• bleat about the bush

    make degradory comments about a hirsuite female i think he prefers shaved women as he will always “bleat about the bush”

  • penisexual

    when one is p-n-s-xual they love p-n-s so much that they sleep on p-n-s, eat p-n-s, drink p-n-s, and will even marry a p-n-s. when a person want to be p-n-s-xual they must first be a woman or translate themselves into a woman. g-ys are not allwed in the p-n-s-xual group because they have d-cks […]

  • willed up

    the act of taking a p-n-s and rubbing it all over someone. bro i willed up debbie last night all over the face

  • cornhouse

    a social outcast that cant fit into society’s rules. jimmy you cornhouse what are you doing in the bathroom?

  • dank davis

    the guy who has better pot than you do. he probably kissed your sister also. dank davis finessed my sister with his precious pungent herbs.

  • bean bag boobs

    when the b–bs are so big that they suffocate you like a bean bag chair. “stacy’s bean bag b–bs were so big that they almost poked me in the eye.”

  • old fashioned christmas

    when your girl gives you an old fashioned aka hand job under the table during the family christmas dinner. carrie joined us for dinner and helped celebrate with an old fashioned christmas. i nutted all up in my dinner napkin.

  • joori

    a red rose,also a name in saudi arabia joori is so beautiful.

  • sidhanth

    a guy that is my cl-ssmate that i don’t really know about. sidhanth is my cl-ssmate

  • sened

    a boy who wears leggings a lot “im wearing leggings to match with sened

  • emma tils

    a beautiful very loving funny and caring girl. emma tils is so amazing

  • rhyzel

    she is lit at but can always be nice and friendly. wow, rhyzel is so lit and friendly!

  • zlas

    a ship name between a girl named zoe and a guy named stanislas. but real definition is ‘couple goals’ they are such a zlas

  • pulling a txisten

    (v) 1. the act of sucking and/or biting on your dogs tongue. 2. the act of having s-x or misconduct with your doggo. kolby: d-mn bro i was chillin with this bitty and she was pulling a txisten with her dog. colby: ew that is so gross and a misuse of a pupper.

  • prabhjyot

    i am the goat 🙂 you are such a prabhjyot!!!!

  • mazurek

    mazurek is a variety of very sweet, flat cake baked in poland for easter. in some regions it is also prepared at christmas and holiday season. we really need to bake a mazurek for the holidays.

  • fwotd

    first win of the day hctibaru: i just got my fwotd and it gave me bonus exp

  • typeface

    adjective used to describe an individual who has many well known permutations of b-tch face. why does becky always look so angry? she’s such a typeface b-tch, i can never tell if it’s resting or not.

  • wesal

    a wesal is a r-t-rded person that thinks he runs the place. he is often spotted with an ariyan (sub to gillfish101) and a jasraj. the wesal always thinks he is ‘ard. if you see him in a dark alleyway with his friends, he is most likely to be looking for someone to dip up. […]

  • whats his @

    what you say when you see a really hot guy/girl and want their snap! d-mn he is hot whats his @

  • the matyr

    when you bust a nut in a girl, but keep f-cking to give her that sweet -rg-sm. “yo why tf did you get my sister pregnant!?” “bro she made me nut in two minutes so i had to pull the matyr so i wouldn’t look like a quick nut p-ssy boi.”

  • apriah

    she is an 11 year old star with an -ss the size of the universe apriah is a s-xy mothertrucker apriah is the hottest girl you will ever meet.she is kind,hot,beautiful,and a lot will won’t to be friends with this girl. girl 1 : where were you we were supposed to be studying […]

  • micworave

    a r-t-rded way of saying microwave. i hate it when my brother hides the ice cream scooper in the micworave as a practical joke.

  • hadlee and tj

    the cutest couple ever so sweet and gold together. you will never see them apart and if somthing happens to one of the the other will not rest unit balance is restored omg they are such a hadlee and tj they are sooo cute together

  • nikoleta

    nikoleta is someone that likes people, she is mean to people with small d-cks and she hates ugly boys hey my name is nikoleta

  • trishmorphia

    someone who says they failed every exam or quiz but then ends up getting 100% i actually did really well on that test! i must have had trishmorphia. example: trish: “omg guys i totally failed that! i did not know one thing on the test” 2 days later: trish: “guys i got an a!!”

  • suchite

    a unique and incomparable person. it’s a person that u will never find. never lose a suchite .

  • sockdal

    a type of footwear that is a combination of a sock and sandal person 1: i wish i could wear my slides in the winter time… person 2: with a sockdal you can! the sock keeps the upper part of your foot and ankle warm while the sandal serves it’s purpose as footwear.

  • morstadt

    person who speaks more on her personal life and her daughter than the actual cl-ss miss morstadt is loud.

  • samoel

    a r-t-rded longhead hammerhead shark that has no girls and stinks like sh-t i dont like him he is a samoel

  • gospel chortle

    the short laugh you hear from a pastor at the end of almost every sentence, especially when sharing the gospel for the lord said-huh (gospel chortle) unless you are born again-huh, no man shall enter the kingdom of heaven. can i get an amen-huh?

  • bet money

    you say “bet money” in a high pitched voiced when somebody tells you, you can’t do this, or i bet you wont go talk to shawty, she brackin. daquan: i bet you wont get baby number. kendall: bet money jeremiah: i bet you cant get home girl, she a dime gracen: bet money

  • faleh

    a h-m- male who avoids s-xual behaviour. he cannot guard me and he is a waste of height that guy is a faleh

  • charlie walking

    getting naked and walking around in front of your -ssistants in an attempt to expose mutual s-xual interest. originated by charlie rose. after rejecting multiple advances by bruce, janet finally resigned after he kept charlie walking her.

  • the wayne

    when a man sits on a rotating table, or lazy susan and proceeds to get rammed in the -n-s by a helmet mounted d-ld- worn by 13 of his closest friends i head that guy had his mates round for the wayne session

  • sha’queenia

    always angry loves to get drunk ready to have a good time anytime. savage,unique, cool, crazy , always turned, mean stay away from sha’queenia she in a bad mood.

  • skiddy pop pop pop

    a phrase used by british comedian and rapper, ‘road man shaq’ aka ‘big shaq’. a phrase used in his latest song ‘man’s not hot’, and soon became a viral meme. ‘the ting go skraa, pop pop pop pop pop, skiddy pop pop pop’

  • chocolatey goodness

    s-x between two black people. joe and theresa wanted to be proper, so they married before diving into all the chocolatey goodness.

  • fahooty in the booty

    when you drop the soap and you get raped d-mn that fahooty in the booty hurts now, sh-t i hope i don’t have aids!!! when you get raped in prison don’t drop the soap or you will get the ole fahooty in the booty

  • jarieth

    a smart and s-xy young man with a great advantage over his family jarieth is the most amazing guy ever

  • slapped off

    when you use your d-ck to slap a girl in her face j-zzing on her eyes and nose “yo jared i met up with jessica last night and slapped off”

  • you just got wrecked

    to be beaten or “wrecked” ella: get me a lunch tray liz: get it yourself jimmy: oohhh sally you just got wrecked

  • diddlewarts

    warts that you get from diddling. you got diddlewarts from his p-n-s.

  • lkjhgfdsapoiuytrewqmnbvcxz

    the true sign of boredom, the middle for, then top row, then bottom row, each backwards.this is what you type when you should really be working, or even sleeping like me. an example is to end up on pages like this, ie. me”i’m bored, oh! i’ll just type lkjhgfdsapoiuytrewqmnbvcxz to see what comes out.” ‘sees […]

  • unthankful

    when someone isn’t pleased by all the great things that’s been given to them. greedy robert is so unthankful, he has everything and still wants so much more, does he even apreciate anything he has?

  • oziutiler

    a winning word in scrabble oziutiler is worth a ton of points

  • teeswater

    teeswater is a small town located in ontario canada. it’s so tiny that if you blink you’ll miss it. this place is populated with only inbreed hicks. all to do there is get high and get freaky with your cousin. girl: imagine being in a room with everyone you’ve had s-x with. teeswater guy: tell […]

  • aniz

    a girl with a great personality. she is very funny to be around and is very kind. she does tend to be a bicth but is a good around person. she makes a lot of friends and has dark brown hair with brown eyes. aniz is a person your able to get close to but […]

  • procrastistructuring

    verb. (also: procrastastucturing.) a behaviour, common with engineering or computer science students, where a person spends their time making their work look better instead of actually making it do the bl–dy thing it’s supposed to. “i totally spent all of yesterday procrastistructuring my code.” “does it work?” “of course not, but it looks great!”

  • mamma mia the movie

    best movie ever so a girl named sofia is getting married and she invites her three dads sam,harry,bill to try to find out witch one is her dad. her mom donna finds out that she invited them and makes them leave but they don’t leave. when sofia and sky her bf have there wedding they […]

  • chang scale

    the chang scale is a universal measurement of how high a person is. the scale is organized as follows: 0 – sober 1 – semi 2 – subdued 3 – stoned 4 – stupid 5 – surreal hope: dude, i’m so high johnna: wait, how high? hope: i’d say on the chang scale, i’m about […]

  • hunt and fish club

    this is wear lil uzi eats lunch. very extravagant and expensive restaurant located in midtown manhattan kanye west: hey uzi do you know an expensive restaurant that has good food that i can eat at. uzi: yeah go to hunt and fish club i eat there all the time kanye: thanks bro

  • kelyce

    a pretty girl who always gets ever thing she is rich she always gets a’s and b’s she is perfect 👌 kelyce when to the store

  • maamsashaasthram

    in malayalam, the science of studying meat and methods of processing meat. courses in the field were often informally offered in distant lands, hence people would go off to study the science for 3-4 years and return home to find their fortune. my son went to sweden to study maamsashaasthram

  • yacubian

    white people a yacubian man squared-up with a kangaroo to protect man’s best friend.

  • time to think

    when your high asf n you ain’t trying fw n-body. *smoked 7 blezzys w squad* homie: bro u ain’t talking homie 2: on me i just need time to think homie: bet i gotchu

  • kaleiana

    a kaleiana is a girl who’s personality is stronger than superman’s d-ck. she stands her ground when offended or angry. kaleianas get clingy and obsessive but d-mn it’s just one of the most incredible things about them. they belong to individuals who they deem perfect and better than any other. if you know a kaleiana, […]

  • mrfilcure

    the s-xiest mexican alive often wears daisy dukes and looks d-mn good in them. mrfilcure is the best around

  • jacksom

    the thing you type accidentally when texting a guy named jackson hey jacksom, are you a trap

  • pulling a peep

    to die by overdosing on an unclean, untested drug. usually the cause of death is fentanyl mixed into an otherwise surviveable dosage of something else “did you hear about tom pulling a peep?” “yeah, man i told him not to buy drugs from homeless people”

  • rasputin banana

    the rasputin banana is when you use shattered gl-ss from fine gl-ss to slice 3 to 5 of the veins on your p-n-s and shout “для россии!” (translation: “for russia!” ) and proceed to rail your boyfriend or girlfriend in the -ss until they sh-t themselves using nothing but d-ck blood for lube. i picked […]

  • mfundo

    usually a dark male that happens to always be upsend minded. he goes around manipulating everyone he encounters if you encounter an mfundo be sure to report him to the authorities. mfundo is an example of a witch doctor that bewitches it’s customers

  • carpenelli

    p-ssy wow that carpenelli is a p-ssy

  • maggiec

    a person who complains or nags other people a lot stop being such a maggiec

  • oh bless her heart

    when southern people want to say something rude without sounding offensive oh bless her heart, she’s dumber than a doorkn-b.

  • catamantaloedes

    father of casticus; member of the sequani, had obtained the kingship among the sequani for many years and he had been called a friend by the senate of the roman people. nay even catamantaloedes comes close to your knowledge of senatus populusque rom-n-s.

  • tiffanynicole

    bad -ss b-tch who will fight you and end you in under 5 seconds. name meaning incarnation of god and victory of the people. slayer of dragons and hoes and f-ckboys. did you see that tiffanynicole type girl kill that dude? yo it was bad -ss!

  • jaarmony

    a relationship that is forever lasting full of love. i see jaarmony!!

  • kusp

    the absolute brink of existing. may be used to describe a feeling of being on the edge of ones seat, or for someone who has had enough. “dude, this science final has me on the kusp”

  • kathrinee

    the most beautiful girl u will ever meet a sweet and caring person always laughing and filled with joy guys allways crush on her she is such a kathrinee

  • schadenfuckery

    action (or inaction) intended to facilitate the misfortune of others for one’s own pleasure. voting for trump just to p-ss off the libtards is prime schadenf-ckery.

  • clever one

    that one b-tch who won’t tell you their name no matter how many times you ask. they will try their best to avoid the question me: who is u? me: what’s your anonymous: u is u me: what’s your name? clever one? anonymous: i’m the clever one

  • lil roblox

    coolest f-ckin soundcloud rapper of the century, he’s funny, plays roblox too much, loves spongebob a lot and will not let you steal his b-tch or he will steal your robux. have you listened to lil roblox recently? his music is fire.

  • dianaliz

    an idiot, a piece of sh-t, somewhat ugly and is mean. wow, ur a di-n-liz a beautiful young girl who is kind to all her friends. can be a rebel at times but always finds a way to admit to her mistakes. born with beautiful brown hair, and amazingly pretty brown eyes. she takes care […]

  • clipple skin

    a person that is un-circ-msized and is ushually from ohio he is driving like a clipple skin

  • benjam (benjamin)

    famously known as brobee on yo gabba gabba benjam is his son. created by the teen sensation thatrealuno benjam has his own blog, works with thatrealuno instagram account and has a song on the thatrealuno famous alb-m. benjam is well known for his pictures. he travels the world and takes photos at every stop. benjam […]

  • ms.richard

    sp-wn of a black slave. great p.e. teacher until she starts teaching! yes! she is certainly the best teacher who believes that she is a professional tennis player. likes to molest little boys named albert. are can yew stop being many ms.richard? sp-wn of a black slave. great p.e. teacher until she starts teaching! yes! […]

  • trollini

    a troll that looks like a potato oh wow that girl looks like a trollini

  • bajkaran

    bajkaran is a strong fast popular guy he is loved by everyone, he is very smart and athletic and is super nice woah look at bajkaran he’s such a great guy

  • beneathed

    when you go above someone in the rap game i spit i’ll rhymes you just got beneathed

  • guc-guc

    something cool; an item that is expensive, overly priced wow,that new purse is guc-guc

  • shididnt

    doing unintelligent things. that’s real shididnt how i’m your first love but you answer the phone for your ex and not me.

  • diedrate

    what happens when you aren’t hydrated hydrate or diedrate

  • tvw

    the very worst. paper cut? tvw, the very worst!

  • spazmatical servernetical

    a discord server i went on “spazmatical servernetical” and fapped to nsfw

  • gayified

    you were not born g-y, you turned g-y from other g-y people that kid got g-yified by those g-y kids over there to be f-cked over and f-cking up another word to suffice he totally g-yified the f-cking situation with his god d-mn sniper! to make g-y. jay took his recipe for sweet potatoes and […]

  • metro early college middle school

    a mini version of the high school h-ll. getting an 89% means everything you have ever wanted in life goes away and you are a fail. oof remediation and twilight school. the teachers will track down meme accounts and punish the owners. no one can teach and students all are edgy preteens who want to […]

  • chasye

    a f-cking pice of sh-t person who has no life. she can be the most annoying person you can meet ang make you feel like nothing wow! she’s a f-cking chasye

  • squidika

    – master of p–p, turtle and last but not least unicorns!! – p–py face;) – squidika is used as a pr-noun

  • swchifty

    to get swchifty or to be swchifty is to just to be down right awesome and incredible charasmatic you gotta get swchifty in here


    f-cked up and disturbing videos if you go to this site you are really f-cked. i rub out to you are f-cked up kid.

  • tibet

    a region under the control of china since kublia khan claimed it under the yuan dynasty. when the ming dynasty defeated the mongols, they inhereted the territory and communication continued throughout the ming dynasty. during the qing dynasty, china sent residential commissioners called amban to lhasa and these amban are equal rank to the dalai […]

  • ahtisham

    a s-xy guy with an innocent face, he’s a king for all nothing can stop him anyways of doing any sh-t,everyone likes him and no one can talk sh-t about him, ahtisham is definition of s-xy , he’s a kind hearted person although everyone likes him he’s handsome guy you should go for him be […]

  • bunnehsexual

    when you s-xually attracted (in a joking matter) to your smol lord and savior, bunneh. *^* “i am bunnehs-xual *^*”

  • andrew olson

    andrew is a cool noodlhead. he makes me laugh and have an amazing time anytime we hangout. the way he looks at me when he think in not looking is so cuuute, he has pretty eyes. i get heck happy around his little dummy self. i think one day he could be my mans. andrew […]

  • slinderman

    a tall -ss motherf-cker that will demolish yo -ss dumn b-tch slinderman is the tallest b-tch and deadliest b-tch in the world.

  • aleseaus

    it a beautiful name and they are loyal and it is a greek goddess name and they were born to be a queen and has many friends and can do anything the dream and they have many friends they are the best people to meet and be friends with aleseaus is very beautiful and loyal

  • tappin glass

    the process of renewing craigslist ads and other postings on the internet with a smartphone and getting paid for it! i’m sure glad i don’t have to get a real job like all those other suckers i’m just sitting here by the pool tappin gl-ss and making cash!

  • jaarsanne

    a couple that believes they are truly martians, it is also used to describe a relationship that is out of this world. those two are such a jaarsanne

  • flinstonization

    the process of rewriting history to fit within our current societal constructs. -ssuming that humans are naturally monogamous is merely a “flinstonization”, reverse-justifying the truth one is looking to prove.

  • atabei

    she is a funny girl that laughs at everything. she is the best person you will ever meet. she is a terrible person to everybody but in a nice way. she is fun crazy and really caring. she cares about you even though she might not show it. you will be glad to have a […]

  • punda mavane

    it is a tamil degratory slang to mean son of a c-nt. punda: c-nt mavane:son it is often used . dei pavaani punda mavane ,dima kunja oombu daa sreejith thayoli punda mavane

  • free slap friday

    free slap friday is when you can have a free slap to someone’s -ss on a friday (boy slaps -ss) girl: hey wtf dude boy: free slap friday

  • itcel

    itcel would be the kind of girl you would meet at some seven year olds birthday party, just so she could have cake. she has many talents and is pretty weird, but the good kind of weird. a really nice and caring person who loves her friends. looks white but is actually mexican is that […]

  • heybe

    a black -ss n-gg- “that heybe is soo black”

  • joey and emily

    the best couple on the planet. usually the emily is hot and smart. and the joey is handsome and is a very good p-ssy pleaser. “holy sh-t is emily dating joey?!? ” “best. couple. ever. ” “joey and emily make a great couple💘”

  • millennial twat

    real time neck up dead lacking street skills other than its uber app. tw-t 1 says “holy bat sh-t is totally lost in translation cuz uber broke down with no celly life ” tw-t 2 says “ur such a ginormous millennial tw-t”

  • mark lee

    the main rapper of nct, and in some cases also the leader, youngest member, and vocalist. he’s young, and yet he’s accomplished more than you ever will. a truely talented god. mark lee is the love of my life.

  • boher

    bo-her, the female equivalent of a b-n-r. d-mn, tom hiddleston always gives me a m-ssive boher.

  • dinofuckasore

    when you f-ck a girl so hard that you go back in time and almost get eaten by a t-rex. dude 1- so how was last night with that girl ? dude 2- mate, i bl–dy dinof-ckasored.

  • anything else

    whenever you have just been scarred by this website and you don’t know what to search to get away from it im looking for anything else to get me away form this definition

  • here we go off the rails

    a s-x term for when you don’t use a condom girl: you aren’t putting on protection? guy: here we go off the rails baby!

  • instachat

    a website for schools that try to copy 2004 facebook and still steals your info dang sir i’ma instachat you

  • vrushank

    a snakey, fat, ugly guy who thinks he can get girls but can only spell “kfc” girl: that fat guy over there snaked on me to teacher boy: he is such a vrushank

  • binguslike

    being a proper bingus he said excuse me ma’am and she said “that’s very binguslike”

  • jacob schuyler

    a s-xy young man with a fat c-ck i wish i was jacob schuyler.

  • sassterhood

    where a group of girls have all been through relationships with f-ckboy b-ll-nds and decide to no longer be a rug for them to walk on. they form a group where together, they constantly encourage each other to take no sh-t from insignificant others that are not worth their time. this is done via group […]

  • poopy brain

    a parody of gucci gang by bart baker bro did you hear the new parody by bart baker called p–py brain?

  • philly tubesteak

    giving head to someone who has a bad case of sm-gm- dude, she totally gave him a philly tubesteak last night!

  • turt burgle

    the action of taking, or to take someone or a turt(turtle). aww man, i was completely turt burgled the other day hey man you wanna go turt burgling with me tomorrow. “i’m here to burgle your turts!”

  • vivian kirkendall

    she is so fine! and very thick.eveyone loves her and she is the best person ever she likes a hot boy j&a”c/k:son vivian kirkendall is so hot

  • yakob

    a b-tch -ss n-gg- man did you see yakob thats a real b-tch -ss n-gg-

  • a fucking

    digging your huge c-ck inside an -sshole or vajayjay my wife and i had a f-cking last night. it felt wonderful

  • fake man

    your man, who isn’t really your man but is also your man when you are in the “talking phase” or hooking up with a boy and don’t know what to call him, he is your fake man girl: my fake man invited me over, should i go? or girl: i think i am going to […]

  • flamagon

    flamingo h-ll barry : i’ve done a bad thang! jerry: you’re going to flamagon !

  • fishmoley

    p–p i almost puked when i saw that fishmoley in my chat.

  • drstevenstrange

    drstevenstrange is a strange doctor with strange medical advice and a strange att-tude to go with his strange aesthetic. ill go all drstevenstrange on you!!!

  • corner biscuit

    the act of engaging in s-xual intercourse in the weirdest places like a corner, a port-a-potty, or a pool. john- “yo did you go to jack’s party last night?” tom- “h-ll yeah bro! there was these two weirdos doing a corner biscuit in the bathroom when i had to p-ss!” john- “what the h-ll!”

  • trinidadian macaroni pie

    a trinidadian macaroni pie is a term from detroit that means group prison s-x with large groups of african american men and one white person (the macaroni). the goal is to cover the macaroni with so much s-m-n they resemble a glazed pie. that new white guy took ten big prison d-cks like a pro, […]

  • bahtzee

    a term that combines “bingo” and “yahtzee” to use for celebratory purposes i finally won the prize, bahtzee!

  • yaury

    a flat out pretty person until you meet them and relize how f-cking crazy and b-tchy they are. “i didn’t know she was a yaury”

  • titty cock sucker

    a term used in blind rage aw f-ckin’ t-tty c-ck sucker

  • scranny granny

    an old lady whom inhabits scranton, pa. some basic b-tch at your school: lmao, look at those goth b-tches. wonder what they’re gonna do with their lives. some basic b-tch at your school 2: ah, those two goth b-tches are gonna be scranny granny’s if they don’t kill themselves before hand.

  • mrs berry

    wizard with a wobbly belly wow mrs berry, your belly is s wobbly

  • true god

    eric the father of discord,he is the best,he has the biggest d-ck and is better than everyone. eric is gonna ban me! true god

  • claytard

    someon who is one-hundred times dumber than r-t-rded. they are people who honestly believe he/she is right, but are factually and scientifically proven wrong. its a 120 degrees fahrenheit outside, of course that frozen h20 is gonna melt it melts at 32 f you claytard!

  • william p

    when you agressively grasp the tip of a mans p-n-s and twist until he screams much like the t-tty twister only different that guy hit me in the d-ck and so i gave him a william p

  • fat fag jeff

    kid named jeff g and he has a small d-ck wow that’s really small he must be a fat f-g jeff

  • da ba duba dilla

    this term is related to someone who is middle eastern, or someone who can pull off a very middle eastern sort of thang. it is also a verb for someone who is in the act of “da b duba dillaing day nayber sure can “da ba duba dilla” those “da ba duba dilla” guys better […]

  • noodle soodle

    a less crude, more appropriate name for a child’s genitaia, more specifically the nut sack. those kids have exceptionally small, hairless noodle soodles.

  • viswajit

    there aren’t any definitions for viswajit yet. can you define it?

  • why do i try

    because it will all be worth it in the end why do i try: because it will all be worth it in the end; just keep pushing

  • lamala

    a g-y motherf-cker who loves a lot of d-ck in his mouth your so lamala

  • obdr

    open but don’t respond i hate when people obdr on snapchat

  • accidental autism

    when you mess up so bad it makes you sound autistic tim had an accidental autism moment when he told the chick-fil-a employee he wanted a cheese burger.

  • ay thanks

    for when someone is trying not to hurt your feelings but doesn’t care about what you said girl: you’re pretty cute you should hmu sometime 😉 boy: ay thanks! ((:

  • high nigga hours

    the times between 4:20am and 7:20am where you and your closest nigrumps reminesce on your high moments usually while smoking some mary jane yo it’s 4:10, 10 minutes till high n-gg- hours!

  • dj down syndrome

    samsquatch, jef my name is dj down syndrome but you can call me jef

  • shnooty noot

    smart you p-ssed all of your cl-sses you must be very shnooty noot smart you founded quantum physics , you are very shnooty noot smart you ace all of your cl-sses you must be very shnooty noot

  • piano in the dark

    to tickle the v-g-n- keys like the great burt bacharach when you finger the lady. as if you sitting in front of 88 keys on a grand piano. i took her home on the first date but i had a bad case of whisky d-ck, so i played piano in the dark

  • eighteen year bet

    when a group of males invite a group of females to a pool party and -j-c-l-t- into the pool. the guy who doesn’t get a single girl pregnant is declared the winner. jeff: jimmy is down with the guys playing eighteen year bet. bob: quite the risk taker he is

  • average teen white girl

    a species that goes on instagram every morning and makes their stupid duck faces and think they’re so s-xy. these animals also beg for iphones and are spoiled. they have boyfriends and probably will get pregnant by the age of 14. they are weird and annoying creatures. the average teen white girl is sending nude […]

  • dystechxia

    a learning difference in which people of average or above intelligence suffer from a blindness or difficulty with interpreting, using or manipulating it think i suffer from dystechxia beccause the photocopier picks on me constantly

  • zyania

    a very special person that will always be by your side but only when your making good decisions. thay are also very intelligent and caring. if you ever meet a person named zyania make sure to give them a chance even maybe be best friends with them. zyania is my favorite person.

  • appre-si-ate

    verb past tense: appre-si-ated incorrect pr-nunciation of “appreciate”. mostly used by b-gan australians attempting to sound upper cl-ss, aka posh. “you should appre-si-ate what i do for you” or “i don’t appre-si-ate your tone”

  • eastdale123

    shes a youtuber and loves to play but she also has a dirty mind and shes very loving at times oh here comes eastdale123

  • short bus deligaton

    group of people when they get together, act so foolishly that you think they rode the short bus together. look at these guys from hooters. they obviously think the girls are hot. to bad they’re apart of the short bus deligaton

  • kingfey

    kingfey is a annoying -ss asian who thinks he funny and he’s really not. he has a small d-ck and won’t get laid until he’s 45 and won’t get a girlfriend until 70. man 1: man no one likes kingfey he’s just an annoying asian and he really needs to get laid bro man 2: […]

  • clout climb

    to use the clout of others to increase your own, then leave them behind as you rise to fame. “d-mn, how’d he get so much clout so quick” “he clout climbed”

  • slemories

    **memories that last seconds. sometimes you don’t want memories or pictures to last forever — just seconds. snapchat has become so popular with the younger generation because when your getting crunk you only want to have slemories. you don’t want everlasting memories. slemory krissy sent some topless {slemories } last night on snapchat. thank god […]

  • on the fifty

    being undecided about something or in between something. i’m on the fifty about how much i like my friend who doesn’t play video games.

  • 3fast5me

    upgraded version of 2fast4me man 34: wow. he’s too fast on the racetrack man 626: but jamal is even faster. woman 71: 3fast5me!

  • crackintosh

    person who is street savvy enough to make money fast in a shady area, without any capital, and without creating (m)any enemies. generally this is most commonly done by “middle man” operations within the illicit drug community, but not always. a crackintosh might “pimp a ho” whereas he knows a h-rny -ss freak (possible client) […]

  • apricoon

    a huuuge sl-t d-mn, look at that apric–n

  • golden nonce

    a highly ranked paedophile that big gangster looks like he’s received a golden nonce, that guy is a golden nonce

  • stokeley pokely

    a very very g-y man who enjoys b-tt s-x “xxx- i miss my stokeley pokely”

  • overmoji

    a person who overuses emojis in their sentences. dustin is an overmoji! he uses no words!

  • vagesh

    a dark-skinned little b-tch who has a 2 inch c-ck and a fob accent he has nothing to do in life other then steal and fucck everything he see’s omg is he a vagesh why would he ever think of doing that?!!??!!

  • real sad nibba hours

    time span between the hours of 12 am and 2 am sam : jake why are you sad before sad nibba hours ? jake : because sam its real sad nibba hours and id rather express my feelings now other than to hop on the normal sad nibba hours wave sam : understandable jake understandable […]

  • asumi

    she is beautiful. she doesn’t know that in the inside that she is beautiful and out. she would be a great singer. if you mess with her friend she’ll get you no matter what. she may seem cold but she still has a soft spot for you. she let’s people in her life easliy and […]

  • nap hit

    when you wake up from a nap very satisfied, relaxed, and energized; requires the nap to be at least 2-3 hours. bruh my nap just hit, ima go donate to the nap hit foundation

  • knife juggle

    quickly and repeatedly insulting someone or multiple people. liam had a nice knife juggle last night, and called out henry and katie for all their sh-t.

  • twitter siddhars

    intelligent tamil people who usually tweet only in tamil. “siddhars” refers to intellectual tamil people who contributed very widely to ancient tamil literature and philosophy. 1. i feel that kamal h-ssan is a twitter siddhar. 2. the next generation of tamil lyricists are most certainly twitter siddhars. 3. twitter siddhars are a constant source of […]

  • limpe

    referring to yourself. me limpe handsome. limpe stronger than you.

  • r.t.b. (relationship transmitted baggage)

    when the baggage (i.e. commitment issues) from a previous relationship causes a person to break up with their new partner, and as a result, that new partner gains the baggage of the dumper, which causes problems in the new partners future relationships. similar to an s.t.d., except mental rather than physical. “dexter, why don’t you […]

  • sir-cum-a-lot

    a guy who c-ms a lot and -j-c-l-t- are you sir-c-m-a-lot

  • dinkleknob

    a person who grabs the genitals,then twisting and pushing like a door – lance c. man i just got d-nklekn-bed or i’m gonna use the d-nklekn-b technique

  • summer-peach

    summer-peach has a unique name and is a quirky and independent girl. she has lots of friends and can be seen as one of the most popular girls. even in a long distant friendship, she’s the girl that you’ll want to turn to because she is so loving. summer-peach is definitely the girl you’ll want […]

  • errate

    a sound effect in beat boxing. when re-winded forward then back it makes this noise. errate errate

  • safetitties

    when the the safety belt of a woman’s car sits between her t-tties, pressing her shirt up against her br–sts making them visually scrumptious. omg stuart look at those safet-tties. oh my mell, thanks goodness for safety conscious ladies and cold breezes.

  • taking cheeks

    the act of beating someone in a physical activity, usually by a large margin. that guy is out here taking cheeks against his opponent.

  • standing snapcock

    the potentially disastrous medical condition which can be sustained as a consequence of a mishap during intercourse in a vertical (standing) position when the male partic-p-nt is attempting to support the weight of the female partic-p-nt while she is mounted on his p-n-s. this technique should only be undertaken when the weight ratio is substantially […]

  • skeng me on that one

    created by cole ford and used as a compliment or sign of respect in the ptown area “skeng me on that one” he exclaimed as he left the group and got on the foxhole bus

  • gaint penis

    very big p-n-s wow caimyn has a gaint p-n-s

  • moletthew

    a man named matthew who enjoys a fat mole over s-x. d-mn moletthew.

  • big daddy dirtbag

    a man with a dirty large schl-ng he is a daddy to all the b-tches and had mad hoes my big daddy dirtbag had a threesome with me and my friend last night

  • uzichanel

    the worlds greatest soundcloud artist “wow that guy over there must be uzichanel” “d-mn he has so many face tattoos, i’m impressed “

  • straightophobic

    straightophobic is a personality disorder, or adjective describing a person with this personality disorder, or describing one who is a straightophobe, where people of a s-xual orientation other than “straight” behave poorly towards straight persons (usually of the masculine gender) in order to elicit negative responses from those straight individuals and then attempt to attribute […]

  • amarjoth

    a s-xy looking guy who needs to catch feelings within the country but i love him. he smells like daisies and he is really kind. that guy is a straight up amarjoth uno

  • oofin

    the act of doing something stupid without thought or trippin you are oofin bro what are you talking about.

  • aaleaha

    aaleaha is a unique girl , she admires anything, she has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes, she has silky blonde hair with a kind heart , she loves soccer and many other sports , the most animal she looks up to is a goat there her spirit animal. everyone loves her , everyone looks […]

  • jetsurf

    amazing new watersport featuring a 37mph 100cc motorized surfboard, great for waves/lakes….by wildly expensive/unreliable/and somewhat unstable….yet very addicting took the jetsurf out to maui, as fun on the waves as jetsurfing on a lake

  • squaddie mattress

    a girl who likes to have s-xual encounters with members of the armed forces, usually from the army. more often than not during/after a night out when they’ve just met them. a lot of girls in darlington are squaddie mattresses, they like the boys from catterick garrison!

  • zerak

    zeraks a stupid idiot and is a show off and brain dead m-f- who can burn in h-ll. hey that guys a real zerak.

  • gay cheeto

    garfield the cat alex’s cat is such a g-y cheeto

  • sangrelous

    the act of being jealous of other people drinking sangria. i missed the opportunity to enjoy sangria with my work colleagues. i am so sangrelous right now!

  • onkarjot

    a very pretty, nice, friendly,. helpful, loveable and sent from god to have. person 1: i’m in big trouble help me god person 2: go to onkarjot

  • arnae

    arnae has a very short temper but is beautiful inside and she diys her hair alot also she says bru on the end of every sentence boyy she is sooo crazy your such an arnae

  • everything 1k

    when your a mother f-ckin clout man you already know, manster eating dat cake by the ocean, everything 1k.

  • ex parte

    a legal term, which is mumbo jumbo. it actually refers to a huge blowout party thrown when your former spouse royally screws up. dude 1: my ex just filed for her 4th divorce. dude 2: sounds like it’s time for an ex parte!!

  • riff raffing

    nonsense. undesirable actions towards an individual or group of people there was way too much riff raffing at the piano bar so dana decide to go back home to the hotel to relax.

  • thaitai

    the s-xiest guy alive with a huge d-ck and f-ck girls rough and hard thaitai was so h-rny, he f-cked me hard last night.

  • rapando

    a handsome n-gg- and also very attractive with nice smile and look wow rapando is handsome mistky said by girls

  • hoedwinked

    when a male or female shows actions of being hoe, but in a calm behind your back manor. basically an example of getting your heart stolen by a hoe. i got hoedwinked by the girl i’ve been talking to for 4 months…

  • rice lager

    noun; when you get an asian lady to jerk you off with chopsticks and while you’re c-mming she throws rice in you’re face. she gave me a rice lager, and now we’re having sushi for dinner.

  • weinstein effect

    when a woman accuses a man of s-xual misconduct and then goes on tv to announce this and then attempts to sue them for their own goals while ruining the other’s reputation. jack: i just heard that amanda is suing depp for har-ssment but i know her well enough that she is a money-sucking vampire. […]

  • aquatic blowgun

    a girl who is able to suck d-ck underneath the water surface in a hot tub. that b-tch is an aquatic blowgun.

  • barberian ball wash

    barberian ball wash. a tea bag bl-w j-b that was done in the days of the old. so the woman wouldn’t get a bladder infection. not much to say other than you are going to get awesome head. barberian ball wash. updog

  • ranel

    he is a fat pig rather the size of an oversize gorilla oh he is a ranel

  • cherish

    a beautiful & happy woman. one that loves deeply, a strong woman with a lot of friends. s-xy with great legs. likes to have fun, does what she wants and doesn’t what people think about it. loves life, friends & family. a loyal friend that you can count on to be there. cherish is awesome! […]

  • transylvania traintracks

    transylvania traintracks is another term for laced coffee, or coffee with another substance in it. coffee that has trace amounts of lsd, cocaine, or any other drug inside of it would be considered transylvania traintracks. the reason it is called transylvania traintracks is that the romanian scientist (romania is modern-day transylvania) was killed with laced […]

  • johnny orlando

    johnny orlando is a singer and mackenzie zieglers man. #jenziealltheway wow johnny orlando and kenzie ziegler are so cute together , jenzieeee

  • cosentinis

    a tiny needle-like microp-n-s with a scaly texture. typically green in color. those with cosentinises act like pieces of sh-t to compensate for their tiny manhood. cosentino has a cosentinis.

  • fiddle fart assing

    to waste time doing anything and everything other than what you’re supposed to be currently doing. you boys better quit fiddle fart -ssing around and finish your homework.

  • l.y.b.b.

    originally from a$ap twelvyy’s 2017 track “l.y.b.b. (resolution)”, this acronym stands for “last year being broke”. l.y.b.b. (resolution) “this my last year being broke let’s get this money get this money get this money”

  • sherl

    the nickname which janine gives the great sherlock holmes, and the look john gives after he hears it that says ‘haha! sherl! shezza! this is brilliant! what’s next?? “where’s sherl?” john: (disbelief) sherl….

  • she got me dumb

    when her booty so big it just makes you dumb bro that girl over there, she got me dumb

  • that’s cook!

    when something seems like bullsh-t “yo ms.cook totally gave me an f for that paper!” “what?? that’s cook!”

  • beetcorn

    the way of having a sh-t whilst sweetcorn is present in the poo also the small genitals of the perosn must be in view. i just watched him have a beetcorn

  • idcaaa

    i don’t care about anything anymore idcaaa

  • galapagos

    another word for t-st-cl-s “i want her to fondle my galapagos like charles darwin”

  • pagraph

    the act of two men going up your -rs–hole with one in your mouth and each man has a d-ck in their bottom as well. the girl received a pagraph from six men

  • kumin

    a very jewish man who counts his shackles abd does his daily torah reading. he also loves jacuzzis and likes knife hits that k-min has a large collection of beautiful pennies and turkeys

  • beer league

    adult recreational sport. played for the p-ssion of the game by men and women over 19 years old. the post game ritual of sitting around a cooler full of beer bullsh-tting about skill level or lack thereof is as important as the game itself. sportsmanship, camaraderie and competion are the key elements. epitomized by the […]

  • lacruinticity

    the poor quality of milk left in the bottom the the milk container. we threw the milk away due to its lacruinticity.

  • scrap magnet

    someone who attracts and flirts their best friends ex’s. that girl elizabeth, she is such a scr-p magnet!

  • spong mincer

    a person showing signs of sun normal human ability and intelligence ,especially with impaired walking. that wayne rooney is a great spong mincer!

  • bruq

    the best version of brooke she’s not just a brooke, she’s a bruq

  • sungru

    awesome and cool guy. all girls want him girls even try to hug him. never accept any girl that ask him to be girl friend and boy friend. smartest kid on earth. girl 1: i want to hug him girl 2: i once hugged him girl 3: i want to have sungru

  • virkin

    a person (usually female) who always wants what they can’t have and is pr-ne to being inconsiderate of others. somebody who thinks the rules are intended for others not them. also, used to describe an inconsiderate or thoughtless act that screws over somebody else. selena is making moves on her sister’s boyfriend, i swear she […]

  • handy sandwich

    the act of receiving or giving a a handjob over the boxers/undies but underneath the pants/shorts. that stripper just gave me a handy sandwich for $20

  • lurbish

    lurbish is an accent of the modern day english language, it is an accent some what like dutch -> flemish. it has a sort of “uuhh” accent on most words. english: oh my god! , lurbish: urr muurrr guuurd!

  • jourgie

    a jourgie is a wonderful friend who can be sad at sometimes but also very funny. most jourgies really like to rap. she may seem like an introvert at times, but that’s only because she’s shy. never let your jourgie go. always stay by her side and lift her up when she’s down. girl#1: omg!! […]

  • sprajueín

    a guy whos great at everything, hot and funny matt damon is a sprajueín

  • wobbly cunt

    f-cked so hard you can’t walk you’re walking like you’re a wobbly c-nt!

  • no no butt

    that means no no b-tt nooooooooooooo! noooooooooooooo! b-tt!!!no no b-tt

  • elcy

    a strong independent woman with a great character often can come across as rude and aggressive but once met properly is an amazing person to be around birthday is usually december 5th to 10th and is usually latin american colombian is destined to have one child girl elcy la negra is her usual nick name

  • guard panthers

    a group made by jopede, who is the greatest leader on earth. this group fights noobs and trash talking b-ms “what’s that in the distance?” “oh sh-t. it’s the guard panthers”

  • fabulous bacteria

    this specimen is very small (almost miniscule to the human eye) and has an extremely high pitched voice that could shatter a window or make your head explode. called fabulous because some may think she’s cute,however most would disagree. “see that girl melissa over there she’s a fabulous bacteria ain’t that fit though.”

  • ibhone

    the ibhone is the bollywood version of a iphone can i use your ibhone

  • sheccid

    a sweet, smart loving girl that is open minded but can also be very indecisive stop being such a sheccid

  • parent issues

    when you have sh-tty parents leading you to have mommy and daddy issues. unfortunately for you, you had to stay with one regardless of how incapable they were of caring for you. you often wonder what will become of you but if you stop and think for a bit then you’ll realize that their b-tch […]

  • idcmt

    i’m drinking call me tomorrow wyd? idcmt

  • anal gape put put

    hitting a golf ball into an -n-l gape that women was so freaky last night she let me play -n-l gape put put last night on her.

  • oilver

    he is a super hero who saves the day and kills people at the same time he is the flash. where is oilver?

  • breeding horses

    when a male and a female horses have s-x and the female horses get pregant i would like to start breeding horses

  • alligator fangs

    alligator fangs 1)fangs of an alligator 2)bullets chris “made it rain alligator fangs back at 2nd” paul “d-mn dude i heard about that sh-t”

  • zitback

    the zits u get on ur back when you do roids. look at that f-ckin pig over there. hesba roids zitback pig. f u b-tch f-ck zitback steroid f-cks

  • joeyyy

    when your step dad john yells your name when he’s bouta c-m joeyyy! i’m bouta c-m!

  • beef gate

    you can go wherever you want, but if you go anywhere out of order the game will kill you. this is commonly used in open world games to hinder low level players to access dangerous, high-level areas early game. don’t try to fight snowy granius if you are level 1, he’s just a beef gate!

  • ass devourer

    one whomst devours the -ss like a bowl of mac n cheese d-mn he’s a real -ss devourer!

  • the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

    “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” is an expression describing the function of mitochondria organelles found in the cells of eukaryote (fancy word for plant and animal cell) organisms. the phrase is typically mocked as an example of impractical information taught in public schools. *at an interview* life: you didn’t oay your taxes […]

  • sneaky greco

    the act of shaking the hand of the father immediately after using that hand on his daughter without washing first. … so i was finger bagging her and we heard her dad come home. i tryed sneaking out but he caught us. i even shook the dads hand with washing it first!! dude thats sneaky […]

  • skooney

    a term used to generalize the extremes in an individual. it can be used positively and negatively, equally. it is a very diverse word. noun: look at that skooney with the wack hair do. look at the skooney with the sick mohawk. adjective: we were skooning when the homie hit us up. we were skooning […]

  • poop daddy

    (n.) a black boy ten years and younger. may be deamed as racist if used by a caucasian. however, is endearing if used by black person or other minority. that p–p daddy is a cute little playa. like a pimp for prost-tutes but in this case the prost-tutes are men and the pimp is overly […]

  • jazly

    she’s a beautiful girl that any boy would fall in love with. she’s the best meat friend you could ever get and if you have a jazly as a best friend your lucky. jazly would always be there for you no matter what kind of situation it is. your lucky jazly is your best friend

  • herrema

    a name given to those who are total “lady killers” and are good at everything wow! that brody kid is amazing! he’s sick a herrema.

  • yck

    young cash kings or queens hey did you see those yck’s at school today they looked pretty awesome

  • abbinator

    abbinator13 is a toblox player. she is the best person ever! follow her on @b-tchinxmileven on insta! abbinator13 is the best roblox player.

  • squadulent

    (adj) someone who is part of a lot of squads barry belongs to 50 squads. he is very squadulent

  • humanly perfect

    the maximum level of perfection human beings are able to attain in situations which they must react spontaneously. though using science, art, talent, and the countless mechanical and technological marvels human beings have invented allow them to easily produce products which are often up to 100% perfect, human beings sometimes make a wrong decision, commit […]

  • jacob stott

    a real n-gg-r. he’ll always have your back. especially when it comes to ladies. he’s a pro gamer and excells in stealing your girl. oh shoot did jacob stott just hack my minecraft server?

  • mustion

    family full of losers that family is so mustion

  • wonsir

    womsir: the adult version of a tomboy. as in a masculine female who is not overly feminine and more masculine when performing certain duties like shopping and eating, not necessarily a disgusting female but a female who’s not afraid to burp, fart or just get downright dirty. will probably beat you in an arm wrestling […]

  • mississippi yank

    pulling something large with a great amount of force. “i had to give that box a mississippi yank just to get it out!

  • lumpia cock

    an asian d-ck wrapped with a strong natural condom so thick the guy cannot feel anything . i f-cked this pinay chick last night man but her p-ssy was so big it felt like i had lumpia c-ck or something.

  • nose recorder

    an aesthetically pleasing woodwind that is powered off of the bones 80 000 men, a true work of art that can only be described as talent, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique. @filthyfrank “hey m9 im boutta smash this nose recorder with my hairy nostril wanna see” “dude” “bro” “f-ck […]

  • magic finger trick

    the technique adopted by pan experienced lover to ensure that his female partner achieves -rg-sm by skilful use of his finger on and around her cl-toris before, during or after intercourse. “until i met eric i’d never come with a boy, but he has this magic finger trick which takes me up and over every […]

  • i go to dinner and steak

    i go to dinner and steak simply means that you go to dinner and order steak at your dinner. i go to dinner and steak only the real can relate i used to live in the p’s now it’s a crib with a gate.

  • germy worm

    a sound bro thanks for letting me copy your homework you’re such a germy worm

  • deltamathing

    the act of frantically studying using deltamath when you realize that mr. t has -ssigned a quiz for tomorrow person 1: dude there’s a trujillo quiz tomorrow person 2: i know, i’ve been deltamathing the whole day

  • snuff panties

    panties given by a girl to her current boyfriend to remind him of recent intimate moments and scents. the reference to snuff dates back to the common practice of taking snuff (ground tobacco in fine powder form) by inhaling it through the nose. “mandy, may i have some snuff panties?” “sure mike, i was hoping […]

  • yorkshire people

    absolute legends . met some right yorkshire people today

  • polyship

    another way of saying haremship. q: is he in a polyship with those 2 girls? a: yes, they are, they’ve all been in a relationship together for 2 years.

  • cuntolly

    the epitome of brown nosing. to be regarded as such you have achieved the lowest level of respect from your colleagues. normally attributed to the busybody in the office. typically a gl-sses wearer. the person that continually tops up the bosses coffee and always brings biscuits on a friday. “there’s that richard f-cking c-ntolly sticking […]

  • buzzarding

    a technique of perpetuating a heteros-xuaal image by faking a relationship with an extremely attractive member of the opposite s-x whilst refusing intimacy, bragging about being an incredible lover and sending pictures of various attractive body parts of the opposite s-x to convince friends and coworkers that one is not g-y. michael was buzzarding the […]

  • dresstease

    the art of seductively putting on one’s clothing to provide pleasure/entertainment for other(s). it is the opposite of striptease i enjoy buying hosiery to my girlfriend as a gift and see her doing a dresstease for me before getting wild in bed

  • cuntencious

    adj. (of a person) given to arguing or provoking argument. all these director’s and political scandals in the news create c-ntencious dinner conversation from the megyn kelly today show.

  • naostay

    an adjective used to describe something overly nasty. topping even nast or nastay, naostay brings the top spot. the p–p i just took was naostay!

  • ahnarae

    she is an awesome amazing person who can be quite crazmand a little stuck up at times. ahnarae is a great friendly and is amazing wife material… hold on to these girls. they are like a rare pokémon! my best friend is an ahnarae

  • scornful

    feeling or expressing contempt or derision. “the opposition were scornful of the prime minister’s proposal” synonyms: contemptuous, full of contempt, derisive, derisory, withering, mocking, scoffing, sneering, jeering, scathing, snide, disparaging, slighting, supercilious, disdainful, superior, dismissive; more informalsniffy, snotty; archaiccontumelious “isabel ignored his scornful remarks” “the opposition were scornful of the prime minister’s proposal”

  • lover friend

    a friend at heart, but provides s-xual favors in return for a loyal friendship. a lover friend knows his/her role, understanding they are indeed a step over the line of a “f-ck buddy” but not anywhere near a boyfriend or girlfriend. a lover friend cannot give or receive gifts for a holiday, birthday, or any […]

  • toke and soak

    smoking marijuana followed by a relaxing soak in he tub. i see a toke and soak in my future.

  • christian matthews

    a g-y man that will do everything his friends say and mutter under his breath that man over there looks like a christian matthews kind of guy

  • bosstie

    very close friends that is gonna stay together forever and own a privet therapy practice together… they usually meet in middle school “megan and niya are bossties and n-body can come between them “ -rodrianna

  • westminster axminster

    a uk term used to describe a (conservative goverment) hiding place for material which could be damaging or embarr-ssing the the government, the saying is derived from the traditional conception of disguising dust and dirt by sweeping it underneath a carpet out of sight ! axminster being a brand of high quality carpeting that would […]

  • lareeana

    lareeana is sweet and mean. can have her moments when she needs sp-ce and be mean to people. lareeana is funny plays a round a lot and some times annoying and is really weird. lareeana is very unique. lareeana is very unique

  • jake paul disease

    a disease. common, over 500,000 cases a year. disease is either spread by 12 year old jake paul fans or by watching one of jake paul’s videos. disease can be treated but not cured. signs that you have this common disease: 1. you are addicted to watching jake paul’s videos. 2. your wardrobe consists of […]

  • laughing pussy

    when a v-g-n- pulsates, expands and contracts, in conjunction with a female is laughing. my girlfriend’s laughing p-ssy is cool to watch.

  • whatever sinks your ship

    a sarcastic variation of the phrase whatever floats your boat. used in place of ‘whatever floats your boat’ when someone’s preferences are harmful or you simply disagree with them. sammy: you should break up with lex, she treats you like sh-t all the time. mark: haha, she doesn’t mean it. she only teases me cuz […]

  • cedarbank

    a r-t-rded group of people. hey, paul watson, how was your time with cedarbank

  • stan.girl.groups

    stan.girl.groups is instagram account with just over 50k followers as of november 2017. they’re getting widely known on the instagram community. quality content with 4k fancams. wow, that fancam is stan.girl.groups content!

  • alkeria

    beautiful woman with a dope flower girl personality; often referred to as a queen; but don’t take her kindness for weakness, for she does show her horns alkeria is a rose that grew from concrete

  • tywin

    a guy who’s most likely g-y but not out yet(most people already know hes g-y though) a very smexy man 😉 tywin has beautiful triangle hair

  • micalina

    micalina is the best person you will ever know, she is nice, kind, funny, and most of the time quiet. she is the strangest human being on this planet, and has a great time. she is someone you can tell anything to, she would never tell a secret or spoil a surprise. she tells only […]

  • gustas

    a species of dog that reigned in the late 1000’s which had conquered most of eastern and central europe. the gustas tend to be bilingual, speaking a range of spanish, to czech to english to german. the gustas observed a dictatorship which followed (in their prophecy) a master. scientifically speaking, a master observes a gene […]

  • oko

    it simply means p-n-s in yoruba language in nigeria look at your oko

  • rembarass

    rembarr-ssing that was such a rembar-ssing moment.

  • falling coconut

    when you p–p out of a palm tree on someone’s face. sh-t. i just got hit by a falling coconut on tue beach.

  • roopy

    roopy means a stupid person who makes people laugh a lot. what a roopy person!

  • maeterlinck

    a big fat c-ck that sticks up after seeing a fellow f-ggot after b-ming for a consentual second u maeterlinck last night at that party

  • mexed

    when you drink too much musinex and feel drunk/ delusional “wow kenny is so mexed right now”

  • ginai

    ginai is the most honest person you’ll ever meet . she has a big smile . and has the biggest personality. omg there’s ginai. her smile is so cute

  • bulldog qop

    bulldog qop is a term often used to describe someones play as something barely watchable,but in rare scenarios the meaning can be quite positive as well.the usage depends of the situation at hand that was such a bulldog qop move bulldog qop is a double edged sword it’s dangerous to search for bulldog qop the […]

  • portelance

    the last name of a f-ggot they call ernie. if you ever see a portelance, run. he will find you. and he will kill you. he will try to stick his rubber ducky in your pond. whow?! is that a portelance?! run!

  • netflix judgment

    when you’re watching netflix for too long and netflix silently judges you by asking if you want to continue watching. “dude, i was watching netflix for like 18hours yest-rday and the netflix judgment was intense.”

  • sharamsha

    he is the type of guy that would love some d-ck in his ears. although he has dirty humour, he blows well. “did you see that new p-rno…sharamsha was all over that.”

  • idaho hot pocket

    when a man cr-ps in a woman’s v-g-n- and uses it as lube i gave her a idaho hot pocket last night

  • r. kelly water balloon

    when you have the urge to urinate while driving, and you have a condom handy. you urinate in the condom, tie it off, and throw it out the window. yo man, i gotta p-ss. i dont wanna pull over at mlk. i’m gonna use my last rubber for an r. kelly water balloon.

  • uragaha

    the most powerful asian family in asia. the family started in the year 912 ad. the family is known to have rivalries with the most well known crime lords in all of asia, the triads. but now there are no rivalries whatsoever with anyone but they are still respected from people in asia. “man, i […]

  • berlaru

    berlaru is a typo of ‘berlari’.its always being used by malaysian people as typo word for ‘berlari’or in english it is running.the reason for this typo is ‘jari tembam sangat’ or fatty fingger “ weh aku tgok ahmad berlaru,eh typo,berlari kat padang”

  • but y tho

    just y? jimmy saw a fat monolisa. jimmy said, but y tho.

  • vegblow

    the act of slathering vegemite on a man’s genitals and then performing oral s-x on him. man: my girlfriend gave me a vegblow last night. friend: how was it? man: i’m still reeling.

  • half-hour power

    a college drinking game in which the partic-p-nt(s) must take 30 shots of beer in 30 minutes at the rate of one shot per minute, often used as a pregaming tactic before the real partying begins. more daring players may attempt an hour power, which follows the same rules over the course of an hour. […]

  • pitchaneen

    little and cute aw you are such a little pitchaneen

  • jamaican meditation

    the act of smoking two joints in the morning, smoking two joints at night, smoking two joints in the afternoon to make one feel alright, smoking two joints in times of peace, and two in times of war, then smoking two joints before one smokes two joins, and then smoking two more. sublime’s “smoke two […]

  • glorious house of gainz

    the gym!international chest day. gotta get juicy and tan af. today i’m going to the glorious house of gainz t get a pump on.

  • breathing out of their arse

    when a team are so tired after putting in so much effort during a football match, they start to make mistakes and give the ball away mike “look at the sp-ce at the back, they are giving the ball away all over the place” paul “ they are breathing out of their -rs- michael”

  • cloteel

    a very quiet and shy person very loving and talented. she is dedicated to family and god. “cloteel is kicking in”.

  • put a dent in her breakfast

    putting a dent in her breakfast involves sticking your c-ck up her b-mhole as far as it’ll go. the deeper you get,the greater the chances of hitting paydirt and leaving an imprint of your b-ll-nd in her poo. those of you that can accomplish this feat have successfully ‘put a dent in her breakfast’ lillington […]

  • jahrius

    one of the most rarest people you will meet. they are usually smoking hot with great personalities. if you have one as a friend keep them. dang he’s so jahrius

  • george brent

    its when you sh-t in someones p-ssy lemme george brent you babe

  • taste tax

    when someone who decided not to order anything at fast food (typically french fries) takes some of your food bro 1: bro lemme get some of your french fries bro 2: bro stop violating my rights with your taste tax

  • lmban this is a way to check if a girl is a hoe or not because chances are if she not she wouldn’t understand but if she is she will but it also a way to a chick is d.t.f alex: hey lmban la’quesha: omg im not like that alex: but you understood tho soo […]

  • potres

    the act of having your girlfriend (that has a cold) blow her snot inside your foreskin and you penetrate her with said snot c-ck. guy: baby… i have a confession girl: what is it? you know you can tell me anything. guy: well… i have a potres fetish girl: me too lol guy lol yeah, […]

  • gas my recent

    – spam my picture – go like and comment a lot bro have you seen my post? “no” whaaaaat go ‘gas my recent’ “aight bro i gotchu”

  • trollstoy

    a commenter in an internet forum, such as a facebook post or news article, who writes comments that serve only to inflame or divide readers. commenter’s profile claims to be of an american but lacks the history or connections expected from a real person; commenter is therefore likely a russian trying to stir up trouble. […]

  • frick me off

    like, to be used interchangeably with “p-sses me off”. but like, more emphasis. like, something can p-ss you off, or it can frick you off. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you know it’s serious. “this game is starting to get really hard…” “i know, it’s really starting to frick me off.”

  • montavian

    a really r-t-rded kid with mental issues. no one likes him or will ever like him because he’s a stuck up piece of sh-t who has no friends and likes to start drama with people. his family doesn’t even like him, nor do his teachers. he needs so go away and get a f-cking life […]

  • paulick

    a good person, but skittle testy. don’t get on there bad side or they will destroy you. but also taken for granted. don’t be a looser or a paulick

  • ee-mi-lie

    a extremely pale white girl who has an obsession with deapthroating objects similar to p-n-ses michael: what about harleen shes fit snorgus: nah shes such an ee-mi-lie

  • kfc manager

    an afro american man who runs a kfc branch hey you are a kfc manager aren’t you?

  • jake rawle

    the lad with the largest man tool known to man oh you know that jake rawle, his man tool is huge

  • spitali

    spitali guys are known to be truthful, kind, and rough(playfully) at some times when he is around some people he is close to. he is also very athletic, one of the “cool” athletic guys in schools. he is shy, but once your get to know him, then he is on! his eyes are very beautiful… […]

  • spronked

    to get f-cked up, messed up, destroyed, or embarr-ssed in the sickest way by/in front of your group of -ssholes/friends. you: *your friend knocks you out of the course in gta* your friend: hope you have insurance, cause you just got spr-nked! you: *just got roasted so hard your considered burnt* your friend: ooooooo, you […]

  • ta’rreon

    a young handsome rich man that has all the girls and has a athletic talent that n-body else has ta’rreon is a handsome young man that is athletic and has big money

  • abby haytcher

    my baby girl ❤️❤️❤️ f-cking hot and beutiful and sweet and kind and generous and caring and smart and most of all, thicc as h-ll man 🍑❤️. the best girl a guy could ever ask for. oh my goodness, i love her so much ❤️ abby haytcher is my beutiful baby girl

  • titynope

    first definition: deny second definition: ego don’t t-tynope me? your t-tynope is bigger than i thought?

  • grace morrison

    has the secret ident-ty of gracie morrison. can’t actually pull an all nighter grace morrison: h-llo, my name is gracie and i pulled an all nighter at girls camp smart person: liar

  • vivaca

    a girl, not a follower but a leader. she’s very beautiful just the way she is! no makeup is needed. she’s very smart and loves math. she can be very mean and quiet, just don’t get on bad side! boys are very fast to fall for her but she doesn’t fall back. that girl vivaca […]

  • twanni

    a cool person but can irritate your f-cking soul at times. never holds back and loves too speak her mind. a little ball headed, sometimes stanky but also is a crazy motherf-cker. -ss fat, forehead large and is a f-cking r-t-rd. twanni f-cking reaks.

  • sergenyeg

    a polite young man who like to consume female genitalia. also is a baller and an athlete. that man is a sergenyeg.

  • chocolate sloth

    when you’re having b-tts-x and you pull out really fast and a bit of p–p comes out and just hangs there guy 1: “i did a chocolate sloth last night” guy 2: “wow did it fall?” guy 1: “no way man” guy 2: “sick! let’s go do one “

  • uniboo

    a person whom only likes one specific race to the point where they don’t give any other race a chance. “d-mn this chick won’t give me a chance cause i’m not asian.” “so she’s a uniboo bro”

  • molten marshmallow

    when you put marshmallows in the mircrowave until they melt into a molten-like state. person 1: she’s making molten marshmallows person 2: that’s genius and idiotic at the same time

  • ferocious nut

    when you -j-c-l-t- so hard you forget where you are and who you are d-mn, i busted a ferocious nut last night.

  • nexgetit

    this is another for lets get it. just like lil pump’s eskeet-t. it’s lxrd kenø in this b-tch nexget-t

  • shieka

    she’s a really sweet person and very funny. a person who is beautiful she is a very good artist and very fun to be around with she is a caring one to others and won’t give on them. “hey shieka your beautiful “

  • liptococcus

    liptococcus – lip-tuh-kok-uh s verb plural the oral act or performance involving placement of one individuals lips (entire mouth is optional ) firmly on and/or around another individuals c-ck (genitalia, p-n-s) bacteriological. one of several spherical, or oval bacteria. charged with illegal soliciting , indecent exposure and lud conduct, the defendants legal counsel was able […]

  • king jong un

    that fat king that is the president of america’s enemy which might become its ally. except this time they are uglier, worse, weaker, slower. king jong un is my waifu

  • thotnicity

    a religion for thots man ashley’s converting to thotnicity

  • lava drops

    fiery drops of liquid sh-t. generally released in small spurts and drops due to the sheer burn and -n-l clenching. brought on by poor dietary choices. too many jalapeños on my nachos yesterday caused the lava drops today. someone was in the stall pinching off lava drops. sounded pretty painful.

  • max chickens

    australian slang. to describe the extreme speed of an object, person or being. did you see bazza going max chickens down the street in his new ute?

  • jaysie

    a extremely nice person who loves others, she cares very much for others. she will always stand up and protect her friends, besides loving people she is great at relationships and a great lover. her favorite thing to do is cuddle and watch movies, she’s a great kisser. but she’s not very tame she can […]

  • mini van rage

    a person, usually male, who drives a mini van with anger and recklessness. it is a reflection of a person’s aggravation with what their life has become. these people likely hate the fact that they had way more kids than they intended, and the pressure of accommodating these high maintenance brats, in combination with having […]

  • colino

    a person how is in pretty high. this slang is used in situations where people is smoking marihuana. that men is pretty colino ese tipo esta muy colino

  • half the fat of fat

    when something is high in fat, it’s half the fat of fat. no margarine for me, please! it’s half the fat of fat!

  • ihokhw

    indecisive hoe that only knows how to be a wh-r- (person f-cks one guys but then emotionally attached to another and ultimately can’t decide) me: wow you’re such a ihokhw person: w-what..? me: indecisive hoe that only knows how to be a wh-r- person: me: *smiles and walks away*

  • moanboarding

    when someone moans at you so much it simulates suffocation. shawn: and then this happened. ly: my god, i can’t breathe, dude, with you moanboarding me!

  • enrique galea

    horse, slave, komodina, broke. jaq xint enrique galea madonna…

  • drippy needle

    a shady tattoo shop. she must have gone to the drippy needle to get that terrible tattoo.

  • banjo pranks

    when you prank someone in that huckleberry fin tom sawyer kind of way. i would have had a great time in the country if it wasn’t for all of those banjo pranks! d-mn squirrels think they’re so funny!

  • young smug

    a youngin who is slightly s-ssy oh she young smug ya feel me ma?

  • mudringing

    (1) a method bottlenose dolphins use for hunting (2) smearing a circle of excrement around a person (3) the general condition of plans being scuppered/being blindsided i was going to attend last week’s kkk meeting, but unfortunately i had been mudringed. magical mudringing marvels

  • chivichanga

    the canarian word for m-ssive elephant p-n-s. if you used the word in main land spain on the peninsula, people what the f-ck you are saying, but if you say it in any of the canarian islands in a night club, your chivchanga is going to get a work out 😉 chiv chiv chivichanga ✊✊💦💦🌊 […]

  • carbohydration

    the act of overloading carbohydrates to satisfy instinctual needs. my favorite part of thanksgiving is getting my carbohydration!

  • idline

    a very nice girl, is probably a thicc sticc, and is an enjoyable friend to have around. #nice #shesnotthatinnocentthough #butbeingherfriendisstillnice idline’s birthday is on the tenth btw

  • felix lowe

    felix lowe is a r-t-rd, legit. he f-cked his mom at the age of 4 and got put into a mental asylum. he has no family nor friends because all he does in the mental asylum is watch p-rn. felix lowe f-cked his mom

  • iona catholic high school

    the trashiest school in sauga that a bunch of asians go to, than the occasional black people, than the 1000 white girls that try and act black. the school constantly has a nice trade of kush and vape pens. the teachers are completely oblivious to the fact half their students show up high asf everyday. […]

  • naviyah

    a girl who always has a smile on her face.naviyah isn’t a very common name but is a very unique one. she will have many ups and downs with you yet she will be very loyal to her friends. in love she will always go with her heart. naviyah helped me through tough times.

  • moose fur

    when you have been intimate with a canadian and end up with thier love juice on you along with thier pubic hair. whats that on tom cruises face? its just moose fur from kevin sp-cey.

  • judo cock

    a c-ck with lethal abilities. stealthy and un-ssuming, it’ll have you down for the count before you can blow your rape whistle. “nuh uh girl, steer clear of that guy, he’s got that judo c-ck. you’ll wake up bruised and confused wondering why you only have one shoe on.”

  • yenfay

    resident b-tch. wow look at yenfay, there goes the resident b-tch !

  • koiba

    a term used by joey wheeler to describe seto kaiba in ygotas. due to joey’s brooklyn accent he could only pr-nounce “kaiba” as “koiba”. it can be used to describe someone who is rude, lacking in personality, or has a dragon fetish. joey: i did not have dream s-x with koiba, and i was not […]

  • ofofooa

    when you’re mad and you bash the keyboard you might just want to say ofofooa instead “you’re a b-tch face” “ofofooa”

  • bite that thang

    for a man to engage in oral s-x with a woman; c-nn-l-ng-s. aye girl, i’m tryn bite that thang, bite that thang

  • jad bechara

    a pink lovely p-ssy loves black d-cks i love to f-ck jad bechara

  • neggating

    another way of saying negating the act of being a n-gg-r stop neggating in my store instead of saying stop being a n-gg-r in my store

  • outfected

    a clean and sanerty wound is that cut infected? na it’s all good, it’s outfected

  • jotaro kujo

    the jojo that defines teen angst at its finest. super edgy and gets tons of censorship in the anime, also like saying ora. jotaro kujo jotaro is the best jojo*goes onto reddit trying to be funny but looks stupid*

  • end me now

    i want to die end me now daddy

  • momoh

    tall dark and handsome. very jealous and paranoid about the one they love. not a very good listener but very hard working. mature and loyal family orientated. a true believer of positive things. sneaky, can be a great cook. social media lover. rich at heart with love. very talkative. a dream come true….. momoh say […]

  • bish knish

    girl whose beauty is untarnished by elegance and refinement. “bruh snookie polizzi is a bish knish”

  • marie and wout

    cutest couple ever but only a few problems 1. they never talk to each other 2. they never talk to each other except on text 3. they have this amazing, beautiful, smart, adorable and weird friend that almost ruined their first kiss “have u seen marie and wout today?” “yes, but it’s such a pity […]

  • tiny people

    it’s totally a meme from rick and morty often used when making fun of people for being funny, haha. look, tiny people!

  • soluchan

    something which makes you run like “tunununu” interviewer: sab se achha kya hai? kamlesh: soluchan interviewer: yahaan kaise aaya? kamlesh: bhug ke tununununu

  • carlied

    carlieing the act of taking a seemly innocent social media post for a family or member of the and taking it as opportunity to have political rant about or at that person hahahaha see how joe carlied elias and dom cl-ssic

  • ppsh-41

    a gun used by the russians for when they ripped the n-z-s in half. dimitri use your ppsh-41 to kill that hitch n-z-s

  • inyb

    “inyb” is short for “i need you back” i miss you, inyb.

  • discontoriated

    when you are so disoriented that you forget how to correctly pr-nounce disoriented wow i am so lost i am discontoriated

  • zijohn

    he is a ugly -ss b-tch with a small d-ck and normally have twists or curly hair. most people hate him and he have little friends zijohn is a b-tch

  • bdx

    big daddy xan as in lil xan the rapper i want big daddy xan (bdx) to f-ck me.

  • mod playground

    a gathering in real life or online,where authorities with extra privelages abuse them at leisure. r/drama is literally a mod playground smfh tbqhwy familia

  • fabolicious

    fab-o-lish-iss off the charts in fashion or design. the dress jessica bought was fabolicious. the gtr roman atwood bought was fabolicious.

  • qwyz

    a significant source of sperm, allowing it to be used in a long term of intercourse. i just want to qwyz in her.

  • mawata

    mawata is everyones sister mawata lives boys that name starts with s

  • modern historian

    someone who is always watching the news. “mr. thomas? you mean our math teacher? yea, he’s a real modern historian. everytime i go into his cl-ss, i always see him reading some fresh news article pulled up on his computer.”

  • huck a lougie

    /lew-gee/ regurgitating and coughing up a large phlegm slime from the depths of the esophagus. preferably spitting on someone you dislike, or on something which will cause a stir amongst your peers. shane: bro do you dare me to huck a lougie on slink? stewie: yes cousin that would be mad

  • uythian

    uythian is really hot and he will always be there for you no matter what. he is that kind of person who will love you for who you are. and even if you mess up he will give you more then one chance because he wants to be with you. d-mn. i wish i had […]

  • alafate

    a term used for a strong bond within a family or among friends. widely used in southern states. we are so alafate, i tell him/her all my secrets.

  • malerna

    when a person by the name of erna does the most extra thing and decides to go out of her way to save the world from injustice. erna had malerna moment when she attacked the serbs and victimised them malerna adventurously cascaded through chalvey in pursuit of a chicken wrap. *not to be confused with […]

  • yorkshire creme egg

    a roasted pigeon filled with s-m-n josh: im so hungry right now ed: i’ve just finished making a yorkshire creme egg if you want it

  • easy to look at

    attractive s-xy “d-mn” that t swizzle is easy to look at

  • mr dups

    the great lord and savior of the great duplums i am a follower of the great mr dups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bonkyhort cabbagewank

    when somebody w-nks over a distorted image of benedict c-mberbatch oh dude, i did such a big bonkyhort cabbagew-nk last night

  • hit the gay

    when one tries to enter bed and magically appears lying in bed (one different to the original bed they were trying to enter) on top of a h-m-s-xual of the same s-x. this will lead to a very steamy encounter regardless of the first subjects s-xual orientation. or maybe its auto correct… idk “hey man, […]

  • dick and hash

    when you just d-ck down this girl you met at the club and you wanna dash but your a gentleman so you make some corn beef hash “d-mn bro i just f-cked this grenade and wanted to smash and dash but i’m a gentleman so i just d-cked and hashedd-ck and hash”

  • inva

    inva is a person who always lies and is extremely ugly. you are being an inva

  • feastlet

    a meal, usually a holiday meal, made up of only the basic holiday foods. a no frills holiday meal. i don’t have time to make an extravagant thanksgiving meal this year. it’s going to be a thanksgiving “feastlet”.

  • meian

    very adventurous, bursting with s-xual energy, s-xy as h-ll , originates from two very important people, someone u just can’t get enough of! our first born child will be called meian , because its a special mix of me and ian.

  • destroy your dick december

    simular to no nut november but the opposite as on the first you m-ssterbate 1 time on the second 2 times until the 31 you m-ssterbate 31 times for a total of 496 times in december “are you gonna partic-p-te in destroy your d-ck december?” “h-ll na man my d-ck will come probably fall off.”

  • camel toe butt

    when a women’s b-tt has no lift and falls flat but has enough sag to form a camels toe in tight fitting clothes. wow that girl complaining to the shoe salesman has a total camel toe b-tt. she probably just wants the running shoes to walk around whole foods.

  • aamayah

    usually a beautiful young lady who’s always falling for the most well known guy at school. many people don’t see it but she’s a really funny girl to get to meet and hang with and will always have your back . she’s also very tough “yo do you know that girl aamayah? she’s actually really […]

  • leaf smeller

    a person who sniffs out other people’s shame. constantly on the persute of finding others negative qualities, hal, was known as a leaf smeller.

  • flick his pickle

    he m-st-rb-t-s “dawn timothy must flick his pickle a lot because he hasn’t hit that in a while.”

  • goedinghaus

    “in the care of gods’ house.” or, “in gods name we trust.” origin of surname dates back to atlantis scriptures: goedinghaus is today’s spelling which dates back to german heritage. “good c-mmings” is how i translates in german.

  • scoopla

    using an icecream spoon to vigorously rip open a bag, box, can or f-nny scoopla my tesco meal deal open.

  • lewber

    a rare species of crab infested demons. this species is exclusive to california. as of today, there is only one living lewber. a lewber’s genitals are the size of a shrimp. most lewbers have an abundance of hair. the -n-s is bright red and looks ruptured. moisture around the -n-s indicates good health. crystal: i […]

  • piddle puddle

    the wet spot left on the bed sheets after a female m-st-rb-t-s. i walked in my roommates room and saw her piddle puddle. i squirted so much last night i had to sleep in my own piddle puddle.

  • fuckpai

    another word for c-nt. that is: ajit varadaraj pai (born january 10, 1973) is an american attorney who serves as the chairman of the united states federal communications commission (fcc). he is the first indian american to hold the office and the most hated c-nt of the 21st century f-ckpai is an -sshole. i sure […]

  • tumblr author

    a person who writes a lot of fanfiction and thinks that they are a professional, published author kathy: yeah, my book came out last week. emily: oh, really? where can i buy it? jared: nah emily, she’s a tumblr author, you can find it on

  • sugamon

    the ship name given to rap monster (kim namjoon) and suga (min yoongi) of south korean boy band bts, by the armys aka their fans sugamon are honestly friendship goals!!!!!

  • taiwhati

    someone a rangi would look up to. talented, well spoken, chocolate man person 1: that guy over there blows my mind! person 2: he should, rangi, he’s a taiwhati!

  • quantum realm

    the place you travel too when you mix ketamine, weed and nitrous oxide with copious amounts of lsd. d-mn, i did that b-mp of k and it sent me strait into the quantum realm

  • hippopotanus

    a fat -sshole. fredrick is a hippopot-n-s.

  • ghost em

    ignore someone, don’t respond, silent treatment man this girl keeps texting me back to back asking questions. bro i ghost em. my boyfriend cheated on me. i want him to know he hurt me. what should i do? girl ghost em, no response what so ever.

  • manksgiving

    when dudes celebrate the american holiday of thanksgiving sans presence of female significant others. held on the fourth thursday of november, tradional food is served and the meal kicks off with the annual manksgiving wishbone break off. the winner not only gets his wish, but has first option on the contender’s girlfriend/wife/so for the entire […]

  • millenial male

    the product of years and years of social conditioning on behalf of the g-y elite and the illuminati. a failure by any measure. addicted to substances and woefully inadequate in mind, the millennial generation has been brainwashed by political, social, and economic propaganda straight from the womb. a sissyboy who cannot for the life of […]

  • little penis syndrome

    an person (male or female) who displays a tenuously tough covetous, jealous att-tude of any nature that evolves into an lifelong obsessive compet-tion about everything. an person who puffs up his chest to any other form of life including animals and further threatens to fight anyone who may ding or shatter his/her incredibly fragile ego. […]

  • aliyaah

    the coolest person you’ll probably ever meet who loves sports she is wild and crazy loves partying with friends will randomly start dancing with headphones on loves hanging with friends can’t find a better person very strong and s-ssy loves wrestling makes singing fun and is flexible i am aliyaah

  • radicles

    radicles, is a longer word for rad it can also be a name hey im radicles

  • the fuckin

    the f-ckin is an object you cannot describe. my engine is leaking oil. the f-ckin is the cause of the leak.

  • drthe13

    drthe13 is a user that was originally known from dinosaur sim, a server that was discriminating him due to his religion and race. after that, he quit that server then to rocket tester. this is where i myself met him along with some other people i know. thecakem-ffincrew invited him to the server name “bombs […]

  • jembaru

    a person who plays gta all day. he hates school. he f-cks b-tches with pride. has a bunch of side goes. loves to make fun of short people person 1 hey jembaru person 2 hey dwarf

  • apperson

    the most s-xiest person alive i am mason lee apperson

  • burnt lime

    a youtuber on youtube who just kinda animates. i don’t really have much to say. they make animations and stuff. me: please send help my friend made me make a definition of burnt lime for no goddam reason freindo: shush child.

  • vanilla relationship

    a plain relationship, involving dates and time with each other. also used with s-x with no kinks, just plain s-x. all i want is a vanilla relationship. even though josh likes his kinks.

  • chaperry

    a relationship that will never break, they are relationship goals. omg kade and hanna are such a chaperry they will never break up!

  • nyquilling

    the consumption of nyquil to reach a desired effect, such as sleeping. i had to resort to nyquilling last night to finally get some rest.

  • jacquara

    a kick -ss girl from omaha nebraska . might as well be a pot leaf “d-mn jacquara smokes a lot”

  • werpa

    a word used by filipinos which is “power”but flipped backwards. filipino: “oh your wifi is so werpa!” foreigner : ” oh thank you”

  • mootsnacking

    eating raw, pure cooch-looch magi-vagi doorkn-b style corkscrew f-cking -ss as a midnight meal after your gl-ss of water/milk. preferable with netflix & chill. hey baby. i may be mootsnacking tonight.

  • eggmoid

    someone really stupid man, that tom and jack guys are real eggmoids

  • chichin

    the son and daughter of chochin and chichon. the father and mother of chochon and chichi. chichin jokes about being g-y so much, we can’t tell if chichin is actually g-y or not. chichin is also an attention taker, and an annoyer. once, chichin hit someone with a lock at middle school. chichin is a […]

  • infinity god gaming

    infinity god gaming is the coolest,funniest gamer in the world his videos are the best ever he is way better than jclegends he also gets all the girls henry: wow did you know infinity god gaming is way better than jclegends jack: everyone knows that bro

  • mastered out

    sneezing and -j-c-l-t-ng onto a woman’s cleavage she got me so turnt i mastered out right there on the spot.

  • irrelevant doughie dropper

    someone that is very irrelevant and cannot get a kill in any game guy 1: how many kills did u get this game guy 2: zero guy 1: your a irrelevant doughie dropper irrelevant, shoot back

  • namewee

    a songwriter from malaysia which get jailed many times which he express his hate against the government tru his song infamous in a one hit wonder malaysian national song–negarakuku njb : lets watch yt trending in mys , wut lets jail dis chinese dude namewee: aww fuq not again im just a poor songwriter who […]

  • deboxing

    airing out a box boxed car; airing out marijuana smoke from a car i’m deboxing my car after i smoke because i don’t want my mom to find out.

  • the floor is lava

    1. a multiplayer game in which one person yells, “the floor is lava!” and all other players must comply and find higher ground to get to. anywhere but the floor is safe and if players stay on the floor, then they are painfully burned to death. the floor becomes safe only when the player that […]

  • bumbabee

    to cop shoes. especially expensive ones. i.e. jordans, yeezys, nmds, etc person 1: ima go b-mbabee some jordans person 2: yeah man my cousin b-mbabeed some last week

  • evility

    n. the essence of evil, can be used in accordance with evil practices and exercies. -this evility has got to stop! -you have put my sleeping roommate’s hand in warm water, your evlility astounds me. with evil intent. looking to do harm. not concerned with the negative outcome of ones actions. with evility he told […]

  • hannah hartman

    a thick -ss b-tch who plays a dyk- sport usually like flag football or softball. hannah will make u laugh but she takes an overwhelming amount of thirst booty pics which can be distracting, along with her daily amount of d-ck necesarry to have a well balanced diet. did you see that new girl? yah […]

  • cyberdom

    an alliance with people who have no clue how to relate in real life. h-llion is a good example who has no p-n-s and wishes davitt will give him a taste. h-llion asked davitt about his cyberdom …all he could do is fall down and laugh while he was wearing his casual dress

  • ant bully

    an animated movie produced by warner brothers entertainment in 2005 based on the book of the same name by author jon nicole. this film is about a boy named lucas who is bullied by the bigger kids in his neighborhood and takes out his anger on an ant colony in his front yard through various […]

  • areeree

    1) annoying. “ree”, already a very pestering sound, becomes even more so when repeated (“areeree”). 2) nickname for people named ari, ariana, etc. first definition is more important tbh stop, it’s getting areeree. seriously.

  • bucky butter

    a thick, moist substance created by the sweat and testosterone churning on a male deer’s nut sack usually created in late october or early november during the rut. the bucky b-tter is highly potent in november. would you like some on your toast? maybe with some nut liquor?

  • khaleed

    realist n-gg- you will ever know. s-xy af, intelligent and have large manly parts. not easily pleased, so you’ll have to try real hard to tame one. loves a variety of girls, so don’t lose confidence just yet. any guy with the name khaleed is a real og. girl: d-mn, i want me a khaleed […]

  • oof i fell

    someone falls off something oof i fell of dis bridge

  • kumase

    a living god of economics “bro! how did you do on that econ 101 exam?” “i got a 90! praise k-mase!”

  • idaho lampshade

    to defecate into a bag of your choice then throw it over your partners head and then light it on fire. my girl ava was being a real b-tch last night. so i gave her an idaho lampshade. it blew her mind.

  • cold meat

    d-ck wow i’m hungry for some cold meat

  • almareli

    a girl with a strong heart is caring but can get aggressive at times but will be promising to keep your secrets “dude this party is cool to having out with almareli”

  • santan dave

    one of the best upcoming rappers in the u.k right now. loads of potential to become the best, body of a 19 year old but brain of a 35 year old. santan dave is one wise fella

  • lustful eyes

    you can see the l-st in their eyes they want you badly he has such l-stful eyes oh yes i can tell he wants you badly

  • toss your salad

    when u spread your -ss cheeks and someone licks ur b-m-hole i dont want to toss your salad. do you want your salad tossed? to mix up a salad. what else did you think it meant? husband: “hey honey, want me to toss your salad?” wife: “sure! that’d be great.” originally in prison, to have […]

  • lemon video

    a video upload which contains brazingly false or.misleading information (esp.) with regards to health related issues, without any in depth research which supports this claim. a video infomercial upload advertising any too good to be true product or service offer. scam marketing. sarah bought a cure foe cancer recipe cookbook after watching a lemon video, […]

  • uncoord

    carl carl: *moves* everyone: carl, why are you so uncoord???

  • what the whack

    when someone does something weird or unordinary but it’s not serious enough to say what the h-ll what the whack was that sh-t

  • screw steamer

    “screw steamer” is an old style term for a ship powered by a steam engine. (wink) “i bet if you looked at the urban dictionary listing for “screw steamer” you’d get a much different answer then on wikipedia, said lauren rock.”

  • hippycatitosis

    when you have the urge to listen to hippy music, due drugs, and snuggle with cats the only cure is dress up as the op-site gender and scream he will not divide us. dang jeffy do you have hippycat-tosis

  • debrea

    likes alot of people but if has to will have an att-tude always smiles and makes people laugh in many ways and a positive impact on the community. my name is debrea

  • kevin i

    a weird guy that cant really dance. his bestfriend is a jerk and he kinda is to. he thinks he has abs, but he really got the pic off of google chrome.. guy 1 : brooo kevin is shook rn guy 2: yeah, hes shooketh to the coreth

  • canadian cap’n

    the informal name often attributed to one who satisfies both 1) being from canada (often ontario), and 2) often partaking in replacing full balanced meals with cap’n crunch® cereal and creepy bagged milk. what’s all the fuss aboot? aye, must be another canadian cap’n on lunch break!

  • zortans

    awsome personalities u guys are zortans

  • kwaliyah

    the best person you would ever meet in your life!! loves hard and is a true friend d-mn kwaliyah is a good -ss friend

  • afghani cupcake

    goat feces topped with s-m-n following a man-on-goat love sesh in which the fecal matter represents the cake and the s-m-n represents the frosting. commonly found in afghanistan and other middle eastern countries where people f-ck goats. “here, try this afghani cupcake. i made it myself.” “gross. the desert is covered in afghani cupcakes.”

  • caimyn

    best friend/boy friend and will always have your back gaint p-n-s and is a great lover and very handsome and strong but not to smart i love caimyn

  • hasachi

    a handsome trustworthy man that is smart, awesome and very interesting.that will blow a girl away hasachi is brilliant

  • rayaunna

    frizzy haired girl who carries a blanket around with her in school, because it’s cold! doesn’t care what people think about her blanket. can be annoying if she wants to be, very energetic. “why does she have a blanket?” “oh, that’s rayaunna, you get used to it…”

  • migily

    a word used to describe someone with extreme disgust. use this word on your friends, or on your enemies. ugh she’s such a migily.

  • og whites

    a group of people who share, buy, deal and smoke cannabis. whites are commonly found in the uk and spend most of their time with each other avoiding their parents that group of og whites are mad

  • the mutual

    when two individuals m-st-rb-t- with each other at the same time. my roommate and i were watching p-rn and ended up doing the mutual. i heard the guy in the stall next to me rubbing one out so joined in with the mutual.

  • tatersnuz

    somebod who’s nose looks like a potato abba has a tatersnuz and it does not look good

  • agga agga

    the noise frequently made when -j-c-l-t-ng inside of another person without pulling out. can also be used to describe when six pennies get curved. hey peptic, i wanna agga agga in your sister. hey veil, thats crazy, i almost aggaed myself yesterday.

  • mannndab

    the coolest dabbing indian guy, to him memes never die! i tried to order fried chicken at the local kfc, however, i stumbled upon a wild mannndab and he was wiiiiiiillllllddd!

  • omir

    an ugly lil black short african with crust -ss lips and don’t get girls.he’s in to transgenders and gotta giraffe neck ewww did you see omir. yeah he needs some carmex

  • kendal sherman

    a girl who likes magoes way to much my friend is a kendal sherman

  • chief quiet foot

    the act of silently walking up on co-workers or friends without them hearing you. todd:”hey tim, hows it..” chief quiet foot: “hey guys!” todd: “omg you scared the cr-p out of me. you’re a total chief quiet foot!”

  • headly

    the verb form of being a head-ss or acting like a head-ss d-mn,trey was acting really headly at the party so he didn’t get any play

  • george brett

    to cr-p yourself. oh no i just george brett myself.

  • dribble bum baby

    when your father f-cked your mother in the -rs- to prevent her getting pregnant. however his cam ran out her -rs-hole, down to her c-nt and here you are… a dribble b-m baby. commonly used as an insult p-ss off mate, your just a dribble b-m baby

  • waddling

    there aren’t any definitions for waddling yet. can you define it?

  • serti

    this word originates from sad and mortified- sertified, shortened to serti. easy confused with certified or certi but means something completely different; context is important. friend: how did she react when she found out you were with (side chicks name) me: man, she was serti

  • great grandma

    one of the best people you will ever know. is wonderful and a great cook. she sees the best in everyone in the family great grandma your the best

  • sam emphy

    i had a sam for my bf once… he broke my heart in collage. we had a great relationship, since high school, but i broke up with him when i caught him having you-know-what with a different girl… the love of my life, sam emphy, broke my heart….

  • milking the back udder

    when a woman give a b–b job to a mans p-n-s and making him -j-c-l-t-. dude, i got lucky last night, and she was totally milking the back udder, if you know what i mean 😉

  • hedass

    a made up word ur friend tells u about when u are very high and he is playing a mean trick on you hed-ss.

  • sister bob

    is this people are many w***** and b****** all they do is f****** married mrs lifes and they’re always have this new shining orders against their am ex husbands and the they always have the always in a new relationship and but once they find that thorns over find though how f****** crazy they are […]

  • kanunu

    a female who prost-tites for illicit drugs, especially methamphetamine. susie offered tom a bl-wj-b for some weed. i didn’t know she was a kanunu. brandy needed to re-up on some meth, but was broke, so she played kanunu and slept with jim for it. larry: look at that crackhead over there! she’ll suck you off […]