• da squad

    a phrase often used by young teenagers in an attempt to try to be cool in front of that girl they like, but just end up acting like total b*st*rds and it costs them friends(if they have any.) bill: i’m going to hang out with the da squad after school. *large kid overhears and shoves […]

  • 😡

    this emoji really means you are very, very, very, very, angry to the point where your face turns red.😂 i am very very 😡 with you. don’t talk to me tomorrow!!!!😡

  • elsner

    thicc and s*xy. a women who loves big dills and boys with big double chins and has a bald spot. d*mn, elsner!

  • dylan diego

    a cool kid with awesome talent. however he is very h*rny with a sh*tty *ss looking face. however other than that he is pretty cool that looks like dylan diego

  • godsway

    a complete and total douche bag who no one likes wow that guys a total godsway

  • power ban

    when you pop the clutch into 2nd gear i hit the power ban bro

  • slutbitchfuckwhorebutterface

    the terrible amalgamated syntax used when expressing someone (particularly a female) who goes for a lot of guys and is ugly, yet somehow gets away with it. jenny: omg! kaitlyn is dating conner. alex: isn’t this like her third boyfriend? jenny: yeah! she’s such a sl*tb*tchf*ckwh*r*b*tterface!

  • band dad

    1. the symbolic father figure of other band members. providing support for them in every way possible. 2.literal father of a band player. jeff needed help with all this drama, so he went to his band dad, jim

  • v.i.p girl

    an underage girl that goes for only older men look there goes that v.i.p girl with kim’s uncle!

  • thailyza

    she is a bad b*tch. most likely the one to catch you eye. looks like a hawaiian goddess and is well active. has a fit body and a great personality. someone who likes to have a great time. thailyza is so beautiful.

  • cherko

    usually a male who is jealous of other couples. they have tiny noses and bowl shaped heads. that guy gets too red when he sees that couple, he’s such a cherko!

  • angel g

    a sh*ty ugly jail bird man who is g*y and loves d*cks. i love angel g

  • macachu

    a fat kid who’s into pokemon, and never stops talking about how much he goes to mcdonald’s just to play pokemon go and eat big macs. 1. you are a macachu 2. ain’t that the guy who comes here just to play pokemon go?

  • garfield-ass cat

    when you or your friend has a big, obese orange tabby cat with a huge appet*te. “dude, you have a big, garfield-*ss cat!”

  • hibergayting

    when a dude has some g*y tendencies that seems noticeable but he insists he’s straight. bryan is friends with so many chicks, huh?!?. he must be hiberg*yting, bro.

  • brutal penis shoveling

    a type of scissoring that involves both a male and female while the male is still not erect. the man was brutal p*n*s shoveling the woman’s hole.

  • butter huffer

    a large creature, usually sjw with colored hair and cat eye gl*sses. who rebels against body norms by huffing b*tter. (proud fattie) kate wiped out the country crock again, what a b*tter huffer

  • lyla brick

    when lyla turned into a brick for trumps wall look it is lyla brick!

  • cigiority

    a status reached only by the most experienced cig smokers. usually following a long bout of cigoritis. a truly legendary status among bacco breathers. person 1: dude tom you can’t smoke in here. tom: i’ve got cigiority, it’s cool.

  • jayden lyons

    someone who craves the attention of others but never receives it. can also be shortened to jl for pr*nounciation purposes. “stop being such a jayden lyons that chick won’t ever notice you”

  • hot pablo

    when someone farts a white powder substance in your face your mom gave me a hot pablo

  • desciann

    desciann is a bad*ss b*tch. she will rule your world, so when she says “what the f*ck dude” you better run because bad things are about to happen to you. she’s usually the boss and if she isn’t, she’s not apart of it. she can steal your man in 1 second. she’s also smart. she […]

  • frictionous

    an adjective to describe something that has a lot of friction. the carpet is very frictionous.

  • chicken on a stick

    a term that was created from a vine was about a man master bating in a chicken. yeah i saw him! totally doing chicken on a stick

  • mruby

    when your name is ruby but you doubt yourself look up mmmmruby

  • ho hide

    the extra amount of cologne that an urban guy will wear to cover up the smell of his girlfriend from his wife. just got to tab on some extra ho hide so the wife don’t find out!

  • netflix and nemo

    when you are watching netflix with your pet fish! friend: what are you doing man: netflix and nemo

  • fartnogged

    the equivalent of farting in someones face, metaphorically. i just got fartnogged by the er, they gave me 5 admissions at once!

  • west side nigga

    come from the west side and your black (n*gg*) west side n*gg* you left your books in the cl*ssroom.

  • finger heart

    it is “finger heart”. literarily, make your fingers look like a heart shape. pull your thumb over to the index finger and make those fingers look like a heart. no one is sure it was started from when, but numerous people make the finger heart to show their positive feeling, like love or happiness, to […]

  • it means “drowning” according to google translate. i am 溺.

  • cractus

    cractus is when a woman or mans *sshole is not waxed and is left pr*ckly stacy please wax my cractus, i’ve got a date tonight. or d*mn you have a mighty fine (booty) but there was too much crafted going on

  • space garage

    it’s just a hanger that are in sp*ce ships, but instead you are to high or intoxicated to remember it as a hanger so you call it a sp*ce garage. person 1: ” hey you know the.. um jump at the end of halo 3 where you jump into the um, sp*ce garage…” person 2: […]

  • it’s no go

    it’s impossible to do it. this deal is impossible or useless to do. – you should try to speak to her. – it’s no go! she won’t listen to me.

  • trumpkistan

    how donald trump would rechristen pakistan, because it is “a fantastic country, fantastic place, of fantastic people”—never mind, it remains the mecca for islamism and terrorism. not too long ago, president trump tweeted that trumpkistan is not us’s friend, and that it ought to apologize to the us for providing safe sanctuary to osama for […]

  • maier

    that b*tch next door hey maier

  • truck stop shit

    the loud noise of belt buckles clanking together in a feverioush manner, with antic*p*tion of opening in order to destroy the porcelain toilet bowl with a persons brown bad special. dude that guy just droppped off a truck stop sh*t ! i thought his belt cut through his jeans and if not his t*rd did […]

  • classic steve

    to do a cl*ssic steve is when someone (usually male) goes away from any work he/she has to do. they usually retreat to; a bed, the toilet, the shower, or they just leave the area. “no, no don’t leave… i can’t believe he is doing a cl*ssic steve”

  • skank swoop

    when a single woman lets a married/taken man bleed his heart out about all the things he is not getting at home. then waits for his weakest point and swoops in and offers up a s*xual act. my husband and i have been having a rough time, i caught him talking to another girl online […]

  • nuclear war

    a game in which two people have a curry and then take up adjacent stalls see who can produce more noxious explosive diarrhea. why were you taking so long in the bathroom? i was having a nuclear war. i won. d*mn good job. a hour long waltz in which the victor is the one that: […]

  • akron cinnamon bun

    the technical name for having s*x with a person of ample proportions and not being able to find the intended hole, so in the end you just settle for the largest fat fold you can find and c*m all over it, making it look like the sticky c*m glaze that you see on a cinnabon […]

  • faggodoshus

    another word for f*ggot, that you can say without people realizing that you are referring to the word favorite man, that guy is really f*ggodoshus!

  • high orgy

    a high orgy is when you are high and bust a nut 5 times not 4 5 dude are you about to have a high orgy !

  • hot balls optimus

    optimus prime’s back ally stripper name. used when he hooks up with b*mblebee on dirty street corners hot b*lls optimus is a trap hoe he did me so good

  • trinatee

    a woman that likes people and dates them over again that girl is a trinatee

  • iou

    iou can also mean. inside of you. this can relate to something beginor is a s*xually desire. girl i want to be inside of you (iou) this is the abbreviation for i owe you. hey man, i am a little short on dough give me 5 bucks and i’ll give you an iou. a promise […]

  • giggledick

    another name for the funny bone. “that was hilarious. it kicked me right in the giggled*ck!” person who is dumb/stupid or when someone does something dumb/stupid. you’re such a giggled*ck! quit giggled*ckin’ around! you just pulled a giggled*ck.

  • piccollo

    there aren’t any definitions for piccollo yet. can you define it?

  • quob

    an as*xual term for the deity the flying spaghetti monster. as the flying spaghetti monster created the universe and everything in it, they also must have created s*x and gender, and as they already existed they must be of no gender and of all genders simultaneously. so to refer to the flying spaghetti monster as […]

  • gretmem

    ”gretmem” is basically a other word for ”great meme” have you seen that pepe meme? ”yeah, that was a gretmem”

  • whatutakinabeeet

    what the f*ck you on about mate? person1 : did you remember that really important thing? person2: whatutakinabeeet?

  • purple gender

    purple gender is when you eat b*tthole on a sat*rday evening in the bath tub while scrubbing your toes with a dog b*n*r. that guy loves some purple gender!

  • bradless

    incredibly handsome, but wait until you see him below the waist you wont even care about his beauty…. wow bradless will have you home by midnight… what a gentleman!

  • debilzans

    a group of bad*ss m*th*f*ckas who you don’t want to mess with. crystal: who are those guys over there? brooke: those are the debilzans. crystal: oh those are bad m*th*f*ckas

  • shmebuzdhsysgsh

    the act of having to much cheese oh no i just shmebuzdhsysgsh

  • isen

    isen – “iron heart” the sweetest little person you will ever meet. does not like to listen to his mommy and likes to slap his daddy, and an isen’s aunt is extremely attractive. someone who loves to cuddle. but sometimes is a little sh*t. an isen’s favorite word is wow. i would love to hang […]

  • hashir

    a very handsome person with a lot of friends and helps out a lot of relationship.good at sport,also a rare person to find. oi i need a hashir a noob at video games dude 1: hey i can’t p*ss this level. dude 2: ur such a hashir

  • gardelia

    she is a very smart girl very athletic, smart, kind, funny and very nice she has an awesome personality and is a very beautiful girl and she also loves the color purple gardelia is very good at soccer.

  • ground sloth

    named after the extinct, ground-dwelling relative of modern-day sloths, the ground sloth is a person who walks very slowly in front of you, especially while you’re in a hurry. whether out of malice or apathy, ground sloths tend to inhabit very narrow sp*ces, such as sidewalks or corridors, making byp*ssing them a difficult, dangerous or […]

  • fmrita

    there aren’t any definitions for fmrita yet. can you define it?

  • neiser

    smalli c*k neiser has a hugi smalli c*k hugi sh*t

  • reverently

    deeply respectful. she was very reverently to the teacher.

  • holey pants

    a pair of pants that is full of holes and is not formal enough for a picture. hayley, next time, don’t wear holey pants because we need to take this picture.

  • goblin body

    the physical shape of someone’s body that resembles that of a goblin. usually fairly thin, long arms, but thick thighs and a jutting out gut. i wish i was a bit more fit, but all i’ve got are my fat little t*tties and a goblin body.

  • butt ass hot

    complete opposite of being b*tt *ss ugly, being complete hot in your boyfriend’s eyes. boyfriend to girlfriend: wow, you are so b*tt *ss hot.

  • laurencia

    very intelligent and cunning. a woman that doesn’t take any sh*t from no man. she has a big booty and gorgeous smile! any man that crosses her path will be hypnotized by her spicy latina ways. don’t let that she-devil laurencia woman put a spell on you!

  • sneaky nelson

    a s*x position where you put her on all fours, tell her you’re just gonna f*ck her as normal but then you put it in her b*m instead. boris is such a c*nt, he pulled a sneaky nelson the other night after dinner.

  • wrinkly hag

    when a persons skin is so wrinkly, they are more wrinkly than a hag . it can also be used to describe an object. “did you see jimmie?” “yeah he looks like a wrinkly hag.” “that raisin is almost as wrinkled has a wrinkly hag “

  • noodle fountain

    the act of engaging in oral s*x after the consenting female has ingested copious amounts of noodles therefor leading to a fountain of noodle’s being draped over your erect p*n*s when the throat is is poked with your member. hooked up with a girl at a chinese restraunt last night, i rammed her head onto […]

  • snowball catastrophizing

    taking an ordinary mundane situation and predicting a series of disasters, each one compounding the next, leading to one horrific catastrophe. she thinks she’s going to be homeless cuz she got one bad grade. she’s always snowball catastrophizing.

  • cuff and chug

    a drinking game where two individuals are handcuffed to each other until they finish a fifth of alcohol. the game favoured at the frat parties was cuff and chug.

  • mooktocracy

    and autocratic form of government based on the ideology of mookery. most often found in situations where large, powerful nations find themselves being governed by someone who has never held office before. in a mooktocracy the head mook might say,”hey, how many times do i have to tell you mooks that i wanted a wall […]

  • zuschlag

    an abnormally large piece of sh*t. zuschlag is composed of zusch and lag where zusch means human waste in greek and lag that means something produced by the body in greek. when i got home, my friend bob left a zuschlag in the toilet! it was huge!

  • tentacle sex

    when tentacles enter every hole in your body when having s*x with a squid or octopus i had tentacle s*x the other day

  • aguerooooooooooo

    a last minute point in any sports game. comes from the 2011-2012 english premier league season when aguero won the t*tle for manchester city and sn*tched it last minute from manchester united. real madrid have got an aguerooooooooooo against fc bayren munchen.

  • blipslip

    when your nipple is uncovered intentionally, but is done on purpose. oh look at her, with that god d*mn blipslip!

  • llynya

    there aren’t any definitions for llynya yet. can you define it?

  • viewtiful

    viewtiful simply means a beautiful view. this is often used on long road trips or when you see some nice scenery. a place can also be viewtiful such as a picnic spot. wow. what a viewtiful town. this picnic spot is viewtiful! adj. beyond cool, often stylish; excellent derivation – atsushi inaba’s game, viewtiful joe […]

  • orangenosing

    to shamelessly kiss the *ss of donald trump while vying for a position in his cabinet or administration. mitt romney has been orangenosing hard for the secretary of state position.

  • endrias

    they have a small p*n*s, and get negative 3 p*ssy. you dont get girls cause youre endrias

  • equinoscopophobia

    a fear of drawing horses. “hi matthew, can you please draw me a horse?” “i thought we were mates, do you not know i suffer from equinoscopophobia? i’m terrified of drawing horses” “oh yeah, shall we draw that penguin instead?” “yeah”

  • rugboat

    a word idiots that are out of letters use in a scrabble match. billy: is rugboat a word? john: no it’s not,dumb*ss…

  • big meaty claws

    a quote in spongebob from season 2 episode 14. well maybe we wouldn’t sound so bad if some people didn’t try to play with big meaty claws!

  • kazoobie kazobo

    the so called, “loudest kazoo”. the kazoobie kazobo is an internet meme that is basically a man blowing into an extremely loud kazoo called the kazoobie kazobo. the loudest kazoo around. meme lord: hey man, remember that rock concert last night? meme god: frick yes, my dude. that was loud af. meme lord: haha, louder […]

  • xoberg

    little plastic band that seals the bottle cap on water bottles. i like to take the xoberg off my water bottle before drinking.

  • start fire

    star fire means to start slowly taking your cloths off back and forth with someone on snapchat until you are completely naked. do you want to start fire i’m h*rny

  • hyponchte

    (noun) hyponchte comes from the word hypochlorite, and it’s soul definition is “stupid”, but it has endless meanings. it can be used as a noun to replace someone’s name/someone who is acting dumb and or very gullible, and it is also a very common last name. it is also a verb, many people hyponchte on […]

  • parie

    a very nice person that is very good at flips and is a pretty good dirt biker. is a very loving man, and is sweet. but is very unhealthy and loves chips. ¨oh man i need a parie¨

  • cn tower

    the great p*n*s in the sky! wanna go to the cn tower when we visit toronto? canada’s giagantic superweaon, cn tower can fire lasers out of the tip of the tower, bouncing off of a satelight mirror in the sky and can hit anywhere in the world at any given time. the hudsons bay is […]

  • cock lag

    when a man is getting tired while having s*x and his hips start to slow to choppy sp*ced thrusts. “i mean he’s hot on the outside but he has c*ck lag so it isn’t worth it” “bro, i wanted to f*ck her so hard but i was getting h*lla c*ck lag”

  • j pup

    a species of pup indigenous to the baltimore city region of maryland. it is known for sleeping in and eating bananas. j pups are a sub species of seal pup and are known to be particularly cute even in comparison to its cousin the seal pup

  • trashy dope whore

    a dirty, sloppy male or female that does s*xual favors to every body they litterly know. also known to split up relationships. omg , that b*m mickey mcvey has been a trashy dope wh*r* since the first nut he has ever had.

  • tyler bahr

    is a really weak kid me: hi tyler tyler: im a weak nerd your such a tyler bahr

  • real smooth

    nice f*ckup, dude! (xy messes up) -real smooth, *sshole!

  • buridan’s friendzone

    the stage of a friendzone where you cannot tell with all of your head if (s)he wants to be your boy/girlfriend or if you are their best friend forever. this goes on forever it comes from the phrase “buridan’s *ss which is a donkey that cannot decide between two equal things that are equal distances […]

  • gerbink

    the worst animal alive and sucks d*ck for life gerbink is a d*ck

  • pecker nesting

    the act of snuggling your babe from the backside with you member tucked firmly between her b*tt cheeks. we didn’t have s*x last night, but we did enjoy an extended session of p*ck*r nesting.

  • francis special

    the drink you obtain after mixing all flavors of mountain dew that is said to taste like diabetes. i am thirsty, can you make me a francis special. and double the code red, it’s christmas for god’s sake.

  • thyani

    thyani is adventurous and outgoing she will never show her personality to whom she doesn’t love. thyani’s can be very energetic and lovable. if you come across a thyani make sure you keep her because there’s a lot she hasn’t done that you will want her to do. thyani is mysterious make sure you uncover […]

  • slippery wizzard

    while having s*x with your girl have her face the window and then have your best bud come from the closet while you run outside and wave at her dude last night me and mike gave tina the slippery wizzard

  • tuscaloosa casserole

    when the starting line up of the crimson tide does a “human centipede” with their p*n*s’, sh*ts on each other and dumps a can of cream corn on the person in front of them while nick saban tells stories of his childhood on the mississippi river with kanye west. i heard alabama is going to […]

  • alpha shart

    when you really need to fart so you decide to let it rip, but instead of farting you unexpectedly sh*t all over the f*cking floor….like everwhere. so i was at a friends house and i realised needed to fart and he was sleeping on the couch, so i pulled down my pants and let out […]

  • king cut

    the best cut of food. this transcend all food, from cod and pizza to squirrels and banana bread with walnuts. yo homie, slice me off the king cut from that roni pie!

  • devastator, grenade, reverse bear claw

    it is described as the act of pleasuring a women with the use of one’s hand. the act as described as “devastator” is to make a fist and insert into the woman’s vigina, the next act of the “grenade” is to quickly open the hand so the fingers are spread as far apart as possible […]

  • mrs. collins

    mrs.colloms is a real b*tch. she is always in your business and is very creepy. she is usually a teacher and probably hasn’t been f*cked in 30 years. also typically red head. wow i would hate to be mrs. collins. wow, your such a mrs. collins i mean your no fun and a creep, get […]

  • kriztoph

    that g*y *ss pr*ck from frozen who’s that? i dunno, but he looks g*y, must be a kriztoph.

  • my neck my back lick my pussy and my crack

    a song mo f*ckers what you listening to? ‘my neck my back lick my p*ssy and my crack’

  • penis shoveling

    a s*x act where a man sh*ts into a women’s v*g*n* or *n*s and proceeds to dig it out with their p*n*s. one night my girlfriend asked to try p*n*s shoveling. it ended up being pretty messy. dude, p*n*s shoveling is f*cking grosser than tubgirl!

  • larecus

    larecus is a name a very unique name . not like others, this individual stand outs from others. has a glowing spirit of a prince. empower such a scorpio. 1.larecus come from kings and queens. 2 people love this individual . 3. cream of crop

  • muddinger

    a sloppy mouth full of chew that looks like soil stuffed into ones mouth. jimmy packed a fat muddinger and spit on my girlfriends t*ts.

  • anton murray

    a soccer and 21 pilots obsessed boy who is white. typically transgender or g*y. see that super white kid rapping and playing soccer? must be an anton murray!

  • hillaryless

    political humor personified by the loss of hillary clinton to donald trump, in the 2016 election for, president of the united states of america. “america, less hillary clinton via losing to donald trump is hilarious,” hence; hillaryless i am still chuckling every time i hear; president elect! that’s it, that’s all it takes; just knowing […]

  • honeymoon handshake

    when you’re too tired for s*x after all the wedding/ honeymoon activities you and your lover get each other off with your hands. we were so exhausted after the wedding instead of s*x we want for the honeymoon handshake

  • jestice

    the thiccest(with 2 c’s) woman on earth. she has a tiny *ss waist but somehow the biggest, phattest *ss on the planet. oh, did i mention she also beautiful as fuh? especially without makeup. if you ever catch yourself a jestice, don’t ever let go, because good lawd you ain’t gon’ find a woman as […]

  • waifu effect

    the waifu effect describes a phenomenon in which a fictional work gains immense popularity among fans solely by containing what many people consider to be “waifu-material” characters (see “waifu” entry for more info). the work in question often becomes famous for such, and the waifu effect can often overshadows the work’s other merits, whether intentionally […]

  • sahnya

    a b*tch who skinny like a stick and has no f*cking meaning you act like a sahnya

  • pequena

    pequena is a shy, short girl that isnt able to open up to people easily but when she does, she has a weird way to it. she may be the fun in the house at times but she will be very awkward as well. pequena is one weirdo.

  • pootie dog

    a women with a short stature who enjoys welding and smoking cigarettes that pootie dog miss just smoked all my cigarettes!

  • fake john sweeney

    real irish nibba with them dank *ss timbs wow look at that fake john sweeney, he fly as f*ck

  • fluffer lie

    a lie told by a man to try throw a woman off the mother lie that is coming. it is often completely ridiculous and does nothing but make the woman even more aware that the man is lying. the weak fluffer lie that he told about how he might get called into work, told her […]

  • facking knackered

    term derived from censoring f*cking and the british word knackered which means exhausted. i had to work a double and had cl*ss i’m facking knackered.

  • gignacked

    a. to screw or be screwed over by someone for no apparent reason. i asked to borrow this guys dump trailer at work and he said he would rent it to me…at that point i knew i’d been gignacked

  • zieana

    an annoying c*nt who cant shut up stop being a zieana today

  • ethan stork

    biggest mega f*ggot g*y c*nt looking ugly f*ck in btac ethan stork is an ugly f*ck

  • eh bud

    canadian slang 1; a way of saying hey to your friend/buddy. 2; being irritated by someone and trying to show it. 3; not as common, but being sarcastic to someone or imitating/mocking them. 1; “eh bud! how’s it going? haven’t seen you in a while, let’s get d*ckered tonight…” 2;”eeeeehhhhhhhh bud. watch where you’re going.” […]

  • shiver jiggles

    the feeling when you leak the main vein. bro i just got the shiver jiggles in the bathroom.

  • zozo

    a zo-zo is another name for a blunt, and a zo (singular) is another name for a gb. these both are methods of smoking marijuana. these terms are both alluding to the amorous and scandalous dark ages of the infamous #tlb. trent: “yeah- we’re ripping some zo-zo’s after practice if you’re down.” noah: “oh- totally. […]

  • instagram crazy

    an individual who has completely changed their out look on life because of instagram. they will do & say anything to try to get more followers. they will even hashtag things they’ve never done before to try to get more instagram famous. they use their extrovert friends to try to make them look popular. be […]

  • neshkafay

    a hunch back sl*t that thinks she looks good but isn’t and is really great at running men away d*mn look at that nesh-bap/neshkafay

  • creamy dill inheritance pickle

    when every boy in your boyfriend’s family has a large p*n*s, ‘inherited’ from their ancestors. boyfriend: babe there’s something i need to tell you girlfriend: what is it johnny? are you breaking up with me? boyfriend: no, it’s not that i just need to tell you something about my family.. we are known for our […]

  • moistivity

    the measure/estimation/feeling of how moist an object is. would you like to feel the moistivity of my lips.

  • happythetic

    when you’re happy because you’re apathetic. guy 1: man, you really just don’t give a f*ck. me: yeah i’m happythetic af!

  • tneisha

    tneisha is a beautiful girl will long hair and green eyes every boy loves her she is the most popular person in there school tneisha is pretty good

  • why am i using urban dictionary?

    either you don’t own an actual dictionary or your looking for funny definitions like this why am i using urban dictionary? oh yeah, i’m not allowed in the bookstore after i hit that guy so i don’t have any books

  • jahlan

    a fine looking, dark skin who is often difficult not to fall in love with. aleah: “there goes you’re bae!” carmen: “ooh, i love jahlan!”

  • engledew

    it is a surname that’s great use. many norfolk people have the name ‘engledew’ and p*ss it on the their future families. all engledew’s are kind and loving people. they respect everyone and they are beautiful inside and out., beneith anything that they are uncomfortable about , others find them attractive and pretty. if you […]

  • emploitering

    emploitering: (v) getting off work, and proceeding to hang around your place of employment because you have nothing better to do. hey, don’t you have any friends outside of this place? no, that’s why i’m always emploitering after work…

  • slutty brownie effect

    when you eat a sl*tty brownie and a few minutes later you feel more carefree than usual person 1: i feel so alive! person 2: why? you only ate a sl*tty brownie? person 1: it’s the sl*tty brownie effect.

  • stillabower

    most hottest guy and the most perfect guy on the planet and every girl wants him and want to be mrs. stillabower and he is also known to have the biggest d*ck in the world he is such a stillabower have u seen him and his d*ck

  • turkophile

    a person who abandons civilisation and starts embracing barbarism look at gary, he is having s*x with a goat, he as really become a turkophile an abnormal fondness and attachment to anything of turkish significance, cultural he has become such a turkophile!

  • pipe glue

    s*m*n. yo! that b*tch had mad pipe glue up in her face.

  • arom

    a f*cking d*ck who is a b*tch don’t be an arom

  • cactus kerfucktis

    australian expression dressed up to sound latin denoting something that is broken. also shortened to ‘cactus’. “why don’t we watch something on the telly (tv)?” “we can’t because it’s cactus kerf*cktis”

  • josh bray

    a c*nt that no one likes and is a idiot in socialism he has no friends and i a mega f*ggot josh bray is a tub girl

  • van harted

    when one makes a spectacular “roast” or “burn” in cl*ss. named after the infamous deified journalist, guitarist, and teacher, adam van hart. typically followed by the entirety of the word exclaiming in perfect unison, “ooooh, you just got van harted!” student: hey, mr. van hart! i think you made a mistake here. mr. van hart: […]

  • rodneisha

    bad b*tch. crazy. will drag you. don’t play. lowkey lit yooo that was so rodneisha!

  • shawatha

    means sl*t/hoe in modern european countries that shawatha is being a bad girl!

  • painted her face

    sperm on a girls face bro i painted her face last night

  • grayson (girl)

    grayson is a smart, fun, and amazing person. she is there for you when u need her! she only gets angry when people make her really mad but she hates to be in drama! she is very athletic and short! she loves the holidays!!she is sensitive and conserved! if you know a grayson you t […]

  • ahrmann

    german last name. translates to weird, awkward family. “hey, who’s that weird family?” “oh, that’s just the ahrmann’s”

  • amazon position

    a position where the male, lays down on a slanted angle and spreads his legs; thus allowing the p*n*s to occupy sp*ce. the female dominates on top as she takes the lead. its almost reversed roles. lets try the amazon position. ill be on top while you are on the bottom.

  • suvy

    to describe a soft and/or fluffy surface as in this blanket is so suvy

  • carlmon

    sweetest man on earth he is cute and a girl’s best friend if you know one you are lucky carlmon is perfect

  • tweeker tent

    the use of a jacket to shield yourself from sight while smoking speed. while sitting in a walmart parking lot on christmas morning, johnny used his tweeker tent to hide from people seeing him smoke speed.

  • myzeriah

    a crazy ghetto person who f*cks people up if you fck with they man or bestfriend myzeriah being ghetto again…. girl:i aint gone say sh*t she kicked my boyfriend *ss for cheating

  • socio-nincompoop

    (nbc with its related cousin nincomp**p): a person criticized as a nincomp**p not because they are one per se but because they arrogant, megalomaniacal spendthrifts, -therefore behaving like nincomp**ps in the eyes of the person doing the criticizing. louis xiv of france, according to some, was never a nincomp**p, but a real socio-nincomp**p

  • dog biz

    dog sh*t, or dog p**p. i stood in a large pile of dog biz this morning.

  • jizzakazi

    the act of surprising a woman with unsolicited s*m*n in her face at random. preparation usually preformed elsewhere. i j*zzakazied a lady downtown and now i’m a registered s*x offender.

  • consequation

    the net value ofnall outcomes of an action. calculating the multiple consequences to your actions . the perfect storm is the epitome of consequations.

  • railee

    the absolute most beautiful girl you will ever meet. smart, kind and very funny. p1: bro i would literally cheat on my girlfriend to be with that beautiful girl over there! p2: i think her name is railee!

  • tosic

    the biggest f*cker you ever saw i’m a tosic which is so r*t*rded

  • club red

    a club game filled with oders. hey man, club red stinks – go play proximity!

  • penis song

    singing p*n*s for a long period of time p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s p*n*s i love that p*n*s song

  • edwin the shooter

    edwin the shooter is a very s*xy handsome athletic guy.also he is a lady killer.he gets chicks all the time.also he is a very nice funny and charming guy bro u like edwin the shooter

  • hershburger

    a round chubby kid that you are tempted to smash d*mn me and my n*gg* saw this hershburger rolling by and we like d*mn get that mof*ckin strapon

  • tagios

    a tall k*mquat horse face that i always need to tell to “get that corn outta my face!” that looks great in a c*m shot! that tagios is a crazy fracker

  • tropple

    where three people are in a committed relationship as if it was a managetwah meaning just three people getting busy instead of a relationship tropple is when three people are in a committed relationship

  • bazouzi

    bazouzi is slang for v*g*n*. ladies, don’t forget to wipe your bazouzi after you pee.

  • pgpa

    when discussing p*n*s length with people still in college, a pgpa is a gpa for your pants. you’re not well endowed, zac. you’ve got a pathetic pgpa. you’re probably rocking a 2.1.

  • bohemian booger blanket

    during foreplay, the male partic*p*nt takes hold of both sides of his n*ts*ck, and holds it out, as the other member empties their sinuses into the stretched scr*t*m yo, my girl asked me for a bohemian booger blanket , so i whipped it out and she filled it up. yo me and my girl were […]

  • limping coyote

    a woman so ugly that looking at her makes your d*ck limp. a trick comprised of placing a poster or image in the line of sight during intercourse, used by high school and college boys to extend their s*xual encounters or to prevent premature *j*c*l*t**n. dude, is that poster of donatella versace your limping coyote?

  • water crunches

    water crunch is an indian snack locally known as ‘pani puri’. the crunchy piece (puri) is cracked opened and filled with a favoured combination of vegetables, spices, sprouts etc. and finally filled with flavoured water (pani). they are also locally known as golgappas. water crunches’ vendors can easily be found on street-sides of mumbai, kolkata. […]

  • stress dough

    cookie dough that one eats when stressed with school i’ll go buy the stress dough.

  • took her to the bean

    slang for taking a female to your car “last night i took her to the bean after the party”

  • cheshunt

    a place full of chavs and slags and bears bob-i go to a school in cheshunt jimmy- oh where theres’s loads of chavs? bob- yeah and bears!!!

  • douhbe

    dew-b someone who has surp*ssed being a jerk or an *sshole, but is not yet a f*cker or motherf*cker; someone that is a douchebag. (an abbreviation for douchebag) you know, you’re a real douhbe.

  • lizzie the les

    basically a girl who will eat any girl out, someone who isn’t afraid to finger someone then eat food without washing her hands. always making sure everyone knows she’s g*y by wearing 3 quarter lengths with vans. lizzie the les is a set of words that means a women who eats other women.

  • hashstash

    a secure place where you hide your weed anton: “i can’t find my weed, man?” leroy: “did you check your hash stash?” anton: “which one?” leroy: “the safe behind your mom’s photo” the name for a particular type of stash a pirate might say how much be in yar hashstash?

  • jawline beard

    that played out beard growing just along the jawline that every male between the ages of 17 and 25 seems to be flaunting my 17 year old nephew , adam ,seems intent on proving he’s man enough to grow facial hair sporting that jawline beard

  • hannah klingbeil

    one of the most amazing women out there. although she may be clumsy af, akward, stutter constantly, and be the complete opposite of a lady, she’s beautiful, funny, sweet, and one of a kind. she’s the type of a girl you’d wanna chill out with and watch bad movies about zombie beavers. you’ll always have […]

  • quad stuffed

    when a guy gives a girl a creampie in her p*ssy, then he gives her one in her *sshole, then he builds up enough juices to bust in her mouth and finally he c*ms in her ear. hence quad stuffing, meaning she got filled four times in four different places or holes matt quad stuffed […]

  • goying

    german-mexican slang for goying, also a type of fruit in tibet. jose is goying beyond the notable parent, then we take over

  • the jacob satorius

    after you had a sh*t w/o wipe you shove the earbuds in your *n*s for 30 seconds and put them in your ears and listen to any jacob satorius song. if you don’t last 5 minutes you lick the sh*t off the headphones he lost in a bet so he had to do the jacob […]

  • prunoob

    a dude who is really not cool and is called prunoob. hey prunoob!

  • kiondre

    a guy with the biggest d*ck and who is the best s*xer hay did you see that kiondre last night at the club. i could feel his b*n*r through his pants.

  • hot breathin

    when someone standing next to you breathes heavily in your direction. “we were watching that fight video and tony was standing over my shoulder hot breathin me”

  • sank pressing

    a human male presses his d*ck up against gl*ss. nathan stop sank pressing

  • tuckled

    (adj.) ready to go to sleep and surrounded by love. become tuckled by doing your bedtime routine, then having your loved one snuggle with you in bed or kiss you and tell you good night. 1) it’s late, let’s get tuckled. 2) that baby is completely tuckled; i even sang to him until he fell […]

  • canadian snowball

    where a girl/boy has mash potatos in her/his mouth and then gives a bl*wj*b guy 1: how did it go with that girl last night guy 2: it was great she gave me a canadian snowball

  • pecker eyes

    the reaction a girl/woman has the first time she encounters a stimulated p*n*s. martha: “tina has been stumbling around the office for the last 2 hours with eyes bigger than saucers. what’s with her?” mary: “marty flashed her this morning; she has p*ck*r eyes.”

  • snapspot

    the certain area of the screen where you can constantly tap through peoples snap chat stories snapspot – the certain area of the screen where you can constantly tap through peoples snap chat stories billy “oh jeez it takes ages to go through these god d*mn stories” elliot ” have you tapped the snapshot yet? […]

  • blind nationalism

    an wavering belief that your country is the best at everything and disregarding all of yhe counrty’s negative events while labeling those with dissenting opinions as p*ss*es and should leave said country. this is usually coupled with xenophobia. the alt-right has so much blind nationalism that i don’t think they even know what is covered […]

  • maxxim

    maxxim is a name for an intellegent, handsome, and a well rounded make with an abnormally large p*n*s wow i heard maxxim gets all of the girls. they don’t call him maxxim for nothing

  • mecrae

    the cutest guy around,usually a burnette and every loves him for one reason only…he is hilariously stupid!!! him and a girl named sarah would be goals af😍🔥. he can be romantic and s*xy at times. great in bed. that guy is so cute yet so stupid. he’s such a mecrae😍

  • glenny poo

    glenny poo means very handsome black guy that gets lots of v*g*n* i want some glenny poo inside me

  • benny collins disease

    a disease composed of random ailments, contracted by using another person’s towel. no susie, don’t use that towel! you’ll get benny collins disease!

  • search google or type url

    typing this is a sure sign that youre bored i was so bored sitting at my computer that i typed “search google or type url. now i’m so bored that i’m adding it to urban dictionary…

  • stache trash

    when you have such a thick beard/stache that you are able to stuff at least three empty chip bags in there. oh my god that guys stache trash is sweet!

  • nicholas keith lewis

    the most annoying human being on the planet. mandy: i only wear my collars popped george: dude stop talking like that youre acting like nicholas keith lewis

  • academic stress

    acadmic stress is mental pressure installed onto the student’s brain due to overload of excess and unnecessary losd of school work and high parental expectations. synonyms: educational prossure, school overload,sally, negativities of school work, academic stress

  • monty pythoff

    when two nerds quote monty python sketches back and forth for way too long. nerd 1: we are the knights who say nee! nerd 2: what is your favorite color? nerd 1: there are some who call me… tim. normal person: what a monty pythoff.

  • thunderchode

    p*n*s of moderate length but extreme girth. often those with thunderchodes chime “girth is more important than length” and take d*ck pics next to unseemingly wide objects guy 1: dude, i heard tyler is talking to your girl. guy 2: i’m not worried. i heard his dong is only 6 inches. guy 1: yeah, but […]

  • fifty shades of fucked up

    when you see something strange as f*ck last night i saw my neighbor naked and it was fifty shades of f*cked up

  • mcwg

    a mcwg ~ abbreviation for middle cl*ss white girl hey, check that mcwg on the train, drinking starbucks, wearing abercrombie and fitch and jack wills. probably on the train home to london for the weekend, to see her pony.

  • paddlefaggot

    when a g*y kid gets h*t by a paddle in cl*ss and likes it. john: wow, did you hear that mike is a paddlef*ggot? kyle: no i didn’t but that’s hilarious.

  • icado

    the legend with big man b**bs named billy and bob who produces a gallon of milk every day. icado has produced extra milk today!

  • meirav

    someone with really long hair. wow. meirav looks like rapunzel.

  • nirvana dream

    the dream of getting the success of the band nirvana ~john when i grow up i want to achieve the nirvana dream

  • cheeky snaps

    to take snapchat photos or videos in a sneaky or cheeky manner. “i’m going to take some cheeky snaps” “did you see his cheeky snaps?”

  • dustic

    dusty, gross, dirty, out of place, strange, not touched in a while person1: yo quit being dustic person2: n*gg* stfu

  • not feeling the unicorn.

    general unhappiness. a feeling that something is not quite right. “i don’t know what’s wrong with me today. i’m totally not feeling the unicorn.”

  • warm beer plague

    n. phenomenon resulting from a lack of proper container protection. often occurs more rapidly in tropical climates. remedies include yeti koosies and cold freezers. my beer is suffering from the warm beer plague.

  • early morning riser

    a person who wakes up early in the morning. the t*tle of a pure prairie league song from 1972. i think that one of the keys to my success is that i am an early morning riser. because of this, i tend to *ssociate mostly with other early morning risers. we drink coffee together.

  • nitro ball

    a game played by middle schoolers for prizes and bragging rights. did you guys win your nitro ball game? no man my team sucks.

  • walt-right

    someone who pretends they aren’t racist or a xenophobe but frequently & repeatedly espouses far right wing rhetoric. will usually use the phrase fairly early on in a conversation ‘i’m not a racist, but……’ before being overtly racist. dave wasn’t honest enough to admit being a full time n*z* he’d troll chat rooms and facebook […]

  • sauce haul

    the daycent way of saying beer run. “well lad are you on the sesh tonight?” “yuuuurt! few cans?” “muuuup we go on a sauce haul so!”

  • ishata

    is a very beautiful, optometic girl, down to earth fill with beauty, usually has a gap in her teeth, and formally from africa and usually lives with a relative that’s not her mom nor dad . and can get all the guys but instead focuses on her books ishata is a girl you would want […]

  • gave him the suck

    when a b*tch sucks a man’s d*ck she gave him the suck right before he f*cked her in her *ss.

  • brelee

    the most awesome, mst beautiful girl in the world. a little crazy, but in a good way. brelees always stick up for themselves and their friends. omg, i want to be brelee

  • bangin body

    someone who has a body that is very s*xy. you often want to bang or have s*x with them. dang. that caroline girl had a bangin body

  • whyning

    frivolous or tedious hostile questioning done to avoid acknowledging something one disagrees with i showed him the new app worked better for everything he needed, but he started whyning about the features because he didn’t understand the new menu. to complain in a childish fashion by questioning the cause or reason for which something occurred […]

  • wankfi

    w*nkfi the free internet connection available when staying in a hotel during a business trip hey dave did you max out the p*rn channels in the holiday inn while at that sales exhibition no bob,i just connected the ipafto the free w*nkfi

  • desfon

    when you dont get the last donut theres no more donuts left. oh desfon

  • annoying luke

    really annoying. like super annoying. he is the most annoying person you will meet along with a matty. who u with ? ugh luke again he’s so annoying well annoying luke is annoying

  • kaymalin

    a woman or a girl who is nice kind and will do anything for the people she loves.noone can replace her in there hart. there is one kaymalin know and she is awsome.if anyone named there daughter this.they must be awsome parents. and the best thing about her is no matter how many kids you […]

  • dome and dash

    getting head from a prost*tute and running away after you finish so you don’t have to play. similar to dine and dash yo kris totally just dome and dashed that b*tch. that’s why they gotta get paid before they go down…

  • fe teezk

    placing any subject in ur *ss jack : where is the mall sara: fe t**zk

  • rajvansh

    a guy who fell down and he’s *ss is showing rajvansh fell down again and showing he’s big *ss

  • up your ass and to the left

    where something is located that someone else is looking for. “has anyone seen my gl*sses?” “they’re up your *ss and to the left.”

  • chris’s thursday

    morning head followed by golf followed by a couple of adult beverages followed by watching the maid clean the house followed by a little afternoon talk tv like ‘ellen’ or ‘springer’. john had a hard week at work and was looking forward to enjoying a chris’s thursday this weekend.

  • warga

    a donkey punch that knocks the person out he gave his girlfriend a concussion after giving her a warga.

  • jigglypug

    a cute fat pug that resembles the pokémon “jigglypuff” awwwhh that’s the cutest little jigglypug!

  • whitaker eye

    an involuntary facial expression of stress, anger, exhaustion or frustration that is being suppressed which causes one eyelid to spasm or blink. reminiscent of actor forest whitaker. when my boss gave me an added *ssignment on top of my exhausting workload and wound’t take ‘no’ for an answer, it gave me whitaker eye.

  • wonker

    the largest of the three size cl*ssifications of the human p*n*s, the sizes, in order, going like this: -wonker -w*nker -winker wow! john has a real wonker. a name used for a friend or acquaintance who is being stupid, oafish or awkward stop being a wonker! ryan someone who often acts {wonky} or {wack} or […]

  • masotta

    total b*tch. not very good with relationships and always needs attention. must be a masotta, she’s always looking for attention.

  • bloody demon

    a woman’s period. i can’t have s*x with my girl cause the bl**dy demon is in town.

  • dinok

    a bl**dy sh*tposting nerd with a great six pack. he likes his b*tches raw and his eggs boiled. dinoks also have great hair. don’t mess with a dinok though, he’ll call his army of internet memers to f*ck you up good sasha: hey! who is that guy? he’s got great hair! malia: haha yeah that’s […]

  • dayahty

    a literal goddess and most stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, powerful, s*xy, woman you’ll see. “we all must bow are heads and pray to dayahty that she won’t stop posting pictures.”

  • shoulder streamer

    someone who live streams showing there bare shoulders. your just another shoulder streamer.

  • fucked a treat

    when one is royally screwed over by being lulled into a false sence of security only to get well and truly rodger ramjetted. mick and dave hustled tony like a fit bird only to be f*cked up the *ss by a sweaty 300lb tw*t with a 12 inch c*ck and truly f*cked a treat. major […]

  • nutman

    when you working it from the back and he she say’s pocket squares are cool, nut. norman: yeaaaaaaah, you know about that rim(girl): harder daddy, pocket squares are cool norman: uhhhhh nutman

  • cackie

    she’s a little stupid *ss b*tch. pretty much a sl*t/wh*r*. cackie is a sl*t

  • crocodile queaf

    a female crocodile f*nny fart. it was a day in the jungle and the explorers heard a crocodile queaf.

  • hooking up with a silver lining

    when you are having s*x with someone but see the possibility of a future relationship there’s a guy i’m hooking up with a silver lining. maybe in a couple of months we’ll date.

  • fried potato

    a potato that got physical abuse from an obese chef and they fry the potato. i see a fried potato.

  • screamble

    verb: when all h*ll breaks loose and everyone is scrambling to get the job done and you have to scream to be heard…. it was mayhem in the building and i had to screamble to be heard!

  • irrational mathematician

    a math professor whose area of research focuses on the oft-counterintuitive properties of irrational numbers, with no regard as to whether these results might have any practical uses at all. just as it took a few centuries for mathematicians to prove that numbers like π and e are irrational, today, irrational mathematicians are busy figuring […]

  • satan’s spinach

    weed, marijuana, lucifer’s lettuce, the mary jane, it’s the stuff snoop dog smokes. d*mn tyler i’m so baked i was just puffin on that satan’s spinach.

  • carpet beanbag

    the state of feeling so hight the carpet feels like a squishy beanbag. guy 1: “dude what if you put a carpet and a beanbag together” guy 2: “bro that’s already a thing, it’s called a carpet beanbag! come get lit with me and i’ll show you!”

  • d’nesha

    a fun, pretty, nice, and s*xy *ss girl. she’s the definition of perfect that girl is like a d’nesha.

  • pig shagger

    someone who has s*x with a pig david cameron is a pig sh*gger

  • pussy olympics

    when a s*ssy woman puts a guy through the ‘p*ssy olympics’ before having s*x aka what a man is willing to do in order to get the p*ssy. briar: “have you slept with him yet?” jade: “no i’m still putting him through the p*ssy olympics”

  • i am bullshit mad

    when your anger is so insane …. it’s like a pile of bullsh*t i am bullsh*t mad right now… my friend, justine, is a complete b*tch

  • lordy dordy

    like omg but much more religious and exciting barb said “oh lordy dordy don’t we have a deucy nearby!”

  • quinteria

    the baddest b*tch to step foot in this earth. d*mn i want a quinteria

  • bottom text

    adrians *sshole adrians bottom text sure was delicious last night!

  • gwanch

    (noun) someone who is rather steadfast with his/her reasoning despite of being wrong on multiple occasions. also can be applied to someone with a slower processing capability for sarcasms and jokes. shut the f**k up, gwanch. you were wrong before this, and before that and before that. why don’t you just listen instead?

  • paidyn

    a girl who likes every boy on the first day of school, but eventually hates all of the boys and all the boys like her. paidyn is a name for a beautiful, smart, and talented girl. omg paidyn looks so good today!

  • mendee

    warrior princess. girl is such a mendee!

  • failnal

    *n*l s*x failure or *n*l fail. along with painal and ambush creampie another term coined by popular adult website backroom casting couch. ariana attempted to have *n*l s*x for her demo tape but despite the agent’s best attempt, it turned into failnal.

  • jefte

    awesome, has a lot of friends, and is liked by many people in the world my friend is a jefte since all people in our school like him, except maybe one or two.

  • pied piper

    used to describe a person talks often convincingly but who leads people into disaster . dnc officials labeled trump a “pied piper candidate” a pedophile, reference to old children’s tale where a flute player lures children into his dungeon as punishment to the adults of the village. british slang, often used in certain parts of […]

  • cunt dick shit fuck ass bitch cock

    the example used in one of the shrugging emoticon definitions. there aren’t any definitions of c*nt d*ck sh*t f*ck *ss b*tch c*ck yet

  • suklape

    a russian belly dancer kiev is a magendellous suklape

  • mud ringer

    that guy who says he wants to hang out but declines every time he is asked alexey is a mud ringer

  • dulchinosed

    if you have a very large meeting that is critical for technical expertise from a key individual – minimum of $400m of potential business; and the key technical resource decides to not show up nor tell anyone…and flys to europe. we got totally dulchinosed on the last deal with our big customer. man – everything […]

  • ccsbc

    this is one of the largest autism disability centres in uk. ccsbs is famous for there instagram posts. they like to show off pictures of their students just wearing spandex. -i got help from ccsbc and look where it got me now -we were driving to london yesterday, it took 3 hours longer because we […]

  • booty dabbing

    when your b*ttcheeks slap together daym that girl has a seriously bad case of booty dabbing when your b*ttcheeks slap together omg that girl has a severe case of booty dabbing

  • kavoodeling

    the grooming of a hybrid poodle i’ll be right back, just kavoodeling my poodle.

  • vampire dumplin’

    when a man/woman with fang-like teeth eats a fine piece of booty. girl 1: ew! he has such gross fang teeth. girl 2: true, but i’ve heard he gives a good vampire dumplin’

  • mcflish

    the secret menu item that’s a mix of the filet o fish and a mcflurry. jonathan “what are you eating” lennon “i’m eating a mcflish”.

  • dick laddering

    to d*ck ladder is to know you can’t get to a cooler or more popular person so you befriend said person’s friends to reach your goal of earning the cooler or popular person’s trust/friendship. did you see kyle he’s d*ck laddering jayden to get to sawyer!

  • beannn

    a greasy pig who normally has a over sized head. they also have very perched *rs*s when they crack their back in science. his hobbies are speaking to himself pretending he is sonic, picking his nose and eating it, perching his back so it cracks and likes to be unhygienic oh, he is such a […]

  • nadias dick

    a girl with th blond hair who kicks 7th grade boys in the d*ck girl 1: nadia kicked the d*ck while he was in 7th grade girl two: she pulled a nadias d*ck on tucker?

  • mlbfie

    a person taking a picture of with themself and miller lite beer. scooter is trying to take a mlbfie again. he is so drunk 30 pack of beer with the dorktard landgraf.

  • everything men know about women

    men know literally nothing about women this blank piece of paper has everything men know about women written down on it

  • bilel

    a guy who holds grudges for a very long time. when he likes someone he means real stuff. mess with bilel’s you mess with everything. but bilel’s are very sweet and mean no harm ” wow you’re so nice, you’re such a bilel”

  • gains-low

    person who makes no gains in the gym. ainsley is gains-low

  • jviana

    s*ssy, funny, nice , make her mad and you best be running. loving, caring and crazy amazing!! you made me laugh but not like jviana.

  • oboled

    putting one’s ball sacks on top of someone else’s eyelids. derived from the greek tradition of placing coins(obol) on top of the dead’s eyelids to pay charon for safe p*ssage. my girlfriend died in her sleep last night. i didn’t have any coins on me so i oboled her instead.

  • úbhoálá

    a rich man’s voilà úbhoálá! i’ve done it!

  • bhcdp

    the period directly following a large p**p where you must relax as to not irritate your *n*s further. bhcdp = “b*tthole cool down period” bruh i just dropped a big one, lemme chill during my bhcdp.

  • rhapsodic

    overwhelmed by emotion i don’t know , i was just rhapsodic.

  • pal hoe

    pal hoe (n) a person who is a semi-good friend and whom you also screw but no exclusively. can be commonly replaced by side chick or friend with benefit my friend kelsey is such a pal hoe, it’s great!

  • holy damn

    being surprised holy d*mn! i just got $1k on my check.

  • zulaikah

    most beautiful and loyal girl you will ever meet. she has a bad temper so do not f*ck with her. she is a precious diamond don’t break her heart you will not find anyone like her. very unique. understanding, stays strong will not take sh*t from anyone she will always get her way no matter […]

  • present nazi

    the person, at any gathering where wrapped gifts are exchanged, who vehemently insists on dictating the presentation and opening protocol of the gifts for all partic*p*nts. don’t invite her to the office gift swap, she’s a present n*z*, she’ll nsist that we all open our gifts one at a time so everyone can see what […]

  • fuckangel

    somebody who is a sweet angel and a innocent child with a clean mind until you get too comfortable with them. “i like geometry. my favorite line: f-u. my favorite angle: ∠gfy.” “what a f*ckangel.”

  • dabstinence

    to refrain from dabbing i had never dabbed before because i was saving it for a very special day. i fought the urges. i was practicing dabstinence.

  • nuditity

    the act of being nude. the kids jumped in the pool in all their nudit*ty.

  • rut fish

    a chic found living in a slum area such as section 8 housing that when attempts s*xual acts just lays there similar to a dead fish. tyler hooked up with jean last night after talking to her for weeks but said all the build up was for nothing because she was a rut fish.

  • date and drop

    when someone, male or female, recently got in an official relationship and drops easily to give oral s*x. “oh my god, sarah is such a date and drop,” said carol. “ugh i know, i feel bad for her boyfriend, nick, but at the same time i would become a date and drop if he were […]

  • skleert

    a fluid word that means anything you want it to mean. skleert in my mother yucking mouth!

  • jingle bell cock

    term used to describe santa claus’s p*n*s. -dude i actually think santa claus is pretty hot –i know! i wanna jump on his jingle bell c*ck

  • tylesha-jayde

    tylesha-jayde is a beautiful strong lady. she’s kind and thoughtful especially towards her friends. she will always know how to make you smile, she’ll be your first priority. and she’s always loyal. (tyty, if you’re reading this, i love you) i’m so jealous of tylesha-jayde! bro who’s that? she’s this beautiful girl and she’s so […]

  • zayvia

    the most amazing girl you will probably ever meet she’s a crazy b*tch at times but will always be there for you just don’t get on her bad side zayvia is literally my best friend .

  • hacktopus

    smartest f*cking octopus you’ve ever known, hacks the pentagon, russia and your mothers *ss in one fellow swoop. also calls anonymous p*ss*es and drinks moonshine 24/7. aw sh*t boy, my facebook got taken down indefinitely by hacktopus!

  • mstch

    a sound that can be made by the mouth meaning approval. “i like your hair. mstch,of course you do,you should.”

  • adult buffer

    when an adult, guardian, or parent uses their age or experience for power to win or just end a conversation or argument. “i was winning the debate with my mom about cleaning up her mess.” i was right in the end, but she said “do it because i said so.” ….. she busted out her […]

  • taylor butt

    the flattest white girl b*tt there is. ‘d*mn, she has a taylor b*tt..’ ‘i wouldn’t tap that, bullsh*t’

  • harmful moist factor

    a rare disease that affects only 0.02% of the world’s population. it occurs when the brain overproduces a moist acidic liquid which damages brain cells and can lead to polio. it can be contracted through s*xual intercourse or high levels of stress. in few cases, it has caused extreme speech impediments. a cure is currently […]

  • empavation

    the act of verbaly predicting the future which certainly leads to the complete opposite happening. friend1: there is no way we lose this game… friend2: take it back! your powers of empavation are too strong.

  • atomic runs

    m*ssive sh*ts that burn. i just had the atomic runs now my b*tt hole is bleeding

  • glidech

    gliding at hitching speeds she was glideching far already

  • fuck b side

    f*ck a b*tch sideways john:sally’s coming around my house tonight danny: yes boi ,, you gonna f*ck b side?

  • chaewoo

    usually a fat asian, who sometimes excels at basketball. chaewoo is a nerd.

  • jquillens

    a person that is f*cking retarted and can’t do anything for himself jquillens is as dumb as f*ck

  • samanah

    the worlds most beautiful creature!!! yes she can be a b*tch but she is the bestie anyone would want. “man, that girl is such a b*tch” “she is just a samanah

  • finesse chick

    a female who uses her feminine charms to claim free rewards and benefits of a male who is pursuing her, with no intent to reciprocate. “you took lisa out 5 times and paid and she still won’t go out with you?” “she’s a finesse chick”

  • trintiy nagle

    a girl who like to get f*ck alot times in bed by a alot of guys i really like that trintiy nagle in bed everyday

  • rly nigga

    rly… 1:oh my god, he is dying! call 911! 2:*dead noises* 3:ok, 911, whats the number ?!? 2: *stops dying* rly n*gg*… whats the number…

  • nigglet cock

    a name for disgusting human what time is disgustingly large c*ck man he has a nigglet c*ck

  • busted in half asshole

    some one that resembels that of an *sshole, thats busted in half tim- jez you look like a busted in half *sshole today

  • burrito illuminati

    when someone is in a low rank in the illuminati they are cl*ssified as being a part of the “burrito illuminati”. this is totally legit. *insert name here* is a part of the burrito illuminati.

  • neutral pussy

    a person who consistently takes a neutral stance on typically controversial topics so not to upset anyone. these people can include celebrities and normal people as well. “hillary clinton or donald trump?” “they both have their positives and negatives.” “f*ck off you neutral p*ssy!”

  • ryan allen

    the tw*t in your cl*ss who is obsessed with nick jonas why is this kid being such a ryan allen?? the tw*t in your cl*ss who is obsessed with nick jonas why is this kid being such a ryan allen?? a huge tw*t person 1: man that kid is a ryan allen person 2: yeah […]

  • safiyaan

    someone who is super cool but doesn’t know how to show his popularity, kind of shy. everyone one is in awe of them but they don’t realise it. wow. he is awesome but he’s a bit safiyaan.

  • teays valley

    a school filled with hoes, sl*ts, b*tches and players. d*mn teays valley is a piece of sh*t

  • llama’d

    1. to have been delayed and or billed excessively by contracted parties incapable of basic communication. 2. to be invoiced in perpetuity for time spent daydreaming and otherwise dilly-dallying instead of completing on a project or set of tasks in a timely fashion wow, jim, it they really llama’d us on that that last feature. […]

  • ishwara

    new shoes are always a most have look at those new shoes d*mn right thats ishwara

  • banged his jaw

    to get hit had by a certified roadman and get knocked out “bruv i banged his jaw this moist yutes jaw , he was on the floor cuz.” he got hit and got knocked out

  • flirt rapist

    one who flirts with blatant disregard for how unwanted said flirting may be 1) feel free to tell me if it’s outta hand though, i’m not a flirt rapist or anything . 2) seriously? god, that guy is such a flirt racist…creeps me out.

  • hamloaf

    act of giving a sh*t but not at the same time dude i have tickets to nickel back want to with me dude 2 hamloaf bro

  • sticky kid

    sticky kids usually live a more upper middle cl*ss life style with many toys relating to current kid friendly video games and are extremely spoiled. their mom makes them tyson chicken nuggets and wavy french fries often and they live in one of those mid 2000s built suburban neighborhoods. the name derives from the “sticky” […]

  • fazeel

    word in bangla meaning a b*st*rd, misbehaved, rowdy, rascal, disobedient person. something my mom calls me a lot. mom: fazeeler kothakar agthom bashar theke lathi marbo “you rascal, i’ll kick you out of the house” a guy who is excessively good looking, funny, athletic and frequently has girls breaking their necks just to get a […]

  • dallas winston

    dallas winston is a character from the outisders. he’s a hot greaser who doesn’t show emotion but is mysterious and cute. dallas winston’s death was so irrelevant in the outsiders!!!!

  • shrek 3

    an abomination from the depths of h*ll and will stop at no end to conquer the world with its absurd plot and horrible soundtrack. only one thing can stop this abomination, and that is shrek 2, the embodiment of all things good and holy all on one disc, buy it today. seriously though, shrek 3 […]

  • crazemonkey

    a crazy person who is dancing to dubstep and throwing things everywhere. someone who is notorious for being a crazemonkey, may sometimes be called a “crazemonk” ronald: dang! jonathan is such a crazemonkey to night! billy: he dances to that dubstep like no other crazemonkey i’ve seen! jonathan: i am such a crazemonk today!

  • staleman bendova

    staleman bendova is the greatest person to ever exist, haters call him stale, but is an immortal compared to every other person. perfect in every way shape or form. the mere presence of him makes other “stale”. ben: man staleman bendova, you stale as f*ck. staleman bendova: stop getting triggered, you are just jealous.

  • saptard

    a mixture of sap and tard. used to offened someone that has done something stupid or annoying. paddy stop being such a saptard!

  • odhran

    some lad he is absolute ledge always on the sesh his grandfather was a thief in communist romania in the 70’s who was arrested by the nkvd. of course the shadow masters say that he’s making it up but it’s true. while he was in there, he met his future husband who he married in […]

  • network wanker

    “that guys who is obsessed with networking” “i’ll network you some girls for the party” “cheers, network w*nker”

  • social circus

    when your social life has become so full of drama it’s like a circus. james: d*mn, three of my exes and two of rivals were at that party. marcus: what a social circus.

  • jurassicy

    when someone walks like a dinosaur or lizard her walk is so jur*ssicy. this is a term used to describe something as funny/hilarious. yet the user doesn’t know or understand why the situation is funny and therefore states it as ‘jur*ssicy’ omg that was so jur*ssicy and i don’t even know why!!

  • ovadia

    a f*ggot jew “stop acting like ovadia”

  • hoysexual

    when someone is only attracted to asians hoys*xual : hey i’m hoys*xual non hoys*xual : you only like asians?

  • crimiticize

    to criminalize all public criticisms of race or religion on the basis that limitations on free speech are necessary to prevent social chaos. some faux democracies like to crimiticize as a cover-up to crack down on the opposition and human rights groups, which question about racial or religious discrimination against certain segments of the population.

  • gravytaint

    the act of taking a guy’s *sshole and pouring steamy got gravy in it and just watching s it majestically drips down his taint and onto his b*lls d*mn, you know what hurts? when someone gravytaints you!

  • suckaniggadickistan

    the place where one f*cks off to. he was giving me sh*t so i told him to take a little trip down to suckan*gg*d*ckistan!

  • lil nasty

    a word you say to state that something is nasty or makes you uncomfortable. “kendrick needs to stop eating his banana like that it’s lil nasty.”

  • sand ape

    a slightly less racist way of calling somebody a sand n*gg*r that dude is a f*cking sand ape

  • have you seen my new wristwatch

    when you are sitting at a table eating with some boring friends, you pull your b*lls out of the side of your shorts, put your wrist on your thigh, put your b*lls on top of your wrist, and say to your friends “hey, have you seen my new wristw*tch?” your friends then look and see […]

  • laikaism

    the small religion based in long island devoted to worshipping laika, the russian sp*ce dog who braved her way to sp*ce and died lol. these people are considered “laikaists” and also love smash mouth, especially the song “all star” did you hear about the new people in town? they are laikaists. apparently back home for […]

  • stubknob

    an instance in which a woman is so unattractive, that instead of acc*mulating an erection, your genitalia retracts into your body, thus creating a black hole and swallowing existence as we know it. tyrone: d*mn that bítch fiiiiiine! daquan: what you talkin bout. dat ho?she finna gimme a stubkn*b! an instance in which a woman […]

  • suhag

    suhag is a s*xy yet subtle type of person suhag is all the following s*xy peng hottie gyalist pengali (peng yet a bengali) the bestest capable of bangin your nan and your mum your sis your hala your cousin suhag is a type of person who drgaf bout you or your pathetic life “d*mn man […]

  • the white carpet

    a s*xual act wherein one partner lays down a series of towels leading from the bathroom to the bedroom in order to allow the other to make the jouney between the two respective rooms without their feet touching the icky ground. it is often performed by foot fetishists to ensure clean and fresh feet. “i […]

  • cooking a drag

    cooking a drag simply means rolling up and about to smoke a joint. cooking a drag means to roll a joint and smoke it. ex: hey david i’m about to cook a drag want some?

  • jaylana

    jaylana is a nice and loving girl and has all the boys loving her. she has many amazing friends that love her. she will do anything to keep her friends happy. woah jaylana is hot jaylana is a nice and loving girl and has all the boys loving her. she has many amazing friends that […]

  • cherrie bomb

    is an amazing presents felt from totally gnarly chick the gnarly chick walks into a strip club and all the lovely ladies look at each other and say did you feel that i think a cherrie bomb just went off

  • khiamani

    a small d*ck person who is a b*tch and sucks d*ck. aka he has a shrimp khiamani has a shrimp d*ck.

  • mendela effect

    many of us — mostly total strangers — remember the exact same events with the exact same details. however, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on. this isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.” many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and we’ve been […]

  • razzle

    british slang, usually used as “on the razzle”, or sometimes “on the razz”, meaning to be out celebrating with friends and drinking freely. originally this was royal navy slang meaning going out to get p*ssed usually by doing a pub crawl and ending up having s*x with a pavement fairy. we’ve got a weekend leave […]

  • warm canadian

    when the load of an elderly man is loosely squirted in your mouth. bitter in taste and slightly stinging the tongue, much like a mouthful of p*ss warm canadian beer. josh: ” dude..harry just gave me a knarley warm canadian behind the job shack. that raise better be worth it.” codi: “probably thinking about his […]

  • avgfruit

    avant-garde fruit this yeoja yamamoto is so avgfruit mang. she should do a mukbang.

  • noli illigitimi carborundum

    latin phrase, often used in order to communicate the phrase “dont let the b*st*rds wear ya down.” “terry’s being a d*ck!!” “noli illigitimi carborundum, mate.”

  • pocketlash

    when you’re running with loose shorts on and anything (phone,wallet, etc) you have in your pocket flips around and whips your b*lls every few seconds. often very painful, especially during jogs. matt- hey jim, how’s the run goin? jim- pretty go-ahhhhhhh!! f*ck!! matt- what happened? jim- d*mn, the pocketlash got me.

  • the kylie

    when you suck your partners *ss to hard and your lips begin to swell dude! i gave her the kylie last night!

  • crystal marie

    f*cks like a champ. will out drink you while you weep as her magic p*ssy walks nonchalantly out your losing *ss door . often too hilarious for her own good . d*mn , marry that b*tch crystal marie . marry her yesterday.

  • stankable pussy

    a very stanky one ethan lopez can’t even handle it ethan backed away from the stankable p*ssy

  • fluffer’s elbow

    common injury to the elbow in the p*rn industry. doctor says i’m on light duty from my fluffer’s elbow so can i work woth the asians today.

  • clinton suicide

    when a person kills themself via two gunshots to the back of the head with two different guns. cop: d*mn, how did this guy snipe himself in the dome from across the street? cop 2: he shot himself with a pistol too. looks like we’re looking at a clinton suicide.

  • wyoming skate plaza

    the absolutely most autistic park on the planet. the park legit looks like a d*ck. the builder of this park were clearly students at forest lake senior high school, because the transitions at this park are even worse than rachel aho’s p*ssy hey you wanna go rape some kids and do heroin at wyoming skate […]

  • solution reach

    a special kind of reach around lubricated with any bodily fluid (the solution) including, but not limited to, spit, snot, or fecal matter. jason: “where is matt?” ben: “i don’t know, probably giving his buddy a solution reach.”

  • bossyphilis

    when you are physically ill from your boss acting like a v*g*n*. i called out of work today because i was diagnosed with bossyphilis.

  • dive right in

    to have extreme sarcasm towards an action or activity mom: clean the dishes me: sure, ill dive right in

  • fluffman

    a man with big, curly, voluptuous hair. hey jerry you know i love your jewfro, i think you’re technically considered a fluffman now.

  • tyler tepp

    tyler tepp is the kind of guy you want to be. he is handsome, moist, huge, and also has a 12 inch c*ck that he has to strap down to his thigh. ladies if you have the chance to date him you better before he’s off the market is that tyler tepp, he makes me […]

  • goodstuffagb

    the goodstuff*gb is a company founded in 2015 by students looking to promote change. person 1: thegoodstuff*gb is awesome! person 2: wooooooooo

  • joliyah

    a hoe that likes sucking big black d*ck joliyah is cool

  • president-erect

    donald trump’s never ending hard-on for young females. donald trump is sure to be known as president-erect to all the women in the white house.

  • drop a cherry

    saying to someone drop a cherry means to p*ss off and or stop will- jack you are the biggest p*ssy i known jack- drop a cherry will , you *sshole.

  • peppered g-spot

    a v*g*n* that leaves a slight tingling or burning sensation on the the p*n*s my p*n*s was on fire after i f*cked that lady’s peppered g-spot

  • clash royale player

    usually referred to as losers,(aka some random 12 year old kid saying he gets b*tches every day).they usually talk about how they win games with their decks and they move in herds. trying to communicate with them is like selling your soul to satan. avoid a clash royale player at all times guys. the clash […]

  • andimae

    s*xy and hot, dirty blonde and blues eyes are the sweetest cutest ever, not to mention can go through sh*t and come out still looking beautiful as ever so this goes to the andimae – super friend andimae is funny sweet and amazing all around

  • cleavon

    some tall kid who loves to eat a lot and needs to stop growing i’m gonna dunk on cleavon some tall kid who loves to eat food a lot and play video games and sometimes takes things serious. 1. im gonna dunk on cleavon 2.cleavon stop growing

  • saul malca

    a man with a microscopic p*n*s and no b*lls. he loves men and kisses pets in their p*n*s or v*g*n*. saul malca kissed joan in the morning.

  • broken toilet

    when an asian girl invites you over for *n*l kim lee asked me to come over and fix her broken toilet

  • gusterfabdergadden

    overwhelming feelings that could be love if one explored them. a new word, inspired by the long intricate vocabulary of the german language. i know we just met, but i gusterfabdergadden you already! it is so exciting, i’m gusterfabdergadden!

  • spanner-crab

    when tweakers are completely munted out of their minds the f*cking spanners arms end up turning in to crab claws and look like total d*ck heads oi emily, check out that totally munted spanner-crab , what a f*cking douchebag. wanna be raver. ughhh f*cking tweakers

  • preston ball

    blonde kid who is prob really annoying and white preston ball is like so typical

  • young bull religion

    a religion spread by the prophet “true b.” this religion is that belief of one god, that one god is yourself. this religion does not believe in another god besides yourself. in other words, you the person is god. young bull religion is a religion of true b.

  • thomas carson

    jerk thomas carson is such a weiner -peyton

  • nicole price

    nicole; an amazing, smart, talented, beautiful, out-going, funny, easy loving, non-judgie plua grate with everyone and everything. she is protective of friends and family. she’s not to mess with. she may be stubborn but she is an amazing person to be around with and talk to. she is comp*ssionate and and lovely woman. she will […]

  • the peepo

    the most greatest and most bootiful thing ever know to mankind since exotic b*tters. also known as nasa peepo. i like-a the peepo ~ markiplier 2016

  • nose porn

    p*rn with your nose. you smell that p*ssy/d*ck which ever you prefer. wanna watch nose p*rn with me its great.

  • cheeky banter

    when your having banter with the lads preferably outside nandos, and the banter is extremly witty and funny to cheeky for your average geezer guy 1: my mum got mad at me for calling my sister sp*nk monkey so i started just calling her gooch cauz it funny. guy 2: thats some cheeky banter that […]

  • hhaa

    when you have to laugh so hard you can’t type straight hhaa, that’s way too funny!

  • carrascophobia

    is when a person is scared of a mean or normal sports/gym teacher. max: man do you like the new sports teacher? john: no man, i have got carrascophobia.

  • rooster spotting

    when you write a definition on urban dictionary to get on rooster teeth’s not so hit show “on the spot” in the game “cunning linguistics”. dude tony, i am totally rooster spotting today and it will be so funny because jon will read it! that’s so meta xd

  • trilingus

    three men performing oral s*x on one woman she was tied spread eagle to the bed and the three men in the room performed trilingus on her

  • javien

    javien has crusty lips but get alot of b*tches and he smart thats a javien!

  • nose baby

    a baby from the nostrills where did you come from i’m a nose baby

  • jhazir

    the guy who usually is the smartest out of the group. hates puns and that person 1: hey jhazir! jhazir: what? person 1: ebay is bae! jhazir: screw you! person 2: ha!!!!

  • pastrami hot tub

    a fat thick meat gina. a wide, meaty v*g*n*. “i don’t wanna be in that…pastrami hot tub!”

  • ahumada

    a very g*y c*nt, if your last name is ahumada, you may just want to kill yourself. j*penese slang for being gey r*t*rd. “dude, that guy is such an ahumada”

  • otq

    stands for, “on the queue”. a common way of saying you are on your way. texting person 1: let me know when you’re coming to pick me up person 2: i’m otq

  • bowel pussy

    a s*xual term for an *n*s. aaron: put it in my bowel p*ssy!

  • raw hog

    f*cking a fat chick without a condom i just raw hoged fat pat.

  • melandrios

    a student who questions everything and knows nothing. it looks like you have a melandrios in your cl*ss… why doesn’t she just accept that she has free will and that god is omniscient?

  • mckynzie

    a girl who is too scared to tell her crush she likes him because she feels as if he will hate her she is such a f*cking mckynzie you c*nt.

  • a hobbit’s worth

    when you have just enough gas to get there and back again. person 1: are you sure you have enough gas to pick them up? person 2: yeah, i’ve got about a hobbit’s worth, we’ll be fine.

  • tits away

    an expression of being very drunk and very excited. most effectivly used in an irish accent. “hey frida, how you feeling after them three shots?” “t*ts away!”

  • robolean

    for those who can’t obtain any codeine to make lean, but instead using robitissin to mix with sprite to create the effect of leaning also know as robotripping had to raid my parents nightstand so i could find some to robitissin to mix me some robolean

  • xaley

    a very tall boss *ss b*tch who loves thai food and long walks to the fridge to get out more pizza rolls. because of her pizza roll giving nature she is loved by all. wow, i can’t believe xaley got us more pizza rolls! xaley is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. […]

  • winter break backslide

    the act of temporarily getting back with your ex when winter break rolls around. a nearly inevitable fate for some couples. every time i go home for the holidays i text my ex and go straight into a winter break backslide.

  • slupt

    a person who doesn’t know whats going on but is sweet enough to get by. don’t be a slupt, get your life together.

  • kalamatie

    dis wen yah whole team c*m togeda n drink , get high n start to act wild dag alyuh starting d kalamatie dis is when you and your whole team gets drunk n start a wild behaviour alyuh ready to start d kalamatie

  • jizzness trip

    a speedy getaway for a quick nut lasting no longer than an hour. i’m so stressed with work man i really gotta call up cindy and make a j*zzness trip.

  • donald justice warrior

    loud but thin-skinned activist trump supporter who trolls relentlessly but needs a safe sp*ce to protect himself from “unexpected” backlash donald justice warriors were outraged when /u/spez edited their pedo accusations to aim back at themselves haven’t you seen how many djws want to shutdown news outlets they don’t like?

  • grabarczyk

    the blood family of the second king of poland and the name of the first male prost*tute bar in the world. a way the word is defined is “hey girl want to go to the grabarczyk’s “

  • twitter time

    1) time when you tweet (and sh*t) sitting on the toilet 2) bathroom break this is trump’s twitter time again, and as usual he shares the sh*t going to his head with all of us

  • tight slut

    a female human who is particularly tight in her v*g*n*, even though she sleeps around a lot and takes pipe from big c*ck. vallerie is such a tight sl*t, she cheated on my cousin and she let me bang her in his bed, dude she felt amazing!!!

  • john mcclain

    there aren’t any definitions for john mcclain yet. can you define it?

  • sexsavage

    someone who likes to have drunk savage s*x for several hours. d*mn, after ole boy sips on that smirnoff he turns into a s*xsavage.

  • truck skating

    an iowa winter outdoor activity where you take your truck (usually a 1500 or larger) and drive on the ice and snow for fun, sliding around on purpose. jimmy and i are going truck skating with the new 4×4.

  • fenessin

    luxuriously comfortable and feeling good “luxuriously chilling” aye homie look at chri$ he fenessin wit that extendo blunt jaming out in his luxurious foreign car.

  • moon ring

    a ring of poo residue around a b*tt hole. i love touching her moon ring in the morning. someone’s b*tthole with a sweaty ring of poo residue around it. she loves it when i rub her moon ring from behind.

  • alex crossby

    a very ugly girl who shows up to school with the ugliest kid (brandon malone) she also shows up to school with white stuff on her clothes. alex crossby is very fugly

  • jdhf

    suck a d*ck you fat *ss c*m guzzling sh*t stain used condom shut the f*ck up and jdhf

  • zeyan

    someone with no friends and is very lonely.with no p*n*s. look at zeyan’s size, nothings there.

  • trundler

    when someone’s drinkwalking blackout drunk. look at dat drunk *ss b*tch trundler.

  • the harambe effect

    this is actually an off-shoot of the anna nicole smith effect, which itself is derived from the jesus effect. it basically means n*body care or liked someone and then they died and suddenly everyone cares. “harambe deserved a chance, but they killed him in cold blood.” “this is the anna nicole smith effect all over […]

  • niykee heaton

    term used to describe a woman with voluptuous curves and excessive botox who has more potential as a p*rnstar than a musician. not to be confused with the term “niykee heaton fan”, which is used to describe male niykee heaton followers who wait patiently for an overrated musician to break into the p*rnography industry. friend: […]

  • rontyias

    a boy that no one likes but is super funny and cool ! he can dress and has a great taste in girls example: is that rontyias

  • sir oink

    a sir oink is usually a green figurine with “ok” written in black sharpie across his face. a sir oink is referred to as “sir”, because of its 3 years spent in medical school. they or it usually has attended quite some time to study the best uses for terms, also, as it is evident […]

  • lil shmoops

    when a mom and dad shmoops have a baby wanna make a lil shmoops

  • gerinus

    a really funny, cute , amazing boy that only one girl has a huge crush on.

  • cincinnati crow hop

    the maneuver made by a person caught unexpectedly with an object inserted into or around the *n*s. usually while bending over. the unexpected prod in the *ss made dusten do the cincinnati crow hop!

  • crustbomb

    a crustbomb is when a buddy of yours punches you with a muddy hand. really pipi? did you have to crustbomb me? a crustbomb is when a buddy of yours punches you with a muddy hand. really pipi? did you have to crustbomb me?

  • brandon malone

    a very weird kid that has the nickname ginger he also has a crush on alex crosby hey ginger!(brandon malone)

  • ellyce

    the person who has 5 million boyfreinds your such an ellyce… i mean first connor, then rhett, now jackson?!?!!

  • raevon

    a black piece of doodoo that hits girls and robs young people omg, who wants to be like raevon

  • steamed nog

    getting a bl*wj*b in a sauna. i built my house with a sauna in it so i could enjoy a steamed nog at home.

  • backwash baby

    a baby resulting from c*m leaking out of a girl’s *ss and into her p*ssy after *n*l s*x. it doesn’t matter if he f*cks me up in the *ss, i’m gonna let it all run out and make me a backwash baby

  • hoe toe

    a hoe toe is two bestfriends. one of them is a hoe, and the other is basically a toe. toe meaning a lousy, annoying, good for nothing, and painful. a hoe toe is best described as two b*tches, one being in charge and the other being an emo follower. “did you see gracie and emily?” […]

  • sheenal

    a self obsessed girl with the desire to ride any living mans c*ck. always in the newest fashion and media trends via copying friends. a person who can never be loyal and loves stuffing her mouth with meaty p*n*ses. sucking d*ck since intermediate sheenal never ceases to amaze on her natural born talent of being […]

  • jungle camel

    something everyone wants, they swing from tree to tree and if you get near them they will spit on your toupà. the jungle camel spit on me again!!!

  • paliar

    paliãr; is a term for white chick’s in the inland empire who have been heavily influenced by the mexican culture. usually older, top shelf, tatted, sportsf*ckers also known as madãme ratches’, who have a hispanic sounding last name; ex; cortez, hernandez, sanchez etc. who uses the word “palabrã ” numerous times a day in the […]

  • shivell shit face

    somebody with a sh*t eating smile.,like a politician or a car salesman. i really hate those shivell sh*t face types, they’re so cheezy looking.

  • adidas slides

    these are the freshest shoes around. they’re so nice and your feet feel like they’re getting little m*ssages. it’s also great bc style and function. take that sh*t into a creek or a shower or a soccer game when you have those d*mn socks on and look sharp. ps- don’t let n*body tell you they […]

  • haudoongin

    merk a n*gg* mike: im finna haudoongin his *ss when i see him sam: foreal

  • dildo queef

    the farting of a d*ld*. i met this girl last night and when i went to f*ck her, she had a d*ld* queef

  • patatat

    a nasty *ss chocolate chip lookin v*g*n* “she got one nasty patatat”

  • ludermis

    a ludermis is a ugly nasty fake sh*t talking wh*r* bag who needs an *sswhoopin an ugly little b*tch describes a ludermis perfectly

  • smelly jappy

    a smelly j*pseye on your p*n*s often white oi dude you have a smelly j*ppy i ccan smell it over the phone

  • to chill out

    to be relaxing my friend you have to chill out . focus on the fight you will hear it a lot

  • jose juan

    2 mexican names combined hey jose hey juan hey look it’s jose juan

  • in a sling

    caught in a highly undesirable situation that one hasn’t any real involvement in. leroy answers his phone, hearing gunshots and rifle fire in the background anton: “leroy, i’m in a sling! drove in a turf war between the crips ‘n bloodz. fools shooting at me from both sides.” leroy: “yo, want me call in the […]

  • the “us vs. them” mentality

    the fault line between the haves and the have-nots—the wealthy, educated, and out-of-touch elite versus and the envious, xenophobic, and racist low-income and blue-collar groups. failure by governments to address the “us vs. them” mentality will only trigger more brexits and trumps in future, as the income inequality rises—meritocracy, competency, and integrity won’t suffice for […]

  • physically angry

    a level of anger where your body can’t be controlled anymore and a person exhibits the physical signs of anger, such as clenching your fists, your heart racing, and your body temperature rising. after what my ex did to me i couldn’t help but get physically angry.

  • a dand

    someone with extreme amounts of dandruff who can make it snow wherever they set foot josh, your such a dand get out of my view you disgusting creature

  • cashus

    smokes weed and gets stuff done. smart, athletic, funny, popular. i can mult*task while being stoned because i’m cashus.

  • harlem hook shot

    when you slap someone with your erect p*n*s across the face. tyrone gave sandy a harlem hook shot and now she has a bruise on her face.

  • chris faile

    the hottest ginger alive. his d*ck is so long and juicy it might make your ovaries bleed. he’s definitely a keeper. also reminds you of filthy frank. d*mn, chris faile is looking mighty fine in that blue morph suit.

  • saffiya

    a way of living, to be loved and cared for, the goddess way of living, by living as a young god. the word saffiya means he/she is the youngest god saffiya is the nicest thing you said to me all year.

  • yancarlos

    someone with a very distinct laugh, that you can always hear a mile away. also makes you wanna duck your head in public. me: d*mn it’s yancarlos. friend: don’t make him laugh it’s dangerous. proceed with caution.

  • shmoopy doopy

    when someone isn’t shmoopy enough because they like showers then they become a shmoopy doopy you are a shmoopy doopy

  • outlet job

    the s*xual act of becoming aroused and sticking your erected p*n*s into an electrical outlet to stimulate the p*n*s. similar to wall job. the man became so aroused and decided to give himself a outlet job

  • holler donkey

    a holler donkey is a person who is a dedicated *sshole, that likes to do no work whatsoever. you’ll know a holler donkey when you see one. when asked to work they will most likely wander off, hide in the woods, or even fall asleep in the back of the truck telling no-one where they […]

  • pencil party

    when the whole cl*ss forgets their pencils and someone saves the day yo, it’s aboutta be a pencil party

  • ed head

    used to describe a person who does something r*t*rded. me: you f*cking hit it in our goal! them: *chuckles like an idiot* me: f*cking ed head…

  • chubby walrus

    when a wh*r* has so much s*x that her v*g*n* swells up looking like a chubby walrus holy sh*t dude, samantha was at my house after coming back from the club and she showed me her giant chubby walrus!

  • cartography

    the art of taking pictures from inside a car. it takes much skill to master the art of cartography. (true fact)

  • ashley’s snapchat score

    soooooo many numbers ashley’s snapchat score was 823123436231623642.

  • tarnyean

    a tall black boy with a 10 inch p*n*s and very attractive that boy is a tarnyean

  • locklend

    a person thats good at game plays bo3 hey its that locklend gamer dude

  • tarver

    a person who is normally smart and sweet, but is acting like a b**** what’s wrong with you, you tarver?!

  • salian

    a dude who would go to manhatan with a sign that says “will you go to prom with me” and then get rejected. look at that f*ggot, hes definetly a salian

  • steamroll charlie

    html charlie is when a woman put saran wrap over your face squats over your face and s*** so hard that the plastic blows off your face this chick gave me a steamroll charlie

  • synce

    s’ynce is a bad b*tch with a nice body and a loyal heart if you have an s’ynce you can either lover her or be jealous of her if you friends with someone like s’ynce you will always laugh or just here the truth if you have an s’ynce you better keep her because they […]

  • my phone was trippin’

    the universal millennial excuse for d*mn-near anything that one fails or forgets to do. i was supposed to call my gf but my phone was trippin’. my boss asked why i didn’t show up at work and didn’t bother to call or text and i told him my phone was trippin’.

  • winegerbread party

    a festive gathering where one and one’s friends build gingerbread houses whilst drinking wine and spreading christmas cheer. i don’t know about you, but i’m still a little hungover from gina & jonathan’s winegerbread party last night.

  • brunot

    a bad b*tch i met a brunot yesterday

  • dick disappearer

    a slang term for a v*g*n*. he f*cked me in my d*ck disappearer

  • reverse cuckold

    when the female s*x partner watches the male s*x partner have s*x with another man, woman, and/or tranny she watched him reverse cuckold a tranny

  • menstrualingus

    the delicate act of c*nn*l*ng*s while she is on her period. after the business meeting, ghon took his colleague back to the austrian m*ssage parlor. finishing an missionary trip motor boating on her jugs, she slid her yoga pants down and removed her tampon. he went down on her with the vehemence of a starving […]

  • delstanchery

    the inability to attend socials but complaining about n*body being out the next day stop moaning about us not being out. that’s right delstanchery

  • khalisah

    known as a savage. sometimes brags a little. but in general shes cute an awsome. she always is jolly an makes everyone around her happy. you must be a khalisah

  • lloyd

    a r*t*rded idiot who thinks he cool have you seen that lloyd a hot guy with a large p*n*s. very kinky, good in bed with a body to die for. oh god its lloyd he makes me moist lloyd. one of the hottest kids in township. did u see lloyd today? he was lookin good. […]

  • wrist bank

    originally the phrase was coined through the enhancement of the term bank influenced by modern rap songs between mid-late 2016 for the use of wrist in reference to flick of da wrist and *ssociation to money and drugs, such as gucci mane, yg, drake, dj esco, future, young thug, tory lanez, logic and various artists. […]

  • schlafling

    schlafling (verb) – silently holding a reprehensible opinion, because you know that opinion makes you a garbage human and you don’t want anyone to know what a garbage human you are. “i think my boss voted for trump, but he won’t admit it. he’s schlafling.”

  • pophoeslut

    tydonte is a hoe and can’t pull worth sh*t unless it’s a poodle! don’t be a pophoesl*t

  • freudian spasm

    an involuntary stimulation of the nerve causing a muscle spasm followed by a regrettably inappropriate action that was unintended her freudian spasm caused her to add an extra ‘k’ at the end of her ‘kk’ message.

  • snozbie

    when your partner jacks you off with a snow cone and then slobbers all over your frost bitten d*ck. wow! i heard tiffany gave josh a snozbie last night!

  • 1964 cadillac hearse

    a 1964 cadillac he*rs* is one of the very many genders there are out there. now don’t get this one mixed up with the 1966 cadillac he*rs* or you may be in trouble. andrew: hey, bro, isn’t megan so hot? charlie: yeah, she’s- andrew: did you just call it a she..? charlie: yeah- andrew: *becomes […]

  • fippin’

    1. jillin’ off. female masturbation. acronym for “fingers in p*ssy” 2. generally goofing off, as: “hey quit fippin’ and pay attention here, eh?” of a woman, more insultingly of a man due to its inference that he is not as masculine as he should be… “omigod, lookit’ him! jezzzuss, i am so gonna fip when […]

  • precrier

    when you cry before the person actually slaps you, then you get embarr*ssed because they miss ziiha:i did not even slap you k*mali:im just a precrier

  • cavalry

    a solider that once fought on a horse or in an armored vehicle of sorts. cheers, love, the cavalry’s here! highly ritualized branch of the military that traded in its horses for hmmwvs and helicopters and its sabers for anti-tank rocket launchers and machine guns and have been tear *ssing around the world ever since. […]

  • pony dunked

    when you are gang raped by a pack of h*rny urban preeteen boys tell you didnt get pony dunked on you way home from work dad

  • dad vibes

    a palpable feeling that a man is a dad. usually happens when he is around your own father’s age and is kind or has the same demeanor, such as a teacher. also celebrities with beards sometimes give off “dad vibes”. he just seems like a dad. a: “mr. b is giving off some serious dad […]

  • cuahutemoc

    someone very very s*xy the likes to pimp girls in the streets of c.a cuahutemoc lived in a vario and pimped hoes everday

  • bdour

    a girl who always has her nose in people’s business when she finds a person she likes she sticks to that person even if that person hates her. she keeps talking in a loud voice when she acts irritated and she lives with no wifi. she looks innocent because of her high grades but she […]

  • turn signal dick

    a d*ck that slants to the side. becky: f*ck him, he got a turn signal d*ck anyways

  • pimp a baby

    using a trusted person’s baby or small child to claim as a qualifying child on your taxes to lower your tax due or get a money refund. the trusted person must not be required to (or will not) file taxes. it’s tax time and i need to find someone i can trust to a pimp […]

  • velcro vagina

    a desperate, single older woman who throws herself at all of the men she meets. becky is all over that older, rich man with her velcro v*g*n*.

  • lords chips

    did he not tell you they were the lords chips…. the lords chips are holy in the way of a ninja masturbating in a corner but in j*panese shrine. also may refer to a man who has grieved over the loss of his beloved left t*st*cl*.

  • braycen

    a good hockey player that likes to say your mom. “he’s such a braycen”

  • koppendrayer

    stuck up, s*d*stic, sh*t eating, c*ck sucking, b*tt f*cking, p*n*s smelling, crotch grabbing, ball licking, s*m*n drinking, dog raping, n*z* loving, child touching, cow humping, pervertist, voilentist, heartless, mindless, d*ckless, t*st*c*l choking, urine gargling, jerk offing horse faced, sheep fundeling, toilet kissing, self cantered, feciese puking, d*ld* shoving, snot spitting, cr*p gathering , big nose […]

  • electoraphobia

    the fear of an election. the fear will be amplified if the candidates are equally as sh*tty as the 2016 elections, with a result of trump being the president-elect, and may cause severe side effects i have electoraphobia for the 2020 elections. vote kanye?

  • disillusion

    the psychological event that an individual undergoes when what was once considered to be true (i.e beliefs and ideals) is revealed to be false and inconsistent with what is widely agreed upon as truth. most common symptoms: disappointment, confusion, cognitive dissonance, depression, existential crisis bombs full of wisdom that fall from the sky of reason […]