• nethmini

    nethmini is a great friend who will always be there for you no matter what she is the best friend anyone could get nethmini is a great friend, so i wrote her this definition.

  • arkansas promise ring

    another word for a b*tt hole; southern slang; sphincter. she was genuinely surprised when she was tagged in her arkansas promise ring!

  • shelissa

    the thug name for elissa/elisabeth the best nickname in the world for someone usually a very fun, cool, collected, and funny person they tend to have lots of fun but could easily eat stressed out always on the go and hard to come by they also have a rocking body if you see a shelissa […]

  • why the hell am i here???

    a phrase used when you are in a very bad situation or you don’t want to be in the place you are. commonly used when someone asks you to do a favor involving cats or doilies. i am so bored i am submitting definitions on urban dictionary. why the h*ll am i here??? uugghh!!! my […]

  • sketty puss

    sketty puss is a rare v*g*n* that looks very similar to the common arby’s roast beef sandwich. in many cases, this rare p*ssy is caused by large amounts of nonstop s*x. randy “that ole gall i meet up at the cat house last week had one of them rare sketty p*ss*es!!” jake ” hot d*mn, […]

  • trump-jumping

    hooked on donald trump trump-jumping peons did get too involved with donald trump, following the media.

  • wrestlegasm

    a form of an *rg*sm which is triggered after a sequence/finish of amazing wrestling in a wrestling match. me: “man aj styles vs john cena was f*cking awesome” my friend: “i know right! that ending seqeunce totally gave me a wrestlegasm” me: “wrestlegasm, is that a thing?” my friend: “yea, and it was so d*mn […]

  • dildogram

    a monogrammed d*ld*…because you’re fancy. the font on that d*ld*gram is exquisite! what is that? edwardian script?

  • cheer me up

    make me happy oh it was boring day plz cheer me up

  • wake up selfie

    when staying up late to study with someone, use this method to not fall asleep. anytime you feel like you are going to fall asleep, take a selfie and send it to the other person. this way you both know that the other is awake. this method works especially well if the other person is […]

  • hillary clit

    an old wrinkly cl*terous that like to debate which c*ck is better you are a hillary cl*t

  • gey boi

    a canadian person. jaron is a canadian. jaron is a gey boi.

  • fuckined

    when you’ve been planning to party with your friends at a set time and place, but obligations, family or otherwise get in the way. your friends ask you why you haven’t shown up yet and you say, d*mn b*tches, i can’t make it, i’m “f*ckined”. i’m still in san diego at my wife’s fourth cousins […]

  • fudanshi

    boys who enjoy yaoi (a genre in j*pan that contains s*xual and/or romantic relations between two men); literally translates to “rotten boy”; corresponding female : fujoshi alex blatantly displayed his fudanshi side to his friends. fudanshi is the male term of fujoshi. fujoshi is a term mostly used for yaoi fangirls ,it means “rotten girl”. […]

  • iouted

    when you family reads your txt through the i cloud and finds out you are g*y. my mom has the same itunes and she was receiving my texts. i got iouted.

  • yaxlin

    the woman of george’s dreams. she is his one in a million, the one he is dying to marry. hey do you know yaxlin? yes she is gorgeous and she is george’s dream girl

  • reimagine

    altering a reality; creative problem solving; changing a perception; new way of an old idea; re-design its time to reimagine a new political process

  • spunkweb

    the thin strand/string/filament of recent *j*c*l*t* which appears from the woman’s v*g*n* after a man has spent his load in there and she pulls herself off him. oh wow! look at that sp*nkweb. never seen that before.

  • knower

    a person that knows every d*mn thing. laura is a knower of all things.

  • immersion

    when you’re into something and someone just comes by and ruins it for you. you’re breaking my immersion!

  • srirachafied

    1) an adjective to describe the act of adding sriracha hot sauce or flavoring to food, usually a food not normally *ssociated with hot sauce such as a donut. 2)the description related to the act of overeating any hotsauce this srirachafied pizza is so hot, tommy’s beyond sweaty, he is also srirachafied.

  • weirdester

    a word that shannon needs to learn about! learn english 😉 shannon is weirdester than any other person

  • asencion

    a wonderful women s*xy hot and temping wated by every man in earth. asencion is the s*xyest women on earth.

  • tardalong

    a person that is stupid or does something stupid nice going tardalong you broke that.

  • jaminger

    a jamacian ginger sup you jaminger!

  • you don’t poke you stroke

    when you want someone to stop poking you and start stroking your d*ck. boy to girl: you don’t poke you stroke

  • braxlee

    the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! but don’t let the sweetness entice you. she is very sneaky 😂 braxlee stole my cheetos ! that little braxlee is so sweet!

  • micronesian tingle

    a micronesian tingle is when a guys d*ck do small that it’s just a little tingle when he tryna smash. girl 1: how was that umf last night sister? girl 2: sh*t gurl boring as h*ll he was a micronesian tingle in my puss

  • manshouting

    shouting but manly. used only in shutterstock photos. my boyfriend just started manshouting at me for watching mean girls without him.

  • love pentagon

    similar to a love triangle, only with more people involved. jill: “i love tom! he’s my bae!” tina: “i love tom! he loves me too!” sophia: “i love tom! we talk everday!” hannah: “i’ve loved tom for 2 years!” tom: “sh*t. i’ve created a love pentagon..” tom: *really f*cked up. currently talking to 4 girls […]

  • care bear rape

    when you rape and get raped at the same time but it’s so cute no one is offended or upset. oh my gosh that girl was forceful! i would press real rape charges if it wasn’t “care bear rape”.

  • roger silcox

    a pedophile who walks up to kids and has a wierd look on his face;extremely g*y hey, you see that kid over there, he acts like a roger silc*x

  • maiki

    a really cute person who is most of the time a short boy that girls find irresistible and is who always taken by one person for a long period of time. “did you see maiki he is so cute” “maiki and taylor have been together for so long i hate it”

  • sonseerhay

    a strong beautiful woman with a good heart who won’t let anything knock down her hustle. a woman who’s always helping out if help is needed. a woman that shows people what genuine love and care feels like . a woman that has a smile that brightens up your day and also do well with […]

  • asdetic

    the word used by fucbois when describing their sense of style, appearance, and att*tude. “hey gabe. how do i pick up girls?” “you’ve gotta get a good asdetic going. as long as you ditch the khaki shorts and aeropostale you’ll be fine.”

  • pulling strings

    when a person is “pulling strings they are getting girls and or making girls blush. and impressing people hey liam you pulling strings

  • rpdr

    rpdr is an abbreviation for rupauls drag race the best tvs show on tv ever , fellow drag queens compete to find americas next drag super star 🏳️ 🌈🌟 ugh 😫 have u watched the. sweat season of rpdr its fire 😍

  • star spangled banger

    an extremely patriotic s*xy bad*ss did you see apollo creed’s american flag outfit in rocky iv? now that’s a star spangled banger!

  • steiz

    a fun loving, crazy, close yet spread apart family. beautifully intelligent and knows their way around a city and a country back road. fearless, giving, whole hearted, whitty. these are the type of people who will break their back for you and never regret it. many love to be around steiz’s because they are extremely […]

  • neck turner

    someone who turns and shakes their head at someone whenever they do something. wow, that pot-stirrer zach is quite a neck turner

  • extarded

    -to become excitedly r*t*rded. after laughing at her expectating cousin one afternoon leann became extarded. she could describe it only as a state of extardation.

  • double doobie

    when a person takes a sh*t without wiping then gets into bed naked dude i was so tired last night i pulled a double doobie

  • larelle

    he is the biggest dipsh*t you can ever meet he is an ugly *ss dark skinned sh*thead. that dude is being such a larelle today.

  • magnetic dicking

    a popular action which involves taping magnets to you and your mate’s d*ck, letting them pull towards each other until they’re both touching. hey, did you hear about how josh and carl were magnetic d*cking at the party last night? yeah, it was crazy, i also got an std from stacy.

  • drummie person

    a drummie person is the most fabulous kind of person in existence today. otherwise known as a percussionist or a member of drumline, they are hilarious and probably very immature and obnoxious while hilarious and very nice at the same time. wow, they are so nice. they must be a drummie person.

  • crusty orange

    crusty orange, aka donald trump. called crusty orange because he is old and has a fake orange tan that sits atop of his wrinkly and blotched skin. ugh that crusty orange is not my president.

  • fuck penis

    arousal of the p*n*s which gets long and hard, that is ready to f*ck. jerry, i got a f*ck p*n*s right now.

  • bottom sucker

    a person who gets what ever they want for sucking a p*n*s. d*mn. that bottom sucker thing was a great idea frank.

  • peido

    a person who craves attention. a fake pedophile. someone who will go outside their friend circle to gain respect. dave: steve is getting bored and has now gone to talk to the boring lot…..he’s a right peido c*nt ain’t he.

  • tharish

    a tryhard in call of duty look a tharish is in the lobby

  • marianda

    a woman who is usually happy and very independent and the type of woman who gets her way. she is totally a marianda.

  • bromance crush

    when a straight guy really wants to be friends with another straight guy because they have a lot in common. dude he is so cool i totally have a bromance crush on him.

  • sekia

    sekia is very powerful in wisdom and strength. has a very bubbly and unique personality. sekia thinks outside of the box, while most others tend to think inside of it. has a very wild fantasyland side that only, the true love will reveal and experience. sekia is definitely destined for wealth and fortune. sekia can […]

  • que hongos

    another way to say “how are you?” in spanish to a close friend. literally translated it means “that mushroom”. “¿que hongos muchacho!” “¡estoy bien cabron y tú?”

  • urica

    i found her!!!! #lucky you there are not many urica around!

  • ricky lai

    the coolest kid in the cl*ss. he tends to act like he is h*m*s*xual but in reality he is into older women around the ages of 18-25. he also has a large shoe collection and is very talented in video games such as league of legends. he likes to peek at other people’s genitals regardless […]

  • it’s coo

    another frase for “it’s okay” or “it’s cool”. means everything is fine but actually i’m p*ssed the f*ck off and you need to figure out why i’m mad. male: “is everything okay baby” female: “it’s coo homie”

  • potlatch soup

    potlatch soup is an indigenous way of describing a promiscuous girl and or an easy lay aka “a wh*r*” who’s been around the block a few times left overs that’s been reheated over and over again a pot of soup double dipped by multiple ladles and giving to the community men’s a bareback and or […]

  • delonia

    very intelligent, beautiful and smart. shows graduitube at all times. delonia is beautiful and is grateful at all times.

  • david burns

    the meaning of david burns is the king of elements. the sense of wolf. the power to do good but also bad. the alpha of all alphas. this all leads up to someone/something not to mess with. you mess with him/it who knows what will happen. the myth is he/it control all elements the universe […]

  • transdeucer

    when an man wearing normal male clothing enters the women’s rest room to take a number 2, because either the mens restoom is occupied for way too long of a duration or out of order all together. scarlet became a tad bit uncomfortable on her break when the toilet stall next to hers suddenly slammed […]

  • cream cheese danish

    having s*xual intercourse with a danish woman and *j*c*l*t*ng inside her. bro, i met these two danish chicks last night and let’s just say…i made a cream cheese danish with one of them.

  • logadile

    a piece of wood seen floating or on the surface of a body of water, resembling a crocodile. often used in a humorous context. this river is full of logadiles. see that logadile over there. watch out for logadiles on your stand up paddleboard.

  • rabortion

    a rat getting an abortion my sisters rat got raped so it had to get a rabortion

  • chrispen

    a compliment towards women of thick proportions, usually given to those who are height and weight proportionate. also has to have a face that matches. she has the heart of a southern belle, she is exquisite with a hint of exotic. she is definitely not a b*tter face however b*tter face’s will attempt to copy […]

  • puddinguettler

    the nastiest of all wh*r*s. her v*g*n* looks like a shredded pile of rotten beef flaps, and has no muscle control. she’s old and worn out but thinks she still has game. if you’re ever approached by a puddinguettler you should call hazmat immediately, her v*g*n* has been known to discharge a foul stream and […]

  • look it up on your phone

    1. a phrase used in corporate, academic, or other situations when an inappropriate topic can not be discussed. often said to someone who is not familiar with a vernacular term, phrase, meme or other part of pop culture which is considered nsfw that searching on one’s work or school computer could result in reprimands from […]

  • victord

    a scrawny guy who is a complete and utter nerd but could be cool at times and could most likely help you to succeed victord and i played minecraft last night. he help me win by killing off some noobs

  • lisa garcia

    can’t put a definition on limited edition lisa garcia is not a dime a dozen

  • jordyn star

    a boss *ss b*tch who can get any guy she wants in seconds. b*tches better watch out for her because she will beat your *ss. jordyn star is a boss as b*tch who could slap you back to were you came from

  • bleeze

    when you are on your period and sneeze and you feel the blood come out and ruin your day. *achoo* dammit, i just had a bleeze blunt. an inexpensive cigar (commonly swisher sweet) which is cut, emptied of tobacco, and filled with marijuana. after this blunt is rolled, it is then smoked. i’m tired of […]

  • sundee

    a redneck way of saying sunday last sundee i went to church and learnt about jesus

  • henrix

    very smart. such a gentlemen. so nice. a real crowd pleaser. “henrix woods is very polite!” “wow, i hope my future son in law is a henrix!” – future mother-in-law

  • chavar

    qal) to be white, grow white, grow pale white *ss chavar

  • glymph

    a glymph is a bad-*ss motherf*cker that can only be defined by their s*x appeal and thrill to kill. a glymph is a type to always be surrounded by other glymphs. so be careful what you say or do to one because you might wind on the missing persons list. although the glymph is known […]

  • caito potatoe

    eyebrow queen of the southern hemisphere i love caito potatoe so much. her eyebrows are so groovy

  • luke braswell

    an amazing shy at first but lovable sweet guy w a large p*n*s i love luke braswell

  • analarium

    *n*larium- a place where *ssholes hang out, a meeting place for douchebags we checked out that new place on main, what a disappointment, the bartender hit on my girl, called me a f*g ,and some random douchebag puked beside us…i realized i was in an *n*larium….we walked out

  • ambimousterous

    when you can use a computer mouse with your left and right hand with equal proficiency. stephen is so p*rn addicted he’s now ambimousterous.

  • dick wizz

    a girl that know about ever guy and his d*ck brooo, that girl shaniqua is such a d*ck wizz. she told me that i shouldn’t be friends with laquan because he’s got a lil shrimp d*ck. and then she said i should hangout with desean because he’s hung like a mf.

  • malisloot

    someone who cybers online but doesn’t make them a sl*t in real life because it is their character. boy: that malisloot is amazing! girl: she’s a sl*t! what the h*ll?! boy: it doesn’t count, it’s her character!

  • symorange

    pr*nounced: smor-ange a word that rhymes with orange because it’s about time. teacher: if you think you’re so smart, what rhymes with orange? student: symorange fool, symorange. don’t you read urban dictionary?

  • a red pube

    the smallest increment of measurement in relation to distance or time. an infinitesimal amount of measurement of closeness. in relation to a smidge, smidgeon, and skosh, a red p*b* is the smallest measurement. you’re just a red p*b* away from getting zocked in the b*lls. i’m just a red p*b* short of giving a f*ck.

  • jamera

    she is a cool and outgoing girl. she is very shy at first, but once you get to know her she is a blast to be around. there is never a dull moment in your life if you know her. my life is so dull, man i need to get myself a jamera!

  • throat play

    being choked as you *rg*sm. when you are about to climax someone tries kill you and they release as you finish. considered throat play

  • salem witch trial school of thought

    salem witch trial school of thought are underlying thoughts of a person that causes them to throw out all logical reasoning and conclude the absurd. thinking that 21st century news media is not politically and/or ideologically biased requires salem witch trial school of thought.

  • thunderhead jenkins

    when one rubs their p*n*s on the rug, which creates an electric charge, and stick it in a woman’s fat juicy puss “oh wow!” “he really gave me a thrill when he used his thunderhead jenkins on my vagoo!”

  • david and ashley

    perfection…. soulmates… twinflames who are meant to be and will always be. s*xy… electric. magnetic. . i wish i could have a david and ashley relationship.

  • parking in the truck

    having pleasurable intercourse with a particularly large woman. man i just got meghan trainor’s number. looks like i’ll be parking in the truck tonight.

  • ass-hatchling

    donald j. trump, as described by author harry widdifield and or something grotesque that hatches from an *ss-egg donald j. trump is america’s greatest *ss-hatchling. donald trump, as colorfully described by harry widdifield #widdifield2020 oh look, the *ss-hatchling in the oval office ordered a golden shower again.

  • big keke

    the realist most loyal of a girl you could ever find often very street smart and book smart too big keke is to real , these other broads can’t relate

  • tompson

    he will be the guy that you will want as a friend. he’s extremely hot but can be geeky. but if you get out of the friend zone you can find hat he is excited and extremely good in bed. hey i think i just found the new tompson here. hey, i think i’m out […]

  • fandoogled

    is another term for wanting to trying to or having s*x without the thought of commit. oh i see she trying to get fandoogled! i’m about to fandoogle this b*tch hard as sh*t bust and be out.

  • evan ring

    really g*y boy who is a want to be amazing basketball player and who everyone hates. also has a really annoying accent. dam we are looking like an evan ring, that’s g*y!!!

  • komunglian

    to be excited spontaneously with no real reason. to shout out into the sky. i was walking with chase and he had a komunglian right then and there.

  • nightlark

    a lark is a bird, commonly small in stature: so nightlark could be defined as a small bird that roams the night. that bird sleeps all day and constantly chirps through the night, guess it’s a nightlark?

  • iminderdawg

    1. when a chick texts you back 2. when you are down to do something or go somewhere or do stuff 3. when ur in there… dawg 4. when ur not in there and she says get in there dawg. “she said yo lets meet up and get a room at yotel” “iminderdawg” sad version: […]

  • maddielarkin

    she’s a hot blonde girl, extremely attractive with a fine *ss, and big b**bs. if you get her dont ever let her go “who was that blonde that just pasted” “that’s maddielarkin, she’s so hot” h*lla fine blonde girl, funny, smart, with nice body. “man did you see that girl, maddielarkin? she has a nice […]

  • bitch-toilet

    a toilet who’s interior bowl region is shallow enough to cause a mans’ t*st*cl*s to drop directly into the toilet water. “oh man! it looked like a tall toilet but it was a b*tch-toilet and now i have to wash my nuts!”, said jim.

  • ladicius

    juicy sweet mouthwatering diego: this pineapple is ladicius ,dude!

  • dryest

    when something is/was so really boring, uneventful. “that was the dryest party ever” “i have the dryest social life”

  • iwbu

    i wannna break up hey baby iwbu

  • shrink slink

    there aren’t any definitions for shrink slink yet. can you define it?

  • zilma

    also known as zee. she is a crazy fun person but above all very caring, lets not forget a monkey lover too. she surp*sses being a friend she is family. loves having fun, partying, and joking. has a sarcastic edge but thats how she hides her soft caring self. there aren’t many zilmas in the […]

  • fake news card

    what you accuse someone of playing when they cite adverse news about your favorite politician. tom: trump was found to have taken russian money for his campaign bill: more fake news from the liberals and hypocrites. tom: you’re playing the fake news card again bill.

  • a weekend with the parents

    spending the weekend at your parents’ house. guy 1: “hey man, you coming to the party sat*rday? guy 2: “sorry bro, i’ve got a weekend with the parents planned.”

  • vulie

    when you want to loose your virginity to someone i want to vulie to john cena

  • aryonna

    women of god, loving and fierce. beautiful inside and out. will always help others, and never ashamed. i wish i was more of an aryonna.

  • playing it by ear

    not really sure how it going to work out. all depends. sort of like “wait and see” about whether we’ll go to the concert or not, i’m playing it by ear.

  • joshua eddy

    a f*ggot random person: “who is joshua eddy?” me: “oh, just the f*ggot that is a-” dan howell: “g*y lord!”

  • firestick and dick

    a phrase which supersedes “netflix and chill” and accepted amoug all s*xual orientation with the exception of lesbians. this is in invitation to acquire company to enjoy a movie via amazon firestick while enjoying s*x. her: hey! firestick and d*ck tonight? him: you bring the fire, i’ll bring d*ck.

  • chemical farmer

    a person who makes meth yo my n*gg* is a chemical farmer

  • megan fish

    when a girl loses a condom in her v*g*n* after s*x and doesn’t find it until a week later and it starts to smell like seafood. “susan, i’m so embarr*ssed, i’ve been showering, but couldn’t get the smell out. i found out i was a total megan fish. i’m so relieved!”

  • nip stache

    its a common condition among gentlemen 25+ where hair under the nipple seems to form a mustache of chest hair. guy1: hey! did you see juan? guy2: yeah that dudes got a killer nip stache

  • sermonstatus

    sermonstatus (sir•mon•stay•tuss) n. 1. any serious speech, discourse, or exhortation, esp. on a moral issue; lecture, posted in status update form on facebook 2. a discourse for the purpose of religious instruction or exhortation, delivered by the self righteous, religious enthusiast or reformed in status update form on facebook. “did you see miriam’s sermonstatus about […]

  • trumptopian nightmare

    a mutation of the dystopian nightmare where society is devolving rapidly in a desperate and dangerous death spiral while hordes of soulless unkillable monsters roam the land reaping, raping, screeching and taking everything you have before feasting on your brains which are in short supply in this apocalyptic future world. i had the craziest trumptopian […]

  • oh my avi kaplan

    oh my avi kaplan is the same as oh my god because pentatonix the multi grammy winning a cappella group’s member avriel (avi) kaplan is described as a god. oh my avi kaplan have you seen sup3rfruit’s new video?!

  • milking my daddy

    milking my daddy means giving a father of any kind a handjob or any other form realating this action “last night i heard my mom milking my daddy”

  • throne of glass

    1.) a throne made of gl*ss 2.) the best book you could read, you should read it now throne of gl*ss had pointy gl*ss tips

  • andrews aneurysm

    when stress caused by being roasted by alex andrews (@stevejobspams on instagram) in front of his two friends causes you to have a full blown spasm and lose all will to live. alex just had the enourmous courage to write nasty things about me, privately on the internet :'(. this andrews aneurysm is so bad […]

  • taybor

    the hottest girl you will ever meet she has the best personality and she is really strong and doesnt need anyone’s help. man taybor is so hot i’d hit that from the back!!

  • kuroha

    being a prost*tute kuroha has the power to destroy any d*ck, as well as transferring c*m when in direct contact with p*n*ses. her v*g*n* is so wet that while being in the lab, she had to undergo extensive rape. as a result, kuroha has almost completely forgotten her childhood memories, with only a few bits […]

  • johnnice

    caring person johnnice loves taking care of others and is very independent

  • nekirah

    a b*tch whos a hoe… who stop talking to a friend because she got an boyfriend older then her. nekirah is a type of person to sneak out the house to go see someone or go to ber boyfriends house to have s*x. shes the type to sneak her boyfriend in her house when her […]

  • smugprickery

    looking, acting, talking, smelling, or ageeing with bill maher. his smugpr*ckery was evident in his *ssumption that all those in the room were in agreement with his opinions.

  • cheesy enchilada

    when a man screws a woman with a yeast infection then pulls out while *j*c*l*t**n with his p*n*s is covered in yellow pus. i was scr*w*ng this girl and found out i was giving her the cheesy enchilada.

  • leafy’s chin

    a microscopic phenomenon found on the lower facial area of leafyishere, a youtuber who’s fans – human-reptiles – requested that something was invented to let them see their master’s chin. that lead to the invention of the microscope. reptile1: p*ss the microscope, i needa see leafy’s chin! reptile2: k. *p*sses scope*

  • sheilagh

    sheilagh is a gift to the world. if you’re arguing with her, she is probably right. she is smarter than your white friend but funnier than your black friend. she is adventurous, talented, devoted, empathetic and loving. marry her or you’ll regret it, you will never find another sheilagh sheilagh had so much swag she […]

  • mychennah

    mychennah is a sweet yet sensitive person . she blunt as h*ll , crazy and fun as h*ll ! she’s straightforward and she don’t mind speaking her mind . a beautiful, free spirit . to have a mychennah in your life , you’re the luckiest person in the world ” isn’t mychennah just perfect ?”

  • allahu akblock

    when you headshot an islamic terrorist trying to suicide bomb, preventing him from killing anyone. wow, that terrorist would have caused some serious damage if it was not for that policeman who totally allahu akblocked him.

  • reinart

    someone who will always make you smile. when they laugh, you laugh too and you don’t know why. reinart is someone who can become your friend no matter how different your interests are. reinart really seemed to brighten the cl*ssroom

  • hamper pantilingus

    the act of pretending to use someone’s bathroom just to dig through their hamper to find dirty panties, then licking them. i was over at my cousin sharon’s last night and couldn’t resist doing a little hamper pantilingus.

  • treka

    a backstabbing women who will cheat on you no matter what you do for her. she is cold hearted and will hurt you mentally and physically. has a nice rack most of the time and can have multiple people who try to hurt her. if you get near this kind of person, you should know […]

  • hard penetration

    where u stick ur d*ck and penetrate someone in their *sshole “ayyy mandem i penetrated this hoe so hard she cried.” penetration // hard penetration // penetrated // penetrate means that you have stuck ur d*ck inside someone and lost ur virginity

  • brown tuna

    when a woman farts and queefs simultaneously, causing a mixture of odors. i swear the chick in front of me in line just let out a brown tuna

  • coat bed

    i’m levittown, at parties, it’s the place everyone lays their coats. normally on an extra bed on the first floor. can i take your coat? i’ll put it on the coat bed

  • trumpgret

    voters who now regret voting for donald trump. many of the donald supportors are now sufferring trumpgret (trump regret) for their decision to vote for him.

  • bar ghoula

    a very ugly woman that sits in the darkest corner of the bar, awaiting the last drunk to stumble out the door. basically she is an oklahoma two sacker watch out for the bar ghoula’s tonight , son!

  • wosop

    i. walking off side of planet 2. wosop…a way to leave a note to let friends and family know to not look for you.. 3. during wosop a person just needs a quiet break from others murmuring in their head. 4. during wosop do not disturb this person…they need quiet to make a desicion or […]

  • fuckswa

    it’s the word you say when you really f*kin drunk and don’t want to say f*ck really plainly. hey what the f*ckswa?

  • ez-e

    the king! humble gangsta. do not mistake kindness for weakness. keen sense about people and stand-offish. too hot to handle & too cold to hold. well known, go getter mentality & shows love to all. eyes will hypnotise, words will serenade & actions will run through your mind causing a yearning until you meet again. […]

  • travis p

    travis p is a f*cking f*ggot. that all you need to know about him. travis p is a f*cking f*ggot.

  • gud fud

    refers to a food that is really good i’m off to get some gud fud

  • digit-al art

    using the shapes of the ten numerals (0, 1, 2, …, 9) to sketch a figure that looks like a living or nonliving thing. boris used digit-al art to sketch the figure of a naked woman—his drawing got him an f for math, but an a* for art.

  • faillary

    the election was hillary’s to lose. she failed. faillary was beaten by trump. that’s like being beaten in a sack race by a quadraplegic.

  • bump remark

    a bit of useless speech that serves no real purpose except to gain attention. billy kept interrupting with a b*mp remark, saying “yeah, that’s cool!”

  • pop my pussy

    to p*ssy ones p*ssy you must do a handstand while fingering your p*ssy. her: i pop my p*ssy to this new bop him: cool. so you did a handstand while fingering yourself?

  • lgbtqiapk

    lesbian, g*y, bis*xual, transgender, queer, inters*x, as*xual, polygamous/polyamorous, kink lgbtqiapk is the longer version of the abbreviation lgbtq+

  • interfere

    to smash between both. inserting nose in someone’s personal matters john: what she did speak to you. me: why do you interfere

  • heaww

    what someone says when the conversation goes stale or a word said by people in various yaoi- loving fandoms to express happiness. yaoi “i just found the best doujin!” “really? heaww!” doujin a word used when you have nothing to say; used in all awkward situations “and it was great.” “heaww!”

  • fallaciio

    the act of giving or receiving excruciatingly amazing oral s*x . man 1: “remember that girl i brought home last night?” man 2: “yeah?” man 1: “she gave the best fallaciio i’ve ever had!”

  • headfirstforhomos

    it’s this really rad instagram account that you should follow because its totally not me my dude do you follow headfirstforh*m*s? he’s so lame

  • floadie

    roadies that do concerts on cruise ships i am a floadie.

  • alex and becky

    these to people are not right in the head. will often use memes to make a point or even to entertain themselves late at night. alex and becky are certainly not right in the head and psychopaths. becky: is a wh*r*, s*xy, down for a chat alex: small, meme sl*t and will do anything for […]

  • azir

    a(dude that doesn’t cheat) smart,s*xy,smooth,quirky guy who all the girls low key flirt with but he never figures out. he’s the dude all of the guys wanna hang around because he’s a great role model for academics (and a easy way for the girls to notice them). oh yeah also azir is the best man […]

  • starlan

    top definition starlan to be laid back and drama free; sometimes like to be alone in his/her own world away from others; a loner. the coolest and most awesomest kind of person you’ll ever meet. not afraid to tell you the truth; in a polite way. however, upset him/her expect what he/she has to say […]

  • arm coat

    a hott chick that hangs off an elderly male’s arm, a vacuous woman who uses men for money. nicole is so not an arm coat

  • teresana

    teresana is a beuatiful young lady. she is very nice, caring, and funny. she can be aggressive at times. but she lives to suggest new fun things to do to entertain everyone. teresana is so fun to be around!

  • cuntyon

    a woman’s v*g*n* that smells like an onion. my friend called his girlfriend a c*ntyon after having oral s*x.

  • bun patty

    the middle bun in a burger between the two primary buns. trypically adjacent to the meat patty(ies), between the lettuce patty and the tomato patty. could i get a big mac, hold the bun patty, please!

  • club her in the rough

    when you bang a girl with a golf club me and my girl were feeling freaky and she asked me to club her in the rough. so i did

  • skudr

    seeker of wisdom. student of life. inquisitive for the sake of better self-awareness & doing their part to be a part of the greater good of all they come in contact with. she is making herself into a professional student to be a jack of all trades…she’s a skudr from the heart.

  • scrounce

    scrounce (noun) – conventionally defined as an ounce of weed that has been scavenged together in order to seem like a better than what it really is. a scrounce often consists of a mix of reggie, trim, shake, low-grade bud, and occasionally orregano. scrounce (verb) – to rip someone off by selling them a low-grade […]

  • nutella fight

    when you and your gurl having *n*l and both if you randomly sh*t you procced to throw the sh*t at eachother leaving a nutella-like substance behind. oi bruv me and my girl had bare nutella fights last night init bludclart.

  • mexibilly

    a person who is half mexican and half hillbilly i am pure mexibilly hola le yall mexican who dresses in a rockabilly or psychobilly fashion. usually are women who have betty page hair cuts, dark denim jeans, white makeup with red lipstick, drawn-on eyebrows, and stilettos. they also are usually overweight and wear skin-tight tops […]

  • recongestion

    recongestion is what happens to your body after extreme pains or anxieties; causing your body to tighten up, or heart rate to increase depending on situation. in the event, the body tries to carry the load that the heart isn’t. the brain tries to make up for the strength the heart isn’t using. a.k.a.- l*st […]

  • gargaflaben

    a subsitute for the word tubby meaning bath for a baby. because tubby is socially unacceptable and if someone can make that sh*t up i’m going to make one up too. this baby smells give it a gargaflaben

  • brayde

    won’t give ppl water bottles and/or her p*ssy till she’s over 18 “she’s such a brayde rn”

  • eyebractor

    it’s a person who acts with their eyebrows. can convey complex theories and feelinf with eyebrow movement. how you doin, shawty? – intensive eyebrow flirting you’re an amazing eyebractor, bro.

  • cheily

    a hispanic out going caring ,funny, sporty, hot,insecure at times, s*xy girl who loves everything about love and is a very p*ssionate lover who holds nothing back from her significant other. someone who wants to be showered in attention and wl with sweet kind with romantic gestures. beloved by all freinds and family . cheily […]

  • gorgeophile

    one who relishes in the private sick ess of consuming their own intimate excretions. she’s a gorgeophile. tasting oneself is one of the darkest, guiltiest pleasures one can enjoy.

  • ambidickstroke

    the ability to switch hands effortlessly during masturbation. both of his forearms were equally developed so he must be ambid*ckstroke.

  • criminaliticians

    criminaliticians who act in a criminal manner. 1: relating to, involving, or being a crime of a criminal political organization 2: performing a criminal action like excepting political bribes. 3: guilty of the crime they are accusing other political opponents of also or befitting as a criminal politician 4: disgraceful untrust worthy lying politician booker […]

  • marthello

    marth*llo a nice kind hearted good person guys wanna be him for his woman he will give his last he would do anything for but have a mean side but most of all he loves the jasmine type of girl ladies flock around him but his heart and love is pure hes a mommas boy […]

  • swinging banjo

    when a cat grabs onto a man’s t*st*cl*s and swings there until detached with significant effort. that cat got me the other night. it made a right swinging banjo out of me.

  • jackanory time

    in a group of friends or a ‘gang’ these youths will use the term ‘jackanory time’ as a joke or some may even take it seriously, anything worth something of value is taken. normally, handed back within a small amount of time. example: friend 1 – ‘what time is it?’ friend 2 – ‘ it’s […]

  • thinkerbell

    a person who is always thinking. a non stop thinker. think think think ! thinkerbell. stop over thinking thinkerbell, being a thinkerbell has its advantages,

  • zweigle

    goofy dork whos super s*xy but doesnt know it she is such a zweigle

  • kush digger

    a girl/guy that f*cks with you because you have extremely dank kush. they’ll be down to hang out with you if you have weed and if you don’t, they’ll come up with some excuse not to chill with you. tom: yo you tryna reach my place? kush digger: idk, you got any weed? tom: yea, […]

  • nifertina

    a common girl who is a tomboy also gorgeous, smart, loving, strong, honest, funny, caring, and shy. will always be there for you no matter what and be the best person you’ll ever meet. always be glad to have this girl. “nifertina is so smart and bold i love it.” “there you are nifertina i […]

  • gasparro

    there aren’t any definitions for gasparro yet. can you define it?

  • vagina walk

    when a male human , tucks his wedding vegetables behind his legs , and walks forward , giving him the appearance of having a v*g*n*. hay mate! lets go and join in with those naked chicks , if we do the v*g*n* walk , they will think were chicks too.

  • cajero

    an extremely weird, funny family with either a strict mother or a strict father at times both. god that is such a cajero family

  • dumpster puppy

    dumpsters puppy refers to the act of taking a sh*t in the middle of the night in a back ally trash can. ronny: oh man i really need to take a dump, but the line for the bathroom at this club is so long. donny: easy just go lay dumpster puppy.

  • kylamie

    she is a very ugly wh*r* who likes to date many people at once, she is a p*rnstar who licked p*ssy before she is such a kylamie

  • cock mooch

    a c*ck mooch is someone who mooches for the c*ck. they mooch around to get c*cks, no matter what size, color, and cleanliness. you are a c*ck mooch! that girl is a c*ck mooch.

  • chochmonkey

    that person that always messes things up, like parking or even eating. dude how did you do that? your such a choch monkey someone who takes being a choch to the next level, they normally think they are hard stuff when in fact they are just a f*g. that guy over there is for sure […]

  • lmfaorotff

    laughing my f*cking *ss off rolling on the f*cking floor i’m lmf**rotff

  • fat thumbs

    when you type too quick and spell check doesn’t get what your trying to say so you send a text full of gibberish i meant send nudes not srnd nydrs sorry fat thumbs:/

  • pawnus

    noun- nickmane given to a child when you have no other opptions to call them how was your day today p*wnus? shut the h*ll up p*wnus i told you to do the dishes

  • piran oliver

    one who is sh*t at backflips and snorts sh*t up his nose like condoms and thinks hes hard smoking and fishing like a mongrel and he got camel toe from jon ebanks the duck b*m he hits his head on trampoline liam “why is that kid so messed up the little special needs syndrome.” connor […]

  • lay some wood

    to beat up on someone; the falcons scored again on the seahawks, they know how to lay some wood.

  • cinema strategy

    an extreme tactical act whereby the male leads the female into the back corner of the cinema and initiates some touching he swiftly transitions and pokes around in her pocket mike: ay, how that scrawny nerd timmy end up with mich*lle yoda: cinema strategy used he did

  • rickilynn

    an awkward human being that doesn’t easily forgive. doesn’t simply trust so when rickilynn trusts you, you must be worth it. while being nice, rickilynn will be rude if you are. “why is rickilynn so mean to me?” “because you were rude first.”

  • fart glitter

    where a stripper farts in your face and you go home and your wife asks why you smell like a fart but have glitter on your face went home last night and had fart glitter on my face.

  • i eat your punches

    a nice way of saying your weak b*tch when someone punches someone else and it doesn’t hurt then u would say i eat your punches

  • waim

    what an ignorant moron are you really asking that question? waim!

  • math in hell

    what those on earth who have unscrupulously been enriching themselves would be doing when they meet up with lucifer on the other side of eternity. if only the putins, mugabes, and kims knew what would await them when they journeyed to the other side: nothing short of “math in h*ll.”

  • shamarquis

    literal f*ck boy. the type of person to lie about anything and everything to sound interesting. can only last in bed up to 2.5 minutes, if that. he can’t dedicate himself to one person. makes multiple social media accounts if has to. always keeps secrets from even his closest mate. shamarquis f*cks anything that walks […]

  • anti-cushite

    noun 1) a person who is hostile to or prejudiced against cush*tes. “aj was not just a bigot, but also an anti-cush*te” noun: anti-cush*te; plural noun: anti-cush*tes; noun: anticush*te; plural noun: anticush*tes “aj was not just a bigot, but also an anti-cush*te”

  • illatated

    it’s a combination made up word i created. combine ill and irritated. i am so illatated when people want to come over when all i wanna do is stay in bed.

  • snatch patrol

    a man so addicted to a female’s p*ssy, he becomes obsessed, controlling, and goes into stalking mode, making sure she never gives the p*ssy up to anyone else. chris is so addicted to bridget’s p*ssy, he’s on sn*tch patrol.

  • gristley surprise

    when a genital wart comes off into your mouth and you unexpectedly bite down onto it between your teeth. gristle : tough cartilaginous, tendinous, or fibrous matter went down on a new partner i picked up last night, i had no idea i was in for a gristley surprise.

  • raw pipe

    when you use your crusty rusty dusty busty musty l*sty trusty justy p*n*s with no condom in s*xual intercourse. i raw piped denise last night like a sledgehammer.

  • jorge rivera

    jorge is a master of s*x, he is one of the best people you can have s*x with. rivera is a p*ssionate and driven person, everyone with a rivera last name is driven by something or someone. in the case of jorge rivera he is a p*ssionate and driven s*x lover, if you love the […]

  • yuri katsuki

    tinh j*panese protagonist of yuri on ice who can’t see the l*st of russian love interest, victor. yuri katsuki doesn’t know that victor is in love with him.

  • spaghetti person

    somebody who is very plain, lacking anything truly interesting about them. they feel like they need to make themself more interesting, so they purposely find abnormal things to identify themselves by. this is reminiscent of spaghetti, which is very plain until you add spaghetti sauce. examples include, but are not limited to, learnig to ride […]

  • ea catch-up rule

    when you are playing a video game and dominating the other team then suddenly the other team starts making a comeback very easily. originates from ea sports where this phenomenon was first noticed. i was winning 5-0 on rocket league until the ea catch-up rule kicked in and the other team came back to tie […]

  • azxavier

    a pimp n*gg* who likes sucking d*ck and getting his nipps sucked wow. he’s a real azxavier

  • tacos and beer

    tinder code word used by females, who are otherwise boring individuals, who are trying to appeal to men’s shallow desires. “i’m a loose chick, always up for tacos and beer.”

  • go to the kennel

    when someone male or female is acting like a little b*tch. so you start treating them like one. so you send them to the dog kennel. nah, arnold’s a b*tch he needs to go to the kennel.

  • triphon

    a person that: * has all the traits of being dumb, useless, lazy, bald, inconsiderate, ugly, fake *smells like a black person *has a 3inch p*n*s *is a closet g*y that dresses like a woman and jacks off to himself in the mirror *picks his nose and eats the boogers *is cruel to and abuses […]

  • couple goalzy

    when a couple is just too d*mn cute “wow do you see them? they are so couple goalzy!”

  • ganhon

    a ganhon is just like a ganhan, except they’re more acclimatized to books. hon pr*nounced like “honh”. dang, that ganhan (strange cow) sure loves to read. what a ganhon.

  • coldbite

    when your hands r so cold that u feel like u have frostbite but ur just really cold “it was so cold, i almost got coldbite this morning

  • vasectomyishness

    vasectomyish; of like vasectomy the icon never married, and he was big on barely noticeable vasectomyishness.

  • travivra

    full on life, french the life, spanish only one person possess this name energetic s*xy, seductress very authentic travivra will awaken your senses

  • eeyana

    eeyana is one of those girls that when you first meet is really f*cking talkative but after actually talking to her, she’s still really talkative but better. she likes to meet new people and gets less annoying by the second she loves to laugh and and is low-key self conscious. the weirdest motherf*cker you will […]

  • fantasifing

    finding gradifacation in reading of other peoples written fantasies. s*xuallysatisfied emotionally. he finds reading her s*x diary so fantasifing. fantasifing defined. being s*xually satisified mentally or emotionally without the need of physical gradification fantasy that is mentally satisfing. satisfy pleasured in reading others written s*xual fantasies

  • coach hodges

    to know what the book says and to worship buddhism your acting like a coach hodges right now.

  • thurst

    the amount of speed or pressure used in mostly s*x. d*mn that thurst game strong asf n. the strong urge of a school administrator to engage in a s*xual and/or romantic affair with another teacher/administrator from either the same school or one from the same school district. hey, john, did you hear about our princ*p*l? […]

  • orphanorp

    when a child who has no parents and only 12 hair follicles gets a vanilla cake from walmart for his/her 6th birthday. sam: whoa, that girl sure is an orphanorp, bill! bill: don’t stare at that orphanorp, sam; it’s rude.

  • ass-cident

    when a woman’s b*tt is so large, she knocks objects over when she turns around. anastasia broke a gl*ss, two plates, and a kitchen drawer with just her booty. she had an *ss-cident.

  • jairish

    jairish is pretty outgoing girl . she gets a little mean when she’s comfortable around her friends . and she can get a little stubborn. she is also a man-stealer and gets her way all the time . people underestimates a jairish but she will always have a way to prove them wrong . so […]

  • shitty twister

    when someone sh*ts on your t*ts “how was it last night” “he gave my the biggest sh*tty twister”

  • frucipy

    when some one is better at pool your so frucipy

  • talk rap

    rappers who have trouble ryming words or lack timing. often off tempo with the beat or using metaphors that are unknown to most. they talk over a beat using a regional vernacular to mask their lack of talent. no need for a tight flow . weezy built a home for talk rap on a flowless […]

  • encroyable

    encroyable come from the latin word “incredible” but on a much larger scale. buddy is on pace for 26 hours of talk time today, encroyable!

  • patridge

    a patridge is a hard working s*xy person.they never tell secretes because they have secetes of their own.who doesn’t want to be friend with a patridge.if you don’t sham on you lexi:is her last name patridge because she is friends with everybody. waldo:yep and she is going to be my girlfriend

  • tabley clothe

    tabley clothe is a person who likes to commit genocide on sat*rdays! tabley clothes usually eat cheesecake and read ‘hitler’s table talk’ “does jenifer become tabley clothe on weekends?”

  • sycass

    you say it when people do you petty or someone cancels plans “can’t go anymore.” “syc*ss.”

  • gun boots

    heavy black rubber soled leather boots worn by posers who wish that they were tougher than they really are. hey dude, were’ d ya get those looser gun boots!”

  • jerry heller

    jerry h*ller was a business person best known for being the manager for the notorious west coast rap group n.w.a., and co-founding the ruthless records record label with eric “eazy-e” wright. in early september of 2016, he suffered a heart attack, which resulted in a car accident, and due to complications with injuries, he died […]

  • ostrology

    the study of ostriches i’m studying the very interesting field of ostrology.

  • violent plunder

    to bury a solid very large phalic shaped object deep in an *n*l cavity repeatedly to the point of pain. she did the violent plunder on his *ss until he begged her to stop.

  • ferpooped

    similar to tired or exhausted. when it’s been a long week and you have no energy left. john: did you watch la la land? it was a great movie! jessica: i did and it was! looked like a lot of work went into it, so i bet ryan gosling was downright ferp**ped after he finished […]

  • custom pepe

    when people make their own versions of pepe. that’s a nice custom pepe you have there!

  • amiyahliz

    amiyahliz is a strong , confident girl who is kind but will not be pushed around. she is funny and smart. she makes the world go round. amiyahliz is so kind ,did you see what she did for me?

  • school’s toilet

    where you go to w*nk i need to go to the school’s toilet

  • bulacan day

    a bulakeño term for unfamiliar public holiday person 1: hey bro, there’s no cl*sses tomorrow, let’s go to trinoma! person 2: sure bro, but what’s the reason why there’s no cl*sses for tomorrow? person 1: i don’t know bro, i think it’s bulacan day tomorrow

  • tennastee

    a colloquial term used in place of the state of tennessee. typically used by the urban dwellers of memphis. are you going to memphis, tennessee? no, memphis, tennastee.

  • the frenchie

    the act of grabbing an other man’a p*n*s while looking at him directly in the eyes and saying “oui oui”… i can’t believe scott just pulled the frenchie on abel!

  • quantavia

    a beautiful intelligent belligerent young lady , whom strives for nothing but greatness ! a great person to be around . great friend , listener & role model. i need me a quantavia.

  • teknika

    teknika is a sweet crazy chic. loves her kids and life. she turns lemons into lemonade. confident and appealing to both s*xes. that chic takes care of business, she is such a teknika.

  • mansa musa

    king of kings in the mand*nka language a reference to a great ruler in the mali empire of ancient africa. mansa musa (about 1280 – about 1337) was an emperor (mansa) of the mali empire during the 14th century. he became emperor in 1307. he was the first african ruler to be widely known throughout […]

  • catheshia

    a beautiful person inside and out. one in a million. it was so nice to meet you. your name must be catheshia.

  • amtrak time

    there aren’t any definitions for amtrak time yet. can you define it?

  • leifur

    a wet f*ckboy / someone who is more interested in unimportant garbage than in having a life. guy 1 : hey dude you wan’t to go grab a drink or something after work? guy 2 : nah man i have to go and inspect my new cs:go knife later. guy 1 : wow man you’re […]

  • trump stomped

    what happens when ones socialist motives and media bias are exposed. cnn, nbc, msnbc, the new york times and many other so called media outlets got trump stomped by the white house today. a new precedence in accoutability has been set.

  • slutty drunk

    (adj) the state of being so intoxicated you cheat on your significant other, not to be confused with just being a sl*t. often times is when an std is aquired. bro 1: dude… my fat girlfriend is back on the biggest loser again, i’m getting sl*tty drunk tonight and giving your sister a cleveland steamer. […]

  • titty game

    during s*x when you use your t*ts to play a game kim kardashian played the t*tty game last night

  • raneesha

    raneesha💖💖 a boss b*tch… can’t stand a fake, a liar, a thief or a cheater 👎👊💪 one of the realest mafakas you’ll ever come in contact wit 💯💯💯 a hard workin independent queen that doesn’t take any sh*t! she is about that life💪👊💯 everybody acts like they’re a boss but they aren’t smmfh lamesssss…. everybody […]

  • jaigo

    a jaigo is a smelly ugly man that lives om a farm, he is often unliked by all girls for his smell and looks but can sometime be able to pull someone if they are drunk enough “ew look at him, he is so a jaigo”

  • deallena

    her love is unique just like her name. she can make you smile like no one else can. she’s a little shy at first and quiet but only cus she’s such a great listener. if there was another way of saying,” big heart” , deallena would be the expression. that person has a deallena like […]

  • strait poonin

    there aren’t any definitions for strait poonin yet. can you define it?

  • ram-a-can

    when you get f*cked in the *ss joey caught gizelle with the meanest ram-a-can

  • magoonerbait

    to discretely, yet seriously lie to someone’s face and let them believe it’s true then say you lied person 1: hey, i just had s*x with your girlfriend. person 2: really? person 1: nah, get magoonerbaited.

  • vagynesexual

    when you’re only attracted to v*g*n*s. nothing else. why don’t you like anything but my v*g*n*? are you a vagynes*xual?

  • nkato

    (adj.) in-kay-toe 1. social adverse 2. inept 3. lacking insight in one’s own sub-par limitations this nkato idiot will not stop lecturing us about his authority over the matter.

  • gabby gun

    a sticky p**p glued to a b*tt that girl has a gabby gun

  • zykeriah

    tan and black hair girl that’s thick and loves herself no matter what anybody got to say she is intelligent,pretty,self-centered, has high self-esteem and just enjoys life she also is a joy into anyone’s life zykeriah has a mind of her own and doesn’t care about n*body’s opinion.

  • trump victory

    1. a situation that seems unlikely but is very possible and could happen. 2. an unlikely scenario that still has enough possibility to be considered likely carl: ms. smith hasn’t asked me about the project all week, i’ll just keep quiet and get it done this weekend. there’s no way i’ll get caught. steve: i […]

  • michaun

    one of most beautiful beings on earth, smart, very sensitive, most loving at heart. i ran into michaun yesterday and she made me feel like i was the most loved person on earth.

  • earth scorcher

    an earth scorcher is a term for a very, very flamboyant h*m*s*xual. they are so much of a ‘flamer’ that they ‘scorch the earth beneath them’. “yo, tucker, check out mike over there!” “yeah, he is such a f*ckin’ earth scorcher!”

  • redbessy

    a female with all the qualities of a redneck or hillbilly. she often lacks a filter but knows when to turn it on. she’s independent and can hold her own but still wants to be loved. she can be sweet as apple pie, with a heart of gold. the kind of person who will give […]

  • rawquel

    she is a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. most commonly *ssociated with the name raquel, and/or chancey. almost likely to have kids, and also take hours to get ready. did you see the way rawquel worked the pole last night?

  • pascal’s triangle

    should be renamed “chinese triangle,” because the most famous triangle in mathematics was discovered by chinese mathematicians more than three centuries before blaise pascal was born. the pascal’s triangle is hidden with hundreds of beautiful numerical patterns and geometric shapes, which unfortunately have had very few practical uses.

  • purple 101

    a very awesome youtber who plays video games purple 101 plays mine craft.

  • vantrice

    she belongs with a tj and is an amazing woman. she is the greatest thing in the world and will be an adams. vantrice is such an amazing woman and deserves all the love in the world. only tj or thomas can give it to her.

  • aajahnae

    smart, beautiful girl, who loves hard but has trust issues. she is very playful but not to be crossed. always expects the worst and is used to taking and giving ls. aajahnae is such a exotic person!

  • fresh cut aidan

    has a fresh cut and the maddest c*nt ever but all b*tches blow him wow is the a fresh cut aidan

  • peanutbutter buddies

    when you put peanutb*tter on your b*lls and let a buddy lick it. peter pan put some peanutb*tter on his nuts and had his dog lick it, they are now peanutb*tter buddies

  • sore thump

    a very mis-shaped c*ck. usually used to describe a (probably unwanted) d*ck pic. woman1: dude than random guy sent me a d*ck pic what a pervert. it was a sore thump too! woman2: d*mn that sucks.

  • marvaysha

    hoe😴 look at that girl she is such a marvaysha

  • simoni

    cool but very controlling she is a really nice friend and makes you feel happy simoni you are a really good friend

  • tossing fruit salad

    one man tossing another man’s salad. g*y men eating *ss. jim loves tossing fruit salad before s*x.

  • korde

    korde korde is the s*xiest, sweetest, most amazingly perfect guy anyone could ever meet. everyone either wants to be korde or date korde. you can never get enough of his amazing personality. korde is addictive and will be on you’re brain all the time. korde is the guy your fathers want you to date amd […]

  • naylani

    daughter of a red lake goddess, she defines beauty by far, always the center of attention , her smile accommodated by her dimples go without being unnoticed. naylani is a name that originates from the hawaiian islands, meaning “calming heavens”.

  • biray

    a name for someone who is acting particularly douche-bag-y, *ss-hole-y, or, straight up like a little b*tch. jessica is acting like a total biray right now.

  • dirty shaye

    the meaning of “shaye” on a spit while another man gathers different types of vegetables from the kitchen and attempt to shove as many as they can in any hole possible., s*x vegetables “you have just been dirty shayed”

  • trexlor

    long nose motherf*cker who is trexlor for $5000, alex!

  • becky and jessica

    becky and jessica are the two female characters played by danisnotonfire on youtube. becky is shy and wears a grey shirt while jessica is obnoxious and wears a purple shirt. they are also best friends and are even a ship to some danosaurs. cl*ssic becky and jessica conversation: becky: “hi!” jessica: “oh my god, becky! […]

  • rantpage

    to engage in a quick succession of multiple rants. can be used for only one rant if it’s hardcore enough. all the feminists went on a rantpage when hillary, their hero, didn’t win the election. a term to describe a set of consecutive rants made over a limited period of time. i went on a […]

  • mahzi

    the act of a male or female giving another male or female “head” or “felacio” i just got some mahzi from nikki dam it felt good… the act of a male or female giving another male or female “head” or “felacio” i just got some mahzi from nikki dam it felt good…

  • bhandy

    a bhandy is someone who is absent minded gets easily distracted and gets very easily drunk or high, sometimes even air, he might be depicted (animal) as a camel, as he generally is quite slow due to his distractions omg, he is such a bhandy, he gto drunk of water. get the f*ck over here […]

  • ripmus

    when you’re completely f*cked and rip just doesn’t cut it “there’s a paper due today?” “yeah dude it’s 4,000 words” “ripmus”

  • grass maze

    gr*ss maze: a trail of hair that surrounds a woman’s v*g*n* which is tangled and curly. e.g “yo dude i went down on this girl last night and she had a gr*ss maze and a half”

  • ethan taylor

    the guy all girls like, but no one ever dates him because he is to much like a fairy tail. “is that ethan taylor? or am i dreaming again?”

  • que te follen

    literally go get f*cked in spanish, used just like :go f*ck yourself – no eres un poco fea para estar aquí – que te follen

  • samyiah

    a beautiful woman that everybody loves. she will make your day a lot better yet not put up with any bs. often known for a bad att*tude but is very kind. most women often want to be the knock off her. samyiah is very beautiful.

  • karema

    this girl is a rare and exotic beauty. she exudes s*xiness and confidence like no other woman. men go crazy about her, because she soft and sensual, yet so challenging at the same time. women find themselves intrigued by her as well. often her skin is like honey and her hair is like curly silk. […]

  • bridge baby

    a baby born under a bridge and lives there to this day. gerry is a bridge baby – he doesn’t belong here. *here being anywhere outside of under a bridge.

  • rayniya

    the best,pretty,smart,number one queen,awesome,and lowkey lit rayniya is beautiful in her way and she always lit

  • dick lisp

    a speaking disorder gained particularly by males from gobbling large amounts of c*ck. did you here jordan’a d*ck lisp. i heard we went backpacking through europe and partic*p*ted in what the germans call wurstzubereitung.

  • sheff

    a sheff is a knife in u.k. slang. person 1: yo, are you going to bring a sheff to the fight? person 2: yeah but don’t tell anyone.

  • solar bukake

    this primarily happens to pilots. when you fly out of a cloud into blue sky and the sun shines right in your face with no warning. it’s so bright…i just got hit with a m*ssive solar bukake.

  • anal privilege

    the right to access or penetrate one’s *n*s. the one who grants the privilege is not necessarily going to get *n*l, they just give or take away the right with authority. (in most cases it is.) “d*mn you joey! i want my *n*l privilege back!”

  • need to rain

    another way of “saying need to mourn” or ” need time to mourn”, needing time to cry or express a deep sense of sorrow over something serious “calling in for work today. a loved one is in is in the hospital and dying. need to rain.”

  • houdini ass

    when you lay down you give the illusion of having an *ss but the moment you stand up it disappears mike: d*mn mich*lle’s *ss is thick af! tony: was she lying down? mike: yeah why? tony: man she has a houdini *ss so don’t get your hopes up

  • thunder plunder

    hardcore deep *n*l s*x with *ss to pelvis clapping like thunder with every extreme plundering thrust. i was thunder plundering her and loving hearing her scream every time her *ss clapped.

  • jerry (fuckboy)

    a f*ckboy who tells girls he likes them even when he doesn’t and then gets expose by a smart girl nad says he wants to kill him self jerry (f*ckboy) he could like five girls or more and gets expose hard

  • pussy pizza

    a p*ssy pizza is the term used to describe a type of pizza eaten by weak people, for example, vegans and frail children. these varieties of pizza include, but are not limited to: flatbread pizzas, pitta pizzas, gluten free pizzas etc… stuart thought he was being both healthy and clever when he ordered a flatbread […]

  • pinkie to elbow

    a monster dong, the length of which is measured from pinkie to elbow everyone in hollywood knows jon hamm is pinkie to elbow

  • thalitha

    most loving woman ever . outspoken , down to earth , very trendy and cl*ssy . very ambitious and a beautiful woman. her name was thalitha , so you know she was a special kind of woman.

  • avalanche blasting

    the act of placing a generous amount of cocaine in one’s *sshole and snorting it as they fart in your face. bro 1: “bro you look high af, what are you on?” bro 2: “bro some hooker totally got me into avalanche blasting.”

  • the boys are getting big

    your friends dad finds pictures of you and your brother and he says “the boys are getting big” and then touches himself my god, the boys are getting big! (groan)

  • daehyun kim

    there aren’t any definitions for daehyun kim yet. can you define it?

  • pasta knot

    when you eat too much gluten or carbs and you get a pain in your abdomen and cannot stand up straight i shouldn’t have eaten two plates of spaghetti, i have such a pasta knot!

  • hooking the g

    m*ssaging/fingering the “g spot”. “go suck up to gronk, i’ll be here hooking the g to julian edelmann.” — lois griffin to peter griffin

  • #plentytodo

    1: when you dont have plenty to do. but want an excuse to give to your friends so you dont have to be around them. friend – do you guys want to come around for beers, some pizza and play some playstation 4 tonight? answer – sorry friend i am very busy i have #plentytodo […]

  • dainton jennings

    a kind boy\man has great friends and is inton alot of sports.dainton jennings is a boy\man who is very intelligant amd know alot about technology shuch as xbox,play station,pc,laptops etc. dainton jennings,dainton jennings dainton jennings is a name

  • majestic eaglefish

    someone that is always high as an eagle but as smart as a fish that n*gg* tony always acting like a majestic eaglefish

  • jiffishness

    state of in an instant; jiffness; jiffyishness; jiffyness the jiffishness of history was hurting the majority of worse, jiffish americans.

  • emln

    eat my left nut said to and 12 year olds, and middle schoolers in general that think they’re the sh*t because their parents let them play cod and drink an un healthy amount of mountain dew 12 year old: ” i banged your mom last night” me: “emln you little pr*ck, your b*lls haven’t even […]

  • duin

    used to describe people who are “dying”, “done”, or a combo. d*mn, quest love over here duin at that funny joke

  • xergio

    a servant or attendant of god, sergio. xergio is a vehement employee who respects and loves all the customers he gets.

  • knilah

    the epitome of excellence. a knilah is funny, smart, and very interesting. knilah’s are rare to find, but if you have one, don’t lose her. man i need a knilah in my life.

  • deadline grind

    the act of doing all of the over due work you have been procrastinating all term in one night, usually fuelled by caffeine or adderall. “hey you still got that addy? i’m going home and getting on the deadline grind”

  • boomdittyup

    when you drag your b*lls across another mans face and he immediately *j*c*l*t*s hey man, boomdittyup.

  • kentucky hot bucket

    the act of placing your p*n*s between the br**sts of the young woman that is simultaneously licking your *n*s. did you know sarah gave dave a kentucky hot bucket?

  • boop the poop

    an alternate term for *n*l s*x guy: “you wanna boop the p**p tonight?” girl: “sure.”

  • fix it fic

    a “fix it fic” is a fanfiction where the problems are solved. characters who were originally dead in the actual books, shows, or movies, are now alive and well… catastrophes are prevented by the author of the fanfiction and (almost) everyone gets the happy ending they deserved, but never got in the orignal work. in […]

  • rantily

    adverb form of the word “rant”. when will discovered that mcdonalds didn’t have a whopper, he rantily reviewed them on yelp.

  • galite

    a short person with anger issues and likes to be in charge. she tends to like animals and loves socializing, she very s*d*stic and will show no mercy. the queen of hearts is a galite

  • ziptozitus

    a disease that kills kids named nicholas. nicholas’ only. guy one: “hey that guy looks sad. let’s hug him!” guy two: “no way man! his name is nicholas! he’s got ziptozitus!”

  • party owls

    (noun) some one that stays up late, and also attends parties. kyle: it’s getting really late and we’re headed to another bar. i can’t keep up. adam: yea, these guys go ham. they’re such party owls.

  • whiney low vote

    someone who doesn’t vote but will always complain about the president, without knowing anything about the president. john: ugh i hate the new president, i heard he has 8 fingers bill: stop being such a whiney low vote

  • bitchnapped

    when a grown *ss women is abducted. disappeares with out a trace and is never heard from again, or is eventually found but has suffered so much abuse she is catatonic! tom “has anyone seen jessica lately?” heather ” naw home girl got b*tchnapped last week!”

  • dirty leisa

    see~ gold digger in urban dictionary. her face is there. or to summarise; like a hooker only smarter. she’s gotta another man on the hook doing the dirty leisa to him.

  • medeea

    medeea is a name, and it’s named after the greek princess medea…not only that but known girls with the name “medeea” are found to be indeed beautiful,seductive, independent and the list goes on. in other words you’d want a “medeea” in your life because it’s known that they bring happiness in your life, if you […]

  • tyhisha

    p*ssionate, loveable, and caring. great sense of humor with a strong smile. fierce with a warrior like temper when crossed. she is tyhishaing it.

  • btnomb

    because that’s non of my business… i saw my bet friend’s wife go into a cheap hotel with one of his other friends. my wife told me that i should not tell my friend . btnomb!

  • maquanda

    a whole air head type of chick. she don’t know sh*t. she often has a b*tch named tudy f*cked up. maquanda has tudy f*cked up.

  • college six pack

    noun: a miscellaneous *ssortment of beers collected from a previous night or nights combined to create a unique, one-of-a-kind six pack. troy: yooooooo! i found two dos equis, a natty, a keystone and two stellas in the fridge for tonight. chad: that’s #dope bruh, come through with that college six pack.

  • stanwix

    there aren’t any definitions for stanwix yet. can you define it?

  • nmftg

    no more f*cks to give in his farewell speech, the potus demonstrated a clear sense of nmftg.

  • chubbing

    getting an erection! when the male organ becomes enlarged due to s*xual arousal or physical stimulation. i swear when that girl was grinding on me in the club, i was chubbing the whole time! the act of contracting a 1/4 erect p*n*s for no reason. josue was chubbing in the middle of algebra cl*ss. cruising […]

  • lardvark

    an aardvark that enjoys large servings of lard wow, now that’s a lardvark

  • snow douche

    a snow plow truck driver who blocks in the end of your driveway with packed hard snow after you have just finished busting your *ss shoveling a foot of snow from the entire driveway. that snow douche just dumped another foot of snow in my driveway that i just finished shoveling!

  • boob bod

    similar to the dad bod – a trend where men get to have a couple of extra pound and still be hot. the b**b bod is the lady version. because you have a couple extra pounds on you. you are soft all over like a b**b. she has such a s*xy b**b bod

  • shizzlenutz

    a way to show that you are regretting something, or another way of saying sh*t. ah shizzlenutz! i did it again!

  • jameir

    a very black male who looks like he was left out in the sun for too long jameir :: u guys wanna see a magic trick ? friends:: sure jameir::**turns off light** friends:: where did he go ?

  • throoter

    a simultaneous punch in both the throat and the cooter that b*tch done throotered me for the third time in a row she got throotered after she insulted carla at mcdonalds on dorsett

  • tonglea

    beautiful with a heart of gold but also a heart of steel.once loved by tonglea you will always yearn for her. she’s an amazing cook,lover,sister and friend.anyone lucky enough to have her is lucky in life. tonglea is one of kind,she’s amazing angel lover cook kind s*xy amazing

  • rishay

    beautiful… but very blunt an has a good heart but don’t push it, capable of love but if messed over she will act as if u never existed. amazing sense of humor would have the whole room filled with laughter, can get bored fast but always has a plan… a girl who knows how to […]

  • kayonna

    a very beautiful girl who has a very kind heart! love everyone but is very shy at first but once she warms up to you she will be your best friend. love’s to sing and dance around. can be very hyper sometimes. she is a very lovable girl who loves to cuddle! kayonna is very […]

  • geeted to the gills

    usually a few moments after doing a tremendous amount of decent cocaine, the feeling that comes over ones self. sometimes may contribute to paranoia or mild hallucinations. man last night, that guy romu, sure was geeted to the gills

  • snakes with benefits

    the word snakes with benefits, or beneficial snakes, refers to a snake. a snake is a deceitful and untrustworthy person who shares private information that is intended to be spiteful or hurt someone. however, a snake with benefits is someone who snakes for good reasons (to get information or warn someone). “you snake, you leaked […]

  • la street dog

    1) a “hot dog, hot dog, hot dog!” that is wrapped with bacon on the streets of los angeles. 2) getting a bl*w j*b with bacon wrapped around your d*ck dude, i got the sickest la street dog last night from my girlfriend

  • human pile

    a group of at least 2 or more people piling up on each other. me and my friends made a human pile

  • tramesha

    tramesha is one of a kind, she’s laid back cool calm and collect does not bother anyone stays in her own lane and have a thing for ruff guys girl whom usually have “mesha” in their names have huge booties and are great in bed… stop playing fellas and get you a tramesha

  • nob globbed

    the act of receiving a bl*wj*b from someone who is sick so her/his flem makes some extremely gross noises in the process of the bl*wj*b man my girlfriend was sick when she gave a bl*wj*b i totally got n*b globbed

  • bafting

    english slang for confusing, something that you just can’t understand and its kinda annoying you. girl 1: so hows it going with harry? girl 2: i think he’s nice but he might be a f*ckboi, he’s bafting

  • brown mug

    the art of p**ping in a mug and filling it with similar color coffee and then giving it to your most hated work partner. you just got brown mugged.

  • lovern

    a man in which his ego is bigger then his p*n*s. you’re such a lovern! why do you need to act like lovern!

  • trishelle

    the most amazing and beautiful girl you will meet. a great friend, who has a wonderful personality. most trish*lle’s are straight. but the white ones are always lesbians. d*mn, i just gotta get me a piece of trish*lle.

  • hapstinence

    when you have been celibate, but only by coincidence. you would like to be having s*x, it just hasn’t happened. “yeah, it’s been a pretty long dry spell. no matter what i try, i’m stuck practicing hapstinence.”

  • tydarian

    smart, funny , loyal, talented , has a big d*ck . really is outspoken and has no filter . maybe because his d*ck is so large . many people find him entertains and confide friendship with him . very lowkey doesn’t like to be around a large crowd. very large p*n*s . tydarian is a […]

  • duck bath

    when you don’t have time for a shower. you wash your face, neck and armpits with soap and a washcloth in the sink. i woke up late and all i had time for was a duck bath.

  • laterbo

    a term used by samoans to say goodbye, sort of similar to ‘catch you up’ *knocks off from work from the factory* ‘laterbo”

  • bryce harper

    s*xy *ss washington national’s right fielder who has the nicest hair and set of cheeks out there. d*mn dude, did you watch the national’s game last night? did you see bryce harper’s s*xy throw to second?!

  • whitfield

    g*y u.s. army specialist from virginia. hey my name is joshuaron whitfield

  • dterrious

    a person with a big d*ck that’s gone break yo girl back dterrious will f*ck yo girl.

  • wwigaf

    why would i give a f*ck. wwigaf about making an example?

  • debtpression

    when you’re so broke you spiral into a deep depression stopping you from doing things you love and hanging out with people. “hey man, wanna go out tonight?” “nah man i don’t wanna get worse debtpression”

  • angelious

    a boy that often gets along with girls he is humble nice and intelligent a strong angel coming down from heaven and saving us all angelious please save me

  • undresstimate

    what an employer does when you are being interviewed and they don’t see your value as an employee, they just sit across from you and undress you with their eyes. i was feeling really good about the interview, but i could tell that all the b*st*rd did was undresstimate me. i didn’t get the job, […]

  • straight pruning

    straight pruning. (strait prunin) noun. getting too many bl*wj*bs resulting in the prune skin commonly occuring when bathing for too long occuring on ones nether regions. jack says to tom “hey man what’s happening down there, looking quite soft down there these days?” tom says “you know how it is, straight pruning.”

  • sakeriye

    a n*gg* with a fat p*n*s and gets all the girls everywhere. simply he’s a real g from the coast and will take your gal. he is cold at basketball and he’s strong. watch out for a real n*gg* like him. “mister takes your b*tch” “oh d*mn is that sakeriye”

  • choking on a turkey neck

    when going down on a woman with a large l*b**, you suck it back so far you choke on it as her l*b** is like that of a male turkey neck. last night i went down on this girl and choked on her turkey neck. choking on a turkey neck

  • black groundhog day

    jan 16th martin luther king day the black groundhog always sleeps in and we get stuck with six more weeks of black history lotta folks visiting at the detention center on black groundhog day, way more than father’s day

  • distas

    the term to describe two sisters that are a disaster when together. after 2 hours on the 2nd street pubcrawl, martha and rebekah were distas!

  • netflix, hot cocoa, and chill

    it means that you’re married, watch movies, and p*ss out with little to no s*xual activities. baby, do you want to netflix, hot cocoa, and chill, but really fall asleep shortly into the film because we’ve had a long week at work.

  • mungrat

    a mungrat is one with little intelligence. the mungrat should have tried harder at school.

  • fsfr

    for some f*cking reason that idiot tyler bought a new tv fsfr

  • montagne

    there two are definitions for montagne 1.) french for mountain 2.) the operator with the big *ss shield in rainbow 6: siege 1.) je grimperai cette montagne means i will climb this mountain in french 2.) a patch in rainbow 6: siege made montagne nearly invincible to explosives.

  • friend with deficits

    a friend who reduces the amount of s*x you have p. 1: “i’ve never really talked to joe. what’s he like?” p. 2: “he’s really annoying to get drunk with ’cause he’s a friend with deficits”

  • gayforjay

    when your boyfriends friends are usually straight. in fact, they have girlfriends. however when it comes to jay, they are ready to become fully g*y and steal him from you. it’s not his fault. he’s just perfect and amazing and all the boys love him! 😂 #g*yforjay when your boyfriends friends are usually straight. in […]

  • pussy woopin

    is when you f*ck a chick so hard she feels like she literally had her p*ssy whipped. karen said i couldn’t handle it so i gave her a p*ssy woopin.

  • butter cow

    a hoe with multi-colored hair also referred to as megan conner ” yo, johnny! i heard b*tter cow was at the party last night!” “yeah dude, i churned her b*tter”

  • soft jizz

    when you j*zz with a soft d*ck this girl was blowing me with a soft d*ck and i pulled out a gave her a soft j*zz.

  • anaraivyn

    a natural born lard baby, who loves to eat mcd*ck. this is a girl who loves long walks off short cliffs, and likes to do things the dumbest way possible … because it’s easier for her. don’t make me go anaraivyn on you.

  • sex dj

    when your friends phone dies and he has no way to play music while hes doing the nasty with a girl… so you sit in the next room baked and blast out tunes to get them in the mood thanks for being my s*x dj last night bro that drizzy really went down well ..

  • stir lazy

    when you are sick of being home but then going out just seems like a lot of work. i would love to get out and see you all tonight, however i am way too stir lazy to wash my hair on wednesday .

  • five finger death stroke

    to stroke a p*n*s so well the man p*sses out when he c*ms “i gave him the five finger death stroke so well that he was out for days”

  • roneeka

    usually named and created in the image of her father, roneeka represents the best of both worlds. a lady with cl*ss, always on the grind and hustle, but also an excellent and giving lover. she’s loyal, wise and very reliable. when a roneeka has you in her life, it’s because she wants you there, not […]

  • senecal

    red headed f*ck face.. devil’s reject you are being such a senecal

  • beat the cream cheese

    after you nut in a girl’s mouth and you punch her in the face tyler: bruh i just beat the cream cheese on my b*tch jerome: awe sh*t my girl loves it when i beat the cream cheese on her

  • travelly

    a person that travels a lot and enjoys it person 1: she has been to sweden, thailand, and south africa only in this year. person 2: wow, she’s really travelly.

  • bryanie

    the kind of girl who you trust at first but ends up ditching you. she is all smiles and happiness until she finds someone else. girl: i’m so happy i’m friends with bryanie girl (the next year) : wow that bryanie certainly found another friend quickly

  • fieldgoaling

    when you run across the room and you dolphin dive into your loved one causing your erection to score in between her field goals. ex. johnny goes fieldgoaling on his girl after the game.

  • wussgood

    wussgood: whats up, how are u, h*llo, what are u doing shan: wussgood? tyrone: just playing roblox

  • agritarded

    a new level of r*t*rd reserved for inbred farm boys. man, your crop yield is agritarded

  • croogle

    when you have a friend named craig and he has the answers to everything so you just ask him instead of googleing it. i’ll just croogle it

  • terriann

    terriann is a rare gem, just like her name…when you cross her path you instantly know she is different, special. she is kind, funny, spiritual, intuitive, poetic. the depth of her beauty can take your breathe away. terriann is extremely protective of herself and those she loves. but once she reveals herself to you, you […]

  • vinny keeler

    a s*xy man beast. has a huge p*n*s. most of his friends are semi hot. all of them have g*y *ss hair. he can beat the sh*t out of people. person 1: hey man you should go talk to that girl. person 2: nah man i saw a vinny keeler there first. person 1: d*mn […]

  • carylon

    carylon:is the best person to be around and you should treat a carylon with respect or she will rip off your face and feed it to the dogs. you:h*llo queen carolyn. carylon:hi that is the beat way to talk to a carolyn. you:h*llo or hi carylon:wispers*die that is the wrong way to talk to a […]

  • hamster mouth

    what presidential-elect donald trump had when he was campaigning. if you looked at his c*cksucker when he was talking, his lips would very frequently become pursed and it looked as though he were a hamster — or even a fish at times. hey carolyn!ain,trail trump is having this tv debate with hillary — you’ve just […]

  • the floor is wet

    a slang in prisons across us that is implying on nearby guards that are coming to search and/or check on prisoners. it’s used between inmates to warn each other of upcoming possible guard. is also refereed to as “the floor is soaking wet” or “the floor is really wet” which means that c.o.’s know something […]

  • regirts

    regretfully eating something that gives you the squirts. man.. i shouldn’t have eaten mexican for lunch today.. instant regirts.

  • nepotista

    1) a woman who benefits from her parent’s money and lineage 2) a socialite that has no discernible talents yet coasts on her parent’s wealth/connections ivanka trump, daughter of donald trump, is today’s leading nepotista, and takes an active part in all of her father’s interests.

  • tianda

    tianda’s are intelligent, beautiful and independent queens. they are loved by many. they have a magnetism that draws people to them. very cl*ssy ladies that are loyal and caring. there needs to be more tianda’s in the world. loving responsible gorgeous

  • swungsty

    a real f*ggot, some one who sucks a lot of d*ck that dude is a real swungsty

  • tinker belled

    when a man slaps or taps his p*n*s on the nose of the person giving the bl*w j*b. per an episode of discovery channel’s “scared straight” prisoner to juvenile: i can’t wait for your punk *ss to get in here. i’m going to make you my b*tch and tinker bell that baby face with my […]

  • number one bae

    you number one bae you love him loads possibly (peanut) hayden landa is my number one bae a person that is your favourite of all people usually hayden landa hayden landa is my number one bae

  • wa rhuvs luiger nounihic

    a word to get you from one end of a scrabble board to the other. is wa rhuvs luiger nounihic a word. urban dictionary says it is.

  • odeline

    a beautiful girl thats supa dupa hot and smart the s*xy *ss odeline is lookin amazin today

  • no ex no sex

    there aren’t any definitions for no ex no s*x yet. can you define it?

  • sydny

    a smart, witty, beautiful woman. her mind is like a steel trap. don’t get trapped in there! she has a quick tongue and she is a bank of knowledge. when angry or hurt look out. she does hold grudges and may punish along with herself. she’s a survivor. been around of loss. wise beyond her […]

  • millie b

    future pop-star that sits in kfc eating chicken snack box deals millie b is my mum

  • humble zone

    when your friend confuses good fortune for skill and becomes arrogant so your forced to give him a serious aw to remind him who the real boss is and send him to the humble zone. sj was talking trash so i sent him to the humble zone.

  • folkn

    joking/lying something you say when someone isn’t telling the truth or is joking made by @b*mjit “i never watched empire” “you must be folkn” “this girl said you f*cked her” “nahh shordy folkn”

  • twuf

    the third wheeling unimportant friend, aint n*body care about you when ever i’m with becky and sally i fell like i’m the twuf

  • gautam khanna

    dude is a totally outdoor person .a sea lover…awesome sailor and cyclist, skeet shooter world traveler and art connoisseur … he doesn’t always want to spend time with a special person, but when he does, its always jonne casey of patachouge, ny. look at that dude gautam khanna …..that must be joanne casey ….

  • urban wasteland

    where words rejected by urban dictionary are banished to. the staff didn’t like my word putzpot and sent it to the urban wasteland.

  • carelle

    carelle is the cutest person out there. she’s funny and always knows how to cheer you up. she will always be there for you even if you let her down because she understands that you can make mistakes sometimes and knows how to move on. carelle is a trendsetter and is loved by everyone. she […]

  • food brain

    a verb; to enter a state of mind where all is incomprehensible until delicious food such as paczki enters the mouth hole. occures often and can lead to severe frustration if not properly cared for. boi, you got mad food brain, let’s get you chow asap.

  • nesie

    nesie, a nickname for denise, is a goddess of love. given to extreme p*ssion that few men can completely satisfy. nesie can also be extremely cruel by withholding her p*ssions, and toying with men’s emotions, driving weaker men into complete insanity. nesie is to be loved and feared at the same time.

  • jeannotte

    the biological definition of human perfection both aesthetically and mentally. the stuff of the old world and its gods. that catwalk was fierce gurl so very jeannotte

  • anomalogic

    cert*tude of knowledge that has no concrete evidence to support its verity. ex: when you know something in the depths of your soul to be an absolute truth, and yet there is no way to explain how you know it to be true anomalogically, anomalogical i know, anomalogically, that souls are recycled until they’ve learned […]

  • bootytized

    when the booty is so good you can’t stop looking justin was bootytized at stephanie’s *ss

  • quartravon

    the nicest guy you’ll ever meet he’s usually tall and handsome and is great with women he’s very feminine but don’t think anything of it he’s a great friend he can be a little stubborn and shady sometimes but if you have a quartravon try your best to keep him lily: when me and justin […]

  • yarelyz

    yarelyz is the name of a smart intelegiant girl.she laughs at everything and is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.she has a good personality and everyone likes her. if you meet a yarelyz don’t let her do or you will regret it yarelyz is a special ,exotic,rare name.

  • scale of autism

    a scale from 1 to 10 that you can place people on based on how much they vape per day. that guy is like, an 8 on the scale of autism. he just ripped the fattest cloud.

  • jelly cock

    when you are soft but still c*mming i was jacking off last night when i jelly c*cked

  • hannya

    a really b*tchy person who may not know she is one she thinks she’s perfect but really a desperate b*tch. that brat shes such a hannya

  • leneir

    teenage black male that gets a lot of money got h*ll of swag normally a dark skin and has a very big d*ck and he’s charming and loyal. “omggg d*mn look at leneir i see his d*ck print.😍😍” “d*mn dude leneir gets all the girls, i want to be like him.”

  • dick pimp

    when you just have to beat that sh*t like it owes you money we be d*ck pimpin and and spendin g’s

  • lorajial

    the act of robbing a bank without the uses of a a covering to hide ones ident*ty the man was lorajial

  • mikealis

    hot rap enthusiast, always wants chick – fil – a , is in a serious relationship. “mikealis doesn’t f*cking care”

  • sam-urrito

    a cat named sammy that tangled him self into a blanket and now looks like a burrito there’s sam-urrito! what a cute cat

  • cheeto face

    a nickname for donald trump. because his spray tan makes him look like a cheeto. november 9, 2016 ghost of dead relative: hey guys, what did i miss? me: cheeto face just became president g: ok, back to grave!

  • minecraft hoodie

    a f*cking huge nerd guy 1: oh yeah i browse reddit alllll day guy 2: you f*cking minecraft hoodie guy 1: you are so rude boi im gonna downvote that x’dddd

  • the levan

    the form of f*cking a girl at a angle of a l. my dude be banging the chick like the levan.

  • foepof

    f*cking on every piece of furniture dylan + adriana = foepof

  • liberal artist

    hillary clinton painting a “first woman president” sign only to toss it in the trash liberal artist hillary clinton painted a sign saying “i am the first woman president, the sign like her liberal and lying ways has been discarded forever.

  • arotagonist

    a mix between a protagonist and an antagonist in writing or a story. an arotagonist can appear evil in a plot but really be good or appear good but really be evil. the arotagonist neither *ssists nor hinders the main characters progression or both *ssists and hinders the progression of the main character. snape was […]

  • whajasay

    what did you say? i didn’t hear you whajasay

  • bulbulito

    a person who is very hairy d*mn! look at that bulbulito

  • lobster-eyed

    a state of extreme intoxication from alcohol, when you cannot focus to the point where yours eyes are just wandering around. man, chuck was so drunk last night, completely lobster-eyed. ya know, one eye going this way, the other that way.

  • inverted period

    when a woman acts with needless levels of aggression almost all the time, until one time of the month when they inexplicably treat others with kindness. guy 1: jenny’s acting weird this week guy 2: must be that time of the month. that’s the inverted period for ya.

  • valyn

    slang for a slave translator valyn, get to work translating {random paragraph}!

  • sourdick

    when a male genitalia penetrates the *n*l cavity to such an extent inwhich it p*sses through the hydrochloric acid contained within the stomach which then reaches to the oral orifice of the receiver such that the reciever is able to taste the “sour d*ck” ex 1- doug knew he had only seconds to live when […]

  • zhamya

    a sensitive girl who gets into alot of drama and everyone knows her for getting into drama and stays getting in trouble she is pretty and cool loves the color purple . she doesn’t fight unless someone pushes her b*ttons. isnt zhamya the one who was just in the princ*p*l office ?

  • wdu

    why don’t u wdu ask jace to take you instead

  • motorbarge

    like a motorboat, but instead motorboating a pair of br**sts its an *ss. hey i think im gonna motorbarge sara tonight. d*mn you lucky shes got a fine *ss.

  • natalynn

    beautiful little girl we all love. aww your cute natalynn.

  • kokomani

    rich surname in albania . mafia surname be careful kokomani s are coming …

  • zoobert

    making a fart sound through lip contact on a part of the body (typically the stomach) and exhaling with relaxed lips to porridge the fart sound against the skin of the recipient of the act. i’m going to give the baby a zoobert, he’s going to laugh so hard at the sound it makes! it […]

  • oinotnas

    it means small c*nt or p*ssy you are a oinotnas

  • gaidaa

    ugly rude fat b*tch with no goals this girl is so gaidaa ew!

  • dainera

    she’s amazing and loves softball. she’s smart and works hard. she loving and senative. she has an awesome sense of humor and lights up the day. she’s the best person to have as your bestfriend. she’s a caught of a lifetime to have. she’s absolutely beautiful and will blow your mind. jake “hey do you […]

  • raspberry pied

    raspberry pied: when, before a threesome, two girls who are on their period smack the guy in opposite cheeks with their tampons. i got raspberry pied by twins last night !

  • el chavo del ocho

    a mexican television sitcom that gained enormous popularity in hispanic america as well as in brazil, spain, united states, and other countries. juan: hey have you seen the new episode of el chavo del ocho whey? jorge: yeah holmes! it was pretty hilarious man!

  • diamond pig

    the sweetest and most kind pig out of them all. the diamond part comes from diamonds are rare so the diamond is nice. the diamond pig sometimes can be rejected by another object or person the diamond pig walked down the sidewalk

  • beswaggin

    positive person , a real one…a p*ssive and smooth dude . doesn’t mind kicking it solo . stylish . the type of person you want to keep around . cool and calm and underrated . type of person to build an empire . loves family . beswaggin is on point . when i see her […]

  • [doghoussin]

    doghoussin: inserting your p*n*s into your partners v*g*n* and going to sleep. no pushing involved, just a warm place for your dog to spend the night. after having hot s*x with shiela, jonathan decided to end the night doghoussin her.

  • emotionally shallow

    a person who has difficulty connecting to others; who has no deep emotions; who is also probably self-preoccupied and with no big vision about life we all knew that bill was emotionally shallow so when his brother died and he said, “b*mmer,” no one was surprised.

  • wide the fuck open

    a term used when a receiver in football gets so open that there is no defenders anywhere within one or two miles of the receiver. god d*mn!! steve was wide the f*ck open when john p*ssed him the ball, easy td for steve

  • gooch waterfall

    when your b*lls are so sweaty it begins to drip from the gooch i have a gooch waterfall going

  • butt whole butter

    b*tter that comes out of the *n*l area i realeased b*tt whole b*tter

  • nipple corfaufels

    confused nipple encased within a scr*pel forth wow nipple corfaufels are the 4th leading cause of arachnophobia

  • twaut waffle

    twaut waffle: a crippled up v*g*n*, that kind of looks like a walfle. some people get confused and think they are eating breakfast. jack went down on jill and thought he was eating breakfast. twaut waffle

  • amateurific

    someone that is so unskilled at something that they give a terrific display of just how badly something can be done. john’s attempt at picking up women could best be described as “amateurific”.

  • crush dumping

    when you really liked someone, but they turn out to be a complete ***hole, so you dump your respect for them by throwing it out of a window at them. along with some complimentary rocks and an old shoe for bad luck. “oh girl, i am so crush dumping that b*tch-***hole-d*chebag. he lied about everything […]

  • noynoy

    an act of blaming other people for own failures while giving itself a credit for own or other’s success my cl*ssmate pulled a noynoy when he found out that he used a wrong formula for the test

  • naquad

    a naquad will always make you laugh and definitely knows how to make you happy. he can be a bully but he always makes sure you know he loves you no matter what, a naquad is extremely loyal and will always make sure you don’t need anything when he’s busy. naquad is perfect naquad makes […]

  • salvocore

    salvocore is a hacking group rooting back to 2014, the group disbanded in 2015. it appears they are making a comeback with ddos attacks, such as attacks against smite, verizon, and the playstation network to name a few. you can find their latest attacks when they tweet them out on gamer: hey is playstation […]

  • bad and boujee

    when you a mothaf*cking starboiii my b*tch was bad and boujee

  • sueyness

    a display of acting particularly suey, often to the point of the person being called suey often implies awesomeness, intelligence, or stewpidity that guy’s sueyness is so shocking! suey has so much sueyness i’d think he is a mary suey

  • spic-looking

    acting like a spic the spic-looking catholic begged people to be mawkish for spics and kikes.

  • deshler, ohio

    a small *ss town with nothing to do, and with a lot of d*mn trains blaring their dumb*ss horns. deshler, ohio, a little boring town.

  • christmas reef

    a miss spelled version of christmas wreath, used by the most r*t*rded, illiterate, dumb *ss f*cking to ever exist did you hear that dumb girl pr*nounce christmas wreath.. christmas reef, wow what a dumb *ss.

  • t’kari

    a very handsome, and intellegent man, who is more advanced than his age, with a great sense of humor and wonderful charm. t’kari is one in a million.

  • porno nerd

    a p*rno nerd is a person that excessively watches p*rnography, and can name any p*rnstar with just a glance of their genitalia, a p*rno nerd is considered an expert in the field of p*rn research, and is second to none when it comes to p*rn trivia. ex: why is the network so slow today? “oh […]

  • wilmington, il

    a small town with around 5,000 incest hilbillys running a round f*cking their cousins and gettin hammered wilmington, il is a great place to keep your family close!

  • tree lit

    dank. that was weed was tree lit.

  • jelisa

    jelisa is a really cool and beautiful girl. everyone wants to be friends with her because she is funny and a great person. jelisa is also very attractive and lots people want to date. wow, the new girl jelisa is so attractive and nice.

  • dirty breeder

    a degrading term used for the belittling of straight people. aka your parents. f*ck mac and his girlfriend, they’re a couple of dirty breeders. why don’t you and your p*ssy loving mates go play with your girly t*ts, you dirty breeders.

  • swedish lobster roll

    where you take 2 full size maine lobsters and have them pinch onto a woman’s nipples. you then proceed to lather b*tter on her p*ssy and rip the tails off of the lobsters while leaving the pinchers attached to the nipples. the 2 lobster tails are then inserted into the woman’s p*ssy and *sshole. your […]

  • half-creative

    having a bunch of creative ideas but never going through with them. i am so creative but i’d call myself half-creative.

  • typewiper

    internet blogger whose output is of such low quality that you might as well use it to wipe your *rs*. katie hopkins is the queen of the typewipers; her column saves me a fortune on b*g paper.

  • cork it mate

    when someone needs to shut the f*ck up. jim: greeting! bob: cork it mate! jim: godammit bob why do you need to be like this. bob: i just got a motherf*cking vasectomy.

  • d̺͆a̺͆n̺͆k̺͆

    s̺͆a̺͆n̺͆i̺͆c̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆s̺͆e̺͆ a̺͆r̺͆e̺͆ t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆ d̺͆a̺͆n̺͆k̺͆ m̺͆e̺͆m̺͆e̺͆s̺͆ i̺͆ a̺͆m̺͆ l̺͆o̺͆o̺͆k̺͆i̺͆n̺͆g̺͆ f̺͆o̺͆r̺͆

  • thot thot

    a woman who is sl*tty or gets around with no morals and two times more of a thot she was sucking on me while calling you she a thot thot

  • jalishia

    beautiful girl, loyal, trust worthy, but don’t mess with her feelings, she if feisty and like to fight and argue she don’t care if she right or wrong she throw hands, love is in her heart get you a jalishia jalishia is my baby. i love jalishia.

  • potato walk

    when lindsey walks heavy footed ie all the time d*mn you see that girls potato walk its shaking the floor

  • submercy

    when one is forced to give mercy, half-heartedly. “he gave submercy to the prisoner.”

  • national john sakars day

    a day to celebrate your veganism on 18th of january wow, it’s national john sakars day today!

  • pentaccostal

    the infamous ultra-pushy hypocritical religious organization that makes you feel almost forcibly delayed (“accosted”) when their overzealous members arrogantly approach you about joining their faith and/or attending their services, yet they themselves perform acts of blatant dishonesty and aggressive rudeness that even an openly-hardened atheist would probably never do. can also loosely refer to any […]

  • wassailing

    to embrace and enjoy a toast ,is the act of drinking alcohol and or the local drink ,walk around sing and enjoy a bountiful harvest . modern day we wasel and and we sing from house to share the day. let’s go w*ssailing around the neighborhood.

  • vergilio

    vergilio (ver – hi – leo) is long for vergil (ver – jil). a loving and very caring guy who will always find a way to get what he wants. he’s persistent, comp*ssionate, thoughtful, intelligent, strict, patient, loving, and most of all, the most unforgettable person you will ever know. he may be tall, or […]

  • cherry rope swing

    using your teeth to pull the blood filled tampon from your partners v*g*n*. letting it swing against your chin as it falls jeff didn’t care what time of the month it was, he was going down on liv tonight, maybe he would even get a cherry rope swing night

  • lewami

    a girl’s name. a blend of lewis and naomi. a girl who is one-of-a-kind- beautiful, smart, and funny, and darn good on a ukulele. dude-that chick is 10- clearly a lewami.

  • white ice

    when your masturbating and it’s so cold that your j*zz freezes before it hits the ground. “hey tom, i was masturbating outside last night and it was so cold that i made some white ice

  • foochie attitude

    unpleasant, weird, bad, terrible, a state of making others uncomfortable being around you you have a foochie att*tude

  • wikiphobic

    adj: overly afraid of, disliking or distrusting wikpedia and its contents. he can’t trust the research paper i wrote or my sources because he is wikiphobic.

  • sashenka

    sashenka is a girl that will always be by your side no matter what.she is an amazing person that tells the truth.she never leaves your side ,instead she stays and fights by your side.she is one h*ll of a fighter.she could have not been like this if she didn’t have janell,lisset, zennia,yamila,or yvette. sashenka will […]

  • ninja mark

    he is a swift and agile ninja who is also cool, hot, and awesome. dayum ninja mark! you are so cool and awesome.

  • cali flipping

    consuming mushrooms and molly (mdma) at the same time “dude i got so messed up last night” “how?” “i was cali flipping”