• over sugared churo

    it is for a person who is very tall and skinny and also very hot and bathes in the sun she needs to be turned over so her other side can be roasted and she is sugar sweet but she can also be plain if u fine a over sugared churo keep her your going […]

  • thanks, lee

    that guy who tries to top a joke that’s already been made. lee doesn’t get the comedy pyramid. there’s set up, rising action, punchline. lee keeps going after the joke’s been made. thanks, lee.

  • snimble

    this is a combination of sly and nimble. jay: yo, due you see that movie about the cunning ninja? cliff: yeah he was snimble as h*ll!

  • shark noodling

    when a male human being *j*c*l*t*s inside the womb of a female human being and then reaches inside of her with his fingers and starts scooping the sperm out by the dozens or even hundreds. by doing this one hopes that his little sharks will not be able to swim and find an egg before […]

  • break of dawn

    how long michael jackson will be givin you sweet love!! hey , michael was lovin me til the break of dawn!!

  • lalanie

    wants to be popular, perfect, smart. lalanie trys to make people laugh

  • carysma

    carysma is an african american girl that has brown eyes and hair. this girl can throw hands like no other. don’t even attempt to p*ss her off. loves history, hates school. usually a good dancer. short term memory loss and very forgetful. pretty handwriting and loves gum. always has money and loves buying hot cheetohs […]

  • next level hoe

    this is someone who isn’t just a regular old hoe, this type is on the next level. they are very special and know lots of tricks, you would be lucky to find yourself one of these dimes. kayla is such a next level hoe…

  • buchbinder

    if someone has this last name then they r someone who is super nice and cute but when your best friend asks him out, he shuts it down on instagram and then goes and dates someone else. girl 1: hey, you know colin buchbinder? he shut me down on instagram and then goes and dates […]

  • lisett

    lisett is a beautiful brown haired brown eyed weirdo that is usually laughing but when she is having a bad day the slightest thing can push her to the edge. she’s the best friend anyone would love to have but she only has one. she cracks jokes anytime she gets and of course everyone loves […]

  • yafaf

    you’re a fake *ss friend. b*tch, yafaf. don’t ever come talking to me again.

  • carlet

    usually is one of the funniest kids in school he will act stupid but actually end up out smarting the whole cl*ss and hustling and a boss he might be s*xual but he also has anger issues but overall his chill carlet is the funniest kid in cl*ss

  • russian girls

    the hottest type of girl in the whole univerese usually coming from ukraine. you are like a russian girls .

  • leather facing

    to slice ones face off and wear it as your own. leather facing is a good idea if its october 30th and you have no costume. it is also a good idea if you are old and want a to look much younger and don’t mind peeling the face off of a child/infant/toddler/new born/fetus. my […]

  • cooking me

    making somebody mad 😡 some of y’all females be cooking me with y’all stiff weaves

  • taco bell clense

    when u eat nothing but taco bell and do nothing but sh*t there fore cancling out the calories from the taco bell. better than laxatives. “i’m on a juice clense!” “well, debrah, im on a taco bell clense so take your high and mighty sh*t out of the porta potty”

  • moneyed

    losing a small fortune because you are supporting a clique or a female with expensive tastes. rob kardashian is getting moneyed by blac chyna!

  • skateser

    someone who wears skates. often used to describe a rollerblader. the term was created to distinguish the difference between rollerbladers and skaterboarders, since both are often referred to as “skaters”. being a skateser is hard, man. people make fun of me for looking like a dork.

  • instagram story

    a total copy of snapchat stories. he posted that picture of the beach on his instagram story.

  • the cum dumpster

    that girl you use to put your spare c*m that is too good for tissue paper but not quite good enough for a side chick. guy 1: is that your side chick? guy 2: nah that’s just the c*m dumpster. guy 1: is she any good? guy 2: eh it’s better than p*rnhub.

  • gg gd

    gg gd can either mean “good game good diddle” or “good game get diddled”. said when you win a game and completely destroy the other team. “they just got f*cking destroyed! gg gd everyone.”

  • rohitaa

    girl name that means “the daughter of brahma and saraswati” the hindu god and goddess. she is creative, reliable, smart, advanced in studies, a good listener, funny, problem solver, patient, fun, and has a talent for art and dance. my friend rohitaa’s name is unique and precious and has an unbelievable meaning!

  • zainius

    zainius, a large purple dragon you see while tripping on shrooms. man zainius was really guarding that fridge.

  • nrgts

    not going to sleep usually used for snapchat “nrgts streaks”

  • obruche

    big headed troublesome gehhhh i am obruche

  • super midget

    a mighty little man (or woman) who is extremely muscular or strong especially with their domante hand. typically from south america or the southern areas of countries, and are extremely good at tumbling in races because their legs are to short to run fast. also have a very short temper and memory. man: nice job […]

  • ladybeats

    v*g*n*l beat boxing “did you hear those sick ladybeats coming from lisa the other day?”

  • annaie

    a beautiful girl who loves life but hers is kinda complicated and she makes your bay days into good days and her smile is the best thing in the world “who is that girl with the beautiful smile?” “that’s annaie” lovely

  • yehias life

    a savage life tha can have 69 b*tches and doesn’t give two sh*ts about anything and people wish they had his life yehias life is so savage he’d kill you by looking at him

  • penis gum

    a s*m*n soaked piece of gum. when soaking regular gum with s*m*n for 3 and half days, you’ll be left with regular gum with a faint white tint. make sure to make it look exactly like the original shape, in order to not cause suspicion. the best use for this prank is by going to […]

  • treeko

    a bad*ss motherf*cker who comes to beat pokémon and steal your b*tch i want a motherf*cking treeko!!

  • carb daddy

    god of all carbs. one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. he summoned all other aesthetic gods inside the heavely chamber in hopes of generating pure energy and strength. he who guides the weak minded through pain and difficulties. he will eat all the carbs on this earth. he will not stop. he […]

  • juey

    a boy who is fat, shy, or just annoying. he has a great family but is a *sshole. a juey is a rebel who is bad the kind of bad who gets bad grades fail 8th grade. not to cute but a little ugly. that juey is so mean juey is so mean i hate […]

  • shadery

    the act of being shady these two boys are partic*p*ting in shadery when talking about someone behind their back

  • exudi

    a wolf with large wings and bright colored tribal markings. usually with yellow or blue is also the name of one of these wolves. exudi looks so magical!

  • nyliera

    nyliera is a chocolate goddess who is funny, and beautiful. she is slim thick and awesome she cries when she laughs for no reason your so funny nyliera.

  • ganjapanuer

    a person who has a weed business. that n*gg* is a ganj*panuer dude makes a living as a ganj*panuer

  • chad fox

    chad fox one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet he’s not like any other guy and i can *ssure you you’ll never meet anyone like him he’s the best. he might act different around anyone who talks to him depending on if he knows you well like as in his friends or someone he […]

  • vrando

    a rare name for a boy and a great name for kids whose parents loves mysteries, codes, and anagrams. this name is perfect for cat lovers. vrando is derived from brandon and brando which is usually named for soldiers, police et al. vrando is a living creature.

  • mccollister

    a gentleman who has no b*lls, lacks a spine, and shows many distinct characteristics of a fragile snowflake. tony was crying after being tackled in a football game. he is such a mccollister.

  • kety yeti

    it’s when you are high on ketamine which has been supplied by brad’s nan’s friend who is a top notch dealer. and your so high you think you are a yeti and you start seeing yeti’s. it’s time to get kety yeti

  • esidora

    she’s the one you need. an esidora is a girl where they will always care for you, no matter the situation. she’ll sacrifice a piece of her own perfect heart to mend your broken one. she is h*lla gorgeous, inside and out. yet sometimes inside, she’s broken. she gives people too many chances that she […]

  • elephant racing

    the act of big rig semi-trucks slowly p*ssing each other on the freeway, obstructing private motorists and substantially slowing the overall speed of traffic. german origin. my commute took forty minutes longer than expected because all of the d*mn elephant racing.

  • ketshia

    a person with huge b**bs and a bubbly personality that everyone loves ketshia is very smart as well but can be very savage when someone decideds to do the wrong thing ketshia is such a lovely person so kind and caring but sometimes savage

  • act of michido

    attempting to get with a child that is either 12 years of age or less. alex: oh no, brian look. tyrone is performing another act of michido. brian: isn’t that the 12th time this week? alex: i think its the 16th, he was going after a group when you were in the bathroom.

  • urban boner

    chris’s chub that he gets when he doesn’t understand a word and looks it up in urban dictionary chris had an urban b*n*r for that word

  • rupak

    a s*xy inspiring man who speaks his mind. a funny gentle man who isn’t afraid to be aggressive when he needs to. he’s such a rupak a person who thinks they are great at stuff but are actually very lame and stupid. guy1: im the the best at programming. guy2: nahh bro, ur just a […]

  • bokankony

    the gucci curry eating paki n*gg*r you mother f*cking bokankony

  • oi get out

    when you try to walk into a cl*ssroom or house but you have no permission from the cl*ssroom owner or house owner “oi sir i’m coming in” “oi get out”

  • ttam

    a fat ginger who jerks off 6 times a day tyler is such a ttam a fat ugly b*tch that jerks off 6 times a day tyler is such a ttam

  • holed out

    when a b*tches p*ssy hole is stretched out to the size of a base ball and won’t close a b*tch who been ran through d*mnn after tyron f*cked that b*tch she was holed out

  • kanato

    the f*cking creepiest guy in all of anime kanato is a f*cking creep

  • niggnoog

    a less offensive way of saying n*gg*r. ay shut the f*ck up you d*mn niggnoog. niggnoogs are everywhere man.

  • daniel rule

    a person that sucks so much d*ck he get permanent lock jaw daniel rule can’t stop sucking d*ck.

  • custard cuddle

    when theres c*m on you or your partner and you both proceed cuddle and thus mash it between the two parties. person 1: hey do you want to cuddle? person 2: nah lets custard cuddle.

  • shawty dumb thicc

    when a hot chick’s *ss is the size of texas d*mn shawty dumb thicc. i walked past elle and couldn’t help myself saying “shawty dumb thicc” cuz her *ss is so fat.

  • sooloookkkkoooooooo

    a.) the words that come out of your mouth when you want to vomit or don’t know what to say. b.) you just can’t spell so. “sooloookkkkoooooooo,” he said, after overdosing on drugs.

  • can’t stick

    dislike or hate someone/ something. i can’t stick ty, she’s so annoying.

  • cherry brakes

    when the brakes on a car get so hot, they glow a bright red. yo man, that car at the convention could make cherry brakes

  • myonya

    a word in which you refer to as someone’s birthday. also a word that can mean someone’s day of death. ayo jobinman, you going to kevin’s 21st myonya? it’s so sad , when is matthew’s myonya?

  • but-hoe

    a but-hoe is the hole in the but i have a but-hoe

  • marsiah

    a smart n*gg*. jokes around a lot. has a smart *ss mouth . is cool with almost anybody. speaks his mind. marsiah so f*cking cool

  • shmoomemoo

    1. used as a term deriving from disappointment or boredom; often says as a conversation filler. 2. a form of annoyance to disrupt another’s train of thought. 3. meaning up to personal interpretation; able to be used at any moment. as my mind blanked on what to write for my essay, it hit me; “shmoomemoo,” […]

  • syshe

    syshe is loving and caring,but a crazy *ss b*tch💕💕she’ll get you back if you’ve done anything to her. she is fierce and brave.🔥 p1:omg that girl is such a syshe p2:i know right?!?

  • shan mei

    shan mei is a word standing for a person which is very ugly on the outside and unkind on the inside. emily is so shan mei!

  • cheesey

    like a creampie, but an *n*l version. the act of inserting one’s p*n*s into a woman (or man’s) *n*s, and busting the mother of all nuts inside. “d: i totally gave hillary a cheesey last night. it took her half an hour pushing that stuff out.” “q: d*mn fam, that seed must’ve been planted deep.” […]

  • oluwadamilola

    this is a nigerian name of the yoruba dialect which means ‘god has blessed me with wealth’ they are unique and high cl*ss fashionista oluwadamilola is really the best name for him because he is wealthy oluwadamilola ‘damilola’ is a common yoruba name given to both s*x (male and female). it means god has given […]

  • dwayn

    a complete g. of the male s*x that many people like because of his personality yet some dislike him because of his popularity me personality. oh that g dwayn is over there. let’s go say wagwan. yeah let’s go over there

  • melting ice cream cone

    when a male goes to *j*c*l*t*, instead of it ejecting out it dribbles down his hand. like holding an ice cream cone. john was humiliated when he finished with only a melting ice cream cone.

  • untriggerable

    when someone is unfazed by particularly offensive jokes. particularly those pertaining to gender, s*xuality or religion. dilan: you’re hard to trigger. katrina: i am dilan: get triggered plz katrina: i’m untriggerable

  • mehmetaj

    its a type of person that hates f*gets like seth hes a b*tch so f*ck him and ethan is going to shoot him f*ck seth riles hes scared of the mehmetaj hes a b*tch and gets no hoes and the only hoe he can get is his mom.

  • dead-liking

    when a deceased person continues to partic*p*te in facebook culture via a surrogate. my mil keeps dead-liking my posts 2 months after her funeral and it’s freaking me out.

  • the high ground

    the high ground is a position above your enemy, and allows you to win in all circ* also increases your chances of cutting off three limbs of any on the jedi council without the rank of master. “it’s over anakin! i have the high ground!”

  • fuso

    the act of ripping your p*b*s off and shoving them in your girlfriends mouth dude i gave jesaica a wicked fuso last night, kinda hurt though

  • issa look

    something people say to others trying out a sketch *ss look mike: hey girl, you like my crocs & jeggings? sam: issa look

  • hank marvin gaye

    a very hungry h*m*s*xual chad: d*mn! i’m hank marvin g*ye!! holly: but you’re straight? chad: not anymore.

  • peter heater

    it’s a heater for your peter i bought a peter heater for my friend an exceptionally warm v*g*n*. “darling, i’m quite cold. may i please stick my frigid p*n*s in your peter heater?” a term used by surfers to describe when they urinate in their wetsuits to relieve themselves and keep warm. it was getting […]

  • stool stall

    when you are at work and have just taken a vicious dump. the process of waiting in the stall until whichever people are in the bathroom do not witness you leaving the stall and implicate you in your horrific act of defiling the bathroom bro, i had to do the stool stall for like 5 […]

  • 1st year engineering

    h*ll. liberal arts student: hey want to go to the club tonight ? i don’t have any homework or tests this year. engineering student: nope cant in 1st year engineering!*hangs himself with a rope made of many homework *ssignments and practice tests*

  • valrick

    very mysterious looking guy. he may seem shy and quiet to those who don’t know him. but once you get to know him he won’t shut up. hes increadably smart and good looking. ladies are easily attracted to him because of his mysterious self. he enjoys romance films and is a low key geek. his […]

  • premature creamcheesulator

    when you run out of cream cheese before you run out of bagel. d*mn- still got half my bagel left and i’m out of cream cheese. i’m such a premature creamcheesulator…

  • cobbleshoot

    a word used to describe the activity of trying to understand the root cause of a problem or issue and at the same time trying to brainstorm a solution. cobbleshoot is a merge of the word “troubleshoot” and phrase “cobble something together.” our tiger team of program managers got together to cobbleshoot the communication problems […]

  • one-handed stir-fry

    the act of s*xual self pleasure utilising one hand. aka: masturbating. dude, what did you do last night? nothing but a one-handed stir-fry. why? my girl is still at her parents.

  • therberluber

    the ability to do nothing all day that man lacks therberluber

  • tryancare

    any healthcare plan created or promoted by the trump administration and ryan house of representatives to replace obamacare. speak slowly for full effect. tryancare will lead to the loss of healthcare for 20 million americans.

  • nikyla

    a person who is s*ssy pretty and smart. wow. i need a nikyla

  • shanjana

    a girl who loves k pop and is loyal to her friends. she is the mother of the group . she is a good person to talk to about problems with people or teachers . if you did not bring lunch she will share with you. she is an overall loyal person and she is […]

  • jazpreet

    the most intelligent , beautiful person in the world who cares for everyone and everything and speaks her mind if u aren’t jazpreet u should wish u were jazpreet i would name my daughter jazpreet

  • khozy

    a self proclaimed artist, a nub but good and kind at heart. a guy:hey is that khozy? girls:yeah, that’s khozy,he is my love.

  • eliska

    a beautiful girl. deserves to be treated the right way. girls with this name have a strange attraction to people who’s names start with the letter j. she’s always cold and her feet are always freezing. she loves to wear fuzzy socks. she is obsessed with cats and loves sentimental things to share with the […]

  • gasteron

    originally it refers to a tall skeleton with sp*ce hair. you use this term to refer to someone who has nice looking hair and is very funny. person 1: wow! you sure are a gasteron! person 2: gee thanks! i put on extra hair gel today!

  • jie ke

    a very magestic, elegant and lanky specimen. geez, jie ke is lanky

  • chillaf

    chill as f*ck. nah bro, he’s chillaf.

  • abreanna

    s*xy goddess with a big booty and nice b**bs . she get all the guy , she also gets the d ..she usually has brown curly hair and is tall 1)wow look at her she is so hot 2)yep that abreanna

  • scarce porn

    p*rn featuring scarce i love scarce p*rn!

  • amber jack

    when you turn your d*ck a vibrant shade of orange from sitting around all day watching p*rn, jacking off and eating bags of cheetos. i think it’s permanently orange now braaaaahhh. i’ve don’t nothing but amber jack all spring break.

  • hannah dunleavy

    an outgoing girl not afraid to stand-up for herself always loud and proud the last name dunleavy coming from irish descent; also having a link to irish royalty hannah dunleavy is a loud and outgoing girl.

  • mouth hickey

    a hickey on the mouth, from sucking on lip “d*mn bro, look at this mouth hickey i got from getting face with that girl”

  • chris koble

    they are awesome.they are lit and savage. i went to a party this kid was a chris kobles chris kobles are awesome.they are lit.they are cool and savage i went to a party this kid i hung out with is chris koble

  • bushnit

    a way to say this is boring or stupid and has no use or impact in your/our life as to where no one cares what they have to say. 1) d*mn this cl*ss is “bushnit” 2) your so “bushnit”

  • fxthma

    najdah or fxthma whatever floats your boat fxthma is so cringe omllllll

  • kakd

    someone who because of narcotics is super tired and lazy. they just want to sleep “wow dude you’re so kakd right now” “lets go kak” “i’m kakd out”

  • sour patch threesome

    when you have three sour patch kids left. person 1: sh*t a sour patch threesome!

  • paden benham

    paden benham is a loving caring person dang look it’s paden benham

  • wildwood high

    a place where a bunch of hoes and *ssholes go to school at where they have a bunch of deadbeat parents who are drug atticts i go to wildwood high

  • simpsonator

    there aren’t any definitions for simpsonator yet. can you define it?

  • fridget midget

    a small teenager who can’t hug, kiss talk to girls and will occasionally pat their girlfriend (if they have one) on the end like a dog omg josh is such a fridget midget

  • inman middle school

    inman middle school is a school in atlanta ga where there are no lights in the bathroom, 3 fights a day, no one p*sses anything, and all the 8th graders have s*x. bruh i went to inman middle school for one day and i almost got raped

  • mikaat

    young girl, often referred to as meerkat. laughs for weird reasons and for an over-exaggerated amount of time. tendency to complain about her explosive appendix. spends her days playing on roblox and thinks of herself as someone who will join the army. sometimes she prefers to hack games like a mad gal and hill jump […]

  • get clocked

    outed as trans shanna always loved body, but she was always afraid that she would get clocked by more nosy strangers.

  • bigdaddybiscuit

    a guy who is super hot and has the name chris but every girl wants his huge c*ck and call him bigdaddybiscuit. girl 1: oh my god! look its bigdaddybiscuit, (wispers to friend about huge d*ck) girl 2: gimme some of that d*ck boy

  • april 10

    this is a lit day. the t*tanic set sail, and daisy ridley, ray from the force aw*nkens was born. it happens to also be my birthday, and if your looking this up it’s probably yours too. i heard she lost her virginity on april 10th..

  • begend

    (pr*nounced bedge-end) a bell-end thats a legend. his ex was shouting at him at the club for drinking so much. he was so wasted he ended up puking in her mouth as he tried to shout back. what a begend.

  • jason john

    synonym for idiot yo dont be a jason john

  • andrew jones

    he is a guy will be your girlfriend and beak your hart and he will say he love you and that not true love. he a nothing but lair! the dictionary of andrew jones love him self

  • its a symbol of peace and everyone is equal person: how can we make everyone equal in our goverment stalin: i tried so hard to in russia, son… ☭☭ hitler: me too, but in germany unicode text version of the hammer and sickle. person1: found this strange symbol on urban dictionary what does it mean: […]

  • hayven

    shy, but outgoing,and loves to do what they want, and they don’t care what other people think about them. they love talking to people if they know the person. that hayven is very cool in their own way

  • takin’ a trump

    when the human body’s digestive branch makes a motion to defecate. then, after acting upon the motion, the results are much more foul, odious and disgusting than originally thought. the regret is so palpable as to be almost unbearable. the aftermath leaves one’s sphincter weak, flappy and violated. after that chili cook off, i thought […]

  • irianna

    an independent and intellegent person. she is kind and smart,she also won’t care about what others think (besides her friends and family). she is a lovable human being, but she is still human, sometimes she could get really p*ssed btu won’t show it until you “push her over the edge” metephoricly and phisicly. she is […]

  • thornbrough

    bad*ss motherf*cker…. or whatever man, look at all those thornbroughs over there!

  • grandguignolesquely

    in a horrifying manner; grand-guignolesquely the play’s tempo was driven to horrifying climax, grandguignolesquely.

  • jaydieus

    a g*y c*nt who goes out with maiya tuau i love being jaydieus around my boyfriend

  • dirty bucky

    donkey raping sh*t eater. any man who drive a dodge is a dirty bucky.

  • squirrellin’ out

    when a person does not focus on the task at hand and is distracted by multiple activities at one time (i.e. when a squirrel is approached by a human and doesn’t know which way to go) “rob focus on what you are doing, stop squirrellin’ out”

  • ym4om

    younger men for older men. i’m ym4om looking to hookup young man for older man, i like older g*y men- ym4om .

  • pizza plane

    a well-intentioned creative idea that starts alright but slowly turns to sh*t the more you work on it. lucas tried and tried, but at 3am after hours of toiling in indesign, he knew the pizza plane was never taking off..

  • brandon andres

    it’s a guy who will be quiet and shy but the out of no where he is a b*tch. he will talk to you if only you have money. has no life and plays games all day. he has very dark humor. a b*tch and a p*ssy . brandon andres for you there.

  • pipehead ass

    someone whos f*ckin dumb, so f*ckin dumb in fact their heads like a f*ckin pipe because of how hollow it is “b*tch get yo pipehead *ss the f*ck outta here you dumb*ss”

  • hotdog tuna

    after you put a d*ck in a dirty v*g*n* and wake up the next morning it smells like a can of tuna. i hooked up with toilet mouth last night and i got a big whiff of my hotdog tuna when i woke up. i’m gonna pack that *ss with this hotdog tuna!

  • emophrodite

    (e-mo-fro-dy-tee) a beautiful/s*xy emo that is very pleasing to the eye. even though they may be giving off negative/depressing vibes, they’re hot as f*ck, and you would be honored to date or be best friends with them “look at his hair and the way he dresses! he is totally an emophrodite.”

  • shake the tail

    when you’ve farted in a building while on the move and you take an indirect route to your destination in order to shake off the smell, disperse it and make it more difficult for those around you to track the source of the fart. “hey, what took you so long?” “sorry buddy, i had a […]

  • sikina

    a person who is occasionally very h*rny, attracted to children, or a pedophile. she/he can kill for a good *rg*sm look at that girl she is pedophilic ! like a sikina

  • dickshag

    1. (noun) a w*nker or a t*ss*r. 2. (verb) to bale out on someone. 3. (adjective) annoying. 4. (exclamation) an exclamation often used with the term “united” after woulds. 1. denzel: oh you know jem? minh: yeh hes a bit of a d*cksh*g init? 2. jem: oi you wanna catch up today? denzel: nah can’t […]

  • zaliyah

    a funny,stubborn person who always looks on the bright side. ( made by lilly milota ) man, that girl a zaliyah!

  • eating a burrito

    girl code for sucking a mexican c*ck last night i was eating a burrito and it sour creamed all over my face, josĕ is the best

  • pathetacisum

    a person who is pathetic and doesn’t know it. suffers from pathetacisum my mate went to the doctors today. and was diagnosed with pathetacisum

  • yaily

    she is that one rude popular girl who hates you for no reason. that girl is so yaily wth all i did was look at her and she smacked me!

  • greasy burrito

    (noun) an intimate move involving: *n*l s*x while your partner has profuse diarrhea, and then moving your p*n*s from your partner’s *n*s to their mouth. closely related to *ss to mouth alternate forms: greasy taquito (noun) alternate form of ‘greasy burrito.’ a greasy burrito performed by a ‘less fortunate’ person. “that b*tch of a hooker […]

  • park high school

    park high school is by far the most interesting school, they have fights with chairs thrown and we have weed smokers smoking in the bathroom. oh yeah also forgot kids are also f*cking in the bathroom or in the gym. d*mn this school is such a park high school.

  • tilalah

    a beautiful, loving, and caring person. but hides her feelings. short and adorable. she is a loyal person. but she will catch an att*tude real quick. she likes to share but not when people ask all the time. she can dance. people call her rude but she thinks “i’m not rude you just don’t see […]

  • nicky noodles

    trousers, (american) pants just going to pop off my nicky noodles!

  • fat girl complex

    a skinny girl who used to be a fat girl… a female who has lost a significant amount of weight, but still views ones self as “fat”. tends to feel as if they are a stranger in their own body. typically they are socialy awkward and avoid social events and gatherings, shy, unconfident and usually […]

  • trump basket

    a toilet bowl. -i drank way too much last night and ended up spending my night at the trump basket. -the trump basket is clogged; whoever used it last needs to plunge it.

  • crunch week

    that one week where all of your professors decide to give you projects/exams. it makes a lot of students fail under pressure. this week is usually towards the end of a semester. eddy: ben, are you showing up for soccer practice? ben: nah, it’s crunch week. i’ve got three tests and two projects due tomorrow. […]

  • autugry

    self-action; independent activity. used to describe reinvented/alternative schools, or non-legally mandated, self education. despite her high iq her grades were lacking due to her preference for autugry learning.

  • potty radar

    when you’re getting closer and closer to home (your toilet) and you have to p**p more and more. your radar is up omg i have such bad potty radar right now.

  • thirsty af

    realllly thirsty, wanting to have s*x boy, i am thirsty af right now!

  • am i a rapist

    yes, you are a rapist jimmy, am i a rapist? yes daddy, you are

  • dejiana

    a nice sweet beautiful girl who needs to hit me up in dm😉 oh wait i spelled the name wrong… 😶 my bad dejiana

  • amilqar

    a small indian boy with bad hair. he enjoys long walks and d*ck. hey , that dude is such an amilqar.

  • gandi dip aka gandhi dip

    when a p*n*s falls in the sh*t waters that is your toilet. usually followed by splashback after gopher poking and usually by those blessed like ron jeremy or cory edwards. i was digusted while on the thinker because of a gandi dip aka gandhi dip.. this toilet was made for little people!

  • luked it up

    there aren’t any definitions for luked it up yet. can you define it?

  • taylor bailey

    she is the sweetest person you will ever meet she nice she kind shes open hearted but if you f*ck with her she will f*ck with you back she is a savage she gives not f*cks about what people say or think about her she one of the baddest girls you will ever meet and […]

  • sideline number

    an disposable phone number one gives to acquaintances instead of ones actual phone number. used to protect ones ident*ty, reputation or to deflect unwanted advances at the club. popularized by russdiemon’s single, “sideline number” i always give tinder dates my sideline number in case they turn out to be crazy!

  • tamahak

    another word for tomahawk. any object you can through at people i just threw a tamahak at jimmy

  • brinkley road

    brinkley road is a road that starts on the corner of allentown and goes all the way down until right before the wendy’s by rivertowne..if u from brinkley road,.you run sh*t..n*body can f*ck wit you..people often do not realize how f*ckin long brinkley road is..although they may not personally know one another,.brinkley road comes with […]

  • woke girl

    a fine *ss girl who realizes a lotta sh*t, especially about f*ck boys. an insightful b*tch. see gabby over there, her best friend is a f*ck boy, but she’s a woke girl.

  • meinert

    meinerts are very loving and win at everything! they have great taste in food. and a nautical eye. they tend to work in restaurants, on ships or with seafood. ahoy matey me eye sees a meinert

  • sit down and go eat your lunch

    what your mother says to you as she yells at someone trinity-b*tch get off me and don’t talk to me trinity-yo shaqusa go sit down and go eat your lunch

  • tatsunori

    tatsunori is a friendly guy who writes stories most of the time. he became legend because of it and lot of people love him. most of the time tatsunori is used as a name of the legend. example: im a tatsunori

  • cabbage sack

    a dude with a smelly *ss ball sack. the whole locker room smells like cabbage sack dude. go shower.

  • pooter pop pantry

    it’s the equivalent of a spank bank for a woman who is very uncomfortable with saying “v*g*n*” and has to say “pooter pop” instead. they are also likely uncomfortable saying “spank bank” as well. seeing my husband mowing the yard really got me fl*stered. oh that image is going in the pooter pop pantry for […]

  • middle school popular crowd

    basically kids in middle school who act like they run the place, but as soon as you get to highscool they become irrelevent af. so dont worry middle schoolers your time will come ugh look at ashley and her middle school popular crowd

  • pizza chode

    a chode covered in herpes or genital warts so it looks like a pizza “ew tom has a pizza chode so i wouldn’t f*ck him”

  • buffalo fisting

    going elbow deep in a h*rny, gigantic, bush-laden woman “i took a grenade for a friend last night. i buffalo fisted the sh*t out of some b*tch” “i always get a bush burn on my elbow when i’m buffalo fisting. ” “blue cheese lube is best for buffalo fisting “

  • awshitfuck

    a show of frustration during the process of getting large pains, such as cramps, stepping on lego’s, or it can be used while in an intense moment such as dropping ur d*ck and trying to catch it, getting hit in the face with a bat, awsh*tf*ck would be used as in “i couldn’t think of […]

  • nabay

    a person who is so good at everything he does but stays humble throughout. nabays are people who will make you believe in luck because there is no way a regular person can achieve what they do. very kind, generous, and the combination between fun and wild at life. do not take their kindness for […]

  • beaner weener

    big and long aka shmeat bryson had a beaner weener

  • do you want to make fire after school

    1. it is a s*x expression. 2. asking someone to make an actual fire with you or just making an actual fire by yourself. 1. “hey jason, do you want to make fire after school?”

  • ab wrinkles

    an excuse – an alternative name for fat rolls i’m not fat, i just have ab wrinkles!!

  • dishonest don

    a person who lies, exaggerates, and fabricates the truth in order to impress others and sustain a self-fulfilling delusion. especially, someone who continues to lie when everyone knows the person is lying. origins: 21st century u.s.a, inspired by president donald trump’s behaviors. quit being a dishonest don, we all know your inauguration was not well […]

  • equestria united

    a large brony gaming clan that grew over the years in the prime days of call of duty. it originally was a group of friends being friends but a lone member took the group name and monetized it without the original members permission and was taken down by copyright strikes. equestria united is one of […]

  • heaven gage

    a beautiful girl who works hard for what she wants.she’s very sensitive and doesn’t like to joke around a lot. heaven is an amazing person. she is a brilliant person.heaven gage is also independent.

  • fact porn

    the contemporary phenomenon of people requiring news agency to publish any single detail about an incident immediately without any further investigation. for example, this can be observed after a supposed terrorist attack. there is currently a lot of fact p*rn on news site x about incident y.

  • homke

    used for when a situation is awkward or when you hear or see something weird. example: a friend gets caught in the middle of friends arguing over a boy. and the boy finds out the friend: well..this is homke. example: two sisters are hanging out and they see someone yelling in public. sister: why is […]

  • dirty kip

    when a g*y man f*cks another man in the *ss and doesn’t have the common courtesy to give a proper reach-around. that guy last night was such a dirty kip, i had to finish myself off.

  • corn brownie

    p**p. literally p**p. “anthony went down stairs last night to make a corn brownies in the bathroom.”

  • big mamba

    man’s p*n*s especially a big one. i got a big mamba just for you, baby

  • playdough

    when you got a lot of kief in your grinder. yo we’re about to get lit we got mad playdough! a drug that looks like red playdough and feels like it too. its a mixture of oxycontin, apo-lorazepam, ibuprofen, rubbing alcohol, cough medicine and a whole bunch of otha sh*t. makes the walls sweat and […]

  • imantas

    lithuanian variation of the name imants. a party animal that goes all night. dude, how is imantas still partying?!

  • than shit oo

    a chinese boy that has a 2 inch p*n*s, and think he has friends but really doesn’t i’m than sh*t oo

  • nerdyflo

    it’s an online craze that includes writing stories and hating on all the popular kids if that certain school and all the kids that aren’t popular are doing it and watch all the popular kids try to find out who they are and laugh because it’s being done by all of the did you see […]

  • smashing lasagna

    when 2 or more friends get together and cram hot italian food inside of their neighbors mail boxes. “bobby got arrested last night” “what for” “cops caught him smashing lasagna all over the apartment complex”

  • meat man miller

    a grown man who works in the shop and save deli just to support his sorry excuse for a family. he will have a son who b*tches and complains about any ailment on the united states. his daughter will like colored folk, especially those who are unemployed since this trait runs in the family. this […]

  • nutella sandy

    when you nut on your girls face while wearing a cowboy hat and shouting “howdy yall!” samantha was feeling pretty h*rny, so i decided to give her a good southern nutella sandy.

  • muddy catfish

    in the occasion of a dead cat g*ngb*ng it is common etiquette that the last partaker must suck on the cats orifice whilst the host hulk smash the cats stomach. this is the delicacy called a muddy catfish we all had to draw straws for who would get that tasty muddy catfish

  • erection ejection

    where your b*n*r gets throne out of your wife’s v*g*n* i had an erection ejection having s*x

  • did you eat yet?

    when an asian parent says this to you.. it means “i love you” as there is no literal translation for “i love you” in any asian languages. mom: “did you eat yet?” kid: “did you eat yet, too mom”

  • vurgin

    someone who has not yet had s*x with a “gurl” (a male cross dresser, transvest*te, or pre-op male-to- female transs*xual). yo dude, i’m no longer a vurgin, i sucked trannie d*ck last night!

  • outrange

    when character’s attack range is longer ten enemy’s,often used in the battle cat li’l nyandam outranged dark emperor nyandam’s attack range, that’s why i use him a lot

  • l’il miss archaeology

    girlfriend who constantly harps on your past mistakes. dere she go agin, l’il miss archaeology, diggin’ up the past!

  • ebele

    a full 10/10 chick. sensitive, sweet and fine to the bone . she caring and knows how to handle her man. eg: ebele bella is my kind of girl.

  • run

    v. to steal or steal from; obtaining possession of content of someone elses belongings, without their permission and/or notice. “go ahead and leave your door unlocked. people gonna run yo house.” person a: “yo somebody last week went into my laundry bro! i cant find my joggers anywhere!” person b: “d*mn, somebody ran yo sh*t, […]

  • lil ugly dude

    a person who he ugly *ss h*ll and a person who should go f*ck himself and hes a hoe ewww ya’ll see that lil ugly dude

  • tei-ara

    teiara is a beautiful and smart young lady she’s brown skin brown hair and brown eyes -easy to fall in love with -shes funny *ss h*ll -she will keep u smiling -dont make her mad she will go crazy -very friendly -likes helping others -very smart,talented,and caring -she’s cool *ss h*ll that girl tei-ara is […]

  • cyenne

    usually a pretty,funny, and weird girl who likes to play with her tongue and make weird facial expressions. cyenne is weird.

  • buttery hand

    the act of *j*c*l*t*ng into your own hand and then continuing to m*st*rb*t*, using the s*m*n as lube. person 1: “how often do you m*st*rb*t*?” person 2: “technically once a day but i do the b*ttery hand.”

  • fartin

    meaning martin linder which alaways farts and sh*ts i am a fartin

  • fair shake

    meaning that when one does something for a period of time to see if it is right for themselves to use/do. also potentially meaning a period of time given to an event or person in regards to actions. i gave carl a fair shake in being my friend. he blew it. i went to the […]

  • till the land

    the act of eating p*ssy. going down on a girl. told her baby i’m going to go shoulder deep n”till the land ” tonight. and plant my c*ck in you oh baby ” till the land” tonight

  • elijana

    sweet kind girl there is this pretty girl named elijana

  • yacknation

    when one man is interested in another man, for friendship or that of a s*xual nature. as the young man stood forward and announced to all , ‘yacknation!’

  • hypolemia nervosa

    hypolemia nervosa is a nerve disorder caused by nerve diostic levels rising due to high intensity levels of stress, getting irritated quickly, and anger. the most common side affect is outbreaks on the lip. person 1:what is that on your lip? person 2: oh i have a nerve disorder called hypolemia nervosa. person 2: oh […]

  • cassius martinez

    a man who comes from the netherlands and speaks fluent dutch. a very brave and adventurous person who cares about his peers. “i am a great c*ssius martinez”. “but are you a man who comes from the netherlands and speaks fluent dutch. a very brave and adventurous person who cares about his peers”. “yes i […]

  • meme noah

    this young producer in the ville lives life in the meme productions, he is very well known for hooking up with warman girls on the daily and sharing his memes orally. he cured cancer with his memes out in his colorado. nigher: what is life meme noah: life is an angle a meme god that […]

  • grape sack

    a male with a small set of t*st*cl*s with an unusually taut scr*t*m. dan has a grape sack.

  • donathon

    donathon also shortened to don. you would call your best friend your donathon as donathon means trust worthy friend jack my donathon, what you doing later.

  • the hatmaker garage sale

    when you steal from work, or others to make a profit at the flea market. has anybody seen my hammer this is the third one thats gone missing in a week. yes, i believe two of them are at the hatmaker garage sale!

  • lunar pancake

    best youtuber ever that has 56 subscribers!!!!!!! is that lunar pancake, can i watch

  • crusty kid

    a street kid that doesn’t shower and is super dirty “hey tk i heard shanks has scabies” “yea she’s a crusty kid stay away from her”

  • bromidicness

    state or being of plat*tude his bromidicness brought him under par.

  • build the bridge

    shove the tampon in you its coming i need to build the bridge right now

  • christopher spencer

    very ugly,antisocial,loves toast,gets no love,mom doesn’t love them,rips peoples face off,secretly g*y christopher spencer is defined :he/she is very chris or every body hates chris

  • vatican state

    a country the size of the fingernail and the pope lives there, it’s a country inside a country, has more foreigners than any country in the world per capita man 1: hey man where do you live and where do you go to school? man 2: i live in the vatican state and go to […]

  • charae

    dirty *ss hoe with no sense of humor wtf charae

  • broke the chalk

    when your teacher gives a lesson that is so off the hook that their chalk just can’t handle it. dude, mr. k totally broke the chalk today in third hour.

  • flip a u-y

    to make a u-turn “sh*t, i missed my turn” “it’s okay, just flip a u-y”

  • hhkb

    the single best keyboard in existence. it uses electro-capacitive topre 45g switches, handcrafted by gods. every keypress fells like angels pillow. makes a nice thock sound. (has none of that razer cr*p) dude that hhkb looks wicked nice.

  • jk style porn

    jk style p*rn : any p*rn produced in j*pan or korea; sometimes relates to vintage j*p/kor adult videos today i purchased some jk style p*rn.

  • sbma

    stop breathing my air he told the liberal protester to gtfo and sbma.

  • breath of the wild

    a horrific form of halitosis in the legend of zelda universe. “princess zelda threw up her organs when she got a good whip of link’s breath of the wild.”

  • zidania

    the type of person that is ready too beat someone’s *ss. they have no chill for fake people.she takes no cr*p. heavy hand. she always there for her closes friends no matter when,where. or how. and she cute and thick zidania my best friend will come beat your *ss. zidania don’t see fake people. zidania […]

  • everipedia

    baller version of wikipedia, has gifs, videos, and verified accoutns if everipedia is facebook, wikipedia is mysp*ce

  • branimir

    as the name says-peace on the first place. but, deeply, in the middle of the smallest cell there is a big battle between two profiles. one is young fire and red wine, but other is quite ice and and romantic poet. sometimes, the ice burns so strong like it will destroy everything and than creates […]

  • mejembe

    when you have the sh*ts except it’s really intense and you feel like you are dying. moe: dude are you okay grinks: no i feel like i’m gonna die i have the mejembe.

  • dessiree

    a very cute/smexy girl who is funny and has lots of friends and is very lovable dessiree is cute and very funny i never had a friend like her

  • reeeh

    the sound a male makes when seeing a a hot *ss in a s*xy thong. d*mn girl that *ss looking reeeh!

  • fabricator

    a fabricator is used in the steel industry. it is only a semi skilled trade that involes grinding/preping all day – for the real trades (welders) “oi fabricator, make yourself useful and come grind this for is” people who say that they “don’t lie” but they simply “fabricate” which is a stretching of the truth. […]

  • african beer bottle

    what a drunk supporter at a football/soccer match throws when he is upset that his team is losing “when i was at the d.c. united match i got hit with african beer bottle” what a football/soccer supporter throws when he is upset that his team is loosing “when i went to a d.c. united match […]

  • eztli

    he’s is simply amazing , charming , funny , kind , sweet guy you could ever meet . you instantly fall in love with him . he is very athletic but lazy . he is fun to be around . he has such incredible personality . you really have to try to open him up […]

  • dripple charlie

    “dripple charlie” is a onion which has 5 different layers, many people like to eat these onions and they come from asia, most people bang them with a stick and then boil them to get them just right but you can cook it any way, soem people say the come from jasper but i say […]

  • elmo mud bath

    the “elmo mud bath” is the act of tickling someone until they literally sh*t themselves. i tickled buckwheat until he committed an elmo mud bath.

  • numerator

    the numerator is the number written above the fraction line and above the denominator! 4/5, numerator = 4

  • xavier greg

    a very crafty and horrible guy. oh that horrid xavier greg

  • pamosc

    pamosc or please add me on snap chat is a common acronym used by teens hey erick pamosc

  • aequotis

    the act of a r*t*rd who can’t say hey quote this. dave: aequotis d*ck boi dan: go home you’re drunk

  • archwhore

    a fat*ss who only eats mcdonald’s. stop being an archwh*r* and eat something else.

  • mohmmedophobia

    the fear of being blown up i have mohmmedophobia

  • eyaal

    he is a wonderful guy. very slick but can be annoying a lot of times. he also is very smart and kind. always respectful and curious and his imagination extremely strong. eyaal is someone you would want to be friends with because one day you could be working for him. last he has his moments […]

  • hullera

    the definition of hullera is actually hullera. it means two things actually. ironic or sweet but unfortunate in the looks department. it can be used in many ways. i really like mikey, he’s really nice but not attractive. it’s hullera. wow it’s raining on my wedding day, hullera.

  • walee

    is a herb yo that n*gg* walee is a herb, he needs to hop off my d*ck

  • mud gate

    peepee a mud gate is where someone pees.

  • poo sling

    when a woman uses her bra as a slingshot, using human feces as the payload. don’t go to the water balloon fight, someone’s got a poo sling!

  • ieshaa

    *hilarious *sarcastic *loving *genuine *emotional ieshaa is the best girlfriend, wife, best friend, etc. anybody could have. ieshaa is a real cool chick.

  • schmeat yeet beat your meat yah

    when schmeat yeets and beats your meat and it feels good from schmeat and your like yah schmeat yeet beat your meat yah!!!

  • raganismist

    a person who hates rags but mastubates with them. donovan is such a raganismist.

  • sporticus

    sporticus is the one weekend a year when the most major internationaly recognised sporting events are played (i.e le tour de france, wimbledon, world cup matchs, playoffs etc. sporticus is a play on words derived from the seinfeld fict*tious holiday festivas are you watching sporticus this weekend?

  • aruj

    a spasticated inters*x beggar who often comes across as a creep. did you notice aruj in the ally w*nking off to smelly garbage

  • george david turner

    a very handsom s*xy beast of a man who will destroy any one in bed he has a very big c*ck and nows how to listen while he f*cks youre bestfreind, he alsop plays the guitar so he is very good at strumming the g string. he such a george david turner

  • lazer snake

    a ancient species of beasts. only seven have ever been known to exist each one being on the seven continents. the north american lazer snake lives in new mexico. only one man has ever been able to live from a lazer snake encounter. all of our information is based off of his true story. we […]

  • saber hug

    euphemism for s*x coined on mmo game chats “how did it go last night?” “we made out, but i didn’t get a saber hug.”

  • nuggerfucker

    one who sits on such a small p*n*s that only the t*st*cl*s are felt. lia you little nuggerf*cker!

  • ramspeck

    the process of an out going administration installing political appointees into civil servant positions of the government in order to cause trouble or annoy the incoming administration donald trump ramspecked sean spicer into a low level position at the epa so the new administration wouldn’t forget what his farts smell like

  • garden troll

    a fat ugly mug a b*tch off a girl garden troll

  • lorilye

    the best and most amazing girl usually a good person to be with someone with the beginning of there name is s. lorilye, that girl is amazing 😉!

  • jilia

    jilia means an orange and black american b*tterfly with long narrow forewings, found chiefly in tropical regions. jilia

  • catelin

    someone nice, but energetic, loved by most, and obsessed with anime she is so nice, friendly, and sweet. thanks catelin for being my friend.

  • backrubbage

    the negtive background information my backrubbage prevented me from getting a great job in the cia.

  • ja’shaunte

    a person who loves to be quiet until he is in a party then he becomes the main attraction man this kid is a savage that’s why his name is ja’shaunte

  • memeafied

    when you get tosed into a pit of memes and you become one with them “dude that guy got memeafied”

  • vangasm

    vangasm: when a girl gets tangled in a bungee net in the back of a van and is then f*cked until both parties c*m dude 1: bro how was the road trip last weekend with your girl? bro: dude you have no idea, we had vangasms the whole trip, gotta take the van to the […]

  • micael

    very attractive, smart intellectual person. afraid of nothing will protect his family at any means necessary, great s*x, c*cky, low key antisocial. honorable you act just like a micael, and i love it .

  • unicorn puff

    thc wax coated in 99.9% pure cbd isolate. after surgery, my pain was better managed with a unicorn puff dab than smoking a joint.

  • keep it doja

    when you only smoke weed and don’t do any other drugs. all my friends do hard drugs , i keep it doja.

  • big lil

    big lil is how a tall male would refer to his son. a.k.a. little man. on the reverse of this saying lil big can be used as the same term but also be used to make reference to a bomb dj on the come up. “ayo big lil reach up and grab that pasta off […]

  • force awakened

    when a guy gets an unexpected hard on for someone around him. today in cl*ss while thinking about mary the force awakened

  • got the sack

    when a thug carrying a stack of cash and a 38 blama. also when u thug has 10 or more grams of weed man brobro i got the sack and i wit it

  • youza ho

    used as an insult to a ho or otherwise known as a person you wouldn’t trust your man with. shaquisha: “i can give your man a ride to the concert.” patricia: “girl no, youza ho. you always tryna get some.” shequisha: “d*mn, you caught me.”

  • kickin’ like van damme

    when a chick is so hot in booty-shorts, you want to watch her spread her legs between two driving big rigs. d*mn! paula is kickin’ like van damme right now! i wanna get up in them guts.

  • naeco

    ocean spelled backwards the most loving and s*xy boys you will ever meet they are very goofy,intimidating and quiet they have a huge effect on people they surround and are very secretive with their feelings i am very sad because i miss naeco he is such a fun person

  • bernaria

    someone who is kind, sweet, nice, caring. bernaria thinks about people not only herself. she always shares and offers things for other ppl. she is also very powerful and manages her money right. she is very s*xually and very dirty-minded. bernaria is a strong, s*xual, sweet person.

  • butt truffler

    when one does a handstand, deepthroats a c*ck and gets their *ss eaten at the same time. b*tt truffler 1. to get ones *ss truffled 2. to truffle ones *ss i truffled linda’s *ss light night

  • eat the put

    performing c*nn*l*ng*s on a female while so intoxicated that you urinate on yourself immediately afterwards. bro 1: bro, i got so hammered last night. i met a girl though. bro 2: bro, did you eat the put? bro 1: yeah bro, i booked it outta there when i woke up.

  • chardona

    a chardona is usually a very b*tchy type of person who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and is usually small but evil and usually very full of their self she’s a b*tch she’s such a chardona

  • ehinomen

    ehinomen is the name of someone who can be irritating, but lovable. she makes you smile no matter what and is always defending you. she doesn’t care about most things and what people think about her, she is also very brave and bold. she also has a rocking body and tends to touch her b**bs […]

  • rumel

    this is rumel rumel gets gifts for his girlfriend on her b day so that he doesnt have to spend his money on valentines day rumel is smart be like rumel rumel loves liya and will stay with her forever nothing can separate them

  • lars bergo

    he’s trash at pretty much everything gee. he’s really lars bergo today

  • neverlosemydude

    the proof that anything is a word on urban dictionary i found it on urban dictionary so of course it’s a word, neverlosemydude

  • autgasm

    when an autistic person has an *rg*sm ooooh you just gave me an autgasm.

  • jiar

    a giant fat person that steals other peoples things that are near to their heart. you see that guy over there, he`s a jiar.

  • eikerenkoetter

    a girl that is short n dreams to have a good car😒😒she is a tomboy a little n is a bad child……. eikerenkoetter~is a bad child

  • algernora

    a sweet girl that his perfect and very cute and loveable she is a great person to talk to and has many friend and i like her wow that algernora is cute asf

  • tallahassee gas mask

    to sh*t inside a shower cap, and sneak up behind someone. you then hold them back and put the sh*tty cap on their face like a gas mask. i’m tired of my roommate giving me tallah*ssee gas masks! i’m never buying a shower cap again.

  • falderalness

    foolishness; folderolness; falderolness his falderalness was put down and punished, including being a drug addict.

  • sophie spiegler

    short brunette, pet*te, about 5ft3, tan-ish body, gorgeous, has amazing eyebrows and lips and lashes, and a smile that could melt diamonds… has an amazingly tight b*tt, small, but well shaped, and has perfect round amazing t*tties that when she wears push-up bras you just want to shove your face in them. someone who you […]

  • nut fluffer

    noun: the t*tle of the person who makes the male model’s p*n*s erect before the start of the p*rnographic film. “john loved being a nut fluffer because he enjoyed s*xually arousing men.”

  • medway girls

    dirty yats with dads that shift c*ke and uck anyone for a bit of weed just got ucked by some medway girls so i gave them some ket

  • my mom and dad

    when you are about to rat on your parents for something they dont want other people to hear. my mom and dad called you round eye.

  • fayrose

    a person that will be shoved up your *ss, self consisted little b*tch who thinks guys like her. when guys do like her in a couple of weeks the loose feelings cause she’s too clingy and a c*ck sucker. she is a alien looking big *ss nose ugly as girl omg what a wh*r*, we […]

  • cade yost

    egotistical f*ck boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. thinks he can get chicks but can’t. has better relationship with lube and tissues than with any girl ever. cade:hey girl:wtf, man *pukes, get away from me girl#2: cade yost, such an *sshole

  • pigeon architect

    a software architect who swoops in, deposits a mess, and flies away leaving the development team to clean up. the company’s new pigeon architect just shat on my project.


    a word to describe a game that is very laggy.!? more like

  • pootergeist

    that time when you go to the toilet, you don’t need to wipe, when you turn round, there’s nothing there… you have been visited by the pootergeist. mate, i’m scared, i’ve just had a pootergeist.

  • weston shook

    smart emo s*xy if your name isabella you should date him as some youtube emo goth watches the walking dead again very emo is that weston shook that kid is emo

  • ungradable

    someone who is so ugly you can’t grade them on a scale on 10 she’s ungradable dude ew

  • i’m a bear

    it means to be brave, energetic, strong, and handsome. it also means to be very athletic. i made a three pointer i’m a bear at this game.

  • putnam county high school

    located in small town going nowhere. the only public school in the county. also became a charter school and f*cked everyone over. people in thd office dont care about anything. except for mrs. mccallum, she’s the sh*t. mr. adams is the best there. anyone else want to deacribe this place? add a definition. putnam county […]

  • petered

    when a little b*tch n*gg* breaks your water bottle d*mn that girls zoe got petered 1. when someone cuts you off when you are speaking because you are taking too long to say something. 2. being told to get to the point because you are speaking too slow. 3. verbose speaking leads to being hurried […]

  • sneha

    a loving gorgeus girl who will forever love you no matter the condition, gives great advice, dont beleive me go find one yourself! omg sneha is like the most popular person in school because she is so nice! her moods change with the moon.she can be mean but she’ll still call you and ask you […]

  • drexican

    mexicans who have had too much f*ckin beer last night. also they have a high craving of having s*x and masterbating i saw a drexican last night. mexicans who have had too much f*ckin beer last night. also they have a high craving of having s*x and masterbating i saw a drexican last night.

  • edoch

    the opposite of a chode longer than it is wide nah fam i got a edoch

  • ma grandad

    a bauldy c*nt but sound, ma grandad is bauld

  • church heat

    really hot inside…like in a church full of people hopping and praising the lord (and sweating). temperatures above 80 usually found in crouded places or where the thermostat may be controled by a church elder who needs to warm his chilled bones. man, it was so hot in that cafeteria, it was like they had […]

  • elexianna

    she’s pretty and cute most boys think that too but yet can she be fake and b*tch and turn her back on you she always thinks about boys and is always depressed for them has no *ss but she does have books and she’s kinda chubby she always looks good tho. 1.elexianna looks so pretty […]

  • barzaga complex

    the barzaga complex is a self-destructive state that occurs among men resulting from the fear of small genitals. though rarely observed in nature, the complex is often sp*wned by s*xual underperformance. it is easily diagnosed by long-term celibacy, manstration, and lack of confrontation of fellow males. see also, microp*n*s. “whats up with your friend today?” […]

  • jizz diaper

    the towel a girl wraps around her to catch the c*m drippings after a guy has shot his load in her. john presented his lover with a j*zz diaper after s*x so she wouldn’t leave a wet spot on the bed.

  • neckery

    the art of slapping the back of someone’s neck either softly or hard. if someone were to say that the world is flat, then that would be a large case of neckery.

  • mandue

    c*m. your man load. man juice. serving up your hot, creamy c*m load to your girl and stringing it around her face like a warm cheesy fondue. i took sophie to the melting pot last night. she really enjoyed the fondue. but she really savored the mandue i fed her when we got home.

  • pivec

    a very arrogant and political douche who thinks he is the sh*t. a white supremacist who only thinks for the good of himself. omg you’re such a pivec.

  • andresh

    everyone comes with a baggage but you are someone who can love enough to help people unpack. you are certain type of man who is able to help others though you are not that close to them. you are a good-looking guy but likes to mess your hair with colors, you know what im taking […]

  • minnesota state university, mankato

    a sausagefest masquerading as a “university” in the small town of mankato, mn. this is primarily a party school for the kin folk in the upper midwest and elsewhere. high rate of std’s and alcohol poisoning. sucks in sports and sucks in academics. the school mascot is a bull named “stomper”. a f*cking bull! i […]

  • diabetic popsicle

    a man’s gentle area ,p*n*s ,c*ck wow you must have a small diabetic popsicle

  • randy day

    the unfortunate names boy from dan howells 9th internet support group video. reference: randy is like being h*rny (ig: theedgypotato) my name is randy day and i hate my life i’m having a randy day i’m feeling pretty cheeky, lol feelin randy

  • jasper’s time

    around 30mins-3hours behind every other c*nts time. where is jasper ? don’t worry mate he’s running on his own time, jasper’s time .

  • godzslay

    the best person on the planet everyone wants to be him is amazing at pokemon go ya you are jealous every girls dream godzslay is the best

  • luchkow

    unlucky illeagal candy seller im going to luchkow to get the candy

  • mouseholing

    before hitting that *ss, shaving your head except for a few strands, then bringing your bald head to her *n*s and trying to fit through, like a mouse desperately trying to enter a hole. other possibles alternatives are by using your p*b*s to resemble whiskers and fitting your b*lls in her *ss my and my […]

  • canadian creamball

    two opponents lay on their backs, with their feet together. each whip their d*cks out as they open their mouths. both attempt to *j*c*l*t* in each other’s mouth while singing the canadian national anthem. once someone fills their opponents mouths with c*m, they win. if either of them swallow or stop singing they automatically lose. […]

  • willywomper

    williwomper means a god’s man, someone dedicated to god. “look! a w*llywomper is praying by the good church.”

  • nameera

    a name for an extravagant girl/queen/cowboy. the name translates to holy and/or heavenly water nameera is so cool! nameera is better than you

  • anikat

    there aren’t any definitions for anikat yet. can you define it?

  • dematteo maneuver

    action one takes when a problematic situation arises and there are no rational solutions present. the action is to hide at a reliable, safe location for approximately 5 minutes and then proceed to revisit the problematic scene once again with high hopes of everything being miraculously back to normal. the transportation in lax was a […]

  • canoll

    the act of inserting a canolli into a woman’s v*g*n* and masturbating her until it is filled with her cream. guy 1: did that italian chick let you canoll her last night? guy 2: h*ll yeah! it was delicious!

  • joshika

    ( noun )a very demanding individual who has no life and constantly spends her time at home. it is an individual with no sense of fashion and style. a way to describe someone who has made a very bad decision and is going to have a very unsuccessful future. jasal : yo john, you joshikad […]

  • onochie

    onochie means one who replace like reincarnation of a person in igbo culture. they are usually nice, soft hearted and good lovers. they adapt easily to situations and are good leaders. they love family and are responsible david onochie saul

  • nickmo

    someone who pushes the limits of all boundaries known to man. sneaky, mischievous. most likely short and has a beard and smokes dabs. bro1: “wow bro, did you see that bro sneak in all that beer?” bro2: “yeah, that bro is a total nickmo

  • husband issues

    when a fan of a series (usually a woman) is too afraid to do anything that might offend another fan’s fictional husband. emma: oh my gosh. nico is so hot. kate: you know he’s g*y, right? emma: what did you just say to me? nico loves me more than anyone! you’re just stupid, shut up! […]

  • isaiah collley

    its ya pump daddy skinny p*n*ss isaiah collley is a pump skinny p*n*s

  • pesto titty

    some who is just a complete douche who is unfaithful and is easily angered sarah: omg did you here what dillian did to delany he is such a pesto t*tty jessy: oml i know what an *ss

  • shalyann

    unique, beautiful, smart, and funny young lady. hey shalyann

  • wlack

    a white *ss black person mane that b*tch is wlack

  • the telephone

    when you put a thumb in her b*tt and a pinky in her v*g*n* using one hand, keeping the middle 3 fingers in a fist. she gave me the phone signal at the bar and i gave her the telephone the next day.

  • kivonne

    cute dumb he gets on your nerves but still is funny and a slow minded bae kivonne you get on my nerves but it love you

  • bumgos

    playing the bongos on someone’s b*m seb played her b*mgos with delight

  • yibbal

    the greatest person in the world you may not know it but she’s always there to make you laugh! loves hanging around friends and just being weird whether you think she’s cool or crazy she loves hangin around friends! she attracts many baes and is loved by many attractive guys! ” wow that girl is […]

  • royal egg

    cracking an egg in someone’s *ss, then f*cking them so hard it scrambles i totally gave stephanie a royal egg on sat*rday

  • loud face

    when someone’s facial expressions do the important talking, even when they don’t. angela merkel loud faced those meetings with donald and ivanka trump, complete with m*ssive side-eye. the best.

  • r u sure about dat

    when someones says something about themselves or others you ask them ‘r u sure about dat’ in a very sarcastic and kinda questioning way i made it into da paintball team r u sure about dat

  • pit of cocks

    (noun) a g*y orgy in a dark place, usually in a pit. in reference to the c*ckpit of an airplane. “hey man, are you going to that orgy on 6th street?” “h*ll no, i’m going to the pit of c*cks on 8th street!”

  • mushcumber

    a girthy, throbbing, rockhard c*ck so painfully engorged it resembles a cuc*mber b*lls deep in a mushroom, already moist with prec*m and ready to slay. “his mushc*mber had me walking funny for days!” “you could hang a plush, oversized bath towel on that mushc*mber.” “ready or not, here comes the mushc*mber!”

  • padwock

    the name of a r*t*rded kid who can’t spell padlock look at that padwock over there!

  • talking out your jaw

    saying something dumb, or annoying, or talking sh*t girl1: tracey is so ugly girl2: eww stop taking out your jaw or girl1: how many minutes are in an hour? girl2: ur dumb, stop talking out your jaw

  • kyiana

    kyiana is the most pretty girl you will ever meet. she has a great personality, and it’s really easy for her to find friends. she can sometimes have an att*tude towards someone, but she still loves you to death. oh, is your name kyiana, because you have a great personality

  • chinese stack

    the act of taking excessive amounts of napkins/toilet paper/tissue while only using a minimal amount of it. the rest of the stack does not generally go to waste as the left over napkins/toilet paper/tissue stays on the table that was used by the person/perpetrator of said stack. man, check out this chinese stack on the […]

  • jordon wells

    jordon wells is a noun a sometimes annoying person who always talks about gta v and when he talks about gta v he doesn’t tell you he is talking about it and it is really annoying and you think he is talking about real lif jordon wells is annoying

  • bonequeef

    when you f*cking a girl and she queefs on your b*n*r making it deflate. i was f*cking amanda last night and she bonequeefed all over me.

  • brahma chicken

    a giant *ss chicken that lowkey looks like a dog. it is the size of an elementary school kid so it’s kinda scary (it is harmless person 1: what the h*ll is that!!!!!!!! person 2: it’s a brahma chicken, the chicken of the future.

  • zareia

    a type of girl who knows what they want and goes for it. doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. constantly getting into trouble but using her charms to get her out. an amazing person to know and be friends with. oh my god, that girl is hot and mysterious, that’s a zareia!

  • spanner fairy

    alistair macleod alistair macleod is a spanner fairy. spanner fairy’s wind people up.

  • felato

    often confused with gelato, it is known as getting the sloppy succ chris loves a good felato

  • trick or two

    when someone can show you s*xual techniques/positions that you may not know. the gentleman said he could show me a trick or two after he finished fixing the computer.

  • waaw

    verb wou 1. we are always watching 1. waaw map. 2. waaw!

  • raamiz

    human slicing machine with that sharp *ss jaw d*mn raamiz can slice an apple with that jawline

  • ittfn

    i think the f*ck not boy: i’m tryna get right with you girl, stop playing with my feelings girl: boy, bye😭. ittfn

  • human statue

    1. a person standing in a public place for no reason but to get in peoples way 2. a person who does nothing during s*x. 1. that teacher is a human statue 2. person a: what did she do last night person b: she just let me f*ck her person a: was she a human […]

  • internally grateful

    being grateful from the inside. i am internally grateful for the 7 o’clock shift.

  • deepjyot

    jyot, according to hindu norms, refers to ‘holy fire’ so the word should mean ‘a deep and holy fire which is pure and sublime’ look at the stars! they’re as bright at a deepjyot

  • nyayia

    the most lowkey b*tch on earth .like her name dont even make f*cking sence to most people but shes gonna correct you if you it wrong. and nyayias love there twix candy bars and always call people a ” ethi ” and offend them by dancing. a nyayia will talk to boys that lowkeydont like […]

  • maneeth

    well… he’s just a freak with crazy and creative ideas. people don’t get satisfied with his behavior.. yet some people know that his little goodness isn’t fake. but never miss with him! he’s special.. only a few can see that… never mess with a guy like maneeth!

  • polyn

    name for 100% plant based skin care company. we polynate the world with 100% plant based ingredients. we use only 100% plant based ingredients. we polynate the planet with our plant based ingredients.

  • peah

    a person who always call someone else with weird name such as ‘monyet hitam’ and so on don’t look at her.she is peah.hahahahhahaa

  • angry political urbandictionists

    a group of people now trying to get revenge for donald j. trump becoming president of the united states by posting definitions that have nothing to do with the actual problem at hand. these definitions created are more of incomprehensible venting that usually has a large amount of votes, many being upvotes as people who […]

  • brown lig

    when your legs turn abnormally brown i’ve contracted brown lig

  • salty kernel

    chunky s*m*n i got that salty kernel stuck in my throat.

  • skye hampton

    the most incredible woman you will ever lay your eyes on. if you are not fully prepared, you may be blown back when first looking at her, just by the sheer power her beautiful body produces. you better feel lucky if you know a skye hampton, she is probably the most amazing person you will […]

  • donnea

    a person in the world of persons she is a donnea

  • trip to the basement

    an exceedingly traumatic experience or series of events that ruins your otherwise fine mood; a total downer. person a: “how it is going?” person b: “well, driving back from the doctor’s where i was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, i was in an accident that killed my wife, child and dog. other than that […]

  • webdog

    a word used to describe somebody who will uncontrollably master bate when ever they get the chance to wether they are in cl*ss, a dorm, home or on public transport. wow you are master bating again, your such a webdog.

  • fart bash

    farting on your hand, and then proceeding to hit someone “i’m going to fart bash you to death”

  • quavion

    big d*ck daddy 😤😤😤 daaaaamn, that boi is such a quavion.

  • snake fang

    when your p*ss stream splits into 2. dude i was banging this chick all night and i went to go p*ss and i had a snake fang.

  • ass boss

    when your boss is a complete *ss to everyone in the office you know jimmy is the worse *ss boss i have ever had

  • cock nugget

    the f*ckin cafeteria food i saw some c*ck nuggets. a worthless individual. the term originates from dried, conjealed bits of mixed male and female *j*c*l*t* that cling to pubic hairs at the base of the p*n*s after coitus. they are disgusting and of no value to anyone. can you believe that f*cking b*m asked me […]

  • amfq

    awnser my f*cking question. b*tch, amfq!

  • rip m8

    the art of attacking a player in a secretive/sneaky-like within a video game. ex: player 1: *sneaks upon an enemy* enemy: *opens inventory* player 1: *sneak attacks the enemy with a katana killing the player* chat: coolboy1919: lol gotem mrp*n*snutter: lel shrekktt mainmaid:rip m8 coolboy1919:gf player 1: *sneaks upon an enemy* enemy: *opens inventory* player […]

  • avonymous

    a disgustedly-sarcastic reference to a door-to-door salesman who never actually reveals his real name or what outfit he works for because he does not want to be sued for har*ssment or misrepresentation of his products’ quality/effectiveness — think, the salesman at dagwood’s door who solemnly proclaims, “if i am lying about this product, may lightning […]

  • conft

    1.when you use big words to confuse a teacher 2.being overly loquatious in a cl*ssroom the students confted the teacher by using words like loquatious and effuscitory.

  • makuka

    a man with lips the size of the universe and is very dumb d*mn i want makuka’s lips on my shlong

  • rebloodican

    a play on the name of an american political party “republicans”, combined with the blood street gang since they share similar colors. red. the compton bloods the republicans of the street. hence rebloodicans

  • niosha

    literally a legend……… straight up savage. d*mn niosha..

  • waltrina

    waltrina is a beautiful creative genius she has beautiful hazel eyes a big heart and is loved by all she’s the woman for you she loyal and out spoken but genuine to the ones she love carry sherself with pride a tall drink of water she is s*xy on every level mind body and soul […]

  • the lenox

    border between the hood and a nice neighborhood. i lived on the lenox of the upper east side and harlem.

  • flaming moses

    it’s when a person sets their own pubic hair on fire and then listens for the voice of god while jimmy was home alone, he performed a flaming moses in an attempt to get closer to god.

  • eien’s career

    noun, something that doesn’t exist and has never existed a fire/fairy type pokemon is like eien’s career

  • cody topp

    a fat autistic crackhead. d*mn that’s a cody topp in the alley.

  • getting your jollies

    to casually engage in s*xual relations with another person for the mere purpose of s*xual release. it is not intimate and is commonly a one-and-done deal. “dude, if you’re so lonely, why don’t you start talking to angela? with her, you’ll be getting your jollies in no time!” “who says you can’t be in love […]

  • 91 bravo

    closest thing to special forces…the job t*tle everyone in the army wants but doesn’t have the b*lls to get whoah that dudes a 91 bravo, he must be a bad*ss

  • twerkogram

    a video of where you twerk for somebody on a important occasion such as a birthday, p*ssed an exam, beat court etc. bob: hey sally, it’s my birthday! sally: happy birthday! what do you want for your birthday? bob: lemme get a twerkogram sally: sure no problem! lemme get my yoga pants.

  • eelean

    a beautiful girl. who is very sensitive and shy. one of the smartest girls you’ll ever meet. she’s the topic of everyone’s conversation. in good ways and in jealous ways. everyone enviouses her. i b*mped into eelean at the mall today and loved her company .

  • hard pumps

    when a male powerfully thrusts his p*n*s into a female’s v*g*n* at a slow, meticulous pace. this usually has an *rg*smic result. oh riley, i love your hard pumps!!! give me more!!! oooh-ooooh-ahhh-aahhh

  • braynzarsoft

    host to the world famous directx tutorials braynzarsoft’s directx tutorials are fabulous! directx is better than opengl! directx!!!

  • saint cecilia omaha ne

    the worst f*xking school on the godd*mned planet… if you’re reading this… get out of there while you can. ( smm kids talking) kid 1: i have to play a basketball game at saint cecilia omaha ne tonight. kid 2: good luck bro lol, watch out for that creepy janitor… he goes in the locker […]

  • joboi

    a typical backwoods pennsylvania man who is married with kids, but enjoys frequent trips to the local truck stop where he can pleasure men for his enjoyment only. pennsylvanian 1: have yous guys met josh? yeah, seems like a family man but hes a joboi. pennsylvanian 2: that doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • alcobolic

    an alcoholic who who licks b*lls. better watch your junk there’s an alcobolic in the room.

  • douchcanno

    anyone who is a d*ck, *sshole, or jerk. or most men. god, tristian is such a douchcanno for what he did to jordan.

  • dirtpot

    a wee dirty greasy girl who general smells of stink emily is such a little dirtpot isnt she

  • leroy jerk

    a circle jerk with an added twist, when you finish you have to scream lerooooyyy jenkins!!!!!!!!!! bro i was at the coolest leroy jerk last night, i screamed his name so loud.

  • zesty cheeto burrito

    it’s when you are eating cheetos and you get all of the fake cheese substance on your fingers. then you start to jerk it with your cheesy fingers. once you sploog everywhere, you rub those cheesy fingers in the puddle of c*m then you proceed to suck the cheesy c*m off of your fingers. i […]

  • bartique

    a hybrid retail establishment consisting of a full service bar and clothing merchandise boutique in a c*cktail lounge bar environment. estelle and i are going to get a drink and shop at blended bartique.

  • yankee stew

    a hot load of spew, c*m, man juice. sh*t as a result of a hearty, vigorous yank and w*nk. braaaaahhh. what a mess. i just blew some yankee stew. i couldn’t find my gak sock. pretty sure your mom took it.

  • willy wisher

    one who wishes for a w*lly; a “sl*t”. girl 1: “dude you’re such a w*lly wisher” girl 2: “i don’t got a boyfriend, so ya, i am wishin’ for a w*lly”

  • trylur

    a male h*m* sapien who likes socializing on the internet. a trylur is usually found watching an entertainment site or playing video games. trylur is someone who is liked by the majority but always has enemies. jake is such a trylur.

  • slimy meme

    a term popularised by the instagram meme account @slime.memes, a slimy meme is any meme of a particularly filthy nature, intended to cause offence and make the viewer feel disgusted and/or nauseous upon viewing. the adjective ‘slimy’ is used to convey the idea that the meme itself is unpleasant, as if it were sticky or […]

  • homelab

    homelab is a place to mess around with enterprise equipment and software in the home, and sometimes extending past this. many of us do it to keep us at the top of our game in our jobs, some people do it on here because they want to get into it, and others simply because it […]

  • slant height

    a short person of whom’s stature resembles that of a cone you look like a slant height.

  • westgate yourself

    a saying used by australians, particularly if you live in victoria. meaning to jump of the westgate bridge, one of the highest bridges in australia. hey noah, please westgate yourself.

  • jurassic park 2

    the second installment in the jur*ssic park franchise. based off of the novel the lost world jur*ssic park by michael criton. better than the third movie jur*ssic park 2 is so much better than jur*ssic park 3 yeah it is

  • subjunctive verb form

    things to remember when using the subjunctive verb form: 1) channel beyonce (“if i were a boy”), not justin bieber (“if i was your boyfriend”). 2) use the singular verb form – listens becomes listen, walks becomes walk. 3) think about the context. the subjunctive verb form is either used in formal writing/discussions, or in […]

  • conaire

    a d*ck head from ballycastle northern ireland and he love f*cking sheep conaire pulls his pants down and puts his b*ll*nd into the sheep b*m

  • karun

    a very fat indian boy who thinks he’s good at everything but he sucks and he’s a dumb*ss. he’s very fat, not fit, and dumb. yo i see a fat kid over there. i think he is probably a karun. a grammar maniac; gets an orgy every time he corrects someone. normal person- me and […]

  • zanda

    a beautiful and intelligent woman that loves her gl*ss filled with wine. always outspoken and doesn’t discriminate. do you wanna be a zanda tonight?

  • bullshit button

    b*tton that says nothing but bullsh*t i own a bullsh*t b*tton

  • the chuck berry

    when a woman is tossing your salad, and you blow a loud fart in her face, then make her continue licking your *sshole. i can’t wait to get home tonight. my girl friend promised she would give me the chuck berry!

  • grip tight

    a product that tightens your grip on your p*n*s i bought grip tight, the best thing ever

  • kitty kreme

    the creamy, milk-white substance that a v*g*n* secretes when a woman is turned on or experiencing an *rg*sm. not to be confused with regular c*m which is translucent/watery. it is still considered c*m, but specifically represents the thick, white type that some women produce. antic*p*ting her date’s throbbing package, the woman slowly removed her soaked […]

  • penisnigger

    (peni-snigg-er) p*n*sn*gg*r is used in many different ways but is commonly used as an adjective to describe a black n*gg* with a huge pee pee woah, p*n*sn*gg*r!!!!

  • llama necking

    just two good bros hanging out and slapping their d*ckheads together for a minute, only semis and no g*y stuff yeah bro, im down for hulu and llama necking

  • flurrfy

    something that means to be fluffy and magical omg! that girl on the bus has really flurrfy hair!

  • anita banks

    a beautiful larger type woman who has strong opinions and will not take any cr*p. she was a strong anita banks type woman… he knew he was no match for her.

  • deschel

    a annoying female who always want her way. typically ugly with a big b*tt and a bad *ss att*tude eww whos that “oh thats just deschel”

  • insniggle

    the act of hiding an object inside of your body to escape detection. usually performed on behalf of someone else who is in trouble. “oi mate could you insniggle these drugs for a sec? my parole officer will be around any minute.”

  • grabowski special

    snorting four lines of fake cocaine laced with meth and a topical anesthetic. “dude you were so f*cked up last night.” “yeah after that grabowski special i was done”

  • punishment porn

    the extreme type of girl that likes to take the whole d*ck without complaing. the type of p*rn where you leave the scene not being able to walk for a week. when u dont.handle for regular p*rn you go with punishment p*rn

  • arthur horsey

    very. f*cking. g*y a perfect example of the h*m*s*xual lifestile. did you ever meet arthur horsey? yes, he was g*y

  • arcksonrinder

    male name. originated from the ancient greeks. meaning : caring heart always a light complexion, handsome, caring and loving person. encouragement and motivation gets him going… a lovable with an open heart for love and friendship… in simplicity, he achieves virtually all his goals and desires… above all,he is very caring… the name of mr […]

  • fecca

    a fart that lasts for 10 seconds when i p**ped i feccad

  • satanick

    white demon trash that rapes and abuses his “wife” and has a g*y child that hates his *ss. you just had to f*ck it up did;t you satanick! this is why ivlis doesn’t love you!

  • basket weasel

    a clever person who gets high quality and enviable goods for a shockingly cheap price. “check out this cool thing i got it for $2.” “you got that for $2?!?!? you basket weasel!!!!” “loooool ikr, i got a good deal;d”

  • poiuytrew

    poiuytrew is another name for peppa pigs little brother, earl sweatshirt “hey donnie, have you seen poiuytrew in the new episode?” “poiuytrew is my favorite character on this show!”

  • yower

    a worthless piece of sh*t dude she’s a yower and she ain’t even know it

  • scumbobo

    the last name of a mysterious italian streamer named “vincent p sc*mbobo” the origin of this name is unknown and has never been seen before. it also means trashy sc*m wad stop being such a f*cking sc*mbobo

  • hurrinate

    hurrinate means to hurry in order to urinate. the word is formed through the process of blending two words : hurry and urinate. it was first used by a seven year old nigerian boy, bright. the student , obviously suffering from exam fever asked the supervisor for permission to hurrinate.

  • pheobo

    a girl that spends her life on omegle and talks to 30 year old men. also is a redhead. and acts like she’s 40 years old. omg, pheobo is on omegle, again?!

  • stabsexual

    stabs*xual is a s*xuality that involves stabbing your loved one “d*mn, that girl is clearly stabs*xual! look at how she stabs him!”

  • lindcaya

    a girl who will out drink any guy and then in the middle of s*x throw up all over them. she will f*ck any guy in sight lindcaya the town drunk/wh*r*.

  • been done been

    meaning to have already done that action already! already did that “that rent been done been paid. “

  • rajaen

    a tall lanky half black man i got in a argument with rajaen

  • jewish hotbox

    a bl*wj*b hey i heard she gave jerry a jewish hotbox last night

  • shivelpock

    a wart type mark on a males ball sack that won’t go away.. you have a shivelpock on your b*lls and it looks bad.

  • juan felipe

    a fat r*t*rd that acts like he has muscle when in reality he is just plain fat. damm, that guy is such a juan felipe. showing of what he doesn’t have

  • phanfic

    a phanfic is similar to a fanfiction, except it is specific to the ship of dan howell (danisnotonfire) and phil lester (amazingphil). have you read any good phanfics lately?

  • deceptively athletic

    appearance does not match the athletic output of an individual joe is deceptively athletic because he can throw a 76 mph fastball (and is a fat *ss) -tony nguyen 3/22/17

  • jaylon reed

    aye talented basketball player who cares about all people and also gets all girls. he is smart but has an problem of flirting with girls bro jaylon reed just smiled at my girl i am worried

  • myhijabie

    the name used for a barbie with conservative outfits, as islamists consider the present infidel doll too s*xy and western—she is now elegantly dressed in a hijab. muslim conservatives are relieved that they can now bless their daughter with a myhijabie or “muslimah” doll instead of constantly wondering whether it’s halal to give her a […]

  • tie-diahrrea

    the liquidy excrement caused by a colorful diet. aunt debbie ate 12 various popsicles and now she is in the bathroom having tie-diahrrea.

  • robert sarno

    the weirdest dumb*ss person in the whole d*mn world. don’t be such a robert sarno.

  • fam g’s

    slang term for the animated t.v show family guy wanna go to my place and watch some fam g’s?

  • imeyrani

    an extremely smart girl, is gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. has the purest and kindest heart. is loved by many and is very unique girl: i wish i was like an imeyrani other girl: she’s so smart

  • idwym

    i don’t want your man she thought i liked him but i said idwym 😂.

  • drop a sock

    when somebody is in such a hurry that they might literally “drop a sock”. i’m only here for a minute, i’m about to drop a sock.

  • trap master

    ruler of the world; owns a sicc yaoi collection “when kiyomi rules the world, you’re gonna be his little b*tch and have to call him trap master.”

  • ramkamal

    a really rich boy who can use money as toilet paper that boy ain’t no ramkamal he uses the bus to get around man i wanna make it in life and be ramkamal one day

  • ryan ji

    means “little king” in irish. he’s a boy who you can’t miss. a ryan ji is a *sshole and pervy, but also a treasure. he’s usually very smart and funny. he’s an *ss when he’s concentrated or annoyed, but in the end you’ll love him. a ryan ji has great humor. he’s adorable when he […]

  • lucky destroyer

    c*cktail. recipe: 3 oz. vodka 1 oz. diströya spirits 1/2 ice cube you order a double by indicating you want a whole ice cube. scale appropriately (e.g., if ordered with two ice cubes, scale by four). illegal in most states. first person: i’ll have a sam adams and my friend will have a lucky destroyer […]

  • zissler

    usually refers to an old man who sh*ts himself in airports. “oh man i sh*t myself’” “you did a zissler”

  • kerploppy

    someone that intentionally falls down. you’re a kerploppy. you did the flop.

  • turd smugglins

    when you try to smuggle your toilet into another country. i tried to do a t*rd smugglins yesterday. how did it go? i got caught by fart security. dang dude that sucks.

  • koleialek

    a f*ck who got me banned. guy 1: is that koleialek guy 2: yeah, he got bright banned.

  • pulling a lydia

    in which a female is sitting on the edge of a ski lift and falls, plummeting to the ground and possibly injuring oneself “dayummmm! did you see that? she was just pulling a lydia!”

  • latiea

    one of one. the only one you’ll ever meet. and once you do, you’ll crave her presence often. very honest, very vocal. but also can be reserve and very observant. gives the best advice, but it often goes unnoticed. latiea where have you been all my life.

  • leaena

    bad *ss b*tch that has good taste in food. and she also likes food. and food. did i mention food. food is good. dogs and memes and gordon ramsay are her inspiration. she is friends with bricks. where is the food? leaena probably has it. leaena is a brick. leaena went to get food. leaena’s […]

  • think your cool

    someone who thinks there the sh*t and they think there better than everyone but really there just annoying aka this girl named ava u just say u have friends cuz u think your cool

  • potus ignominius

    satirical name for an american president of ignominious nature in the form of that of a dubious roman emperor. example: claudus licentius, profanius maximus, etc. the president’s pompous and embarr*ssing behavior earned him the nickname of emperor potus ignominius.

  • gut-bump

    a friendly greeting similar to the fist-b*mp where the 2 people involved in the greeting lift their respective shirts to expose their bare guts and then b*mp them together i was out drinking last night and got this hot milf to gut-b*mp me after i bought her a shot

  • mumbonics

    the unbelievable amount of strength, p*ssion, desire and stamina required to be working mother of small children. her level of mumbonics shows no signs of slowing even at her age.

  • serdab

    an ancient egyptian structure inside the tomb of an egyptian ruler, royal family member, or n*bleman that contains the ka statue. (ka= soul/life force) of the person the tomb belongs to. the statue is set protectively inside this chamber just in case the body is stolen. person 1: dude! the mummified body of menkaure was […]

  • sheliyn

    dumb*ss b*tch and a hoe with her weave sheliyn is so fake

  • trap gut

    a trap gut is when you in the trap, and you not taking care of yourself. gucci had a trap gut (he knows it) but he got rid of. due to being lazy, smoking blunts, and using your trap money at the waffle house. tylor: romex you getting a trap gut romex: i lost 20 […]

  • giabella

    short and a fat*ss b*tch loud mouthed… giabella is loud and a beotch and. a fat*ss

  • slowlier

    a word slower than slower. when you move so slow that your whole body starts to ache. guy 1: can you walk slowlier? guy 2: what the f*ck does that mean? 1: it’s a word slower than slower, that you move so slow your body starts to ache. 2: oh cool, i should try that! […]

  • ilysmwamh

    i love you so much with all my heart guy: hey baby ilysmwamh girl: awe baby ily2

  • brovey

    commonly drives a toyota truck ,not very attracitve male/female ,everyone *ssumes he/she is g*y. cant get a date to save his live usually tends to talk excessively. stop acting like a brovey (b*tch)

  • toilet plume

    a phenomenon caused when the toilet is flushed after a m*ssive sh*t. the flush creates a plume of bits of fecal matter that blast into the air in an aerosol form. these fine, invisible traces of fecal matter plume outwards and land on surrounding surfaces like handles, toilet rim, etc. in a full house, busy […]

  • clyde texas

    a town full of cousin f*ckers that are inbreeded. they suck at every sport and play 6 man football. they all drive f 150’s and f*ck each other . also you see the same people at waffle house that you do here logan:have you ever been to clyde texas? jackson:no ,why? logan:that’s where i f*ck […]

  • worthless shit

    a son who does everything he can to destroy everything and everyone that you ever loved my son is a worthless sh*t

  • mass effect andromeda

    a game depicting the expulsion of non-whites from the milky way galaxy to andromeda so the sjw brigade can ruin that galaxy too. exclusive features include sh*t animation, no white skin options (thanks manveer heir), but more diversity than a college advertis*m*nt. m*ss effect andromeda: f*ck white people and f*ck aliens. 1) m*ss effect andromeda […]

  • hard af

    referring to ones p*n*s when erect. “dude, i took a v**gr* last night and my d*ck was hard af, no joke., reply…”hard as ‘blue’ steel?!” (because v**gr*’s are blue pills) extremely simple: hard as f*ck. adjective. most often used as a compliment of people who seem tougher or more weathered than others. “all of us […]

  • fhddigksjvhkh

    when a cat walks on your keyboard hey thats prettyfhddigksjvhkh

  • chinese toothpaste

    a very toxic substance. what it is made of n*body knows. the late great greg giraldo at the roast of flavor flav “snoop dogg is here. snoop once smoked so much weed he sh*t a rope. snoop is filled with so many toxins that he is banned in more countries than chinese toothpaste.”

  • bwul

    b*tch why you lying “i never had s*x”someone texts “bwul”u texts back

  • facading

    acting like someone you’re not. hey, we all know you’re facading!

  • hajjir

    a high pitched individual with a poor sense of direction but has good fashion sense which was is the hospital? i don’t know i’m hajjir

  • school context

    student we provide suggestions for clinical interventions for individuals working with adolescents in a school context.

  • water faucet

    when u blind her with your white lazer in the shower “why the f*ck did u just blind me r*t*rd” guy-“water faucet b*tch”

  • back sphere

    another term for *n*s kellan takes the d*cks in his back sphere

  • breeja

    this super cool girl that no body has ever heard of. “oh, i’ve never heard of breeja before.”

  • fat whiff

    an attempt that was a fat distance away from the goal in mind. “dude i thought i was getting an a+ on my chem test but instead got a 34%” “wow, fat whiff”

  • timenitis

    timeinitis is when a person cannot keep track of time and losses time that is unexplainable and can be contagious to the people around that person. my timeinitis took over and we missed the movie. my boyfriend is a victum of my timenitis!

  • smative

    someone is both smart and creative my brother is smart and my sister is creative, but i am smative.

  • fakeity

    the opposite of reality. being fake or fake news. sometimes being able to tell reality from fakeity is hard, especially on social media

  • assholy

    *ss-holy : when others think you are being an *ss, and you are being righteous or “holier than thou.” his behavior was *ssholy when he stood on the table and shouted at the top of his lungs that everyone was being too loud. to be an *sshole or the embodyment of being an *sshole. of […]

  • reicardo

    the most amazing friend you’ll ever meet he is sweet but if someone’s mean to you he’ll punch them in the face he has a s*xy body and great personality he’s also really funny that reicardo is hilarious this reicardo is s*xy

  • butterscotch pudding sex

    that good sh*t thats kinky and goopy but not too goopy that it’s gross “hey babe! wanna have b*tterscotch pudding s*x” “i thought you’d never ask”

  • fecelli

    the name of a magical kingdom where all colors are the opposite from eachother you can travel to fecelli with the power of a ring

  • frosty poppies

    when you and a group of guys get into a circle and the last person to c*m on poppy has to kick up all the c*m. tato: wanna come over and have a frosty poppies

  • memeaphobia

    the fear of being the poster child in a viral meme. after seeing his best friend as an embarr*ssing meme on his facebook feed jimmy now suffers from memeaphobia.

  • mattysin

    she is a brat, loving, caring, friendly to most people and is a great daughter and sister. “mattysin is such a brat but, she can be so friendly.”

  • becringed

    to be cringed or to not be cringed. i think david is becringed, not sure though.

  • erindi

    the guy that is always asking for a fight, and constantly getting himself bullied. usually a short guy who always picks fights he can not win. “dude that guys is such an erindi” “look out erindi is coming, probs gonna start something” “don’t be such an erindi”

  • serg

    top definition serg a cool *ss n*gg* who gives no f*cks, and is chill most of the time what’s the move serg by jacob sanders march 21, 2017 mug icon the urban dictionary mug lotsa sp*ce for your liquids. buy the mug mug icon the urban dictionary mug lotsa sp*ce for your liquids. buy the […]