• fanta fapping

    the art of dismembering ones hand and using it to m*st*rb*t* ian “rick, have you ever tried fanta fapping “? rick “no whats that”? ian” look it up on urban dictionary”

  • australienated

    when a person suffers discrimination or ridicule, based purely on the fact that they are australian. i was kicked out of the buzzfeed meeting after i suggested an article for “23 delicious new ways to enjoy vegemite”. i guess you could say i was australienated.

  • a salad

    a salad : a limp, useless lie used by anyone who wants to be socially acceptable. oh my god! you’re such a salad!

  • iajh

    i’m a jealous hater joe: i’ve got a date with mary. jack: iajh

  • doitle

    1. used in polite speech, refers to moist fecal matter between the b*ttocks. 2. *n*l leakage. 3. a portmanteau word derived from “dookie,” “toilet,” and “turtle head.” student to teacher: may i please be excused? i have some doitle to attend to. teacher: poor dear, of course you may! no wonder you were itching yourself! […]

  • cum-scrub

    when you c*m on a gyal and she uses your c*m as shampoo joe: i f*cked your b*tch and c*mmed on dat slag tyler: rude joe: she started washing her hair with it still, c*m-scrub

  • chunku rani

    sleeps around a lot,totally a man wh*r*,likes to collect tampons..all in all a total debesh. likes to listen to i am a barbie girl and dance for hours. has intestinal problems due to which he has problem doing *n*l s*x. who is that chunku rani? stop being a chunku rani and grow up!!

  • expectancle

    to expect tentacles while watching p*rn whilst on the phone with your significant other. “did you expectancle my tentacles inside you?”

  • the dayton regional stem school

    it is a “nerd” school, but not really, sometimes it can get lit af what school do you go to? the dayton regional stem school… isn’t that a nerd school? no. shut up darla.

  • skunk juice

    this is a foul smelling concoction of questionable origins. gawdddd, do you smell that odor of skunk juice in the air? arrrrrggghhhh!!!!

  • santa hoe

    cougars that go to the mall with their children at christmas time so that they can hit on santa. elf volunteer: omg did u see that cougar out there? santa: ya. she’s a real santa hoe… think i could get her in the break room?

  • sesquipedalofilia

    amore per le parole di vasta lunghezza / eccitazione erotico-sentimentale provocata dalla lettura o dall’ascolto di parole lunghe. da “sesquipedale” (estremamente lungo) + “filia” (amore, p*ssione). “sesquipedalofilo” o “sesquipedalofila” è colui o colei che si ritrova in questa definizione. “credo di essere sesquipedalofilo!” amo le parole lunghe.” “la mia sesquipedalofilia è estrema: mi piacciono tantissimo […]

  • unliely

    an ancient norse word literally translating as “by the grayest hairs of odin’s mighty beard it shall not come be.” effectively meaning there is very little chance of occurrence. if i was wrong i would be unliely to admit it.

  • bike life

    differs kinda of bikers from bmx,mountain bikes, motorcycles found in streets doing wheelies in large groups yo my boy popped a wheelie had a 12 o’clock my boy got blocks bike life up ya hurd a term people who ride motorcycles identify with. it’s bike and life and not some other sh*t, it’s life and […]

  • happell bunny

    a real hoe of the internet, very mainstream and always sleeps around. fails at attempting to get boys and gets it stolen by gingers. pixel gun noob and a all round hoe happell bunny is really bad at pixel gun and watches little mix on x factor

  • cuban hotbox

    farting with the windows rolled up on a hot day “dude roll down the windows it’s like a cuban hotbox in here”

  • author kush coma

    there aren’t any definitions for author kush coma yet. can you define it?

  • nageeb

    terrorist nageeb p*ss me the explosives

  • mellswell

    pittsburgheses for “might as well” we mellswell go out to eat, since there is no food here.

  • texan tick-tock

    when a guy c*ms in a girls *ss, then sucks it out and spits it into her mouth. she then spits it into his *ss to finish “oh yeh she’s real dirty. she even did a texan tick-tock last night!”

  • amigoey

    (adj) when a place is literally crawling with mexicans i was gonna fish chain bridge, but it was too amigoey

  • glhvdd

    acronym for good luck, have fun, don’t die. can be an appropriate response to legitimately fun and relatively safe activities, or sympathetic response to unfun and potentially painful (but not really life threatening) activities. almost always semi-sarcastic. not ok to use in response to legitimately life-threatening situations. “want to go to all-you-can-eat sushi tonight?” “can’t […]

  • fall fuck harvest

    when people try to get pregnant during fall so that their kids will be born in the summer. jimmy: hey cara: fall f*ck harvest? jimmy: h*lla ya… #icecreampaintjob

  • make a trump call

    refuse to quit the race, but to forge ahead, despite the fact that all the polls show that one’s chances of winning the election are near-zero—a miracle could do the job, though. although it’s an open secret that media conglomerates are doing all they can to prevent him from winning an alleged “rigged election,” donald […]

  • sasquatch brain

    the brain of an extremely stupid person. that’s a typical response from a sasquatch brain; is your whole family from the sasquatch branch of the evolutionary tree?

  • stroke n suck

    when a guy stroke’s a girls hair and suck’s her br**sts at the same time. chad was on the couch with kiersten in the middle of a stroke n suck when his wife walked on them!

  • fleged

    adjective, something someone has that cannot be described using other words. a descriptive word where other words don’t do justice. i dunno man, brandon is just so fleged. yea i know what you mean man. he just has that fleg.

  • one ounce

    people who are slightly autistic and miss understand one outs thinking it’s one ounce one ounce the c*nt 28 grams the c*nt?

  • dump the clutch

    this is when you rev your car/dirtbike/quad/ whatever way up in first gear, then slide your foot/hand off the clutch so the power goes from 0 to 100 in an instant. this will make the tires spin and give you a strong start. bob: yo mike how do you start really fast on a dirtbike […]

  • senyor rompe

    a very well liked, humbly good looking lad. over hung where it counts, the desire of many woman. and men alike. in doubt, one must answer true to these questions for confirmation of ident*ty: when you look in the mirror, do you see pride? power? a bad *ss m*th* who don’t take no cr*p off […]

  • guap’d

    to sh*t in someone’s cereal both literally and metaphorically. i watch my friend guap’d someone online

  • errky

    feeling the physical effects of drug withdrawal. you can also be errky on your way to a big party and you’re not pumped up yet. “dude you look like heck!” “i’m feeling errky man, gotta get well” by saying errky you can explain your poor condition without bringing up awkward topics.

  • helly

    another form of “h*lla”. excessively; very. dude, that clown was h*lly fresh. my one and only ting ting :] she`s loveable and funnieeee :] she makes me smilee when i`m sad and i love her with all my heart = foo foo

  • kimsexual

    a person not gay nor straight but a mother f*cking unicorn i like candy as much as kims*xual

  • keyonte

    when a guy loves to eat *ss and b*tt stuff but is afraid to admit it. “hey i heard billy eats *ss” ” yeah but he’s a real keyonte about it!”

  • long car

    a bus. on wednesdays i ride the long car to school

  • ghadorrible

    something that is both ghastly and horribly adorable at the same time. “did you see that video of baby possums eating? they’re so ghadorrible!”

  • capodanno

    to get your quadruple penetrated in the *ss while on a man lovin’ trip to denver. “hey, jason just got back from denver …i heard he got capodanno there.” “well, that explains why he’s walking funny “

  • horizontal mattress party

    the sensation of having a s*x party horizontally on a mattress with your significant other. elizabeth: yo tim did you hear max and lisa upstairs last night?” tim : yeah i sure did i think they were having a horizontal horizontal mattress party “

  • oh my badness!

    the opposite of oh my goodness. when we have said or done something bad or sinful it is ones badness that had caused one to behave in such a manner. oh my badness! i have set the house on fire.

  • mr. burchard

    a huge d*ck that will make you want to kill everyone. they are usually a teacher that is racist and even more s*xist. they will make your life a living h*ll. also they tend to be pedophiles wow i hate you, you’re such a mr. burchard.

  • nuggetid

    when one is “nuggetid” they have simply smoked a sh*t ton of mary jane and have no ability to move their arms or legs for a long period of time. the continuous use of marijuana can leave one in a paraletic state. george looked over at joe with his red eyes and asked “could you […]

  • foot fetishist

    a human being or fictional character who perversely engages in s*xual behavior in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to feet, most accurately in a way that is considered lecherous and unacceptable. a foot fetish is usually an interest in feet. but if it is taken to a degree which is deemed creepy, […]

  • pulling a wyles

    stalking and/or touching a minor, regardless of your age. “i can’t believe tom! he was practically pulling a wyles!”

  • seismopussy

    a seismograph measures earthquakes, seismop*ssy is givin an earthquake to that p*ssy i gave that aria chick a seismop*ssy man

  • gerb nation

    people who don’t, know don’t need to know. are you about that gerb nation

  • cdfd

    calm da fuq down dude: there are only 2 genders triggered femin*z*: rifnfocjspcnwpnbfifiosb!!!! dude: cdfd

  • cranial power generation potential

    cranial power generation potential (cpgp) is a value that determines the wind power generating potential created from information blowing over the heads of stupid people. to calculate the cranial power generation potential (cpgp), first we use the stanford binet intelligence scale and define a couple of values *ssociated with the intelligence levels on that scale; […]

  • brother’s tea

    a revolting experience described as follows. a male goes into a public bathroom to drop a deuce. unknowingly, the bowl is filled to the brim with a prior dude’s diluted s&*t plus bowl water. yes, the bowl is clogged, but for whatever reason, the situation is unresolved. in short, the bowl is full, but no […]

  • shrutika

    shrutika means forever love. it means if you love something/someone for more than 4 years without expecting anything in return. i have my car with me since 6 years. i shrutika my car. i have been with my bestie since 7 years, i shrutika her.

  • dropping a bowie

    when someone defecates explosively into a fixed receptacle, therefore rendering all surrounding cubicles inhabitable for human life. guys, avoid cubicle one, i just heard someone dropping a bowie!

  • rotating rust

    a dysphemism for a hard disk drive, which historically consisted of a rotating platter of iron oxide (modern hard drives may use other materials). rotating rust has much higher latency than ssds.

  • lap fuck

    when a girl sit’s on a guy’s lap and rides his c*ck chad gave kiersten a lap f*ck at the pizza hut and gave the employees & customers something to tweet about!

  • gangster beer

    a bottle of champagne or wine, drunk straight from the bottle, whilst you’re partying or out getting lit with friends. utilized by those who cbf with gl*sses, lining up for drinks, and/or buys the drank by the bottle. often p*ssed around the dfloor between friends. benefits include: money savings, less time in queues, getting lit. […]

  • throat enema

    deep throating, bl*w j*b with swallowing i think my girlfriend is in need of a throat enema

  • aw, crap!

    this phrase is usually used when bad things happen. for instance… person1: i think we lost all our money in the casino… person2: aw, cr*p!

  • (⌣_⌣”)

    (⌣_⌣”) is an emoticon/lenny face that represents “phew.” or “so close!” max2398: yo dude how much did you get on the math test? jeffinator203: i got 97 (⌣_⌣”)

  • blopty

    another name for nose he’s got a big blopty another name for nose he’s got a big blopty

  • forest gumped

    from the movie forrest gump. where forest pretty much stumbled his way into extraordinary events throughout history. like meeting elvis and john lennon “i hear johnny made partner at the law firm” “yeah, he really forest gumped his say to the top”

  • mega lit chode

    there aren’t any definitions for mega lit chode yet. can you define it?

  • savantage

    a savage savant, one whose intelligence is so unfathomable that it invokes fear in those around them. the savantage is usually unaware of their awesome mental prowess and how little it makes those around them feel. “did you hear? paris got a 97 on the orgo final. she didn’t study.” “are you kidding me, i […]

  • galaxy s7

    isis’s favorite cellular phone. person 1: yo, just got the new galaxy s7 terrorist: *takes the phone* allahu akbar!!!!

  • egg swap

    sharing s*m*n, usually by spitting] it from one mouth to another. so named for the raw egg texture of a load of c*m. i don’t know how to feel about my girlfriend — she wants to egg swap after i f*ck her in the *ss and go shrimpin’.

  • a cold rush of blood

    when you pinch somewhere to remove your erection. i had to pinch my arm to get rid of that b*n*r. it was a cold rush of blood.

  • factsolutely

    a bonding of the two words “facts” && “absolutely”; like saying “factz” or “100%” “did you get that promotion last week? factsolutely!”

  • my ding-a-ling

    “my ding-a-ling” is the t*tle of a novelty song written and recorded by dave bartholomew. in 1972 it was covered by chuck berry and became berry’s only u.s. number-one single on the pop charts. later that year, in a longer unedited form, it was included on the alb*m the london chuck berry sessions. two members […]

  • premature edumpulation

    when one person in a relationship thinks the other is going to break up with them they decide to dump the other first. except the person never had intentions of dumping the other and now there are huge regrets. they acted in haste, and had premature edumpulation hey man what happened with you and mary? […]

  • clam trumpin

    when you go around grabbing all the fine p*ssy you can. paul and chris had so much fun today going around clam trumpin that they fought to see who would get the boss first.

  • semilore

    a girl or boy who is highly attrative she looked like a semilore in that dress

  • child sermonizing

    this is the preaching of a naive, but self-righteous person who thinks that they know more about life than others. the soph*m*re was child sermonizing about worldwide ills in a way that would be laughable, if not so obnoxious!

  • eat the chocolate

    means to release yourself of your burdens and enjoy simple pleasures and simblissity. don’t wait for your life to be perfectly realigned, go ahead and eat the chocolate…now! now is now. yesterday was a was. tomorrow is something we can plan for and it may never come. so if the desire is to do something […]

  • skiing in paris

    when a girl is giving head and getting f*cked doggy style by 2 guys (eiffel tower) while she simultaneously jerks off 2 other guys (skiing) yea,brennan,chris,josh and i took jenny skiing in paris and now she cant sit or talk and has blisters on both her hands.

  • alarm clock pizza

    when you get really drunk and order a pizza online after the store has closed. you forget that you ordered a pizza because you were drunk and there is a pizza in the stores queue in the morning. they proceed to deliver the pizza when they reopen in the morning. you hear a knock on […]

  • interrtrumpt

    to consistently and belligerently interrupt an individual as they attempt to speak or otherwise go about their business. donald continually interrtrumpted hillary throughout the second debate. donald completely interrtrumpted the republican party in 2016.

  • slave whale

    a larger women who just wants s*x and is submissive to a mans junk. mike: ” holy sh*t you see the way ashley dresses?” jon: “yea shes such a slave whale!”

  • i am the one

    don’t weigh a ton, don’t need a gun to get respect up on the street i am the one , don’t weigh a ton don’t need a gun to get respect up on the street

  • king kong build

    this is a powerful, muscular build, like king kong. the wrestler had a real king kong build!

  • military wipe

    when a person of service goes #2 and only uses one sheet of paper to wipe by wrapping the single piece of paper around their index finger and inserts the finger into their *n*s and wiping with a circular movement. i only had one piece of tp left so i had to ” military wipe”!

  • huriyah

    an amazing girl,good learner,good fighter, never back down,a very strong person,never backs down , aleays there for people ,a loving person ,always there. huriyah is the best person u can ever find to back u up and to ne your mate

  • night night nigga

    when you slap a n*gg* so hard they b*tch *ss p*ss the f*ck out time to go night night n*gg*

  • simulsoluna

    when the sun and the moon are visible in the sky at the same time. i saw a simulsoluna on my way to work this morning!

  • trantitties

    a f*gghot with big t*ts mason your a trant*tties

  • factsturbate

    v: to willfully distort, ignore, or fabricate factual material in order to serve one’s selfish ends, e.g. deceiving others trump’s tendency to factsturbate constantly when speaking to the public makes those with a firm grip on reality swell with anger.

  • ridiculability

    a measure of how severely an act or happening should be ridiculed and criticized based on the double-standards of pop culture. in other words, how ridiculable (expresses whether or not something is held to the standard of being ridiculed) something is. that girl’s outfit ranked a straight 69 on the ridiculability scale!

  • trump-bone

    to grab a male by the genitals; not to be mistaken with the trump. “this guy on the subway was being weird so i trump-boned him…problem solved”

  • little ceasar left

    a very rare occurrence. this is when a man gets one punched by the p*ssenger of a parked car while trying to chirp him. the beauty part is, not only does the man get one punched by a left hook, the left hand is also holding a slice of little ceasars pizza to really make […]

  • fuck boy2016

    usually a white boy that thinks he’s a man but can’t commit to anything! he only thinks with his d*ck and will talk to anyone and f*ck anyone that will let him. usually only finds one loyal bad*ss chick in his life and will f*ck it up because of his f*ck boy habbits. never give […]

  • slop daddy

    there aren’t any definitions for slop daddy yet. can you define it?

  • hypospermia

    when you’re sperm is always cold i jerked off last night and my c*m was ice cold, must be hypospermia

  • drake’s hairline

    it was left in 3rd grade aye! that n*gg*h has drake’s hairline! lmaooo

  • buzzer bleeder

    buzzer bleeder is when your girlfriend rhinks she might be pregnant but gets her period in the time between buying the pregnancy test and peeing on it. we thought becky was pregnant but she nailed a last second buzzer bleeder in a hardys bathroom.

  • tschimpke

    the name of a goldfish found in a german lake. can also be the last name of most likely a german person but and american person as well. hey it’s a tschimpke, man thats a pretty fish! or hey it’s person from the tschimpke family!

  • fuck me silly

    when a woman is so drunk, that she beckons the first man she sees to f*ck her. when woman wants the d*ck so badly, that she is willing to be f*cked until she is legally insane. milf: “hey you s*xy slab of man meat, f*ck me silly” man meat in question: “yeah…sure”

  • slinging dick

    the act of being your own f*cking self and not giving a sh*t about anyone else also doing your own thing and loving doing it c*cksucker we slinging d*ck and givin out fortune cookies

  • janaeia

    janaeia is the name of a beautiful, independent, loud, funny, shy, women who gives great head, and can pleasure any man in bed, any man lucky enough to pleasure janaeia should savor her, and treat her as a queen!!! janaeia deserves the best!

  • clurve

    a pitch in baseball that has the movement of a fastball, but the grip and arm action of a curveball, fooling the batter. this is often used as a strikeout or setup pitch. the clurve on 1-2 froze the batter as he could not take the bat off of his shoulder.

  • lathering your crunchies

    the act of using your spoon to repeatedly dunk and mix the un-moistened cereal pieces in the milk. i see you’re lathering your crunchies, nice.

  • rate your dololo

    its a random thing meaning nothing !! dam boy i rate your dololo

  • safiy

    a person who gets abused all the time #stopthesafiyabuse person1:you heard about the guy who gets abused all the time person2:yeah he must be a safiy

  • sour blow

    when you suck on both a warhead and a d*ck at the same time dude samantha gave me a sour blow last night

  • rulu

    the best thing to ever happen to someone ever! does rulu things to you.

  • kaitlyn pedicord

    a girl with lots of aids kaitlyn pedicord has aids

  • dosethings

    is another word for those things look at dosethings

  • border clown

    a border clown is a term used to describe a person of any hispanic decent, who makes weak attempts at humor but fails. wow ,george lopez sure is a border clown.

  • donald’s dick

    when a man has a curly p*n*s slightly like a duck’s. shaniqua”my man so curly, he got a donald’s d*ck”

  • diego montano

    a vietnamese farmer that is frequently *ssaulted as he tries to eat lunch. that poor guy is a diego montano.

  • manletarian

    a beta of all beta’s. a person that is 5″6 and claims to be 5″11. some are known for their extraordinary talent at short man sports excelling in bird watching, futsal and indoor soccer. short man syndrome mask their low self esteem with heavy ego lifting at the gymnasium and using weightlifting belts to support […]

  • träslev

    swedish for “wooden spoon”. träslev is the tool used to punish you if you make one of the following mistakes in school: you miss a deadline, you make a grammatical error, you give the wrong answer to a question, you come late to cl*ss, you accidentally swear infront of the teacher… (so basically any kind […]

  • gaping-fuckhole

    any female whos p*ssy hole has been f*cked by so much c*ck that it wont ever be normal again without some form of surgery. mike and i f*cked this b*tch from the bar last night and it took both of our big fat c*cks to fill that gaping-f*ckhole.

  • k9-unit

    dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs. hey did you here about the k9-unit ya it has f*cking dogs of course i’ve heard of it!

  • smap (senior management action plan)

    senior management action plan is a path for lateral hires to be inducted in senior positions in a company. this includes exposure to all verticals within stipulated time frame: a) customer care -15 days b) finance -5 days c) human resource -10 days d) sales and marketing -20 days e) product development -30 days f) […]

  • trinady

    trinady: 1.) pretty,stunning girl 2.) nicest person above others. 3.) the girl that gets annoyed by r*t*rded things. 4.) a girl that some people have a lot in common with. 5.) shy 5.) great smile 6.) people would leave to be with her. 7.) has a obsession with chicken nuggets 8.) swears too much. 9.) […]

  • jinbop

    to intentionally send pictures that const*tute as child p*rnography to someone (usually famous, someone who doesn’t read all their messages) and report them to the police. the word comes from the name of minecraft youtuber jinbop, who was sent such pictures, but not out of malice. the term later took on a different meaning when […]

  • timed drawing test

    phone s*x by young or old people. usually done over snapchat and is meant to be quiet and fun, creativity is key hey babe wanna do a timed drawing test

  • dirty satchel

    when you are sixty-nining with a girl, but you end up vomiting on her, so she ends up with a mouth full of c*m and a p*ssy full of vomit. a “satchel” if you will. person a: “we were going at it so hard, i accidentally gave her a dirty satchel.” person b: “eww, disgusting!”

  • stank pole

    a term used when a guy has been putting his meat pole de enorme in a stank coochi. therefore, the guy gets infected with a foul odored meat pole. jerry: hey mom, i think i need to go to the doctors. my meat pole de enorme feels like its on fire and it has an […]

  • breaking the internet

    when the maximum boredom level has been reached and you type something into google such as: asdasd asdf qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm along those lines… tyler was breaking the internet when i looked at his history: asdasd asdf p*rnhub,com qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm

  • sausous

    australian slang for sausages (sos- ous) chuck a few more sausous on the barbie mate australian slang for sausages (sos- ous) chuck a few more sausous on the barbie mate australian slang for sausages (sos- ous) chuck a few more sausous on the barbie mate australian slang for sausages (sos- ous) chuck a few more […]

  • anti-streisand effect

    there aren’t any definitions for anti-streisand effect yet. can you define it?

  • earped

    when you kill an opponent with a pistol while playing a fist person shooter online. earped derived from wyatt earp’s name. my main weapon was out of ammo, but i pulled the pistol and earped that fool.

  • kiddiejames

    a young boy that is flexing all tha time ”look there a kiddiejames”

  • williet

    being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people. making little or no noise. she’s the girl you bullied in cl*ss and the girl who wasn’t the coolest. but that all change. she grew up to be a famous model and all her bullies ended up broke. c(-; that […]

  • starve on it

    to eat the p*ssy as if you are starving i can’t wait to see my girl tonight, i’m gonna motherf*cking starve on it.

  • samdingledofelle

    a confused person usually to do with cats or boxes don’t allow samdingledofelles in your house they’re all gay

  • slam spunk

    when you jhizz in your hand and slap your gilr in the face “i slam sp*nked that b*tch!”

  • irritation domination

    the feeling one gets when a situation suddenly goes wrong causing major stress. eric suffered severe irritation domination when he realized his zipper was down, exposing his shortcomings.

  • aulbry

    a had craft rare instrument that is only made in eastern michigan that sounds like a b*ss clarinet i want to go play aulbry

  • junebug spade

    a drug addict that cuts his own supply then sells it to dumb kids. a drug dealer of african decent. sh*t all my regular guys are waiting for more work. well i guess call junebug spade.

  • u-dong

    1.a flavor in ramen. 2. short for huge-p*n*s 1. hey, do you like u-dong ramen? 2.that u-dong is right up yo *ss!

  • meggy eggy

    a bootiful yellow yolk oo its a meggy eggy

  • rainy jungle

    the act on one licking or sucking on another’s pubic hair. when sucked in the public jungle becomes wet just like when it rains, that’s how it got its name. “drew” man this girl said she’d give me a rainy jungle” chris” what’s that?” drew” it’s pretty much getting your p*b*s sucked” chris “no way […]

  • zloy

    angry in russian max laufer is zloy…

  • snoj

    acronym for: sweet nectar of jesus. used in describing an attractive female. specifically, a female that jesus has put on this earth as a blessing to the male species. nothing better than seeing a sweet nectar of life at your local bar. also used as a code word when in the presence of other females. […]

  • whatizap

    pr*nunciation: wha-tis-zap a random mashing of words that someone said one day, when they met to say ‘what time is it?’ so now that’s what it means. i think she was trying to say, “what’s the time at?” idk. it kind of flows though. “yo marsha, whatizap?” “it’s only 10:14.”

  • dayaanita

    an animal lover. she either doesnt give a f*ck about you or will kill the world for you. sacarsm. he jokes require you to be as fast as einstine. total babe. can be a total model on day then look homeless the next. lover but wont think twice to shoving you into h*ll if you […]

  • cock a doodle dude

    the act of *n*l s*x between two males. hank: “larry you wanna be my c*ck a doodle dude?” frank as he rips off his clothes: ” i thought you’d never ask.” followed is a session of *n*l s*x.

  • hatability rating

    there aren’t any definitions for hatability rating yet. can you define it?

  • i am a spoon

    when you run out of the dank insults and don’t have anything more creative. maybe somebody collects spoons in your family? brilliant! go sit in a drawer like the low-life piece of cheap metal you are. i am a spoon! (internal crying)

  • sashimi style

    sliced thinly and precisely the way the j*panese cut raw fish to be served another word from firman and i swear i’m going to cut him up, sashimi style.

  • mellonbaiting

    when a guy cuts a small hole in a watermelon and c*ms in it, then slices it and serves it. kid: mom uncle jimmy is creepy do we have to go over? mom: yes. now comb your hair you look like a pig. dad: you just better hope he isn’t mellonbaiting again.

  • having a puff

    australian slang for the act of smoking methamphetamine in a gl*ss pipe “lets have a big puff” “f*ck i need a puff” “that was a big puff” “hey you got any puff for sale” “come over and have a puff ya c*nt” “i was having a puff”

  • tying my shoe

    man trying to hide an erection by tying their shoe i’m tying my shoe.

  • atta nigger

    words to congratulate anyone for a plausible action. when john made a good meme i congratulated him with a formal “atta n*gg*r john!”

  • war carriage

    getting completely dominated, can be relevant in any circ*mstance but substantially present in the video game realm. yo, i can’t capture objective b. these guys got a straight up war carriage. chris keeps getting flattened by the war carriage, kick him.

  • dextremearrow

    a youtuber who makes videos about whatever he thinks idk what to do as an example so … idk but i am dextremearrow so i can have a mug

  • dickous

    when a man is being conceited and won’t admit he is wrong. when he is acting like a d*ck. you are such a d*ckous, tyler rice!!!!

  • slumarket

    a place (such as a particular school, town, or club) where the population notably trashy or promiscuous. of course that ho was there; that place is a total slumarket!

  • warnie

    the dumbest person to ever live with a micro sized p*n*s and has a horible personality shut up u f*cking dumb *ss warnie

  • whiskey mom

    the more extreme version of a wine mom. instead of sipping wine through your child naps or at the dinner table or at every bath, you just throw some whiskey in a cup with whatever you can find and drink that sh*t like the hardcore mom you are. no shame in easing a little anxiety. […]

  • swsf

    there aren’t any definitions for swsf yet. can you define it?

  • back on the tools

    returning to being single after a small amount of time in a relationship. returned to having to rely on masturbation for relief again. bob’s bird gave him the push last week. poor sod is back on the tools again – his right arm is like an engine piston.

  • bagel breakfast

    when a group of businessmen get together under the guise of a “business breakfast” but in reality, they’re actually just there to eat each other’s booties like groceries. “hey man, you ready for the annual company bagel breakfast tomorrow?” “yeah man, i’ve been cleaning my bunghole nice and thoroughly just for the occasion.”

  • savage-crap

    a term for a list of moves in four-square where the defending square has little to no chance of successfully countering. (fireb*lls, corner shots, cherry bombs) often considered unfair and illegal. shouted by the audience in a school tournament when a ref misses an illegal move. that is savage-cr*p!!! he had no chance!!!

  • someordinarygamers

    a great youtube channel featuring creepypasta readings, video game related content, and deep web exploration videos every sunday night. my favorite youtube channel is someordinarygamers. it’s a shame that it’s not that popular.

  • clam flakes

    when a woman does not wash after s*x and when she awakes her p*ssy flakes off all that j*zz that dried on her clam. paul was banging the cleaning girl last night so long that they were exhausted and fell asleep. in the morning she had clam flakes all over her p*ssy.

  • pastor-aggressive

    when in a church atmosphere, (typically in a youth group or bible study,) the pastor or leader asks for someone to pray, read, or a volunteer to help; they are p*ssive-aggressively asking a specific person or persons. usually with a stare right at someone when they are “asking the group”. dude, when pastor asked for […]

  • dillydaga

    another word for a d*ck;a safer and more kid friendly way to say d*ck oh lord look at the size of his dillydaga

  • lady threat

    a weak or empty/meaningless threat with no serious intent or lack of truth behind it randomdude:bro im getting my boys to jump you later ight? randomdude:yea yea,you’re empty lady threats dont intimidate me

  • used teabag

    dipping your sweaty all day work b*lls into a women’s mouth. dude, when i got home, she let me used teabag her. nastiest sh*t i’ve ever done.

  • staffen

    a person who does not enjoy the popular anime series, “drake and josh” or the ova “drake and josh vs gundam” “man aleck was being such a staffen. he dissed drake and josh vs megan 3!”

  • chloe b

    chloe b aka chlo# she is such a babe and beautiful and s*xy mf she is so hot its scary her eyes r so beautiful every time you look at them you will lose concentration chlo is a pretty cool chick with a hot personality chlo is bae and a cute gal “omg i wish […]

  • breast size

    (noun) the dimensions or magnitude of a female’s br**sts. because breast size is considered important in *ssessing someone’s attractiveness, and because it is sheer impossible to measure, it is the subject of immense speculation by both heteros*xual men and women themselves. for simplicity’s sake, we usually talk about bra size. bra sizes consist of a […]

  • makayia

    a really cute girl with good hair and all boys like the thickness of her hips and the way she holds her self as a young lady she also cute makayia is fine and can get them boys like fr .

  • virgin smirk

    virgin smirk is that unique looking sh*t eating grin a guy gets when his new s*xual partner tells him that she’s a virgin just before they do the wild thing. josephine: be gentile, i’m a virgin. harry: (unique sh*t eating grin grows on his face) josephine: ok, you can wipe that virgin smirk off your […]

  • sailor venus

    sailor venus is the “5th” sailor guardian. however sailor venus was awakened as a sailor guardian by a white cat named artemis way before sailor moon and the other soldiers who were awakened by luna. her backstory traces back to code name sailor v, a manga series naoko takeuchi wrote before sailor moon. her normal […]

  • kimpa

    a smart and funny person who will always be there to help you when you need him. where’s a kimpa when you need him.

  • devon strebe

    a young, small, f*ggot of a man. devon is a rare breed. not only does he mate with his mother on full moons, he is often spotted giving a good ol’ d*cking to a plant. devon strebe is quite gay

  • forever hold

    when you call someone that doesn’t want to talk to you, they put you on hold forever so you will eventually hang up. i hate my phone company. i called customer service and they put me on forever hold. they played showtunes so loud, i had to hang up!

  • david black

    a person who is typically described as a legend steve: let go hit the clubs john: but its tuesday steve: f*ck it lads: what a david black

  • thunder dungeon

    another name for the descending colon. a place where farts live before exiting the b*tthole. dang, carl. i have a huge pain in my thunder dungeon!

  • restrictance

    voluntarily limiting ones mind and ability your allowing restrictance lately

  • julius the jules

    the autistic and inters*xed experimental pop musician who has appeared in various media, including two newspapers and plenty of interviews. he is a civil liberties advocate, and he specializes in advocacy for the disabled and disadvantaged. his music sounds familiar, yet it’s his original creations. he only releases music that entertains himself. i’m a true […]

  • shimanto

    it is a word used in village areas of bangladesh to represent idiot gamers. tui ekta shimanto you piece of shimanto

  • tuck away

    to hide or store something away. i always tuck away my stuff inside of my wardrobe.

  • zen den

    a female version of the man cave; a place of solace and peace. i retreated to my zen den for a meditation, some reading and a cup of tea.

  • clam pad

    when you have clam chatter you need a clam pad to quiet it down so not to disturb others. paul had the boss so loose she was embarr*ssed to walk around work from all that clam chatter. so she had to use a clam pad to quiet things up down there.

  • nose head

    the product of an autistic child’s half *ssed insult, calling someone a nose head is to be reserved until they completely deserve it, as it harnesses the power of 76 hydrogen bombs packed together and is sure to cause psychological damage for decades to come. cole: hey nick! nick: what cole? cole: you’re a nose […]

  • pt cruisin’

    having the s*xual style f a pt cruiser. fat chick: ” i met this weird f*ck with a lame beard on tinder and then he took me pt cruisin’” “f*cking pt cruise me”

  • 64th note

    the world’s way of reminding musicians god isn’t real. a chance for percussionists to shine, string players to figure out which among them m*st*rb*t*s the most, and woodwind players to literally exhale their own lungs and intestines. something which metal guitarists apparently think is normal. twice the speed of a 32nd note, and half the […]

  • tibetan rumble

    a s*xual act in which a rimjob is performed by forming a lip-to-*n*s seal and reciting tibetan monastic chants. thought to be superior to western forms of *n*lingus. the girl at the club wanted me to tongue punch her fartbox, but i put on my chougu and gave her a tibetan rumble instead.

  • richard sears

    a person who gets rejected by every girl he talks too that guy is a richard sears, he got rejected again

  • race fright

    the unbearable anguish that sometimes overcomes people when they see someone of a different race. racism and xenophobia may develop as someone tries to find a reasonable explanation for the race fright they just experienced. me: hey bob, why are you voting for trump again? did the race fright change your mind? bob: dude, think […]

  • rosensoft

    any canadian hockey parent who carries their kids equipment after the age of 8. a rare condition in the old days but the new generation is quite soft….. like church music. dude did u see that rosensoft carrying his kids gear to the car last night after the game? sure did…. f*cking rosensoft is right…… […]

  • hula & veg

    another way to say it’s gonna be a quiet evening, you’re going home (or to a friend’s place) to relax, eat tastey good food and bing-watch movies/videos/shows online. i’m so exhausted, i can’t wait to go home and hula & veg tonight!! we’re pals who like to hula & veg on friday nights, where hula […]

  • kahmawriay

    most beautiful girl, that most people admire. very talented, loves god and loves sports.sometimes viewed as a tomboy. everyone wants to be her, or at least be around her. can have total mood swings sometimes, but still she is the numero uno. beautiful smile and outrageous body! swagged out, indeed she is. hottest on the […]

  • arkansas fishing rod

    the act of sticking a finger (usually a pinkie) up a mans d*ckhole did jenny real give jim an arkansas fishing rod. yeah heard he couldn’t pee for 3 days.

  • engrostored

    engrostored: a really ugly word austin invented. it means i can’t make jr chickens. austin engrostored, but breanna can.

  • cornbread

    a name that no one will take seriously in 1882, the slaves were finally free from abraham cornbread lincoln. yellow bread made from cornmeal ubiquitous in southern cuisine; it is slightly sweet, and usually served with b*tter. cornbread is delicious. this restaurant is famous for its brisket sandwiches served on jalapeño cornbread. a baked foodstuff […]

  • 3000 emails

    donald trump’s only defense when losing an argument against hillary clinton. hillary clinton: “i will create good jobs, raise money for charities, and help…” donald trump: “3000 emails!”

  • pull a jon

    when an employee calls in for work on the beginning or end of the workweek. “i feel like cr*p today, think i’m going to pull a jon.”

  • celebracation

    a celebratory vacation such as a birthday. “i’m off for the next two weeks for my celebracation!”

  • fuctub

    fat ugly chicks treat u better she is a real fuctub

  • clingy saniliner

    when the sanitary toilet seat liner sticks to your b*tt as you get up from the toilet seat. “that clingy saniliner irritated the cr*p out of me.”

  • dickation

    a vacation where an individual enjoys a lot of good d*ck i haven’t had s*x in so long, i need a d*ckation

  • beeker cheap

    the ultimate in cheapness. totally tight i may be cheap but i’m not beeker cheap.

  • lie doggo

    british slang meaning to hide and keep quiet, possibly deriving from the phrase let sleeping dogs lie in the sense of not making a noise or causing a disturbance. it probably originating in the 19th century, and was used by poachers who would hide and keep quiet in order to snare rabbits or to avoid […]

  • consoleism

    intolerance bred through fear, ignorance or a false sense of superiority specifically directed at those who play video games on consoles instead of pc. man… chill out on the consoleism, it’s unnecessary .

  • pihalsia

    (noun) a graceful spark of confidence her pihalsia shined through like a ray of sunshine.

  • under the oath face

    faking facial expressions, being really good at lying i can never tell when she’s lying, she has such an under the oath face

  • manopathy

    manopathy is a supernatural occurrence in which a man possesses the telepathic ability to rape a woman with nothing but his mind. this phenomenon was reported by many brave feminists. research shows that only a white cisgendered male can posses this ability and it can be determined that all white cisgendered men should be considered […]

  • new york city man hole cover

    when you sh*t then force the sh*t into a girls *sshole pleasurably “how’s amy.” “not good i gave her a new york city man hole cover last night, she’s not walking right “

  • lucky headshot

    when you are sniping in a game, then an enemy comes from behind you and attempts to kill you. you fire your sniper and the bullet luckily hits the enemy’s head, killing him instantly. i thought for sure i was going to die, but then i got a lucky headshot and survived.

  • metroracial

    when a person has stopped using adverbs to describe people, such as white guy, latino guy, black guy, etc. but refers to all people as i met this person. not i met this black guy, girl, person. in an effort to contribute to equality for all i have adopted a metroracial philosophy.

  • seagar

    the act of fishing and catching a gar and s*xually f*cking it in the mouth with it bites your d*ck for a great sensation i love watching men seagar

  • abbad

    someone who acts cool and thinks they r good at everything yo stop acting like an abbad the beholder of the biggest p*n*s. usually *ssociated with stealing ur girl, if seen protect your girl abbad is here, hide anjali

  • naked coffee

    coffee consisting of coffee granules and water only i take my morning brew to be naked coffee …

  • quadee

    a b*tch who has no taste in jokes and or has no life that man is a quadee

  • looks ladder

    also referred to as the 1-10 female attractiveness scale, it is an x/10 rating (where x is a number between 1 and 10 inclusive) is a rather unimaginative and extremely arbitrary scale used to quantify a female’s attractiveness, with 1 designated as “very unattractive” and 10 as “really f*cking hot”. the resultant number is often […]

  • fmtr

    stand’s for “f*ck me though, right” when you aren’t be included in something going on, fmtr. when you don’t know the inside joke your co-workers are telling you, fmtr. when everyone get’s go to to recess but you have to stay indoors, fmtr. zach told me, “i tried to create an entry on urban dictionary […]

  • quaceadilla

    when you don’t know if your ace or queer, so therefor you become a quacadilla girl: for my whole life i never felt like i fit in my whole life but i feel comfortable telling you guys that i identify as a quaceadilla boy: a what? girl: thank you for supporting me

  • ab crack

    (noun) derived from ‘abdomen crack’ (1) the appearance of a vertical line – a crack – in the middle of the stomach. (2) an untenable and unhealthy beauty ideal for young, skinny women. “ab crack is the new thigh gap.”

  • mormon syndrome

    to blindly believe whatever r*t*rded bullsh*t you are fed. “neil has a bad case of mormon syndrome, what a f*cking idiot”

  • bad hombre

    derogatory term directed at hispanics. ~offensive phrase; equivalent to honky, cracker or redneck. we have some bad hombres here.

  • shanghai hydropump

    a very difficult trick in super mario maker that can be very helpful in cheesing levels. “wow! did you see juzcook hit that tokyo sandblaster into a shanghai hydropump? godd*mn!” -miyamoto

  • biswas

    n. 1. a beautiful man, both inside and out, has a wonderful smile (with lipstick on one’s own wedding) to cheer anybody up. 2. jon snow v. procrastinate everything except ingeston validated by flatus expelled through the end of gastrointestinal tract. ad. when one ruins a good conversation, by saying “yo” excessively to the point […]

  • tomozipan

    the knowledge that you neither have to get up in the morning nor hurry to do anything important that day; often resulting in calm, mildly euphoric states and deep, restful sleep. a great antidote for insomniacs. “sleep better with tomozipan”

  • udula

    dat weird boi ugh, there’s udula

  • hellection

    the 2016 campaign for the presidency of the united states of america. one candidate in the h*llection won’t even agree to abide by the results, but threatens instead to keep everyone in suspense, while flaming out in yet another trumper tantrum.

  • fisher middle school

    one of the scariest places for 11-14 year olds. a prison that you spend 6 hours a day, 5 times a week, for 3 years in. the main purpose is to force you to learn things you will never use later in life, which includes but is not limited to: math, science, history, english, your […]

  • tavell

    a s*xy *ss light skin who likes mcdonalds with gorgeous eyes tavell loves to eat mcdonalds

  • toxic snake plant

    a lying manipulative person who seeks to turn places into their toxic battleground and seeks to ruin your relationships. they are not to be trusted and are extremely dangerous to communities. mushroomz is a toxic snake plant

  • lewdiepie

    not supposed to be targeted towards youtuber pewdiepie, this is a term for someone who says something so fundamentally broken that the word “idiot” is not enough to describe them. person 1: check out this necklace! i got it from the continent of hawaii! person 2: continent of hawaii? what a lewdiepie…

  • robustache

    a full, robust, burly, large, and/or thick moustache (mustache). boy, steve harvey sure does have a robustache.

  • nelch

    the word used to describe a person who is infatuated with little girls in cat costumes. most people who do nelch often do it to their close relative, such as their little sister. a nelch is someone you need to run away from if you’re a little girl. don’t touch me like that! you’re such […]

  • get this crap out the way

    immediately remove something unwanted remove with urgency anything undesirable if a tree falls in the middle of the road … “get this cr*p out the way!”

  • the trump talk

    the depressing conversation that every parent needs to have with their little girl about revolting, predatory, ent*tled men. “make sure you have ‘the trump talk’ with your adolescent daughter before she starts thinking it’s okay to be groped, as if it’s just what guys do and she simply needs to develop a thicker skin. be […]

  • chinese volcano

    when your diarrhea is so bad and powerful that it shoots through to the other side of the earth. after that spicy lunch, i had to run to the bathroom for a chinese volcano.

  • ktsg

    acronym for keep the streak going on snapchat. you think your popular when someone sends you a snapchat, only to find that it’s your daily reminder to ktsg. you have no friends. rip.

  • rusty gearstick

    this is where someone w*nks off a man with a handful of sh*t. ‘xavier went to the d’parys on friday night and gave his friend edward a rusty gearstick behind the bar during his shift!’

  • fartiful

    a beautiful woman who keeps p*ssing excess gas. i didn’t expect chay to be so fartiful. it’s a turn on. she must have eaten a lot for dinner, she’s being fartiful.

  • kentucky steed

    chicken fried horse d*ck d*mn girl u so salty you taste like one of those kentucky steeds

  • moksh

    moksh is the human name of a god that walks among us. non-believers can be converted to mokshism just from his presence. moksh is a fair and just god, but he can be a d*ckhead when someone takes his all-powerful drink bottle. all hail the holy moksh!!

  • chofay

    there aren’t any definitions for chofay yet. can you define it?

  • premature saniliner flush

    when you take the time to carefully place a sanitary toilet seat liner and the automatic flush sucks it down before you sit. “sorry i took so long but i had another premature saniliner flush.”

  • maluma

    pretty boy, dirty boy. maluma is daddy.

  • antwaniece

    a girl with intelligence, manners, smart mouth, and att*tude on 1000. she is very petty, spoiled, and the nicest girl you will ever meet but she have no filter and she a bad b*tch everybody can’t be like antwaniece .

  • butt sweeper

    when a young toddler is still in diapers and scoots around hardwood or tile floor “sweeping” on his b*tt mom: ugh why won’t she just walk? dad: yeah, i know she is just a b*tt sweeper

  • #hillary4prison

    when someone hates hillary clinton so much that they turn the presidential election into a pun. used as a reference to all the crimes she committed while secretary of state in the us. the trump supporters chant, “hillary for prison! hillary for prison!” hillary clinton goes viral on social media with the tag #hillary4prison.

  • shotgun daddy

    the overprotective father of your new girlfriend. when you go to pick her up from her house, you will always see him sitting on the porch with a loaded shotgun in his lap and an unblinking stare that dares you to make his little girl cry. she’s got a shotgun daddy. i went to pick […]

  • hard titty syndrome

    when your nipples are hard even when you are hot or cold zoe was diagnosed with hard t*tty syndrome last night.

  • national see you next tuesday day

    national see you next tuesday day is observed on october 20th, commonly in the floral industry. the day is celebrated by making certain to bid farewell to deserving customers with, “see you next tuesday day!” even when there is no intention to follow through when next tuesday arrives! it is national see you next tuesday […]

  • duderuses

    noun. the mystical reproductive organ that some women believe men to have, esp. those who need some time with the girls “hey, girl! forget him! uteruses before duderuses!”

  • his name is paul bunion

    a song that is not good his name is paul bunion sucks

  • chocolate-frosted tummy-sticks

    an old thai pastime involving at least four partic*p*nts, two of whom must be male, a few spare chromosomes, and at least two v**gr*. first the two males in question must b*ttf*ck the other two partic*p*nts for an equal, aforementioned period of time, without climaxing. then, they must pull their sh*td*cks out and stand helmet […]

  • ridiculous asshole

    an *sshole of ginormous ridiculousness. a person who defies reasonable stupidity with their actions. a “ridiculous *sshole” would take his girlfriend to the movies, then take his mistress to planned parenthood

  • college biscuit

    when a group of fraternity inductees circle around a biscuit and the last one to *j*c*l*t* on it must eat it to join the frat. the donald loves eating college biscuits.

  • jheri curl-mandering

    a redistricting strategy made famous during the period in the late 1980’s, when the democratic party moved geographic boundaries of an electoral district in california to include predominantly black-populated areas(south central los angeles, inglewood, compton) in an effort to concentrate african american voters sporting the popular greasy hairstyle of the day, thus using ‘packing’ tactics […]

  • extralicize

    to incorrectly typeset every letter x in a doc*ment in italics, as if it were a variable in a mathematical equation. the math editor was horrified when she found out that the typeset m*n*script from bangalore was extralicized instead of italicized.

  • sunny lee

    sunny (이 써니) is a singer and actress. she is a member of south korea’s top girl group girls’ generation (소너시대). sunny was born as sunkyu lee (이 순규) on may 15, 1989 in orange county, california, usa. she has two older sisters that share the same birthday as her, but different years. when sunny […]

  • slayen

    slayen is the plural word for slay. 1 person: hey look at that girl over there’s she’s slaying group of people: hey look at that group of people there slayen

  • urban sludge hammer

    it is when you put something large in the girls v*g*n* and hit it with a sludge hammer. hey bro tonight alyssa is gonna get urban sludge hammered with a cuc*mber!

  • burnett’s brain

    when you drink copious amounts of cheap liquor (traditionally burnett’s vodka) one night and the next day your brain is essentially useless. dude i got so drunk on sh*tty liquor last night i can’t even talk today – i’ve got total burnett’s brain.

  • zacholas

    one of the top names people are naming their babies now. come in here zacholas quit licking frogs.

  • deprexiom

    lowest state of depression and sadness. jp: “told the love of my life i love her. when asking if she loves me back, she said “nooo”. vk: deprexiom man.

  • pbamo

    stupid online noobs who think they are cool. that player nitrocaliber is such a pbamo

  • link up no stink up

    its when you trying to link that kush and keep that dank smell on the low you, we about to link up no stink up

  • goon gargling

    the act of having both goon (australian boxed wine) and a man’s t*st*cl*s in ones mouth and gargling both simultaneously until the point of *j*c*l*t**n. this is usually followed by the goon gargler swallowing both the goon and the man’s sperm. ‘ this goonbag got me so f*cking h*rny..fancy me some goon gargling tonight’

  • mckuen

    the act of putting a human male’s finger into a female honey badger’s mouth. it could also be slang for oral s*x with hookers. man bro, i pulled a mckuen on her! in nature, you rarely see a mckuen

  • lakgen

    literally the definition of a dumb white piece of trash wh*r*. his brother literally just dumped you.. don’t be such a lakgen!

  • ethan melone

    virginian slang for a guy with a tiny p*n*s i herd richard had a ethan melone

  • dushal

    d*ckhead like tendency ushly quite clever ugly characteristics wow why does he have to be a dushal!?

  • breast shape

    (noun) the form or outline of a female’s breast. since all bodies are unique, so are all br**sts. some br**sts are droopy, while others are full and round, or cone-shaped. attempts have been made to categorize b**bs into different types based on their (naked) form: – round br**sts: equally full at the top and bottom […]

  • columbian candy

    a reference for cocaine used in a business setting by a douchebag at inappropriate times in order to ruin one’s career. regretfully, i won’t be able to attend your halloween party due to the lack of required columbian candy.

  • alcohol fangs

    the act of taking too big a shot and the excess liquid runs vertically down your mouth. alcohol fangs that gulp of beer just ran down the sides of my mouth.

  • jump with me

    a game played in basketball where two (or more people depending on your athleticism) get into a heated argument and one player tries to dunk on the other while the second player tries to block the shot. trying to demonstrate that one is the weaker player athletically. alex: “dude you can’t dunk!! i could block […]

  • kate steel

    the most beautiful s*xiest women out, she is full of cl*ss and everyone loves her she is 100% bangable and is a real chick magnet she is a loving princess who everyone wants to be oh man did you see that girl at the club last night yeah man she was a real kate steel […]

  • moose knuckle buckle

    when you punch someone in the b*lls and *ss at the same time i just gave that fool a moose knuckle buckle

  • rayshona

    a little fire daddy that will never find love “hey stay away from rayshona she a firedaddy”

  • david cameroned

    when you get dared to do something really crazy like shove your d*ck down a dead pig’s mouth. mark: why did you run around campus naked? kevin: i got david cameroned into doing it

  • arachnoarachnology

    the study of too many spiders i have a masters in arachnoarachnology .

  • like a champ

    to perform an action in a similar way in which a champ would. he roasted you like a champ.

  • spa pool

    noun: spa pool 1. a bath containing hot aerated water. 2. a navel filled with male *j*c*l*t*. last night i filled the spa pool and dipped my finger in for a little taste.

  • soex

    adj. used to express supreme excitement. combination of “so” and “excite(d)”. dialectical to some users of altsp*cevr. buzzy was so excited about the upcoming trip to las vegas, all he could manage to say for 3 months was “soex”.

  • luke dignum

    to create a luke: start with a base of hysterically funny. mix in equal parts of cute, charming, s*xy and intelligent. combine with integrity, thoughtfulness and confidence until a solid foundation forms. for flavour, add a dirty mind to the hysterically funny but balance it by increasing the charm to ‘almost irresistible’ quant*ty. you should […]

  • recruitment herd

    recruitment herd is a term coined by management guru vishnu ganrau kartik which is related with progressive hiring in companies. initially 2x candidates are hired and kept on training for one month. the best ones are immediately given active role, whereas 50% candidates after one month of training are given notice that their service would […]

  • hip-hop hypocrite

    it’s a made-up word from a song called “hip-hop hypocrite” interpreted by tonedeff (feat. deacon) and it’s also used by king ross from whatculture wrestling. it depicts an extremely hypocrite person who always judges someone or criticizes something but that person does or did the exact same thing. “hey jackson, that girl jenna is a […]

  • yamori

    that *sshole in tokyo ghoul who tortured innocent little kawaii kaneki but he did make kaneki so s*xy and bad*ss. oshiete yo oshiete yo…… f*ck yamori

  • fifa 17

    aids and dabs those 2 words sum it up hey john you get fifa 17? yeah bro i dabbed with buffon!

  • unfrungulate

    to not be able to think of a word so you just make up some slightly s*xual sounding bullsh*t. it was on a live-stream, which meant that you got to see the unbridled, unfettered, eh… un…. unfrungulated….

  • conservative nympho

    a woman who is addicted to s*x, but she only particpates in s*xual activity with her man. j: man my girl is a nympho! i love it! ralph: woah dude! if she’s a nympho then your chances of getting cheated on are higher so be careful. j: nah bro, lala is a conservative nympho so […]

  • meme fucker

    an individual who enjoys and/or creates and/or distrubtes memes. not to be mistaken as someone who is s*xually attracted to memes. matthew: did you see those dank memes i sent you last night? emily: matthew, you meme f*cker, but yes i did.

  • mwat

    someone who sounds like a dying animal during their first time with s*x and feels embarr*ssed afterwards. girl: omg derick sounded like a mwat our first time. boy: he’s just shy.

  • gore kitten

    usually cute girl that likes or is interested in viewing gore a: “you sure you are a gore kitten?” b: “just hit me with that video, greg”

  • sullified

    its the act of encrouchment in a bar, nightclub, or watering holl with females half ones age. some would define it boarder line creapy. what the f*ck is that guy doing on the dance floor to that chick. my goodness hes grinding her. she just turned around started to scream and slapped him good for […]

  • namika

    namika is a girl or woman who commonly embodies a male or animal species. while namikas can be enjoyable to be around, she (more like he) usually acts petulant and like a young boy. “that namika chic is so weird, oh my god, she acts like a child”

  • human tea kettle

    when you blow a nasty vape into someone of the feminine s*x’s p*ssy hole. in which, large continuous amount of vape will exit some areas such as the ears, nose,eye lids, *ss, and most importantly mouth. in doing so the female will create a high pitched scream. as long as its done correctly, you’re a […]

  • lafriniere

    anyone with this last name is destined to be god-like. a name of great significance. all hail lafriniere

  • toffee appleing

    the act of sticking your thumb up your own *sshole last night my mum caught me toffee appleing!

  • jack sinn

    jack sinn is probably the biggest f*ggot you’ll ever meet. he has no friends, but yet, thinks he is so cool. he should probably shove a d*ck up his *ss hole. he is sh*t at life and he thinks he is so good looking but he isn’t. f*ck you jack “jack sinn looks like justin […]

  • chaneci

    fine *ss b*tch that knows how to get down. if you meet a chaneci, marry her! she’s a rare jewel d*mn, i wish i had a chaneci in my life.

  • a shower of cunts

    colloquialism/collective noun 1. a description of the current british political system. 2. football hooligans 3. estate agents the back-door privatisation of the nhs is testament to the fact we have a shower of c*nts we have to deal with.

  • loose off the goose

    buzzed or drunk. typically off of grey goose vodka (bottle service at the club). i dont know what i was thinking when i said that, i must have been loose off the goose.

  • anne bazile

    a name for a guy who is usally gay and does what he can to fit into society. anne is an original girl name and easy to remember. he chooses anne so people will remember him and think of him as an original gay man hey remember that guy anne bazile? oh yeah that gay […]

  • subscribe

    usually referred to “following” someone on youtube subscribe to me scrub usually a term known as subscribing to someone on youtube, where you click that little yellow b*tton in order to keep track of their newest videos and favorites. however people use it for other reasons such as: – trying to be at top of […]

  • attention emp

    an attention emp is a comment lobbed into a discussion that has the effect of distracting all partic*p*nts of the discussion badly. man, jeremy threw and attention emp in on that meeting that was so bad we had to take a 10 minute biobreak.

  • bewildered masses

    originating from walter lippman’s commentating on m*ss culture, the ‘bewildered herd’ is the m*sses that are tamed through propaganda and m*ss media in order that the machine of democracy is kept properly oiled. the bewildered m*sses must be subdued, tamed, and injected with the popular opinion of the upper cl*ss of politicians, heads of corporations, […]

  • nasty woman

    u.s. secret service name for the 1st female president, hillary clinton. “i’ve got eyes on ‘nasty woman’ entering the white house through the north gate.” an intelligent female who is adept at putting ignorant men in their place her: my social security payroll contribution will go up, as will donald’s — if he can’t figure […]

  • uber everywhere

    to “uber everywhere” is just like it sounds. using the app taxi service uber to get to places. great if you’re lazy or just wanna get f*cked up in downtown (as to not get a dui). great thing about ubering everywhere is that you can still bring a chick home and f*ck! :d friend: “bro […]

  • bonox

    australian south east melbourne slang or code word for methamphetamine, made famous from an interpretation of melbourne band king parrot’s music video “sh*t on the liver” where in the opening scene b*ss player “slats” is addressing his fellow band members “well i dont know about you boys but geez ive had a good day, and […]

  • shreeded

    when you own someone so hard he wants to kill himself, it is commonly used in video games but can also be used in real life. “lol git gud you suck xd” “i just shreeded ye in a 1v1 fam” *leaves skype and commits suicide*

  • booty bucks

    a currency given by the dominant person in a partnership(typically the one doing the penetration) in which the dominant person uses booty bucks as a currency to give *n*l to the receiving partner. this currency can be used for favors and/or other s*xual fetish fantasies. julian: hey if you let me give you *n*l now […]

  • mcucda

    mentally challenged uncordinated dumb*ss you mcucda

  • gaping bra

    (noun) when a small-chested female wears a molded bra that is too big for her b**bies, and the bra’s gaping at the top. if you’re into small br**sts, this is a pretty good sign. the opposite is an overflowing bra. “i’m an a but i usually wear b cups. a gaping bra improves my bust, […]

  • wornserful

    1st definition: mixing both wonderful and worse together. parts of your day were wonderful, but others were terrible. 2nd definition: noun; wornser; someone being stupid, but they still aight. 1st definition eg; my day was wornserful! 2nd definition eg; yo glen, why ya front’n on me, ya fracken wornser!

  • the dickie toilet

    the d*ckie toilet is the people who don’t stop going to the toilet. spend a average of 8 hours of their day in a toilet. usually also a refugee. when the d*ckie toilet came to this country, i never saw the toilet door unlocked

  • carnivegrian

    noun is a person who consumes meat, however refrains from consume the meat of those animals which display signs of possessing emotions such as: intelligence, joy, tenderness, care and sadness ” one who refrains from eating the meat of sheep, rabbits, pigs, guneapigs, cows, dolphins and whales etc. is a carnivegrian”. those animals which a […]

  • chest binder

    a compression shirt used to bind your breast tissue i use a chest binder to make my chest look flat

  • everett ott

    best person to ever live. best at everything. the hottest person to ever live. everett ott is the best thing ever made

  • voodoo management

    when a manager is reactive instead of proactive. a manager that is a p*ssy and can’t stick to a plan because he buckles under the pressure of others. when your manager doesn’t have the b*lls to look you in the eyes and tell you he is getting ready to stab you in the back because […]

  • stietup

    the word for a function meaning a*10+b. the word previous is a and the word after is b. 53 stietup 7 is 537. stietup(53,7) = 537.

  • mitchell wagers

    biggest loser you will ever meet. chronically depressed see that kid looking at memes he’s such a mitch*ll wagers

  • loofty

    our one true lord. loofty is the one we belong to, the one who created us. those who are atheists have already begun to take the path of looftianity. we inhale loofty. we exhale loofty. we know loofty. loofty, my one true lord! grant me power! *phone battery recharges to 100%* thanks! crazy or stupid […]

  • saniliner wiggle

    the left, right, front and back wiggle you do on the toilet seat to keep the sanitary toilet seat liner from sticking to your b*tt when you get up from the toilet seat. i did the saniliner wiggle and the d*mn paper still stuck to my *ss.

  • quaffee

    the result when you add alcohol to your morning caffeine i added bailey’s to my espresso, then drank my quaffee.

  • up and around the corner

    means that “something” or “someone” is going up your *ss or *n*s. you will understand life up and around the corner of your b*tt.

  • conservaderp

    a hybrid of “conservative” and the derogatory term derp, indicting the low intellect and tin-foil-conspiracy gullibility of the typical neo-conservative and alt-right manchild or their weak women. however, it still applies to less reality-rejecting traditional conservatives for not having the intellect to reject the historic failure of an ideology that is conservatism. the term is […]

  • ben waller

    namely a boring person, can be seen being bitter or spiteful. natural habitat is a cave or marsh land. see boreasaurus person 1 “i’m not coming out tonight” person 2 “oh stop being such a ben waller”

  • stripnado

    when a single gent or two gents purchase all of the dancers in a gentleman club to strip around them in a tornado like fashion. phil and jimmy had a stripnado last night!

  • tricky

    when a situation gets complicated or extra drama is added to a situation. it got really tricky when nicole started bringing her new boyfriend around her daughter. a skillful master of triphop music. this former m*ssive attack member uses a darker/creepier sound than m*ssive attack (when compared with the sound of the m*ssive attack alb*m […]

  • arnett

    in everything he does. whether it’s on the baseball field or blowing some weiner. he does it with such great ability at 84 miles an hour wow he throws 84 but in a game it turns to 70. he must be an arnett

  • donadonadingdong

    when some one in baseball can’t hit there weight and then still hits a home run. the pitcher his a donadonadingdong even though he couldn’t really hit well.

  • corporate pain in love

    corporate pain in love is a management term related to stylish companies. it is a condition in which a s*xy intern falls for dynamic boss. out of love the male boss keeps promoting the girl, but due to decency never courts her. the intern feels neglected, and lonely. but when she leaves the company for […]

  • elbow buddy

    like friends with benefits, but not a serious. mostly committed only to cuddling and holding hands, no s*x or kissing. johanna wants an elbow buddy because she’s too young to have a f*ckbuddy and to scared of relationship commitment

  • josh mayer

    there aren’t any definitions for josh mayer yet. can you define it?

  • frosted clam

    when your p*ssy is exposed to very cold weather and it frosts up around those wet lips. paul took vacation in alaska and found that the woman up there all had frosted clams. so cold that there p*ss*es frosted up! when you blow your load all over her p*ssy! paul gave his boss a frosted […]

  • wake and snaked

    when you wake up and find a chick on your d*ck to get a bit of that delicious morning c*m (; similar to wake and shake “yo dude hanna totally wake and snaked me this morning! best birthday surprise ever!”

  • eccysize

    dancing on pills for exercise. feel like cr*p this morning – but i got heaps of eccysize last night on the dance floor.

  • boat dog

    a dog on a boat. as used in markiplier’s video t*tled “boat dog” generally used in song. “boat dog! boat dog! boat dog! boaat dog!”

  • trumpematics

    a “success” formula that has bankruptcy, creative accounting, and situational ethics on the left of the equation, and remarriage, real property, and reality tv on the right. if you are a millionaire, applying trumpematics religiously to your business could propel you into a billionaire sooner than later—tap on tax loopholes and half-baked policies that favor […]

  • chonskied

    the state of one being completely sloshed with a few buddies around a bonfire. while in this state, regrettable snapchats may or may not be sent. “dude, what happened last night?!” “i just got completely chonskied.”

  • blafaids

    synoniem voor verkoudheid. ook wel bekend als “hoestaids”. pieter kucht. jan: “dat is een flinke kuch!” pieter: “ja, ik heb laatst blafaids opgelopen.”

  • randy palmer

    great drink made from mixing mountain dew and unsweetened iced tea that randy palmer really hit the spot. i just love the bubbles.

  • black fuck

    (noun) a real n*gg* who is always down to get drunk af, do some c*ke and go blast on a n*gg* (noun) a term of endearment that comes off as a derogatory term, often confused with ‘f*cking black’ (verb) two baboons f*cking “sh*tttt man, you see how dante handled that mothaf*cka? popped that b*tch*ss right […]

  • idalio

    a person from idaho i can see all those idalios from the state border in washington state

  • sonkey

    a person who always wears boots omg! did you hear that jessica got new boots today? she’s such a sonkey!

  • 32nd notes

    a string of notes that will make any musician say “f*ck no!” when they see them on their sheet music. they are especially scary because they are played fast (twice as fast as 16th notes “look at this new music the director gave us, it has tons of 32nd notes and 32nd note runs” “oh […]

  • boner in sweatpants

    a natural but embarr*ssing reaction to pleasant but surprising events guy won the lottery at a funeral and started acting a b*n*r in sweatpants

  • burnstick

    another word for cigarette i need to smoke a burnstick

  • fitzy throat punch

    when you p*ss off a fitzgerald or their loved ones and they punch you hard in the throat while screaming “fitzy throat punch!” if robert keeps har*ssing my little sister he’s gonna get a fitzy throat punch from both of us.

  • savage windtunnel

    to eat out some *ss and they fart into your mouth and take it all i hope you’re ready for some turbulence, because a savage windtunnel is coming

  • flaig

    when an *n*s starts to unfold inside out, it’ll flop to the floor and start to sag everywhere you go. this is what you call a “flaig”. the *n*s normal unfolds when someone sticks something that was never suppose to be up there, into the *n*s. cold candles, alien sperm, and other peoples’ *n*s are […]

  • appleogize

    a half-witted apology without apologizing. i appleogize for saying “grab them by the p*$$y.”

  • humpophobia

    the fear of scr*w*ng! i would not ask her out, she has humpophobia.

  • dull fuck

    someone who doesn’t drink; someone that’s slow mentally brett is a dull f*ck!!

  • the com

    a group of kids from the age of 8-18 that play call of duty specifically black ops 2. almost everyone in the community is a weaboo or fat or both. “the com is sh*t” “hey jerry? isn’t that fat anime lover in the com”

  • russ him up

    it means to f*ck someone up jeff didnt let me finish inside him come we go russ him up fam

  • policeism

    an irrational fear or hatred of people who are police officers there is a policeism epidemic in chicago

  • wus poppin’ b?

    slang for asking someone how they are whilst copping a pair of timbs along with a yankees hat and camo joggers. john – hey mans sam – wus poppin’ b? john – yeah, me and my dog just finished puffing on a loosie sam – yo filthy *ss

  • double zapper

    the electric feeling caused by inserting 2 fingers into the *n*s while masturbating frank gave himself a good double zapper this morning and now his fingers smell like sh*t the electric feeling caused by inserting 2 fingers into the *n*s while masturbating frank gave himself a good double zapper this morning and now his fingers […]

  • full cobaine

    when you go f*cking crazy and just blow your own head off with a shotgun. i swear to f*cking god terrence i will go full cobaine on your *ss!

  • isaach

    to be unnecessarily awesome or…….. or unintentionally superior oh dyde i just isaach’d that fight.

  • pranithisis

    pranithisis. (adjective) describes an idea so unimaginably insane that words fail to describe it. my favorite meme is “shocked boy and pranithisis man”

  • korosh

    a person who doesn’t care about people and his homeless you don’t care about me. you are acting like a korosh

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

    what someone says when they did something really f*cking wrong. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • claire vickers

    an insult, which means you’re a safety hazard. shut up you claire vickers, that could start a fire.

  • skappointment

    a appointment on skype or any other video chat service john: wait, you just got your medical marijuana card approved? i didn’t even see you leave the office! karen: yeah i just had a skappointment with the doctor. it’s so convenient, you should try it.

  • nekquel

    a friendly with a huge b*tt who showers their lover in kisses and hugs. she such a nekquel

  • whizzum

    when a male is interupted before *rg*sm during intercourse and proceeds to the bathroom to urinate. the resulting bodily fluid is a combination of whizz and j*sm. jordan halted s*xual intercourse with sharon to go to the bathroom. he was surprised to p*ss a surprising amount of whizzum.

  • boafum

    slang for both of them when asked which shoes quan would like , he replied “i want boafum.”

  • world hunger

    world hunger refers to the second definition, aggregated to the world level. the related technical term (in this case operationalized in medicine) is malnutrition.1. malnutrition is a general term that indicates a lack of some or all nutritional elements necessary for human health (medline plus medical encyclopedia). many children are dying from world hunger everyday

  • eye miner

    when you drill or blow up a dead person’s eyes repeatedly until you reach the brain. necrophils are mostly eye miners.

  • graham gunner

    a person who chronically m*st*rb*t*s. won’t even try to go out and get a partner. a shut in. “he won’t try to get a girl, he’s a real graham gunner always going home to take care of it himself.” “now that he’s a teen he’s a real graham gunner always locked in his room”

  • thaittoo

    a “holy tattoo” that hardcore royalists want to wear, as a show of respect to a dead king, whose “god-like qualities” were revered by his supporters and coup leaders. tattoo parlors are doing brisk business, as they struggle to meet the oft-irrational demand of diehard supporters who want to honor their late beloved king with […]

  • amacow

    a girl with no *ss or t*ts aye you saw the new girl yea she is such an amacow hahahah yup she is

  • squidgiter

    a stinky and lazy person. ” let’s play ” asked don.” no” replied jack. ” you’re such a squidgiter you haven’t even taken a shower in a week ” said don.

  • that crazy man

    a crazy man is a person in his life that get uderly rejected by girls and wishes to go out with one and never be able to because he’s always thinks he’s right that crazy man i would not want to be a crazy man because he gets uderly rejected

  • jocorey

    jocorey is a very black boy with a big black c*ck who gets girls and who party’s all the time.he is kind and genorous with a big heart when you get to know him d*mn he is such a jocorey

  • have you done

    will take you to court, sue you, take legal action against you, or report you to a higher authority used in britain (at least), colloquially. “i’ll have you done for har*ssment if you ever call me again” “i’ll have you done for cowardice if you dare speak again.” “i’ll have you done for slander”

  • tibiboy

    incredibly cringy person through their alpha-like behaviour. he always says he can beat anyone and that he never loses. he’s such a tibiboy.

  • blonde all over the place

    when a girl with long blonde hair rubs it all over a naked guy’s body. it was blonde all over the place when chad went to bed with kiersten last night!

  • fiji splash

    a dumb youtube who reviews shoes and makes stupid videos on hair and things he hates him: yo did u see fiji splashs new video her:ya it was stupid asf

  • feed kismet

    when two unrelated stories appear side by side on a social media feed, and yet somehow share some commonality. i thought i’d share this funny bit of feed kismet. my friend from college shared a status saying,”a little late night partying never hurt n*body.” then immediately under that, the houston chronicle posted a headline reading,”bachelor […]

  • fronto

    best thing to ever happen to a woods smoker. it is the all natural whole leaf version of the wrap on backwoods before the have been cut up and flavored. takes a little to get used to rolling, but is way better over all. also can be crushed and mixed with weed – grabba style. […]

  • taint teaser

    this is one who rubs a p*n*s, finger or to tongue between *n*s and s*x organ. juan, a taint teaser, rubbed susie until she began bucking!

  • tigress boss

    tigress boss is term in which a powerful and s*xy boss tries to get intimate with a nerd but hot junior. it is due to extreme s*xual advances by lady boss, the guy is forced to leave the company. yadushri became tigress boss for an american junior -when she insisted for out of marriage affair.

  • makilee

    hoe and eats twinkies and d*ck all day. also sometimes nice but rejects every guy. makilee, you are my first of 193882 moms makilee, stop being a hoe.

  • niggerclown

    a black person who makes an attempt at comedy and fails keven heart seems like a n*gg*rclown. he is not that funny.

  • twiggling

    when someone who is “twig” thin with no *ss thinks they’re twerking. man 1: “d*mn! look at that girl twerking!” man 2: “the girl with no *ss? that’s not twerking. that’s twiggling.”

  • dairis

    hot bipolar as f*ck can be a really b*tchy give att*tudes smart,pretty,loving,sweet d*mn dairis is so d*mn hot

  • rainbowtical

    the verb form of the word rainbow specifically used to describe something that follows the order of the rainbow. it is also used to create the adjective form of rainbow, rainbowtically. the socks were arranged in rainbow order. therfore they were arranged rainbowtically.

  • unarousing nudity

    (noun) the state or quality of being naked in a way that does, for some reason, not arouse the spectator(s). unarousing nudity is typically a form of casual nudity in a context that takes the sting of physical attraction out of it. examples include: – figure drawing – seeing particular people naked, such as your […]

  • jadion

    a big fat*ss who watches anime all day at all times. he is extremely clueless. also defined as c*nt that c*nt is such a jadion

  • punkel

    a female gothic punk. they oftem wear black and are suicidal. if you see one, provide them with immediate psychiatric help for depression. “dang, that girl seems so depressed. and she’s wearing black” “yeah, she is a punkel.

  • hillbilly weekend

    refers to a weekend (or other extended period of liesure time) spent with “just the guys,” for the purpose of fishing, hunting, card playing, etc., that inadvertantly culminates with s*xual acts with each other, always with the stipulation of no h*m* before the act. tim, billy, gordon, and i are leaving for a hillbilly weekend […]

  • golden 🍆

    golden 🍆 metal king dax uses it as a d*ck in a text message. *sends the golden 🍆* open wide ladies

  • trumpenism

    the version of feminism exhibited by donald j. trump, characterized by holding and fiercely defending contradicting att*tudes towards women with no regard for his own past precedents. specific tenets are 1. continually rating and quantifying women and making his evaluations publicly known 2. believing that, despite offending them, he will win women voters “just because” […]

  • #hegone

    #hegone was started by @mikescriba on twitter because of lebron’s presence in miami away from the cavs. scriba then was overwhelmed and turned over #hegone rights to @davidteamheat and @nickswish8 and david hosts #hegone hours every night between 10pm-12am. it also varies on the situation and can be seen as #shegone, #itgone or anything else. […]

  • tds bank

    the infamous bright-green-block-logo financial inst*tution that is open 7 days a week, but is so consumer-unfriendly and charges so many outrageous fees that they are aptly named, since they are so “tedious” to deal with. i don’t know how that confounded tds bank ever stays in business, what with all their financial shenanigans that differ […]

  • hallowen

    dressing up scary, and using toy weapons to scare others. this is so hallowen

  • dainty calves

    describing one who skips leg day; typically describes male names starting with the letter m, such as mathew, mathough, matt, mathuu, mathoo, matpoo, mattene “wow bro your dainty calves are showing, you been skipping leg day?” “nah man my parents named me matt when i was born

  • bakoof

    while partaking in the art of cannabis and someone comes up and startles you out of nowhere. i was smoking a joint in the street minding my own business and bakoof some old man just appeard out of nowhere.

  • the nolan substitution

    a method to decide whether to use who or whom in a sentence by subst*tuting in the pr*nouns he and him into the sentence. if the subject can be replaced with he or she, use who; if the question can be answered with him or her, use whom. the nolan subst*tution method examples it was […]

  • anus ball

    the largest ball of sh*t/*n*s. this person is an *n*s that has been balled up. jimmy: haha you suck! bob: don’t be such an *n*s ball

  • opiate withdrawal

    there aren’t any definitions for opiate withdrawal yet. can you define it?

  • prototypicalguess

    when people *ssume something but the complete opposite occurs also known as jynxing something but this term is more logical i bet my dad gets h*t by a car tomorrow . instead your dad gets h*t by a car instead which is a prototypicalguess from me

  • silent rage

    silent rage a well known person in vdr who drops his pants on pal exposing himself religiously. his many bbe partners are forced to help him get off. he is an old nasty fart, who is hairy as an ape. claims to use vampires dark rising as a stress relief for killing punks on there. […]

  • ogre the top

    to say something is overdone while making a reference to shrek green is a bit ogre the top, don’t you think?

  • snowderboat

    the act of *j*c*l*t*ng onto a woman’s br**sts, then proceeding to motorboat said woman’s br**sts into your own *j*c*l*t*. i blew a load on her t*ts, then snowderboated her.

  • thcankle

    when the thigh calf and ankle all become one dawn girl u got a thcankle

  • on the ten

    simply the best. similar to 10 out of ten. “thanks for making me dinner, it was on the ten”

  • tender age

    it means ” a young age” i was able to play tennis at the tender age of five.

  • gutti wala

    someone who always says “my g” and “saying” which doesn’t even make any sense. this person is full on a pr*ck and acts hard. but when someone big comes up his tati starts to come out. he’s such a p*ssoo. 0 to 100 real quick he’s such a gutti wala

  • oversneeze

    when someone intentionally makes a sneeze louder than it should have been, or makes the sneeze sound a specific way on purpose. “ahmed oversneezed like the little attention wh*r* he is”

  • nude panties

    (noun, plural.) skin-colored, beige or brown panties without visible panty lines, so that you can’t see them through your clothes. – “sweetheart, you can’t go out like that! i can see your undies right through your dress.” – “but mom …” – “we really have to get you a pair of nude panties, darling.” – […]

  • basic beta

    the male equivalent of a basic b*tch. friend: “i can’t think yet. i need my pumpkin spice coffee first.” you: “… you’re such a basic beta.”

  • gun wrestling

    a spinoff of thumb wrestling, where the player, instead of playing with another person, is alone with possibly a bottle of alcohol and a gun of any choice. the player then wrestles with themselves on whether or not they should use said gun to commit suicide. i spent all last night gun wrestling. i’ll never […]

  • simieon

    guy with fat punging c*ck that tears *n*ses simieon inside of you

  • wizard powers

    when you don’t m*st*rb*t* to p*rnography, for each day you don’t, this is what you recive. the more you don’t m*st*rb*t* the more people are subconciously attracted to you s*xually. wow daniel i can not believe you got that hot girls number, it must be your wizard powers!

  • slab dab

    a slab dab is the inhalation of the vapors produced when someone vaporizes a slab (large amount of concentrated marijuana thc in the form of wax, hash, or etc., pressed into a flat sheet). this is usually done by placing the slab onto an extremely hot piece of metal that has been heated by a […]

  • wisconsin cheese doodle

    orange milky p**p i just took a wisconsin cheese doodle! it was amazing!

  • frie-cream

    when you dip your mcdonalds fries into you icecream yo, try having frie-cream, just fold your chip, dip it, eat it. so good. so good.

  • unlusting

    not l*sting for someone and/or something. he was unl*sting about the beautiful girl.

  • coffee house revolutionary

    this is similar to an armchair quarterback, all talk and no action. tyler was a typical coffee house revolutionary, all radical talk with no chance of action!

  • sqough

    queefing when you cough. pr*nounced sc-wawf “i coughed so hard in cl*ss i sqoughed.”

  • hackess

    there aren’t any definitions for hackess yet. can you define it?

  • upsetti spaghetti

    when someone is triggered. only your mom died, don’t be so upsetti spaghetti about it,

  • redorkable

    someone who is ridiculously cute being a dork. when your bf or gf does something dumb however they are still ridiculously cute. they are redorkable

  • funny you should ask

    someone who reminds somebody else about something he forgot to ask. how did you won that pastry contest? funny you should ask. i made a cake covered in cream and strawberries. that made me victorious.

  • ball gaser

    (ball gaser) when someone gets caught gasing at another person’s b*lls . haha your a f*g you looked at the brain your a f*cking ball gaser!

  • salt nation

    the saltiest motherf*cker that ever walked the american-canadian border. known for general grungy-ness, american-flag bro tanks, and being a loud and obnoxious drunk. the name is derived from his signature, salty responses to everything. person 1: “dude, i got you alcohol, what are you upset about?” person 2: “i asked for beer, not f*ckin’ vodka, […]

  • mulletry

    mulletry, the act of mullet ong, and generally *ssociated with camaros. between daughters i dabbled in mulletry

  • nutt-netted

    the process in which a human male that has recently finished his coming of age, still finds himself bound to modern internet society and culture. as he watches his peers socialize with potential mates, soon the realization sets in, that his own “coming of age” was encased by a digital webbing spun by the meme […]

  • sket

    daisy is a sket daisy is a sl*t who’s eyebrows look like dead caterpillars a sket short for sketel. caribbean term for super ho. that girl is a sket. do not drop the t. a motha f*kin b**tch even sl*ttier than a ho i h8 that b**tch she a sket basically a ho. wears mini […]

  • natusgender

    the non offensive term for cisgender. natus coming from the greek meaning born. the trans movement is against men playing trans women. should they allow trans women to play natusgender women?

  • barnacle boi

    a term used to flame a crusty person bob: “boiiiii ur a barnacle boiiii” tim: “oh wow u got me there”

  • bawlsssss

    typically used when you are trying to stop an awkward conversation or break and awkward silence. *sitting silently in study hall* random dude: bawlsssss

  • roman body shape

    (noun) a female human body in line with the tastes of the romans in cl*ssical antiquity, i.e. healthy-looking with wide hips, a straight waist, and small br**sts. whereas the modern beauty ideal tends to emphasize large br**sts, a slim waist, and round b*ttocks, combined with an unprecendented skinniness. – “i really wish i had an […]

  • lunch lady ass

    ah *ss that’s extra tall and extra wide but not at all thicc also you don’t kno where the legs stop and the *ss start “d*mn that fat girl got lunch lady *ss smh where her got d*mn legs even start tho”

  • sophia grace

    that one girl who thinks she’s so famous, but is really just an obese sloth who tries to sing. usually seen i’m a pink tutu, ordering around her slave, rosie. sophia grace is a fat b*tch who should be put in jail for kidnapping rosie.

  • ripped hoes

    a hooker or easy person who is so incredibly muscular, that one is more threatened than attracted. “dude i was definitely gonna slide in this ripped hoes dm’s but then i saw her biceps and i don’t know man, now she just scares me”

  • junior’s law

    any conversation, if long enough, will eventually have a s*xual reference. guy 1: “did you see that catch? how he held onto that ball was crazy!” guy 2: “must’ve learned from your mom. she had a grip on my b*lls last night.” gut 1: “seriously? pulling junior’s law at a football game? just wrong.” guy […]

  • miliei

    they love c*ck big ,medium as long as it’s a c*ck they will take it.they are know for taking it any where any time and in any hole. your such a miliei

  • putin dickrider

    a person from a western country who admires and praises russian president vladimir putin. bob: there trump goes again, praising putin. joe: what a putin d*ckrider!

  • creetin

    a synonym for a bully; acts rude, mean, or ignorant to someone or something tony d was a creetin, said freak a synonym for a bully; acts rude, mean, or ignorant to someone or something tony d was a creetin, said freak

  • alabamin

    the constant act of cousin f*cking and doing other alabama things i.e inbreeding,stealing ,ect.. johnny likes f*cking his sister,but she thinks it’s alabamin.

  • olmedo

    an old tomato that guy is olmedo

  • libba’d

    a state of immense intoxication to the degree of looking or acting like afl footballer tom liberatore ‘oi boys let’s get f**king libba’d tonight!’ ‘i heard jack got libba’d last night’

  • zachary yekta

    there aren’t any definitions for zachary yekta yet. can you define it?

  • fresh out of g.a.s.

    fresh out of g.a.s. means tired of caring or giving a sh*t! i was so sick of the games at that job, i am fresh out of g.a.s.

  • hemish

    the blackest sh*t you will ever see sh*t, my dog just did a huge hemish

  • mudiwa

    a shona (zimbabwean) name/ word meaning “loved one” or “darling”. usually a male name. mudiwa is such a sweet guy.

  • smitee

    a smitee is one who is struck or smitten. to smite the wicked is great fun, so let’s get a smitee.

  • kevontae

    a real trill hooper. that dude is a “kevontae.”

  • ellyes

    ellyes is the name of a total bad*ss, a scholar, and an incredibly fun guy. the name ellyes originates from the center of the earth and is incredibly rare. if you do happen to find a wild ellyes be sure not to say his name wrong or he will attack you with what ever is […]

  • hady

    kind of a cool stupid. hady needs to die.

  • file dump

    a file dump is a when you have been saving unused video clips on your camera/sd card for no reason and then run out of sp*ce foret new videos so you put all the clips into one video and will upload it to the internet. jason uploaded his first file dump to give sp*ce for […]

  • shakaia

    shakaia is a pretty, outgoing, and nice person. she can be chill with you depending on the relationship you two have. the type of person to bring a bag of snacks to cl*ss and share it with you. she is smart, playful, rough, and strong. and is also a cool person. “that girl is a […]

  • stewism

    v. (verb) the act of speaking in a matter that no one understands you, or leading students to commit suicide after my teacher used stewism no one could understand her

  • inetchuwah

    i need you i love you hi brooke inetchuwah!

  • boxican

    someone with a square shaped body frame, usually short. selena: does this dress make me look fat? friend: no, selena, your body shape goes perfectly with that dress, you’re a boxican.

  • tito dick

    d*ckman, baby! t*to d*ck, d*ckman baby! he raised phil and loves the ladies.

  • 360 fake

    that you’re so fake and you cant change on how fake you are. josh: wow. jennifer just stood me up at the movies again. she’s so 360 fake

  • perky jerky

    a b*n*r. an erect p*n*s aroused by s*xual activities. sometimes happen for no d*mn reason at the wrong time. oooo girl you just gave me a perky jerky;) you gotta jerk your perky jerky jeremy. suck my perky jerky sara lynn.

  • dick levee

    a d*ck levee is a line of pillows placed between two males while sleeping in same bed d*mn son, you need to throw up a d*ck levee or else ponchoboy will grind your hindquarters

  • ladarion

    a man who plays varsity football like a god, but can’t go half a season before injuring himself. often seen riding around on a scooter. wow that guy got hit hard! hopefully he didn’t pull a ladarion!

  • hyneama-noosh

    the expression “hyneama-noosh!” suggests to instantly disappear just as the legendary halloween creature is known to do. the origin dates from “the legend of the hyneama-noosh”, which reveals the spooky antics of a clownish scarecrow, best known for smashing pumpkins, and having a talent for vanishing into thin air. “you’d better “hyneama-noosh” and get the […]

  • devan’s cock

    the smallest p*n*s know to man. you’d need some mighty fine equipment to see that small thing wow that guy had like no d*ck. he must have a devan’s c*ck

  • fakewad

    a person who follows you on social media only out of politeness or for the numbers, not actual agreement or interest. guy i follow posted a s*xy picture of a girl. but when i twote a pic of same girl nekkid, he blocked me. what a fakewad.

  • sasqueech

    sasqueech. (noun) a female sasquatch. most commonly used to describe a female of uncommonly tall stature or a female who’s physical features and appearance resemble those of a sasquatch. ben: hey, bigdaddy! check out that girl over there, she must be at least 6’4″ but she’s so fine. i would love to hit that amazon […]

  • electile dysfunction syndrome

    a lifelong condition that makes a person not care and unmotivated to vote for any politician ever again in their lifetime. this is not a bad condition as democracy cannot be subverted by one single president; otherwise, that would be a fascist dictatorship. electile dysfunction syndrome can make your physical, mental, and emotional health a […]

  • motorhole

    the act of motorboating an *ss id like to motorhole that *ss!

  • trujb

    another way of writing true jb, meaning true jailbait, meaning actually younger than the legal age and not just a twenty-something who tries to look like a teen. awww, this one’s trujb!

  • mcdonald’s wifi

    very bad, laggy internet. usually is an insult during gaming in group chat referring that you have bad wifi. – gg bro your not hosting your on mcdonald’s wifi

  • tarnjit

    someone who is always crying for no reason stop being a tarnjit

  • michael jordy ortiz

    some who is being gay-hitler bryan is being michael jordy ortiz

  • breadpussy

    a yeast infection. friend:”amy told me she has a yeast infection dont embar*ss her” aye !!! amy greg said you got breadp*ssy that true!!!

  • kelvin benjamin

    a very compet*tive s*xy beast known for their athleticism a wide receiver on the carolina panthers (#13) that player is a good example of kelvin benjamin a very agile player

  • large donger

    a rather big male genitalia in both length and girth. emilio: wow, that’s a large donger!! nick: thanks emilio, i knew you would like it!

  • john loverde

    works for veneklasen *ssociates. identifies as the smartest person in the room and the biggest c*nt in the acoustical kingdom. dude, he’s being a straight up john loverde.

  • sword brother

    “olden times (greek/uncle?) when men would go into battle and would be like: we’re sword brothers!!! so they would just f*ck and bond cause they’re sword brothers.” i’m cool with sword brothers. –ron stoppable aka jiggity james

  • gutted salmon

    a large juicy and succulent v*g*n* with mouth-wateringly sweet pink and fleshy lips.. not so appealing to vegans and vegetarians.. more a gourmet dish for the committed practicing v*g*n*rian.. must be eaten fresh, or it rapidly becomes a musky mackerel, which is not quite so fresh, or even worse, a rancid pilchard.. big lady was […]

  • daelon

    goon *ss n*gg*; will f*ck you up on sight;take yo b*tch;flip a brick; and make 2 mill by tuesday n*gg* f*ck wit me “yo cuh if you trynna be the daelon of the gang you gotta earn yo stripes lil p*ssy” -gøønsquâd šçrappÿ łøčč gspc 602

  • colorado campfire

    the act of stuffing a marshmallow up a girls *sshole, and then proceeding to f*ck the marshmallow deeply inside her, like one was loading an old civil war musket. then upon finishing inside said *sshole, the female is asked to evacuate the contents upon two eagerly waiting graham crackers. it is considered rude if the […]

  • trump kiss

    to kiss a stranger whom you never met before on her lips instead of on her cheeks. a miss universe was taken aback when one of the event organizers gave her a trump kiss, before she was officially crowned.

  • bible fool

    a person who makes stupid decisions resulting in loss of *ssets and disaster of biblical proportions. fred: i adopted an akita from a family that says the dog has become aggressive. lynne: you’re a fool, like from the bible. you’re a bible fool.

  • lil buddy

    a little friend hey lil buddy whats up? a chicago term used to identify a friend or an unidentified person. what iz u lookin at lil buddy. what’s good lil buddy. a little redneck guy who is the direct result of in-breeding. on his way to the tavern yesterday lil’ buddy fell off his horse […]

  • bi curryous

    a person who loves curry so much that it becomes part of their ident*ty. this person often struggles with deciding which is their favorite curry. tanya knew she was bi curryous when she found a pool of drool all over herself after daydreaming about curry lauren is bi curryous, she can’t decide yet when alex […]

  • shoheb

    the pablo escobar of his time. dual personality good and evil. shoheb is good in bed and has a large p*n*s. shoheb is a trap star

  • dental vagina

    dental v*g*n* is a term for a castrating woman and her way of demeaning males. juanita was an angry woman with a dental v*g*n*.

  • meme addict

    someone who is addicted to memes like an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, or a drug addict is addicted to drugs. did you hear jamie is a meme addict, he cant live without them.

  • mongschlong

    after consuming one too many beers and then trying to have s*x with someone while struggling with a limp p*n*s i pulled a bird but after all that beer all i could do her with was my mongschl*ng

  • work boy

    term for a male s*x worker dating back to slavery/plantation times i like to f*ck my work boy

  • danger dolan

    a type of rare pink carrot found in ireland no i don’t like danger dolan

  • rapach

    sweet *ss dude man, that guy is such a rapach!

  • extraneous solution

    an illegitimate solution of an equation, which was obtained as a result of indulging in some extra-algebraic or illegal manipulation—the “faux solution” fails to satisfy both sides of the equation. in solving an algebraic equation involving a radical, students tend to square both sides of the equation, which often results in an extraneous solution—a number […]

  • moniggn

    expression of happiness ,excitement ,or agreement. guy1: wanna go play some xbox? guy2:moniggn!

  • sahdud

    one variation of the urban slang for “what’s up dude?.” often used as a casual greeting between mates. most common spelling – sud dude jerry – “sahdud” tom – “oh sahdud!” one variation of the urban slang for “what’s up dude?.” often used as a casual greeting between mates. most common spelling – suh dude […]

  • hibaq

    an annoying girl who toxic and everybody hates. also a girl who thinks she is oh so funny. oh my god that girl is such an hibaq!!

  • black baboon

    (noun) a real spear-chucker who causes problems with their outlandish comments and actions (noun) an uncle tom who gets him-/herself into trouble for being a true nig nog (noun) n-word jim “f*cking ricky is such a black baboon; he caused such a brawl at the black pearl on grand avenue last night…” “how many times […]

  • resident-baiting

    the act of presenting spurious information on social media platforms with the specific intent of gaining adverse and/or aggressive reactions for the amus*m*nt of the posting party and others wise to the motivation of the post. resident-baiting is so known due to its origins on the 25,000 member ibiza winter residents facebook group. due to […]

  • make garrett great again

    a movement established in 2015 to make anything with garrett in the name great again, because let’s be real, it wasn’t already great. this includes garrett county, garrett middle school, and garrett as a first name. god d*mn people, why can’t we just make garrett great again?

  • pansy mouth

    someone/something that cannot handle extreme/spicy flavors jim is a pansy mouth, he can’t handle the taste of pepper.

  • lltp

    laughing like a teapot. when you laugh so hard and uncontrollably, you sound like a steaming teapot. ben stein was so funny, he had me lltp.

  • laying doggo

    british slang for in bed, sick as a dog! nigel was laying doggo for a day after the public crawl!

  • spat in the burger

    the act of applying moisture to a dry v*g*n* she opened her legs and i was consumed by a cloud of dust, like a sandstorm in the sahara, so i spat in the burger. as made famous on a pinball forum

  • hailavitis

    a rare disease on witch the cl*toris becomes unaware of its soundings, making the female *rg*s*m neerly impossible without the aid of stimulation of the brain. “its too bad that nicole has hailavitis, she’ll will never feel the delighted experience of s*xual intercourse again.” said logan

  • enass

    en*ss is a person who appreciates the realness of life. she’s that friend you tell things that you don’t usually say out loud but you understand each other. en*ss is a friend you can be real with

  • dasani dick

    a p*n*s that is abnormally shaped like a dasani water bottle. “what did his p*n*s look like?” “his dasani d*ck was shaped like a water bottle” “ew”

  • ergo ergo

    the best soothing enhancing s*x toy i love that ergo ergo

  • mr west

    gay c*nt that guy is such a mr west