• cheeto job

    when the giver of the bl-w j-b has lips covered in cheeto dust. ey girrrl you ready for another amazing cheeto job tonight?~

  • yhomaida

    the most beautiful, caring, talented, unique girl in the world. when you meet a yhomaida, you will have a hard time forgetting her! with her, you get everything. a mixture of both beauty and an amazing personality, something rare to find nowadays. someone that’s kind and caring, smart, funny, good sense of humor, fun and […]

  • zeyda

    zeyda- a big rat; she is quick at making friends; and she is really fun to be around; and she is really weird she looks a zeyda, lets go talk to her.

  • ilysmigtjmsbyhaf

    an abbreviation for “i love you so much i’m going to j-zz my self because you’re hot as f-ck” “hey sarah ilysmigtjmsbyhaf”

  • traitortot

    a conservative american, typically southern and inbred, who wears camo, practices a false version of christianity to justify racism, has an unusually small p-n-s, and acts tough, despite being severely uneducated, obese, and never actually serving in the military. synonyms – trump supporter, chickenhawk, white nationalist because of his charges from beating his wife/cousin, the […]

  • cruise oj

    ridin’ through old jamestown in north county saint louis, usually smoking marijuana. many of the young locals partic-p-te in this activity, a pastime of noco. “yo, dude! dealer just came through, let’s go cruise oj!”

  • recyclopedia

    a compilation of recycled, old or out of date ideas, trends, people, etc… old trends becoming hip again are recyclopedia material

  • doobie doob

    the smallest joint you’ll ever see “d-mn that’s one tiny doobie doob!” “yeah but it’s some goood stuff” “bruh don matter build another one.”

  • patheticness

    the amount of pathetic qualities a person has my patheticness is so big its amazing

  • jenniphart

    white wh-r- sleeps with henry i want jenniphart in bed with me

  • goose dive

    when 2 people are having s-x in a lofted bed and the s-x is so wild that it breaks the bed and they fly out the window together i was doing activities with my boy toy when we did a goose dive out the window

  • wet rectum

    when r-ct-m has been impaled and folded inside out and splooging out of ur buthole dude i just f-cked my boyfriend so hard i gave him a wet r-ct-m

  • pressure kiss

    noun- a kiss with more pressure on the lips compared to a usual kiss verb- the action of kissing in a way that involves more pressure on the lips compared to a usual kiss “whats your favorite way to kiss?” “probably a pressure kiss”

  • venus faultline

    a wide v-g-n- that leaves barely any room for the taint. or in other words, the crack of a girl’s p-ssy that goes all the way down and becomes the -ss crack. dude: my girlfriend’s p-ssy and -ss crack are practically connected, bro! she says it’s called a “venus faultline”!

  • physex

    when a talk about physics makes you s-xually aroused. phys-x physics s-x

  • selfie-cam

    the camera that faces the user on an electronic device from the side with the main interface. it usually refers to cellular phones and tablets, but is not limited to this alone. vain, conceited, and/or narcissistic people will consistently verify their existence via a selfie-cam. this includes posting photos to social media, storing photos on […]

  • incesta

    when you’re cl-ssifying organisms and you think of recent p-rn t-tles and get confused. person 1: “so, this beetle is in the cl-ss of incesta.” person 2: “incesta?!?” person 1: “inces….!?! what?!? i didn’t say that i swear!”

  • christianee

    a smart and athletic girl that has no b-tt but her big heart makes up for it christianee is ugly but so nice

  • lahania

    a lahania is a one of a kind person. throw any kind of challenge at her and she’ll bounce right back. she is smart but can be dumb sometimes to get a laugh out of her friends! gorgeous personality and most beautiful body!!! ugh boys wanna watch out for this naughty piece of work. guy […]

  • dusty throat

    when a dry particle tickles your throat ah man sorry i coughed during the wedding ceremony i had a dusty throat ! #myb

  • cheezle dust

    cheezle dust…. the dried up sperm that you find on your d-ck after sperming in someone wow you left alot of cheezle dust on me.

  • renfrew three-way

    it’s when you take a picture of a celebrity from a magazine and tape it to the back of your partner’s head during s-x. preferably doggy style the wife and i had a renfrew three-way last night. i taped sidney crosbys picture to the back of her head.

  • innumeracy sulks

    that paralyzing, sickening feeling you have for not able to figure out the waiter’s tip, or how much less you would pay for the promotional item at the supermarket. after comparing three subscription plans for a new smartphone, sally is clueless which one offers the best deal, because ratios and percents simply make her sick—in […]

  • sophia jobe

    sophia jobes a light skin bad-ss that does what she wants sometimes her bff is dark skin and moved away soph is her nickname oh hey sophia jobe

  • musky pussy

    stank -ss p-ssy musky p-ssy is the meaning of c-m being left inside her p-ssy for over a week

  • upine

    slang for someone being a d-ck. hey, upine

  • firewords

    words spoken when a person is under the influence of alcohol. words that hurt. bar patron: hey beer b-tch, give me another tom collins now. i’m a paying customer! bartender: sir those firewords are getting your -ss thrown out! pours the tom collins over the bar patron’s head daughter: mommy, dave was being mean to […]

  • dicked drink

    to surrept-tiously place one’s p-n-s in a c-cktail at the bar while the girl goes to use the restroom. when i got back to the bar my mint julep tasted like -ss. steve was smiling at me, he’d just served me a d-cked drink.

  • lickster-lipstick

    when a person gives oral to a female during her menstrual cycle. rick looks up at the mirror after the hooker climaxed and realized he has lickster-lipstick.

  • potio

    patio where smoking pot is acceptable i will be retiring to the potio patio potio

  • pink selfie

    a selfie taken of a girl’s v-g-n-, or pink parts, as some may know them. i called into the kidd chris show and he asked me to send him a pink selfie.

  • jayliece

    fat and ugly that girl is really fat like a jayliece

  • juvenile asian

    is when a man or woman is a asian and is willing to have a orgy for there not yet born child she’s a juvenile asian

  • hawaiian buttsex

    the process of applying a pineapple ring over ones member before rear entry. a custom pineapple ring will be required if size matters. if you fit into the precut holes, you’re either too young or not worth the effort! he showed up for hawaiian b-tts-x with canned pineapple so i got up and left.

  • fish tities

    those little b-mps on fisishes under it’s gills, commonly found on goldfish i should have bought that one fish with the fish t-ties, i find them so intresting

  • cliterize

    when your boyfriend won’t leave your cl-t alone, he is trying to cl-terize you.. if he succeeds, you have undergone cl-terization mate i cl-terized my girl last night

  • poetterware

    poetterware is a type of software mostly found on linux systems, for example systemd, pulseaudio, policykit, consolekit, xdg-open, colord and more. this software generally works very well and solves really complicated problems, but if it doesn’t behave the way it should, you will have a hard time debugging the issue (e.g. via dbus), working around […]

  • kaddi

    a girl who is always there for you although she’s pretty busy with her own life. she will listen to you no matter what. maybe you will have to wait some time for an answer because she’s giving her best in school (not 100%, 120%) but she’s worth waiting. why? because you’ll always feel comfortable […]

  • anime bullshit

    any character whose behavior is overly-flamboyant, bubbly, and excessively enthusiastic in such a way that makes the viewer feel embarr-ssment. anime bullsh-t also pertains to any character who is acting way too serious opposite a sickeningly rosy character. this does not apply to all anime and is not limited to j-panese animation. good examples include […]

  • atwfu

    all the way f-cked up. this b-tch kathy got me atwfu.

  • siraja

    siraja is the name you would give to a modern day greek goddess if you met one. if she were a greek god she would be the god of love or s-x. she is down for anything and will make any man crazy with her tantalising beauty. she is s-ssy, strong, independant and powerful woman […]

  • 4 car pile up

    it is a group s-xual position when a man is giving -n-l s-x to another man,while he is giving -n-l s-x to another man, while he is giving -n-l s-x to a woman. hey! at the swingers club did you see what was going on in the group room with those guys and that girl?? […]

  • kimberlei

    a girl who is really smart and sweet and loves to help put others in need.everyone loves her and wants to be like her. kimberlei is a great friend

  • hekl

    a word used by an individual of southern lineage who cannot tell their x’s from their o’s. often times used by children who are home schooled. oh hekl, that’s messier than a pot of corn husks and cabbage heads.

  • a different type of monkey

    (n.) the kind that isn’t a man. you can order the special or you can get a different type of monkey.

  • reddit detective

    people on reddit who think they are smarter than they are and over -n-lyze evidence and come up with a flimsy at best explanations. most of the time they start the spread of false information and end up hurting the case. person #1: i figured out who killed becky! person #2: who? her case has […]

  • leysha

    the most amazing girl ever although she may be small she is mighty ad and all the guys would like to hit it from the back d-mn leysha u is a fine one

  • candy porn

    melting candy (skittles, chocolate, etc.) and pouring it over your partner before engaging in a s-xual activity. i.e : my girlfriend asked if we could try candy p-rn so i covered her tiddies in melted chocolate and then proceeded to have intercourse whilst eating said chocolate.

  • taylor ten putt

    the unreal ability to ten putt on a hole at golf i’m having a sh-t round …just taylor ten putted on the 15th .

  • boonigan

    a group of people that go hooning in the boonies hey want to join the boonigan squad?

  • bus sauce

    the stank on a bus (i.e. tobacco spit, pee, chair sweat, vom, and other bodily fluids) d-mn this bus has major bus sauce.

  • irma pussy

    when her v-g-n- is extremely wet but, also so loose you can’t feel anything. man i met this girl last night with that irma p-ssy.

  • kira caslin

    kira is a independent,hard working, and self doing type of girl that is super hot from head to toe she has big t-ts, skinny waist,big b-tt,nice hair,thick thighs and big juicy lips. also she is the type of girl that knows how to pleasure a man. so all around she the type of girl you […]

  • savagenarwhal13

    lit best friend yo biggs savagenarwhal13 is lit dawg.

  • elephant slam

    heavy footsteps. someone who walks with the intention of making noise. a jazzy dance move. person 1: “is that a stampede?” person 2: “no, it’s just scott doing the elephant slam.”

  • adonisallan archer

    a funny man that is handsome like. is first 2 names suggest and fierce like a archer when need be. i heard adonisallan archer. got into a fight with blank and won then after ward. still snagged the cutest girl in cl-ss.

  • gdhbsaf

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- when you dont wanna study so you go on urban dictionary to convey your mood. gdhbsaf………. no more studying otherwise my brain will melt

  • >:/ kthen

    the face you have when you go to vote on new entries for urban dictionary, but all you see is random names like “katherine” or “goyosh” or “nianne” with their definitions being super-specific compliments as if elementary schoolers come on this site to confess their love. *goes to vote on urban dictionary* ;dddd entry #1: […]

  • flying mongoose

    a naked couple jumps out of an airplane with parachutes. the woman jumps first, then the man. while the woman is in the air spread eagle, the man tries to skydive into the woman’s v-g-n-. upon penetration, the woman opens her parachute, allowing for maximum -rg-sm. veteran level. do no try at home. i planned […]

  • pack a mac

    to acquire and store on ones person a mac type machine pistol. that’s why i pack a mac

  • tea off

    when you and a friend compete to drink as many twisted teas as possible in one sitting. “yo kyle, we’re f*cking having a tea off on sat-rday.”

  • sarhnie

    modern british adult slang for a sandwich #1) “you wanna sarhnie mate?” #2) “yeah, alright.”

  • jezen

    a lanky mantis lookalike who thinks he is god’s gift to the world when in reality he is a bo-legged bloopy groopy who cant match the bpm of silence. 1: is john going to dj at our wedding? 2: nah he is such a jezen

  • grupe

    the act of being groped by more than one person in a short amount of time did you hear what happens to linda at the frat party she totally got gruped

  • right handed waffle slam

    the act of a man sticking his d-ck in a waffle maker and then a woman having her full arm (right side) firmly in the mans -ss. while singing roar by katy perry. jon wanted to spice up things with his wife so he had her help him with a right handed waffle slam.

  • duplap

    when you’re interested in someone and they start talking to someone else; getting screwed over that girl over there likes me so i’m gonna duplap her and get with her best friend.

  • geeface

    to look as unhappy as humanly possible in a photo (yet being the happiest person in the world). for this photo, let’s all do the geeface. the stern facial expression one uses in order to not show weakness. geeface is often observed in group photos where all but one person is smiling. that guy with […]

  • spoff balloon

    when you realise you have no tissues whilst bashing one out and you don’t want to spum your nodes everywhere and make a mess. when you are about to “spend” simply pinch the end of your foreskin and blow up your own spoff balloon. allow no seepage. i emptied my spoff balloon over your mum. […]

  • austin english

    a b-tch -ss loser known for his g-y -ss camaro and for giving bj’s in the gym parking lot. can refer to anyone who is g-y. man, you’re really being an austin english right now.

  • pulling a bunn

    playing rainbow six siege with friends but somehow manages to accidentally kill all of them instead of the enemy team due to having the aim of an epileptic child riding a washing machine that results in getting banned for a week shortly after a previous ban is called pulling a bunn. dude dankerbeast what’s up […]

  • volleycan

    a simple sport similar to volleyball except you use a trashcan. designed in 2017 by a group of high school runners. it is best played in the woods between 2 trees . you are allowed to catch the can but you can’t hold onto it for awhile. best played 2v2 depending on the court size. […]

  • cocktress

    short for c-cktail waitress. vegas c-cktress make really good money off tips.

  • anna sloan

    a potato anna sloan is a potato

  • mubbs

    male earm-ffs that dude is wearing mubbs

  • bronsyn

    a bossy mother f-cker who thinks they are the best at everything. it’s ok for him to do something to you, but if you do it to them it’s the end of the world he such a bronsyn

  • lydee

    lydee’s are discombobulated people who seem to laugh at everything. lydee’s seem to love laying on carpets and are usually the biggest fan girl ever. every one likes her, but she never knows it. guy: have you seen lydee! she is amazing! girl: ya! she really likes the color green and she like my best […]

  • indya-louise

    very friendly good at sport and arts does stupid things can’t think straight under pressure guy1- ayee she good at sports, she’s indya-louise mann guy2- look at her she’s so stupid

  • hoe-glow

    the look of happiness and excitement after a one-night-stand or hook-up. often resulting in a glowey look in ones face. “i finally met a guy last night and brought him home!” “deng girl i can tell, you got your hoe-glow on”

  • arthur terry

    a school i go to arthur terry and it is sh-t

  • cory classic

    when you warm up a girl at the bar by inserting either one or two fingers (dealers choice) into a girls v-g-n- and give it a small twisting motion. cory: i hung out with cindy last night at the bar! ben: oh yeah? did you give her the cory cl-ssic? cory: of course! you can’t […]

  • raccoon raid

    when you’re broke as f-ck and can’t afford to buy food, thus, you go to your parents house to raid their pantry. yo joseph, we don’t get paid for a few days and have no money for food, wanna go pull a racc–n raid?

  • nik edwards

    someone that is an expert at everything wow your so good you must be a nik edwards!

  • olivia fallier

    one of the most beautiful girls in the entire world. mostly shipped with nathans or bens. olivia falliers are usually red-heads. they think they are ugly and fat but are the most amazing and beautiful girls you could meet. omg did you see that olivia fallier she is so pretty.

  • arkira

    a b-tch -ss thot girl that lies about grades to break up with you and go with your bestfriend and lies and says that your bestfriend said that you send them pictures of her in “things” arkira likes me, three days later i want to break up , one day later she posted up with […]

  • jacking it better than a car

    when you see someone that gives you/someone else a m-ssive erection. evan: “oh sh-t, it’s maria” (m-ssive erection) bob: dam, she’s jacking it better than a car.

  • bass hard bass

    (pr-nounced “bas harrt bas”) are the lyrics in the chorus of the electro-dance song nash gimn popularized by hard b-ss school and can be found in youtube and spotify. the song, also referred to as “hard b-ss adidas”, is a favorite particularly among sub-cultures of the former soviets who binge-dance to it in the street […]

  • raynysha

    raynysha is a stupid b-tch who sucks small d-ck her man ugly af she lame but funny she also has friends for nothing her c-nt self raynysha is a hoe

  • beating the old boy’s

    the term is a slang used in new zealand which describes one whom stimulates one’s or own genitals with hand. the old boys refers to the hand beating the t-st-cl-s while stimulating the p-n-s. playing solo: braxton’s brother ronald told me that he walked into braxton’s room and he was beating the beating the old […]

  • hard cafe

    when you get hard while drinking coffee ohhhh ya i have a giant hard cafe rn. im at starbucks with my gf

  • get on beat

    florida people made this sh-t up… means to get with the program “d-mn those hoes wouldn’t slide top, they need to get on beat!”

  • rubata

    when your bored in science and you just put some elements in a word and you get rubata this cl-ss is so rubata making a big statement and you use this word to get peoples action/ when your in science and you just make up a word and just using elements . rubata…. jane will […]

  • cookin it hard

    we have all caught ourselves at some stage throughout our lives where we’ve stood back for a second and realised that we’re cookin it hard. this isnt a good nor bad thing and the sight of someone cookin it hard is impossible to miss, although it is rare for one to be seen cookin it […]

  • roadman shaq

    one of the top grime artists in the uk. was recently on ‘fire in the booth’. roadman shaq: “da ting goes skrraaa pap pap kak kak kak skib bi skip pap pap and a pup pup krrrut boom skiaat dut dut kut kut dun dun pum pum”

  • hoa my

    a f-g who likes steven hoa my likes steven

  • day walker syndrome

    commonly -ssociated with light haired and pale skinned people. most prevalent in “gingers” ,”red haired” ,or blond people. symptoms include but are not limited to; easily sunburnt, light sensitivity,sound sensitivity, freckles,peakeked senses (smell,hearing ,touch). barbiturates immunity or high tolerance. migraines. thin or fine skin. cuts and bruises easily. day walker/daywalker: slang for vampires that can […]

  • smokey the nigger bear

    puts trash cans on fire. the bathroom is on fire!! smokey the n-gg-r bear is the goat

  • jake paul phobia

    a fear of the cancerous youtuber jake paul coming to your house to start dabbing on them haters jake paul phobia scared jimmy from watching youtube

  • stoned quiche

    a group of poeple who like to f-ck and smoke lots of weed. normally consist of a griffin chloe emma and a harry. they know how to surf too. that group is the stoned quiche.

  • white pushmower

    when you blow your load into her mouth then you slap her so hard her head spins around spraying s-m-n resembling a white lawnmower blade i gave my girlfriend a white pushmower, her funeral was quite sad.

  • head twister

    gives great head! bl-w j-bs $$$$$$$ “man she’s a great head twister”

  • raghurama

    a bannerman loyal to the one true king of the westros , stannis baratheon george-” stannis burnt his daughter xdddd” raghurama-“f-ck off danypleb”

  • death wish coffee

    the most amazing coffee on the planet earth put the energizer bunny on cocaine that is what this coffee is about when you pour your coffee it looks like lumpy sludge motor oil death wish coffee is the only coffee i ever want to drink again

  • jeepe

    a horrible person who likes girls with uni brows and suck white d-ck jeepe is such a douchbag

  • arrow defiant

    when you use an arrow emoji, but accidentally point it in the wrong direction. bob: dude make sure you take a left at that next intersection, —> steve: bro you’re so arrow defiant, couldn’t you see that you put a right arrow when you said left?

  • ussaid

    someone who doesn’t like anything unless it’s hentai don’t be a ussaid man

  • emotional head

    the kind of head you want when you say you want head but you also won’t get head from just anybody without an emotional investment. yo, you down for some nsa head? nah, i’m only ever down for emotional head, hmu when you have your life together.

  • prakiki

    a wanna be f-ckboy with a tiny p-n-s he asked so many people out but all registered him as a s-x offender he was even rejected by a dumpster. he’s also a snitch a liar a racists pig an anti semite and he’s crushing on a living l prakiki sucks -ss he sucks -ss too

  • red fairy

    a woman’s menstrual cycle. dud, i’m not getting any this week, the red fairy is visiting my girl friend.

  • meriamt

    meriamt, (or meriam) honestly one of the most mentally stable ones of the basketball crew. her dribbling skills are amazing. she never gives up and will no matter what keeps trying. she puts a smile on peoples faces with her lame jokes. when in pain, she laughs it out. last time she had a concussion, […]

  • frag law

    you cannot end the frags on a win. i would’ve gone to bed, but frag law intervened.

  • reverse shit-covered nutsack

    when you p-ss a woman off so bad that she verbally rips your n-ts-ck off and shoves it so far up your -sshole that you choke on it. rebekah was so mad that she threatened the reverse sh-t-covered n-ts-ck… i talked her down until next time…

  • shloak

    feminist hey shloak what do you think of that movie? it’s great! it change my mindset. now i am a feminist.

  • appalachian quilt orgy

    when a group of people cram together on a trampoline under quilts and watch the stars. hey, y’all gonna make it to the appalachian quilt orgy?

  • faulkit

    a group of people who are working towards greatness, that no one can stop them even bad da ys. faulk them faulk you faulk everyone if they doubt me. underdog on the rise! faulkit ill show them!

  • zyin

    the hottest most funny guy on earth you would go g-y for him and obey every one of his commands anything!! oh my god kaleb is acting like a zyin like # wet

  • taint booger

    little rolled up b-lls of sh-t and paper stuck in the taint hair. like a willklot or a klingon. man those burritos, took an hour to comb out the taint boogers.

  • gulping sparrow

    a h-m-s-xual who frequently chugs buckets of c-m, all while facing straight up and making throat motions like a bird. look at bradley, such a f-cking gulping sparrow.

  • capri-sun vodkas

    a drink promising side effects that will; render you a crying mess, convincing you everyone is married and then will theive your ability to walk or bunch together more than 3 syllables, however as if by magic when you see ya girl this mysterious concoction will make you promptly obtain the persona of a high […]

  • rimfpb

    it means “rest in mother f-cking piece b-tch” – – – @hanniejaynnie @hannietbfh rimfpb i pray for you

  • grimwear

    a man so great that his own greatness blinds everyone and then explode into tiny little pieces. especially related to zipgang the greatest team there is oh, there grimwear… zip zip zip zip zip zip

  • transsexual escort

    a term for a transgendered person, commonly preoperative, paid by the hour for companionship, but usually for s-x. also known as a higher priced prost-tute. “i’m finally going to try it and find myself a transs-xual escort”

  • spicy jack

    a spicy jack is the act of performing -n-lingus after eating hot peppers, so the recipient experiences a tingling sensation on their -n-s. “took my chick to chipotle and got a grande burrito with refried beans jalapeños and extra cheese. later that night i gave her a spicy jack and had her like ‘ay caramba’ […]

  • edina highschool

    where rich white kids thrive in their lululemon and vineyard vine. h-m-phobes, racists and trump supporters come together and bully all who are different ugh those edina highschool kids, they’re all cake eaters

  • death sack

    when a girl chokes on your ball sack ben: guess what i saw last night! caz: what?? ben: saw joe s giving hayley the death sack caz: typical joe!

  • shamanamanah

    to engage in s-xual intercourse hilton proclaimed, “i want to shamanamanah dat b-tch.”

  • squirt the bird

    delivering a transmission (squirting), often a show or demonstration, via a satellite (aka the bird) while doing a ham radio satellite demo, we will squirt the bird.

  • fractured penis

    a limp d-ck that rises from the ashes yo mufasa, that fractured p-n-s the other day really had us going

  • iwetp

    i- i w- wanna e- eat t- that p-p-ssy omg iwetp baby

  • aragana

    aragan for male and aragana for female is used to describe someone who’s wanting to gain attention of the opposite s-x in a very direct way eh pero aragana la niña he’s such an aragan that it makes me sick me dijeron que estas muy aragana

  • pansexual slytherin

    a b-tch who likes ditching her non existent friends lmao i’m a pans-xual slytherin

  • juan jacob

    a motherf-cker pimp juan jacob is my pimp

  • nacaio

    blonde, surfer/skater bad boy who is loyal to the highest bidder and those he feels pity for. does things that he doesn’t think through all the way until after the damage has been done. he enjoys coffee and the finer things in life but also enjoys cloudy beaches and has a darkly comedic melancholy tone […]

  • deblina

    a girl who is very beautiful and brave both inside and out. she is very friendly,helpful and has a loving and tender soul. people are blessed to have them. she’s a great girl. she’s a deblina! no doubt why she’s such a fun loving person.

  • blood and mud

    while a female is taking a p–p she starts her period. wife to husband: while i was taking a p–p i started my period. husband to wife: nice, making a little blood and mud!

  • snowglow

    a glowing -sshole. “you are really snowglowing today!”

  • hot twizzler

    when you take your d-ck and put it in the dryer and get it as hot as as you can stand then stick it in a girls -ss when she has the hershey squirts. last night my friend told me a story of a hot twizzler.

  • ethan ullmann

    the act of stretching into a yoga-like tree pose, bending over like a bear cub and sucking one’s self off vigourously yo i watched my bf ethan ullmann himself last night it was disgusting

  • y.t.d.c

    the y.t.d.c is the abbreviation for youtube drinking community. the youtube drinking community started at the birth of youtube around 2006, with the members ranging from fallstaffbrewingco2, jvega419, bruze40, riz2336, earl portland, jeff brister, and the infamous blackmetaltroy322. “why is he recording himself drinking a 40oz? because hes in the f-cking y.t.d.c, thats why!”

  • pulled a cherish

    to cop an amazing and kind girl. a girl every guy wants but few guys get. a supermodel type girl pulled a cherish: a f-cking amazing woman person 1: “wow man i just pulled a cherish” person 2: “a cherish?!!” person 3: “d-mnnn i wish i was you”

  • thumbprinting

    this is the method most commonly used by people under 40 or so, to send a text message on your phone, using two thumbs to tap out your message. this seems to come naturally to younger people, while old folks simply cannot acquire the talent. maybe it’s their arthritis? the word is also used to […]

  • white stereotypes

    any stereotyping which exists to cl-ssify all white people based on patterns of behavior. some include: 1. all white people are racists towards every other group 2. all white people inbreed 3. white people have fetishes of other cultures, particularly asians 4. white people who live in the rural areas are all dumb and unintelligent […]

  • wiener magnets

    eyes. one who cannot help themselves from looking at a guys crotch. jacob’s wiener magnets are focused on my d-ck

  • retysoned

    being through with your career ,a “has been” yet not a “never was”. getting that last bit of change before dementia sets in . sure “war machine” has a long time in prison ,he’ll be retysoned by the time he gets out ,no problem .

  • liketationship

    when one person like someone and the other does too but doesn’t know it “yeah bob and susan had a liketationship for a while but then bob confessed his love”

  • ms.simmons

    the thiccest woman alive her booty is literally 2 galaxies dang cristian diaz is such a ms.simmons .

  • creamrocket

    a fetish way to get spun. “honey, why don’t we do another creamrocket tonight and go faster than we ever have? remember last time?”

  • greek prostate exam

    the s-xual act of gently inserting a gyro up someone’s -ss. can be done solely for pleasure or for serous medical diagnosis. yo did u hear about georgie? he gave chris a greek prostate exam last night.

  • chiefing the flute

    when you pretend you know what you’re doing juan likes chiefing the flute when he sails.

  • not woke

    an idealistic view of the world or ones own perception of reality, not necessarily grounded in reality or truth. racism isn’t real, people just make that stuff up to cause problems. everyone is woke not woke

  • lonje moco

    the lonje moco is a very frightening mythical creature that lives under your bed that always says these words “que tal, yo soy el lonje moco”. there are also some different breeds and species for this lonje animal, such as the common lonje salado, the lonje ranchero, the very rare lonje manso etc. well, don’t […]

  • martha loser

    a person who works a desk job and is lonely this martha loser can’t find my files

  • ish-kink

    a kinky piece of ish, extremely s-xual but looks innocent. can be people or everyday objects. when a person is ish-kink, they are very s-xual and abusive but look innocent. when ish-kink is an object it can be used for s-xual sins without looking s-xual. wow that’s a ish-kink, i’ve never seen one so dirty […]

  • heavy butter

    s-m-n. c-m. reproductive fluid. yo, i was with this b-tch last night… oooooooooooooh sh-t! heavy b-tter, baby! all night long.

  • ikea shelf builder

    some dude who is bi with no game whatsoever but becomes infatuated with some chick who is already taken ( in a relationship or married) but tries to play it off like he’s the “g-y friend” and harmless. dudes a looser and just acting to be always there as a shoulder to cry on, etc. […]

  • gatorade tapeworm

    take a bottle of gatorade, and squirt an entire packet of mayonnaise inside of it. the mayonnaise will keep its shape so all that you see is a white stringy thing floating around inside the bottle. label “free tape worm” and leave the bottle in a public restroom. it looks really convincing. nick: “holy sh-t, […]

  • min yi

    min yi (most likely asian) is a girl, who is really cheerful and fun. she is a ray of sunshine to everyone and she stands out in the crowd. minyi is intelligent and systematic. she is neat and orderly and she cares about everyone around her as if they are all her family members 🙂 […]

  • discord draco

    a discord draco can be found using the site discord and on a server called neko “shut up draco” “a discord draco?!” “should i leave our discord draco?

  • gulbs

    not to be confused withbulbs, gulbs is short for gullible. guy 1: i can’t believe i fell for the “incisive d-ck” trick. guy 2: d-mn, you’re gulbs.

  • thotarella

    a smoking hot high cl-ss thot “that b-tch a thotarella” the gentlemen’s club – thotarella

  • sloppy stoma toppy

    when a male receives oral s-x through the gaping hole residing in their partners throat. yo, brian. i got the best head from a girl with throat cancer …. she gave me that sloppy stoma toppy.

  • yimmyyy

    the best player in north america on xbox currently as of 2017. d-mn you see that sick play jon? that was yimmyyy, best player na.

  • paying gold

    eben franckewitz knows all about paying gold he is a man and talented man be like eben short and simple. why don’t we cant seem to the simple task of paying gold eben franckewitz knows all about this he is a great man he pays so much gold to everyone he is a great man […]

  • haniyah

    someone who is happy, it is an arabic name, people who are called haniyah are artsy and creative! it is typically a girls name. haniyah you are so creative!

  • anks

    1. one word response to most compliments, or used whenever deamed nessecary. 2. short for ‘thanks’. man – “that sure is a nice car you drive.” responce – “anks” a very humurlous person that is a follower and tries to hang with cool people although he is a loser. why does that ank keep following […]

  • ummbitch

    a random word to describe stupid people jake was being an ummb-tch when sarah asked him to hand her a lighter and he asked is this it? and held up a match

  • skuntgonch

    skuntgonch- a discusting dried substance resembling a slug trail usually left as the remains of a unhealthy, strongly odoered or diseased v-g-n- or dried dumpster juice. those women’s uderwear are covered in skuntgonches!

  • millie-lei

    millie-lei is definition of a girl who is selfish and doesn’t care about her friends. she thinks she knows everything but she doesn’t. she always has to be on top. millie-lei is a type of person who gets jealous easily. in conclusion millie-lei is a bad person. person- “i got i got b+ on my […]

  • mandibulator of bone

    a stubborn, mean spirited person. a c-cksucker. that guy is a jerk! he kicked his dog and slammed the door on a girl scout! he’s a mandibulator of bone!

  • ass shuver

    someone shuvers -ss really well this dude is a great -ss shuver

  • chonguath

    a person who is usually flirting with girls. he also has a tendency to steal. he is not the most trustworthy person. that dude is being a pretty big chonguath

  • philnesia

    she is a fine, intelligence, thicc, black girl, attracts guys..not all the times but sometimes… has the nickname phil and she doesn’t disappoint when it’s time to show the world why she got😛 dude1:is that philnesia? dude2:yah i think so dude1:what they call we again dude2: phil dude1: d-mn dude tell her to let me […]

  • sausage tart

    a hilarious and s-xy girl. usually kayla’s and jennifer’s are are sausage tarts. “kayla cracks me up. she’s such a sausage tart.”

  • suttle flex

    a major flex but also lowkey the point of killing everyone and everything but also doing it in the most humble way “i seen what you wore the other day, it was a suttle flex 😎”

  • cyrene

    a cyrene is funny,beautiful,and a little bit weird.she tends to trip over stuff easily or even fail at lunch.if u have a cyrene in your life you are very lucky because she is the best person you’ll ever meet. cyrene is funny,beautiful,and a little bit weird. sarcastic weird married to an erika

  • feelanas

    a more eccentric way of saying feelings, commonly said towards big hows “i hope you are feelanas well today.” “wow, that girl looks like she’s feelana bad.”

  • dubonic

    it means to pop your p-ssy, and just about anything else. be like ryan mono. it’s time for jenny to pop. her. dubonic!

  • eghin

    a vegetable d-mn he’s a f-cking eghin

  • lunch for breakfast

    the act of having s-xual intercourse prior to the time of 12:00 pm; typically immediately after waking up. john: what did you and sally do this morning? geoff: we had some lunch for breakfast… and then i made us some hashbrowns.

  • schooldom

    also pr-nounced schooldumb every time in geometry cl-ss or any other cl-ss and you can’t play around or use your phone and lunch is in three hours ugh i have a severe case of schooldom

  • rightously

    to express something, to a further extent. adjective shiddd we rightously, trying to hit the store, before it close.

  • dumbleskeng

    f-g or cigarette “oi nah, you got that dumbleskeng?”

  • tarolyn

    tarolyn is a cute pretty girl. but she will beat your -ss if u miss with her.tarolyn is strong and her words are powerful and they mean a lot. tarolyn’s words help you if someone tries to put u down.

  • geenan

    beautiful smart athletic inspiring curagious person who’s one desire is to make people happy. leader aspects automatically make them lovable. also has the sense that people are constantly manipulating you. geenan is a smart person

  • rotor rooter

    someone who engages in -n-l s-x. as in to clean the r-ct-m through penetration. my boyfriend enjoys -n-l. he wants it all the time. he’s a real rotor rooter.

  • wamaka kuwa

    one with big d-ck and nuts in you wamaka kuwa smash her

  • shit shrapnel

    a high velocity, airborne, ejection of brown matter that is difficult or impossible to avoid. the result is soiled clothing and/or impregnated skin (particularly the face). f-ck it… i was str-mm-ng the long gr-ss in the back yard and the dogs have laid some hidden piles of cr-p that i did not see. i have […]

  • wolf cat

    a dog that is too small to be considered a dog man my wolf cat wont be quiet

  • keighli

    keighli is that kid who never got a pen or license plate with her name on it because of her young, hip parents that wanted a unique name for their kid. well they were right, keighli’s are one of a kind and a rare gem. just being in their presence is a peach. my professor […]

  • phone-noser

    -ssholes who walk with their nose in their phones—while crossing the street, dog-walking, driving or at the gym. phone-nosers are the f-ckers who’d crash right into you if *you weren’t the one paying attention. carlotta’s blood pressure rose when she saw a phone-noser almost get hit by a car while crossing the street with his […]

  • yung styles

    someone who beats up security guards at shopping centers and only comes on thursdays for cake, this individual is usually referred to in a scottish accent. definition from: jacob richards

  • snatch thatch

    a woman’s v-g-n- hair. carly: should i shave my p-b-s? sheila: i love me some sn-tch thatch

  • tosh-bobbler

    person who bobbles tosh: talks nonsense and is as enthusiastic and useful to a meeting as a puppy chasing leaves. reads books on “how to get ahead in business” in spare time and misquotes them at work. that new project manager is a right tosh-bobbler

  • eskimo brothers

    where you and your bro’s all inhibited the same igloo. you all sleep with the same girl. hey which bedroom do ya’ll think she’s going into tonight? h-ll it don’t matter we all eskimo brothers anyway. that smell smells familiar, man did you tap that sh-t too?!?! guess were eskimo brothers now bro. when two […]

  • electro sex change

    the electro s-x change is an extremely rare event that is predicted to have only happened a total of 3 times all throughout human history. it can be triggered by these methods: a man needs to be driving in a blue minivan over a bridge at approximately 12:03am during a lunar eclipse on a leap […]

  • lot jockey

    an employee at a dealership who moves the cars. term usually used to make fun of a lot technician. that lot jockey keeps stalling the manual mustang the lot jockey just burned out the clutch

  • orangutan poot

    when an orangutan climbs on the celing and sh-ts on people heads and gracefully sides down there vertebrates guy 1 ewww that orangutan just sh-t on me from the f-cking celing what a sick f-ck guy 2 aww how cute u have sh-t on you guy 3 eww yall gross as f-ck you just got […]

  • gay molecule

    when you place your b-lls on top of your buddy’s b-lls, creating four b-lls in the shape of a square. me and my homie did the g-y molecule yesterday.

  • time tragedy

    realization that you have missed on something important, significant or with the potential for being life changing, because of when you were born. time tragedy: he considered her unique outlook on life and affinity for him to be another one of those time tragedies because of the considerable difference in their ages.

  • chelyse

    a pretty unique lady. very loyal and ambitious. some would say s-xy some ugly but only she can define who she is. chelyse is a wonderful woman

  • shpooshpooshka

    female dog in daisy language wow…. ismaelda is such a shpooshpooshka! she spread rumors about me.

  • fancy a bob

    away to say to your partner that you want -n-l s-x : b-m s-x : clean b-m s-x with condom hi love it’s been a wile do you fancy a bob after a few drinks?

  • tensiquision

    describes the tight sensious envelopment of the v-g-n-… this word is mine alone, it came to mind while writing a song while at work in alaskas arctic on the north slope back in 1997. it rhymed perfectly with my song subject😉 i very gently eased into her beautiful tensiquision.

  • wind it

    wind it means to twerk. you start low and twerk it up d-mn did you see lexi wind it in the club?

  • caribbeanitis

    a state of which a person feels or believes they are in the caribbean islands as a direct result of consuming large amounts of the region’s famous and widely known rhum spirit. with visions of palm trees and white sandy beaches, it’s a clear case of caribbeanitis

  • maroun

    a godfather, will most likely build an empire, a system, a money loop where everyone get’s a piece of the pie but most definetly the ones that were here from scratch for 15 years, he collected over 200 million dollars acting like maroun

  • tesco larger

    tesco larger is an enjoyable cold alcoholic beverage created by tesco for millions of teens across europe to enjoy whilst on the sesh. its alcohol percentage is 2.8 and it costs 2.65 for 4 cans of this enjoyable beverage. hey man i have cans of tesco larger in my bag want to go seshing by […]

  • otgwg

    stands for over time game winning goal yooo did you see the cap’s otgwg last night?!?! ovi hit a banger top shelf

  • reghann

    the most beautiful girl alive she can brighten anyone’s day and can be a lot to handle at times but reghann are so easy to love they are the best people you will ever meet and are blessings to have in your life man you see that guy chris he’s lucky to have a reghann

  • malery

    malery is a gorgeous name for a gorgeous person. she is the best friend you could ever have. she will make you laugh when times are tough, and always knows just what to say. malerys will always be there for you to the end of time. times with malery are always the best. she is […]

  • ratchet squad

    ratchet squad is situated in mercy college. a bunch of black girls that roam around mercy college acting like top sh-t because they are. if you mess with ratchet squad watch ya back because you’ll get yagarddd black girl: have you heard of ratcget squad white girl: yeh i wish i could be part of […]

  • baby paul

    new york city slang term given to male friends and consorts. “yo waddup what’s poppin’, baby paul?” – “nuffin’, jus chillin sun, me and da click been lampin’ in the lab fo’ a hot sec baby paul” “word?” -“word.”

  • dhir

    a typical dhir usually gets wasted on a night out in london. he really enjoys vomiting and skidding on ice. sometimes he is known as dhir the skidder. originates from the latin word druuuu. look at that guy vomiting on the floor, hes doing a dhir

  • ganja gremlin

    some one who’s uses you for weed or only wants to smoke your weed. gracie is such a ganja gremlin !!! she only comes to my house to smoke!!

  • zose

    zose is a very loving person he is so sweet and kind he love running with people and always is a very loving friend no matter what he is very intelegent loves making people laugh and smile he is so cute heloves making new friends ” hey where is zose?” “he is making new friends […]

  • taco patty

    a gnarly sh-t, brought on by the consumption of taco bell or other substandard mexican food. it resembles a cow patty made from grpund beef, beans, and diarrhea. a taco patty is often spicy, and leaves the victim scrambling to wipe as quickly as possible. a) sorry to leave so soon, but i’m going to […]

  • cuckxin

    a s-xually vibrant, confident, attractive woman who enjoys watching/partic-p-ting with her partner having s-x with another beautiful woman/women. the vixen element is paramount in this definition and she is a key player and possible orchestrator. 1)i feel like the luckiest man alive when my wife hits on women to bring home on our datenights. she’s […]

  • messtie

    your best friend who’s also a big mess today is my messtie’s birthday

  • patterpillar

    a patterpillar is a pillar that patters. a pillar is a column type thing. a patter is a noise a duck makes when it walks. “bob, what is that?” “i believe it is a patterpillar”

  • demarckus

    demarckus is someone with an amazing personality. he is usually caring, sensitive, and protective. it’s always nice to have him in your life because you can tell him anything and he will be there for you, even when he is hurting. if he loves you, you are very lucky for his love is something so […]

  • pfd

    acronym for personal floatation devices used to describe a chick with really large t-ts. look at the pfd’s on that chick… pfd – the word for a person who floats between social groups and doesnt have one defined group, also known as a floater mary is such a pfd because yesterday she hung out with […]

  • losseni

    a usually super tall guy with a big -ss, from african decent. losseni tends to have a cute baby face. losseni finds happiness in doing things that wouldn’t exactly be considered “appropriate.” losseni often enjoys making fun of people, and sometime takes it to the extreme. when losseni cares about someone, he tends to be […]

  • michael herndon

    a dumb -ss who losses their virginity on their neighbour’s couch michael herndon you f-cking aidstastic moron

  • caycedo

    caycedos are way better than you. a name given to the most popular bright futures kids. mallory caycedo is better than you.

  • beghole

    someone who is desperate for s-x he beged for her hole, hes such a beghole

  • positive pete

    someone who is overly positive all the time, even when the situation warrants some negativity. god d-mn it he just won’t quit being a positive pete!

  • fuckin’ becky

    a girl who just doesn’t give two f-cks. she does what she wants to, when she wants to. she says things that will just make everyone think, “f-ckin’ becky”. did you hear who set of the smoke alarms in the dorm? yeah, it was becky down the hall. awww man, f-ckin’ becky!!

  • barchie

    barchie is a ship of betty cooper and archie andrews in riverdale and the archie comics, and kevin keller claims that it’ll be endgame. “to clarify, betty and archie aren’t dating but they are endgame” – kevin keller “barchie is so endgame” says emma

  • zerolink30

    a short and angry man who suffers from ohd, is a chronic masturbator and has never touched an actual woman’s b–b. that zerolink30 sure is an angry little virgin

  • kevindavid

    an immobilized man with two first names kevindavid: come on man don’t be a b-tch, dan and santino are on there way!

  • namr

    a cool boy who is the best in the cl-ss and everyone in his sight sucks. i am a namr in my cl-ss

  • coochie cabra

    a thirsty thot who’s out late at night trying to get some or get free stuff that coochie cabra is trying to get me to buy a bottle thirsty -ss thot who’s out late at night trying to get laid or free sh-t that coochie cabra is trying to get me to buy her a […]

  • lianderer

    one who lianders. my boss is the biggest lianderer!

  • gayboyed

    a human male who was beyond their drinking state hey… wanna go out and get g-yboyed tonight?

  • basement girl

    when a man drugs a girl and ties her up in the bas-m-nt. i heard mike had a bas-m-nt girl, before he was arrested.

  • tiffins girl

    there aren’t any definitions for tiffins girl yet. can you define it?

  • kleptoidiocracy

    a form of government characterized by the purposeful appointment of half incompetent staff and half self interst directed personnel. the incompetents distract from the public good being looted. the kleptoidiocracy entertained and shookdown the public at the same time.

  • model f

    a loud–ss keyboard ibm made back in 1981. it is like the model m, but only on steroids. if you wake up your house from using a model m, you will wake up your entire neighbourhood using a model f. this is due to the usage of capacitive buckling springs, which ibm ditched for membrane […]

  • butthurtalo

    b-tt·hurt·alo ˈbətˌhərt/əlō/ usinformal noun vulgar slang derogatory noun: b-tthurtalo; plural noun: b-tthurtalos 1. a c-nt-ss b-tch. synonyms: douchealo, b-tch-ss, weak-ss b-tch; more “b-tthurtalos; b-tthurtalos everywhere!”

  • smokey link

    there aren’t any definitions for smokey link yet. can you define it?

  • tongue punching

    punching an -sshole with your tongue i like it when someone is tongue punching my -sshole.

  • done your legs

    to knock someone down and prevent them from continuing a certain action. carl told sarah i’ve been sleeping with her sister so she dumped me. he’s really done your legs there mate.

  • suaste

    the best last name. second is garcia hey suaste, hows it going?

  • mamma boy

    a man who s-xually fantasizes about his mother. his mother does everything for him including buys his underwear and shaves his back i knew mark loved his mom but i didn’t realize he was a mamma boy

  • rectal ecstasy

    when someone penetrates your rectal area and you are ecstatic. the ecstasy you feel when you get booty busted. you love it in the -ss so much you are in ecstasy. d-mn, when i went down to that new bar, the bull and mouth, i stayed there all night because they played the rectal ecstasy […]

  • shaycob

    a ship name for shay and jacob shaycob is real

  • squirrel disease

    being distracted by something at a moments notice. starting a project and something shiny distracts you i was about to reply to your text but i have squirrel disease

  • shannon warwick

    the name for someone who dates you, breaks up with you, and then comes begging to date you again, ( a wh-r- ) i dated shannon warwick

  • smoke suit

    an outfit that you change into right before smoking marijuana, and then you change out of it after. thus avoiding smelling like weed. guy 1: “yo man you wanna blaze up?” guy 2: “yeah, but first lemme change into my smoke suit real quick, i don’t wanna smell too loud.”

  • haevyn

    haevyn is a beautiful girl, dark brown walnut eyes, and lond black hair with gl-sses. she will steal you heart. very beautiful and very caring haevyn is so beautiful.

  • paulsexual

    when you you feel attracted to the ohio b-tches 12 year old: “im pauls-xual” some other guy: “your a f-cking r-t-rd”

  • ucogulating

    when someone(usually overweight), breathes very heavily and starts to sweat when doing nothing. adam woke up in the summer and was ucogulating

  • snakeu

    a mis pr-nunciation of snake after hobi sunshine shares his traumatic experience holding a snake. i hate snakeu

  • booterial

    when a girl or guy is materialed enough to be your boo you was my booterial!!

  • tragedy porn aficionado

    noun, usually a person. a person who shares news articles on social media about car accidents, drownings, house fires, weather- and other natural-disasters for the purpose of looking like you care about the victims. also seen as an opportunity to offer thoughts and prayers in place of real support or help for the victims. my […]

  • kanad

    a not-so-common indian name. a man with a real wild soul although he is very good at hiding it. he desires love, and feels lonely when no one out there love him. he tends to get himself drunk when he wants to get distracted. it is believed that he has a strong soul, but he […]

  • throat town

    a place you bring a bird to hollow out her throat. sally asked me to take her to throat town, so i pulled out my c-wk and smashed down her throat.

  • dancing7896

    a person who gets baited into having s-x from child predators online. important internet safety rule: do not be a dancing7896! always be careful while going online kids!

  • drooltard

    a disinterested person who looks stupid and has drool on his face. a drooltard may also laugh in a dumb way that guy is such a drooltard. i am not gonna go out with that drooltard.

  • nooze

    a dishonest form of information delivered by the media that is meant to mislead, manipulate or persuade large communities into believe lies to guide them towards and keep them loyal to a particular political party. intentionally bad or false information. to tell only part of a story to reinforce ones own beliefs. when getting information […]

  • maquvity

    a fake charity made by a group of students that want money from donations maquvity is a cool site there is a charity called maquvity

  • grat

    pr-nounced “grash” based off of shakespeare’s character gratiano from merchant of venice noun – one who chatters idly at length without making sense, someone who says something pointless or asks a stupid question adjective – something pointless, monotonous, doesnt make sense noun – he is a grat because everything that comes out of his mouth […]

  • skitz mission

    captialised by leslie mackerel in the big lez show, it means to endeavour on an adventure that one can not put into formal language. s-ssy:”watcha doin lez” lez:”i’m goin on a skitz mission c-nt”

  • hirotake

    a rare disease that comes with birth; the most obvious symptoms that the newborn has 2 d-cks. miss, if your son has he name hirotake, it is best of you change it….. it really is a horrible name.

  • vinegar bag

    when sweating heavily a man’s scr-t-m becomes soggy and smells like vinegar. i’m sweating so much i’m sure i have vinegar bag.

  • where’s my hamburger

    weird creepy phrase said by the meijer check out guy! “where’s my hamburger “said the strange man.

  • destynne

    destynne’s are kind hearted and smart girls but they can be very stubborn and very moody but in the end they always care kaylie: she is so nice cheyenne: but she’s stubborn kaylie: yeah she is sooo destynne

  • ivoh

    the most amazing guy around.. treats girls with p-ssion and can be a player when he wants to. cutest guy around..has deep secrets.. and a big heart breaker.. but incredibly loyal when he decides to. girl: ivoh, are you being serious with me. ivoh:you’re the most serious decision i’ve takes in my life.

  • myarco

    g-y lol myarco is really g-y lol

  • country cheese

    it keeps you from getting deported when you cross the border carl: “how are you here right now?” jose: “you know the country cheese.” carl: “it’s lit, esket-t.”

  • i saw u2 live twice

    a b-tchy f-ggot person 1 : she was being a total i saw u2 live twice!

  • lysandre

    a walking lion man who tried to kill you all. now he’s dead. “remember lysandre?” “he belongs in a zoo”

  • nicholas bieber

    when you take a girl and beat her over the head with frozen p-ss until shes braindead and f-ck her till you can feep your d-ck yo last night i pulled a nicholas bieber on this hot korean

  • plays like he has one hand

    simply has no need for the other hand, and so well played it seems the person only needs one hand to play. “yo the guy in this game plays like he has one hand!”

  • warlos

    warlos is a man with a special needs the causes him to do s-xual things to his friends. a warlos will say random stuff such as sound as a pound, ahhhhhhh, wubba and tasty. if you see a warlos you should treat them nice watch the sun set and then to do the world a […]

  • glossy gel top coat

    what simply nailogical says after applying nail polish on her nails “now time for a glossy taco!” (glossy gel top coat)

  • gennya

    while very beautiful they often times get very ugly when angry. greatly committed to their friends, gennya’s often seem to be the one mentally late to the party. often time asking necessary questions or just not caring to listen. while usually having great bodies, they’re also very trash in the bed. “oh cool, is that […]

  • indian canoe

    a game played where two partic-p-nts home their forearms together and a lit cigarette is dropped in between their arms. whoever moves their arm first loses. man i burned my arm at the bar last night playing indian canoe.

  • skibpy

    a perosn who is named skibpy is normally cool and has a mohawk with blue tips. a leather jacket and boots, they also have a motorcycle. the person is so skibpy

  • ebola fucks

    ebola is virus f-cking is s-x you got ebola f-cks ebola

  • 12-yr-old internet kid

    the most common and suicide-inducing people on the internet. not knowing what they are doing, they constantly reuse old or overrated memes, make cringey yt videos “for fun” (only for the revenue, which will probably be only half a dollar tops), or engage in senseless online arguments. the following guide will tell you how mental […]

  • kunker

    someone who is being a d-ckhead stop being such a kunker you kunker!

  • walla walla waffle cone

    the act of defecating in the shower and smashing the t-rd into the drain (using feet or hands) until it aquires the grid pattern of the drain. can be admired and then mashed further until the t-rd disappears or it can be left behind to be discovered by the next person to use the shower. […]

  • seaweed nigger

    a jamaican that swims look at that seaweed n-gg-r.

  • procrastitube

    (verb) to waste time exclusively by watching random youtube videos. nick and dave: how was your weekend, matt? matt: i procrast-tubed it away.

  • jack up our dicks

    a bunch of people getting roudy or having a good time together lets jack up our d-cks!!

  • titigers

    abundance of young chicks at a club with big b–bies copyright ed, stef, chu and winfred 2017 wow there is a lot of “t-tigers” tonight. i feel old

  • sam norris

    he is a guy who can be trusted by anyone. girls think he is gorgeous and love that his uncle is chuck norris. girls love him so much they doodle his last name with their first name while they day dream. his huge heart and charismatic personality pull people to him. his future wife is […]

  • fiddle file

    the female version of a w-nk bank oh yeah, he has definitely earned his place in my fiddle file.

  • rollowed

    a kid that gives out tutorials on how to do specific trickshots you rollowed

  • mmmmmk

    1. message used by d-cks when they are too dumb to answer a freaking question person: hey whats ur fav colour? person2: mmmmmk person: f-ck u too

  • truckersexual

    an attractive man with truckerlicious qualities such as messy hair, unkempt beard, baggy jeans, work boots, and t-shirts with holes. he showed up to the event looking intentionally truckers-xual in appearance.

  • butter blossom

    a woman to whom you share the deepest of thoughts, fears, and love with. the one girl you know will always be on your side despite the sh*t to come. or: the freakiest beast you’ll ever meet in bed. always open to new expierences and says “i’ll try anything at least once.” “you see that […]

  • set me some

    give me some fam set me some chips or i’ll shank you

  • depresterbating

    when you are sad as f-ck and the only option is to play with yourself. young william broke up with lindsay. she was so sad she spent the next day in bed crying and depresterbating.

  • the little man

    the little man is a philosophy as he is an ent-ty, he punishes those who do wrong, say wrong, or take shortcuts in life, usually by having events of “bad luck” play out on the person. don’t copy that homework, or the little man’s gonna get you.

  • haaalakem

    the sound you make when you gleek. “aye zach” “w-ssup” “watch this haaalakem” “ew what the fawk”

  • homecoming sex

    when you have s-x the night of homecoming and its kinky as sh-t alex: don’t get hoco date if you don’t wanna lose your virginity during the homecoming s-x andrew: oh sh-t waddup i’m dtf

  • dufq

    it’s means “what the f-ck” person1: wanna f-ck? person2: dufq y would i do that

  • james nevins

    a f-ggot that only eats -ss so he can taste sh-t that isn’t as bad as his life. that dude is such a james nevins

  • snenk

    pushing your friend down the stairs while yelling “snenk” “i snenked my friend yesterday”

  • clovia

    clovia is a very loving person. she loves anybody she meets and has very few enemy’s. definitely has gone through some rough times but does not take it out on other people. takes care people like she takes care of herself. clovia loves to bake yummy sweets. she is a very outgoing and a hardworking […]

  • kinktionary

    when you have to explain bdsm and non vanilla relashionships to a potential partner if talking to you is going to be a game of kinktionary unadd me

  • showneez

    now she is awesome; a real go getter someone beautiful, smart, pretty, happy helper, drop deadown gorgeous, if any celebs would go for her it would be a prince d-mn she is such a showneez a strong independent women, loving, kind, mood swinger, beautiful inside and out you remind me of a typical showneez

  • ow nigger

    1. when someone kills you in a video game 2. when someone hurts you physically or mentally bully: you’re a f-cking b-tch! victim: ow n-gg-r

  • red almond

    when you vice grip your t-st-cl-s and pinch off a ball until its beat red jerry showed kennif the goat – as seen in the popular movie waiting and got kicked in the -ss, kennif got him back with a red almond though

  • bunny island

    what a woman/female refers to as going into her soft sheets, (made of bunny fur) and having ravenous intercourse “hey baby, take me to bunny island”

  • fedora fic

    a piece of literature that involves frank gioia, also known as crankthatfrank, patrick stump, and the infamous fedora. person a: have you heard of the fedora fic? person b: stop talking right now.

  • bacon stretcher

    an object that can be lobbed in to the category that the “left handed smoke shifter” resides in. the joke is commonly used on members of a younger group who have not heard of it before- “hey, can you go get the bacon stretcher?”. the the other members would then watch as the person would […]

  • bitch ass james

    some guy named james who’s name isn’t actually james, but has been dubbed james by some chick from paris. the b-tch -ss part is because james is a p-ssy. b-tch -ss james stop watching me clean the microwave.

  • water music

    the lapping sound created when two g-y men lick eachothers -sshole in the ocean. winston made sweet water music in bung whole

  • syphilis tsunami

    a golden shower from a dirty hooker. who doesn’t love a good syphilis tsunami?

  • burnt sweet potato farmer

    a slave owner i’m a burnt sweet potato farmer.

  • jimmy perez

    someone who gives no fs and takes no l’s. jimmy perez will always ball you up anytime and beat you at anytime.

  • hahagafachakalamolous

    the part of the brain that is responsible for understanding humor. reference – captain underpants it’s amazing how your brain does not have hahagafachakalamolous!

  • compassioneur

    an entrepreneur who creates more and more wealth because of his un-quenching desire to serve more and more people. the concept uses our best in terms of our compet-tive, capitalistic and spiritual tendencies. rumi is a real comp-ssioneur; he gives 51% of his earnings to charitable causes

  • gareed

    taking so many drugs or weed that you have no clue what you are doing joe was gareed at that party last night

  • auoeter

    an auoeter is the lethal mix of an author, poet and marketer. good auoeters are rare and worth their weight in gold. i so want to outperform every sold out content marketing system. i’m gonna become an auoeter and profess my own ideology online. the internet is crawling with people who want to consume content. […]

  • moopling depression

    moopling depression means : you are a r-t-rd . and also means you are suicidal you get moopling depression it from stds. means: u are r-t-rded and is suicidal and depressing u get moopling depression from stds and talking it means : u r r-t-rded and is suicidal and depressing u get moopling depression from […]

  • fizzwad

    a person who is a complete jack-ss man jerry was such a fizzwad yesterday

  • scottish gravy bag

    a douchebag made from the intestines of a sheep. commonly used by people native to scotland. i just killed patrick the sheep, going to make a knarly scottish gravy bag

  • arva

    a smart person, a born leader. a person that will be there for you, honest, always in the middle of attention. also known as a “lady’s man”. arva always sees the moment and lives in it

  • tatical suspenderts

    when you tactically drop suspenderts on their heads because of the tactical mountain dew. tatical suspenderts is when you need to drop suspenders on their heads.

  • manterruption

    the idiotic notion that only men can interrupt women because women are perfect angels and never do anything wrong. this serves no purpose except to be completely s-xist towards men in every way possible. woman: the wage gap is real becau– man: actually women have been paid equal since 1963 woman: manterruption!!!!! this is s-xual […]

  • kikaao

    kikaao translates to “demon” my teacher is a kikaao

  • musky moose knuckle

    when a male wears too tight pants or skinny jeans way too long and develops under cheese dude, you’re wearing that skinny jeans way too long, you’re developing musky moose knuckle

  • |z| morgan

    a f-ckin f-ggot person 1: hey look! it’s |z| morgan! person 2 : yeah what a f-ggot

  • quadsteak

    1. the lieral combination of boose and steak 1. wow i love the mixture of quadsteak

  • floophaloos

    when a man is very upset and he has kids so he can’t cuss and he can’t stomp or shout because his wife will be p-ssed so he goes to drive around when all of a sudden, their pet squirlle, davide has a heart attack and so now the man is crying and then the […]

  • ceinar

    the name of a guy that steals sh-t from his friends and marry’s old lady’s. (also know as a critter) what a punk -ss ceinar.

  • homie sickness

    a derivative of home sickness, a term used for the feelings of melancholy and nostaligia when one is apart from their friends. matt went to visit his parents this weekend, and i’m getting serious homie sickness.

  • daniel and anysa

    anysa and dnaiel are such a cute couple they always are around eachother they give great hugs and kisses to each other they will never cheat in eachother they will stand by there sides daniel and anysa are the sh-t hey new girl u wanna know who the school couple is its’s daniel and anysa

  • straight up full baguette

    an adjective describing something of great magnitude or significance. an unusual chain of events against an individual. not only did bill get fired for masturbating in the bathroom at work, but their also suing him for s-xual har-ssment over it. they’re giving him the straight up full baguette. dude! andy parents just bought him a […]

  • pesheddie

    when someone or something is being petty, sh-tty, and shady all at once. d-mn girl you being pesheddie. don’t be pesheddie eat! eat your spaghettii.

  • alan sama

    alan refers to a male child, usually white. other traits include but are not limited to above average rapping skills, doing emo hair, savagery and banging your hoe. sama is a j-panese honorific which stands for lord. “you’re improving but you’re still a long way from becoming like alan sama”

  • manservation

    the uncanny ability of some men to not notice, quickly forget or fail to react/respond to what is going on around them. the child fell down the stairs and the house was in an uproar under the manservation of my husband. meaning, my husbands brilliant response to the situation was to stay where he was, […]

  • dang it cas

    castiel, a star of the show supernatural,who often messes up will be yelled at by using the phrase “dang it cas”. cas: dean, i just started the apocalypse dean: dang it cas!

  • lee blakey

    a boy that only loves shaunas, no body else he is shaunas princess girl: you know that lee blakey girl 2: yeah hands off he’s shaunas princess

  • cortese

    1. a type of person who’s athletic, charming, and everyone loves. a great person who’s impact is never negative and makes. people around them feel better. 2. a person that doesn’t eat healthy and eats too many fats, sugars, junk, etc. 1. kyle has been such a cortese lately. 2. tim needs to work on […]

  • plumbation

    an accessory to the interjection used when someone clogs your toilet what in plumbation?!

  • desperate af

    when you will literally suck anybody’s d-ck to get what you want. be it a subway sandwich or a light for you cigarette. “if you let me touch your girls breast, i will give you a suck.” “patrick what is wrong with you; you are desperate af”

  • jopoot

    when aleah has one two many drinks elmo is jopoot

  • qunain

    a half g-y, who loved f-cking goats and doesn’t know what xoxo stands for. he’s a choot. he’s such a qunain.

  • one corner

    a place where pentagons face the corner and do wobete kpeee one corner,one corner wobete kpee

  • hitting the trailer

    penetrating the -n-s. hitting the trailer is a euphemism for -n-l s-x, but is more specifically used when the -n-l s-x was unwanted or not discussed ahead of time and the recipient expects to receive normal v-g-n-l s-x, but is surprised by their -n-s being penetrated instead. charlene had no clue that cletus was planning […]

  • hyo-jin

    hyo-jin is the most beautiful girl in the world. she’s kind hearted and puts others before herself. some may think this quality is negative but hyo-jin begs to differ. she’s stunningly beautiful and all the guys stare at her when she struts her stuff. she’s intelligent and could teach even the smartest minds a thing […]

  • ramiana

    this is when a guy know as “ram” likes a girl “mariana” and they get shipped together dude, ramiana is now a thing!

  • shitspeare

    a bullsh-t artist, one who makes up stories he said he partic-p-ted in the marathon but his account of the experience sounded lime sh-tspeare

  • steven lopez

    a guy with no p-n-s. a closet-ed g-y secretly sucks zach steens p-n-s in the lockerroom also has a secret crush on liam shaw, and josh keener. loves josh’s twelve inch d-ck (steven told me) in he super tight(told me again) -sshole. it may be tight at first but after a few minutes he can […]

  • israeli salad

    any s-x act involving sticking a cuc-mber up your -n-s. lior wanted an israeli salad the other night, but he had refused to go the store that day for cukes, so he was out of luck.

  • nose bank

    a nose bank is the money that you plan to use to buy cocaine. listen, i’m gonna make a withdrawal from my nose bank to get me through the weekend, cuz i’m outta c-ke.

  • decim

    decim is one of the main characters in the twelve episode series “death parade.” he is an arbiter and the bartender for the bar quindecim. his hobby is to collect the dummies of souls that have gone to the void. he is also the first arbiter with human emotions. i ship decim and chiyuki.

  • loyry

    a person who calls other people what they aren’t and they’re really talking about themselves omg you’re so loyry i can’t believe u just called me that like gosh susan

  • cindyphobia

    the fear of being roasted by cinday. cindyphobia cinday: you’re like a doormat infront of the house people take 1 or 2 looks at before stepping all over it. me: god d-mn it woman.

  • a burkeyoke

    although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how people should be aware in current affairs. “while you are obessing with the kardashians, there are millions of homeless in the world. stay woke” a state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading the huffington post. ali is so woke. at brunch she explained […]

  • lizangely

    the type of girl youll be willing to die for. she is a girl that likes to take time to date and it will make you impatient. she is usually puerto – rican and automatically grabs your attention when you see her. she is very nice and doesn’t like hurting peoples feelings. most lizangely’s are […]

  • sneak off pound off

    the act of strategically leaving into another room, most often the bathroom, while your significant other is in the house to engage in an often thrilling, yet pathetic, session of masturbation. dan: man, last night was close! chris: why, what happened? dan: brenda fell asleep early and i was all boned up, so i had […]

  • chicken chest

    a guy who has small pecks or does not have pecks or a girl who has small or no b–bs my boyfriend and i were sitting in a car where someone shouted, “look at chicken chest sitting there.” i was not sure if he was talking about my size a b–bs or my boyfriend’s chest. […]

  • eskimo family

    when more than 2 guys have all slept with the same girl and remained on good terms, thus making them a family. person1: bro i smashed that girl last night… she was nice!! person 2: who jen? omfg welcome to the eskimo family bro.

  • plynk

    the noise when the d-ck comes out of the p-ssy. she was so loose she plynked. ewww… her p-ssy plynked during doggy

  • pasty basher

    a gentleman or lady who places their genitalia or s-xually involves themselves or others in pastry baked goods. ‘have you heard of mick, he’s a right pasty basher’ ‘the local baker had a long and fruitful career before being accused of being a pasty basher’

  • polish gymsock

    when a large german man -j-c-l-t-s into a gym sock and fills the rest with ashes from either wood, paper, or polish cadavers yo samantha get over here and imma bash your c-nt with a polish gymsock

  • dorf foam

    the act of carelessly poring your beer aggressively so it foams up past the rim and the contents of the gl-ss are largely wasted. dorf foam can also be found in a beer bottle if its been agitated or consumed too quickly. a term that has become increasingly popular with origins linked to the youtube […]

  • jaemyn

    a younger man. struggles to grow a beard as it always ends up as b-mfluff. obsessed with girls way out of his league and an avid 4wd enthusiast wow look at that guys beard. he must be a jaemyn

  • lukethepuke

    a disgusting person who likes the throw up and eat mcdonalds all day, basically a fat b-st-rd, that guy lukethepuke is so disgusting

  • wwwwwoooom

    a word used by some of the most $wag people in the universe! if you don’t know about this bad -ss word, you should! man that guy over there is wwwwwoooom!

  • iggady

    in which you add ggady to then end of ang word “yall hating on me but i dont give a figgady! “

  • lasagna nut

    when you mash your b-n-r into a bowl or plate of lasagna, causing instant -rg-sm wow, your lasagna nut is on point

  • actually, yes

    a moment in time where another person says something that sounds like complete bullsh-t to you, and then you realize it’s true after starting to call them out for it. usually followed up by a laugh from the other person, knowing you were trying to contradict their truth. “i totally saw you staring at that […]

  • giraffe weevil

    some mudaf-ckin cool -ss beetle that has a long -ss neck and shizz guy1: i cant wait to own a giraffe weevil! guy2: dude, you are so f-ckin cool.

  • skindley

    instead of skidish,nervous,worried don’t be skindley,be bad-ss

  • klajdi moglica

    a weak -ss p-ssy that ain’t bout sh-t mr. fister: ok cl-ss i’ll be taking attendance now. klajdi? klajdi moglica: here mr. fister: boy stfu p-ssy b-tch n-body even likes you .why you look like the sloth from ice age

  • yi-ju

    a cute, smart girl who is 5’3 and is 20 for now. she loves to salsa, zumba with r, talk to m and watch korean dramas. she sings and whips her hair often. she thinks she’s funny cause she is. she needs to talk about literature and i pretend to be guillible around j he […]

  • pasty range

    a group of pasty people jeff said the girl belongs to the pasty range

  • step dyke

    dyk- that plays step dad🏳️ 🌈 my girlfriend is pregnant that makes me step dyk-

  • zoidberg it

    to do your own medical procedure without any past medical training. guy: “dang my tooth really aches! eh, i’ll zoidberg it”

  • tang hall

    a very dangerous place in york where you want to stay away from as if you go there you will get smacked about he is a tang hall charva

  • daniel bregoli

    a b-tch who says ‘cash me outside how bout dat’ daniel bregoli just released her new song- ‘cash me outside’

  • teeth optional

    when you are about to receive a hummer from a woman with dentures. remove both plates for the traditional gummer or keep either the upper or lower plate in. roberta was very upfront about her dentures. davey really wanted a gobbly. this was a no brainer because of her teeth optional honesty.

  • deligracy

    a full-time youtuber that lives a good life. wow, she has such a deligracy life!

  • sexy grave

    the feeling you get in your gut when you think of a fond memory. kinda feels like someone’s “walking over your grave” but in like a s-xy way. *annie gets s-xy grave feeling* joe: whoa, you okay? annie: s-xy grave. joe: oh, nice, what you thinking about? annie: that time we f-cked in your car. […]

  • hermerfaderf

    “lady gaga” a person possessing both innie and outie genitalia. i.e. a cooch and a schl-ng. alejandero torrez “you’re a hermerfaderf”

  • cormatic

    someone who’s just really cool and completely on it. they have a thing for toilet roll dispensers. “i love the janitor, he’s so cormatic.”

  • basic bondage

    basic bondage is for basic b-tchez who are just starting out using simple methods of bondage, but don’t completely know what they are doing. basic bondage that may or may not harm the user/s slightly in the form of tying ones arms, legs, feet so they can be restrained for pleasure. beth was worried about […]

  • hahning

    verb. the act of performing a radio transmission while surrounded by other portable radios on the same frequency. the lieutenant was really hahning it today while in command.

  • claudin

    claudin is an s-xy light skin kid. a kid that is a project baby. that all the girls love him. plays around to much and a very good kisser d-mn i need me a claudin.

  • milky way mine

    the act of shoving a milky way bar up your partners -ss, and then eating it out of the p–p shaft. bro! you won’t believe how deep janice and i went in the milky way mine last night!

  • ta’analei

    a wonderful savage -ss petty -ss friend who will tell you the truth upfront and she literally is a bad -ss. ta’-n-lei is coming and she is head first when it comes to her friends.

  • oil of so gay

    the slobber and j-zz on a dude’s mug when he is done sucking a d-ck. (typically used as an insult to describe a friend’s face after they pig-out and have food on their chin, etc.) bob’s grinning from ear to ear, his ugly mug glistening with oil of so g-y…and he ate the last hot […]

  • he tried it

    when someone has tried to do something way out of expectation, for no reason, or simply over extends social constructs. wow, did you see what aaron did? he tried it!

  • a man eater

    a woman who has no emotions when dealing with men. she may be an oportunist . she may just use them for whatever she can get making them catch feelings using her charm and good looks, then she’s on to the next one with no care. with no worries, leaving u sick. stay away from […]

  • jonrueschilicious

    jonrueschilicious is another name for an anorexic anti-social skyrim player look at that jonrueschilicious fidgeting in the corner

  • luuj

    juul backwards. can i hit that luuj?

  • ueraiah

    a random fictional plant pr-nounced u-ga-ri-a the ueraiah is on that rock it looks so cool!

  • baby bird feeding time

    the position where a person is kneeling in front of a standing man while giving head, and withdraws away from the p-n-s with their mouth open and tongue out waiting for the -j-c-l-t–n.. man! your girlfriend looked so cute in the baby bird feeding time last night!

  • jewjee

    jew boujee. also spelled joujee. man that guy herschel plays polo except on the sabbath. he’s so jewjee.

  • kinko the clown

    a ballad about a sick clown who plays with kids commonly heard on “the doctor demento show.” “that kinko the clown won’t like the showers in prison.”

  • fibeon

    black squad legends “i think its hilarious u kids talking sh-t about fibeon. u wouldnt say this sh-t to them at lan, they’re jacked. not only that but they wear the freshest clothes, eat at the chillest restaurants and hang out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol” -sky & landing

  • dongd down

    someone who was dongd down has been faded by some skrong d-ck. d-mn u hear that aelyiessieya got dongd down by lance? yeah she got f-cking dongd down hard bro.

  • freckle flap

    a person with a freckle or freckles on their l-b–. so i was about to go down on this girl but i couldn’t because her freckle flap grossed me out

  • crotch bang

    when you slide down a stripper pole(or any pole)and you hit your crotch hard against it and hurt your crotch. kyky diamond was sliding down a stripper pole and messed up and hit her crotch as she slid down ,ooff i just slid down the pole and crotch banged it-definition by h lazz

  • rules of renovation

    rules of renovation is a real estate cl-ss co-founded by hilary farr, from the hgtv show, “love it or list it”. at rules of renovation, you will learn design tips from the best, making you an interior design expert! i’m so glad i went to the rules of renovation cl-ss. now i actually know how […]

  • hook, line, and sphincter

    when you want that vag but she insists on -n-l we were having a great time and we went to the bedroom, but she ended up catching me hook, line, and sphincter

  • side homo

    like a side b-tch, but a g-y guy. brian is my side h-m-.

  • shworp

    a quick bath, like a bed bath. have you shworped your patient?

  • smelf

    when a someone has to fart but you stick your dilly in their cornhole so they can’t fart. jim was about to fart but i smelfed it out. mike kohl….. why do you smell so bad? it’s cuz im a smelf ;p a smelly elf. oh d-mn that’s a real smelf. a smelly elf. that […]

  • bummer hummer

    bl-w j-b equal to a pity f-ck sara gave roger a b-mmer hummer after she saw him wallowing in self pity at the party

  • desert mermaid

    desert mermaid is a disabled artistist and youtuber on a mission to spread peace, love, laughter, and the beach to stranded mermaids and pirates everywhere! in 2011 desert mermaids entire life changed after injuring her lower back, resulting in life long chronic pain. after hitting rock bottom, she bravely started her life over. desert mermaid […]

  • colora

    a racist town in maryland that just recently erased their own definition from urban dictionary. a:when you go to colora you need a dwp. b:what is a dwp? a:do you know what is a designated driver? well a dwp is a designated white person that walks with you in colora to keep you safe.

  • iphone x

    a m-ssively overpriced ‘innovative’ phone made by apple. is primarily used to turn your face into random emojis and using 2% of cpu for posting selfies on instagram’ john – ‘i just got the new iphone x’ vlaros – ‘for £1200?? that sh-t better take me on vacation when i put it on airplane mode’

  • colby collins

    greek for a complete f-ck boi (man whom gets women a lot) colby collins got laud last night

  • luffly gussy

    my baby girls sweet hair i love to smell it all the time that luffly gussy on the top of her head.. p–psie toot

  • a country unicorn

    unicorn country girls are a great gift from god so if you ever are lucky enough to have one hold onto her and throw away the key … unicorn country girl are rare they usaully love trucks , their family , muddin , camo , cooking , cuddling , animals , country music , ridin […]

  • dreanus

    dre-n-s is a real leader who takes responsibilities seriously. if you try to act goofy around her,she will definitely scoff at you. she is one who has a strong feeling of justice. i am so glad to be friends with dre-n-s

  • holy loli

    anime lovers would prefer to use it instead of holy moly or holy sh-t. *someone shows you his/her waifu pillow* you: holy loli!

  • delapiss

    when you take a sh-t, wipe your -ss clean, walk out the bathroom all fresh and free and 15 seconds later need to go back to take a “delayed p-ss” looking like someone with a bad prostate. #1:*walks out the bathroom* #2:”all done?” #1:”that was the most magnificent sh-te ever.” #2:”cool, let’s go” #1:*stops for […]

  • bulluca

    i hate that girl but i cannot say it in public so make a code word and say bullaca. bullaca means i hate in habbes language. bulluca bethan, shes so horrible!!!

  • wet bath

    having s-m-n come out of your p-n-s while bathing. i had a wet bath that is weird.

  • cankedort

    a sticky situation; a royal mess, a snafu, where you’re between a rock and a hard place, in a pickle, up sh-t creek without a paddle. specifically, a place or situation that is -ssociated with hesitant, uncertain behaviour. also spelled “kankedort” and “kankerdort”. from “canke(re)d” (meaning “crabbed”, from the astrological belief that the sun stops […]

  • head of drama

    nickname for the person that is usually the most dramatic in a company or among a group of people how did that meeting go? the head of drama made such a mess

  • the bttp- syndrome

    the bttp- syndromeis the medical term for the absolute lowest form of male cowardice. easily explained the bttp is zeta male with a girlfriend that will drive the subject’s life so fare in the gutter. but the subject is too insecure to break up and continues to live in fear and depression. signs of bttp […]

  • dylin godfrey

    n-gg-r killer… dylin godfrey kills allot of n-gg-rs like hitler did during the holocaust

  • fun between the flaps

    any type of pleasure that happens between the flaps or lips of the p-ssy. whether it be rubbing, licking, or sticking, it’s always good fun when you’re between the flaps. annastasia had no idea how incredible it would be for her to experience multiple ways to have fun between the flaps and decided to not […]

  • the bad kind of gay

    derek derek is the bad kind of g-y

  • wdwf

    means “why don’t we fart” a super problematic groupchat made up of fans of the band why don’t we that people worship for some reason. they all have large followings on twitter. several of them even have fanpages. wdwf is always creating drama in the why don’t we fandom. girl 1: “omg el from wdwf […]

  • qisty

    qisty is a girl who is unique, smart and loving girl who is quite sensitive oh that girl is a qisty!

  • memekind

    referring to all memes known to memes “this is one small step for memes, and one giant leap, for memekind”

  • lads fc

    a bunch of cl-ss lads who play football with great banter. that team is cl-ss, must be lads fc.

  • upside down trashcan

    when you hold someone upside down by there legs and they try to wrap themselves between your legs and try to eat out your buns. me and my gf did a upside down trashcan last night.

  • meanieton

    someone who is not nice. synonym: meanie head deborah is such a meanieton.

  • shawsty

    the level of beligerentness in which you start hollering at women on the street while simultaneously urinating with your d-ck out. wow, ken is so shawsty right now! what a sl-t.

  • 9 toes down

    9 toes down is when your commitment is at a 100% and confirmed, but if you happen to flake at last minute you cannot get mad at the person who gave you the 9 toes down. chris: hey ronald mcmoney? mcmoney: sup? chris: you swear you showin’ to my party this sat-rday got a lot […]

  • jayess

    stop but don’t stop jayess buying me food alberto

  • ben dawson

    there aren’t any definitions for ben dawson yet. can you define it?

  • sermoslappas

    b-tch i just made this word up… f–k deez sermoslappas

  • bro facto

    when 2 bro’s get married for financial reason’s, they enter into a bro facto relationship. it’s an open relationship where the 2 married bro’s usually enter into such an agreement as a means to afford rent and or a mortgage or to run a business with all the tax benefits regular married couples receive. yeah […]

  • patch buddy

    an it activity that drives rob the sql guy crazy. what in the heck is a patch buddy?

  • leather lifestyle

    “a leather person is an awakening individual who is on a kinky journey. they believe that the d, in bdsm, is the most significant letter, as it represents self discipline and growth. through set protocols they act with honor, integrity and respect to put value on their past, as well as their future.“–utah rox because […]

  • switching up

    when a person acts differently either because they don’t wanna hang out with you no more or they feel they too good for you. it’s wrong don’t do it. i remember my girl kylie we used to hang out all the time but now she switching up so i don’t f-ck with her no more

  • vonnett

    vonnett is wise, and easy to talk to. she gives good advice, and knows just what to say at the right times. she knows how to have a good time and is good for laughs. vonnett is fun to be around through everything!

  • krustyo’s

    much like the well known and loved cereal from the popular television series “the simpsons” krustyo’s is actually a double meaning word which doubles as an sti. your o’s get krusty… do the maths. bart: f-ck milhouse, that chick had a box of krustyo’s and shared them without letting me know

  • bomb the bowl

    to have explosive diarrhea. im gonna go bomb the bowl, brb.

  • gigglefriggle

    when you put your fingers over the home keys of a qwerty keyboard (asdf-jkl;) and type any sequence of random letters. the resulting “word” is known as gigglefriggle and is, regardless of the actual lettering, pr-nounced as, “gigglefriggle”. my cat ran across my keyboard and typed some d-mn gigglefriggle.

  • burnt crouton

    a really black person wow, that man is really a burnt crouton.

  • lujah

    the most beautiful woman in the world. also, s-xy as f-ck, and makes cute noises. guy: did you see lujah this week? other dude: yeah . i’m so jealous she’s so hot

  • uravgconsumer

    ausa youtuber who reviews tech mostly headphones and gaming setups and has over 1 million subscribers did you see uravgconsumer’s new video

  • rise and dine

    when a girl wakes you up by sitting on your face. girl: jim better be hungry, because he’s about to rise and dine!

  • pluckrose

    is a very s-xy person normally a bit chubby, however, dosent respect women and people also that are hypocrites.a pluckrose also likes to gas jews and doesn’t like people that are dikes or f-gs.also, the doesn’t like black people and aboriginals hey that guy sounds a bit like a pluckrose

  • new indie

    a type of music that isn’t played on the radio. usually has a deeper meaning than they let on. “how come i’ve never heard this song before? it’s really good!” “because it isn’t played on the radio.” “oh, why not?” *bangs head on a door for a couple of minutes* “cause it’s new indie.”

  • nn;dhtfy

    short form of “not now; don’t have time for you”, often used in reply to a text message, or as a comment on a post. he texted me, but i was busy and replied with nn;dhtfy

  • lil cavy

    a speed dealer hey look its lil cavy

  • that de-escalated quickly

    when something shocking happens and someone reaction escalates quickly, but then they dial it back almost immediately. me: i have more followers than you now, lol. brandy: what the f-ck brandy: at least i have more than joseph lol. me: that de-escalated quickly. north korea: we gonna bomb guam! u.s : you will be met […]

  • mechyla

    ana amazing person with a kind heart. they are always there for you. they are special in every way happy birthday mechyla

  • city of england

    origin of nick crompton there goes nick crompton, back to the city of england

  • massivecraft

    a sh-tty minecraft roleplay server. the head admin, monmarty, enjoys sucking big black c-ck, and the player base is composed of kinky twelve year old furries. twelve year old weeaboo ; “i play m-ssivecraft!! my character is a kawaii neko :3”

  • hidey spider

    when you c-m in public with your jeans on. ooh f-ck james get me to the toilet i just had a c-m in my jeans, yes a hidey spider

  • brandi davis atencio

    a girl who loves big black c-cks or rather every kind of c-ck. that girl loves d-ck so much she’s acting like a real brandi davis atencio.

  • ninja & chill

    s-x position where a d-ld- and a light switch is needed closed by. with the lights off proceed to have doggystyle s-x with a woman and with a swift david copperfield-esque motion, pull-out and stick the d-ld- in her so she thinks you are still in her. then walk around to her front, switch on […]

  • le penis

    a french p-n-s my boy jacques has got a le p-n-s, his wife told me.

  • kylika

    one word: generous. a kylika can dance like a beyoncé but better. she’ll encourage anyone and everyone every chance she can get! who wouldn’t love a kylika? kylika can get in formation!

  • mega carrot

    its a carrot, but its mega, first btw pervo the great: hey lady would you like an alternative to your carrot? lady: yes. pervo the great: well, take my mega carrot, am sure you’re gonna like it, you can even eat it when you’re finished!

  • sponz

    a sponz is a sort of joke name, such as sponk or d-nk. 1. that guy was such a sponz! 2. dude, stop being such a sponz.

  • dean.a.fy

    dean adds his graphic design skills to a presentation to make it beautiful or add beauty to it. all we need to do next is have marketing dean.a.fy this sales presentation and we are done.

  • h.harmony

    h.harmony is an instagrammer who runs into walls, drinks monster energy and is just plain stupid. i wish i was as dumb as h.harmony

  • incesto

    it’s like “no h-m-” but with family. making sure that they understand that they are not down to commit the s-xual intercourse with them. and kindly letting them know they are not about the incest life. cousin 1: f-ck you jhasmine cousin 2: ha g-y cousin 1: no incesto

  • trump deal

    when someone gets screwed. you got screwed, that’s a trump deal.

  • erin leroy

    a stupid idiot who doesn’t know which way is up. also doesn’t appreciate cl-ssic music and film. “is that erin leroy?” “yeah. gag.”

  • rutlish

    there aren’t any definitions for rutlish yet. can you define it?

  • mandethica

    a beautiful girl who is utterly confused with the world. but finds her way through the twist and turns. she seeks everlasting love in return. mandethica is so fascinating.

  • bodak black

    when you have s-x with a black dude and his joint is extremely large. “bae is bodak black as duck!” “bae is bodak black on real!”

  • coszie

    coszie is someone who is kind and caring and helpful . she can get easily annoyed and fustrated but is and overall good person . a coszie is usely a brunette and a shy person “is that coszie in the corner” “yeah she’s shy and quite”

  • corriane

    a rich female that always thinks she is better than everyone else that girl is such a corriane

  • circle lick

    what girls do, so much better than guys dude,my girlfriend’s totally ignoring me. i think she’s been circle licking

  • yassderday

    when something really great happened the day prior. person #1: last night’s party was lit! person #2: yaa-ssss, y-ssderday’s party was soooo liiittt

  • seattle wedding

    attempting to carry on having s-x in the shower after the hot water has run out. man, i need a bigger water heater. i can’t live through one more seattle wedding.

  • jabita

    a gross women that looks like jabba the hutt. look at the jabita

  • joponese

    gwong gwong gwong gwong gwoooooooong gwongoggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg said the joponese man

  • close quarters combat

    the act of eiffel towering a midget, allowing the chest of both men to rub together. “dude, that was a great round of ‘close quarters combat’.”

  • prostatitis

    a large swollen infected prostate i’m not feeling good because i have prostat-tis

  • kloopal

    the word to use when you’re trying to reach a cool pal when their availability is low, used in the form of a one-word phrase or one-word text message. kloopal

  • hick burp

    a hiccup and a burp. a hick burp comes out of someone’s mouth after eating too much cr-p from macdonalds. ‘wow, you have a serious god d-mn case of the hick burps’

  • matty liddle

    a g-y tw-t who loves sucking c-ck, and fingering his b-mhole to noahj456 stream. matty liddleing myself

  • oojad

    most commonly known as mctapout. can type at a speed of 1 word/70 min and knows advanced math to multiply iphones. dermatologists create secret handshakes with “oojads” who are not -ssociated with anything in relation to nyhok by any means. aye oojad can you multiply my iphone 5c to a iphone xcc?? “19 episodes later […]

  • kentucky cock slap

    a girl is on her knees you jerk off in your hand stick your d-ck in the girls mouth and slap her in the face with the c-m in your hand d-mn that was a great kentucky c-ck slap john did on tammy lin

  • downwidat

    you agree with or like something yeah i’m downwidat

  • richard pounder

    a very good looking male who has a very large -sset for the ladies. his ident-ty is a mystery. his favorite song is s-xy can i. he likes mrs. green. her -ss is nice and t-ts are big. he is best friends with jeffrey oliverio. richard pounder will pay you a visit is his favorite […]

  • ertyum

    to ertyum somebody, means to sneeze at them during their proposal. the rabbit did an ertyum to jeff and carol.

  • jamaliyah

    a beautiful person who is very lazy and curious to try things out. she is lazy as jamaliyah .

  • joltage

    what you feel when working on electrical components but forget to turn off the power i got a lot of joltage when i re-wired my lamp!

  • moscosa

    the man, the myth, the legend, the only guy in the world by the name of erik with this last name. he has a double jointed thumb and likes to roast. watch out if you come across moscosa. they call me the pull god >;) all hail master moscosa the one and only moscosa the […]

  • an emily

    (verb) dating one of your best friend’s exes when they aren’t cool about it (noun) the action of dating your best friend’s ex when they aren’t cool about it “man i can’t believe she dated your ex after you told her not to. she totally pulled an emily.”

  • wms (willy’s mayo spoon)

    when your sick with the flu and think you are being brought medicine, but your friend gives you a spoon full of mayo instead. i was so sick last night and cory brought me a f-ckin wms (w-lly’s mayo spoon). cl-ssic mayo spoon

  • ashton drake

    a f-cking c-nt who should stop googling himself. you f-cking narcissistic pr-ck. oh god, this kid in my school was such an ashton drake.

  • rucklew

    a name for someone who is being a -sshole stop being a f-cking rucklew

  • cuntsplunt

    a little b-tch you f-cking c-ntsplunt.

  • pauly special

    when your having s-x with a women in her -ss and you pull your c-ck out with some poo on it and make her suck it off even though she complains when i get home tonight your gonna get a pauly special girl, oh yeah girl you love this c-ck in your -ss let’s do […]

  • parikshet

    it’s in the name, piece of sh-t ugh he’s a p-ss off must be a parikshet

  • side sticker

    a person who persistently annoys you and bothers you, is a pain to be around and is clingy guy 1: “ugh, i can never hang out with my friends cuz my gf is such a side sticker” guy 2: “yea she h-lla clingy bro, pain in the -ss”

  • colin clouded

    1. the act of mind f-cking someone. 2. blowing ones mind. i colin clouded yo -ss!

  • special k

    1. ketamine 2. often obtained by breaking into animal hospitals, this liquid-state tranquilizer can be poured over a mirror, dried, and diced into a powder ready for rave-happy snorting. let’s get tweeked on some special k at the rave tonight. 1. a psychoactive drug 2. a nutritional (yet delicious) cereal 3. a nickname for mentally […]

  • wig off

    popular term in the g-y community in replacement of sn-tched *beyoncé does anything* the g-ys: my is wig off and it is flying light years