• xanthie

    a very nice female that deserves more than she gets. she’s so a xanthie.

  • pass the chirpse

    verb: the act of flirting exclamation: used when witnessing two people flirting. guy: did you see those two at lunch yesterday? they were totally p-ssing the chirpse. (*sees man and woman flirting*) guy: p-ss the chirpse!

  • salley, south carolina

    salley, sc is one big retirement home. a town where people move to die. salley, sc is home to about 450 people and is known for its annual festival, the chitlin strut. the town literally celebrates hog intestines, but in a town so small what else is there to celebrate? welcome to salley, south carolina!

  • tadder salade

    its a food made out of potatoes, and pther stuff. its, a southern thing. people call me,’ tadder salade ‘.

  • lasham

    when you expected to p–p but it was only a fart man,i just had to go through a lasham

  • jimmy’s juice

    a fun phrase for alcohol, especially strong alcohol. can also be referred to as “jimmy juice”. scenario 1 mena: why is lily dancing like that? haha. branden: she probably sipped jimmy’s juice mate. scenario 2 erin: why is lily laughing at the wall? mena: she downed that jimmy juice b.

  • tom johnston sandwich

    when two hobos m-st-rb-t- into a subway wraper and take turns eating it man im so hungry i could eat a tom johnston sandwich

  • davekat hell

    when you go looking for one fluffy dave x karkat fic and you come back up 8 hours, 18 sm-t fics, 23 long fics, and 3 oneshots later. moirail: why didn’t you text me back you: i was in a davekat h-ll feelings jam later okay

  • hungreeable

    (adj.) experiencing a state of hunger so acute that it prompts acquiescence, particularly to others’ food or restaurant suggestions, preferences, or requests antonym: hangry i don’t know what i want to eat, but at this point i’m hungreeable, so it’s up to you guys.

  • craigslist job

    simply put, a job that n-body wants. this job could be anything from a bathroom attendant to the camera mans -ssistant at a shotgun wedding. there is no formal hiring process and the pay is anything but compet-tive. *at shotgun wedding* cam: do you see that camera mans -ssistant in the corner drinking free booze? […]

  • to idolize marilyn monroe

    verb: for a guy to drop on his knees in front of a s-xy woman and ask her for s-xual favors do not even try to idolize marilyn monroe, unless you are proposing marriage to your girlfriend

  • dehydrated piss

    dehydrated p-ss comes from west virginia. well, its the skin color of one brandon kelly. look ma’ there goes that dehydrated p-ss boy brandon again.

  • dancing on the blacktop

    to get stabbed. to be shanked morgan about to dancing on the blacktop if she keeps her wook att-tude up.

  • shanii

    the most beautiful person alive. she is very talented and will be very successful in life. shanii is perfect. shanii is s-xual

  • the human natute

    the instinctive desire to seek out the origin of life. person a: again, how do you know that “we would have investigated the origin of life”? person b: cuz i know the human natute

  • tejhay

    the most amazing talented and attractive human on earth tejhay why are you so s-xy

  • buffalo money

    “a very well known term for fake money, specifically when referring to poker.” “you’ve never heard of buffalo money? lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll”

  • bassbumps

    gooseb-mps you get when the b-ss drops only good dj’s with good mixes can create b-ssb-mps hey man did you hear the new marshmallow mix for “every time we touch” song i get b-ssb-mps when the b-ss drops

  • galum

    galum’s tend to be more on the crazy side, be careful not to make them mad or they can ruin your whole life. they tend to be amazing friends and are a lot of fun to be around. they tend to hate their name and end up changing it later on in life wow that […]

  • spring thaw

    when you put ice cubes inside your partners orafice (-n-s or v-g-n-) and pee inside of it to thaw the ice. dude i totally spring thawed that guy i met on grindr last night. 1) a group of young girls who have just attained a l-st for casual s-x 2) a group of girls who […]

  • bruhsh

    man crush simplified. bro relationship. i just met this guy and i’ve totally got a bruhsh.

  • odbarte

    a word that is used to describe ones inner suffering, typically pictured with a yelling or screaming face. for instance after an animal would get hit by a car they would have an “odbarte face”. a good famous example of an “odbarte” face would be a scream face (scary movie). d-mn, that must’ve sucked. they […]

  • gergerts

    a nasty girl that girl is so nasty she’s gergerts

  • gradubate

    the act of m-st-rb-t–n before/after graduation from highschool/college/junior high. dude i am so glad we are done! time for me to go gradubate!

  • cofbae

    when you share a coffee with your bae. the transformation of cofbae can be seen as coffee->coffae->cofbae i’m having a cofbae with my bae

  • cattleup

    rounding up a bunch of fat drunk chicks at the bar to have s-x with. aight mang, is bout 3am, time to cattleup!

  • fmdp

    f-ck me daddy please “you’re s-xy girl” “shut up and fmdp”

  • brazilian two-headed dragon

    when, while eating out a girl’s -sshole, she farts in your mouth, but you hold it in your mouth and she gives you head. as you climax, she holds a lighter to your mouth and takes her d-ck out of your mouth. when you c-m, stretch your arms out and roar, breathing onto the lighter […]

  • indoor cat syndrome

    the inability for someone to see past the first step in a plan, thereby being clueless as to what to do when it is successful. so named because indoor cats always pine to go outside, staring out the window all day, trying to sneak out the door, but once outside, they have no step 2 […]

  • pokéwhoarder

    a person who collects cards only to surp-ss another person’s collection or just so they can prove it and justify their behavior by saying they just really like the cards they’re collecting. a person who h–rds the trading cards that they don’t even interact with or even care about, a relic in their household that […]

  • jevonn

    usually has a reaaalllly big p-n-s. loves girls with big b–bs. he’s usually a serious gamer. and don’t even bother him when dragon ball z is on. he can get very agitating sometimes. but usually the only special fish in the sea. guys, i’m gonna go and find me a jevonn!

  • dimbil

    beautiful veins and original. never mess with him. he will stab your auntie guess what? there’s a dimbil after me you gonna die boi!!

  • shartenis

    a sharp and tiny p-n-s larry has a shartenis

  • yb4l

    yeah boi for life a lifestyle in which you go with the flow, agreeing with your peers and those around you consistently with great excitement and enthusiasm -“yo elle, wanna smoke up? ” -” yeah boi, you know i’m yb4l!”

  • saving everest

    a heartbreaking tale of a boy who attempts to kill himself. from the outside everest finley had it all. beautiful cheerleader girlfriend, rich family, star quarterback position, popularity, and good looks. but that’s from the outside, and everything isn’t as it seems. everest finley attempted to commit suicide, putting everyone into shock. the school’s king […]

  • ior belt buckle

    when a man stretches his b-lls up above the waistline of his pants, and lays them over the fly, forming a belt buckle of ball sack. normally, the wearer of the ior belt buckle will hide it with his shirt, go up to unsuspecting people, ask ” check out my new belt buckle”, and surprise […]

  • spunkflute

    someone who is a pr-ck but also stupid and/or nasty. there’s no need to be such a sp-nkflute about it.

  • such grammar

    a sarcastic way of pointing out improper grammar. n: i has eaten the cookie. l: such grammar!

  • proletariat syndrome

    a medical syndrome, affecting most often the proletarian cl-ss, in which people come home from work after a 9-5 shift, fall asleep until about 8:30-9:00 pm then do some ch-r-s, only to be back to bed by 10:30-11 pm and get up early the following morning. proletariat syndrome should not be confused with ptsd or […]

  • dutch cup

    when your friend needs to p–p, but its diarrhea and there is no place to p–p so you help by cupping your hands under your friends -n-s. “ill need a dutch cup if we go to the opera. they dont let us leave or come back until intermission!”

  • fnarp

    fnarp is a nickname for my friend that isn’t used very often, but when we call her it, it usually means it’s because she’s great. fnarp, is fnarp. it’s a very simple word. and a very simple meaning, it could mean anything to anyone. make it your own. but for me, the meaning of fnarp, […]

  • alan harper

    in reference to jon cryer’s character in two and a half men. the act of going to extreme lengths to be cheap and get out of paying for things. “frank, that cheap b-st-rd, didn’t want to split dinner so he left his wallet in the car!” “he alan harpered you?!” “big time, buddy. i had […]

  • jeraldy

    jeraldy is a type of girl that can achieve anything in life . she tries something new every time . she has a great personality. she is the type of friend that will always be there for you no matter what . she is smart, funny, cute, and most the most amazing person ever. she […]

  • food anxiety

    where you eat a meal and feel like sh-t so you panic yourself that you’ll get sick and throw up and make a complete fool out of yourself after i ate at the pizza place last night on my date i started getting food anxiety. so embar-ssing

  • cafevape

    a gang/cult lead by the dictator known as mitch-ll pearce, it is lead through fear and torture. no one dares stands in their way. super nash(big dave). 6 piece. skinny p. combo. big d-ck mitch. the gang does not tolerate carbs. when someone goes to eat a chocolate bar and a wild john nash pops […]

  • naughty cuddle

    s-x fancy some naughty cuddles?

  • blue harvest moon

    the explanation for why animals swap personalities in the tv show total drama all stars, episode 5 moon madness, created by tom mcgillis and jennifer pertsch. the moon turns blue and emits a change in the animals personas turning nice animals dangerous, and dangerous animals harmless. the moon not only effects just the animals on […]

  • snickerpoodle

    when a dog laughs and promptly farts or has a bowel movement d-mn that dog just snickerpoodled

  • bleacher ethan

    a mammal that lives under the bleachers. if approached right it will lick the nacho cheese off your fingers. mating call: d-mn mami you’re thicc as f-ck looks: like the celebrity known as ethan dolan warning: if not approached with nachos it will spit gargle water at you jen: what’s that crunching noise? stacey: don’t […]

  • cuckbucket

    one who is typically a former cuckold, but decides to go above and beyond the expectations of the average cuck. a cuckbucket is one whose cucktacular tendencies lead to divorce after divorce, ultimately leading to remarriage with endless cuck victims. this can spiral into a slew of failed marriages and relationships due to the sheer […]

  • dick jokes

    how to make fun of d-cks. d-ck jokes are so funny.

  • nogger dogger

    a black guy who is considered a dog, or a f-ckboy. omg becky, look! it’s a nogger dogger! hes hanging out with jessica!

  • highway jizzery

    when you pay a hooker and find out she is a dude not to be confused with highway robbery what the h-ll b-tch, this is highway j-zzery

  • lates gates

    short for ‘see you later, alligator’. usually replied to by “whiles diles”; short for ‘in a while, crocodile’ e.g. debby – going to cl-ss now. lates gates jo – alright. whiles diles

  • float a back

    someone who stays above and never listens to drama , mess, and hate.also never letting people put them down. dominion is a real float a back. he never let’s anyone put him down.a float a back doesn’t let anyone put them down. confident

  • caignaan

    idiot it means idiot when you call someone caignaan.

  • laureesha

    she different you cant compare her laureesha is unique i already see because just look at the way she dresses.

  • daytaler

    someone who works odd-jobs that usually last a day. mr. john needed someone to carry in the crates. so he hired some of the daytalers from across the street to carry the crates.

  • doufus

    an idiot, stupid person who only cares about themself wow hes such a doufus

  • bubalub

    the name used when you talk about your significant other other there is my boyfriend he is my bubalub

  • polident tiara

    the act of placing an elderly woman’s dentures on top of her head whilst she performs f-ll-t– upon you. if placed correctly, they resemble a crown, or tiara, hence the term. your grandmother was giving me a gummer the other day, and i wanted her to feel regal, so i gave her the old polident […]

  • dumbkirk

    a more masculine version of a bimbo, however, he (sometimes she) is an idea stealer and is unoriginal. that dumbkirk stole my word and thinks he can be a trendsetter but he can’t. a more masculine version of a bimbo, however, he (sometimes she) is an idea stealer and is unoriginal. that dumbkirk stole my […]

  • moshit

    when a guy named mohit has the opposite qualities of “mohit” “dude now you are being a mosh-t”

  • antisocial extrovert

    antisocial extrovert is a person who is antisocial but at the same time is social and has lots of friends wow she is such a antisocial extrovert

  • pendulous sacks of sausage

    saggy br–sts that have succ-mb to the inevitable effects of gravity. while thin and tubular on top, the compounded collection of adipose tissue gives a bulbous, pock-marked appearance at the base. regina’s br–sts were like two pendulous sacks of sausage – ever swinging to and fro.

  • love and hip hop

    referring to a female of the ghetto, ratchet, or hood variety. that chick is straight love and hip hop.

  • willemijn

    a beautiful girl who slays everything. she loves the dolan twins so don’t even try to talk sh-t about them near her, an if you do get ready to catch some hands. when you first meet her she’ll be really quiet and awkward but when you get to know her she becomes a crazy, funny, […]

  • plot thot

    a hoe who jumps around party to party. will try to come to anything anybody is doing. she is such a plot thot.

  • geddeborg

    leader of a polygamous cult. bob is the geddeborg of his region.

  • ashile

    the best friend that you want to have someone who will make you laugh and smile and someone who can be trusted. ashile i trust you more than anyone else

  • kloeigh

    kloeigh is a fine girl with a nice body shape.any boy would love to have her as a girlfriend a fiance or a wife.she is a clever but interesting girl. kloeigh is so fine i p-ssed out when i saw her.

  • dfwnl

    don’t f-ck with no lames “my boyfriend just broke up with me.” “i told you, dfwnl.”

  • north vernon

    one of those small towns, where your ex is sleeping with your sister while b-tchin’ that he’s missin’ you and still thinks he’s got a place to diss you. dan: you ever been to north vernon? jan: no. dan: you lucky sum b-tch.

  • gym thing

    wristband you get at a gym hey joe do you have your gym thing on?

  • fnaftards

    the abominations that are responsible for p-ssing off the animatronic fandom……and everyone else that still has a batch of braincells. kid 1: lolol im froody fuzbeer!1111 teen oh dear god no. kid 2: i iz bunny, hayyyy he iz dah nightgurd letz kill hem! teen: i hate my life. fnaftards: an abbreviation for five nights […]

  • jones law

    the act of going near the hottest person in a location. for example, in a supermarket, it is the act of going to the hottest check out -ssistant. or, when on a bus, sitting near as possible to the hottest person there. steve: wow, nathan just used the jones law to go to that sweet […]

  • gang up

    to get a gang/join a gang b-tch gang up

  • shamboolee

    the area down the middle of it throw the bullets down the shamboolee for later.

  • butt burner

    when you take a cr-p and debris is left behind . and your -sshole starts burn . in her hastilyness to wipe properly she got an b-tt burner.

  • dzaky

    dzaky is a cute lovable guy that is also warm and fuzzy with his hugs. he is short and cute. farrel loves him. dzaky’s hugs are warm.

  • lindenmuth

    comes from the native term, “mouth of the linden tree” it’s a like colored tree that is found mainly in asia, but can be commonly found in britain and europe. and the north eastern hemisphere. lindenmuth is mostly used as a last name. and is a common german name. variant of lindemuth, probably altered by […]

  • bananing

    when you f-ck yourself in the p-ssy -ss or mouth with a banana, instead of “f-cking” or “fingering” for example i was so h-rny for that big hard s-xy banana i f-cked it so hard and c-mmed all over it…i sure love bananing!

  • pulling a swifty

    australian slang – to intentionally deceive another person i reckon that bloke was pulling a swifty when he said the dog was only two years old

  • nocmb

    no one controls me b-tch example: someone is being bossy to you so you text them “nocmb”

  • girlsthatlift

    a common hashtag for dumbell toting gym bunnies who often have a penchant for #fitfam and #thisgirlcan check out my gains.. 156lb down b-tchezzz #girlsthatlift

  • spooky sex noises

    when one ghosts m-ssive spooky c-ck absoluty destroys a spooky hole making them cry out and make a spooky high pitched cry that sounds like aaaaahhh-uhuhuhuhu-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerck-p-n-s-f-ck-my–sshole-big-t-t-f-ck-sh-t-boooooom-allla-c-ckhard-kabooom- pop the spooky c-ck my ghost gives its friends spooky hole must really hurt because it makes some really loud spooky s-x noises

  • drake voice

    the voice you use when you are seducing a girl term was made popular by rapper lucki eck$ (lucki) in songs like speed demon he makes references such as “baby i’m the one, drake voice, miami sun dumb b-tch you gon’ love me woah” and no wok “drizzy voice’n hoes since my born day” and […]

  • arissah

    an absolute d-ckhead hey d-ckhead arissah

  • snarbot

    to have an electronic devise act up, make an unusual noise (like a snarl), or unexpectedly shut down on you for no apparent reason. your devise has become a ‘snarbot’ when it chooses to act against you and all your laxidazical desire to mindlessly enjoy hours of idle ‘computer/phone/ipad’ time. my cell phone is a […]

  • evan gillam

    evan gillam is a scream (cs:go pro player) wannabe. in his spare time he enjoys playing growtopia cs:go and minecraft, even though he is 15 he enjoys these games and most of all enjoys jacking off to hentai and n-z- wwii p-rn evan gillam is a loser

  • zoh

    zoh is a synonym for the word animal. rabbits are really cute zoh’s pr-nounced like “z-oh” acronym standing for “zoom outta here” used when a person wants to leave somewhere quickly matt: man, this party is dead af tyler: yeah, let’s zoh

  • buck teaser

    the buck teaser is derived from teaser lures in deep sea fishing. upon entering a pool filled with women, shorts are dropped and the c-ck and b-lls are slapped up and down as bait to lure in the trophy sl-t. once you have their attention, the predator repeatedly yells buck teaser until the prize takes […]

  • k-math

    short for “korea math.” the math curriculum that is struggling to be the next wave to come out of south korea, following the global success of k-pop, k-drama, and k-golf. south korean math educators are working with brand consultants from the west to try marketing k-math to the world—they want to emulate the success of […]

  • averae

    she is a pretty respectful b-tch who likes s-x alot gees i wish i can f-ck a d-ck averae get your -ss down here and f-ck me

  • zeline

    zeline is an extremely beautiful, trustworthy strong girl who is always there for you. you can always count on a zeline to make your day happier. seeing a zeline can brighten anyone’s day when she smiles at you. zeline is a girl that doesn’t take sh-t from anyone and if you say something, she will […]

  • sicks and squits

    when. following food poisoning, the “food” exits both ends i was so ill with the sicks and squits that i had to hold a bowl on my lap to catch the vomit when i was having a dump

  • sleepy blowie

    when you fall asleep with a p-n-s in your mouth and the natural movement gets him to completion. holly woke up in the morning with something in her mouth and realized that she had given john a sleepy blowie.

  • beantalk

    a positive expression that can mean a lot of different things in a positive light and how you use it. all about positivity. the beantalk after practice created a brotherhood between players.

  • expensive girl

    a song cover by kpop boy group bts’s rap monster in which it expresses a man’s s-xual desires towards a woman. i think namjoon dedicated “expensive girl” to jin.

  • glossy toco

    glossy toco is a glossy top coat. invented by simply nailogical. now we will add a glossy toco to our nails.

  • do admin

    the act of going to home to service your own s-xual needs whilst watching the weather channel sorry guys, i’ve gotta go home to do admin

  • hoemergency

    when your best girl friend, a hoe, has an emergency and has to call you right now to talk about it “girl, let me call you, right now, it’s a hoemergency.” “caty’s always having late night hoemergencies.”

  • syirl

    acronym for see you in real life phone is broken again!!! syirl 😀🙈

  • male hornet

    a stereotype situation where a male in a certain relationship can’t handle there own h-rnyness. omg he is such a male hornet

  • you’re very boring

    you are predictable a liar and truly a screwed up f-ggot you’re very boring and predictable beau

  • advisor of chavezzslovakia

    the right hand of the king of chavezzslovakia, also known as lady dean she is a descendant of the ancient greek oracles and speaks prophecies and reads the future in the sacred flame. she is beautiful and strikes fear in the heart of all, with a voice that can ensnare the most coldhearted soul. all […]

  • gold rim

    a rim job for the 1% donald trump loved it when melania put her reservations aside and give him the gold rim, to his ultimate pleasure.

  • the slippery avocado

    a lesbian s-x thing last night the girls did the slippery avocado

  • dab on a nigga

    the act of dabbing on a african american. dabbing on a n-gg- is basically the modern day dance move but only doing the dance repeatedly and saying “dab on a n-gg-!” over and over. it can be done after you win an argument a roast or just saying dab on a n-gg- for no particular […]

  • everything alright at home

    when someone says some weird / abnormal sh-t and you have to question them just in case it’s something at home “beyonce is sh-t, i am a better singer” “is everything alright at home becky?”

  • petronica

    a person who is highly -ssociated with cancer. i have petronica!

  • you want sum fuk

    just go watch the conversation between the two birds on youtube “becky lemme smash” cause ben is a ho guy 1. aye, you want sum f-k girl 1. eeww no thanks, i have a boyfriend

  • bepis boi

    a boi who is quite annoying and mischevious, but also used to refer to someone in your gang/hood wow, it’s a real bepis boi

  • alcatraz pizza

    waterboarding someone with pizza grease guard 1: i heard trump gave that terrorist an alcatraz pizza last night guard 2: god help him

  • jan valentine

    an -sshole whos d-ck is smaller than a tic tac, is married to his right and and cheats on it with his left. they think theyre hot sh-t and get p-ssed if someone doesnt agree with them. no relation to the h-llsing character of the same name. person 1:dude that guy you met last night […]

  • drippler

    someone who is known for trying to swallow the entirety of every load, but never can get that very last drop to stay in. there’s what’s her face, the drippler, trying her best to keep the load from seeping out.

  • hollypop

    when you have s-x with a girl and she’s on her period. she takes the tampon out and throws it underneath your bed without your knowledge and you find it 6 months later. d-mn bro you room is a mess, is that a hollypop on the floor?

  • juan ruiz

    a beast in 2k. a beast in bed. juan ruiz will probably be drafted in the nba.

  • jizztroy

    the act of male masturbation. when dan saw ron with a b-n-r, he told him to go j-zztroy to some -n-l p-rn.

  • speak your beef

    to open a dialogue with someone you have a problem with you got a problem? speak your beef, bro.

  • bambi eyes

    completely clueless look to their eyes like a deer, but generally are gorgeous and doll like eyes. also means you look innocent or still child like. a perfect example of someone with bambi eyes would be noeldoll boy: oh god she’s soo cute! i can’t get over her bambi eyes when someone(usually a girl) has […]

  • who’s a good boy?

    the one singular question that dogs still have to this day. because who is the good boy? am i the good boy? is it you? yes you the one reading this? you may be the good boy after all! but we will never know… the owner never clarifies who the d-mn good boy is, so […]

  • pissy match

    when two people go off on each other, yelling and one uping each other, for no common goal expect being p-ssy. jenna and britt just got into an hour p-ssy match.

  • zolian

    takes the place of words which you cannot get to because of inebriation or plain stupidness. i need to get that zolian,man. you know the zolian? the zolian that we bought last week! yeees! that zolian! a beautiful and unique girl, quiet and reserved, a great friend. she is always laughing,humble and really smart. people […]

  • lower the volume

    a polite way of saying “shut the f-ck up” roommate #1: *speaking loudly to friend on the phone* roommate #2: “hey dude lower the volume, i’m trying to study for my midterms.”

  • widethroat

    it means that you’re giving a bl-wj-b to someone with a thick and girthy d-ck. it’s the sister meaning of deepthroat. it can be from a chode, to a cuc-mber. becky: omg stephanie, i just gave juan the best widethroat anyone could’ve given him. he has the thickest d-ck i’ve seen.

  • shinned

    a shinned bid is where a seller bids on their own item to increase the price or match a reserve bid it can also be used as a reserve amount for an item i wasn’t getting enough for my used toilet paper on ebay so i shinned it

  • tongue plug

    where you plug the lady or mans b-tt with your tongue. let me tongue plug you baby

  • border expansion

    holding in a poo until, the literal border of your r-ct-m expands. this is pre-prairied-gg-ng i’ve got to go, i’m facing a literal border expansion here.

  • assain

    some stupid person that can’t spell -ss-ssin. “where’s the -ss-ssin?” “you mean the -ssain?” “chris, you idiot!”

  • nehbawish

    oji-cree meaning for “useless”. that’s it. 1 . nehbawish always doing the same thing. 2. such a nehbawish person. 3. never say nehbawish to someone who want to better themselves.

  • keefterpiece

    keefterpiece is when you are feigning what last few nugs of your weed is left. so you fill your bong with some tree and then add keefe from the grinder to it on top and it’s a like a masterpiece but a keefterpiece! bro, this is a sick keeferpiece! amanda, do you have anything left […]

  • inactively suicidal

    when you won’t kill yourself but wouldn’t mind if you died. therapist: are you suicidal? me: inactively suicidal. therapist: please elaborate. me: i’m not going to go shoot myself in the head, but if a car was coming toward me i don’t exactly know if i would move out of the way.

  • leslie the cunt

    leslie is a f-cking c-nt. she can suck a f-cking c-ck and she is my best friend. i defend her for her no mf reason and that makes her a f-cking c-nt. kys dumb b-tch leslie the c-nt is sucking d-ck and i can’t help her, oops !

  • spudmuff

    a girl that has a mashed potato p-ssy. that girl has the lumpiest spudm-ff i have ever seen.

  • vaginal splurge

    when a woman gets her v-g-n- really wet for someone named sid charlie got a v-g-n-l splurge from sidney

  • tote to note

    tote the note financing is a type of financing, refers to car dealers that offer car buyers with bad credit a chance to get into a vehicle when they have been turned down by other lenders. did you buy that car from a tote to note dealer?

  • tamaj

    a man that looks and sounds like he hasn’t hit p-b-rty. also makes himself look like a used tampon. ha this guy looks like a tamaj.

  • babsa

    a term thats better than babs cuz it means you love them a lot. i love you so much babsa you are my babsa forever

  • cricket cursed

    the phenomenon where a cricket player leaves their cricket attire out to dry overnight and a series of ‘evil spirits’ sneak into the kit and curse the player. note: the evil spirits cause poor batting (usually scoring 0 runs), terrible fielding and erratic bowling. cricket cursed: the spirits can only be discouraged from the ‘whites’ […]

  • botty stab

    botty stab : a polite version of “f-cked up the -ss” used around impressionable youngsters. typically used for a less grievous situation than an actual futa moment, for instance, a mere metaphorical tickle on the b-tt. also, most often announced by the person kicking themselves in the -ss. ideally the impressionable youngster will not know […]

  • atascado

    nasty, dirty, gross, eww, something you call a dirty gross person pinche atascado, look how dirty your room is!

  • angelina martinez

    a beautiful girl who has amazing friends who supports her through the world, angelina martinez l wanna be

  • swamp fingers

    when u been fingering a girl so long that ur fingers go wrinkly. like when ur in the bath to long boy: i was at jenny’s house last night got mad swamp fingers

  • california quicky

    quick lunch break s-x you down for a california quicky?

  • underage beggar

    and underaged kid who sits outside a convenience store smoking a cigarette, and asks random adult customers to buy him/her beer, cigs, or chewin tobacco because the kid got carded. i used to be an underage beggar, asking customers to buy me copenhagen and bud light. now that i have a beard i can buy […]

  • shirksuit

    to file a lawsuit against another to avoid your own responsibilities, preferably in order to attain money from the death of a loved one they filed a shirksuit after their son leaped into the alligator pit, citing the fact he was not warned that the alligators had teeth.

  • piper gordon

    piper gordon is a really beautiful but fat person. piper gordon is beaut

  • maddison burrows

    a f-cking b-tch that can’t get her facts right… ” oh look it’s maddison burrows, what a fake hoe”

  • pieoria

    when you eat to much pie and then sh-t out whole pieces of fruit. wow i ate to much ch pie now i have pieoria

  • alphatard

    an alpha male that is not smart. a large guy that is of low iq. a male with high levels of testosterone that makes bad decisions. a stubborn male that does things the wrong way. commonly used as a derogatory nickname. the alphatard took the tool from me and broke it. the gym is full […]

  • kannin

    kannin is a loving supportive guy. everyone wants to be his friend someone: that must be a kannin

  • new hampshiers

    crazy but fun and friendly people nh. these people are pretty mellow know how to have a good time. new hampshiers are some wacky people ( a person in vermont said that).

  • ginger busker

    ed sheeran have you heard the ginger busker’s new song, “castle on the hill.”

  • clitter tickle

    the use of the thumb on the cl-toris while performing the shocker( 2 in the pink 1 in the stink). when i gave her the shocker i surprised her with the cl-tter tickle, with my thumb.

  • sluts before nuts

    the exact opposite of bros before hoes, the unlikable guy who thinks sl-ts should come before nuts(the bros). used to define a f-ckboy player who goes for the girls instead of hanging out with the guys. timmy: hey did you know jason is bailing out on our only guys party for some chicks at the […]

  • clacher

    scottish slave which use the word wigga to be identified that clacher will always be a wigga.

  • holding space

    a term that “woke” people use in place of the term “being supportive” becky was having a total melt down about her b-tt not being hot anymore, so jenny was holding sp-ce for her to make sure she got through her troubling time.

  • nakeda

    she is the most caring person in the world and you are going to love the way she smile laugh and talks i love her nakeda i love you

  • glorymar

    a wonderful smart person who won’t let anyone in their way. they have a great amount of sarcasm in them and are amazing friends. they will protect you if someone tries to fight you, because they will fight for you. they care for every family member and friend. mom:did you do the dishes? daughter:sure, it’s […]

  • amblience

    restaurant patios and rooftop bars expose customers to sirens and traffic noise which makes for an oppressive, conversation interrupting experience. ambience, with ambulances. we’re not taking seating on their sidewalk patio next time, i cannot take the amblience.

  • boner hug

    giving a person a hug while sporting a b-n-r. it’s a subtle way of letting a girl know that you’ve got a crush on her. gabriel gave kelly a b-n-r hug. when one flips his b-n-r up into his waistband so that it hugs your belly b-tton. (as made famous by superbad) billy suddenly heard […]

  • scentiamaria

    a very nice and kind person who always trys to make you happy and cares so much about others and noting can bring her down,she also doesnt like others being sad and she is a proud women strong native kylie”omg is that a scentiamaria i love that name i never heard it before,must be a […]

  • lybl

    live your best life girlllllll, lybl!

  • redneck circumcision

    when a redneck girl is giving her brother a bl-wj-b and bites off the tip of his p-ck-r johnny sister gave him a redneck circ-mcision last thursday.

  • apdle

    how the f-ck did you mess up apple? you: wow i’m an idiot! how did apple becom apdle

  • brithday cake

    -ss jammie has gave timmy brithday cake last night

  • squwiddle

    the art of drawing on the toilet can be dangerous if not done carefully. chance of getting the paper wet or getting paper stuck up your crack look at the squwiddle i’ve just done. let me see your squwiddle

  • sai pang

    to c-m, or to j-zz. the act of one releasing yourself. or -j-c-l-t–n. yoooo, i met up with this chinese chick the other night and i sai pang all over her face bruh.

  • pizano

    the best of the best people you can’t beat that pizano!

  • finger binary

    finger binary is a little known system used primarily by mindless geeks who have nothing better to do, for counting and displaying binary numbers on the fingers of one or more hands if you have them, if not you are obviously screwed. it is possible to count from 0 to 31 (25−1) using the fingers […]

  • fucking with a thot

    a girl who hops around man to man. not necessarily dating them or f-cking them. “bro your f-cking with a thot n-gg-“

  • darren keyes

    an -rs-hole who sticks his tongue in his mouth as if he’s got a w-lly in it he acts completely g-y but around girls he deepens his voice to try sound cool even though he just looks like a f-cking c-nt darren keyes stop suckin wully

  • jataya

    jataya is a beautiful, loving person. she has the prettiest eyes you’ll ever see. everyone wants to be her friend and she won’t let you down. jataya’s eyes sparkle like diamonds

  • the trav

    when going to do a girl doggy style, she turns her head back and you kick her in the face before putting it in her -ss. i totally gave that b-tch the trav last night

  • michael-lee wilson

    aka dj mi-lee is a christian jamaican youtuber ( mostly known for her musical compositions), an actress(most recent work is her role as zaria in the short film “merva”) and a mathematician. she is partially social-media famous with multiple viral posts on twitter and tumblr. in summary: a chill polymath. guy 1: ” dj mi-lee […]

  • skippy lynn

    someone who wears crocks in the summer regardless of what anyone else thinks. in the fall, you will see him in overalls and argyle socks. he calls people gars and nigpops. he is half jew. he doesn’t like to spend his money. he loves cold beer and is a kick -ss dad. look at that […]

  • eife

    eife is the type of person who doesn’t have very much friends. he mostly spends his time isolated from the world and hiding. he is very antisocial and not a very nice person overall. eife chose to stay home alone with his cat rather than go to the party.

  • ratico

    pidjin word for rat or mouse rat d-mn…. that ratico was huge.

  • spiderman jew

    a jew on top of a g-ss camber u spiderman jew

  • log banger

    a person who only smokes the fattest of blunts. maverick is a log banger he smokes like 12 blunts a day.

  • fucking animal

    a person that decides to take a sh-t when another person is brushing his teeth. my so is a f-cking animal!

  • the biggest fattest vagina

    the big fat v-g-n- was carved out of an aspen tree by cherokee indians in 1564. designed to hold the d-cks of a thousand enemy warriors on their way to eternal suffering in the land of tina. an ancient burial ground in the north my brother m. d. trumpeter was lost in a great battle […]

  • kverplis

    it’s in latvian and it means cripple in mad form . tu esi tāds kverplis! you are such a cripple!

  • divorce insurance

    aka an engagement ring. a term most notably used by tom leykis, since women often use the ring as a way to make money after they divorce you (while they are also taking half of everything you own from the divorce). a women in san diego divorced her husband then listed to sell her engagement […]

  • alabama slut

    one that sleeps with multiple of their family members. i swear larry and his sister katie are such alabama sl-ts.

  • jordan felix blake

    jordan felix blake is the most amazing person you will ever meet he will always have your back no matter what he is amazing in every way and i love him so much ig // @/blaine_alexander_blake jordan felix blake is daddy asf.

  • ajedkĝkddh

    something people say when the’re either surprised or angry. what the ajedkĝkddh is that?!?! ajedkĝkddh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rise and bounce

    the act of leaving a friends house early in the morning yeah i can spend the night but i have a dentist appointment at 9 am so i gotta rise and bounce

  • how many julie’s

    only one julie for you! dude, how many julie’s? only one julie for you!

  • laniece

    stronk independent wuahmahn “wow yoiu can sure tell das a laniece” “ye ye so stronk”

  • turtle cheese

    a chewy substance that is formed from only the truest and most pure rabbit’s milk. “man i could really go for some turtle cheese right about now.”

  • slimy chinaman

    when you’re getting a bl-wj-b and you c-m on their eyes causing them to squint. immediately after c-mming, you tell him how much of a disgrace he is to his family for being g-y. todd: bro, max gave me the sickest slimy chinaman the other day. jerry: does it count if i do that to […]

  • therealmclovins

    an absolute f-cking c-nt that therealmclovins is a c-nt

  • sliced olive

    an overbearing transvest-te h-m-s-xual. i was in canada and was surprised at home many sliced olives live there.

  • geraldson

    a deaf hermit who’s scared of germs patricia: have you met the new guy in the neighborhood? he seems pretty cool! ben: yeah, i know him pretty well, he’s such a geraldson.

  • swana

    a person (usually female) who is beautiful, elegant and graceful. basically another way to refer to a girl as a swan that girl is such a swana

  • loqk

    loqk is albanian for sweetie, honey, darling, love, basically a very cute name for someone or your bff! (these examples are in english, it’s not albanian) oh, loqk, i love you so much. you are my loqkkk

  • moncton shuffle

    receive a handjob while driving through moncton, and that’s it. because n-body wants to stop there. blair gave me a moncton shuffle while driving through moncton because f-ck stopping in that sh-thole of a city.

  • stubby cooler

    1. foam sleeve designed – sometimes with personalised messages or advertis-m-nts – to keep beverages in gl-ss bottles chilled. 2. an event or incident which leads to the loss of an erection. 1. he was such a fan of the beer he had a stubby cooler with their logo that he took to every party. […]

  • ballgret

    the period after great s-x when your b-lls ache. geez…my b-lls ache so much, but it felt so good during s-x. i’m suffering from ballgret

  • angilynn

    anglinno is the most caring person in the world i love her so much she is silly accurateand funny she makes everyone laugh angilynn i love you so much

  • glaciado/a

    when your -ss is super sweaty after a long day like a glazed donut d-mn dude i feel glaciado/a after running that mile.

  • josh wolf

    usually a good guy, but can’t see because his eyes are never open, and is a p-ssy who usually lets people spend his money on roblox man that guy was a josh wolf

  • kronkers

    a general term for pants. those are some nice kronkers you got there, bill. it’s too hot for kronkers today

  • chantek

    beautifully done you finished your -ssignments!? chantek.

  • tanyn

    the name you give your daughter when you take 2 things of ecstasy. what the f-ck kind of name is tanyn? i have no clue.

  • stupid bin

    a girl who is a dumb b-tch tyson-“that gabby girl is such a stupid bin” grant-“oh totally”

  • zayssa

    zayssa is usually black . she is bad-ss , and will be a great friend . she will always get in trouble , and will never likes a guy her age . they are usually tall , funny , nice , bad-ss , and they think really bad . she is such a zayssa.

  • throatcha

    verb: a bl-wj-b. noun: a d-ck sucking b-tch. adjective: burnt out from sucking d-ck. verb: sally just gave me throatcha. noun: jane is a straight up throatcha. adjective: heather is all throatched out.

  • reverse striptease

    a reverse striptrease is exactly what it sounds like, a person sensually getting dressed from practically nothing basically a striptease but in reverse. guy 1: hey, how did it go with that girl last night? guy 2: pretty well, got lucky and this morning i got a reverse striptease.

  • heads i win, tails you lose

    an annoying trick that your best friend likes to pull on you, hoping that you won’t realize that both outcomes are in their favor let’s flip a coin, heads i win, tails you lose

  • frozen sloppy

    when someone ices down a d-ck almost to the point of freezing and then getting a sloppy kn-b job i still got freezer burn on my d-ck from that frozen sloppy last night.

  • massbergers

    the affliction of an individual who is too east-coast to effectively relate to anybody. “hey kid, you invite billy to the party” “nah kid he never shuts up about dunkies. he has total m-ssbergers”

  • mud fish taco

    performance of f-ll-t– on the female s-x while she is afflicted with diarrhea. female: honey i have diarrhea! significant other: looks like i’ll be eating mud fish tacos tonight.

  • wreckability

    this is a person who is a wreakless liability. you do know if you go out with a wreakability or date one your in for trouble; but they can be fun she is such a wreckability; don’t take her near bars or dealers

  • sand dune

    the only appropriate place on a beach that you can have drunk s-x and not get arrested for public indecency i decided to go for a ‘walk’ in the sand dunes with my ‘friend’ and we got ‘lost’.

  • hangin chester

    when sitting naked on a wide couch with the knees up so your t-st-cl-s hang freely below you. man, it was so hot in my house today, when the kids left i got naked started hangin chester. the breeze was nice.

  • cardac

    a name originated from the word “cardiac” meaning ‘heart’ in medical language. the name cardac has 1 meaning, and that is ‘a being with a big heart’. cardac is both a female and male name, while the pr-nunciation is still masculine. person: cardac is such a nice person always thinking of others.

  • rubnoxious

    when a stranger touches you in a club. i was just trying to go to the bathroom and some rando was being mad rubnoxious so i told him i had a boyfriend and that totally solved the problem.

  • the_donald

    a subreddit dedicated to the 45th president of the united states. they largely support dank memes and sh-tposts. the_donald reached the front page again today, but got downvoted to zero!

  • amateur pharmacist

    a drug dealer, especially one who illegally deals prescription-only medications. person 1: man, i’m out of xannies and oxy. person 2: just call up the amateur pharmacist down the street!

  • forearm obsession

    when you devote your time to your forearms. no hair, no fat, and certainty cannot be short and nubby. i tots have a forearm obsession! d-mn melissa!! that is one nice forearm!!!

  • cherrise

    an amazing beautiful african american female. she loves hard and never gives up on people. she does alot for people never get gets in return she love to swim and twerk she also loves tall light skin males. she is an amazing friend there goes cherrise

  • hooddini

    get a girl pregnant and then vanish. person 1: are eric and shanna still together? person 2: nah he pulled a hooddini

  • good curt

    good -ss that girl has a good curt

  • shoondies

    big dirty chunks of meth oi cuz get me some shoondies ay?

  • sprouling

    1. the act of vomiting, or excreting other unwanted and useless fluids. 2. excessive bragging. 3. prattling about useless information in a self-important fashion. 1. “he was wasted and just started sprouling all over my shoes last night.” 2. “james was sprouling about how he has the best body on campus. he’s such a douche.” […]

  • jodi ann

    jodi ann can be used in regard to a female/male and/or an inanimate object. often referred to when you don’t know what else to say; it just fits. jodi ann is a full time player; she plays games. -ssociated terms: -she f-ckin ann as f-ck -that’s some jodi ann sh-t -jodi ann is drunk as […]

  • snottyhoebitch

    a person who always seem to have a stuck up att-tude, and act as if they don’t want to be bothered . you’re acting like a snottyhoeb-tch

  • negative action

    negative action is the phenomenon where your own imagination betrays you and your fantasies turn into getting shot down by your imaginary hotties. it makes masturbation really hard – no pun intended. it’s considered much worse than no action. bbjones’s luck with the ladies has gotten so bad he’s been getting negative action lately. a […]

  • fretentious

    when a mediocre restaurant attempts to p-ss off its food as more refined fare by inundating the menu with french cuisine terminology. claiming to have brioche buns is very fretentious of that hotdog stand.

  • pole smogger

    one who sucks d-ck. quinn is such a pole smogger.

  • lpmc

    lets play minecraft hey lpmc after school today.

  • vincent and hannah

    two people who have it tough in life but when one of them is down the other tries to cheer them up. they have each other. they have the best friendship that everyone wants girl1: wow i wish i had the friendship that vincent and hannah do girl2: me too

  • popped in the shitter

    getting a p-n-s, fingers, object, etc. put into ones -n-s. that ho was so h-rny she got popped in the sh-tter.

  • scrotal vagina

    when one scrunches up the skin of the scr-t-m to make a m-ss of loose skin and then pushes their finger in to create the effect of a beefy v-g-n-. why one would do this remains one of life’s great mysteries. me: look at my scrotal v-g-n-. wife: why?

  • cat motel

    a place p-ss-es stay while they look for some f-ck. when a girl stays at a friend’s place but really uses it as a home-base to find s-x in the area this b-tch is using my house as a cat motel!

  • caoime

    a dirty b-tch she was such a caoime last night dog

  • arrion

    a deep, -n-lytic individual who tries to find the true meaning of love and self while at many times faces the consequences of doing so. she named her pet crocodile arrion, fore he always reminded her of deep concepts.

  • connor chambers

    c-nt “god stacy, stop being such a connor chambers!”

  • a bit sketchy

    sketchy but only a bit that seems “a bit sketchy”

  • coolie cold

    when one is s-xually attracted to a person of indo-caribbean descent she tasted his curry so now she has that coolie cold. amanda be chasing after jhanesh. she definitely has that coolie cold. “omg britney, look at ramesh’s long, thick, black hair. i think i caught the coolie cold.”

  • dip your nugget

    the act of inserting a p-n-s into a v-g-n-. jorge: yo fam you see that thot over there? paco: yea, why? you tryna dip your nugget?

  • jerosexual

    when you are as straight as a circle. this is when two men love each other so much that they are past being considered g-y. this is the highest level of h-m-s-xuality. miguel: let’s get starbies ! john: y-ss please! miguel: did you know i’m jeros-xual? john: omg no way i am too!!! when two […]

  • delicate little flower

    a constantly praised athlete who is often injured on an annual basis. every year, blake griffin a delicate little flower because he misses a significant amount of games in the regular season and playoffs because he is hurt all the time. that is why the clippers will never get out of the second round of […]

  • a1 suuuucccccc

    – the best of the best of bl-wj-bs. – alwasy contains 4 us and 6 cs – usually referred to as giving the a1 hey man that girl alexis just gave me the a1 suuuucccccc.

  • amerson

    best thing that will ever happen to you if you got an amerson. most caring person of all. amerson will make sure you are ok and if not amerson will go through h-ll to make you happy. he’s a guardian to all he loves and cares about. don’t lose this person otherwise you’re going to […]

  • i’ll fucking cut you

    when a random c-nt is threatening to cut you. person 1: what’s up bin chicken? person 2: i’ll f-cking cut you.

  • chidalu

    an awesome person that you would want to be around. she is funny kind and has a great sense of humour and can sometimes be crazy! look chidalu just ran out the window!

  • delibering

    drunk and high af. acting ignorant delibering is so crazy dude

  • nigerian horse play

    slang for -n-l s-x i watch nigerian horse play p-rn.

  • fagot hole

    when some one puts there d-ck so far in another beings throat. there throat closes. then that n-gg-s d-ck is stuck in her throat. ughhughhgugghyg* oh sh-t ur being a f-got hole…..oh f-ck imma c-m down our throat.

  • nyesse

    a very social psychopath who looks like an angel on the outside but is also a demon, but is great to have as a freind she is a nyesse!

  • llieja

    llieja is a crazy, funny, loving, car loving boy/man. you will be happy if you ever meet a llieja. most have curly hair and and tons of s-ss! he has a heart of gold. i feel in love with a llieja

  • thorsty

    when you are really thirsty and you pr-nounce the word “thirsty” like the mocking spongebob meme. me at 2 am crab-walking out of my room in search for a drink: “thorsty…..thorsty”

  • butt wookie

    when you have consumed a food or beverage that doesn’t agree with you and your intestines begin make sounds that resemble chewbacca. “every time i eat cabbage, i end up with a b-tt wookie within a hour”.

  • didli

    p-n-s , d-ck duh my didli is hard broski

  • goodbye cruel world

    your last will you left when you decide to suicide. i hate my life. life is b-tch. goodbye cruel world.

  • meat swable

    meat that hangs out of the v-g-n- d-mn, when i f-cked barbara she had a huge meat swable meat that dangles from the p-ssy d-mn,did you know that barbara had a juicer (meat swable) than jen

  • spicy sex

    the process of using hot sauce as lube. “i gave bella the spicy s-x last night.”

  • walking directional indicator

    when you are walking with someone and you use arms to show them the way to go. i was walking with kelly and i used my walking directional indicator to let her know which way to go

  • seaweed me

    the act of putting seaweed on a d-ck as a condom. hey bb seaweed me

  • beautifulliest

    the highest form of beauty and perfection in a girl. bree will be the next beautifulliest model ever!

  • unlucky

    what you say to a friend when something bad happened to them. pr-nounced ‘ah-lug-ey’ in a sluggish, slow voice to give r-t-rded effect. ‘oh no my whole family just got shot’ – person ‘unlucky’ – you term used by australian university students, in a way of saying, “oh dear, that’s no good”. it’s also kind […]

  • tercent

    a way of saying “percent” when you’re drunk on sweet tea and rice pilaf and suffering from extreme heat. percent chance denise announced as dark clouds rolled in from the north, “there’s a zero tercent chance that it’s going to rain this afternoon.”

  • bus pan buffet

    this is the act of eating out of a bus pan or cleared plates from a customers table in a restaurant. in the middle of a 12 hour shift those fries do start to call your name. you want any of this cheese? it’s fresh off the bus pan buffet they barely touched it.

  • wibu

    pretty, intelligent, kind person anne is a wibu

  • deadlysinpanda

    a very sh-tty piece of cod sh-t who does not belong in r6, cancer to our community and hated by many, especially gucci deadlysinpanda dropshots because his life is sad and lonely…

  • cascade high school

    the first place i really considered killing myself “you ever been to cascade high school?” “no i don’t hate myself that much.”

  • lt. danned

    f-cking someone to the point of paraplegia my legs don’t work. you lt. danned me. well done. f-cker.

  • splatter mat

    a lower back tattoo on a female that a male will used to -j-c-l-t- on when he “pulls out” during doggy style s-x. this tattoo is also known as a “bullseye”. do not confuse a splatter mat with a tramp stamp. a tramp stamp is a female lower back tattoo that has not yet had […]

  • shitcording

    the act of being on the toilet while on a discord server. i wanted to chat in discord, but i had to p–p, so i’ll just be sh-tcording for a while, i guess.

  • xanzibar

    an imaginary island based on the exotic location ‘zanzibar’ one goes to when chilling on xanax chris:”bro i just bought some xanax, wanna go to xanzibar with me?”

  • saxsy

    s-xy and s-ssy this girl mia is so saxsy idk what to do around her

  • jerming

    when you jam out to a day to remember. i’m jerming out!

  • shovel tongue

    when you’re giving cunilingous and lick from bootie up too the cl-t (while tonuge is in shovel shape) “creator of the term “shovel tongue” will “they don’t call me shovel tongue for nothing”

  • living the white man’s dream

    a care free, content lifestyle. needing nothing. how’s it going? not bad! living the white man’s dream.

  • shmack

    to spit game or flirt or to f-ck go shmack wit that chick i wanna shmack wit that chick a term uttered after some one has been insulted, usually by an audience member. person one:”you’re mama’s so dirty, she wipes her feet off to go outside” audience: “ooooo, shmack!” a word used by a townie […]

  • booty barbeque

    when you j-zz on her -ss, marinate it and taste if it’s done right. bro that booty barbeque was soo salty and sweet, just right. it was better than grandma’s homemade recipie when i ate her fur burger.

  • belgium waffel

    when you smack a girl on the -rs- with a tennis racket while you are ejaculating give me a belgium waffel tonight for supper and in the morning for breakfast

  • food is plastic

    refers to unhealthy processed junk foods. i cant eat mc’donalds their food is plastic.

  • impressant

    a person or thing, or message, that impresses; specifically: an agent that increases an emotional response, whether based on circ-mstances or induced by others who under the influence of the same or similar circ-mstances, that leads to an alternative reality or an instinctive desire to lie to others about who or what you really are; […]

  • jaundice cum

    the affliction caused by the lack of “release” for a number of months, causing a yellowish and possibly lumpy discharge from the male reproductive organ, also known as the pee-nis. andy, i haven’t jazzed in so long that i’m afraid if katrina blows me that i might coat her in jaundice c-m. yellow is not […]

  • dean keys

    a n-gg-r or beaner who like to suck on french fries ur a dean keys

  • sexual empathy

    the ability to understand and respect the perspective of the opposite s-x. by learning about the scientific researchbehind s-x differences she grew to have more s-xual empathy for his situation .

  • nandra

    white girl nickname for a basic vanilla b-tch. this name usually p-sses off the person your calling it to. hey nandra, you haven’t got laid in months stop being picky af!!

  • my peeps

    my peeps refers to your close group of people with which your are affiliated with, usually through social events and possible coworkers. yeah, i’m gonna hang out with my peeps tonight before i have to resume adulting activities.

  • aids mic

    a very cheap or low quality microphone that sounds very unpleasant to ones ear. “joe stain has an aids mic.”

  • james francophone

    james francophone is a cocaine addict born in quebec, canada. he fills in for james franco when the user switches the language in their tv to french. “did you see james franco in the french version of the original spiderman movies?” “no, i saw james francophone”

  • duece poker

    a s-xual term for a two male one female tag team . or a male ménagé toi three good friends talking jen is a good sl-t she wants a duece poker tonight.. isn’t she the coolest chick….ya man, she’s loose.

  • instagram-ghosting

    instagram-ghosting is when you add someone on instagram just to get them to follow you back then as soon as they do you unfollow them hoping they wont notice. people do this to gain more followers than adds and to appear popular. sometimes people add lists of people in bulk and unfollow them again in […]

  • fuzzy creamsicle

    while performing oral s-x a male -j-c-l-t-s into the females hair and rubs the s-m-n into her hair making it fuzzy. your hair looks like it needs a fuzzy creamsicle

  • half-piped bitch

    that one friend you have who is fundamentally a b-tch. this is the lowest form of friend and should be rediculed mercilessly when acting like a b-tch towards another friend. friend 1: “your car looks g-y.” friend 2: “you are a little half-piped b-tch.” friend 3: “half-piped b-tch.” friend 4: ” what a douchebag.”

  • ducking wreck

    not backing down from anyone or anything intimidating that foo big but i ain’t ducking wreck

  • binmenperv

    a binmenperv is someone who watches the bin men from their windows. “the binmenperv waited eagerly, peeping occasionally from their window.”

  • sweet creature

    a word people that hipsters try to say instead of human being! makes no since at all!!! people that say sweet creature are ruining america alex: my friends are such sweet creatures sam: shut the h-ll up alex quit trying to make that a thing

  • watercolorist

    an artist practicing in watercolor turner was a great watercolorist

  • ball bagged

    the status of once proud and fearless gent of integrity who has lost his freedom and right to roam by submitting to the manipulations of a “ball bagger”.. this sad turn of events often happens to men in the prime of their lives, and could be a reaction to the stresses of “freedom” and the […]

  • pocket line

    at the end of the night when you’re forced to empty your pockets of drug reminents to line up. regardless of lint to drug ratio. hey bro, pocket line me up.

  • tu es um gorda

    how to say “youre fat” to a boy in portuguese when a fat -sshole walked up to me i said “tu es um gorda” now hes fat and stupid looking

  • mordoquay

    some one who is very clever but will not always be there for friends and can sometimes be a bit dirty. you should be friends with a mordoquay someone who is very smart and great but can be a bit dirty my friend is mordoquay

  • jeanalynn

    she is an amazing, adorable, funny, smart girl .she does what she wants. she says the truth to anyone. she isn’t afraid to express her feelings to someone. she has a great personality. she will always try her best to make you smile when you are feeling down. you need a je-n-lynn in your life

  • bryce papenbrook

    just possibly the worst voice actor in history. bryce papenbrook= the. worst.

  • hispangulate

    when your hispanic and you -j-c-l-t- in a very odd or weird manner. my friend jose hispangulates all night

  • iffy fan

    equivalent to dumb f-ck stop licking those coconuts you iffy fan you got a 50 on that test? youre an iffy fan you cant roll with us you iffy fan

  • chum bucket

    the restaurant that spongebob squarepants “villain” plankton owns/works in. it is the business rival of the krusty krab, and has no customers. anyone ever notice chum bucket sounds a lot like c-m bucket? the premier thief, troll, and all round good time guy on the ultima online t2a freeshard. known for his love of adventure, […]

  • smoking spice

    smoking spice… to smoke herbs. to mix tobacco, teas, synthetic weed subst-tutes in place of real marijuana. have you been smoking spice?

  • raccoon eyes

    when you cry in the bathroom and then look in the mirror to discover your mascara has run down your face. sarah: i’m over jamie breaking up with me… jessie: then why you got racc–n eyes? when you have been partying hard for a few days with no sleep you get dark rings around your […]

  • ice on my wrist

    any type of watch that is expensive and makes you look a lot better while dancing. i’ve got that new ice on my wrist when you have a expensive watch or jewelry and it makes you look a lot better when dancing. i’ve got that new ice on my wrist

  • harrier than bigfoot’s balls

    a situation that is tremendously complicated and almost impossible to fix. charlotte: did you hear about brent’s little escapade? chantel: no. what’s an escapade? charlotte: doesn’t matter. he got caught by lilli with her mom!! chantel: omg! lol! stfu! charlotte: talking his way out of that one will be harrier than bigfoot’s b-lls!!

  • sterva

    russian swear word with meaning of b-tch, used often when something bad happens, when someone is annoying you. ah ti sterva! oh you sterva! sterva,bljad!

  • eagerkittenplays

    a b-tthurt girl who has panic attacks because someone corrects here grammar and enjoys spamming emotes even though people tell her to stop. she will probably bring stalin to court for har-ssment but tragically fail. (she also records minecraft and roblox. now if that isn’t bad enough, you must be eagerkittenplays.) don’t be such an […]

  • greasy damian

    the after act, in which you have just finished fisting an -sshole into prolapse, then spitting salt directly into the -n-s. royce, received a greasy damian last night after the night out with the boys

  • libertea

    shipping america and britain together for some absurd reason. person a: man if america and britain were humans they would date. person b: the ship name could be libertea!

  • steamy noodle

    a g-y person mitch gr-ssi is such a steamy noodle

  • pulling a na

    not wearing underpants i’m pulling a na at target, soo comfy!

  • slantsplaining

    explaining how helping yourself in a selfish way that hurts others is somehow for their own good even though it hurts them and isn’t you being selfish at all the slants are slantsplaining their decision to push for the legalization of hate speech so they can trademark their name to make more money off of […]

  • rosie horn

    an utter b-tch that will turn people on you by talking sh-t and twisting the truth. also a bridgwater sket. hey bro have u heard of anyone called rosie horn. yeah shes a sket stay away bro trust me

  • virginia reel

    when your wiener gets caught in the zipper of your pants, and there is a struggle to get it off(if you’re a male). don’t look at me like it hasn’t happened once before. i saw harvey the other day at work. right before he sat down in his cubicle chair, he had the virginia reel […]

  • slut spray

    a cheep perfume or deoderant that b-tch stinks of sl-t spray!

  • deniva

    deniva is sweet, loving, will defend her siblings if a punk got a problem. she loves art. she can be a bit sensitive and your heart will melt of saddens when she cries and you will always try to make her feel better. she isn’t afraid to show her creations to the public. deniva is […]

  • math needn’t be a four-letter word

    that failure in school math doesn’t mean that one has to bury the most disliked school subject for life—one can still appreciate math as an indispensable tool for science and technology. mr. ian hopes that his enthusiasm for teaching the applications of math could change the att-tudes of his mathophobic students that math needn’t be […]

  • off my box

    the results after copious amounts of drugs have been consumed. you no longer have a grasp of reality and are acting high and crazy. commonly used in relation to amphetamines, cocaine and similar “i just had six lines of c-ke and a hit on that crackpipe, i am off my box mate.” he was slumped […]

  • urinal sex

    n- 1.) when man a inserts his p-n-s, d-ck, or c-ck into the r-ct-m or -sshole of man b while man b is using a urinal in a public bathroom with 3 or more urinals, usually not to exceed 10 urinals in total. 1.) i heard that insert name here likes urinal s-x.

  • shigasmeze

    the rare act of sh-tting, -rg-sming, and sneezing all at the same time. the ultimate pleasure. typically so intense that the party committing the act spontaneously combusts. we all miss smitty. a man of rare gifts. one to attempt to experience all of the world’s pleasures; until the day he happened to glance at the […]

  • hose dragon

    once a hose beast has sucked over a thousand d-cks she graduates to a hose dragon “so have you heard that sara has graduated to hose dragon”

  • ping pong pung pang

    a terrible sport that only really dumb people play that uses a wooden table and two racquets that can be broken easily he is really bad at ping pong pung pang

  • anthony tardugno

    a guy who f-cks turtles anthony tardugno f-cked a turtle

  • yahseen

    most amazingest person ever oh btw yahseens amazing (nicest person)

  • lego star wars the complete saga

    better than s-x lego star wars the complete saga is better than s-x

  • golden smuggler

    there aren’t any definitions for golden smuggler yet. can you define it?

  • binge envy

    when you find someone who is just statrinf to watch a series you love and you know how much they have to look forward to. you are just starting got?… i have binge envy!

  • ashton rowland

    a cute little bean, he is very nice and everybody likes him he is s-ssy and savage oh look it’s ashton rowland! he is so s-ssy and cute

  • twat twinkle

    a tw-t (p-ssy) so wet it twinkles in the light. we were having s-x with the lights on and i got to see diana’s beautiful tw-t twinkle

  • urinesque

    adjective. having qualities -ssociated with urine, such as color, temperature, ph, osmolarity, etc. that c-cktail was delicious, until i looked down and noticed the color was truly urinesque – at which point i decided to call it a night.

  • steamrolled

    1. to be wiped out very quickly without any pause in the attack. often used on capture maps in team fortress. 2. rapid, continuous destruction, often with a certain destination in mind. 3. an incredibly quick, very destructive lost that often seems comical. red team: defend the point nubs. *loses first point* red team: wtf […]

  • stereotyper

    someone who thinks a preson is x if they like, partic-p-te in, or even know about y. examples: thinking someone is a weeb because they watch anime. thinking someone is on any side of the political spectrum becase of a view they expressed. some stereotyper thought jill was a hippy because she politly asked him […]

  • slackerish

    sightly lazy but not quite i’ve been feeling slackerish this week, just can’t seem to want to do anything.

  • phoup

    just a guy that needs help that’s a phoup

  • netocalypse

    when you feel like the world is ending because you don’t have access to the internet jake was preparing a folder for memes to prepare for netocalypse.

  • true indian

    someone originating from india who believe that the trail of tears helped get rid of the “american indians” otherwise known as fake indian teacher: today we are going to learn about the trail of tears indian: finally, only true indians know the pain we had to feel because of those fake indians

  • protogen

    a risingly popular furry species which looks like a cyborg dragon without wings. according to winnie on furry amino, “protogens were all born alongside each other, have similar markings and fur colours, and they all have names based on different coding languages.” source: steven: “hey, what species is your fursona?” ryan: “it’s a protogen.”

  • trippy trip

    it’s a trip that’s organized by bros usually on annual basis, it’s a time for bros to get to know each other and to attack each other as well. the trip is normally planned in advance with each of bros having a specific role to play. this kinda trips involves few of the essentials including […]

  • cochy

    a better version of a f**k boy that’s one cochy boy

  • sonego

    a man who thinks he is good a football but can only make the b’s. he has a hairstyle that is too long for him. if i was sonego i would kill myself

  • bibing

    the act of making up words i’m bibing the word bibing

  • 745

    bmw’s highest model of a car, series 7. there was also bmw’s series 8 but they stopped producing it. just listen to rap songs. every song has at least one 745 in it. seventh series beamer catch stunts in my 745 when a hacked directv access card id (bin) is blacklisted. means it’s time to […]

  • gerb

    it’s that garlic&herb dip. nothing better than a dominoes with some gerb! the act or art of being one will ‘gerbs’ rathburger. also akin to being large furry smelly rodent with a distinct love of burgers, b-tches, and reality. ders: hey, have you seen gerbs? tb: nah, last i heard he was gerbil jousting ders: […]

  • jewish robin hood

    he robs from the poor and gives to the rich. donald trump or chris christie must be the jewish robin hood. because all they do is rob from the poor and gives to the rich.

  • boonwhip

    a car that isn’t of the highest quality and is usually bought for less than $1000 and driven by ‘b-gans’ or ‘junkies’ wesley saw a car drive past and said to liam “what a f-cking boonwhip”

  • yah whatever

    typically used when an argument is lost and one has nothing left to say so one uses this phrase to surrender and show their frustration. nerd 1- friday night lights is a great show nerd 2- glee is much better nerd 1- well rolling stones ranked fnl on the best shows list and did not […]

  • put up your dukes

    basically means fight me or put up your hands so we can square up. person 1: you don’t want to fight me. person 2: put up your dukes and we’ll see who doesn’t want to fight who.

  • zaquia

    she is an amazing girl. she isn’t scared of anything. zaquia is a helpful girl. she can be anything when she grows up. she is a little shy but once you get to know her, she is so outgoing. omg, did you see zaquia,she was amazing at the talent show.

  • zuckerversary

    when you celebrate a year of friendship on facebook. jim: hey steve, we’ve been friends for six years on facebook. happy zuckerversary!

  • cropman

    someone who wants something for free; someone who takes but doesn’t give back look at that stupid cropman! i hate cropman.

  • bologna pop

    a bologna pop is a reference to a p-n-s. when inserted in one mouth it satisfys ones oral fixation. hey jim , why don’t u just suck on a bologna pop whats for lunch jonny ? bologna pops? tom and jim share bologna pops in the trailer.

  • social gamble

    to attempt to start a conversation with someone (whether it be a crush, your taxi driver, a cl-ssmate, a fellow hospital patient, a stranger you met on the street, your neighbor, etc.), even though you might get rejected or ignored altogether. even if you do happen to strike out, it was all a calculated risk […]

  • immensely reckless

    the act of driving eradically and har-ssing other drivers on the road. often times stopping at a stop sign for too long. driving like a dumb-ss is immensely reckless. you are going to cause an accident.

  • reverse upchuck fuck

    when a man is about to dry heave and your girl puts a strap on on and f-cks you in the -ss. i woke up in the morning hung over with a sore -ss, i look over at my girl and ask her what happened last night? she looks at me and says, ” i […]

  • fat kristy

    woman most men blatantly tell their crew about after flying his or her slick plane across a stripper filled night sky of the bay area. i just got back from a few nights in the sky, you know i had to bring home a fat kristy!

  • pineapple friendly

    1) a person or couple that is openminded toward and accepting of the swinger lifestyle. 2) one who is interested/curious of the swinger lifestyle . my wife and i are going to a party tonight and hope to meet some pineapple friendly people.

  • hoedemic

    hoe•dem•ic noun 1. a widespread occurrence of hoes in a community at a particular. 2. an infestation of hoes. “my girlfriend is so bothered by the hoedemic in our apartment building, she won’t even let me go to the laundry room by myself!”

  • ariall

    a beautiful, headstrong, independent woman. this woman knows what she wants and has the courage to seize it. wow, ariall’s going places.

  • pattlin

    sleeping area, where one puts covers on the floor or couch to make a replica of a comfortable bed. similar to a sleeping bag but it’s not a bag. i made a pattlin on the floor of my best friend’s room when i slept over.

  • backwood coma

    a phenomenon occurring directly after smoking multiple backwood roaches out of a bong where someone p-sses out wile hitttng it and sometimes causes shaking and possibly throwing up my buddy was ripping the roach out of the bong and went into a backwood coma

  • salatarion

    only eat salads employee: would you like some ham customer: sorry, no im a salatarion

  • jakeel

    a dumb -ss n-gg- who looks like a lobster you seen jakeel he’s so dumb f-ck him

  • chameleoned

    1. to change from one color to another. 2. to blend in with one’s surroundings. 1. “she then chameleoned into a deep red and her face began to balloon.” 2. “it chameleoned well with the underbrush as it was too, green.”

  • vegas sponge

    a vegas bomb plus a splash of pineapple. i drank a vegas sponge.

  • nicart

    a piece of sh-t he is a nicart (piece of sh-t) you are all nicarts!!!

  • ryol

    ruin your own life john: sarah is in the midst of ryoling herself with paul nick: wish her luck

  • year 10

    14 – 15 year old secondary schooler in england becomeing top of the school next to the year 11’s normally the school uniform changes these people can ussally make year 7, years 8 and year 9’s to do stuff for them = starting the mock exam for gcse’s the school uniform has changed fromn red […]

  • rrrt

    a noise that a small weasel makes when he/she is angry. rrrt

  • gorilla face wash

    when you are ready to blow your load in your girl and she wants it on her face instead, you get upset because you were just about to c-m inside her. “i’m about to c-m” “oh yeah baby, give me a gorilla face wash”

  • cloud cat

    vaping in a girl’s p-ssy. dude i cloud catted lizzie last night!

  • sound cunt

    scottish term of endearment; someone who is a genuinely good person. “aye, a know john. he’s a sound c-nt”

  • purple freckle squad

    also known as the pfs the purple freckle squad is a group of people known for being the odd group who are socially awkward when not around the other members. they may not be the most popular group of people but they are accepting of others and many people seek them out for their trust […]

  • keda

    a big c-nt wow that guys an -sshole, what a keda

  • my nigga jared

    my n-gg- jared is a very nice, calm, and intellectual human being. working at local pizza parlor as a delivery man, and graduating from a high school that doesn’t exist he also had a infant child born into life while he was a junior in high school. with a degree in weed, and the art […]

  • time snatcher

    a time sn-tcher is -ssociated with being within a “verbal handcuff”. a time sn-tcher is an individual that tends to repeat stories (typically older women). these people tend to start an unwanted conversation that usually involves a topic(s) that has been beaten dead over and over by this individual. time sn-tchers love to talk and […]

  • elilan

    s-xiest guy on earth! chick 1: hey, have you heard about elilan? chick 2: omg! he is super hawt! chick 3: yeah. he was great in bed.

  • froggy eyed

    pete has froggy eyes so he need his gl-sses to run expo “i gots dem froggy eyed boi” pete says

  • misled

    to lead something in a wrong way, or to understand a certain topic in an imprecise or incorrect manner. instead of helping me find my way, he misled me in the small labyrinth.

  • 1.99

    the oldest, most annoying marketing trick ever used in history. when stores say 1.99 just to make it sound cheaper when it’s actually 2. mcdonkel’s lowered the price of thier “burgers”, now it’s only 1.99! you mean 2? pr-nunced “one ninety nine”. is the mercedes benz color code for brown. common used to describe hispanic […]

  • orgasm denial

    the act of not letting your partner release their -rg-sm; a s-xual kink person 1: man, i tried -rg-sm denial for the first time last night. person 2: you’re a freak… how’d it go? person 1: it hurt like h-ll, but when i finally did come, it felt so much better than normal.

  • rim jong un

    when a north korean gives a rim job kim just gave jack a rim jong un! “yeah, i heard the g-ys go at it all morning”

  • hurricane salad

    when perco and fingercake whoop you 3 or more goals consecutive in rocket league. ohhhh…hurricane salad, lol.

  • little liar

    little liar was commonly used to describe children who told a porky. the little was added to make it sound non threatening to the wee nippers and it was often said in a sing songy tone. little liar is now commonly used by adults to describe other adults caught out in blatant lies. once called […]

  • lindsea

    pr-nounced lin-see not lindsey or lindsay. much cooler than all other pr-nunciations. not intended to be pr-nounced by those that have a strong southern accent, so its not, landzy lindzy or lyndzy. doesnt play well with others. shes going to just be lindsea, deal with it.

  • jelisie

    a jelisie is usually a girl. she tend to care just a bit too much about things, especially her friends. her friends are very important to her and if you mess with her crew or her family she will find you. do not underestimate a jelisie. they are very bubbly people who try to make […]

  • zucchini beanie

    another word for a condom. a zucchini beanie is used to cover a p-n-s during intercourse to prevent pregnancy. “do you have a zucchini beanie? i want to get down to business.”

  • car payment girl

    a woman who is a little short on money who will “do anything to be able to make her car payment this month.” in other words, an amateur, part-time prost-tute. they can be amazingly good or amazingly bad, and you can usually get a bargain price along with a gfe. once you find a car […]

  • irish daddy

    someone who is half irish and a total ‘daddy’ at the same time. the very best person to be around ever. connaire is an irish daddy

  • king kaliente

    king kaliente is a smg and smg2 boss, living in a lava pit. its last name, kaliente, is a misspelled version of caliente, meaning “hot” but they decided to go with a k to match with king. king kaliente is also the leader of all the octoombas and oktorocks. he shoots 3 fireb-lls at the […]

  • bedknobs and broomsticks

    an old disney movie about some kids that fly around on a magic bed and have adventures, or: when your girlfriend ties you facedown to the bedposts on date night and jams a broomstick up your -ss. wayne: how was date night on sat-rday? me: me and sonia played bedkn-bs and broomsticks. wayne: how did […]

  • lil hacko

    street name for lily hackett when she’s on road selling the drugs and getting the poontang hooded man: ‘yo, cuz watz you street name brudda’ lily: ‘names lil hacko cuz’

  • ad nazis

    those are the d-ck heads who made adblock plus not work on youtube anymore, forcing us to sit through 2 minute ads for crest white strips while trying to watch a 25 second youtube video, because youtube wh-r-d themselves out to corporate america. seriously youtube, how f-cking greedy can you get? the ad n-z-s actually […]

  • nerd school

    a college which primarily concentrates on teaching science, technology, engineering, and math. noted for their high acceptance standards, high fail-out and drop-out rates, dearth of female students, and copious consumption of alcohol by students (and professors). a good indicator of a nerd school is that its name includes the word “tech”. for example: georgia tech, […]

  • shit in the fridge

    a phrase used to describe a siuation where you’d rather do something else than that expected.. for example: hitchhike: “hey phillip, can you take me home?” phillip: sh-t in the fridge mate

  • autoromantic

    a pathetic attempt to cover up the loneliness of being single by suggesting a person is happily dating themselves tired of the effort it takes to attract another person and maintain a relationship she has become an autoromantic and takes herself out on dates. then she comes home and tells her cats all about it. […]

  • stochie

    (pr-nounced stoh-chee) in simplist terms… a hot mess omg stochie… what are you doing?!?!

  • pulling a chris and a chester

    the term used when denoting a situation when two close people kill themselves, both in resemblance to the other, usually in a span of two months. moreover the latter might do it on the former’s birthday. girl 1: you remember jane and jack from soph-m-re days? they killed themselves last year. i just heard about […]

  • donghorodonkers

    big anime t-tties i wish they would stop drawing girls with big donghorodonkers

  • isiliana

    she’s spicy, she’s jovial, don’t normally like when people put her down cuz she can be silent and deadly she can be loud sometimes and loves her family isiliana is the girl u want to keep

  • tremored

    tremored is the past tense of “tremor.” an involuntary quivering movement. “i really tremored over that pop test our teacher gave.” “dude, are you alright ? do you want to sit down for a second ?”

  • winner fatigue

    when you get tired of winning. eric was suffering from winner fatigue so he let that b-tch -ss gabriel win.

  • bun chucken

    bun chucken, for when the kiwi in the group can’t speak properly. tarei, what’s a bun chucken?

  • photocrack

    the term photographers use when the realize they are addicted to photography (or an outstanding picture) i must be on shutter speed cause i’m as high as the iso. this picture is straight photocrack

  • yellow side

    synonym to “dark side”, only relatable with asians mostly j-panese. peter: here is my naruto playlist, but don’t say to anyone that i listen to it. it’s my dark side. eliza: lol no, that’s your yellow side

  • pizza brain

    when someone mentions pizza and you suddenly realize it’s all you ever wanted. you now can’t focus on anything else unless it’s pizza. aww man i can’t talk about this now, i got pizza brain. get me a f-cking slice!

  • rednip

    another word for pimple omg dude, i cant get rid of this rednip on my nose!

  • purely pussy

    the men’s equivalent of “strictly d-ckly” a way a hetero dude defines being straight. alex: hey greg, i think that dude is checking you out … you gonna hit up on that ??? greg: nah man, i’m purely p-ssy.

  • ground shorts

    a half smoked cigarette found on the ground by homeless people. also known as a “sussdown”. you see that b-m over there lookin for ground shorts?

  • brlayn

    has the best p-ssy and will make someone catch deep feelings. is very loveable but is a handfull and is also worth it. is very faithful can be clingy if they are attracted to you. will do anything for their soulmate to keep them happy and having s-x with them is like a dream. they […]

  • moviecation

    a movie education you need to brush up on your moviecation

  • finalia

    the subgroup of all s-xual perversions as yet inidentified or undefined. finalia gives me hope for some semblance of joy in the post-trumpian future.

  • troll stroking

    the act of stroking your troll doll’s hair while applying chapstick in a creepy manner on the outside of your lips. mandy, it’s impolite to be troll stroking in front of your friends.

  • recoupling

    a stage on love island where the islanders have to pick who they want to be (coupled up) with, which occasionally switches up the couples and causes drama “mike picked tyla at the recoupling!” “that made theo well mad” “i’d love to recouple with dom” “that will p-ss off montana!”

  • daddy o’5

    a man who post videos of child abuse and is know called daddy o ‘3 man: dude see him, he is like daddy o’5 friend: what do you mean isn’t it daddy o ‘ 3 child protective services : now he is

  • apple crumb pie

    that sh-t your aunt makes at thanksgiving. damb, this apple crumb pie is banging.

  • i heard you can’t quite kick the bad shit

    quitting a drug i heard you can’t quite kick the bad sh-t

  • religispeak

    the uninspired, mindless, dogmatic parlance discharged by fervent religious adherents; phraseology frequently encountered include: ‘oh, bless his heart’, ‘the lord moves in mysterious ways’, ‘the devil is a liar’, ‘everything happens for a reason’, ‘thank god!’, it’s a miracle’, i’m so blessed’ and ‘anything is possible through faith’. religispeak my -ss! get with the f-cking […]

  • compressible compact cock

    a man with a very small, very soft (unable to get hard) c-ck. usually unkempt. poor eloy, he’s never gonna be able to find a woman with that compressible compact c-ck.

  • slangless

    adjective: pertaining to one who does not use slang words. hoodf-ck #1: i bet that punk’s only on urban dictionary to check out another custom trump word again! hoodf-ck #2: yeah! or making one! hoodf-ck #3: yo, dis guy’s slangless!

  • honey pizza’d

    the act of buying pizza around someone for your own personal gain i told him to leave but he had already ordered a pizza, d-mn ive been honey pizza’d

  • mahnoor

    mahnoor means in arabic light of the moon. ahh….that mahnoor is soooo beautiful!! i could look at the sky all night! mahnoor literally means ‘moonlight’ in arabic. mahnoors’ are known for their cl-ss and elegance. they are the prettiest and hottest girls in the world, actually, the universe. they are clever, witty and very sensible. […]

  • heronation

    the heronation is a group of people that went from being an underdog and failure to becoming m-ssively successful. they are a part of renier weideman’s fan base. the heronation has a belief system of, no matter what happens, they will become successful. heronation is part of renier weideman’s family. be part of the movement […]

  • arkansas mud plug

    a s-xual act. when one has a strong bout of diarrhea, but is keen not to let it go to waste. instead the liquid is poured into a latex condom, which is then sealed around the base of the p-n-s by any tape that will form a seal. (duct tape kinda works) at this point, […]

  • puke button

    around the sternum area…if pushed too hard causes nausea bro you hit my puke b-tton – *pukes*

  • scaramucci

    the fluids or solids resulting from one’s inability to control bowel movements; stool (feces) which has leaked unexpectedly from the r-ct-m. scaramucci can range from being an accidental or occasional leakage of stool while p-ssing gas, to a full-blown loss of bowel control. scott was upset by the decision, that it literally dislodged the scaramucci […]

  • mexirecon

    a mexican and a korean mix child my mom is mexican my dad is korean so that makes me mexirecon

  • wrentham

    a town in m-ssachusetts where elderly people and parents force their kids to go to church. king philip used to be here but we stole his land and made a high school and middle school named after him that’s fair right ? basically nothing is here except a few dead camps and stores maybe a […]

  • shart booger

    a t-rd or a dingleberry. worst case scenario, i not only sharted, i also have a shart booger in my pants.

  • donothing

    a donothing one whom dont want a job, get up early every morning just to go sit on a step of a neighbors, or near by neighborhood area step for as up to 8 hrs daily (ie. smoke weed ) everyday you come home these donothings are one the block.

  • imyd

    i miss you dude. *otp.* person 1 : imyd. when are you going to visit me? person 2 : tomorrow i guess. person 1 : okay. i miss your d-ck her: imyd him: babe i’ll get you wet tonight

  • twistedkarma

    karma is a b-tch but twistedkarma is superior to all, usually twistedkarma happens to worse of all people or person doing the unthinkable to others, above wishing h-ll on someone you’d hope for twistedkarma as it happens in this lifetime so one can witness retribution i hope twistedkarma gets you for what you’ve done

  • draus

    a pushed back hairline ” awe dude don’t be a draus your hairline will recide”

  • pupis

    another name for large amounts of p-b-s. did you see stacys pupis coming out of her swimsuit today!!

  • pulling a yang

    to stay at work hours after your shift is over, mainly due to not focusing at tasks at hand. person 1: “it’s 10pm, i thought your shift ended at 7” person 2: “yeah, i’m running behind i started talking to people then i saw something shiny” persons 1: “ah you’re pulling a yang”

  • veltpvp

    by far the worst minecraft server to this day, with the most lazy, toxic, and biased staff team in history. if you’re a big fan of ddosing, doxing, an other illegal stuff, i’m sure you’ll enjoy playing this server, as all of that stuff is allowed here. if you make your way up to admin […]

  • scrumptiadiliumptious

    meaning to be appealing in a s-xual way. that girl is scrumptiadiliumptious.

  • sdvfkzhgtwsdyj egkudhjbjmz

    i slammed my head on my keyboard. you: “hey” me: “sdvfkzhgtwsdyj egkudhjbjmz”

  • cornier

    being being . you could say, i don’t think i’ve seen anyone as corny as joe. ex. i don’t think i’ve seen anyone cornier than joe. or could she have dressed any cornier?

  • chalsie

    goddess, spoiled, great personality, the best type of person to be around. chalsie is so gorgeous.

  • gordoed

    when u lose a girl of interest to a teacher yo katie lehman is now dating a teacher! yeah my friend liked her, he got gordoed

  • pull a niall

    to commit sucide my girlfriend broke up with me , i think im going to pull a niall

  • lmt

    licensed m-ssage therapist here, let me give you a m-ssage. i’m an lmt let me think; to think about it hmmmm. . . lmt about it. i dont know right now. acronym for “lick my taint” guy 1:f-ck you! guy 2:lmt meaning “lick my tw-t”. it’s an inside term used in the same effect as […]

  • yelling and sniffing

    a kid-friendly term to sensor the word “yiffing.” first used by matpat and stephanie on gtlive to make dayshift at freddy’s slightly more appropriate. mat: time to yiff the fox! steph: don’t do it, matthew. no yelling and sniffing of the foxy allowed.

  • zero gravi-d

    adjective/noun/verb the act of taking too much v–gr- therefore causing a prolonged erection doctor: “and what was your last oral intake jimmie?” jimmie: “well i took some v–gr-.” doctor: “it seems to be that your diagnosis is a case of zero gravi-d”

  • mr gook

    racist slur for a chinese man hey dude look at “mr gook” over there

  • cinaganism

    (noun) an organically, naturally occurring, -rg-smic experience me and my girl had the best night ever last night. pure cinaganism. all. night. long.

  • shady katey

    🅱️ shady katey is someone who seems loyal and says they will do something but won’t (and they might even promise they will but still won’t cause they shady™) uses 🅱️ a lot too (and probably has a bbf named miles but that might be a little specific) but tbh in the end is a […]

  • zero gravity dick

    adjective noun/verb the curse of a never restful p-n-s. thus, zero-gravity d-ck. “he shall be cursed with zero gravity d-ck until the chosen one manages to speak to him without falling victim to the erect p-n-s. only then, will the curse be broken.”

  • beta nigga

    test version of a lover. someone you try things out on then dump if there’s too many bugs in the relationship. coined by jose alberto sanchez kate’s new guys not gonna last…he’s just her beta n-gg-. how’s your relationship going? doesn’t matter he’s just my beta n-gg-.

  • synaeha

    a girl with vavavoom hair. bossy to the point of dictatorship, but loyal like n-body else. gets along with everyone because she is hilarious. empathetic and genuine – she would be the perfect female if it wasn’t for that big mouth. run your business like a synaeha.

  • mr. swigert

    a stupid -ss who will never tell you to shut up. he is 70 and still watches p-rn. f-ck you mr. swigert, you watch p-rn.

  • abloogough

    a weird sounding sneeze. chloe: omg i just sneezed and it sounded like abloogough tim: omg11 new user11

  • halun

    halun is a usually quiet type of bloke. is knows for having a chode! halun is a big fatty! hey do you know fatloon?

  • linamon roll

    a nickname for lin-manuel miranda who wrote hamilton. he is the most adorable cinnamon roll ever lin miranda is a linamon roll

  • wifi relationship

    fake, superficial, insecure relationship for show. so fake it’s like you can see straight through it like a wifi signal. 1. you know sarah and gregory got a wifi relationship cuz it’s so fake you can see right through that sh-t. 2. chelsea and thomas wifi relationship on 10, they so insecure, they got gps […]

  • serria

    she is just wow! she is fearless and not afraid to beat the sh-t out of you! she may be shy and awkward but once you get to know her….she will never let you go and you’re ok with that. she would show you how bold she is. guys will see how wonderful she is […]

  • tellybear

    a guy you can tell anything to while being your snuggle bear dylan is my tellybear

  • jakon72

    the best canadian dayz youtuber ever! “whats up guys jakon72 here” also owns the best dayz server! “whats up guys jakon72 here with a brand new video, hope you guys enjoy!”

  • mindog

    again dog of tame, some where in the neighbor hood i saw mindogs as pits, may i have irritations!!!

  • tiche

    a small amount of something. miniscule. turn the heat up just a tiche, it’s a little cold in here.

  • sugar scrubbing

    interracial g-y s-x “so my girlfriend and i were sugar scrubbing either…”

  • fecalangelo

    leaving a masterpiece of a dump in the sh-tter. dude tattooed the bowl with the chili sh-ts. this guy is truly a fecalangelo!

  • phantom splooge

    an ejaculatory deposit that vanishes into thin air. i gave up on cleaning because it was a phantom splooge.

  • alofaf

    alofaf is an acronym meaning always looking-out for a friend. corey (male): hey bud, i put the toilet seat up when i took a pee and forgot to put it back down. i know you like to sit down when you pee. just a heads up. kyle h. (male): good looking out, man! i know […]

  • fucking nigger faggot shit face

    calling a black guy a f-cking n-gg-r f-ggot sh-t face f-cking: to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise n-gg-r: term for a black or dark-skinned person f-ggot: male h-m-s-xual sh-t: p–p or black face: front part of the head someone: you’re a f-cking n-gg-r f-ggot sh-t face black man: ima beat you up motherf-cker

  • jeremy lumpkins

    small d-cked, man child he so small hes a jeremy lumpkins

  • collopy

    slightly like a plumbus but not quite there. girls like to sit on it, guys like to squirt at it through small holes and windows. turtles hate it. your mum, however……done wow! what a collopy! hey! i managed to squirt on that collopy from 3 miles away through a window and tiny hole! yay for […]

  • tampei

    world renown username on the internet. usually better than other compet-tors “wow, tampei is way better than myke at league of legends!”

  • mazookie

    a lame -ss n-gg- … n-gg- shut yo mazookie -ss up

  • imena

    a sweet independent caring girl. she is loyal to her friends loves her family to the moon and back. she is smart and she is beautiful inside and out she has a good sense of style and she is bold and brave. she does not care what people think of her. and if you mess […]

  • clumsy ass

    another word used in place of using dumb -ss.. ” he’s taking out his girl to watch ice -age??? d-mn that clumsy -ss

  • soft pass

    the opposite of a hard p-ss: something that you have some interest in but ultimately cannot do. man, that place does have delectable mac n cheese, but i am going to have to be a soft p-ss

  • rheanne erotica

    rheanne erotica, also known as erotic girl, with has the best grip of everything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) rheanne erotica as an awesome grip man!

  • jahliyah

    a big fat ugly gorrilla from the auckland zoo, usually escapes to run to the te atatu local highschool holy sh-t its a jahliyah

  • sapphi

    typically a beatiful woman with deep blue eyes and an irish accent, can often be found at the bar drinking c-cktails and shooting tequilas. ding dong, look at that sapphi over there when she grows up she will be a right sapphi

  • wagon wheeler

    groupies that are skinny and hang out at bbq joints in hopes of finding married men, brisket, and free rolls. did you see that wagon wheeler yesterday, she looks like she could use a chopped beef sandwich and a good time…lol groupies that are skinny and hang out at bbq joints in hopes of finding […]

  • milo thatch

    a character from disney’s atlantis:the lost empire, who wants to find the lost city of atlantis. ze mole: milo thatch, you have disturbedthe dirt

  • braecation

    a combination of “bro”, “bae”, and “vacation” meaning a group vacation with your bros and your/their baes. dude, i can not wait to go up to andy’s cottage! braecation is going to be lit af this year!

  • lutin takedown

    it’s when you jump on an old guy……..with a knife. “i gave him the old lutin takedown in dark souls 3.”

  • aiyslin

    the most beautiful girl ever. when she enters the room, everyone stops and stares. aiyslin is the type of girl to be really sweet and kind but if you p-ss her off. you’re screwed. aiyslin is someone everyone wants to be friends with because she’s such a wonderful person. she’s the type of girl to […]

  • weent

    a cree word for dirty. “you little weent tuguy!”

  • class shaming

    the act of shaming a person for being either poor, middle-cl-ss, or wealthy. i couldn’t believe she made fun of the fact he got his clothes from a second hand store. she just kept cl-ss shaming him.

  • pornstar princess

    any girl that has a boyfriend that treats her like a princess but when they have s-x he treats her like a dirty hooker, or a p-rnstar. kyle: man how’s bree doing? danny: she’s great, that’s my p-rnstar princess.

  • digital facelift

    an online version of a traditional onsite course, which is cosmetic at best, to appear as if genuine e-learning is involved. teachers need to go beyond a simple digital facelift of their cl-ssroom lessons, if they truly want to realize their students’ potential in the 21st century.

  • el chiquito

    is a latin-american slang referring to a woman -ss. el chiquito: is a latin-american slang referring to a woman -ss. “mami se que tienes la regla hoy, pero dame -el chiquito- aunquesea” “she loves when i hit it hard por el chiquito”

  • the perscription crimson chin

    the act of s-xually moving you’re chin up and down, in a caressing motion, on the cl-toris, while she is on the red streak janet and i are going to leave soon, i am going to give her the perscription crimson chin.

  • himf

    to show expression in a way no one can understand. matt and mark guido got me angry so i said himf.

  • fyba

    f-ck your b-tch -ss fyba logan

  • seamless bandana

    when you consume a male/ female’s head with your r-ct-m until you reach the recipients neck where you erotically asphyxiate them as you stimulate their genitalia until the point of -rg-sm. johnny showed me he loves me sooooo much, he gave me a seamless bandana last night.

  • frescovian

    in a way which radically tears down your old world view, yet provide you with something new and better. to sincerely, using scientific method, dismantle a claim, point of view or world view, and offer a better solution. to approach something objectively, using scientific method. to be able to dismantle ideas and notions, and use […]

  • class of 2020

    mostly born in late 2001-2002 mostly consists of f-ckboys, dukes, sl-ts and other awful human beings. the guys are all f-ggots, and the girls are all wh-r-s drew: i am graduating in 2018, what year are you graduating in, john. john: i’m graduating in 2020. drew: i feel bad for you. john: yeah, the cl-ss […]

  • shnocked

    to be so tired you p-ss out; to blackout because you can’t hang. “d-mn, that guy is shnocked.”

  • yethzelle

    an amazing, strong, v beautiful girl. you could put her through h-ll but she’d still love you. she’s very sweet and would do anything for the people she loves. she will change your life for the better. she really is the best ‘” omg do you see that girl ? she looks like a yethzelle!”

  • dylan penniket

    the best guy in the world, he makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel like some cares. i wish dylan penniket would date me but he doesn’t knwo i like him. i love him a lot. dylan is a guy you want in your life and is very good at sport. he […]