you see that guy bedbopping on cam?

  • cocoa kiss

    touching ones b*tthole to another’s b*tthole. jake knew jessica was the one when she agreed to a cocoa kiss.

  • yasar

    yasar is the most amazing girl in the world she is the prettiest girl you will ever see you shouldn’t mess with her or your going to get beat up. yasar is super smart so she will answer any question you have.yasar always has that smile that lights everything up. she also really kind to […]

  • reverse blaucasian

    when black people who wants to be white or has been accepted in the white community. fabriana: hey girl, what you listening to? brenda: *pulls left headphone to the side of her head* yo i’m jammin to some metalica! this sh*t is lit!!! fabriana: *confused* oh wow. reverse blaucasian much?

  • snaturated

    when a woman is so s*xually aroused and wet that it can be visibly seen through her bottoms. baby girl was so snaturated she leaked through her lululemons and onto my drawers!

  • noah berry

    a fugly person with red hair and blue eyes and is funny he is such a noah berry

  • raqeeb

    a type of person who uses memes to his disposal. he blazes with sarcasm and has a billion planes to his disposal. wow i want to be a raqeeb when i grow up

  • permanast

    something has been so nasty for so long that even if you cleaned it, it would still be nasty. or something just happened that was so nasty, there can be no redemption. 1. i got this old cellphone, and i’ve cleaned it 4 times, but it still has bad breath smell and is greasy. it’s […]

  • justin ryan

    a facebook famous person for what appears to be mentally challenged. justin ryan loves gem gem

  • thralling

    having power over someone and/or something; putting someone and/or something under the sway of an influence. once they pushed p*ss the fort, they were thralling their foe.

  • study hall savant

    a young, ignorant know it all. sydney was an expert on everything at his school and on the net, a true study hall savant.

  • hung like a ho

    this state exists when one’s v*g*n*l or *n*l region is stretched out by s*xual contacts. juan is hung like a horse, so susie is now hung like a ho.

  • orthax

    i am the deadly orthax the slayer, desecrator of the holy, wielder of “vorcryst” the blade of sin, bane of all things divine, power gifted upon me by the primeval sent to do his bidding the mortal you knew is no more i shall call upon the mighty orthax to smite thee in twain.

  • dessert first

    licking a girls *ss or p*ssy before f*cking her with an *ss like that, i am having dessert first.

  • distargeted

    distracted shopping in target that causes you to spend $100 on stuff you never really needed, while diverting you from your original reason for being there. “omg! i went to buy dog food at target last night and got distargeted! i left with $98 worth of clearance halloween decorations!”

  • australian wrapping paper

    any type of paper used to stop the bleeding of a p*n*s. can be used for any situation where the p*n*s bleeds, such a cut from a razor, a freak donkey-wagon accident, etc. man: d*mn b*tch, your *sshole is so dry, you make my f*cking d*ck bleed because of the friction you hoe! woman: calm […]

  • finonkey

    a wild mythical creature mainly located in shaded areas such as woods and caves. he was first decovered in 2016 and has been known as a average person called fin. he is a cross between a person and and a donkey. they are very rare to come across but if you do see one approach […]

  • jobfished

    when you’re looking for a job online and it actually turns out to be a scam. don’t get jobfished.

  • spiritual castration

    permanently cleansing your inner hoe roshan: “i don’t want to date a potato.” anna: “roshan, don’t be a hoe. you need spiritual castration.”

  • league syndrome

    league of legends players’ who are normal quiet players. all of a sudden, they say toxic remarks such as: “kill yourself” “i hope you jump off a bridge” “cancer” “autism” or all of the above at the same time. these are players who feel insecure about themselves. they’re the type of players to act innocent […]

  • brandon boznick

    a rich kid who want everyone to know he exists brandon boznick is a peice of sh*t

  • the good succ

    commonly used when talking about having s*x. mostly referring to getting your d*ck sucked. oh yeah give me the good succ baby

  • lammed

    (luhmed) 1) getting laid 2) used to describe anything positive that one encounters. can range from a success or accomplishment in life to something insignificant that merely puts a smile on one’s face 1) my roommate for back from the party at 5 am. i think he got lammed last night! 2) friend 1: i […]

  • human puppet show

    having one’s right hand in one person’s *ss and the left hand in another person’s *ss and hitting the right nerves to force them into a humorous conversation preferably to entertain others. a young marquis de sade used to practice this at dinner parties in paris much to the delight of his s*xually deviant party […]

  • garbage expression

    garbage expression is a satirical form of expression that was discovered by jonny marrero through psychedelic experiences. ge usually portrays more emphasis on completely ignorant, obnoxious and crude comments. very similar to the online trolling(as it’s particularly used online and through other forms of social media), garbage expression is expressing completely ignorant/vile thoughts or ideas […]

  • denim liptre

    a lost sn*b that his lip is so d*mn big that the world can bounce on. d*mn thats big lip denim. wow why tf is that lip so big!!!!! dont let denim liptre lip buss dawgg

  • brianleite

    the best freakin person respect him brianleite is awesom

  • lil stevie

    tall skinny tatted up n*gg* from east atlanta zone 6 that guy lil stevie is my n*gg*

  • triple9

    code for when a police officer goes down. the only out of this is to call a triple 9. triple9 means sick, awesome, buck, amazing, groovy, fun, and cool. that concert was so triple9.

  • decka spaz

    the ultimate spaz nothing can beat it not even a seziure oi bruz, hit it with a decka spaz

  • asiack

    person who may be asian or may be black. can’t tell. i have no idea if he is asian or black, he is asiack

  • vinicio

    a ugly *ss d*ck, with a ugly hair, is gay, and doesn’t know how to talk vinicio shut up

  • rollthed20

    a stupid f*ck , normally found on twitch , streams games he cant beat and cries more than our lord and saviour dsp thinks skeletons can bleed , lives with his grandma , orders groceries from amazon and is unable to do any job has ginger hair and is a fat f*ck , extremely triggered […]

  • put the mayonnaise in the backpack

    (v) when hooking up with a sandwich artist from subway or quizno’s or any other sandwich making establishment, and the male put his mayonnaise (j*zz) into the sandwich artist’s backpack (r*ct*m). sara from subway: hey tina, jake, from state farm, came over to get a sandwich during lunch. tina from subway: oh yeah, how was […]

  • friembarrassment

    the feeling of embarr*ssment you get from another person when they make a fool of themselves. “did you see bob get rejected for homecoming in front of the entire school?” “yeah i was feeling major friembarr*ssment for him.” the feeling of embarr*ssment you get from another person when they make a fool of themselves. “did […]

  • bawbab

    when two or more compatriots are being total b*ll*nds they two are being right bawbabs the day

  • poochalytics

    an complex and elite fantasy football computation involving an uncanny intuition for players, a colossal knowledge of the game, and a swag that can’t be tamed. joe used poochalytics to consistently make his friends sad on sundays.

  • terrence higgins

    the first man to get aids in the uk oh my god you’re practically terrence higgins

  • jaivyn wester

    a really gay person.{f*got} n*gg* your a jaivyn wester you gay *ss n*gg*.

  • goop slap

    when you c*m on your hand and slap someone with the c*m smeared hand b*tch you talking all this sh*t, you finna get goop slapped

  • get into my/your head

    1)to go into deep thought and self-reflection. 2) to learn what motivates a person or what makes them react. last night, i wanted to get into my/your head.

  • hoopsies

    when you shoot a basketball and miss. *shoots basketball* *misses* lebron; hoopsies!

  • shahron

    someone who is very unique and can sing and dance! only talks to certain people and never starts drama. loved by a special one. handsome and beautiful. very unlikely to cheat. not a player. will always be there to make you laugh even when you don’t want him to be. doesn’t really get in trouble […]

  • nadnurb

    a guy who wears gl*sses but happens to have a large p*n*s. wow, that guy, he’s a total nadnurb. a guy who wears gl*sses but happens to have a large p*n*s. wow, that guy, he’s a total nadnurb.

  • smeggie

    the male equivalent of roastie. a man who doesn’t take care of his d*ckie (or has poor hygiene in general) and is overall unattractive. “wee woo wee woo smeggie alert code red smeggie alert”

  • sydney zara

    a polish girl that is often considered a primadonna. guy : oh wow! what a primadonna i think you would consider her a sydney zara.

  • chisel on the side

    to lie and pilfer. to steal small amounts over time. “it’s easier to lie and chisel on the side..” -frank zappa “i always wondered how he made so much money. he would chisel on the side and say the parts cost more and pocket the difference.”

  • yenge

    a friendly way to call someone’s wife in turkey, replacing the original name; it literally means aunt-in-law. some famous people started getting to use it on themselves, it is not correct to call yourself yenge. are you ready to become a yenge?

  • uncle and aunt gang

    onkel og tantegjeng (uncle and aunt-gang) is a group of people who are in their mid 20`s, normally couples, who rather enjoy staying in and playing board games than going out to drink. this is ok occasionally, but not every sat*rday night for the rest of your life. so what are you up to this […]

  • indiana log jammer

    having your mate upside down on a ladder while you stand over top of her t-bagging her b*tthole, or “jamming your log” “it was a first last night, we pulled off the good old indiana log jammer.”

  • slim piggins

    the options of fat girls at the bar during last call guy 1: yo man you taking anyone home? guy 2: idk man, its slim piggins

  • elliot eades

    elliot eades is an absolute c*nt and is the type of person who would get drunk at a party to the point where he is an absolute mess. elliot would also never be willing to give lifts as he is a self-centred arrogant tw*t. elliot eades can suck my m*ssive clundge

  • kitto

    kitto katto that kitto’s got some speed there.

  • sara ross

    and incredible dancer gorgeous girl and is s*xier then she knows. all the boys chase after her! boy that sara ross is pretty d*mn hot!

  • slackshit

    chatting over slack while sh*tting at the toilet. oshalaby: ahmgeek is slacksh*tting again on the fun channel. owahab: oh, we need some rest for god sake.

  • a sailor’s tale

    a story or tale that is not easily believable or seems far-fetched to some. a sailor’s tale can only be proven true by evidence, or by being seen. a sailor’s tale may or may not be a lie, but it also may be the truth. this definition is derived directly from the tale moby d*ck […]

  • jasyia

    one who has the tightest wettest p*ssy that will have you ready to stalk her and is a nympho that needs multiple s*x partners to keep her s*xual appet*te fed. man, don’t talk to her she a jasyia i’m not trying to get sprung

  • bradley effect

    the tendency of white voters, when asked by a telephone pollster to choose between a black candidate and a white candidate, to state that they intend to vote for the black candidate when they actually intend to vote for the white candidate because they fear being perceived as racist by the person asking them the […]

  • haniffism

    there aren’t any definitions for haniffism yet. can you define it?

  • stock the pond with brown trout

    drop a deuce, make a bowel movement, take a number 2. along the lines of drop some kids off at the pool, have a brown baby boy, etc. created by yours truly after watching a particular south park episode. i’ll be right back, have to go stock the pond with brown trout.

  • the clean getaway

    “the clean getaway” that t*rd we’ve all had where you hear it hit the water, h*ll, you even feel the splash-back but when you look a second later, it’s no where to be seen – as though it flushed itself, yet flushing has yet to occur. my t*rd just pulled “the clean getaway.”

  • yadaiglet

    a stupid person who thinks scrabble is fun friend 1: hey, who wants to play scrabble? friend 2: what a yadaiglet.

  • tamaya & kevin

    the only couple that can actually last. they were meant to be with each other. tamaya’s selfishness can be irritating, but she loves him and is very overprotective. everything about them makes each other happy. tamaya & kevin are my relationship goals!

  • colossal is crazy

    your typical judgmental clown on youtube. commentates in a similar fashion to leafyishere, or pyrocynical, but is far more offensive and uncaring. ironically is friends with keemstar, leafy, and pyrocynical-all who typically hate each other. believer in quality over quant*ty, and subsequent releases videos rarely. “colossal is crazy uploaded a new video! gosh it was […]

  • boar out

    when a female has had some many s*xual partners that her legs can’t touch, and walk bow-legged like a cowboy oh she h*lla fine. d*mn but it look like she got boar out by the team last night.

  • minnesota handjob

    when your partner uses there elbows instead of hands to give a handjob “yo sarah gave me a nice minnesota handjob last night”

  • anus trash

    the remnants of p**p in the *n*s or b*tthole. aubrey saw a lot of *n*s trash in nolans b*tthole

  • gogul

    gogul is a s*xual beast who only looks at girls in the morning and play dota at night. dont be like a gogul. he is like a criminal!

  • gantastar

    a term to describe someone who thinks that executing in naruto: online is “edgy” and cool. this person also enjoys talking about p*n*ses and other parts of the male genitalia. “so he’s talking about kyle’s p*n*s again?” “yea, he’s acting like gantastar”

  • bis belton

    the alter ego of a warringtonian creative producer. do not get a bis belton too hot or he’ll slap you. (can make some alright gear and banter) bis belton

  • crogle

    a crogle is a person who attempts to end every argument with furious googling in place of personal intelligence and power of will. put away your phone and stop being a crogle every time we have an argument. google doesn’t have all the answers.

  • ms. bitch

    a female with a persnickety att*tude that clearly deserves a ms. in front of b*tch. excuse me ms. b*tch i think you need to check yourself before we have problems!

  • that’s sooo gay

    when a boy feels sad about getting spanked really hard, but secretly likes it. emilio: brandon that’s sooo gay!! (smirking on the inside)

  • momterrupting

    when your mom interrupts you mid sentence to give you her opinon *ssuming she knows everything and never lets you finish yours me: hey mom my friend jello said that women are dumber then men , because momterrupting mom: wrong women are way smarter then men some men are more likely to be extremely smart […]

  • shellax

    the act of relaxing whilst listening to 78 rpm records (most of which were made of sh*llac resin). it’s been a long day, i think i’ll kick back and sh*llax a while!

  • curry sniffer

    a word used to offend people from the indian subcontinent, or just to people who looks like indians. “f*ck you, you paki son of a b*tch!” “go back to your child labour job you f*cking curry sniffer!” “f*ck you sand n*gg*r!” “go eat some rice!”

  • wdyd

    what did you do? it’s like wyd (what you doing) except past tense person 1: hey person 2: wdyd today? person 3: did homework etc.

  • croc-o-douche

    a person who just loves croc footwear. they are constantly talking about how comfortable they are their wide variety of uses. my buddy is such a croc-o-douche. he’s always talking about his lame *ss crocs.

  • falling off the train

    when one person loses their train of thought multiply times during conversation because they fried their brain doing too many drugs. also falling off the train in life resulting in not fulfilling their full potential. you asked me that twice already, you really need to take better care of yourself because your falling off the […]

  • brogistics

    the art of tactfully moving bros from place to place. herding neon brandishing meathead b*tterflies. had to use some serious brogistics at the gym today to make sure i got to use the machines i wanted.

  • chinlunged

    a state of inebriation where one can’t lift their head up and the chin is touching the chest (lung) dude, he is so chinlunged that he needs a ride back home! he f*cking can’t see what’s infront of him!!

  • mcscooby

    a bl*wj*b that you give with your feet. you use neosporin and benadryl for lube gimme a mcscooby tonight

  • slankey

    a unique 10% discount word, most commonly used in liverpool kebab houses. do us a slankey will ye kidda. you wot mate? giz a slankey on that donner kebab lad. ah right yez mate.

  • wife goals

    wives: two girls (best friends) who are very close and are ‘married’ to each other, for example ‘your my wife ily sweetie’ goals: something that someone aspires to be, a dream or wish, for example ‘your outfit is goals!’ wife goals: a perfect couple (of two girls) who are both beautiful, smart, charming and funny. […]

  • cuntfeather

    a type of way to say c*nt nicely. when directed to a significant other or person or persons. a queen of c*nt. makes it soft so to speak literally! the love for the b*tch and hate combined. plucked special,indiviually with care. one of a kind. be always aware and use with caution the c*ntword. hey,c*ntfeather […]

  • harem bait

    a girl(s) who would look good in your harem and or influence other girls to join did you see stacy in school today total harem bait

  • tickle queef

    when a rogue hair tickles your v*g*n* and you queef. i was doing pilates and tickle queefed.

  • complexifier

    someone who likes to complicate things. reggie: gurl you know regifina, she keeps making everything such a big deal. isabella: she’s such a complexifier, isaiah’s the same way.

  • gabilee

    gabilee is the prettiest girl in the world! she is smart and loves food! gabilee is solving math problems while others are asking how she does it.

  • george o’malley

    surgeon on the hit show greys anatomy. also known as 007. greys anatomy fans know what i mean😂 i will never forgive shonda rhimes for killing off george o’malley.

  • tingless

    a person who is not in a relationship mariah : did u hear bout kareem he’s tingless now! amy: omg he’s f*ckin hot

  • poof off

    phrase used to ask an annoying person to go away the legend told the w*nker to poof off while he weaved some magic on a lovely lady

  • jumont punch

    “while performing s*xual interco*rs* in a doggy style position” at the moment of *j*c*l*t**n strike the back of your partners head with all the force you can muster up and while they are unconscious throw a pack of ramen noodles on their back and say “thank you g” and run their wallets and belongings before […]

  • richlyn

    a girl who is a b*tch and acts fake. she is also basic as well. don’t trust her, she’s a fugly sl*t. “don’t be such a richlyn!”

  • keizhon

    a gay *ss n*gg* with a small p*n*s and is most likely short af. keizhon is so short.

  • pratichi

    a person who is always hungry if someone else offers. never spend their own money to buy the food. does not offer even some part of food to the one who had bought it. don’t invite him/her. he’s/she’s a pratichi.

  • uttering

    the female equivalent to teabagging using her br**sts. my girlfriend started uttering my mouth while i was laying there with my eyes closed. milking a cow or any other animal using only your mouth the b*tter-wench was uttering her favorite goat when the village was raided by an invading horde of wild gypsies.

  • get beaned

    getting beaned is the worst way to die, suffering the greatest nae nae i’m not going to kill your going to get beaned

  • probation dicks

    a man sucks one d*ck he’s just questioning his s*xuality. a man sucks a second d*ck and he’s still questioning his s*xuality. a man sucks a third d*ck and now he is no longer questioning his s*xuality but is in fact a h*m*s*xual. bryan proceeds to explain the theory of hoefers probation d*cks to his […]

  • kizaru

    a character from one piece. he’s an admiral. kizaru’s actually look like piko-taro.

  • drama kween

    1) a wannabe drama queen; someone who starts rumors that no one believes and who is accually never involved in any real drama. they usually do it for attention cuz they don’t get any. 2) how a 3 year old spells “drama queen” 3) a male drama queen. “kween” can be a combo of “king” […]

  • growth group groupies

    growth group groupies are people who constantly attend self improvement courses. wanda loved to attend self empowerment seminars with the other growth group groupies!

  • fresno threesome

    a threesome with two of the three partic*p*nts being related. usually cousins, how distant depends on how far away the threesome is taking place from a major metropolitan area. “i hooked up with this girl a while ago and i met her cousin last night. i was catching vibes so i think i’ll go for […]

  • the patty mayonnaise

    having s*x with a random girl doggystyle and you pretend you’re done then you smack her in the v*g*n* with a hand full of mayo and throw her off the bed screaming that your real name is “roger clots” “i just got the patty mayonnaise”

  • kruthi

    awesome sauce person who loves the flash, and obsesses over things that aren’t often obsessed over. she is really friendly, gets along with people, and high fives random people. person a: omg you really like the flash and arrow. you must be a kruthi person b: omg yes!

  • bleee

    the noise a 9 year old makes when pokked in the face i poked my brother and he went bleee

  • shagging the haggis

    having s*x with sheep. look at johnny out there in the field sh*gging the haggis. what a pervert!

  • pocius’d

    the act of getting highly inebriated on a small amount of alcohol and acting in a completely uncommon, and often times, inappropriate manner. man, chris got so pocius’d last night. he was dancing with this girl and poured water all over her head as a joke.

  • kahoochies

    when two or more promiscuously ratchet females are said to be or been in cahoots. i thought you two didnt know each other come to find out y’all been some scandalous *ss kahoochies for awhile now.

  • young trust

    an upcoming rapper on soundcloud that goes hard. nick: who you bopping? elijah: you already know it’s young trust.

  • atefing

    being a disloyal fan of any team dont swap teams atefing is a d*ck move

  • tattoo it on your ass

    tattoo it on your *ss is military slang for something that must be memorized and never forgotten. gunny said you got to know this cold and tattoo it on your *ss!

  • black goku

    an alternate version of son goku who happens to be black (in reference to black goku) whis: that black guy sure is strong beerus: i could easily defeat that black guy

  • mexican fuckboy

    a mexican f*ckboy is a mexican guy that plays with girls feelings, flirts with girls even if their girlfriend allows it, does drugs, wears suavecito, and can be found skating or playing soccer. some common mexican f*ckboy names are pablo, juan, alex, luis, emmanuel, omar, etc…

  • stupid billionaire

    donald trump hey, did you know there is a stupid billionaire trying to be president

  • use the paddles

    a phrase often used on people in trouble or requesting help. unlike conventional phrases, it means that you can’t help them, and they’re on their own. coined by a bystander watching a man trying to fight pirates off his paddle boat, but was overpowered. usually used in cases when the troubled person has no hope […]

  • wiener dip

    your p*ck*r splashes in the toilet while p**ping. kyle the eskimo wiener dipped while taking a morning cr*p.

  • pgh

    pokemon go hunting hey you wanna go pgh tonight? pretty good hand used for hold em or any other game with cards dlogan shows ah ac four of a kind aces dlogan: that was a pgh

  • wet asf

    getting a girl h*rny/wet, make her panties/underwear soaking with p*ssy juice i made that b*tch wet asf just like my brooski, we p*ssed that hoe around like a ball

  • bust man

    telling someone to “bust man” is a dismissal for when someone tries to correct you. marcus: hey, james you are actually wrong. james: yo! “bust man.@

  • chanchal

    annoying, cringeworthy, stupid, but fun in a least sort. this new girl in my school is such a chanchal, she gets on everyone’s nerves.

  • my dick fell off

    a really sincere way to say sorry or “my bad” “you cheated on me!” “sorry, my d*ck fell off”

  • kriddle

    there aren’t any definitions for kriddle yet. can you define it?

  • knife fight rules

    the key rule is there are no knife fight rules. snake threw a drink and knife at the bandidos’ eyes because there are no knife fight rules.

  • matthew creasey

    a rare type of egg, with small hairs on the top. “…and here we see a wild matthew creasey, in its natural habitat.”

  • chumpian

    trumpism, a loser, unbelievable, sniveling, cry baby, habitual liar, groper, narcissist he’s such a chumpian !

  • josh dun’s dick

    clink clink goes my d*ck when i slap it on my chick put it inside her sh*t make her suck make her lick my d*ck can do all the tricks longer than a chopstick rides like a broomstick all lubed up and slick this goes to the skeleton clique because i love josh duns d*ck […]

  • manion

    the best friend anyone could ever have, always reliable, the funniest person you will ever meet the comedian up there is my best friend, he’s a real manion someone who acts as if they have a below average iq (i.e. someone who has a mental r*t*rdation or acts as if they have one). you are […]

  • post scrollaxing

    going comatose after the m*ssive influx of information you experienced from checking all your social media apps. dave: dude wtf r u? blake: f*ck bro idk! i was just checking my social media updates now i dont know what the f*ck is going on! dave: ok chill man ive heard this before, your going through […]

  • fleeking out

    when your fleek is on fleek just saw myself in the mirror. i’m fleeking out.

  • ferrisha

    crazy, fun, spirited, highly-intelligent individual who everyone loves hanging out with. you’ll never find someone who doesn’t like a ferrisha. person 1: “you are such a ferrisha” person 2: “omg you are so sweet thank you!”

  • people shelf

    a small to medium sized object that should be capable of holding at least one person. also may be known as a sofa or a chair. hey, you got anywhere to sit? yeah, the people shelf’s right over there.

  • kripparrian

    the act of explaining how unlucky you were in a game (often in percentages with a calculator) it is a variation of the word salty -what was that luck, the odds are 0.048% for that to happen -man dont pull a kripparrian on me right now

  • intercorpse

    when someone puts in no effort in the bedroom and you feel like you might as well be f*cking a dead body “mate the s*x was so lifeless last night it was basically intercorpse” the act of having intercourse with a deceased human being. guy 1: dude, i had some amazing intercorpse last night! guy […]

  • otzi the iceman

    an ancient man found high in the italian alps in the 1990s, also the creator of the dab. oh sh*t man, otzi the iceman’s been dabbing for 5300 years!

  • keoghed

    a word use to describe being in an immense drunken state. the most drunk a man can get. f*ck me, i was absolutely keoghed last night

  • “wake me up inside” syndrome

    the process by which a song’s t*tle is inferred through the lyrics, even though the actual t*tle of the song is different. named after the song “bring me to life” by evanescence, which many nimrods erroneously believe to be called “wake me up inside.” however, this phenomenon is not limited to this song only. person […]

  • kenneth bone

    pure, unadulterated perfection in the form of a human being; the physical return of christ himself. person 1: “where are you going?” person 2: “to church” person 1: “why?” person 2: “i have to be prepared for the return of christ, it could happen at any time.” person 1: “he already returned and his name […]

  • itkitt

    the name of the great grandson of the goddess of the sun, amaterasu okami, the ancestor of the royal family of j*pan. itkitt is supposedly a royal of j*pan. itkitt is my friend. the name of the great grandson of the goddess of the sun, amaterasu okami, the ancestor of the royal family of j*pan. […]

  • mosey wosey

    slang term for motel. the players club (movie) dad (pulling out gun) :”where are taking my little girl?” blue:i figured we go out to eat you know maybe go.. dad:*shoots gun* you sure you’re not taking her to the mosey wosey?? blue:mosey wosey ?????? dad:motel ! don’t play dumb

  • madi surette

    madi is cool but won’t date me but that’s okay she also absolute band trash can be p*ssive aggressive af eats all your eggs sounds like a microwave sometimes hates brendan dog: pet me madi surette: no i’m listening to twenty one pilots be

  • flaming cheeto suprise

    when you eat a bag of flaming hot cheetos and proceed to finger or eat out a girl hey i just finished a bag of cheetos, wanna try the flaming cheeto suprise

  • saunt it

    the same thing as saying you saw something friend: “hey man, did you see the truck fly down the road?” me: “i f*ckin saunt it”

  • coldwater situation

    when you make out with a guy you have a complicated relationship with and end up dubbing him for the rest of your life. victoria had a coldwater situation last friday because of justin bieber.

  • rhe

    real high end- sarcasm really meaning that’s trash that meth head is rhe

  • cumy the cummaster

    the master of all pregnancy. not enemies a chainmail condom can keen c*my the c*mmaster out of your b*tch and getting her pregnant c*my the c*mmaster got my b*tch pregnant last night. that condom was shredded

  • gillina

    emo, vampire like and always has friends to back her up, she is incredible at work and efforts in all work putting boys second. she is a fast texter and can easily please a man in bed, after a couple of date and getting to know her you may meet your match in bed. that […]

  • jakir

    jakir is known to be a s*xy tramp. he pulls all the girls, e.g. mexican,italian, white and asian. he’s peng but he’s shyer than a snail. he flirts with any girl he can with but his favourite is the ones from italy and spain. he’s got the best personality but he looks kinda looks stoned. […]

  • spaghetti felcher

    (origin) italian american male so gay he’d eat spaghetti from ben affleck’s *ss (modern) consuming colon macaroni i don’t care how much he can bench, look at his eyebrows… he’s a f*ckin’ spaghetti felcher, i’m telling you

  • ladin

    there aren’t any definitions for ladin yet. can you define it?

  • shalldo

    (pr*nounced, shall-do) typical straya’ slang (very common) 1. greeting to your mate/shazza 2. general response (yes/sure/maybe/will do) 3. handy-man (diy, practical, can-do person) 4. when promising to do something 1. shalldo cheyenne!! 2. chayenne: do you reckon this goonbag’s big enough??? you: shalldo! 3. good on ya cheyenne! you married a real shalldo bloke! 4. […]

  • pemmet

    my cat wow emily’s pemmet is so cute

  • doshkala

    a word to say when you do not know what to say. pr*nounced:doe-shka-là doshkala?

  • famdram

    short for family drama – every family has it. we all put on a good front for friends but in front of family every one lets everyone else know what is going in their lives whether we wanna know or not. famdram is especially prevalent at important family yearly festivities – christmas, birthdays, hanukkah. there […]

  • dannyd games

    a tw*t on youtube dannyd games should quit youtube

  • narcisside

    death by use of your own words used against yourself he really shouldn’t have disclosed that he was a fitness fanatic, now he has to workout everyday to prove it to her otherwise it’s narcisside

  • wściekły szop

    ruchając laskę od tyłu wsadź jej nagle 2 palce w odbyt. kiedy odwróci się zszokowana, ty wyjmij palce obsmarowane gównem i narysuj jej kółka wokół oczyu żeby wyglądała jak szop. podcągnij szybko portki i spierdalaj żeby wściekły szop cię nie dopadł. wczoraj jak z zośką się zabawialiśmy to taki wściekły szop się z niej zrobił, […]

  • bible feet

    similar the the feet of juan manuel de la delaware due to the pursuit of sticky buds hard candy and hoppy malt beverages d*mn that john got those bible feet though

  • elphage

    elphage is usually a d*ck wad and loves to overthink things. he can be a real jerk pretty much all the time and can go a day without making fun of someone (talking behind their back) or starting fights over stupid things. he acts tough, but really is a weakling who can’t even hurt an […]

  • khalii

    the most beautiful guy in the word also known as a god and will for ever be worshipped. all hail khalii

  • mikalen

    mikalen is an african name mikalen is awsome

  • yir dode

    a scottish slang term of ”your father.” frequently used as an insult followed by an embarr*ssing act/possession, which may or may not be true. can also be used as a complete sentence when losing an argument. ”yir dode has denim bed sheets”

  • the working man

    when u get home from work. and. get a bj and nut on her face and as she walks to the bathroom to clean up she trips over ur boots and face plants the c*m into the rug my boy justin. gave that girl the working man last night said it was funny as h*ll […]

  • zafer

    an *sshole who is turned on by your younger sister. seseptical to ‘shin kicks’ and is extremely weak. person 1: “hey man your sister is haat” person 2: “you know? you’re such a zafer ” successful person, someone who gets all that he/she desires. nick got promoted and bought a new car last month, he […]

  • batty land

    the act of a gay male visiting with another gay male (batty land) with the intention of partaking in s*xual intercourse. craig was a h*m*s*xual and relished frequent trips to batty land.

  • doraq

    a 43 year old woman who drowned to death in boca raton after falling off a bridge into a river doraq was a wonderful girl

  • matt hogan

    a fegit see matt hogan over there, he’s a fegit!

  • polarrhoids

    a condition commonly found in hipsters stemming from the constant need to be “ironic” and “vintage” at the same time, “polarrhoids” is characterized by such a person purchasing a cl*ssic instant-film camera from a thrift shop for $5, and then proceeding to spend upwards of $2.00 per exposure in order to capture photographs and print […]

  • ceane

    a unique individual; thinks outside the box, explorative i wish i had more friends like ceane! he’s always down for a spontaneous adventure

  • sexgression

    developing aggression for not being able to have immediate s*x due to obstacles or interferences that arise from something unexpected i suffered from s*xgression because we were supposed to meet up at our rendezvous point to have s*x but you got pulled into a last minute conversation as you were trying to walk out to […]

  • coon powers

    extreme abilites to perform unordinary tasks that only black people have jermaines c**n powers were relly kicking in during the race.

  • fly in the yogurt

    reference to male *j*c*l*t* from a person with a s*xually transmitted disease or infection. “why use a condom?” “you don’t want to get covered with a fly in the yogurt.”

  • gipt

    there aren’t any definitions for gipt yet. can you define it?

  • the trump defense

    the denial of accusations of criminal or other wrongdoings, usually in the form of harming an individual or inst*tution in some form, by insulting the accusers. when denying the charges of robbery, erin used the trump defense.

  • ynaatisyfi

    you need an acronym to insult someone you f*cking idiot used when you need to reply to an insult, but anything sensible will be beyond the targets comprehension. especially effective against kewl kiddy skypterz types… after all, it’s in their language. poster-1: you need to relax. i only said kiddie scripters are idiots. poster-2: kys […]

  • the joy of six

    a term that hints how excited recreational math teachers feel about the s*xy properties of the number six—for example, 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 = 1 × 2 × 3; all snowflakes and honeycombs are six-sided. the number 6 is a “perfect number” because all its factors less than itself—1, 2, and 3—sum […]

  • porker poacher

    a porker poacher is one who cheats with the obese mate of another. juan was a porker poacher who had affairs with the chubby neighbors.

  • lonerexual

    you’re a f*cking loner who can’t get a date. get friends loser! guy 1: i can’t get girls i think i’ll go gay girl 1: you’re lonerexual. and a pr*ck.

  • treeby chain gun

    the treeby chain gun was an old revolving weapon from the 1800’s which was a mix of a bolt-action, a revolver and a belt-fed. dude: what the f*ck is that? me: a treeby chain gun!

  • dunkin nuts

    to slam dunk your nuts into the target “donut” hole. dude 1: hey, last night i was dunkin nuts with your mom dude 2: noooo!!!

  • jack-o-lantern job

    refers to an act of f*ll*t** from a person missing one or more front teeth. “it must be great knowing a crack wh*r*!” “yes, if you like jack-o-lantern jobs”

  • jean legs

    what someone would call someone with an absession with wearing jeans on their legs yo jean legs what’s up heyyyyy is that you jean legs? come out of the corner jean legs, i promise the bullies are gone

  • snapchat thot

    one thirsty attention basic who uses snapchat to post nude selfies and vids to get more followers mike is such a snapchat thot ever since he lost his girlfriend and his common sense

  • gay tissue

    a smaller male being p*ssed around in a gay circle jerk as a cleaning rag. my dad was a gay tissue before he met my mom

  • gafmo

    an acronym spoken as a word. get a f*cking move on gafmo or we’ll miss last orders!

  • kajetan

    a polish c*nt wow what a d*ck must be called kajetan

  • palaeophile

    a person who is more interested in old things than new ones. being a palaeophile, she was always interested in old collections and visiting ancient places.

  • jose rodriguez

    by far the most bad*ss person alive and super attractive with a huge d*ck the one and only jose rodriguez

  • getting coffee

    hooking up or having casual s*x with a friend or coworker. her: let go get coffee. him: but i don’t drink coffee. her: me either 😉 him: i’m getting coffee today/ tonight.

  • buckalicious

    it’s open season for all deer hunters and everyone wants to be the number one hunter. the only sure fire way to do so is to shoot the largest buck that has ever been spotted in these hills. this buck weighs in around 350 pounds and his antlers are around six feet in width, carrying […]

  • sleepwhatsapping

    when a sleeping person hears a whatsapp ping on the phone, rolls over, picks up the phone, types out a non-coherent response, and falls back asleep. this phenomenon is far too common these days because of a combination of factors: (1) people sleep next to their phones; (2) whatsapp is generally set to sound a […]

  • guava juice

    a guy who sits in the deep dark corner of his room jerking himself to sleep. he plays r*t*rded f*cking roblox games and makes r*t*rded content… if you find his channel plz unsub of show dislike! also his louder yet a rip off of jacksepticeye with more sh*t content! a guy who plays roblox after […]

  • somerset academy

    a “college prep” school that is predominetly mormon &/or kids who lie about smoking dope. anyone who doesent fit into one of those categories or doesent play lacrosse is deemed as a heathen and is driven to a point of insanity. my parents enrolled me into somerset academy skypointe, i tried to explain that sending […]

  • halloween decoration diarrhea

    too many decorations makes your house look like halloween decoration diarrhea. you must live a stressful life! that house has halloween decoration diarrhea. it looks like cr*p

  • pinky pocket

    area between boxers and flesh, where when boxers separate, create a perfect place to rest your fingers. “she slipped her fingers in my pinky pocket. i guess you could say things are pretty serious.”

  • krusty dog

    when you jerk off and forget to wash up after, leaving a thick layer a sp*nk on your junk which then solidifies to form a hard crusty outer layer of dried c*m. bro, last night i f*cked this b*tch and woke up with the worst krusty dog of my life mane!

  • inayah

    a vegetarian who enjoys going to church and prefers going out with boys who go to church omg that inayah over there is a right mushroom

  • mole lady

    a girl or woman who is short like between 4’8-5’1. she isn’t perfect well n*body is but she’s very pretty. she gets all the boys attention. boy 1: yo it’s mole lady boy 2: hey mole lady over (mole lady look they’re way) mole lady: hi

  • fmritah

    f*ck me right in the *ss hole fmritah daddy duncan ooft

  • podcast junkie

    a person who is obsessed with the consumption and discovery of podcasts. originally coined by chris murphy host of the shovelcloud show, and frequent co-host of the podcast starve the doubts with jared easley. this term was further popularized by podcast host harry duran of the show, podcast junkies. leslie is a podcast junkie. every […]

  • post hanging days

    post hanging days are from a binge of heavy drinking. leon is on a bad drunk again, so more post hanging days will come.

  • tardfog

    the wave of particles that emanates from the brains of idiots. anyone in its path are potential victims. when he addressed the audience, a tardfog was released and lowered the iq of everyone in the room.

  • kikoho

    a spiritual energy blast that will f*cking destroy you and your entire family. kikohooooooooooooooooooooo

  • tomesterday

    a person, place, or thing/event which occurs tomorrow, yesterday,and/or today. fred is going to fix the septic tank tomesterday. a person, place, or thing/event which occurs tomorrow, yesterday,and/or today. fred is going to fix the septic tank tomesterday.

  • slyered

    when you’re tired and sleepy = slyered dude, naomi is so slyered she tried to walk through the ticket barriers without tapping in. dude i’m so slyered i can’t think straight!

  • shit millionaire

    an entrepreneur who makes his millions from building public toilets in developing countries, or/and from collecting rubbish for incinerators. as an elementary school dropout, joe didn’t let his lack of formal education make him feel like he’s a failure—today, he’s a sh*t millionaire, much to the surprise of his college friends who are jittery about […]

  • gravy tray

    a word used to describe a sugar daddy or someone who is much more wealthy and aged than you i’m her gravy tray

  • garagemeat

    shedmeat that has been marinated in oil and run over by a car. not to be confused with roadkill or bicyclemeat, which has a sharper flavor. core blimey mate! that garagemeat you had me eat last friday really greased up the ol’ pipes!

  • asianer

    slang for more asian “bruh i’m asianer than you”

  • craybish

    to behave erratically or in a disorderly fashion. this word can be used as singular or plural. this word is also gender neutral and can be used to refer to anyone or anything that exhibits this type of behavior or displays disruptive or destuctive actions. tonight at the football game the crowd acted craybish. stop […]

  • mazzapotamia

    a civilization where only women work and men sit on their fat *sses all day eating and playing with toys d*mn, ima live off my woman cause i have no shame. mazzapotamia, here i come!

  • segull

    the secret illegal girls at the beach that hit on you. do you see all those segull by the candy machine.

  • destructive criticism

    often confused with constructive criticism, destructive criticism is when a critique is made that does little to open for improvement, but rather attacks the work through fallacious logic or personal bias, and often leads to the weaken rather than strengthen the work. usually done to attack the creator and not the creation. it’s destructive criticism […]

  • jequita

    a very caring grandma usually lets their grand kids do whatever they want except she still follows the rules (also known as gigi i love my grandma shes such a jequita

  • hick-down

    the opposite of a hick-up. the noise you make when you hick-up and either burp or swallow at the same time, causing a strangled feeling. d*mn, i just did a hick-down and now my throats killin me.

  • harmontown

    harmontown, ms is a very very small town that has nothing to offer anyone with more than a single digit iq. harmontown is full of meth, dirty wh*r*s, idiots, liars, racists, and idiotic senior citizens. “hey man, you wanna go to harmontown??” “why? are we looking for meth and/or syphilis and maybe a lecture from […]

  • beamerboy

    a dude like lil peep im a motherf*ckin beamerboy

  • smartaculous

    a combination word. consisting of smart, spectacular, and marvelous. that guy is smart, spectacular, and marvelous. he is smartaculous.

  • cunt doodle

    a girl named shannon that would rather text than pick up her phone that c*nt doodle made me mad.

  • leegit

    leegit is when something is better than legit, and cooler than lit. bob: “yo that flip was so leegit!”

  • double dragonfist

    the act of using both hands to m*st*rb*t* and twisting in different directions while stroking. commonly used in the p*rn industry and job interviews. if you want him to call you back you better cup the b*lls and give him that double dragonfist.

  • sinaan

    a male called a sinaan in old arabia is known a male who can seduce females just by looking at them i had felt entranced by the sinaan’s god like natural looks. we went into a private room and had some fun within 1 minute of meeting each other.

  • bukkatoot

    it’s when you have two or one big front tooth jake you have a bukkatoot

  • foresty

    something or someone who gives you a ferest like vibe, smell, taste, sound, or sight. fo “wow this perfume really gives me a foresty smell

  • josh rogers

    an annoying piece a sh*t. his such a josh rogers

  • regreteels

    when you have da feels because of your favorite character and regret (partially) loving him/her. pretty common in anime/game fandoms like danganronpa. “man, i had so many regreteels with (insert character)’s death yesterday…”

  • sara the horse

    the b*tch girlfriend of our good friend budx. she is a controlling c*nt and deserves a fate worse than death. sara the horse is f*cking sh*t up again.

  • davion

    kind, caring, considerate, and well mannered he is an awesome person who is generally hyper and fun loving. he’s often unsure of his true feelings and gets confused sometimes never the less if you are stupid enough to make a davion mad then you’ll certainly regret it. davions are mistaken as h*m*s*xual or (gay) when […]

  • ulrich

    a skinny selfish life loving and popular guy omg that guy i meat was such an ulrich!

  • sextravert

    an outgoing, overly expressive person who is always looking to get laid. bethany: i always admired my dad’s ability to start and hold a conversation with just about anyone he meets. the guy has amazing self confidence. jill: ya, but your dad is just looking to get laid. he just warms up to everyone, male […]

  • thomas park

    a neighbor hood in muncie indiana, also known as thomas park/ avondale , is known by most local residence as shed town, alluding that historically most of the houses in the neighborhood were small and shack-like. the neighbor hood was home to the muncie general motors transmission plant until it closed in 2006 and was […]

  • free willie zone

    a free willie zone is where men may lawfully expose their p*n*s. examples include toilets and locker rooms. gawd, looking at the line makes me glad to finally get to the men’s room in this free willie zone, during the halftime.

  • oleana

    the kind of girl who loves scary rides and stays out late. happy fun and lots of friends . a total hottie . she will always find a way to make you laugh. oleana lol!

  • eptimone

    just another word for a stupid white b*tch. synonyms: hoe, dumb b*tch, white girl, sk*nk man, frances is an eptimone. that hoe spends most her time taking toilet selfies.

  • peasant-mobile

    a type of vehicle in which a peasant would drive to disguise their peasant nature. it is often found that maserati’s are the most common choice of peasant-mobile because of their flashy looks, chrysler like interior, and lack l*ster performance. guy 1: hey i just got a new car! guy 2: it better not be […]

  • hairy beary

    a small hispanic boy that we all know and love that will eat the loli p*ssy so good that there none left for the rest of the family. that n*gg* is one hairy beary, know what i’m sayin?

  • crook ass

    a person who’s the culprit of a bad att*tude, sh*t personality, and questionable life decisions. he is giving me such a sh*t look, what a crook *ss.

  • son of gotham

    a nick name for bruce wayne (batman) “death to the son of gotham” , “death to the son of gotham!” chanted the sacred order of saint dumas

  • offendaboo

    offendaboo is basically an anime fan or just a flat out weaboo that’s extremely offended over the fact that people dare make fun of their j*panese cartoons. when offended, you can usually read their comments or replies on a filthyfrank video, a weaboo cringe comp, or on a video criticizing either one singular anime or […]

  • radlow

    radlow is the surname of a person who is intelligent and friendly, they are forgiving and warm hearted but at the same time annoying. the sometimes don’t understand simple things and have a bad taste of friends. do you know any radlow’s? ben radlow lives in east bentleigh.