• km perform

    a charter school part of kmhs. the school is for “the arts”. which seems cool to people who actually enjoy the arts, but lets face it. the chances of a student attending become a famous artist/writer/actor/singer?? like one in a billion. congrats, you just wasted some of the most important years of your life on […]

  • tursday

    the southern way of saying thursday i went hula dancing on a tursday in texas.

  • tragedy vampire

    an individual who feeds off of the tragic events of others. they gain their power by gathering information about said tragedy from everybody but the person affected. “g-yle came over to my office today to get the deets on phil’s mother’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. she’s a blatant tragedy vampire.”

  • leg connector

    the p-ssy. the legs are connected at the p-ssy, hence leg connector. she keeps a tight reign on her leg connector.

  • acordian dick

    when you can’t get hard so you only put the tip in, and proceed to push in and pull out, while the tip is stuck inside. thus creating an acordian type movement with the skin. bruh i just got done banging this chick with my acordian d-ck.

  • thrift stealing

    when you’re stealing someone else’s memes and posting them on your own social media sites as if they were your own. marc is always thrift stealing other people’s memes! nothing about him is original on his timeline except for his name.

  • baby bucks/bux

    the opposite of a baby shower. held at the same rime as the afore mentioned event. a time where the father to be is celebrated. the dad to be may be dressed as a baby with a bib, dummy and (for the daring) a nappy. typical activities include the dummy spit compet-ton and the story […]

  • sebastian sezonenko

    a russian boy that sells sqwinchers sebastian sezonenko is a russian boy that sells sqwinchers.

  • bobigger

    to infuriate someone beyond the point of them being triggered. “hey pal! how do you feel about the sudden rain on your parade?” “i am completely bobiggered!”

  • kyonnia

    beautiful female. not scared to beat a b-tches -ss and is always there for her friends. keeps it real 100%. that kyonnia girl is gonna beat your -ss

  • seairra

    seairra is a beautiful girls name!!!even tho a girl named seairra can be very mean sometimes she still has a caringbut loving background seairra went off and is so mean. 5 mins later. now she is very caring

  • anmb

    all n-gg-rs must burn. yesterday i got the tattoo “anmb”.

  • celeste 🖕🏻

    most times, it’s a girl you won’t really like because she tries to get all the attention to herself. she thinks she is beauty queen, that she’s popular and maybe it is but she will always make a big deal out of it. look! she’s being like a celeste 🖕🏻 again!

  • playing roger and donkey

    to have s-x, especially (but not exclusively) in a rowdy or wild manner. joey and goleson were playing roger and donkey again. the whole neighborhood heard them.

  • tennincha

    the word to describe someone with a ten inch d-ck. jake, are you a tennincha?

  • a swimming pool band-aid

    something that is disgusting and should never be touched. hans: i was with anna last night and things were really great and then it was all over! she acted grossed out and left! albert: what happened? i thought last night was going to be the night? hans: me too. i took off my pants and […]

  • fishing for grandma

    a s-x move where the male is using his p-n-s to “reel in” an older woman into bed. bill: yo man where were you last night? rob: bro i was out fishing for grandma

  • estimated time of bitching

    when you make your girl angry wait for all h-ll to break loose tristan: man, i made her mad michael: what’s the estimated time of b-tching? (etb) tristan: i’d say about 5 seconds

  • we are tighter than bark on a tree

    when you are as close to something as bark on a tree. usually used to get someone to do something. girl: wanna go on a date boy: why should i? girl: because we are tighter than bark on a tree. boy: oh okay

  • canyoneer

    a bad -ss explorer that descends down wet and dry canyons. they are often m-s-ch-sts, because the nature of the sport often entails difficult on and off trail hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming. the canyoneer was caught in a hydraulic, so we threw him a rope and pulled his -ss out.

  • large shaft

    big d-ck your stupid if you don’t know what large shaft means

  • majoo

    extreme dancing to “jimmy-jimmy, aajaa-aajaa” song when the music came on, he majooed it away

  • half-brick

    a more portable and dimensionally-pleasing-to-the-eye variety of the common building brick. useful for caving in a w-nker’s skull, lobbing at shop windows and/or riot control forces, throwing off the side of overp-sses into oncoming traffic, or, occasionally, for use in building-related endeavours. ‘ere, wot a t-ss-r! ‘eave a ‘alf-brick at ‘im will ya?’ half-bricks proved […]

  • matt cutler

    when two g-y men have b-tt s-x. when a man sticks his c-ck in a mans -ss. the only way g-ys can enjoy s-x. dude: lets matt cutler dude 2: yeah, ram me hard baby. dude 2: i can’t walk!!

  • schoolaholic

    addicted to academia and a life with no purpose you are a schoolaholic

  • testicular warfare

    when during doggystyle intercourse the mans b-lls slap against the taint of the partner so hard that it either hurts the giver or the taker. “it was fun but all the testicular warfare left me kinda queasy.”

  • mahre

    particularly good at deepthroating, often known to be a kind and giving person but when needed can be f-cking violent. good kisser. she’s super good at making friends and keeping things unawkward, but she is also very sensitive and can get hurt easily. through all this, she forgives easily and puts things in the past. […]

  • phagon

    blue haired amazing girl oh hi phagon, i like your hair

  • pig glue

    a house made from pig corpses that is a cool pig glue

  • harnoorpreet

    a f-cking dumb-ss.. small -ss monkey. thinks he’s funny but just try’s to hard also known as harnoor dhami,,,, his -ss is really smooth your such a harnoorpreet b-tch

  • bro boo

    a attractive looking stud/dike that’s pretty but you respect she one of the guys..created by #iamsuckafree what’s up bro boo where the hoes at?

  • bauffin

    scottish slang for disgusting do you like cauliflower? naw mate it’s bauffin

  • shooketh to the coreth

    being shaken to the core in a shakespearean manner the b-ss was so good i was shooketh to the coreth

  • nashhole

    nashhole (n.) similar to an indihole, chicaghole, las veghole, atlanthole, san fransichole, washinghole, boisehole, etc. etc. etc. referencing rude individuals based on their geological demographic who make life hard on everyone by being and doing rude things. stop being such a nashhole!

  • gsamd

    go suck a monkeys d-ck! person: hey those are some pretty nice shoes! you: gsamd

  • anselle

    an anselle is an amazing friend and sister. she can be an amazing singer. most likely a jewish girl who’s loving and never wants to grow up. she’s so beautiful and the hottest babe in the world. “whoa dude do you see that chick” “yeah man she’s a total anselle”

  • amy gabriella

    a beautiful girl with dark hair. a very picky eater. she is normally half english half foreign. one word to describe her is ‘gorgeous’. most of the time she is with her best friends. person 1: what is your name? person 2: amy gabriella.

  • yazna

    a s-xy girl who is really s-xy and everybody thinks shes s-xy. yazna is the s-xiest girl i’ve ever met.

  • the big crabcake

    slang term for baltimore, maryland. made famous by chris berman. don’t ya know hon, i’m gowin down der to the big crabcake to eat dinner next to the wooder of the inner harbor.

  • mull time

    mull time means smoking some chopped up tobacco and weed with the boys derrick:are you ready for mull time rodrick? rodrick:yea i am

  • beak brick

    the giant rock hard cocaine infused b-gg-r you find in your nose the morning after party night. i woke up this morning with the biggest beak brick ever

  • jefferson donut

    when a person is on top of a person with their clothes on so it’s ok. i gave her the jefferson donut. she can’t call rape now.

  • hic mojo

    the best youtuber ever hic mojo- snorlax ,hic snorlax

  • rhino mount

    well training in the military, you go find where your sergeant major is sleeping. aggressively open his litefighter tent, and in your stylish pt belt only. grab the corners of his mustache and mount him like the rhino he is. try it with your buddies and see who can stay on the longest! this one […]

  • 25th may

    one of the best days to ever live. when this day comes, all your worries are taken away and all wishes are granted, all dreams come true and everything just seems to go right. yo, today seemed like such a 25th may , everything seemed to go perfectly

  • ankle locker

    a girl who locks her ankles behind a guy’s back right before he pulls out of her. i didn’t realize it before, but emily is an ankle locker. last night i was barely able to escape before getting her pregnant.

  • lenser

    a cinematographer or someone using a camera lens to capture an image on film or in a photograph. the swedish lenser, sven nykvist, is widely regarded as one of the greatest cinematographers in the world.

  • luke ralston

    really ducking d-mn s-xy n. luke ralston- the perfect s-xy

  • joclyen

    she is a great person, as well as a friend. she takes jokes but be careful not to make her sad. if you do be sure to be the best you have ever been. joclyen is my best friend.

  • consenting

    it has the meaning of accepting, where the two sides accept the situation. a: they’re divorcing. b: is it a consenting divorce? a: i don’t think so.

  • joudie

    the sweetest, most kind-hearted, most beautiful, cl-ssy, hott, s-xy, intelligent, amazing women in the world – and she has no idea how amazing she is. if you really know her you will always love her cuz she will always love you. if you don’t know her, then you don’t know love. i hope i can […]

  • sarisha

    sarisha means charming and pleasing. wow, dalia, you are a sarisha!

  • jordan (guy)

    a h-rny little b-st-rd that likes to blow, suck, and be put in the closet. always on the prowl to find a little mexican to pounce. or ernesto’s property. man i love jordan (guy)! jordan (guy) is a daddy!

  • scumcast

    an insult for comcast after cheating and scr-w-ng you over. sc-mcast completely ripped me off. first, they raised the price of my service without even notifying me and just charge my bank card. when i canceled their service for another internet provider, they said they’d send me a refund check for what i didn’t use […]

  • evan browne

    there aren’t any definitions for evan browne yet. can you define it?

  • myah alanna

    myah alanna is a “youtuber” who, despite having made videos for a few years, claims to hate the t-tle of being a youtuber. she’s your typical rich c-nt who uses daddy’s bank account to fuel her music career. after releasing one alb-m, she takes on the t-tle of musician and proclaims that anybody who doesn’t […]

  • britini

    to describe a woman who is simply breathtakingly beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 7 billion smiles in this world and hers is my favorite. she is my dream, my p-ssion, the love of my life. there comes a time in ones life when you meet someone and all you want to do is make them smile for […]

  • pull a whiskey

    idle in a karaoke channel in the hopes someone comes in to sing with you. meggymo: i’ll pull a whiskey and just hang there.

  • ramadan bombathon

    the time of the year when muslim extremists get high on islam even more than usual and wreck havoc across the globe “in the name of allah.” it should be importantly noted that during ramadan, muslims do not eat or drink therefore they are extra cranky and this might be a cause of this series […]

  • jugernog

    when your two weak and you want to impress a girl get jugernog and show your abs i need to jugernog to impress a girl

  • dutch hello

    waking someone up with your morning wood, often utilizing for s-x. i woke up and he was giving me the dutch h-llo! at first i thought it was just his wooden shoes, but it was his other wood…

  • popler

    a person who is not cool but has a big ego that group of people are popler

  • santa’s brother

    santa’s brother is a recurring character in the frankiverse. he is both a scantily clad and perverted man who wears a red attire not dissimilar to that of santa claus, and sports long black hair and huge sungl-sses. his d-ck supposedly pays his rent and has reportedly shot an old man and child in the […]

  • allurie

    a bad -ss b-tch that can f-ck anyone over… that b-tch gotta be named allurie…

  • bustleton

    bustleton is a tuff -ss neighborhood in ne philly people in bustleton get crazy as sh-t, go to fun as parties with some bad -ss latina girls from washington, and f-ck b-tches on a daily people from all over philly come to bustleton to drink, f-ck b-tches, and party cause bustleton is tuff as sh-t […]

  • wiser spidey

    when you were the same spiderman shirt to a gym cl-ss for a long period of time so you resort to being a weaboo and planning your trip to j-pan to gain friends that are just like you yesterday jake decided to become a wiser spidey and defected to j-pan, hake had no friends.

  • teleigh

    teleigh is a happy yet depressed girl who has many troubles and is still happy if she tells that to you you know she is a true friend she is intelligent and beautiful beyond compare and she never gives be ready for some good vibes she is one girl wow she seems so happy even […]

  • nyok

    a fat -ss n-gg- who can’t fit in a golf cart and has an ankle as big as his waist. nyok com here

  • scott brain

    he’s clean, rich, smokes f-gs and he’s solidy wolidy. he is also michael rosen’s neighbour. he is also muscular and loves missing kids, trump af, got brain m-th-f-cka. ohh you are so “scott brain” you get to play with b-lls and spegathydrone.

  • taelah

    taelah is caring. taelah is kind. taelah is nice. taelah is friendly. taelah is a nice loving friend. she is pretty. you are lucky if you no this person. -caring -nice -kind -friendly -good friend -pretty go taelah!!!!! taelah is the best!!!!!😜

  • plan p

    this refers to plan panic “i had everything planned on what i was gonna say, but i went straight to plan p… panic”

  • trotto

    a horrible person who has stalker tendencies and doesn’t understand no. you’ll likely find this kind of person in prison for repeated abuse of a restraining order. “trotto is following me home again…” a horrible person who has stalker tendencies and doesn’t understand know. you’ll likely find this kind of person in prison for repeated […]

  • grand forks forker

    when you forcefully shove a fork inside a females -sshole multiple times until she loses a cup of blood. collect the blood in the cup and use it as lubricant. then pound the the females already damaged -sshole until you are about to -j-c-l-t-. then freeze the s-m-n and then make her eat it the […]

  • owain osmond

    owain osmond is a another word for an annoying little niglet who touches kids no owain osmond dont grope me

  • wilayli

    wilayli:another way of saying nonexistent,not living,and not ever the period in that sentence is wilayli

  • skleebler

    a s-xual predator with bat like wings that oozes gatorade from its nipples to attract young children. ” skleebler got my kid last night. it was a purple gatorade one. i don’t think he’s coming back.”

  • podc

    person of darker color do cops have a problem with the color wheel? i’m just a podc.

  • slaughter your daughter

    when you are about to desrtoy someones pu55y. *knocks on door* *door opens* “h-llo kind sir, i am here to slaughter your daughter”

  • ewan harbord

    a mental disorder that grows in your brain causing you to be intelligent but make inappropriate puns and remarks. you probably have ewan harbord so book an appointment at the doctors

  • sheyley

    the s-xiest girl who will f-ck someone so hard and make there eyes bleed out and people will always wish to have a sheyley. sheyley is so fine!!

  • withdoe

    noun : withdoe : the first kiss you have with your true partner that you true my love. my boyfriend and i had our withdoe!

  • kummanafy

    when you are not invited but you crash the event to partic-p-te and to want show off 1) if you are not invited, please don’t “k-mmanafy” it. 2) let’s “k-mmanafy” the party. 3) you are not “k-mmanaf-ied” here. 4) i love to “k-mmanafy” the thal-ssery weddings, so that we can eat delicious biriyani”

  • manhood snatching

    when you get b-tt raped by a random omg he is out here manhood sn-tching every time someone drops the soap.

  • karone

    an attractive one who knows how to adapt to any situation. his strong and aggressive nature makes people want to follow his lead. be careful, his smile could move mountains. karone was the life of the party.

  • babashookethed

    baba-shook-eth-ed this is the most intense way you can be shook, which is another slang term for being scared or surprised. so being babashookethed, combines the babadook, who is a g-y icon, shook, which is a slang term, shooketh/shooked, being shook but with an ending, so we combined these things, and made babashookethed. when you’re […]

  • lpmkonjibhuvgycftxdrzseawqqwaeszrdxtfcygvuhbijnokmplmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuyrewq

    ultimate boredom where you type all keys diagonally backward, then normally backward. boy: i’m bored friend: type lpmkonjibhuvgycftxdrzseawqqwaeszrdxtfcygvuhbijnokmplmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuyrewq

  • a watermelon

    hard on the outside; sweet and soft on the inside. “i’ve known her for years, and believe me, she comes off like a tough girl , but she’s really a watermelon!”

  • henny in his veins

    usually when a basketball player is on fire and is h-tting every shot wow j.r. smith really had henny in his veins during game 5 of the finals

  • quake me

    quake me is the arethmic of “shook” but used as a more s-xual intent and more substantial and intequent “quake me chloe”

  • divine beast

    a really hard/easy boss type thing in botw. getting the terminals is easy, but fighting waterblight, thunderblight, and fireblight ganon is hard. person1- “have you gotten all of the divine beasts?” person2- “nope. i am stuck at vah ruta.”

  • kyrelle

    the bestest friend you will ever have. a comedian and artist. a person who is beautiful and tough. shy and quiet but stands up for its friends and family. but also freaking fabulous!! i just love kyrelle.

  • ziwa

    it means water or more specific lake. so it means to watering the tree of life for more growth of lakes. do to want to she the ziwa (water) of life.

  • chamdi

    skin ( actual meaning ) someone who lacks respect for women. womaniser. tumhari ‘chamdi ‘kyun itni gori hai? jaane do ek number ka chamdi hai woh!

  • dropped the black and mild

    means you have a tiny meat d-mn bro i just dropped the black and mild (black)

  • dickebo effect

    when a girl starts h-tting you up, after you start getting serious with another girl *hot girl that has never talked to you messages you* “f-ck yeah, d-ckebo effect”

  • nuraini

    a girl who is smart, caring, and humble. she put people before herself. she is polite and considerate towards citizens. she will not be rude to people, unless it’s her friends. nuraini is the kind of person who understands people, take care of people, and love people. she doesn’t believe that she is cute. but […]

  • the 1,2, donny punch

    one of the most lethal punches a human can possibly throw, only 3 people in the entire earth can perform this radical move. this move includes 2 lethal jabs and/or punches. this move was invented by the one and only true superior, donovan farrel. this guy was coming at me and i hit him with […]

  • grabibble

    adjective that is used to describe someone overtaken by a happiness so overwhelming, that they have the need to grab anything close to them and squeeze as hard as they can, since the joy in them will make them explode (figure of speech) if they do not. nothing makes me more grabibble than having my […]

  • moist grandad

    this is simply accomplished by taking a woman and having coitus with her in her grandad’s bed. kyle: did you give her a moist grandad? austin: had to.

  • foot cups

    when your drinking with your buddy at a bar and he turns away and you have your foot in his beer when he turns back. then everyone chants ole ole ole foot cups and he has to town what’s left of the foot beer. robbie you have been foot cupped ….. ole ole ole foot […]

  • blerfed

    completely crossfaded to where all you can say is “i’m blerfed”. how you feeling bro? i don’t know i’m blerfed

  • sharob

    a h-rny teenager that’s active when it comes to kinks. they also enjoy being nypyt person 1: d-mn who’s that person 2: she’s a sharob. i nypyt her last night

  • slontch

    a slontch is just another word for a “shlong”….a very large d-ck d-mn bro, landon has a slontch its at least 12 inches

  • štekat

    outdoor sitting area in a cafe. mostly common in croatia-dalmatia, where it is seen as a second home to most people. the most famosu štekati known are the cafe places on splitska riva. ocemo sist na štekat, lipo je vrime? daj aj, da uvatin boje malo

  • flub rub

    when you don’t have a thigh gap,so when your thighs are moist rub together and burn and eventually scab i’m so sweaty from walking so long i have flub rub

  • grandfather cock butthole penis

    look it up on google omg grandfather c-ck b-tthole p-n-s very interesting .-.

  • dirty ass air

    a fart that doesn’t smell. it can be silent or loud, although most unscented farts make some sort of noise. simply put, the bark is worse than the bite. even though these farts are scentless, caution should still be taken because it can spread bacteria and sh-t. pete: (rrrrrrrip!) tom: grose pete, you farted! pete: […]

  • akalus

    the emotion where after meeting someone,you wish that abortion was retroactively legal a long time ago. -why are you so akalus,dude? -i got matched with an ap jhin in solo queue! probably one of the rarest and most mispr-nouncable names that could possibly be given to someone. derived from the greenland inuit word for “i […]

  • dogcandy

    a ratchety large female who seems to only attract desperate fat guys and tweekers. as she squeezed into her dress that was clearly too small for her huge -ss, her friend grimaced and thought “d-mn! there’s a perfect piece of dogcandy!”

  • potato turd slime

    secretions that derive from a rotten potato. often thick in viscosity, these liquids resemble human diarrhea both visually and scent. “susan, i just found some potato t-rd slime from the potatoes you bought for last thanksgiving and it stinks!”

  • data surgeon

    a data surgeon is the pup’s nuts of the general population who identify as a data scientist. like the medical profession, a data surgeon commands greater respect and salary than ordinary data scientists because of their ‘life saving’ abilities to resuscitate projects. they typically have niche specialties so aren’t that useful or effective for general […]

  • brother joeb

    when your at a family dinner and your brother is looking good in his wrangler jeans so you asked to be excused from the table so he can creampie you in the -n-l cavity d-mn brother joeb is looking fine in them jeans.

  • shinartin

    shinartin is a lazy personwho hates people and likes to stay home and watch tv and eat food rather than go out with friends on the weekends. stop being such a shinartin and come to the club with us tonight.

  • scroll stopper

    a picture so interesting (whether it be an amazing cosplay, an attractive person, or other) that it makes you stop scrolling on social media to stare at it and maybe give it a like or comment. wow, you are a total scroll stopper,

  • ploopy meme

    when you take a cr-p in a public restroom while eating roasted memes. ahh, that was a nice ploopy meme.

  • bibie

    fidget spinner is so cringe -bibie ammar:hey do u have spinner? bibie:*autistic screeching*

  • you just got beaned

    getting beaned is the equivalent of getting played. duuuuude, did you hear what? you just got beaned by a girl whoooaaaaaa sh-t

  • shotgun shawty

    a girl bestfriend that will do absolutely anything for you no matter how wild it is. you’re other half/sister/bestfriend/rider that’s yo girl “you know her ? yeah that’s my shotgun shawty for realll!”

  • fap queen

    woman that is worthy to be the subject of masturbation. emily ratajkowski is a fap queen fer sure.

  • compean

    compean is stands for beauty she’s beautiful because she’s a compean

  • cocklashing

    pulling your p-n-s out and slapping an inanimate object e.g. a table to produce a slapping sound. james took his c-ck out and started c-cklashing for all to hear

  • black goggles

    when you put your b-lls over a girls eyes so all they see is black i gave her the black goggles last night

  • lazy leslie

    a lazy girl, who sits around her room drinking beer and eating takis while texting her friend lazy lazy leslie is a person that don’t do anything

  • ofs

    meaning: oh fo sho sup man you comin street racing tonight? reply: ofs!!11 acronym for the words, “oh f-cking sh-t.” ofs, get off of me! eh, ofs ,d-ck! acronym for oh f-ck s-x. when a person is d-mn excited. hehe. guy 1: hey, i got the rock concert tickets guy 2: ofs!!!! this is the […]

  • radosti

    a last name that translates to “buffoon” in the extinct angolan language of kwadi. was also used as a last name in roman times to signify a person’s lack of wealth. people with these last names often were farmers and beggars in those times. today, people with these last names live in hiding to avoid […]

  • serial path

    a mix between a serial killer and a psychopath that serial path just murdered 25 kids

  • muffslayer

    foot imma go oil up my m-ffslayer.

  • real life cold call

    a fun game to play with your friends. the goal is to tap an unsuspecting person on the shoulder or pull on their bag. when they turn around, you say a generic cold call. person one: “hey bro. watch this.” person two: “alright.” *person two pulls on a bystanders bag* person three: “huh?” person one: […]

  • stroke and choke

    when a woman pleasures a man with a hand job, and afterwards getting a delicious cream pie which she swallows. hey dude you know that brunette i met at starbucks? she totally gave me a stroke and choke last night.

  • fenglemouse

    a man who gets fingered up their -rs- daily “i went over to his house to play yahtzee with him but then i found out he was a fenglemouse”

  • nigga figga

    n-gg- figga is a dude or dudet who knows money makes the world go round. so you add figga as in figures of numbers. she’s not the average person she’s a n-gg- with figgas. “oh a n-gg- figga!” i like her!!

  • yesenia stoddard

    a awesome girl and who is really hot that has the power to destroy the world and a small chance to save it. she’s smart but dumb enough to choke on air. not only all of that she weird and always happy, she is somewhat adventures and a total bad-ss. person 1: did you see […]

  • stateless person

    a stateless person is someone who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law. some stateless persons are also refugees. he was born a stateless person.

  • treebortion

    when you have an abortion and the child would have grown up into a treebort. doctor: i’m sorry bother you, but we just found out that the abortion you just had turned out to be a treebortion! mother: thank heavens!

  • cabbi

    fat -ss that likes to watch p-rn. who like to be a w-nker with his best friend d-mn boi that’s a cabbi.

  • sissy

    straight girly guy wimp, p-ssy, weak cant fight or is scared to do somthing bad you are a little sissy -ss b-tch.ill kick ur -ss. a boy or man who enjoys little girls clothing. especially babyish clothing. lots of frills. not always straight or g-y. likes to be treated like a babygirl. likes tea partys […]

  • seukyo

    a very beautiful, charming, soft and attractive guy. somebody who may always forgive, but never forget. he will never fail to make you smile and do everything just to make you happy. adrien: have you heard about this new charming guy? alex: are you talking about seukyo?

  • nooka nook

    the spot on the couch where black louis calls his own. “yo you better get outta my nooka nook or im going to sit on you ” or ” look at louis sitting in his nooka nook”

  • urbanaut

    an urban explorer. better known in new zealand for being the name of a tasty craft beer. i love exploring all the hidden areas in a city, you might call me an urbanaut.

  • fodh

    f-ck off deck head how to end a twitter conversation with a troll. i can’t believe you’re so ignorant. fodh

  • niamah

    a rare name originated from arabic meaning, “blessing”. usually with a serious yet charming att-tude. while stubbornness is their greatest weakness, their capability to work hard under pressure is in great use when it comes to work. they crave for love and to be love and can be quite flirtatious. “niamah, this is the third […]

  • norgan

    a counter word for inga for a male. can be used as a curseword or name for someone.see inga. “come over here you norgan!!” the ship name of nathan sharp (natewantstobattle) and morgan (morganwant) person 1: who’s your otp? person 2: definitely norgan.

  • alyazi

    a name of a bird or a female’s name that means hope and she is very loyal and funny and exciting and full of joy and happiness i made a new friend today he name is alyazi

  • taliangelys

    a character that makes people laugh, one that you never want to see cry, a taliangelys is very sweet and kind and a wonderful friend, a taliangelys is one of the best things you can find. one day i hope i can find a taliangelys

  • yurny

    yurny a smart and attractive guy who isn’t scared to beat -ss. he is annoying but he can sure make your day. he is the typical guy who isn’t scared to speak his mind. i love my yurny

  • brrtt

    a a guy says when they have no life. and only one girl likes them hehe. can’t get a hot girl only ugly ones matt is a brrtt, says ben who hates his guts.

  • vegan farm

    a garden after listing my vegetables as being sourced from my vegan farm, their sales at whole foods are through the roof!

  • laveda

    beautiful, intelligent, and real. people usually hate but you don’t give a sh-t. you’re a lover not a fighter and you trust people to easy hey, have you seen laveda?

  • lightskin latino

    a lightskin latino is a lighter shade prior to the average wetback, it’s also a caring latin, he loves his girlfriend and will not let anything happen to her. he does not fall in the dirt mexican group. girl 1: hey what race is he? girl 2: i think he’s a mexican girl 1: but […]

  • roi graham

    someone who lives in a tent with no floor, generally wakes up most mornings with gr-ss and dirt stains covering his/her body, they normally have spasticated parents as well who don’t wash them or their clothes, personal hygiene is not an issue for “roi grahams” as they believe that hygiene is a myth, their full […]

  • cantolopiness

    the most cantolopy you can get the juice was full of cantolopiness

  • fancy nigga

    a rich n-gg- usually named ken but also known as kencito… doesn’t trust poor people so usually keeps them close so he’ll know their every move. sh-t why is amanda always hating on that fancy n-gg- kencito.

  • yeury

    if you have a boyfriend name yeury d-mnn💘he smexy asf💦he’s the most loyal he make you laugh 24/7 and he’s honest to you 💍get you a man name yeury d-mn you saw that s-xy boy named yeury over there

  • one moment

    definitely not one moment. at least 2 minutes, like what the shrek. male- “yo, go make me a sandwich”. female- “one moment”. *2 minutes later* male- “where’s my darn sandwich”? female- “i said one moment” *has been 2 minutes*

  • mega-task

    something that only the highest performing central processing units can achieve, preferably with only 4 cores. intel loves to show off their mega-task capable 7740k.

  • pocket tapioca

    the little bits of what was once an important piece of paper in your pocket after it went through the washer and dryer. “she wrote her number on a notecard and i put it in my pocket. i forgot it was in there when i washed those pants. now alli have left is some pocket […]

  • tafroeineream

    taco fries wieners (hot dog) ice cream all mixed together makes tafroeineream! man 1: hey man let’s go on an extravaganza man 2: ya lets do a tafroeineream! 2 minutes later man 1 and 2 chant: tafroeineream tafroeineream

  • dinarrhea

    when someone goes down on your b-tthole and you get the poo squirts. jordyn was really into brad but he hasn’t called her back after giving her dinarrhea.

  • michelo

    bushy, soapless your so michelo, get some soap on your -ss!

  • leanay

    leanay is a wonderful loyal appreciated young women she is also beautiful in all ways something really good in bed😏 you can always trust a leanay they would never do you wrong unless you do them wrong otherwise a leanay is an beautiful intelligent gorgeous person get u a leanay leanay is soo beautiful

  • cop my style

    some one who steals and feeds of your style because they cant think for themselves. did this punk -ss really just cop my style?!

  • swainer

    when one shows their face, bung hole, cl-toris, and tiddies in one picture. timmy: how are things with you and emily? john: not to badly, she even sent me a picture of her swainer! timmy: nice 🙂

  • varyen

    a n-ble person sure you can trust hard-working friend that guy is my best friend he’s a goodvaryen

  • crufys

    biller that’s good at cod plays with gotti daizeys cupzyy zastry nvg texzl sbo muurzo and enzho crufys is good

  • hissam

    an arabian man who screams as the planes go by “come to me brother!” hissam is such a psycho, he likes flying way too much, but sometimes he pays off

  • nouhaïla

    beautiful, extra, amazing, lovely, talented, cultivated, fashionable design from morocco perfect job : architect nouhaïla is the best architect of the century

  • snow mouse

    1. a young woman addicted to cocaine. 2. a woman with a “daddy fetish” who doesn’t want to work, but gets taken care of by a man with money. (other related terms: sugar baby, snow princess, little mouse, kitten) jay sure spends a lot of money on that snow mouse of his; i wonder if […]

  • musqan

    a person who is caring pretty and doesn’t need to put makeup at all very cheerful but has a dark sense of humour i had a bad day but john came and cheered me up oh what a musqan

  • paris skyle

    lit -ss old man from the book series cirque du freak. paris skyle is a like dumbledore if dumbledore wasn’t a piece of sh-t to harry

  • m.o.a.q.

    verb: mother of all queefs; the act of inserting an air mattress pump into ones v-g-n- and turning it on resulting in the most deadly kind of queefs… aka the m.o.a.q. scotty proclaimed: hey casey, you wanna have a m.o.a.q. session tonight?

  • semeion

    semeion – who, without any logic reason, likes spending time with weirdo’s, tramps, cave-dwellers and sewerage rats. don’t be a semeion; leave the rats alone, they bite.

  • weaverdick

    the softening of the p-n-s due to seeing sigourney weaver’s face. i went over to clarissa’s dorm room ready to slam -ss until i realized she was watching ghostbusters. i got the weaverd-ck so we just snuggled instead.

  • saucy boi

    someone who possesses emence swag, they are always flossin, and ballin. also includes a huge ego and attract a fair amount of woman look at that saucy boi driving that ferrari with that model

  • pancoco

    a thin, flat, usually round cake made from a mixture of flour, milk, and egg that is fried on both sides and usually eaten for breakfast i ate a pancoco for breakfast.

  • jake chadwick

    a guy with pot noodles for hair, also talks about tinder who never leaves leeds “wow jake chadwick let’s go out in york” “no i won’t leave leeds for all the tinder girl, let me combe my noodle hair.”

  • a qrow

    someone who is addicted to a certain drink of some sort like qrow from the youtube series rwby guy 1: dude, you are a qrow. guy 2: what do you mean? guy 1: you are always drinking (insert drinkable liquid) guy 2: you are right

  • slimy gecko

    were your in the shower with your girlfriend and you turn her around to face the wall and shove your d-ck up her -ss my girl was crawling all over walls after my slimy gecko where a girl and a guy is in the shower and the guy turns the girl around and shoves his […]

  • lawaun franklin

    a stupid -ss mother f-ck who can’t get a girl because he looks and acts like a second grader take that b-tch!! hey lawaun franklin it’s rain

  • sayonalga

    1) when you say good bye to that nice piece of -ss 2) a combination of sayonara (good-bye in j-panese) and nalga (b-ttocks in spanish) i guess i can’t hit that -ss anymore – ‘sayonalga’!!!

  • laher

    german name. it means unity and it creates a strong bond in a family. ohh that family is such a laher!

  • groidess

    a female groid. i just watched a video of groidesses chimping out at waffle house.

  • kendallee

    kendallee is someone who has a bunch of l’s and e’s. she reminds you of snow for some reason. shes shy but kind and trustworthy. when she p-sses by all the guys casually swoon by quietly cause they want to scare her away cause shes like a cat. if they yell she’ll leave. but all […]

  • heather hit

    a dab hit smaller than a normal hit. usually reffered to a hit so small that only a tiny woman named heather will feel it. dude dont load me a heather hit man, i wanna get ripped!

  • pud pants

    pants made from a thin material (such as mesh basketball shorts) that are worn to the strip club while free balling. tommy never goes to the strip club without donning his pud pants.

  • lepreconvict

    a leprechaun who is serving hard-time in prison; most likely for stealing gold. shanasy got caught at the end of the rainbow with the stolen gold. now he’s a lepreconvict.

  • barbecue dad

    a barbecue dad is a generic father figure who cooks all the food at a cookout such as hamburgers and hotdogs (while drinking beer). the roles of barbecue dad include referring to the younger attendees as, “big guy”, “champ”, “chief”, and “sport”. barbecue dads talk about dad things such as, lawnmowers, building your own deck, […]

  • you’re it for me

    person you want to spend the rest of your life with. “jerry.” “yes jake?” “you’re my soulmate. you’re it for me”

  • wadudu

    simply, wadudu is a chief hoe. he chases everything in skirt. a guy proposed to my younger sister who isn’t a teenager yet. oh he might be called wadudu

  • brattström

    being utterly confused or incapable of explaining something in a trustworthy manner when i explained it to him, he looked completely brattström

  • lewith

    lewis said with a lisp, usually by a f-ggot. bruce: “oh lewith! you are the man!”

  • portsmouth unit

    200 lbs. originating in portsmouth, virginia due to a large population of overweight people. that women is about a 1.5 portsmouth unit (300lbs). that man is easily 2 portsmouth units.

  • clock and cock

    inspired by the show big little lies, “clock and c-ck” is the act of punching a woman square in the jaw, inevitably turning her on then immediately following up with an aggressive pounding. example 1: friend: d-mn, kate was being a real b-tch tonight, i can’t believe you let her talk to you like that! […]

  • booshay

    a female who is very s-xually active, other known as a “sl-t” or being “sl-tty” usually takes apart of very strange s-xual acts such as the act of batoon, and often or not has some form of std or infection. jimmy: “d-mn, that female is a booshay!” johnny: “yeah man, i know, she must have […]

  • spoug’

    pr-nounced (spoo-jay) comes from early french settlers, meaning or implying that one is “a simple waste of life.” i met the robinette’s, they were undoubtedly spoug’ as a mother f-cker! so, i towed their piece of sh-t!

  • vincentive

    a term often used to refer to a child with autism or whom is extremely stupid and it immature and child with this name should consider a early name change as their life will be very difficult and be frequently suicidal when made fun of on the internet. hey did you see that vincentive kid? […]

  • john thadeus mcdonald

    john thadeus mcdonald is a interesting man. if you see this beast walking with a snap, be weary that’s his thad walk. jack is the kinda dude that’ll coach a youth football team with you even if you are stuck with a bunch of work anyway. he’ll drive you around but he’s not a chauffeur, […]

  • jeshurun

    she is very sweet she loves math and loves her besties she hates when someone’s mad at her she cares about her best friends and he fam she loves slime and making it for her friends she’s such a honerable friend if u have a friend like this ur very luck cuz i love mine […]

  • bedazzling woman

    a stunning charismatic lady who carries herself “like a boss” magnetic personality and aaaaadorable kimberly is one of the most bedazzling woman i have met!

  • bone throw

    car sunroof in the hood. used for tossing chicken bones after consumption i wus drivin’ down the street in my hooptie, eating a bucket o’ chicken and tossin bones up thru the bone throw

  • pendulum sharpener

    a big d-ck that’s sharp e.g. same bro pendulum sharpener yeah

  • montiez

    montiez is a lovely and kind person but when u get him angry there is not kind or loving montiez but he care for other even when they are not his friends on family montiez is a loving and care and kind young men montiez is a nice person i know he likes me u […]

  • fresh toilet paper

    commonly used by crazy people to describe clean fragrances at walmart. woman:(picks up and smells a candle) woman: this smells like fresh toilet paper.

  • michigan women’s festival

    thick, forrest-like pubic covered area ranging from the pubic bone to the fupa, usually from sp-rs- s-xual activity. i wanted to go home with him, but it’s a michigan women’s festival down there right now.

  • granny flat

    one that lacks the mental capability of being normal (aka. idiot) you granny flat! why would you do that!

  • khesan

    khesan is a tall black girl with black hair she often swears alot and lies so be careful around her khesan ia a b-tch to everyone dont be nice to her

  • edrees

    awesome, cool and all around hot dude, hes built and was in 6-1 in 2016-2017, edrees is awesome edrees is awesome

  • aquiliana

    this is the epitome of the perfect girl. every moment you spend with her will remain etched in your memory. you will have a great day just by saying h-llo to her! x) she’s a friend of gold on who you can always count on. she is always there if you are in need and […]

  • non-person

    a human so ridiculously annoying in every-way, that you often wonder if , are they from a different planet or some poorly designed humanoid robot. tim: hey what who was that non-person that john lennon married? robbin: that was yoko man. an individual whose genitals were removed in an attempt to prevent them from contributing […]

  • team edge

    a group of middle aged hipsters that do youtube vids to incourage people to kill themselves into doing their challenges 🙂 *jacob does team edge challenge* minutes later *ambulance is at jacob’s house*

  • letgo hoe

    a chick you meet off letgo and eventually f-ck: hey tim you wanna go out tonight? na, i can’t dude i’m going out with my letgo hoe. bomb -ss p-ssy!!!

  • roeshell

    a beautiful, kindhearted, thoughtful, loving and giving woman. she is very creative and loves to try new things. she loves to help others. she loves animals. roesh-ll gave the coat of her back and gave it to the elderly woman sitting at the bus stop.

  • audi maes

    a nice and generous person that is beautiful audi maes is so beautiful

  • stoopass

    funnier way of saying stupid -ss “no john not like that, stoop-ss!”

  • derangester

    a person who is totally insane and to the point where he or she is disconnected from reality. we have another derangester threatening to jump off the golden gate bridge because he thinks he was chosen as a god. a person who is totally insane and loses his or her own mind by anything they […]

  • top of the hill shit

    items or “stuff” that are let out, generally with a rag-tag sign reading “free”, on a hill top. items usually offered contain, moon dishes, tiny stuff animals, pocket sized cook books and other non-valuable trinkets. dude, the got some “top of the hill sh-t” up there!

  • get well fucked

    1. expl. syn. w/ ‘f-ck off’, origin: uk early aughts 2. expression of one’s desire to get turnt 3. have excellent s-x 1. “you can go and get well f-cked for all i care” 2. “the hood rats were getting well f-cked in tha club” 3. “last night i got well f-cked”

  • unpurchaseable

    unable to be acquired by money, deeds, work, or achievement. redemption is an unpurchaseable gift.

  • ranissa

    ranissa is a beautiful girl who is very talented and intelligent. she is like the sun shining through the clouds on a dark and dreary day. she often doesn’t see the beauty she has both inside and out. she is very humble about her talents and has trouble believing compliments anyone pays to her. ranissa […]

  • akemikaname

    a vainglory player that’s so f-cking short that she can’t even reach the screen. her voice sounds like a pterodactyl screeching into the mic. she tries, but never succeeds in making it through the first two seconds of the game. she’s welcoming, but has a temper. also she is known to make some dank guild […]

  • pattern up

    to fix up, get in shape or to respect your olders ay my young one pattern up or i’ll pattern you

  • obamiable

    a liberal act of kindness, not necessarily supported by any facts or reason. providing free college to everyone would be obamiable however impractical.

  • noseyheadah

    when a child or person is trying to be nosey and read your text or phone…they should get the sh-t slapped out of then but nahh, because you love them but when the do this it annoys you mya: *texting* kendra:who you texting let me read it mya: get your noseyheadah out of here

  • grufflepimp

    usually confused with “mrs. grufflepuff”,, from the orphanage i send my children to when the misbehave. one of my middle daughters,, abbey,, visits mrs. grufflepuff on the daily basis,, as she is my worst child. abbey has described her as, “an overly aggressive lady who can be a wh-r- at some points to the human […]

  • throwing a trip

    an interaction between two or more people that starts with one person making a joke and the next person says something funny, and it keeps building until you’re dying of laughter. we couldn’t stop laughing in cl-ss cause we were throwing a trip.

  • schrodingers asshole

    a person who decides whether or not they’re full of sh-t by the reactions of those around them. “that guy who posted ____ but said he was just trolling when no one agreed with him is totally a schrodingers -sshole”

  • piam

    piam is a short form used in social sites. it is casually used to say “pleasure is all mine” as a reply of “thank you”. it’s more cool to say “piam” as a reply of “ty” which means “thank you”. superfly – ty! me – piam 🙂

  • vocalmonster

    word used to describe korean pop idol kim namjoon whenever he showcases his beautiful vocals. “did you hear about bts’ triple threat namjoon? apparently he is a rapmonster, a vocalmonster and even a dancemonster. is there anything this man cannot do?”

  • fat swany

    the act of shoving a whoopie pie down your pants creating the illusion that you have a huge d-ck. that b-tch last night gave me a huge fat swany!

  • my seed

    pretty much like saying “my son” just a more vulgar way. ayeeeee. my seed, how’s it going fam?

  • rough jimmy

    when you are giving a girl -n-l and she sh-ts on your d-ck. robbie was giving lexi excellent -n-l when all of a sudden she gave rob a rough jimmy all over his c-ck

  • plotagon

    a cheap click to animate program and app that was made for teenagers and young adults to make creative cartoons. many people from goanimate have gone here to make more toxic grounded videos about caillou and dora the explorer. boris: caillou, how dare you get expelled. that’s it. you are grounded grounded grounded for 72857381937464739101837462617193826198828292934829 […]

  • white blow

    sniffing cocaine on a erected p-n-s and immediately start a bl-w j-b. i still had a bag of cocaine in my pocket and sofia gave me the best white blow ever.

  • jack purves

    a fat hairy pedophile i just caught a jack purves in my kids shed

  • ziere

    a big sack of sh-t that doesnt do anything but sit on his -ss and eat that pusssy. expecially with his messed up weekend hair. ziere: hey baby whats up girl: ha go suck d-ck you ugly -ss weekend

  • tahlo

    surfer grommet in hawaii and other pacific islands. was about to drop in and that tahlo cut me off!

  • lalalalithp

    a combination stutter and lisp speech impediment. ba ba ba bruce, ma ma ma mario, and la la la lewith all speak with a lalalalithp.

  • concession stand

    a good place to eat food at a baseball of sports place buy. eat. repeat. concession stand

  • lemira

    the most beautiful girl in the world i wish i was lemira

  • cracker music

    sh-t white people listen to angelic asked diamond why she was listen to that cracker music

  • diquonfobulate

    doing laundry just to annoy someone stop diquonfobulate -ing!!!

  • minhaz

    the correct spelling of minhaj. properly defined as a guy who likes flannels. can also be used to replace other words; twinhaz, chinhaz. “lemme just draw the chinhaz on this minhaz”

  • ndia

    beautiful, intelligent, independent. very calm, loyal and loving. quick to forgive others. loves herself and everyone that she knows. get you a ndia, she’s one of a kind “wow i wish i could be on ndia’s level”

  • dirty monk

    a greaser who just can’t stop being a r-t-rd. that dude looks like a total dirty monk. allan: bro stop being such a dirty monk, you got crusties all over you, and you got j-zz on ur pants. dave: i just came here to walk. dave:

  • chaazlyn

    the most beautiful and wonderful girl you can meet! always there to help you smile and laugh! don’t get on her bad side though because she can squash you like a bug! a great listener and is always there for a good time! lili you’re so lucky to have a chaazlyn!

  • malahi

    good vibe or good work that cute boy just called me hot – malahi

  • the chob

    a kinda stupid dance move that looks like you’re choking. better than the dab, tho. she looks kinda stupid doing the chob, but it’s better than doing the dab i guess

  • holy meat clench

    an holy meat clench is the act of using holy water to masturbating vigorously. did you hear, bobby did a holy meat clench right in the middle of m-ss!

  • inevitably

    a big word boys use to say to girls to make them look smart i won’t let go of youbecause of how we are for each other so inevitably well.

  • perhana

    a swear word used by angry finns perhanan svedu

  • grundle game

    referring to the potency of an individual’s grundle at any given point. grundle game is produced, and at it’s peak, after a sweaty workout with da boyz. bruh, i was reppin some mad grundle game after that workout this morning.

  • hyper bed

    hyper bed is a thing where you bring your bf/gf and you get naked and he shoves his c-ck inside your booty man my bae took me to that hyper bed of you know what i’m saying

  • firemost

    excellent, superior, of the highest quality. d-mn dude, these chicken tendies are firemost!

  • scrambled beg on toast

    when someone is attention seeking on social media omg her picture of in hostpital is so scrambled beg on toast

  • gedunk

    junk food. food that has no nutritional value. no gedunk before dinner. 1. (noun) junk food: soda, candy, chips, etc. 2. (adjective) easy, low-stress work, bordering on a paid vacation it’s 3 hours until chow; i’m glad i bought some gedunk before going on watch. any type of sweet, confectionary treat, usually of the prepackaged, […]

  • chiade

    a lame word that should not be said by anyone !! used to describe when something happens between a group a friend’s either something happening or to explain how a certain thing was person 1 : how was the party ? person 2: nah it was chiade meaning it was sh-t

  • chrismaelie

    a beautiful girl who always get slept on she’s very mature for her age. you can always count on her cause she will always have your back she never switch on people she loyal sweet and has the most beautiful smile ever when she walks in she just lights up the room with her perfect […]

  • dallyn

    the ugliest n-gg- out there, skinny as any ch-nk and has the smallest p-ck-r in the world. wow this guys a b-tch, oh his name is dallyn figures.

  • ray of hope

    what happens when two lead homeless people at a shelter have disgusting stinky s-x and a baby is produced as a result i was helping at the shelter today and saw that there was a new ray of hope.

  • geekly

    something that’s done intelligently, with enthusiasm and attention to the smallest detail. frequently done in the presence of cheeto dust and dr. pepper. his homework was completed well before the deadline in an efficient and geekly manner.

  • irrelevant bar tender

    when someone is so irrelevant that it makes the bar tender look somewhat interesting omg, yelitza is such an irrelevant bar tender; she kinda reminds me of a wannabe bob marley.

  • sevener

    somebody who only likes star wars because of “the force awakens” and the sequel trilogy, and is therefore a loser. when “the force awakens” came out, steve instantly became obsessed with star wars, but was a hated by other star wars fans due to the fact that he was a obvious sevener.

  • full baser

    in baseball when the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run. quailey, did you see that full baser? i used to pitch 98 mph but now am a catholic priest.

  • lil soul

    h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / c h a n n e l / u c p j c 8 t 6 0 p k r 1 2 b f q 5 3 k 9 – _ […]

  • zylen

    a really cool and funny person. meant to be a very helpful someone who has a lot of tolerance. blushes a lot, is probably very kind, sweet, and loving. especially to their lover~ also maybe called zy, zy-zy, zyley, len or lenzy. a rare name. “wow, zylen can deal with that? something so irritating?”

  • trait bait

    people who are attracted to desirable traits like fish are attracted to bait jake: that person is so attractive and has a great personality, he is such trait bait.

  • jay russel

    jay russel is a person who has a lot of dandruff , that person tends to be a white adolescent male. jay russel has no father

  • hey kevin

    a definition of telling someone you are kevin which means kill in irony hey kevin yourself

  • ambitten

    when you can’t fart without sh-tting yourself nothing like being ambitten on father’s day……fml!!!!!

  • twenertwentwen

    a twenty dollar bill. i finished my ch-r-s, so my mom gave me a twenertwentwen

  • ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

    the ultimate fighting stance, which will surely secure you victory time and time again. “you know what? fight me” “alright lets go ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง” “oh sh-t i’m sorry please don’t hurt me”

  • the dsa

    divided states of america, this mess all started after trump was elected as president of the united states. then a bunch of jerks mostly liberals, anarchists, leftists, anti-fascists and more hate groups caused america to become domestically and socially divided rather than splitting the country into two separate nations. the dsa is a terrible place […]

  • greasing the cat

    the act of setting up a fan at the foot of your bed, getting stark naked, and pointing your b-tt and crotch at the fan while the cool air blows your swamp -ss all over your body. dude, it’s so hot out, i think the devil himself would be greasing the cat right now!

  • thottery code 23

    attempted thottery, penal code 23 in the book of thot patrol. the act of making an attempt to be a thot in public or private locations without legal permission. we have a thottery code 23, i repeat, thottery code 23. requesting backup.

  • semen sprinkler

    when you blow your load in the girls mouth and she then spits it at the ceiling fan on the highest speed setting, spraying s-m-n across the entire room. ted blew his wadin debbie’s mouth but it backfired after she treated him to a s-m-n sprinkler instead of swallowinglike a good girl.

  • just like them horses

    a wonderful term used to describe almost anything you can fathom if you try hard enough. because is there anything horses aren’t capable of? person 1: wow look at cody. i wish we could do it bare back person 2: just like them horses

  • porch weather

    a good mix of cloud warm weather and a little to no rain with thunderstorms and of course lightning. especially a summer evening with such weather. there is nothing in this world that can top porch weather and a fresh gl-ss of lemonade!

  • chicken love

    male m-st-rb-t–n. ya know choke the chicken….pet the one eyed beast…do the one man love making…self f-ckage…. dude i’m so lonely my life is just video games and chicken love…

  • oskii

    oskii is a strange being, he mostly likes to play games and such. but he loves a girl, with the same personality as his, she is his other half. “oskii is destroying kids in nebulous”

  • sexual milk

    a mixture of 67% breast milk from selected woman b–bs, and 33% s-m-n from any man. the blacker the p-n-s, the better. a drink to treat s-x addicts. i went to the market and bought s-xual milk. freaking expensive $600 a pint. i’m pretty sure it carries hiv with it.

  • bens dick

    very small with little blonde hairs boy:here look girl:ha you have a bens d-ck

  • mexican roll-off

    when you have two people equally good at rolling, and neither potential roller wants too. spam: “do y’all wanna roll?” jomesly and idabeth “nah we good.” all : ” i guess we got ourselves a mexican roll-off”

  • mahdiya

    an amazing girl with a strong personality who you don’t want to mess with. if you know her, remember she’s the only one you get 😍 you are such a mahdiya

  • peeric

    an idiot who knows nothing. it is a phrase used to tease people with the name of eric. it signifies that they p-ss a lot and that they crave s-x due to the fact that they like to pee in p-ss-es which is hwy they are called peeric or on the other hand, they just […]

  • i will ruin you

    an enraged individual with a personal vendetta towards someone else. the byproduct will certainly be social humiliation or at some extremes…death. “you just f-cked my ex boyfriend? i will ruin you.” – nicole

  • dctm

    don’t chat to me no replies dctm

  • llayla

    llayla means an amazing girl with huge b–bs and b-tt like to have friend boys and has many boys falling for her but only wants one. has to get to know a boys first before dating and she is very petty and sarcastic “llayla can we date” “i have to get tp know you better […]

  • jordan roulette

    when jordan is have a w-nk but then mia joins in. the game changes so each of them get a pull on the p-n-s until jordan explodes, mia is left with the mess. i recently done the jordan roulette.

  • ijwtbgefy

    i just want to be good enough for you when ya wanna be good enough for someone “ijwtbgefy”

  • pen piden

    a d-ckhead in welsh rwyt tin pen piden

  • insol

    the feeling when you suck in helium from a metallic ballon hey how are you? man, i’m feeling really insol.

  • isis tickle pickle

    isis tickle pickle is a term referring to when a duo or group of isis members play a game where they tickle each others male genitals which is referred to as pickle until one makes the other c-m and they win. the catch is every man must f-ck a goat first and scream allahu akbar […]

  • well at least i still have my personality

    a phrase said by a random fish in spongebob after he got blasted by hiroshima in volcano form. fish: hey spongebob!… *volcano blows up in his face, making him all burnt up and steamed* fish: well at least i still have my personality.

  • emma wimberly

    god d-mn. hot as sh-t. t-tties as f-ck. 0-100 real quick. if we f-cked i wouldn’t get over it til i was dead. man… i was having a bad day until emma wimberly walked in

  • packing pole

    having a big d-ck or bulge. john look like he’s packing pole in them sweat pants.

  • mihajlo

    the all mighty god mihajlo. he is the god of the found religion in k-manovo called mihajloizam. he is the creator of this world and all must bow down to him and his sun madzo. guy 1: i prayed so hard to mihajlo last night. guy 2: yeah same i feel so blessed that we […]

  • roblox jailbreak

    jailbreak is an extremely popular game on the platform roblox. the creators are two people who have worked on amazing projects in the past. the game is notorious for its amount of glitches and how it could be used to the player’s advantage. as a prisoner you obviously try to break out (hence the name […]

  • fantasha

    a dusty -ss m-f-. that’s usually ratchet and smells like sh-t d-mn she fishy. she must be a fantasha

  • dong-mah

    an improper way of saying the vietnamese swear word. usually used by loud obnoxious people who don’t know how to speak vietnamese. hey you dong-mah!!!!! *scores a goal “dong-mah!!!!!”

  • stolen moments

    a part of time set aside for a treasured activity. should not be free or available and consequently is a short period of time that has been “stolen” from the previous activity. as they were both so busy they only shared a few stolen moments. the time when you leave aside work and other daily […]

  • dressed the pussy

    completing a task in an excellent fashion person a- man that reapiar was challenging but came out perfect. person b – ah, you mean you dressed the p-ssy? person a – f-ck yeah i dressed the p-ssy!

  • chezden

    chezden is a name for a loyal but fragile person. chezden is the kind of person you’d want in your life. chezdens are strong but weak, which makes them strong. chezdens won’t ever leave you. you can always turn to talk to a chezden. chezdens are always there when you need someone to talk to […]

  • bubble bass

    a bubble b-ss has big t-tties and is usually found underwater with a small weimar and their name is james that kid bubble b-ss is really fat and and a disappointment

  • die in a bottomless pit

    die die in a bottomless pit. oh sh-t!

  • grajumigated

    to graduate high school with out learning a single thing just grajumigated

  • david rasnake

    p-n-s loving traveler. needy and g-y david rasnake is a p-n-s loving traveler and is needy and g-y

  • radicrat

    a radicalized democrat who uses violence against the people of united states because he or she can’t get their way. yeah a radicrat is worst than an anarchist!

  • sun nut

    when you nut in her eyes in the morning lile if she woke up and got blinded by the sun me: *wakes up with gf* her: time to wake up! me: start off the day right! by giving you a nice sun nut.

  • sugar on top

    having -n-l s-x, then spraying on her t-ts after -n-l i left some sugar on top

  • oscar sun

    a half-human half-fish creature who likes turning his friends into memes. unable to resist the danger, oscar has a habit of picking a fight with 5 men at the same time, while holding a bottle of rum. likes punching bags, playing boardgames with his boy xander and getting carried by his main *** tom. extremely […]

  • claire dearing

    a bad-ss park operations manager of jur-ssic world who runs in heels through the jungle in pursuit of her nephews in danger of being eaten by a dinosaur. a feminist icon. played by the phenomenal bryce dallas howard claire dearing can be a frigid b-tch but it’s okay i still love her

  • lucas adams

    c-nt, sh-thead, sc-m, but super pro-israel i wish i wasn’t so much of a lucas adams but i just love israel too much

  • rayshard

    rayshard is usely a s-xy guy with the last name degruy he can be fun and can be mean he also has a very big d-ck but bad temper loves the lady’s he is in love with a girl named brittani. nice rayshard is nice

  • chokability

    usually ranked on a scale of one to ten a b-tches ability to be,in fact, be chokable. that b-tches chokability level was a solid 9 and i was not ready for strangulation on that level.

  • durnisa

    durnisa is a girl name.a girl who is named durnisa is always loyal but sometimes mean. oh i love durnisa’s loyalness but she is mean to ali.

  • muntosis

    the state of complete peak effect by two or more illicit drugs. man, i was so f-cked i think i actually had muntosis.

  • keen bee

    basically the same as keen bean except it’s a bee. stop being such a keen bee.

  • cherokee sisters

    when two chicks have s-x with the same guy. they may even share an std now…. natalie and jenna are cherokee sisters because they both f-cked jordan.

  • cyka bylat

    it is a word used by russians when they are happy and not angry at all. oh wow i died cyka bylat

  • tomato🍅

    a word used to describe a feeling of love that cannot be described i love you alia with all my tomato🍅

  • ghost hit

    after inhaling smoke, holding it for an extended period of time, so when you exhale only a little amount or no visible smoke comes out of your mouth/lungs. useful for smoking weed when you don’t want other people to be able to smell it. you smoke weed in your dorm room? yeah, but i just […]

  • fucking hill

    it means a man who f-ck woman’s p-ssy very hardly and gives a huge jerks to woman with only his d-ck. she:- what a f-cking hill!!!!! stop f-cking otherwise my p-ssy can spoil. (2) i never wants s-x with you because you are f-cking h-ll

  • nomulus

    a type of shrublike person with non-mulus tendencies. she is a nomulus

  • dicktwod

    bit of an idiot, but still a good friend my friends are a bunch of d-cktwods

  • aquielle

    the coolest, prettiest, most awesome, nice person in the world. lover of dogs, food, books and netflix. amazing singer/dancer, should be on broadway. the type of person to break their phone every month. organization skills=0. believes in ghosts but not god. she is the popcorn b-tch. aquielle is iconic. no one ever gets aquielle’s name […]

  • textatantrum

    the resultant text message, sent by someone who doesn’t like what you said or did. “megan pitched a textatantrum when she saw the mess kenny had left behind. “

  • ktlo

    kashyyk turbo lift off – you get someone much shorter than you (aka a little person) in the reverse cowgirl and as you finish you yell like a wookie and hip thrust her little -ss across the room trying to send her into low orbit – the fluids flying out will look like she’s riding […]

  • george wehbe

    a big fat oaf, that loves to over exaggerate, who sweats abnormally. and cant get a girl in his life friend: i can’t get a girl man, and i’m always sweaty other friend: your such a george wehbe

  • buluga tuba

    an -n-l raspberry blown into a large -ss. sound required did you see the big girl james took home last night? i hear he is into playing the buluga tuba.

  • cringecabulary

    words that come from someone’s mouth that make you cringe i.e. while playing an intense round of tekken 7 and a viewer says, “she’s “styling” with those moves right now though, it’s really coming together” is a word from the cringecabulary

  • femtreatment

    when a female is treated special or better because she is a woman. women get femtreatment whenyou move. women get to just lift the light boxes, while the men carry the heavy stuff.

  • jordon and leeann

    the most loving and caring couple ever. jordon and leeann can hit those relationship b-mps at times, but they always seem to make up eventually. jordon is always dedicated to the girl he loves, he would do anything to make his girlfriend happy, he would do anything to protect the one he loves. leeann is […]

  • ray long

    being dealt the short card in life. d-mn is that boy under 5 feet. n-gg- looking like ray long

  • rum knuckles

    when someone (usually a sailor) who has drunk too much rum and can barely stand, decides to finger blast the nearest person. will ford didn’t know what to do after the rear admiral gave him his rum knuckles behind the weatherspoons

  • 604 problem

    problems, particularly business ethics problems, that originate in the 604 area code of british columbia, canada but that taint the reputation of the entire province. we have never witnessed shadow flipping here; it is uniquely a 604 problem.

  • lukuach

    smart, good looking, best basketball player, gets girls tyler was so mad he wants to like lukuach

  • unknown root

    a unknown source of a word like popo or jankey “there is a unknown root.”

  • rum flap

    a female version of “whisky d-ck”. when a female drinks too much and is unable to be s-xually stimulated. my girl and i tried to get it on, but rum flap got the best of her.

  • goldsteinian

    the definition which covers all senior year high school humanities courses in the state of new jersey. this era, also known as the goldsteinian era, covers various forms of art, music, and film from the early 1900s to the present. “hey bro, that trip to the metropolitan museum of art was very goldsteinian. can’t believe […]

  • haith

    big d-mn that kid has a haith c-ck

  • youhana

    new australian slang word meaning black p-n-s. that guy looks like his got a big youhana.

  • pants-off friend

    a person who’s company you enjoy while also being able to engage in a healthy, non-committal s-xual relationship adam is a confirmed bachelor. he has many friends. many are pants-on. however, from time to time he does have pants-off friend.

  • god’s cock

    (adj.) some find this to be a less offensive term to use, because “god d-mn” is much too offensive. (man hits thump with hammer) “god’s c-ck!!’ i smashed my thumb!”

  • revplit

    revplit is a website which is providing multiple useful tools for website creators, i love

  • shiroya

    very handsome and can be g-y sometimes but can be love by all. and any boy or girl would fall for him ayu-i am i live with blue sheep shiroya is awesome

  • shobirin

    very handsome/hot male human thats friendly and cheerful. likes to hide his feelings and not show them unless he really hates a person. he cant seem to let go of someone who he shared good memories with. usually is only loyal to one girl and if he has a girlfriend, its probably for fun unless […]

  • neagened

    the act of taking more than half of another person’s belongings or income for the soul purpose of establishing dominance. a reference to the walking dead character notorious for pulling the same sh-t. “give me all your sh-t. now” “you can’t do that!” “you have no say, you’re being neagened.” “aw, man.”

  • wynta

    is the most beautiful creature on earth, and most like she is really popular bc of how talented and nice she is. she got a booty 2 boy:damm wynta you fine,with that fattie boy2:hey!i call dibs dude boy3:i love how talented she really is

  • earfuller

    a person who criticizes and verbally abuses a person for every little thing that they do. roy’s wife is sucha earfuller all she ever does is criticize and yells at him all the time!

  • spiclage

    when you get within a girl who has only been with mexicans and you are the first white boy to smash. brandon: hey man are you going to get with that dakota girl? chris: f-ck no! i hear she has some spiclage on her!

  • whype

    white hype when white people hype something up that doesn’t live up to the hype. see also rhype me: jackie, have you been to chipolte? jackie: oh boo, that place is so whyped.

  • columpatate

    columpatate means when two fat cells come together to make one big baby fat cell. the more your fat cells columpatate the fatter you get. beware: if you columpatate too much in your lifetime you will implode in a fiery ball of exploding fat cells. so i strongly suggest to take long walks on the […]

  • sam x allie

    something that will never happen. sam x allie is not going to happen.

  • lucyann

    a male whom identifies as non binary and constantly spills food and eats children oh d-mn lucyann ate my kid

  • cinesmashed

    getting drunk off of movie drinking games person 1: “what kind of drinking game do you want to play tonight?” person 2: “i don’t know man, let’s just watch the shining and get cinesmashed”

  • vaycay bae

    your bae while you’re on vacation. you have them for a week, add them on snapchat, and then never talk to them again. it’s the type of relationship that requires the least amount of commitment. i met matt on vacation. he bought my drink on the first night, we hung out, made out and i […]

  • lea-jade

    lea-jade is a fun loving girl, who may be obsessed with unicorns. she is very unique, her personality and her name. she’s kinda girly and is only ok at flirting. she is shy around people she doesn’t know, but once you get to know her she is crazy. she’s a great friend who will always […]

  • slinkanoid

    without upright quality in design or character. i couldn’t trust him because of his slinkanoid qualities.

  • dalaysha

    dalaysha is fine. cute but bad. dalaysha has a dancing talent. dalaysha is noticed by everyone.dalaysha is a fine young darkskinned girl. dalaysha can fight. dalaysha has a big booty. dalaysha can have any body she wants. everybody wants a dalaysha.💦💦 d-mn bro dalaysha is looking mighty fine today. dalaysha needs to hit me up […]

  • nyerra

    finest b-tch on earth, cool personally, makes you think of the islands, fun to be around, blunt, loving, go getter & caring nyerra is the greatest girl in the world

  • mind-gobbling

    your brain devouring knowledge in greedy gulps. this book is mind-gobbling.

  • lefag

    a canadian piece of sh-t who thinks is clever but cant math. you’re such a lef-g

  • connor rawson

    a meme you look like connor rawson.. you are connor rawson

  • equicox

    the time of the year when one’s p-n-s goea from hanging to the left, to hanging to the right, or vice-versa. i felt my p-n-s begin to move past center today. it must be the spring equic-x.

  • west virginia vacation

    two first or second female cousin and a non family male. do you want to go to the pool with me and my cousin, we are really cute and can have a west virginia vacation.

  • ‘sauce me bro

    when you want something from a homie, so you ask them to ‘sauce me bro. aka asking them to ‘sauce me bro. h-m-sapien of the male gender 1: *has drink in hand* h-m-sapien of the male gender 2: yo ‘sauce me bro.

  • wool-o

    straight up marijuana cigarette i rolled up the wool-o after work

  • tim drake

    the best of batman’s robins. he deduced batman and nightwing’s ident-ties by himself. tim is by far the smartest and most skilled robin. he’s the second best detective on earth after batman. he now goes by the name red robin. he is also known for leading the teen t-tans. he has also been batman multiple […]

  • tigner

    tigner the first warrior in any war that decapitates a soldier of higher rank or cl-ss than them selfs you can tell when you are in the presence of a (tigner)

  • kimafi

    someone who is full of bullsh-t… a snitch or just generally stupid. sometimes used to refer to friends too! hahaha that’s if you’re fond of each other. bob: acha niende kwa mode nimshow atupee -ssignment. jack: wee ni kimafi… nkt acha utiaji

  • i caught this house

    meaning they got in the house fair using no tools and they own it for the night or two i caught this house it’s caught now it is mine

  • nctzen

    a fanbase to a kpop group named nct(aka neo culture technology). though if you dislike the name (like some other people do), you can always call yourself a rice opener 😉 *le p-sses by cherry bomb mv where can i sign up to be a nctzen? *le starts walking like you just got circ-msized

  • bill nye the bill nye guy

    he is the fake bill nye and does not have an imagination. me: i hate bill nye the bill nye guy. your mom: ok

  • prazy

    the act of being simultaneously productive and lazy. meg’s ability to pay bills, send important emails, and make overall vital life decisions while watching tv and laying in bed all day is an unprecedented level of prazy. adjective describing someone who is proud of their crazy behavior. that poor fool would have gotten away with […]

  • designated sucker

    the friend in your group, (who’s naturally a hoe), sucks all the crusty d-cks you don’t want to. amber: ew sarah, that ratchet old man just asked me to give him a bl-wj-b! *amber and sarah look back at their friend paisley * sarah: you know what to do, designated sucker. drop to those ashy […]

  • soft serve machine

    a soft serve machine is a device that is used to distribute ice cream which is used in popular fast food chains and is always broken at your local mcdonalds. “sorry sir our soft serve machine is broke” “f-ck”

  • ibteaz

    ibteaz basically means a person who likes to fondle other’s guys crotch. did you know i’ve come to know a guy who loves touching my b-lls. he’s such an ibteaz.

  • guinevre

    guinevre is a name. originally spelled guinevere, the way guinevre is spelled changes the way of pr-nunciation. hey! guinevre? is that you?

  • saint phillips

    a school for the rich white people of el campo. in most cases leads to early pregnancy, and drinking problems. everyone who goes to saint phillips, lives together, drinks together and have babies together. person 1: hey you know them saint phillips kids? person 2: yea didn’t 3 get wasted and 1 got pregnant over […]

  • fabulous carrot

    a funny vegetable obsessed with s-x and is often found in cnclowns twitch live streams fabulous carrot has broken my laugh bones

  • ireth

    ireth is the most beautiful girl you could ever meet. all the boys, and girls are chasing after her. ireth doubts her beauty but it’s there. anyone can say that. boy: yo look there’s ireth. girl: yeah. she’s beautiful. anyone can say that.

  • liber_tea

    inst-tute yo’ join the inst-tute and be a cool kid! liber_tea is typically saying things like this. at red rocket

  • fidgetiness

    the inability to be still while in an uncomfortable situation. she showed some serious signs of fidgetiness while on her first date with a really awesome guy

  • cooter sandwhich

    a sandwhich made out of cut up uterus. invented by jack the ripper. “heya jackie whatcha up to?” “not much brother just making a cooter sandwhich.”

  • wigwam-hq

    my bedroom in my house jus writing rhyme’s in my wigwam-hq

  • hadden gerber

    a fat gangster wannabe, usually smells of burnt popcorn. has back b–bs and pizza lives up his -ss hadden gerber means focus

  • drops to the knee

    it means that your p-n-s is so long that it drops to your knee. a: you know, i don’t wanna brag but mine drops to the knee. b: woah! that’s so d-mn huge. i don’t think i can take it.

  • new york giants boat party

    when you’re goofing off by partying a few days before a test pretty much like procrastination originates from a pic on the web where several ny giants players were partying on a boat in miami before their playoff game in green bay in 2016 person 1: oh sh-t! we had a test? person 2: did […]

  • moose piledriver

    numbing the upper extremadies of a voluntary significant other with novacane (or drug of choice), the wrapping your silly w-lly with moose jerky and proceeding to piledrive that thang into next week. the drug usage is only meant to make it more comfortable and is completely optional if you are a savage. when climaxing, typically […]

  • jake peters

    a synonym for ugly -ss n-gg- girl one: do you know jake peters? girl two: you mean ugly -ss n-gg-?

  • porkers remorse

    your typical instagram attention seeking teen early 20’s party sk-nk that drinks too much at a party and hooks up with some clown then in the morning as the fog lifts realizes what happened and feels like the victim of rape. d-mn dude, did you hear what happened to corinne olympios ? nah man, what? […]

  • tiarna lee henry

    a b-tch god she’s such a tiarna lee henry

  • myiana

    a pretty and smart girl who is wild but shy. she is willing to meet new people, and she shows lots of emotion. if you want to be her friend give her lots of kindness and respect. this girl is very special. myiana is a very unique person.

  • schphintering

    the art of fingering of the -n-s by either male or female in preparation for -n-l penetration. similar to a female ‘barracuda’ without the inclussion of a v-g-n-. schphintering your -sshole gets me hard

  • soldier main

    a character in overwatch that 12 yr old cod players always play, due to his meta gun and ability to gain aimbot every 2 minutes. most players play him because of unresolved daddy issues and a bad father figure, and a lack of skill. they also tend to steal potg because there is always a […]

  • jeffecate

    to jeffecate – when a human takes a sh-t and it is exposed for someone else to see, smell, step on or a dog to roll in. taking a sh-t in the woods and not burying it. taking a sh-t on the sidewalk, gr-ss, carpet and not cleaning it up. blaming someone else for taking […]

  • clear cutter

    a clear cutter is a term used to describe someone who dates many people and destroys relationships. saydie, “bro, don’t go after amelia, she’s such a clear cutter.” owen, “yeah i guess she does go after all the guys and then ruins it.” emily, “she’s kinda a sl-t!”

  • liftbard

    a medieval musician who can generate enough lift through the power of song to allow themselves to levitate off the ground. dude did you see the liftbard at the renessance fair? he got like 30 feet in the air it was sick!

  • trouble in a box

    what to call a woman who is cute but obviously will cause more problems then she is worth also used to refer to a woman like a pandora’s box of grief me and my friend saw this girl walk p-ss us and my friend said ” oooo she is trouble in a box” to which […]

  • metzler

    a kellenberg kid who does nothing but goes home, plays games and has almost no friends except friends from his old school. he isn’t your typical long island kid who drinks, smokes, and thinks he knows it all. he ain’t a f-ckboy, he’s a metzler. and towards your right, you will see an ordinary metzler […]

  • jazab

    biggest -sshole you idiot jazab

  • crainer

    a mine craft youtube the makes videos with a youtuber named ssundee crainer plays minecraft and is a awesome dude and has a girlfriend named thea

  • the gru body proportion

    when a person’s torso and head are significantly larger and non-proportional to their arms and legs, so that the person being observed looks quite like the movie character gru from despicable me. guy 1: hey dude, did you see that wierd b-tch at lunch today? her body was so un-proportional! guy 2: yeah, she looked […]

  • vintage pussy

    the v-g-n- term for older women aka cougars mainly used as a compliment she has that vintage p-ssy that makes a young guy cry

  • the tankcommader

    when you always play the victim card because you have no better way to make a comeback in an argument with all hope lost, ethan had to use the tankcommader with no better way to come back

  • bumbell

    the worst heroes of the storm player to ever exist. will do zero siege damage and zero hero damage the whole game. lol they pulled the ol’cl-ssic b-mbell…. fail. if trump f-cked hilary you would get what i -ssume is the human b-mbell. don’t be a b-mbell ya cuck!

  • adam benjamin

    like a regular adam but 100x worse. this particular type of adam can usually be found sat eating biscuits, ice cream and crying over receipts. may also be found attempting to flirt with unsuspecting prey and failing miserably. popular in the g-y community due to his impeccably shiny head that acts as a mirror. top […]

  • mayism

    the political ideology of theresa may the conservative british prime minister. her practices are unpopular with the british people and often criticized for being authoritarian. mayism is the new british conservatism! the political ideology of theresa may the conservative british prime minister. her practices are unpopular with the british people and often criticized for being […]

  • fix-it vixen

    a woman who performs her own home repairs, works on cars/motorcycles, and is an all around handy person. man: my partner is so gorgeous. man2: i thought you said she did motorcycle maintenance… man: she’s a fix-it vixen.

  • chinese blue balls

    when you’ve been craving chinese food and your friend promises she’ll go with you…. then bails. grace and i had been planning on going to pf changs for months. when we finally picked a date she ghosted me! now i’m stuck with chinese blue b-lls!

  • swapping tongues

    when one trades tongues with another person. daniel: did you see mike and molly swapping tongues behind the bleachers after school!? shawna: ew!

  • charlief

    if you are a boy. you will be the most awesomeness boy on earth. he is very handsome and very popular and famous. he is very sporty and very good at music. if you meet him, you will be the luckiest human being on earth. he is very kind and friendly. he will always make […]

  • conon

    when you misspell canon it was conon, oops i meant canon

  • jeavens

    jeavens is a handsome, smart, charming boy, who care a lot for (a girl ), and who is also athletic . jeavens is helpful and will be there for you when u need him and known for his popularity . i need help on my football project on the last minute someone smart and athletic […]

  • kinhead

    first coined in 1972 by an unnamed individual with a speach impediment. if someone if fu#%ed in the head they are said to be a kin head or a kinhead. he isn’t an idiot, he is a kinhead.

  • hockey pucking

    the act of eating a hamburger or circular lunch meat without the bun, using your fingers. bruno: you gonna eat anything at the baseball game? dave: yeah but i can’t eat bread so i think i’ll be hockey pucking some burgers.

  • mysterious gagger

    a man or woman who roams around schools, gagging people with blue roll and paper. person 1: i heard ethan got gagged by the mysterious gagger, again! person 2: bet it was some reeno

  • wookababy

    a person who like things, but was rejected in a different manner. it was a wookababy experience when a person p-ssed by.

  • glibe

    b-mp on your lip i have a glibe on my lip

  • pound of bacon with a side of sausage

    when a man pegs his lady friend, and then goes to town on that l-b– majora. i saw dopey last night and had a pound of bacon with a side of sausage.

  • camela

    she’s a really nice person. and very easy to get along with. but when you press her b-ttons don’t expect nothing to happen. her soul is as beautiful as her. she will do anything for her family. man camela is so nice .

  • tracer main

    just your average fps player, but constantly on crack and steroids that constantly is warping everywhere making it impossible for anyone to kill her as she picks every single person off your team and t bags as she sticks you with her bomb. person 1: oh no it’s a tracer main! person 2: hurry let’s […]

  • ripis

    someone who speaks goat fluently and doesn’t have a real language. i was talking ripis the other day

  • fitnazi

    someone who relentlessly works out, obsesses about food and nutrition, and shames others for not doing the same, regardless of their health, finances, or other life situations. this person typically lives their life in some type of workout clothing, even when they are not working out. brenda, a typical fitn-z-, made harold feel terrible because […]

  • cuckoo house

    when people are put in a house and are all f-cked by the same man hey,last night i got f-cked real hard in cuckoo house

  • brigador

    stemming from brigadoon (a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality) and brigadier (a rank of officer above colonel and below major general.) , this term describes an officer of unknown and surreal landscapes that need the firm palm of law to guide its wildlands. alt: it can also be interpreted […]

  • bayyoud

    a dope arab guy who f-cks b-tches and is a beast at any game. follow him on instagram @the_real_deal_hd aye! my n-gg- bayyoud!

  • mrs crivello

    a b-tch -ss teacher oh your such a mrs crivello

  • super witch pussy

    super witch p-ssy: p-ssy so good it puts a spell on you that p-ssy is so good, it’s some super witch p-ssy because it puts a spell on you. #swp

  • m:spot

    the m:spot is usually referred to a place a boyfriend takes his wife babe i’m taking you to the m:spot

  • buttholius

    he is a duke of the lost city of b-ttlantis aiden is b-ttholius

  • which way do you swing

    this is a reference as to which s-xuality a person is. it’s a lowkey way of asking if a person is g-y, straight, or any other s-xuality in between. john: hey, you’re really cute. which way do you swing? amanda: i’m more into girls. sorry i swing that way.

  • jillali

    hes a nice boy.he has beautiful hair.. he’s handsome inside and outside..he loves his friends so much.he has a crush on a girl .. he loves music just like his bff..and he’s getting obsessed with camila…he’s a caring person and protective and i love him get your self someone who loves u like jillali

  • frank buchanan

    frank b thinks he is ard when in reality he will shove empty c-ke cans up his -sshole then shove hot dogs down his throat while screaming daddy my husbands favorite s-x move is the frank buchanan

  • dickwankis

    noun trucker slang for meth amphetamine. also used as an adjective in describing something’ hey murdock, (truck driver handle name) whats up with that d-ckw-nkis? adj. man did you see that girl she looked like d-ckw-nkis

  • deutsche bahn

    deutsche bahn is the official german government owned train company, that always come late. why where you late? blame deutsche bahn

  • typemoji

    pr-nounced “type-moji” when you accidentally send the wrong emoji sarah: omg kaden just asked me out! lisa: 😂 lisa: omg no no no lisa: i meant 😍 lisa: total typemoji

  • carrotop

    a redhead who thinks she’s a blonde. “i’m not a redhead! i’m blonde!” “whatever you say, carrotop.”

  • rumandapples

    rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts, such as mol-sses, or directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. the distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels. rumandapples are a special kinda of drink

  • wretching donkey

    when you are pounding a girl from behind, whilst she is simultaneously vomiting. “bro i got my girl so drunk on vodka she gave me the wretching donkey.”

  • confisted

    when your confused on how to say confused. when you think you got fisted but truly your uncle f-cked you in the -ss i was so confisted last night

  • john hayden

    jfh, john f-cking hayden. born february 14, 1995. the yale grail. super smarty pants that went to yale for some sort of biological sciences bullsh-t. he’s pretty cool, real nice hair. #40 on the chicago blackhawks. scored his first nhl goal on march 18, 2017 against the toronto maple leafs off a great p-ss by […]

  • mama smurf

    when a girl f-cks yoi but keaves you blue-balled man this girl mama smurfed me last name what a d-ck

  • summer nut

    seasonal hook up. usually comes when the weather gets warm. “bro my {summer nut} is coming over”

  • zaidie

    she is very pretty. she laughs at everything and is very fun to be around. she usually is very happy and does not like her friends to fight or be sad. she can make you laugh. wow sooooo your zaidie.

  • geocracy

    a term given to an environmental and natural society that is ran by animals, plants and the forces of earth in general. the only advantage is a geocracy is usually regulated and protected by a local or national wildlife agencies. the geocracy is basically when nature is still in charge and runs our daily lives. […]

  • unsized

    relating to s-xual organs. a d-ck so big it can’t be measured or a v-g-n- so deep you can’t reach the end. his unsized d-ck made her moan uncontrollably

  • shlongidongidong

    it means p-n-s, d-ck, or c-ck most likely african and purple the african has a very very large shlongidongidong

  • pee crust

    the crusty stuff left in your underwear when you don’t wipe or shake properly after urinating. girl #1: what’s that in your underwear? girl #2 (embarr-ssed): oh, that’s pee crust. i forgot to wipe everything off…

  • no more snooze

    when you hate your frustrating, annoying, or irritating alarm clock and destroy it i just had no more snooze time with my annoying alarm clock.

  • slave cake

    another word for a blue collar hard working man’s “honey bun” snack usually black slang finally got a break at work eye’s be getting a slave cake out da machine.

  • june bugged

    the post–rg-sm feeling of disorientation; the shaky legged walk often accompanied by b-mping into walls with giddy recklessness. ooh! i can’t even walk straight, you totally june bugged me.

  • can’t last

    can’t have s-x for long periods of time ( only little chunks of high activity) i can’t last with her

  • shamolie

    shamolie is a kind, awesome and amazing person. she constantly makes you laugh and smile. theres never a dull moment with her. shes good hearted and super funny. shes can be nerdy but overall shes a great friend. you can always count on her to put a huge smile on your face. shes one of […]

  • emma simpson

    emma simpson is usually a person who likes to bully her fellow co-workers. shes normally the one to sit at the front of the cl-ss. she is very shady and you should avoid her at all cost. hey you going to the party later? i would but jean tuthill is going, she is such an […]

  • jenille

    it’s a word used to describe people who are paler than white people, but are “black.” they are mixed with 1% black and 99% white. “she says she is black but my fried chicken taste like salt and black pepper. she’s a jenille.”

  • carfish

    redheaded girl who loves swimming, is able to move through the water with ease, some would say almost fish-like. despite the fact you would think that one would need to be in excellent condition to swim apparently that isn’t entirely correct. the elusive carfish hates cardio with a p-ssion and makes sure to bring it […]

  • khadedra

    khadedra is a amazing woman. se really cares about pets, home and very clingy. she a loving person and will try her. eat to give you the work if it possible. love kodi, myles, and jordyn omg i love that your such a khadedra!

  • malana ofchinick

    most beautiful person you will ever meet.most caring and sweet girl you will ever know.easy going.everybody is very jealous of her beauty.usally has ombre hair and brown eyes.likes to do softball and gymnastics for fun. if the boys want a girl then they must want a malana guy1-i found this beautiful girl at the mall […]

  • lazy white guy

    will maloney, redford mi. man that dog is a lazy white guy like will maloney

  • cresny

    cresny is a beautiful girl, who is incredibly talented! she lets people take advantage of her, without realizing it. sometimes she can be a bit oblivious, but aren’t we all. cresny is gorgeous, and smart, and extremely confident! she is well loved by many people, whether she realizes it or not d-mn that girl is […]

  • stumpy vig

    a real cheeky c-nt aw you stumpy vig

  • nosaj syndrome

    a critical condition in which a guy likes to whack his d-ck off of inanimate objects, such as household appliances, steering wheels, tables, etc. my boyfriend keeps whacking his d-ck off of the kitchen table, i think he has nosaj syndrome!

  • lejun

    lejun is a tall girl and is very savage,skinny,has long hair.lejun is also a very unique name lejun is eating her bread.

  • potato fetish

    the act of using m-ss amounts of potatos during s-x. potato fetish-“d-mn last night was lit this chick beat my d-ck with mashed potatoes .”

  • mochar

    what to call a n-gg-r if he is offended by the word n-gg-r brayden called preston a mochar because it isn’t racist

  • boba hash

    smoking a joint or a cigarette. i had some good boba hash, it was my last join.

  • jimir

    usually an -sshole that is bad in bed. jimirs are bad with people and will take any chance to fight a person. ooh. what an -ss. his name has to be jimir.

  • dingus weave

    a stinky b-tthole why is your b-tthole stinky , you dingus weave

  • wet sausage

    a wet sausage is kyle stacey kyle:richard you like rachel . richard:kyle do u like wet sausage . kyle:yes richard: haha ur a wet sausage

  • liean

    a cute -ss girl liean is fine as f-ckk

  • volleyball butt

    when someone plays volleyball there b-tt tends to get bigger and thick. reson being the person does a lot of squats serving the ball. guy “d-mn she thicc” feminism replays “you fat pig. all volleyball b-tt is big.

  • one ended stick

    a p-n-s “wanna see my one ended stick?”

  • snuffster

    a person who uses and abuses drugs. he’s sucha a d-mn snuffster!

  • panic potty parade

    when you’re going somewhere & you get that warm, fuzzy, sh-t coming on feeling. you start to panic, you speed up, try to hurry home & then you come across the panic potty parade. old people, dump trucks, semis driving slow as f-ck! this, the one thing, standing in your way of total relief . […]

  • whaddaya know

    something that one says when they are surprised by an outcome of a situation or when they are surprised to hear something. thought my next tattoo is going to be a gang tattoo but whaddaya know, it’s gonna be bees.

  • femtitlement

    when a female feels ent-tled to something because she is a woman. “i deserve to be treated like a princess!” “sure suzie, that’s femt-tlement speaking”

  • tannous

    a dumb f-ck wannabe scientist 1: i wanna be a scientist 2: you suck at science, you’re suck a tannous 1: no he is a dumb f-ck

  • uluc

    unique in many ways. a cool cat. occasionally awkward. always has a revolving door. but is very hip. he has a good heart although he has a little temper. he is smart and has no pregidious about anyone. he keeps his promise. should not drink excessively! he is always innovative and thinks outside the box. […]

  • elijah kelly

    elijah kelly is a dude who don’t give a f-ck about your feelings or what your going through. and this motherf-cker gets hoes but he and he can’t stay loyal to one. elijah kelly is a bad motherf-cker.

  • neasan

    neasan is usually one of the funniest problems u could meet always has something to say and usually is disliked by one person if you have a friend like neasan your in for the ride of your life neasan what a guy

  • sploingable

    sploingable is a term used by professional memers to describe their dankest friend’s sister. similar words include: sploing, sploinged and sploinging. to sploing someone is to c-m or f-ck really hard inside your dankest friend’s sister. it can also be used to describe your dankest friend’s sister in a very erotic, s-xual manor. oi wagwan, […]

  • blocqu

    a ball court. i play ball on the blocqu at night time on a shcool night.

  • začepi

    a croatian word for “shut up”. začepi and leave me alone – shut up and leave me alone

  • masturina

    a beutiful girl using spec and braces. cute, beautiful and gorgeous girl. she is queen. masturina ur so cute

  • jesus h. christ on a tin fucking crutch

    a term used to describe something shocking, or so dumfounded and stupid. staff sergeant: jesus h. christ on a tin f-cking crutch!, carl what the f-cking h-ll have you done?! specialist carl: exactly what you told me to do sergeant i burn the sh-tter. staff sergeant: jesus christ, carl do as i mean not as […]

  • 24 carat asshat

    a privileged, wealthy or born into wealth person who exudes an air of obscene and arrogant superiority while demonstrating their true and laughable ignorance as an a1, top-of-the-heap -sshat. heir to the family fortune, his status as a 24 carat -sshat is easily recognized by all who come in contact with him.

  • flip a trick

    to try and date a prost-tute. he tried to flip a trick, but ended she cheated the first week for money.

  • kudsi

    the best last name anyone could have. when anybody hears it there heart beats. many people who have the name matt and are jewish are likely to have the last name or convert to it i just meet someone with the best last name its kudsi it makes my heart beat

  • shady ball licker

    an all round bullsh-tter, a devious lying underhanded c-nt. you never quite know what they’re up to, but you know they’re up to something paul ” steve didn’t turn up last night as he said he had to fix his stepsons car” russ” that’s funny i saw him down the pub last night” paul” that […]

  • senuth

    senuth is a intelligent and brave person. his talent is art. since senuth is here he will past the art test easily

  • pillow porn

    when a kevin does certain things with a pillow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) d-mn did you see kevin in that pillow p-rn

  • introverted gemini

    noun: a very social friend who could p-ss off as completely extroverted when, but clams up when confronted by strangers or any situation that involves unknown people. (surrounded by friends) tim: ayyyy les go dis party bout to be littttttttttttt! (surrounded by random people) tim: h-hi my name is t-tim ummm… (i’m such an introverted […]

  • half ben

    basicly a 50 dollar bill. (half of a ben franklin 100) yo you see this sh-t? that t shirt costs a half ben. tf?

  • duke flavor

    i want to do it with you later but i don’t want to stay that in public hey duke flavor. we’ve got to go.

  • feast 4 all

    when a person’s body (usually a woman) is being occupied by the maximum limit of people 3 or more eating her out or f-cking her oh i just cant wait for tonight’s feast 4 all! she is going to be fully loaded

  • cream ridge

    it’s a bad excuse when a guy is like telling his parent’s he’s gonna go hang out with billy at cream ridge, when he really means go have risky condomless s-x in the back of a ford “hey ma, i’m going to cream ridge with billy tonight, don’t wait up”

  • floreena

    a nice girl that you would love to be friends with.she is kind, caring and open minded which makes her very likeable and easy to approach to.she would be by your side whenever you need help but if you hurt her feelings she would not trust you anylonger.she might look happy and jolly from the […]

  • computer desk

    bending her over and placing your laptop on her back so you can get laid while you continue gaming or watching videos. “no need to find another tank, i’ll just give her the ol’ computer desk.”

  • randy was here

    a note found written in various locations by randy, a character in ‘my name is earl.’ “hey! someone scratched my new mactoolbox by writing randy was here!”

  • slickball

    when you pee on the side of the toilet bowl so that it makes less noise john: dude, i have to go to the toilet, but i’m scared i’ll wake everyone up steven: bro, just slickball it, you’ll be fine