• fulcher

    a weirdo who likes to lick b-tts i am fulcher i lick b-tts

  • evangelline

    evangelline, is a beautiful girl who is loved by lots. she goes through alot though behind her smile are a million tears. she has many struggles and goes through a lot, if your friends with an evangelline keep her close because she will always be there for you, she helps others more than herself. you […]

  • gluuurbbbhhhh

    the sound the person you just shanked in the head makes as he drowns in his own blood gluuurbbbhhhh

  • huzai

    he’s a crazy, weird, mexican who is cool af and really fun to hang out with. he’s always gets the hoes and you might see him bench pressing his friends. huzai is buff af.

  • i’m free tomorrow

    that saying your friends tell you so that you leave them alone, but when tomorrow comes they suddenly aren’t free. person 1: “yeah, yeah, okay. i’m free tomorrow dude.” person 2: “kay!!” -next day- person 2: “they said they were free…”

  • emily marie

    the mos beautiful person in the world. often referred to as a goddess. has eyes that one can easily get lost in. a great friend that cares about people and makes the world a better place. easy to love too. emily marie is the most beautiful person i know and everyone loves her.

  • go.zy.

    go.zy. the mix of go and crazy to make go crazy. hey you shirt is so go.zy.

  • clapification

    process of clapping cheeks arbaz just experienced clapification

  • dorrito

    codename for v-g-n-. d-mn girl, lemme eat that dorrito.

  • cross woofer

    when the owner dresses their dog with the colors and and types of accessories usually -ssociated with the opposite gender earl: hey grannie, is your new dog a girl? she’s wearing a lot of pink bows. grannie: no earl. his name is fido. earl: oh. guess he’s a cross woofer.

  • flajib

    unsettled, directionless, without purpose or goal friend: “what do you want to eat tonight?” me: “umm, pizza… wait, nah… maybe a parma with chips. no i want veggies. or maybe salad. actually i don’t want any of that . help me.” friend: “can you just make a choice bro?” me “no… i’m all flajib”

  • jacob twiggs

    a thick -ss latina wow did you see that “jacob twiggs” walk by.

  • council of dick elders

    the evil quartet ruling earth in the year 6969, who were brought down by the legendary heroes danny s-xbang and ninja brian in the song 6969 by ninja s-x party. forced every human on earth to wear full-length pants and loose-fitting turtle necks. also forbade physical human contact entirely. we must speak to the council […]

  • jolly fingers

    when you can smell your girl’s sweet juices on your fingers long after finger banging that p-ssy. hey braaaaahhhh. take a whiff of my jolly fingers. broooohhh. your mom left me with a sweetest jolly fingers last night.

  • jaydence

    a brat who has no idea you are such a jaydence

  • hard weenies

    giant and hard d-ck i have a bunch of hard weenies on my face

  • chewbarker

    a set of starwars character dogs that make a very unique sound. damit! who let the chewbarker dogs in the hen house again!

  • dar’kale

    a hope-filled, truth seeking man that always is happy. i am in love with dar’kale!

  • ijwsw

    i just want some weed man mike ijwsw really bad right now, do you have any??

  • johnny wack

    my d-ck in johnny borkowski grandmas ear whole she just got johnny wacked big time last night

  • fassy wench

    louise kitcher, someone that chooses a guy over playing black ops 3 with there friends. she chose her boyfriend over me, what a f-ssy wench

  • frankie macdonald

    canadian weatherman that is autistic and has down syndrome. he also has a youtube channel and great moves. he is 32 and known for internet weather forecasts. frankie macdonald: okay guys, let’s do some dancing. -dances-

  • dirty newman

    based on the sitcom “seinfeld” after newman, who is jerrys friend rivalry. it is when you put your fecal matter into a mailbox as joke, making it a dirty newman “man, i need to get troy back for what he did to me last week” “oh dude you should just slip him a dirty newman”

  • briddish

    how americans pr-nounce “british” “oh my gawd , yor briddish???????? thats like, so cool. do you know the queen?????”

  • cobainese

    art of kurt cobain the cobainese was useless to the british youngster, for he was into mick jagger.

  • evan andrew callihan

    an amazing guy with blonde hair who can make dad jokes funny. he is able to swiftly swoop a girl off her feet with an abundant word choice that evan andrew callihan swooped me off my feet

  • hot dragon fruit

    while your lover is on all fours the woman sucks a fart from his b-tt while jerking him off and fondling his b-lls. picking the ripest fruit of all i consumed the hot dragon fruit from him before we made love.

  • impertuviousness

    a state of being both haughty and obstinate. a word most often used by pseudo-intellectual people trying to come off as more literate than they actually are. “i tire of your overt and egregious impertuviousness” said the professor, unaware that he himself was being impertuvious.

  • jebus mcleavus

    another way of saying “jesus christ” but this way its low-key jebus mcleavus i can’t believe i missed the bus.

  • bast frand

    two friends who are really close, like best friends, but even better. alexis: your my bastfrand gurl! liv: oml your my bast frand too gurllll

  • 3afaf

    the girl who broke mina’s heart and cut his 2cm p-n-s look its 3afaf d-mn she cut mina’s d-ck but it was too small to be seen anyway

  • helinton

    worst in the world at everything, lazy. he’s such a helinton, he gets a 2 in everything

  • falafel funtime

    when a man and a woman… and a man… and another man lie the woman on her back, sh-t in a pot, fry the sh-t, form it into b-lls, then pierce their d-cks through the sh-t b-lls (like a kebab) and proceed to flaccidly hit the woman with them. yo did you hear that joseph […]

  • danglish

    combination of danish and english danglish motherf-cker, do you speak it?

  • alex ernst

    typically a overly handsom guy who is on @daviddobrik’s vlog chanel on youtube. he is found very humorous, and known to break coffee tables with his foot. in most videos alex is in, he will do a form of a youtube ‘thumbnail’ in which he takes off his shirt. alex wears diapers (not really) for […]

  • elegant

    stylish, graceful and beautiful without being trashy or common. someone who is poised and mature who carries themselves with an air of confidence and sophistication. she looked very elegant as she glided into the room wearing a long satin gown that trickled behind her on the floor. engineer slang for a very clean or innovative […]

  • cinematic justice warrior

    someone who obsesses over movies they don’t like, to the point of making a personal crusade out of them. often have an objectivist view towards these movies, believing that everybody should hate them, and anyone who doesn’t is clearly low on intelligence. cjw for short. “jesus christ, now they’re doing aquaman? when are people gonna […]

  • ding bro

    when someone is really cool, and is number 1 in every single event i i want to be as good as ding bro you live in beijing and you don’t know ding bro??? someone who is half australian, half new zealander. coming from dingo an native australian wild dog and bro a word used by […]

  • emcon

    the most amazing person that ever lived. has a huge p-n-s. also the smartest person since jesus christ himself. wow! that guy emcon just 1v9’d!

  • a hewitt

    a term used in it to describe an action that causes system crashes. man – who was it that created this query based distribution group and sent a test email to it, it’s flooded our exchange server other man – it was johnny man- he has done a hewitt

  • baby nigger child

    a name for someone you love. “ryan is sydney’s baby n-gg-r child”

  • arboreatum

    a lovely nature-filled area consisting of plants, animals & cultural beauties where the food options rule! i saw beautiful trees, flowers & birds but the best part was the philly cheesesteak at the arboreatum!

  • flurgbubble

    using s-m-n to blow bubbles yo, that b-tch can blow flurgbubbles!!!

  • ghotra

    smartest and most beautiful people in the world. man that girl was a ghotra.

  • aussiewood

    the australian hollywood. welcome to aussiewood!

  • blaize bishop

    most f-cking awesome person ever. smartest and most good looking man alive. blaize bishop i’d f-cking awesome

  • cloeing

    to go out in the pursuit of g-y s-x with straight men. “did that guy message you again?” “yeah, he’s definitely cloeing”

  • childreb

    not to be confused with “children” though the definition is similar. a childreb is a soft, supple, innocent, young (2-8 years old) child. it is imperative that the child matches all of these characteristics to be considered a “childreb”. a childreb is often subject to predation by various persons. additionally, childreb are rather curious, and […]

  • cum guzzling fuck stick bastard

    someone who makes a stupid call in poker ridgley was all in with pocket aces and ron called woth pocket 3’s making ron a c-m guzzling f-ck stick b-st-rd

  • daie

    ugly mini m-ffin lookin -ss jo jo punk p-ssy -ss f-g your such a daie

  • bhups

    a fat f-g you see that lad he’s a bhups

  • dick in hole

    to put a d-ck in a girls v-g-n- oh man, he’s gonna pull the ” d-ck in hole ” move on that girl

  • fu’ray

    she’s a pretty girl she loves to chill no drama she loyal unless she feels like her partner cheating on her , she has a greek name for beautiful. fu’ray is such a beautifal girl

  • don’t wipe your ass with me!

    a response to someone who likes to insult or belittle you once there is a crowd to entertain. usually it is the social arsonist that is the antagonist and this is a perfect, appropriate response. antagonist -“what have you been doing all day? walking around doing nothing? have you fixed anything? ” response – “don’t […]

  • gaga beans

    a pair of very exquisite, shiny, polished round meat rolled into a flap which is then identified as a “hairy ball sack” “suck on these gaga beans!” exclaimed robby!

  • cold cat

    when you nut on a girl and she gets a cold but she still want more d-mn bro, molly i gave all i had, but she still wanted a cold cat

  • act the mellow

    it’s actually self explanatory.. this phrase, first popularized in the song mellow by the artist hxbibti, means to pretend to be “chill” or “cool” (when you really just want to put yourself out there) just for the sake of a varying numerous reasons. (ex. for a friend, or even a significant other.) another variation of […]

  • fukase

    a little idiot who no one likes and is bullied at school. also a complete and utter weeb. wow! that little b-tch is a f-kase, isn’t he?

  • gerbil herder

    the process of shoving perfectly fine live gerbils up ones are for s-xual purposes. mostly for h-m-s-xual agendas. timmy, the g-y man, has the loosest -sshole in the game because he is always at the pet store buying gerbils because he is a gerbil herder

  • 1983

    – the year i was born. – microsoft word was first released. – mafia hitman roy demeo is found dead in a trunk of his own car. – us president ronald reagan proclaims 1983, “the year of the bible”. – london police begin the use of wheel clamps on illegally-parked vehicles. – jon b. minnoch, […]

  • dolan duck

    a duck named dolan. what the f-ck where you expecting. i am dolan duck, motherf-cker!

  • connor lloyd

    a guy with a small pp. my ex talks about how small her new man’s pp is, he must be connor lloyd.

  • asaun

    asaun is so sweet he is a very friendly guy you will love him he’s very cute, tall,handsome asaun is like the best friend you will ever have. asaun is loving and caring person. wow your such an asaun

  • cadbury cream puff

    when a man m-st-rb-t-s until -j-c-l-t–n occurs, when he c-ms he directs the stream into a cup, he then takes the container to two girls, they pour the liquid into their v-g-n-s and rub them together forming a cream puff. the action is most often done with black women making it a cadbury cream puff. […]

  • hurricaned my ass

    when you are are on acid that when a squirrel walks by you, you think its a flying dinosaur and the wind from its wings knocks you over sh-t man that just hurricaned my -ss

  • fist cum

    when one person knuckles another. james fist c-mmed nicole after she called him big daddy. when one person knuckles another. james fist c-mmed nicole after she called him big daddy.

  • fuck boy disease

    f-ck boy disease or fbd, is when a girl gets attached to a f-ckboy after him ‘hitting her up’ or ‘sliding into her dm’s’. ashley: oooh brad just messaged me. bella: brad is such a f-ckboy. ashley: and? bella: don’t go catching a case of f-ck boy disease.

  • hotness everdeen

    when your hotter than the girl on fire🔥🔥🔥 guuurrrrllll u r hotttt. hotness everdeen over hereeeee.

  • aveganzer

    a ship between a dragon and a strange wolf like animal.this ship came to be,because of a person named mashimus smashimus,he got the idea because he was fooling around in his stream and made this ship a thing omg i ship aveganzer so much,there such a kute pair

  • angryaussie

    an angryaussie is the angriest person you will ever meet. they will call you an idiot and every kind of swear word if he thinks you’re an idiot. you must never anger an angryaussie. person one; i was speaking to toby the australian and asked him if he has koalas in his backyard. he then […]

  • home-sick

    when radical islamists and their family members who left the country to join isis dread of coming back lest they will be arrested and jailed upon arrival. after mohammed died while fighting with isis jihadists in syria, his wife and children—who were since taken care of by other militants—are home-sick to fly back to malaysia. […]

  • inmsp

    i need me some p-ssy “d-mn inmsp bout right now”

  • flaskinating

    the phenomenon wherein alcohol increases the appeal of an already delightful object or activity. have you seen how clean charles manson keeps his cell?! flaskinating!

  • charlie taylor

    charlie taylor is the most fittest boy going must be living in england and listens to chill old music such as “superst-tion ” “chapel of love” this sets his romantic mood #s-xytime loves abit of older clunge! -going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married charlietaylor: oi oi ‘charlie taylor’

  • bicycle trick

    -s-xual intercourse with one girl and only putting it into two holes. (-n-l and v-g-n-l) or (v-g-n-l and oral) billy: she finally let me do the bicycle trick on her! joe: no way! i always heard she was down for that.

  • cisgender fag

    someone with conflicted political opinions. my neighbor is a black republican. he is against slavery, but for debt slavery. he believes in pro life ideas, yet uses condoms. he is a well intentioned, pro war conservative that only wants to help. he wants trump to build a wall and ban muslim immigration, yet considers himself […]

  • failacy

    noun: fail-acy an attempt to characterize an argument as a fallacy that is itself a fallacy. that is, a failed fallacy. a comment on a guardian article about ayn rand says simply: “and ayn rand was the ultimate hypocrite, relying on the state that she so despised to look after her in her final years.” […]

  • donatein

    a cute loving boy who might have a girlfriend but loves you and will keep a secret for you, no matter what happens donatein is awesome and loving

  • creep muffin

    typically a man who creeps so hard but remains sweet . that guy jerry is such a creep m-ffin but he sent me flowers .

  • da good good

    amazing, fantastic s-x. “my wife gives me da good good!”

  • ahmill

    is a boy that lovez to be outside. he rather be outside than be in the house. he has a weak spot in his heart for riding bikes. he likes talking to the ladies, trying to get they number but in reality he is cool youngin. he is going to be an amazing boy. 1st […]

  • derpatologist

    1) an alternative for hurpatologist. 2) a professional idiot. 3) a person who studies things that have no value or teaches them. 4) a social justice warrior. man that lacy green is such a derpatologist!

  • dank nuggies

    any form of chicken nuggets from a fast-food restaurant. whether it’s from mcdonald’s, wendy’s, or burger king… all nuggies are dank. no matter what. see void nuggies for ways to serve the nuggies in the dankest of ways. “wanna head over to mcdonald’s to get some dank nuggies?” “i require only the dankest of nuggies […]

  • avocado pizza

    a “couple” that thinks their they’re so cute, but not at all. they make you feel like puking every time you see them omg! they are total avocado pizza, ew.

  • harder daddy harder

    it means when your f-cking a girl so much she wants it even harder girl “ohhh my p-ssy harder daddy harder” boy “okay you stupid c-nt”

  • horizon line

    the portion of a mans p-n-s where his circ-mcision is visible.a portion of skin that is in the form of a line and is discernible by discoloration. she was sucking my d-ck and said “hey i see your horizon line!”

  • extreme bathroom syndrome

    having to run to the bathroom because you feel like your going to p–p your pants any second. hey, i gotta go right now! i’m feeling extreme bathroom syndrome!

  • henlo

    how you would greet someone stinky and/or ugly. henlo dog henlo you stinky dog, go dig up the garden, ugly.

  • fucked in the streets

    the worst way to be screwed over. always done publicly. i am so tired of being f-cked in the streets by my team!

  • elephaggot

    an acronym for a f-ggot who’s being a furry elephant, since calling calling him/her f-ggot wasn’t enough. stranger: you’re closet g-y. you: why would i take a word from a r-t-rded elephaggot suffering from albinism for attention?

  • i’m down like a clown charlie brown

    it’s a reference to the old cartoon charlie brown. “sounds like a plan stan.” “i’m down like a clown charlie brown.”

  • albadacious

    firm and moist. “that loofa looks albadacious”

  • 13 reasons

    reasons to commiting suicide her: you are one of my 13 reasons

  • dyke destroyer

    a man who roasts every dyk-/lesbian in the world at the same time with his lit af fire c-ck boy, he’s a real dyk- destroyer

  • jokortunity

    a opportunity for a joke, typically set up with a specific joke in mind dang nabit, you just sniped my jokortunity !!!!

  • beef plugging

    when a h-rny female uses three simulated p-n-s devices to m-st-rb-t- her v-g-n- and -n-s and mouth at the same time. rachel’s toy collection enables her to do a little beef plugging. broooohhh. i just walked in on your mom beef plugging.

  • chinese haircut

    a rubbing of your nuckles on someone’s head in a painful manner ah d-mn garrett just gave me a chinese haircut

  • flupp

    the turn for a p-n-s that has been flipped inside out and is then given a bl-wj-b wow cool flupp mind if i take a try? when a p-n-s a turned inside out wow that’s a cool flupp dude!

  • inboxication

    that overwhelming feeling you get when your inbox is overflowing with emails that have to be read. similar to intoxication. james returned from work from a three day weekend and quickly showed signs of inboxication from all the emails he had to answer.

  • goofy tune

    someone who plays goofy music that only they know on the aux. usually sings loudly over the music in an exaggerated impressionation. “man that logan kid sure is a real goofy tune!” “yeah! shelby gets super crunk when he goofs out though.”

  • jimmy steve

    jimmy steve is a compulsive liar who lies about his ident-ty and tells the girl he loves that he will never ever leave her but always seems to leave. he’s a lying piece of sc-m. he’s such a jimmy steve

  • bisectional glutophilia

    the fetish for half–ssing things. could be figurative( appreciates little amount of effort, similar to attraction to bad boys) or literal( attracted to people w/ one b-ttcheek) not to be confused with the love of gluten. she’s got bisectional glutophilia; the less they care, the better they are. it’s hard to find women who interest […]

  • convent of the sacred heart

    a school located in san francisco that is full with a background of different people. not all of the people there are filthy rich, most of them are on financial aid or on a scholarship. apparently, known as “the wh-r- house on the hill” by haters who judge the school by its cover convent of […]

  • fml forever

    f-ck my life forever jen: today sucked hannah: fml forever

  • janz

    a very extremely confusing guy. shows that he has feelings for you sometimes, but then might just randomly stop talking to you at any time. very flirtatious. man-wh-r-. will lead you on. hilarious. full of charisma. you have to love him. boys are jealous of him. girls are jealous of the girl he is flirting […]

  • coltbuster

    when a female is riding a male reverse cowgirl style, and forces -j-c-l-t–n by squeezing his t-st-cl-s to the strongest extent of her muscles. he was having a great time in bed, until she gave him a coltbuster. when a female is riding a male reverse cowgirl style, and forces -j-c-l-t–n by squeezing his t-st-cl-s […]

  • charcoal cum

    black mans s-m-n man, i love charcoal c-m

  • goid

    see mongoloid. that kid is a f-ckin goid a goid whom is not a bright spark, dim witted and in general useless the fellow is such a goid, he cant do anything! an amateur and a mongoloid. emily is such a goid

  • ayslan

    the worlds most ugliest wonton he is a terrible ayslan

  • breakfast duo

    the s-xual , yet painful act of cooking scrambled eggs with a friend and rubbing your moist b-lls on the eggs with your friend until you both -j-c-l-t-, blowing your load all over the eggs and proceeding to eat them with your buddy. this morning was amazing me and colton preformed the breakfast duo, the […]

  • auston matthews

    the man who saved the great maple leaf from inevitable extinction. that auston matthews kid is something else, eh?

  • hung chowed

    the act of being wasted out of your mind. i got my little cousin so hung chowed last night.

  • garam

    she is beautiful but does not no it she feels for people but does not show it shes like a flower hurt her and it will be hard to heal she’s a keeper and most important she’s loyal garam is a good girl

  • dirty djing

    female masturbation. rubbing the cl-toris. kirstyn was dirty djing for desirae all night last night

  • braniyah

    a girl with lots of loyalty full of adventure.she is very intelligent and likely to date a boy who’s name starts with a j the new girl is a braniyah

  • bagel and a fuck

    a social interaction which does not qualify as a hook up, nor as an actual date . sal “hey katy want to meet up for a drink later?” katy ” sorry i’m meeting some random for a bagel and a f-ck”.

  • awful falafel

    this is a deviant s-xual maneuver that requires two people, a chair, and a pickle at least 7 inches in length. person a positions the chair so that the back is flat against the floor, then proceeds to sit in it and m-st-rb-t- rigorously. person b inserts the pickle into their own r-ct-m, then squats […]

  • bhumisha

    a kind, generous person who will always put other before themselves. they are intelligent and lovely to be around. if you are a bhumisha you are very special to many people. omg you could be a bhumisha.

  • blaez

    a little d-ck kid that thinks everything he does is amazing and funny. blaez: are you a s-xy mother ducker friend: i’m not your friend change it please.

  • charlie angell

    a brilliant minded person has a short temper but he does not give up he will stick with you through thick and thin don’t get on his bad side it may result in a hospital god i wish i was a charlie angell

  • bitchcest

    when one of your main b-tches f-cks with another main b-tch charlie and leilani madeout, it was not love, it was b-tchcest

  • iswm

    iswm: acronym for integrated sustainable water management which is management of water cycle iswm:author presented a paper on this theme in 1977 to the world water congress as a pioneer in this field having been into water well construction as a 5 year old watching his father supervising as a pwd contractor who introduced him […]

  • cripes almighty

    when you’re super super surprised but cant say bad words because you’re coraline cripes almighty! how are my best trolls?!

  • abzela

    a f-cken sick lad. the best youtube channel ever. has heaps of b-lls & loves netflix & chillin abzela is siiiiick

  • emo cock sucker

    when you’re cutting yourself while sucking the c-ck of another guy i mean, it’s self explanatory stop being such an emo c-ck sucker b—-!

  • ㅠㅠ

    korean emoji for crying eyes. 2 “-“s are closed eyes, and two “| |”s are tears falling down. 도와줘ㅠㅠ help me ;-; 안돼ㅠㅠ nooooo ;-;

  • ayendy

    very hot man with a large genetalia and is very good at basketball and playing with your mother ayendys d is so freakin big omg

  • d’annalice

    a cute girl that loves makeup and spent care of they like her or not she doesn’t give up on her dreams and she will never care what a guy thinks of her in life and she will never let him control her and she picks out the best people to be her loyal friends […]

  • gagameat

    spoiled, stinky, lunchmeat, clothing. darling, could you pick me up a pound of gagameat at the clothiers?

  • 69 me

    a s-x move f-ck me!! pappy 69 me harder

  • buchman

    the last name of balding, slightly r-t-rded, acoustic, drum playing middle school boy. kid: “hey look! it’s jason buchman.”

  • conundrance

    an oldie word for; confuffle, or problem, or annoyance. oh dear, the door won’t open, what a conundrance .

  • chiploated

    after you eat at chipotle this is how you feel person: “dude after eating that burrito i feel totally chiploated” person 2: “yeah same”

  • abriela

    there aren’t any definitions for abriela yet. can you define it?

  • arcen

    a motherf-cking brat that is so spoiled that he aggravates the heck out of his/her family hey arcen

  • belmaris

    the most s-xiest lil shorty you’ll ever meet, she’s the best at giving head 😉 and amazing in bed, you’ll wont find someone as great as her so don’t lose her, she’s the h-rn–st lil girl you’ll ever meet. belmaris is the s-xiest lil shorty

  • grass baby

    a gr-ss baby is a tiny pot of gr-ss. usually couple grow it together, and call it a gr-ss baby ! me and my boyfriend have gr-ss baby, we check it everyday to see its growth!

  • aguiniga

    a country village in spain i can’t spell aguiniga can you help me

  • eva pink

    a s-xy mother f-cker my god, eva pink is fine.

  • japanite

    a highly offensive term for a j-panese person one time i called my friend brendon a j-panite so now he doesn’t talk to me

  • indirect tbh

    where you give someone a tbh (to be honest) but don’t say there name, so you can pretty much say anything but they won’t know if it’s for them or not. indirect tbh example: tbh ily but u can be rly annoying and a total ho sometimes but ur chill and one of my best […]

  • baby kale

    the best fat-ss dj in the world i want baby kale as my dj

  • ball emptier

    having full s-x to remove the sperm that w-nking doesn’t reach. eeewwwww did you f-ck clare yeah it was just a ball emptier.

  • air go

    therefore you were unresponsive for 2mon, air go you wrote your own resignation.

  • doing the boot

    the act of going ridiculously fast. d-mn bro that car was doing the boot!

  • bankrumpcy

    a person suffering from bankrumpcy has lost their rump. these people exhibit the flattest -sses on the planet. people who are bankrumpt are not usually aware of their condition. “man….look at that girl emily trying to twerk. that hoe is bankrumpt!” “i knew i’d lose all this weight on my juice cleanse but i didn’t […]

  • flexing on my ex

    showing your ex that you’re better off without them we broke up last week but i aoready got some new hoes. i’m flexing on my ex.

  • iya kyne

    iya is a very pretty , nice , kind person ! when you first meet her she is shy , quite , and spreated ! if you ever get to meet her she is loud , goofy , very funny person ! she has a nice shape for her age ! alot of people like […]

  • ilvermorny

    ilvermorny is the american wizarding school in the harry potter universe. houses are horned serpent, thunderbird, pukwudgie, and wampus. ~ jackplaysmc101 when i was 11 i got my ilvermorny letter.

  • dickapotomus

    1. used in lieu of colossal d-ck. 2. a person that is a real -sshole. man that guy that cut me off is a real d-ckapotomus. hey cody , stop being a d-ckapotomus.

  • anthaunishia

    a girl who’s beautiful and get great men and will someday have a full heart she will be happy to have no more than 4 kids she is a kind person she has so many things to explore in the world she is a girl who most likely gets her name from her dad that’s […]

  • back door gardening

    to shave your -ss hair i’ve got a big date tonight. i need to do a bit of back door gardening.

  • damarlynn

    a savage kid who is real and a athletic star that’s damarlynn right there

  • gold

    an element found on the periodic table under atomic number: 79 symbol: au atomic weight/atomic m-ss: 196.96655g group name: coinage metal group: 11 period: 6 block: d-block cas registry id: 7440-57-5 standard state: solid at 298 k colour: gold cl-ssification: metallic availability: gold is available in many forms including wire, foil, and bars. gold is […]

  • jack farmer

    a drunk farmer who’s never gotten laid. and will die a virgin you’re such a jack farmer. jack farmer shut up! an annoying kid who eats bosco sticks very wierd and s-xual jack farmer your so weird, why do you eat bosco sticks like that

  • chriselda

    an amazing, funny and sarcastic person. an optimistic individual with a pure heart. artistic and is a dreamer. 1) d-mn, i wish i was as cool as chriselda. 2) chriselda is the definition of swag.

  • immolator

    one who immolates with burning hammers and sticky nades. usually seen flying around at ungodly speeds with a blue jet pack. oh sh-t, we’re playing immolator! we’re f-cked!

  • interracial performer

    an adult performer who specializes in shooting only scenes with a partner of a different race she is the best interracial performer of the last decade.

  • ahlaq

    pr-nounced ‘alak’ – someone who acts, speaks, and has the overall characteristics of a happy and smart person; however in reality they’re concealing their sadness, constantly in a seriously depressed state and have practically no will to live. person 1: john seems happy today person 2: seriously does, but it’s all an act. he’s just […]

  • brae brae

    a choir dude that is loved by all. exept for his ex’s. he’s also a big part of everyone’s lives. brae brae is sooooooo adorable!

  • isaac omid

    a awsome funny and brave kid that everyone likes wow that kid is a isaac omid!

  • jackda’

    alternative pr-nunciation of ‘jackdaw’ – a member of the crow family. disparaging term to describe someone as such – a scavenger, a hinger-on, a low-life sc-mbag who does no good to anyone or in fact the world in general that guy’s a right jackda’. steer clear of him!

  • attractionist

    someone who attracts people to a certain place for them or their company to make money. i am a zebra attractionist caterer.

  • cow porn

    a video of cows humping for pleasure or reproduction. originally from russia, it migrated to the dirty minded citizens of america. my dad uploaded a cow p-rn video on youtube

  • hurpatologist

    1) a person who studies worthless, useless information or concepts. 2) a social justice warrior or anyone on the regressive left. 3) people who are so inept, incompetent, or stupid, that they are professional idiots. 4) a professional idiot. 5) also known as a derpatologist. i got my gender studies degree. my friends told me […]

  • i’m not that green

    not that petty a jawn : my name ….. duh a jawn: duh not my last name tho cuz folks be playin to much folk: i’m not that green ( i’m not that petty )

  • dfatog

    down for anything type of girl. you’re always willing to go out no matter what and you’ll do anything to have a good time! that girl is such a dfatog

  • dingo kiss

    -n-lingus. like an aussie kiss but in the outback. “elle macpherson’s booty is so hot i’d suck a fart out of her -ss and hold it like a bong hit!” “no man, elle macpherson’s booty is so hot i’d give her a dingo kiss.”

  • jassnoor

    the most awesome guy in the world, he’s very cool and has more friends then pewdiepie’s veiwers. wow do you see that guy timmy?, he’s so cool and his name is j-ssnoor!

  • clean papers

    literally a piece of paper, from the doctor or clinic, that shows you’re “clean” and free of s-xually transmitted diseases. clean papers are usually presented in order to have s-x without condoms, and not worry about catching anything. i’d really like to f-ck you bareback, because it would feel amazing, but i’m worried about diseases. […]

  • big toe joint

    a joint that causes one to fold dishes. “i hit that big toe joint and got to folding.”

  • buperry lilac

    (booh-per-ry lie-lack) perfume comprised of ground up feces with urine and drizzled over with hints of lilac petals. the color is described as very black when the petals are over used. while traveling, i came across a strange item called buppery lilac buppery lilac= wklv lv d mrnh buperry lilac (abc is def)

  • dicce

    alternative way to write d-ck as in male genitalia. his dicce was throbbing hot and ready to burst.

  • jaella

    a name. a person with this name is usually special in a bad way, they always have a “j” as their first letter of their name. in this instance you must follow this “j” with an “a” directly after. you mustn’t add a sp-ce or skip to the “l”. you must go directly from the […]

  • chocolate covered pretzel

    when somebody sticks there hand up there sweaty -ss and shakes your hand. its mostly called chocolate covered pretzel because of the movie mallrats and because a character does it and gives someone chocolate covered pretzels as food. say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel? sticking your hand down your pants and wiping on […]

  • coming for my edges

    it’s like you are getting dragged or called out. so if someone insults you they’re coming for your edges. so if someone is coming for your edges they just metaphorically sn-tched your hairline with their insult. example 1: boy: you suck at spelling. girl: chill i’m not an english major boy: i’m not an english […]

  • freaky fuck

    a guy who has f-cked you freakally many many times aww your suck a freaky f-ck

  • alizzer

    a big d-ck head and will break your heart. he will only want you for s-x. he is totally not worth it! girl: lets go to the movies alizzer: no instead lets go to my room its so much better and have s-x. girl:go such a d-ck

  • bbq bean queen

    a chick who consumes so many free beans from a bbq pot, that they are no doubt the queen. after six cups of free beans, i know my gurl is the bbq bean queen!

  • a neha

    when you try to hard ur sucha a neha

  • caidan

    a smelly, fart that no one likes. james: “ew do u smell that fart?” steph: “yeah! that must be a caidan!”

  • aluglah

    a b-tch “aluglah u is a b-tch”

  • gavine

    means “kill” or if being used as an adjective, “killing” d-mn brianna, your gavineing me!

  • a blockwork orange

    a lego imitation of the cl-ssic story a clockwork orange. why anyone would recreate a story about rape and delinquency through building blocks is beyond me. jeff: what the h-ll is a blockwork orange? joe: some r-t-rd’s parody of a clockwork orange through legos. jeff: at least they didn’t’ use mega blocks.

  • come and catch this case

    if you are underage and you want to date someone who is legal you would tell them to catch your case because it is illegal for a person who is legal to date or have any s-xual contact with a minor can come and catch this case john can come and catch this […]

  • got gone

    for something to disappear. usually by theft. i can’t find my movie, willow. it got gone.

  • body like a benz

    a person who is thicc around the bottom half guy 1: oi dude check out this bitty guy 2: d-mn son! she’s got a body like a benz

  • extraing

    being extra at the moment; too excessive at this time he’s extraing at the moment

  • asslow

    as a person ages, the tone in their b-ttocks becomes loose, producing what missourians call “-sslow”. a hanging-low situation occurs, which makes it difficult to find pants that fit and seats that are comfortable. my -sslow doesn’t fit in these pants! the speaker readjusted his pants up and caused a hush in the room as […]

  • antonin

    antonin a very cute and attractive guy that girls love to be around. not someone you can easily trust, known to break many promises. often has anger issues and an att-tude problem loves loves loves sports and is a very caring and generous guy antonin is the most cutest and kind hearted guy, not loyal […]

  • fish nerd

    a fish nerd is an individual who is very knowledgable and p-ssionate about the keeping of fish in aquariums. this individual will talk for extended periods of time about their fish at any given moment. not to be confused with a fish enthusiast. to tell the differentiate between the two, you need to ask the […]

  • angry giraffe

    when your wife keep trying to give you a hand job, with no lube and your d-ck becomes ruggedburned. ! my wife forgot the lube last night in her excitement and now i got an angry giraffe

  • dick tip licker

    one who licks the tip of the p-n-s. she wont give a real bj. she is just a d-ck tip licker.

  • giammarinaro

    a super swaggy person who likes dogs. their favorite dogs are pugs and puggles. cows are pretty great also. wow that person is almost as great as a giammarinaro.

  • jamaican breakfast

    having a red stripe jamaican lager and joint for breakfast. bob’s hungover again, he’s got his jamaican breakfast.

  • bumblebitch

    a trashy white female of high school age who wears yoga pants is oompa-loompa colored and is exceedingly stupid. the harems of flatheads. hey what’s that girl’s name? who? you know…that girl, she’s orange and where’s yoga pants and hangs out with those flatheads in our history cl-ss… ooooh yeah that b-mbleb-tch? what i call […]

  • cinnabun roll

    someone who is cute on the outside and nice on the inside. miraculour 1: omgsh adrien is such a cinnabun roll. miraculour 2: i’m going to marry him

  • hillplace

    referring to the sh-t stained area around the b-tthole. “i had a very dark hillplace until i b-ttchugged everclear”

  • 26 love

    when a n-gg- puts his d-ck in a girls mouth and forces her head so far down it comes out her nose. 26 love my ex for f-ckin another n-gg-

  • claton

    an evil, mean person who tries to kill every one stop being a claton

  • bendy number

    a number that is the correct answer to a math problem when you don’t understand and need an answer to write down. it can be bent into the correct answer. noa: what did u get for number 7? jaime: i got 17 noa: that’s wrong. the answer is 235 jaime: that’s what i meant. 17 […]

  • john bates

    that one football coach who knows it all, four-eyed little pr-ck who always acts like it’s his way or the high way in order to hide the fact that’s he’s never had a date in his life. all around your typically douchebag. that guy is acting like a real john bates, what a d-ck!

  • cripple carl

    a crippled person who is extremely ripped and tough mary: jim has really big arms and sweet abs!! joe: i know and he’s cripple he is a total cripple carl!!

  • ja’nathen

    ja’nathen is a sweet young man and very handsome. he is so nice until you screw him over, then he comes armed with the knife you left in his back. ja’nathen was so sweet but when his brother was being a little b-tch i saw the fire in his eyes.

  • germyra

    a beautiful young girl who is unique she can get all the guys and she will steal your man, better watch out for her she’s coming your way, she’s also a fun loving friend and everyone loves her oh that girl germyra, she has bars

  • diereman

    always buying the most expensive and best product regardless of if you need it or not i was checking out computers today and couldn’t decide if i should pull a diereman or not

  • kinky dick flick

    the love tap/kiss/handjob given to the d-ck by a boy/girl after the d-ck has been sucked dry boy: wow, youre really good at this girl/boy:-slurps- thanks, imma give an extra kinky d-ck flick just for you

  • baesie

    adjective what you call a perfect couple originating from the word: bae wow, ben and maisie are so baesie!!!

  • bagal

    the sp-ce between ur d-ck and b-tthole my bagal is small

  • irish prick

    typically a guy named patrick, most definitely has hoes. that irish pr-ck stole my girl again, d-mnit.

  • crisleidy

    “crisleidy” is define as a beautiful human being that fights for her belives.crisleidy can be define as beautiful, sneaky, nice woman d-mnnn that girl crisleidy is thick and got that big -ss.

  • davalda

    a pretty girl that has a big potential most likely will go to fsu college and become a doctor. she loves her family so much and is awesome. when bad people try to bring her down she will get right back up and show them who is boss. she will be wealthy one day and […]

  • frodding

    just like frotting… with two d’s. were they frodding? yes the two d’s were side by side.

  • nerf turf

    the sp-ce between the n-ts-ck and p–p chute i wiped and got p–p on my nerf turf 🙁

  • ostrich-sheeple-lemmings

    ostrich-sheeple-lemmings are humans who figuratively bury their heads in the sand so they don’t see, act like a herd of sheep, then herd themselves over a cliff like lemmings. jane called john an example of ostrich-sheeple-lemmings for refusing to face reality.

  • mexican backrub

    when your morbidly obese chihuahua walks on your back while your girlfriend is trying to give you a m-ssage. hey honey why don’t you and the chihuahua give me a mexican backrub?

  • mufeeh

    a person of high cl-ss that is loved by everyone he meets. someone girls just cannot resist due to his good looks and perfect smile. a person who puts himself before everyone because he deserves all the attention in the world. mufeeh is the greatest ever.

  • layona

    true savage!!!!! with a big b-m🍑 ‘ layona you are a savage!’

  • somalian pool party

    when you go to the toilet and take a big dump and don’t flush leaving abdi and he’s friends to chill in bowl hence the somalian pool party. example 1. guy 1: hey guy 2 i gotta go take a sh-t ill be back asap -7minutes p-ss- guy 1: hey your toilet flush b-tton isn’t […]

  • jaikelys

    s-xy -ss female that keeps falling for some n-gg- named andres but anyways she bout loyal asf and has streaks with everyone you can trust her with your soul 🙂 she makes a great bestfriend that girl jaikelys is hot yo!

  • meat to seat

    when a man sits down to drop a coal dumpling and his p-n-s lays on the toilet seat i caught pimp drip cause i went meat to seat at the mall bathroom.

  • arav

    s-xy motherf-cker with amazing hair and plays amazing guitar. arav is sleeping. arav is eating.

  • justin wiggins

    someone who is very angry because he has a small p-n-s. friend 1- “hey” friend 2- “dude shut up” friend 1- “quit being such a justin wiggins .”

  • mutabla

    literally anything “what’s your drink flavor?” oh, you know, just mutabla.

  • dezie

    dezie is the girl you threw away for a bad b-tch and you’ll always regret it bc now shes rich as f-ck! dude, i miss dezie

  • cashāe

    a very strong individual who will not let n-body take her kindness for weakness. love helping people with no expectations. someone who is irreplaceable there can only be one no limitations. would make you laugh when you’re feeling down and bother. a beautiful person inside and out. also means hidden, stashed away, it’s a french […]

  • deserved better

    jeff atkins and hannah baker “name the two people who deserved better”

  • fouked

    busting a nut he fouked all over the couch.

  • neck kiss

    1.kissing somebody’s neck 2.the thing he/she does after kissing your lips in bed. yesterday in bed,my girlfriend gave me a neck kiss and it was absolutely romantic.

  • gerhd

    a word for god used by “funny” and “random” teenagers er mer gerhd i wernt ferd!

  • kee’ana

    a goddess of the sun . very beautiful. she is energetic yet calm at the same time . she is versatile and exceedingly charming and enjoys every experience that comes her way. candid and independent, an alluring combination to many. kee’ana is definitely my favorite person

  • temporis

    the feeling of wanting to be born in a different time or the feeling you were born in the wrong time sometimes, i just feel really temporis.

  • off tha hinges

    20 times better than things that are just off the hook…this means f… yessss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d-mn, that was off tha hinges brother!

  • маша

    hoe that girl is such a маша

  • gay giraffe

    a weird, funny and amazing person who will always be there when you need it. sometimes depressed but most of the time they are their own self and don’t care what people say. “hey are you aware of the g-y giraffe?” “yeah, she’s really funny!”

  • hop knocker

    a b-tch -ss niger karli: “heh you hop knocker?!” renee: “heh i’m not a bl–dy b-tch -ss niger?!?!!?!?!?”

  • trysexuel

    some willing to try anything s-xually i’m a trys-xuel i will try anything.

  • overdatable

    when 3 or more girls like you at a time because your the sh-t making you (overdatable) girl/boy: omg do you see that boy/girl over their she/he is so hot. friend:yeah but everyone loves him he’s sooo overdatable

  • teahauna

    one of the hottest girls you know. she will kick your -ss and get evey boy even a guy named seth and jarrod teahauna is awesome

  • livian

    livian is a beautiful, smart girl that you would hang out with forever. she will be very opened when you first meet her. she can make you laugh and put a smile on your face when you are down. she might act like some crazy girl, but she is herself in the inside and outside […]

  • tyler montine

    someone who should kill them self. tyler montine should kill himself.

  • i’m a 20-something hispanic man who has uncontrollable lust for women who spend ov

    translates to i’m josie, and 100 dollars is an understatement. i’m a 20-something hispanic man who has uncontrollable l-st for women who spend over 100 dollars on collecting waifus and hours and realized that he can’t collect a certain waifu due to random number generator is something you wouldn’t say on a first date.

  • selawii

    a guy who is handsome and will f-ck your b-tch and never call her omg i just got selawiied

  • assholeholic

    constantly making and repeating mistakes, wrong -ssumptions and stupid actions. this is not a curable condition (short of impeachment). a gaggle of -ssholeholics are in the white house.

  • shoo we

    term used by young adults at the end of a sentence to add humor and/or hickness to whatever there saying. it tends to be most said in mercer county, ohio and is impossible to only say once. shoo we the weather sure is nice today.

  • ivan martinez

    ivan martinez is a spanish youtuber along with his twin emilio martinez. they live in the u.s.a with jake paul in the team 10 headquarters. they are handsome boys with a beautiful heart. they’re always there when you need them and they’re just amazing overall. person 1: hey did you hear of ivan martinez?? person […]

  • singapore math rebels

    an angry and oft-hostile bunch of insecure math teachers with low confidence to use the alien singapore math curriculum adopted by their school. a number of local textbook publishers in the us, with poor sales figures, are instigating singapore math rebels to persuade undiscerning school princ-p-ls and parents not to support value-for-money foreign math textbooks.

  • frank hydrant

    a cartoon character popularized in a short series in 1968. the main character frank hydrant is based on a popular fire hydrant used in the southern california. it had 4 hose capability at over 10k/gpm. a real workhorse, ask any fireman!!!. frank hydrant original art is worth a fortune!!

  • dumpster midget sex

    the act of s-xual activity between 2 midgets or small people, typically in a dumpster. bro did you see that good stuff last night? yeah that sweet, sweet dumpster midget s-x?

  • breakupaversary

    the anniversary of a breakup patricia and jonathan are soon celebrating their breakupaversary.

  • pesica

    fat orange cat who likes when mom has supper ready d-mn look at that fat p-ssy, must be a pesica

  • imma fold you

    the act of beating a n-gg-s -ss so hard the compress into a pile of clothes. it is usually said after an acquaintance says something idiotic. or someone wants to fight you. it is used aggressively and as fighting words n-gg- 1: bruh your mama sucked my d-ck last night . n-gg- 2: bruh put […]

  • buthina

    buthina is a very kind and loyal girl, she may not be perfect on the inside but she definitely is on the outside. buthina has the most amazing smile, and the most beautiful complexion. if you have a buthina as a friend you’re the most luckiest person on earth. “wow she must be a buthina, […]

  • tasket

    a last minute task you have to do before an important event like a birthday or christmas. a tisket a tasket, i have to get to the shops before they close! did you get that last minute tasket done?

  • porcelain tub

    porcelain tub. the rarest of all female -sses that utterly confuses men of all races and religions. like a porcelain tub it is very large, very hard, and very smooth. it is also known for its ability to stand up to a lot of abuse (durable) and retain heat similar to a porcelain tub. female […]

  • knob shot

    while playing beer pong on a door(broken or not) if a player hits off the kn-b and in a cup they instantly win and everyone jumps in a pool hey i’m going to get this f-cking kn-b shot right now

  • shavien

    shavien is a boy who has high expectations in life that dreams big and will go after something until he gets it or can’t his easy to change moods he love to make music cause he thinks that’s the online way he communicate but he doesn’t f-ck with people because n-gg-s snake b-tches are fake […]

  • afshar

    a small skinny boy who has very little problem getting distracted afshar:hey

  • kittyhacker101

    someone who is getting extremely salty or triggered in bursts, or in a short period of time; usually over something not that serious. likes to say that ideas are bad and then proceed to copy that idea and make it their own saying that “you don’t have legal rights”. “look, this is a great idea!” […]

  • kill me with a katana

    literally just slice me up with a katana (large sword) “kill me with a katana” first gained popularity when @theregankennedy went to school and wanted to die but didn’t want to say “kill my self” often used in awkward situations or when you just wanna die “girl your bf was h-tting me up last night, […]

  • pancake papii

    a soundcloud rapper with extremely vulgar lyrics. person 1: “hey, have you heard the new pancake papii song?” person 2: “no, i don’t listen to that inappropriate music.” person 1: “wow, okay p-ssy.”

  • fujji

    “fujji” a name for someone who is mainly happy, down to earth, goofy and loving but also dangerous and ready to fight what’s up fujji

  • peanut butter slut

    a person that is in love with peanut b-tter and is quite shameful about it christopher is such a peanut b-tter sl-t. he can hardly control himself when he is around skippy.

  • leafion

    a ship between the youtubers onision and leafyishere. emma: leafion is my favourite youtuber ship. isabelle: y-sss, me too!

  • gowja

    gowja, a young crazy girl, she loves to have a laugh. dirty minded loves to have and adventure. in some cases if not in the mood she is evil. gowja is the definition of grace and beauty omg that girl is moody but fit. ye we call it being a gowja

  • pyrenees

    a guy named pyrenees is the most sweetest and funniest guy you’ll ever meet. he can always make you smile and laugh when you feel like no one can! and he’s super cute ! once you get to know him you feel as if you can tell him anything in the world. he’s a great […]

  • lasane

    a bad b-tch who don’t give a single f-ck about whoever has to talk sh-t!!! d-mn he is such a lasane!

  • damn knee

    when your knee has a b-mp under it caused by a tendon popping out from growing too fast, formally known as osgood schlatters, usually most males in middle school will have it, hurts if pressure is applied john: yo are you okay your limping ryan: yea i’m all good it’s just my d-mn knee

  • summer of 83

    one h-ll of a fishing trip i’m talking you and me! in the summer of 83

  • patroy

    patroy is a sh-tty hockey player, can’t skate, can’t score, always on the bench. he’s greasier than the pizza at a fast food place, wheels are flatter than the floor itself and says ferda too much wow that patroy guy should not be on the ice, his hair is literally dripping grease

  • #dontswearsavetheplanet

    spread the awareness on saving the planet by not swearing. if u swear you straight away kill a polar bear. person a: did you do the homework perosn b : $h-t i didn’t person a : -gasps- #dontswearsavetheplanet

  • darren smith

    he is loyal to his friends his lover and his family but he is an underrated athlete who is counted out many times but in the end proves them wrong and make it pro dont give up on “darren smith” he’s gonna do big things.

  • spin down virgin

    a magic the gathering player who has not yet used a spin down die of their own dude, thanks for taking me to this pre-release for amonkhet. i’ll finally lose my spin down virginity

  • nautika

    usually a boss b-tch. most people think she is stuck up but she’s really goofy and ratchet once you get to know her. typically a light skin chick that’s slim-thick. hates texting! ” look at nautika over there thinking she the sh-t!

  • dale sellars

    has a 20 foot long huge d-ck, typically destroys women and it support staff. the ground trembles when he walks and is the true character behind mr potato head corr he must be a dale sellars, it won’t stop stinging

  • taiyler

    taiyler is hardworking. she focuses on her grades, social life, athletics, and family. she is kind hearted with a joyful soul. she has a great sense of style with a wonderful taste in music. she loves many types of music and many other great old and new hits. she is not afraid to show her […]

  • godbey

    it means most valuable have you seen richard he is soooooo godbey

  • peugeot driver

    a person that owns a peugeot made after 1997 generally a bit of a f-ckwit. these people are often bad drivers that cause a lot of issues on the roads of the uk. other definitions may include a sh-t driver. someone lacking of driver experience. jeff. hey john i bought a peugeot 207 john. oh […]

  • deaken

    deaken is a name given to a person with h-lla personalities. they are often creative and adventurous and sometimes difficult or stubborn. they take things seriously and know what they are doing (more than likely most of the time). kid1: dude, do you see that guy that aced all of the tests and made the […]

  • finna woke

    feelin spicy, like you got some fresh memes, so you finna woke, you feel me? yo dude, that’s finna woke!

  • anshley

    anshley is a name of a beautiful girl that won’t take sh-t from anyone. she trys to stay positive about everything in life . she is very caring and there for others . she has a really big heart “have you met anshley?” “no i heard she’s really nice tho.”

  • vocal-typo

    when you mean to say one thing but accidentally say another i apologise i meant to say boy not man, it was a vocal-typo

  • cuckspringer

    an individual who likes to move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward with cucks. look at jake, bouncing around with all those cucks. what a cuckspringer.

  • udara

    udara is a phrase for define a female medical student who has hard noisy voice and for define girls who is suffering from restlessness or wise they have many different sinhala statements. she is an udara and you should wear your headphones while you are talking with her.

  • aluel

    a girl with a kind heart and big booty. she may be shy when you first meet her, but when you really get to know her, you will see a sweet and helpful mom. typically, aluels have long luscious legs that attract all men guy: look at those fine legs, she must be an aluel

  • fanork

    there aren’t any definitions for fanork yet. can you define it?

  • fouk

    busting a nut i just fouked all over my sock

  • rahulan

    a name for a person that seems strange at first because you will meet him after he “accidentally” slides into your dms. but you will soon realize hes actually a cool guy. hes hot af and his jawline is sharp enough to cut his enemies with. but he doesnt have many enemies because hes too […]

  • drink bleech

    jazz’s way of telling someone to drink bleach. she stupid af. lol jazz: your so cancer tbh. i want you to drink bleech michal: wow. you stupit.

  • karzaih

    a savage athlete who is also a warm hearted person with a great body. this man is smart talented and will be a great and loyal boyfriend. karzaih is a s-xy beast

  • shana-kay

    she probably from the island with thia type of name .a very smart and crazy girl that doesn’t take any sh-t from n-body. works hard tries her best give it all she got. stay out of her way and let her do her and she gets angry easly. shana-kay

  • abrionna

    a abrionna is known to be one of the s-xiest person in this world although theres not many abrionna’s . abrionna is a rare and beautiful name so the outcome of meeting one is good luck just get one to fall in love with you and you’ll be the luckiest b-st-rd in the world . […]

  • gurrupleta

    colombian slang; used to describe someone that is very rude, annoying & with a bad reputation. normally used to refer to someone from the worst parts of the city. “michael es una gurrupleta, robó a mi primo”

  • peach snapper

    generally a male who wears a white tommy bahama shirt and pink snapper shorts. he spends his time stealing the -n-l virginities of men and women alike. collin: my -sshole hurts… victor: why? -suddenly brandon walks in- brandon: it was me the peach snapper!

  • dykan

    when you’re trying to type “dylan” but you can’t function correctly jeez, you really pulled a dykan when you made a typo on that essay!

  • rogue load

    when you shoot your c-m but you can’t find where it went awh mate, i was going at it last night but i popped a rogue load and couldn’t find it ay!

  • clissy

    someone stupid or annoying. used as an insult guy: ufos are real me: shut the f-ck up you clissy

  • dykorexic

    hag; hurcheon the dykorexic was nothing but a sore loser, wanting men to be all ruined.

  • plumbobbing

    when someone wears specific clothes to let everyone know the mood they’re in. sindy: “maybe i should go talk to ashleigh. look at that black hoodie; she’s totally plumbobbing her sadness. a s-xual position, similar to the jackhammer, only with a flacid p-n-s that is inserted, then extricated from the v-g-n-/-n-s from a vertical direction. […]

  • delasio

    lying -ss ex. who still talks to his ex. delasio is a liar

  • marlik

    a b-tch -ss n-gg- but still my cuz so he cool pho queue marlik is my cuz but he is just uh….. marlik

  • trinadey

    a gorgeous woman. very intelligent, problem solver. she’s thick (has a huge -ss). has a big heart, cares for everyone! but don’t get on her bad side because she’s definitely crazy. your such a trinadey.

  • doomaflitcher

    thing you can’t name, even if it’s just for the moment. can you get that doomaflitcher over there?

  • denica

    a funny -ss b-tch with no hoes ! everybody likes her except the hatin -ss b-tches denica is the best

  • fuccle

    a group of tourists who are often at popular spots and create traffic that makes it harder for locals to get in and accomplish simple tasks. hey man, sorry i was late i went to pike place market for lunch and ran into a fuccle taking food p-rn pictures. just could get in and out […]

  • kamd

    kamden is a white male who is also a f-ckboy but no girl can get over him ,he is also very stupid,cute and annoying he thinks he’s really popular but n-body really cares or likes him. all of his girlfriends are very stupid and unlucky hoes they are lucky if the relationship last a week. […]

  • prprpr

    the signature sound of a potato. typically used when a potato is nervous, curious, or embarr-ssed. steve: this potato is so adorable. potato: prprpr.

  • closing the jar

    pushing down ones p-n-s to make an erection go away. billy was closing the jar before his mom walked in on him.

  • homie g squad

    the homie g squad is the best around. anyone who messes with the homie g’s regret it and anyone in the squad respect eachother as brothers. if you are nice and a good person, the you are cool with the squad. joining the squad is hard, but being banned is permanent “hey man, i just […]

  • frold

    freezing cold i was so frold on that plane ride

  • basket toss

    because bc stands for because yw tbh bc is an abbreviation for the word because. it’s used in msn and in short hand. “i wasn’t in school today bc i was feeling ill” b-tch c-nt; bc is the safe acronym of the word b-tch c-nt. bc can be said in public and around those who […]

  • tecle

    a term for when your friend is still in the closet but wont admit it tecle is g-y

  • ermonie

    ermonie is an girl with a good looking body , has abs, got some cake, and everbody wants her , but she only want that one boy she can settle with and love until death. she has an amazing personaility and everbody is secretly jealous of her and wants to be like her. she can […]

  • rooselet pie

    good tasting p-ssy. i’ll have some of that rooselet pie!

  • difficult difficult lemon difficult

    the awkwardly worded antonym to ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ meant to express that something was very difficultly done. “that claims process was difficult difficult lemon difficult”

  • zeana

    big bootied girl who is mad crazy and funny like h-ll zeana looking good she look like a sundae with sprinkles

  • dalianys

    a beautiful young girl that will be anyone’s friend and that will love you jaydeen:shes hot michael:i know that a dalianys

  • dwent

    an abnormally large sh-t in an ill sized toilet. there’s a dwent upstairs!

  • smithereensishness

    state of smithereensish; state of like pieces or smithereens the man smoked and laughed at the smithereensishness of the globe.

  • clayton county

    the funniest county yet my dude. everyone wants to be like them. you can’t compare clay co to anyone person : mannnnn , i hate henry county person 2: bruh , me too , i wish i went to clayton county person 1: exact man

  • ponnilavan

    very smart and responsible. outgoing and a cool person. a really nice friend. rarely ever gets angry. and very smooth. lulu: you’re really smooth ponnilavan.

  • flobtobby

    a big fat bald man that eats people out of house and home with thighs like tree trunks. oh look at flobtobby over there he’s eaten all the cake again.

  • pusnig

    a person who is p-ssing you off and is ruining your life guy 1: jesus man stop being a pusnig! guy: sorry boo

  • mikheil

    he is the type of guy that only likes a special girl. that chill cool boy in your life that doesn’t give a sh-t. he is the most popular, but when it comes to girls he likes, he is shy. omg, mikheil is so cute. but he only likes the shy girl in the cl-ss.

  • nonular

    describing something that is not cool or generally disagreeable. that shirt he’s wearing is so nonular. i prefer a printed pattern.

  • skudmiss

    when you feel like something like p–p in your undershorts, but you look and nothing is there. i t is usually predictable to see a skidmark in my undershorts, but this failure was only a skudmiss.

  • imyrishio

    imyrishio is the perfect example of bubbly personality. she lights up a room with her childlike cuteness. she is usually the youngest. she is loyal to all her bff’s and usually hang out in groups. to say she’s a bomb is just an understatement. once you have p-ssed her off you shall pay for the […]

  • merry newsolgivingkwanzakah

    (mer-ee nu-soul-giv-ing-kwan-za-ka) what you say to people when you don’t want to be pc, but at the same time you want to be inclusive. merry newsolgivingkwanzakah my maybe religious friend.

  • tirth

    sweater and polo combination. a business casual look that is great for any occasion. arthur the aardvark wears a tirth in every single episode. if you want a preppy look you could wear a tirth. a type of person that always steals attention,and is rad as f-ck. he is also tend to be a hair […]

  • qantastic

    a mix of confusion, disillusion and despair after you purchase a premium service and receive a dismal product. most often used in the context of air-travel. bob was qantastic after he purchased business cl-ss tickets his flight from w-ngaratta to dubbo and then found himself on a b-ganair flight sitting in-between a sheila and two […]

  • cigal

    1.)commonly known as “the great one”. when referring to “cigal” also known as “the great one” use in context; of ability, quality, and eminence awesomeness of above normal or the average person(s) 2.) “cigal” does not fall for the trickery of these hoes! when using “the great one” in a sentence “one” has to be […]

  • desolation of smaug

    after -n-l, the gape is enough to fit a dragon in it. i think she prolapsed, it’s like the desolation of smaug

  • tashlyn

    tashlyn is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. she never brags but deeply knows she is amazing. when she has an opinion she speaks it; and isn’t afraid to. when she smiles she brightens everyone’s day. she can sometimes be called sunshine, or a shooting star because she is so happy […]

  • forced protagonist

    when in a story or rp, a person forced the plot to change in a way allowing them to automatically become a main character man, (insert name here) is such a forced protagonist!

  • yazdale

    a yazdale is the most beautiful girl out there. every guy wants her but none of them really know how to keep her. she is the most confusing girl in the world. one minute she’ll love you, the next minute she hates you. a yazdale doesn’t care about anything or anyone. but if she cares […]

  • open the ketchup

    getting ready, warming up, getting the blood (ketchup) flowing. “time to open the ketchup!

  • kuumba

    i awesome black guy with a d-ck bigger than anyone else who also gets the most s-x out of all and is also really popular my boy kuumba f-cked every girl here

  • jarethmi

    musty,thick gl-sses,crusty boy jarethmi is undecided

  • sixass

    when a person’s -ss is so fat that it gives off the appearance of a six pack. holy smokes, look at the size of that blimp, she has a six-ss

  • garaya

    a girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for someone else. pretty,smart,funny garaya is sooo funny and smart

  • naked otter

    an insufficient sized d-ck, mostly reffered to the g-ys 👏, but can be used to talk about any lil d-ck -ss n-gg- amanda: did you know jeff had a naked otter chloe: yeah duh he’s g-y asf amanda:but he f-cked alise last year chloe: sh-t then he just got a lil -ss d-ck

  • home security guard

    a term to describe a neet (not in education, employment or training). it is a better term to describe people that stay at home 24/7 without any set goals. it is not to be confused as a licensed security guard. jake: i’ve heard that dan found a job. rob: he’s only working as a home […]

  • squarted

    when someone farts while squating. hey can you grab that for me? oh you just squarted!

  • sukhneet

    the cutest person you’ll ever meet. the whine a lot and cry over the smallest of things but they have a heart of a gold and will do whatever for you. ‘omg that girl cries so much but she’s so nice’ ‘yeah, she’s sukhneet’

  • jason wimmer

    jason wimmer drops girl faster than a stupid kids grades. jason wimmer dropped that b-tch faster than his pennies. jason wimmer dropped that b-tch faster than your husband drops his pants for a bj.

  • f5

    to look at something obsessively and repeatedly in order to see if its status as changed, or to check constantly on something to try to make its status change. from the practice of hitting the f5 key repeatedly to refresh a messageboard thread while waiting for somebody to post. “dude, that girl who works at […]

  • instagir

    noun; a girl who frequently posts only attractive pictures of herself on social media, especially instagram, in order to gain attention and self-validation from strangers on the internet guy 1: hey man, have you met lexi? i thought she was pretty cool when i met her in person but then i found her on instagram […]

  • plamencho

    someone who is small af hey this 3.1 guy is so plamencho

  • ki3h

    keep it 3 hundred keep it ccc(calm, cool, collected) note: 300 is “ccc” in roman numerals when driving i ki3h so i’m better focused on the road.

  • taliaferro

    a dude who is a dude who others wanna be.also known as “dat dude to be”.also known as the realest dude in all of sp-ce and time.there is no point in history were a t.a.r.d.i.s. can travel where he is not “dat dude”. there is cool and them there is taliaferro cool

  • mershod

    mershod is a singer and rapper and producer and composer with the age of 17 from iran mershod

  • dopen

    pr-nouncing of the word “dope” in an accent, typically a mexican parent. cool /sweet / sick hey man where’d you get those shoes? they’re dopen to leave your dope open. generally proclaimed in warning of potential loss of dope when a bag has accidentally been left open and is precariously placed. “dopen!” or is that […]

  • mormon bang

    when you lure unsuspecting mormon girls banging on your door into your home and do horrible things. wow, i heard it was a mormon bang over there where the police cars are

  • manhattan mazel tov

    when you bust and she keeps sucking until you’re limp like a lo mein noodle in soup dave: dude i heard becky sucked you off last night pablo: yeah she gave me a manhattan mazel tov

  • nati’anna

    nati’anna is the most loving person you could ever meet or met. she’s shy quiet but freaky d-mn i love nati’anna she’s so sweet

  • catholic ugly

    when you find someone very attractive but when you take a step back, they may not appear to be the most attractive person. 1: “i can’t believe you think she’s fit.” 2: “she’s only catholic ugly mate, you’d like her if you knew her.”

  • sillicone valley

    the area of draper, ut where all the sugar mamas have plastic eee jugs. connor’s mom lacherity offered me her body, but i was like “h-ll no, i ain’t taking no plastic sillicone valley b-tch!”

  • mascud

    mascud is someone who is very intelligent beautiful and caring. he also is outgoing and happy.he is a boy who will result to violence at times and doesn’t let anything hurt him ” mascud, are you alright? i haven’t seen you depressed like this before.”

  • velky

    an outgoing, intelligent, independent, unique person;; and a ride or die kind of chick (she is loyal) she doesn’t take sh-t from anybody but is smart. she’s loud and can be selfish but is very giving to people she cares about. she can be a b-tch but only when you p-ss her off other wise […]

  • pop sloper

    using any unusual substances to replace lotion for masturbating. ex. chocolate syrup, ranch dressing, contact solution, glue, etc. person 1: “i beat my d-ck so hard last night.” person 2: “did you use lube?” person 1: “kind of, it was a pop sloper.” person 2: “oh, okay.”

  • maccyb

    maccyb is a youtuber, pretty nice guy, and, quite frankly, is currently browsing the urban dictionary with his friends, of which are high on crack. have you seen maccyb’s videos with his friends? they’re funny as h-ll!

  • floppy talk

    conversation about computer stuff which has reached the level of detail that average person don’t understand. john: ”usually that cpu would be enough, but i require at least 8 tflops and that’s without streaming.” peter: ”i heard that 7th gen will fall on knees before amd’s ryzen. i might even switch. benchmarks seems promising.” mary: […]

  • mag-tastic

    the act of being magical and fantastic. that -ss was mag-tastic.

  • isobel gappy

    big b-tt and skinny waste beautiful hair and eyes and everyone one want to be like you wow she is an isobel gappy

  • define girlfriends

    when youre a closet g-y but someone asks if you have a girlfriend. person 1: “so do you have a girlfriend?” person 2: “define girlfriends”

  • lordcharchar

    a person who is named charlie, who is under 5 feet tall and thinks they are better than everyone else in his friend group. also has a secret obsession with pokemon. mike:hey “lordcharchar” charlie: don’t call me that! mike: okay lordcharchar

  • strumph diddling

    this act requires you to remove your clothes while lifting a naked man above your head who’s wearing a party hat on his genitals. while doing this a school boy octopus rubs your nipple from behind and places a tentacle inside the man above your head. i’m going to down to the local fish market […]

  • dickswob

    someone who acts like a c-nt in a male form. “donald trump is such a d-ckswob.”

  • nig’olian bbq

    when it’s obvious your neighbors primary seasoning is lighter fluid. cough cough cough fkn nig’olian bbq

  • bible crumper

    a very religious christian who says things like “the lord will provide!” and “we are all filthy sinners!” i saw a bible crumper shouting “the lord will provide!” for 17 hours

  • cuffspect

    when you are suspect to being cuffed (in a relationship). homie #1- “yo why don’t you try and smash andrea bro?” homie #2- “idk man i’m kinda talkin’ to gigi, she wouldn’t like that.” homie #1- “daaaaamnnn…so you cuffspect?” homie #2- “yeah bruh i’m cuffspect asf, i might wife her up.”

  • eggwin

    a b-tch -ss n-gg-r who is responsible for every sh-t in the world god d-mn it eggwin

  • adleen

    the type of girl who is funny and smart. she can be cold sometimes. why is the so adleen?

  • double doo

    when you think all your sh-ts out but then another pound comes in heavy dude, last night i thought i was finished, but then i had a double doo!

  • 2jae

    choi youngjae and im jaeb-m are apart of a kpop group named got7. many fans have started shipping them because they’re relationship is real as f-ck. they’re ship name/relationship name is 2jae. “2jae is real don’t @ me on this because i’ll fight !”

  • hit an tip

    when hitting someone elses pipe and then pouring it out in your hand or on ur leg for yourself to smoke later. everytime we smoke with shannon he does a hit an tip and its gone right after.

  • cuntcracian

    a crabby c-nt. an old biddy with fake teeth screaming at you with her oven mitts on that old gall got all c-ntcracian when i asked who owned this boat..

  • buttchoker

    someone who chokes on c-ck and eggplant guy why are you always such a b-ttchoker

  • pity nudes

    when you do wrong by a person and you send them t-t pics to make them feel better. maddie was grinding with guys at a party and cheated on her man…she sent him pity nudes after that.

  • pierramene

    unique woman whose shown strength and grace throughout her lifetime. she walks w angels throughout her journey seeking god’s purpose for her. pierramene is amazing. an instrument of god.

  • tbhiih

    acronym for “to be honest if i’m honest” – for you are completely, 100% honest “tbhiih, that’s absolutely hilarious”

  • emily perez

    she’s the best. makes you smile and makes you feel like your the only guy in the world. her eyes will make you melt and you fall for her smile every single time. if she wants you, lemme tell you something, she gone get you. she’s really sweet hearted and is the best person you’ll […]

  • latrelle

    a bad b-tch, always has a blunt to smoke dan: yo hit up latrelle , i want to sparkup

  • sinmaji

    she is a liar, and tells all her friends about her issues shes a snake, and she always makes excuses for no reason girl 1: did you see sinmaji! girl 2: yeah, shes a liar she said that she didnt go to school because her mom picked her up a liar who lies on small […]

  • rhineberger

    a wannabe commando chuck laddel looken haircut rhineberger aka ramburger and murry killing it

  • dick doc

    a urologist (d-ck doctor) “hey boss, i’m p-ssing razorblades, gotta pop by the d-ck doc to see what’s up. i’ll be in after lunch” “sir, this is a pediatric office. the d-ck doc is three doors down to the right.” “she’s the top d-ck doc in the whole d-mn country! i’d trust her with any […]

  • sheu

    great person black hair likes lightsking girls really funny crooked teeth but could still steal your girl person 1d-mn thats a sheu person2 he is a 10

  • aux raided

    when someone you don’t know connects to the bluetooth speaker or streaming deceives and plays something unexpected i was watching youtube on my smart tv when from out of no where got aux raided

  • misam

    rat man no-one likes him cos he’s always showing off and he has no mates so his brother pays others to hang out with him what a misam, he’s always showing off and never is cool, who wants to be his mate

  • nba broke boy

    a person who has a broken jumper and still decides to pull, a b-m, or a person who dongoofs. i just trashed young bull in 2k, he’s a nba broke boy.

  • chinese return

    buying a new product identical to one you just broke, and returning the old one in the new product box. often used when a product breaks just outside of the warranty period, or if one loses a receipt. person 1: “man, i can’t believe my gopro broke after just two months!” person 2: “go buy […]

  • shotaro

    shotaro is an extremely nice person who goes out of their way to help others. they are also one of the hottest people and when he walks into a room all he girls start drolling over him. he is just simply amazing!! 😉 d-mn shotaro’s hot!!

  • showhat

    nice, friendly, and observant person. rocking sense of style & bomb personality fits the total package of this person. dang showhat, you go girl! quick to kiss teeth, likes long walks in her bed, drinks cranberry juice and hates water, makes you laugh by making herself laugh showhat? bougieeee

  • saugh

    to laugh and sigh simultaneously. commonly done when one is amused, and disappointed. i saughed when i found out who the presidential candidates were.

  • cyanni

    the most awesome friend that u will ever have she is fun loving and will always be there for u. even when ur mad at her she get over it and when ur upset sh-ll always ask wats wrong and always try to fix it overall shes the best and my best friend.😘😀 shes the […]

  • rootchild

    a real n-gg- that guy is rootchild

  • comommentary

    constant mom commentary. when mom continuously comments about a tv show and totally prevents enjoying the show. i was really enjoying snl but the comommentary from mom made it unwatchable around her.

  • fuck cow

    a female that is being used s-xually in a relationship that has no commitment from their partner. what am i? just a f-ck cow to you?!

  • entschuldigung

    the extremely long german word for “sorry” another translation: (es) tut mir leid johan: “hallo, hunter. wie geht’s?” hunter: “oh, nicht gut.” johan: “oh, entschuldigung zu hören.”

  • ocean beau

    a person who is considered “wavy”. someone who like to turn up, and stay turnt. jasmine: “omg did you see that dude at the party last night?” stephany: “omg yeah he was soooo ocean beau. he took like 30 bars.” jasmine: “i gotta get his snapchat! he turns up!”

  • mrs.denton

    big ape looking woman h-llo mrs.denton ha ha

  • kansas city sparkler

    when a woman c-ms on a man’s p-n-s during intercourse, and using the secretion as adhesive, glitter is put on the man’s p-n-s. this, giving the appearance of a sparkler d-cks and jane are very festive. last night they made a kansas city sparkler .

  • bungalo baby

    a child that was conceived after a male -j-c-l-t-d into a females’s -n-s and it leaked into her v-g-n-. god d-mn, if your mom would have just swallowed you, we wouldn’t have this bungalo baby sitting next to us!

  • reckless shit

    wild sh-t to do with ur friends er and cat wow that girl is doing reckless sh-t

  • shart splart

    when you’re wearing jockey briefs and you shart down each leg i accidenatly did a shart splart while at the pub

  • donkey slash

    a donkey slash is when a male person whacks his reproductive organ over any part of a female. while the p-n-s is covered in his own s-m-n. “wow! that guy gave mia khalifa a tremendous donkey slash.”

  • ray johns

    smooth ; when something just works perfectly i was ray johns when i was getting that girls number

  • saulo

    a bad-ss mexican who gets bad conquistadores in trouble and always follows roberto commands saulo has to get paulo in trouble for roberto

  • kornisha

    kornisha is a very independent women that got her own. she don’t need anyone. she’s very strong, pretty, and aging very fast. her life is moving along quick. what ever happens to her she will always be overcome it. that girl really acts like a kornisha.

  • pankakke

    1. an ancient american ritual where a party of 8 or more men -j-c-l-t- on a pancake. this is sometimes done if the pancake has commited a crime or disrespected the elders in any way, but mostly it’s done for entertainment at bachelor parties. 2. the finished product of the act of pankakke. see bukkake […]

  • tahmere

    he has a large lightskin c-ck but he has a big forehead d-mn he’s such a tahmere

  • ostracat

    an ostrich mixed with a cat hey timmy that ostracat looks f-cking stupid

  • dirty dicaprio

    when you drag your sack across her face starting at the chin dragging till the top of the forehead mary came over for dinner last night, i gave her a dirty dicaprio for desert with a light creme fraiche.

  • brashon

    brashon is very rare. a type of guy you will only meet once in a lifetime. he is shy at first but is halarious when he gets comfortable around you. his humor is not based of off words but based of his humorous actions. he is smart, and wiser than most of his peers. he […]

  • aleisya

    the best person to walk on this earth. knows how to work it, kicks -ss and would mess anyone up if they mess with her or her loved ones. the hottest person to know. boys want her, girls want to be her.she is fun, loveable and the best to be around! aleisya is the best […]

  • bointless

    for people who can’t spell oh julia, using comon in a sentence is just “bointless”

  • iphone std

    you look at so much p-rn on your phone that it gets a virus… “i looked at so much p-rn on my cell it caught a virus…dam iphone std!”

  • fire breathing bitch queen

    she’s a straight c-nt and you never want to come across her path. she will eat your soul alive. d-mn bro i was talking to this girl and she was a real fire breathing b-tch queen.

  • wusqa

    a fat boy with a belly covering the entire universe and all the cosmos….also means in some instances a belly full of food and drink. he danced around in the nightclub but his friends seeing his belly called him “wusqa”

  • local lingo

    the local slang in an area i’m going to london! i need to learn the local lingo!

  • jhano

    a word used to swear or promise something. man 1: i just got those royal blues for free man 2: ahlieeee man 1: jhano on my moms life i got ’em.

  • alexiah

    alexiah is the baddest b-tch in the game. the best friend a person can have. pretty , nice, and athletic. you can always count on her to not do her homework but have your back. alexiah is an amazing person. oh my god , she’s such an alexiah.

  • keizzae

    a handsome s-xy but loyal man he got all the girls he is a rich man and a great father i wish i could be keizzae

  • zunnon

    it’s a name the meaning is fear less joyful happy and exciting person . also mean light. often people with the name zunnon like barking rules and don’t care about the consequences zunnon is fearless human being.

  • rollin boaby

    the best roll and sausage you would ever get that’s a helfy rollin boaby

  • ammal ismail

    a girl with a tight -ss is such a ammal ismail wow that girl is such a ammal ismail that has a tight -ss

  • waunakeegan

    crashing an event you’re not invited to and winning the event anyway, p-ssing some people off unbelievable, he pulled off a waunakeegan here.

  • rusty flail

    a rusty flail is when a girl sh-ts on your d-ck and you smack her in the face with it. “sarah made sure she had plenty of fiber in her diet so that i could give her the best rusty flail of her life.”

  • bambiphobia

    fear of being eaten by a wild bambi. i have bambiphobia, i don’t want bambi to see me.

  • yanky doodle noodle

    when you die in a game and warn your friends from the threat player 1: (dies) yanky doodle noodle! player 2: o thanks g

  • perdeu playboy

    you’ve missed the boat. it’s a term in brazil to let a playboy type person to p-ss off. a guy is h-t on by a girl and turns her down. he then changes his mind and go back to her. she’s no longer interested and says “perdeu playboy”

  • poddible

    more probable than possible that’s quite poddible.

  • dfwh

    stands for “don’t f-ck wit her” person 1: yo, who’s your new girl? person 2: jessica person 1: bro dfwh she has booty warts

  • sing about me

    to immortalize someone’s memory through word of mouth “i’m going on deployment in syria, if i die, promise me that you’ll sing about me when i’m gone.”

  • godsnitch

    when you tell the almighty on people with no morals if you want to run for office, once you get up from under your afgan, i’m gonna godsnitch on you.

  • pidwan

    a wh-r- or sl-t willing to do almost everything u want. often unkept in appearance. i met this girl last night. she turned out to be a real pidwan she was down for anything!

  • yung wavy nigga

    a n-gg- that will steal your bish in front of you, his hair is fresh as his clothes, this n-gg- will slay your bish in front of you and then give her back after he p-ssed her down to his homies. thats what these type of n-gg-s do, try to upgrade people around them. d-mn […]

  • quinnon

    a real n-gg- quinnon loyal to himself and his peers

  • play like a girl

    awesome, strong confident, fast, the best. boy 1: you play like a girl girl: thanks if you played a little better i bet you would too! random boy: burn!!!!

  • keatlyn

    keatlyn is a sweet, intelligent , and brave girl she never gives up she’s been through a lot but she keeps her head up she is intelligent she won’t give up on n-body. keatlyn is a beautiful person!!

  • sticky noting

    the act of a male -j-c-l-t-ng onto the face of his opponent submitting to him, then placing a sticky note to their head using the -j-c-l-t- as a supplement to the existing adhesive. the note typically reads some form of derogatory slur used to inflict maximum psychological damage and humiliation after the act of conquest […]

  • burns so good

    the burning feeling you get in your mouth and throat when you have a strong shot or gl-ss of alcohol. ahh it burns so good!

  • well tickle my nuts and call me cyril

    an exclamation of surprise and shock. jade: timothy i’m pregnant timothy: well tickle my nuts and call me cyril, who’s the father?!

  • street shipping

    a technique known to most fangirls. this action displays two people (most likely male) shipped together obliviously against their will, soon to be written in a fangirls notebook. it’s funny cause it’s true. katie: did you notice those two hot shirtless guys at the pool?! time to go street shipping. eric: you need a life.

  • ruk

    phrase for are you okay? (r u k) text messages; brother: hey sis ruk? you: yup i’m fine! just leaving.

  • beaver damning

    verb; the days when your morning p–ps haven’t been released yet and the logs build up throughout the day. joe drank his coffee in hopes to prevent beaver d-mning. i wad beaver d-mning so hard the toilet had logs.

  • kylisha

    a woman who is considered as the ray of light ( sunshine). who is always nice and sharing . but at times they can be rude. beautiful inside and out who is also caring they care more about others than themselves. loves to sing and try new things the sun outside is shining just like […]

  • timmy chung

    a big smart dude,being a great friend,bing a great loyal friend in my cl-ss timmy chung is the best.

  • spasm spank

    when the missus grabs your member with no real clue as to what she’s doing and violently wrenches it to and fro. the missus gave me a spasm spank last night, she d-mn nearly tore it off.

  • jopaul

    a guy with a large ego but the actions to back it up as well. he extremely smart and only limited by the people that tell him otherwise. he is religious but still knows how to have a good time. everyone wishes that they knew a jopaul. he’s a kills with the ladies and can […]

  • ben balloon

    ben balloon was the sidekick of popular 1960’s cartoon character frank hydrant. balloon was drawn as a b-st-rdized depiction of a hot air balloon of the time. a timeless cl-ssic in the annals of comics. “hey!!! i’m ben balloon” said ben balloon to his mentor frank hydrant, who had 4 hose hookups and the firemen […]

  • cow top

    a cow which spins around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around stop staring at the cow top. you’ll get sick!

  • pissed in

    one level above p-ssed off. you are so mad that you would literally kill someone for accidentally b-mping into you. rae: hey jon i’m so getting so p-ssed in right now. jon: why is that? rae: because paer rejected me.

  • back 6

    the ‘back 6’ is a reference the perilous closing 6 holes at the famed fgcc village course in athletes village, ca. after routing changes in 2005 it simply became called ‘the north course’ or ‘the six’ and currently comprises the starting 6 holes. often referred to provincially as the toughest 6 holes in golf it […]

  • byplymouth mouth constipation

    a scottish termwhen a male is really constipated so he takes laxatives and sh-t down his partners throat. after swallowing the fluids she quickly gags herself and throws up on his c-ck. ” i ( george scott )was really constipated yesterday so i taught her ( katie tolliday )the byplymouth mouth constipation technique and she […]

  • dust bucket bitch

    a dusty piece of sh-t hoe bag from a bucket of village of b-tches lily is a dust bucket b-tch

  • your as cute as a speckled pup

    a female or male that may be in your own opinion good looking and ya have a crush on her or him. you’ve seen a speckled puppy before…. prety d-mn cute ! amber baby ,your as cute as a speckled pup !!! so if i ever call ya a b-tch … i mean a cute […]

  • ezzedine

    a guy who does no wrong, but follows someones. person1; that guy is so cool, but he follows the amazing, handsome, smart and rad ridwan person 2; he must be a ezzedine

  • foolish goat

    a person who says something very silly. minhaj: erin, is 1+1 3? erin: oh minhaj u foolish goat

  • bunger womp

    a person who plays the “owe me” game in the world of drugs. my brother john is a real bunger womp. john smoked a joint with me 10 yrs. ago and wants repay now because we had a fight over the last chicken nugget.

  • the donovan

    giving some one the middle finger the guy cut me off so i gave him the donovan.

  • smell rich with math

    a term that describes that the odor of financial success lies with someone blessed with a mathematical brain like bill gates or mark zuckerberg. the billionaires list will continue to be dominated by geeks, who prove that one can smell rich with math—being symbol-minded does give one a head start to becoming filthy rich.

  • biweebious

    the act of liking anime but only watching it in a dubbed version pete: so i was watching attack on t-tan season 2 last ni- mich: wait did you say attack on t-tan season 2? pete: yes mich: but it’s not dubbed yet pete: boi if it’s out i’m gonna watch it even if it’s […]

  • crispy tender

    when u deep fry your p-n-s and then beat it oh yesterday cj and and lane had a crispy tender.

  • bumping biscuits

    to b-mp genitals that often leads to s-xual encounters me and this girl were b-mping biscuits in the back room.

  • godaddy

    yeah daddy! oh wait, godaddy is a website for making your own website… godaddy is a paid service by the way.

  • original crew

    when in a long anime or tv series the group that helped the mc in the beginning come back in a later arc, often with new and/or better powers. weeb 1: i love how the old characters came back to fight again, i always wanted to see the original crew fight again! weeb 2: they […]

  • grundy pips

    small pieces of faecal matter found in grubby underpants. colin, having terrible flatulence as well as hygiene was not surprised to find that the frequent release of vaporised t-rd into his pants had formed into grundy pips. a more polite way of saying “i’ve followed through and lightly sh-t myself”.

  • gerzburgular

    total moron who miraculously steals your girl had cheryl stolen from me by this f-ckin gerzburgular. guy can’t even chew gum and walk at the same time but somehow he’s nutting all in my girl’s puss.

  • sup muh

    a sup muh is generally an african american male. when they say what’s up man, it often comes out as sup muh. me: hey bro how’s it going black male: sup muh

  • migos night

    a migos night involves taking many pills, mainly molly, with the rap group from georgia and then having an intense four way with all of them. oh sh-t man i took my girl out for a migos night and she was so sore this morning she couldnt walk. where you take a bunch of molly […]

  • lianela

    lianela is a worried type but outgoing also. she’s really cute and always seems to make her friends laugh. she sticks with a certain group of people and follows by what she says. she’s also very attracted to a jame. lianela is coming over

  • tmb2

    take me back to tmb2 the good ole days when my mom didn’t drink and my dad came home from work

  • ssmn

    ssmn basically means stay s-xy my n-gg-r hey bella ssmn

  • mike tran

    a chinese f-ggot that sucks a lot of big c-ck to make for his small c-ck. that chinese f-ggot must a be a mike tran

  • if jesus didn’t rise from the dead

    a term that describes that if jesus had failed to come back to life, he would have been just another prophet, guru, or philosopher—his resurrection proves that the power of death is defeated, and that sin that causes death is defeated. if jesus didn’t rise from the dead, christianity is nothing but a futile religion, […]

  • ultraforge

    ultraforge 30-something white trash youtube troll. spends copious amounts of time “p-ssing off” strangers on youtube (which, if you don’t know, is the premiere place for loudmouth morons to spew hate rhetoric about such edgy targets as: jews, n-gg-rs, f-gs, emos, liberals, furries, f-gs and f-gs) desperate for attention, ultraforge lives to p-ss people off. […]

  • da boy

    term used for heroin by the people who do it. it’s called the boy for a couple reasons. 1) because it’s -ssociated with the word ron (short for heroin). 2) just like c-ke is referred to as that girl or da girl, heroin is called da boy or that boy. josh: yo my man, has […]

  • bruhji-id

    the act of ruining somebody’s life. person 1: d-mn i got my jordan’s stolen person 2: you just got bruhji-id man!

  • rentlemen

    men that people can rent. i should start a company where people can rent men. i will call it rentlemen.

  • brain poker

    someone who likes to pick other peoples brains for knowledge. brian is such a s-xy brain poker, i wish he would come over here and poke my brain.

  • pull a kn-08

    premature -j-c-l-t–n/explosion, much like the north korean missile. my new doctor is smoking hot, she almost caused me to pull a kn-08 while performing my hernia exam.

  • nateasa

    a beautiful, outgoing, and loving woman who puts others before herself. she is family oreinted and loves company and has the biggest heart of all. you may always see her smile but on the inside she is extremely sensitive. it’s rare that you’ll see her cry because she keeps her emotions to herself. she is […]

  • twitter dom

    a twitter dom is a man who uses a black and white photo of himself in a suit and tie, showing only from the chin down to chest. they derive from the 50 shades of grey trend and personify a “dom” persona on their account. in reality, they are usually middle aged men wearing f-nny […]

  • nogroe

    one who is not ethnically black, and when in the company of coloreds uses words and phrases he believes to be ‘hip’. that is a nogroe b-tch -ss nogroe tryin be n-gg-

  • stick and slide

    similar to “soggy biscuit,” stick and slide is a much larger scale event. gathering about two hundred men and having them jerk off onto a slip n slide, the last of whom to climax must them run and slide down the slip n slide. yeah it was so gross, jerry was the last one and […]

  • green mangoe

    a succulent vitoria bitter, best served at room temperature out of a can. can’t wait to knock the top of a few green mangoes this evening with the boys!

  • rithwik

    a short person “he’s such a rithwik”

  • snakin the boys

    worse than “d-gg-n the boys”. the act of a person lying to his friends in order to get out of planned event to flirt with a girl because he is more thirsty than an ethiopian who has not had water for 8 months. person a: “hey, are you going to come with the boys for […]

  • mercedes cortez

    a fictional female character in grand theft auto : vice city,she has a l’il crush on the protagonist and calls him most of the times.she is the daughter of retired soldier,colonel juan garcia cortez. tommy,have you heard anything lately about ms mercedes cortez ?

  • meadow

    can be a very rare name of someone who is beautiful, artistic(amazing photographer), usually brown haired, smart, loving, and unique. she usually loves to read, and party. guy 1: “i met this really cool girl last night. her name was beautiful, and unique. it was meadow.” guy 2: “i want to get me some of […]

  • chuarali

    crazy puerto rican. though pretty

  • flemingnism

    the abstract practice of showing another good friendship exhibited through giving ones good friend s-xual acts. paul is a good friend to many as he practices flemingnism regularly.

  • faze squirtles

    some white fat kid on the internet who owns a discord server oh hey i saw faze squirtles earlier he was sitting in his computer chair that was half broken because his weight exceeds the limit while he sat on his discord talking sh-t to everybody

  • 985-655-2500

    the rick roll number, call this number to hear a rick roll. one man, given this number from his friend, calls 985-655-2500. -music- never gonna give you up… a number used for rickrolling people. rickrolling is an internet meme where someone gives a link to the music video to never gonna give you up by […]

  • pabby

    a p-ssy -ss b-tch. that n-gg- is a straight pabby pabberson

  • minwook

    c-cky kid or a snake. dude stop being such a minwook.

  • electrowave

    the definition of stupid, dumb, r-t-rded and other mean words like that “you are such an electrowave”

  • gargle mutt

    a woman who will use s-m-n as a tooth whitener d-mn, b-tch is a gargle mutt yo!!

  • sonny forelli

    sonny forelli is a video game character in grand theft auto : vice city.he is the head of the forelli crime family and tommy vercetti’s old friend.tommy used to work for sonny in liberty city but after -ss-ssinating 11 mobsters,he was arrested and was released later on.after learning that tommy was released,sonny forelli sent him […]