• wikipedia choose your own adventure

    noun. when you find a concept that a person who is brilliant wrote, that you don’t understand. you open the wikipedia article about that concept, and open tabs in your browser for all of the links in that wikipedia article that you also don’t understand. eventually, you have 25 tabs open and you hit the […]

  • ttet

    tyler hulec = ttet = tyler touches emmas t-ts tyler your ttet.

  • malgus

    noun what you get when a man mates with or f-cks a horse. malgus is….. interesting

  • patrosity

    the utter smell of cow sh-t and dead plants. commonly used in northern colorado. that smell is pure patrosity!

  • shahyar

    strong ,powerful and fearless n-body can scare him hurt him he may get hurt but he will stand up and he would fight back rich and hot this boy is always gonna be trustworthy he wont lie shahyar is the bomb out here omg he is so rich and hot dammm shahyar originated from the […]

  • kason

    kasons are funny, cute and very active people. kasons are the guy you wish you were with. they can always make you feel good about yourself and can get any girl they want. kasons are total ladys men! eny girl who meets them is always head over heels right away. girl 1: ” have you […]

  • sausage dunder

    a fat man that has a low iq. that 15 year old sausage dunder just failed 5th grade again.

  • groopdealz

    have an expensive taste but not so big of a bank account? groopdealz can help! groopdealz is a website where you can buy from small shops and boutiques at discounted prices. so you can have the latest style without breaking the bank! i saw a deal on groopdealz for 50% a new outfit!

  • noodle duck

    a duck that eats noodles noodles are a staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. “look at that noodle duck!” “im a noodle duck”

  • pecking corn

    when someone is falling asleep and their head starts bobbing up and down like their a chicken pecking at corn on the ground. coach smith noticed his student falling asleep during cl-ss and he threw a tennis ball at him and asked him to stop pecking corn in his cl-ss.

  • ranksgiving turkey

    the person who farts, or stinks up the bathroom on thanksgiving. the ranksgiving perpetrator. bobo let a huge fart rip in the kitchen at the family thanksgiving. what a ranksgiving turkey!

  • kearne

    cool dud woah that guy is some kearne

  • a lot of things

    “a lot of things” a way of saying you like something or someone in a s-xual way. a code for funny business or pervy fun. “i’ll tell you a lot of things after i touch you!”

  • the mcqueen

    while the girl is giving the man a “bl-w j-b”, start making the sound of a car engine and once she asks why you are making that sound yell “kachow” and shove your p-n-s down her throat. “man i gave my girl the mcqueen last night, she choked on my d-ck.” “have you ever done […]

  • safeerah

    a bad b-tch who is a f-cking queen and deserves the whole world cuz she’s one in a million safeerah…

  • jebbler

    jebbler is a play on the words “jeb-end” meaning the end of a p-n-s and “gobbler” meaning one who consumes voraciously. it can be used to describe literally a m-ssive end of a p-n-s that consumes lots of food or, more often, an overweight dude who is a proper c-ck who you might define as […]

  • basic white thot

    your typical white girl who wears leggings or super tight jeans who will always look down on people who are not theyre next f-ck, most play one of these sports, cheerleading, volleyball, or soccer. the basic white thot should be avoided, they will most likely talk to tons of boys while in a relationship. john […]

  • second-worst

    the second worst thing in existence. my mother is the second-worst thing in existence because she moaned when i hugged her.

  • emelie lyons

    a california girl (me) who likes starbucks and soccer omg! i am such an emelie lyons right now

  • archisext

    a s-xting architect. johnny sat down, pulled out his phone, took a picture of his dong , and began archis-xting. he liked golfing with the guys, but not as much as much as he liked the thought of lloyd wright’s stained gl-ss and p-ssy.

  • dogsoft

    really g-y overrated transformice e2 cafer cafer 1: get the f-ck off my topic you g-y cafer 2: yo thats dogsoft what the f-ck u doin bro shes so sweet f-ck u

  • friden

    a mispelling of friend. “ hey friden, how are you doing?” “do you mean friend?” “oh yeah sorry, i was texting in a hurry.”

  • uncle cam

    stoner drunk loser punk douchebag did you see uncle cam in the pot store yesterday?

  • r taylor

    s-xy rat 🐀 loves diet pepsi and gets more b-m than a sweedish model on new year’s eve, freshly shaved and arm wrestling champ after defeat of raining champ liam pef. r taylor i want you

  • lacass

    mean heartless woman that don’t care about hurting others as long as she gets d-ck that girl is such a lac-ss

  • eldrian

    eldrian he is good at sports and everyone loves him. he is single help him get a cute girlfriend eldrian is good at sports.

  • ivye

    ivye a beautiful adventurous girl. with a small great group of friends. she is always up to something. ivye has a decently long brown hair and pretty blue eyes. ivye has a great sense of humor and will always make u laugh. she is altheic. she is easy to talk to about ur problems she’s […]

  • jack sock

    a sock used for the purposes of masturbation, often found hardened and flaking, stuffed down the side of the bed in a teenage boy’s room. also the unfortunate name of a us professional tennis player. not to be confused with jock sack, a scotsman’s ball bag. “that guy’s name is jack sock??!!”

  • dillon michael boyle

    best person in the world and a loving friend!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i love dillon michael boyle

  • weird noises

    1. animal noises coming from your parents room 2. unusual sounds “i heard weird noises coming from mom and dads room, it sounded like they were wrestling, so i said go dad”

  • quit jawing about it

    old west..stop quiet about it..shut the f-ck up!.. check this sh-t out n-gg-!.quit jawing about it and go over there and meet here

  • dobbington

    a “dobbington” is where a student mainly in california “train jumps” which means to illegally jump on to trains and get transported elsewhere. dobbington also means if you have the surname dobbs, people are allowed to jump on your back and pretend to dry hump you. dude we are totally gonna give him a “dobbington” […]

  • god and anime

    the ultimate power don’t f-ck with me! i’ve got the power of god and anime on my side

  • ride warrior

    someone who has the b-lls to conquer their worst fear of roller coasters. guy 1: you did it! by riding one of he biggest roller coasters, you’re officially a ride warrior!!! guy 2: h-ll yeah!!!

  • redflagdeal

    a person who frequents redflagdeals, a canadian site that focuses on deals, and displays characteristics suggestive of being stingy and a troll. don’t be such a mister redflagdeal.

  • darolle

    low key pretty when she is in her own lane with no judgement very hard to understand in a way people think of her as a shy person but she really isn’t she gets judged as some lame on gun person but when she is with her friend she is the happiest in the works […]

  • poop that

    when you don’t like something or think something’s wrong you would say p–p that teacher: you failed the test and you have to do it again you: what!!!! i have to do the stupid test again!!!! p–p that

  • pizza daddy

    a sugar daddy who just gives you pizza -ugh i’m so baked i want pizza -don’t worry i’ll call my pizza daddy a s-x addicted male who chooses to make sweet love to hungry women, and after feeds them pizza to complete their -rg-sm. omg becky i found myself a pizzadaddy!

  • munitz

    the last name of a man with the biggest c-ck ever seen in man kind. they are insanely cool, and will f-ck you up if you talk sh-t to them. don’t talk sh-t to them. also they will f-ck your b-tch, so don’t leave them alone if you know a munitz is around. jesus your […]

  • kalijha

    someone who calls themseld the greatest of all time / goat im kalijha

  • van gogh’s paint brush

    the secretion soaked, cylindrical acc-mulation of pubic hair at the bottom of the scr-t-m, which exists as a result of very sloppy oral s-x, that paints the receivers forehead or chin with their own saliva throughout the s-xual encounter. usually occurs during midwest water torture. i was attempting to write my name on her forehead […]

  • mcmeekin

    a great athelete, who’s really hot, and every girl wants one is that jaden mcmeekin, yeah, woah he’s so hot, i want a mcmeekin.

  • twintertime

    a combination of the word “wintertime” and the word” twinkle” which refers to the feeling that one would have upon witnessing the holiday lights as they reflect upon the ice and snow of the winter season. she was experiencing twintertime as she stepped outside christmas eve night.

  • oil nuts

    where you f-ck a girl in the -ss long enough to where her -ss leaks on your b-lls bro1: bro i f-cked her -ss to long i got oil nuts bro2: wtf bro that nasty

  • penard cocker

    a dirty dirty little s-x pest that will f-ck your nan and dad in the same afternoon. usually their names begin with a, b, c or l, but never lee. those lads are proper penard c-ckers tell ya.

  • niggy stick

    short wooden bat primarily used to knock out fish, but also to defend yourself from n-gg-rs. i had to use my niggy stick to beat an angry n-gg-r the other night.

  • tyquia

    she is intelligent and she is trust worthy and someone you can count on and she independent tyquia can handle her own

  • wugaboo

    when you are so emotionally, mentally, physically, drained and unstable that you find yourself to be lost in your own mind unable to speak coherently and stand on your own without the support of a good friend group you should have seen lauren last night man, she was going full wugaboo on us.

  • bispen

    attension wh-r-/hypocrite -made by blackmine fan: i love you bispen: f-ck you

  • hate has no home here

    popular slogan seen mostly on lawn signs that are popping up all over the place, including and especially on the front yards of trump hating moonbats “hate has no home here,” said the dogged trump hater without any trace of irony in his voice

  • hunter herzog

    someone who chucks fat clouds while getting d-cked in the -ss. also may buy speakers and play them at full volume to compensate for his tiny p-n-s “dude thats a dope vape… wait. are you hunter herzog?”

  • streadl

    a guy who wears his hat backwards and blocks the sun from getting in his eyes with his hand, a typical douche bag that guy is such a streadl!

  • neck bliss

    a neck bliss is the very ends of the lumps when you crinkle the back of your neck “f-ck you b-tch you get no respek-bliss thats why hop is coming for your neck bliss” ill by the hopson 8 neck bliss:end of the lumps when you crinkle the back of your neck you get no […]

  • devils elbow

    a meth/crack cocaine pipe. yea mate i was h-ttin the devils elbow and p-ssed out on the louge

  • bum brownie

    feces. my mom’s dog eats its own b-m brownies.

  • dusty waterfall

    in the climactic stages of oral shaft pleasures at the top of a well padded staircase, an older male(70+) pulls the shaft out of said face hole and proceeds to swiftly jump kick partner down the staircase while -j-c-l-t-ng in mid air. this action should gain enough force to hit your partner as they fall […]

  • trumpcorcist

    a type of exorcist that specializes in dealing with people who have been possessed by donald trump. they had to call in a trumpcorcist to handle the situation.

  • sorahan

    sorahan is a beast in slippers. ‘that lad’s such a sorahan’

  • dannii and taso

    dannii and taso are the definition of a beautiful relationship that will stay forever they will never leave because they love each other too much dannii and taso are the goals there relationship is such a “dannii and taso”.

  • zothuro

    being a pain in the -ss all the time, does pleb moves at times, s-ssy as f-ck, basically, a kid who makes corny jokes and inappropriate ones. that kid is doing a zothuro

  • shaggs

    like saying “yea right” or “sike” or “gas” or deadin or playin sum1 me: yo ma niqqah i just cut ma hair you: dead-ss me: sh-ggs or yo son ju lookin dumm fresh…sh-ggs or me: yooo ju noe ju want me you: sh-ggs to sike or kidd, via play with someone. a slang word for […]

  • fagucci

    a g-y lad wearing gucci “oi mate look at that f-gucci

  • charityselfer

    a person who works behind the scenes in a thrift shop or charity outlet, who vets donations for self gain before the public. or a person who is buying charity donations and purposely grabs a item that you picked up and put down as they think there’s money to be made in it. excuse me […]

  • indenial stalker

    a person who tries to be secretive about stalking, however, they make it obvious to everyone that they stalked a person. they will try to talk their way out it in any way, whether they have to make something up, or they make themselves the innocent one. stalker: *sends a picture of the street a […]

  • marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert de motier de lafayette

    an amazing frenchbread and aristocat who fought in the american revolutionary war. he is by far the best frenchbread of history. don’t discriminate the french breads! camilla: who’s marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert de motier de lafayette? me: the most amazing aristocat and frenchbread! camila:….

  • fapping god

    a piece of sh-t i know a fapping god.

  • helmet popper

    when your girl will only let you put the tip in, and you slip past the helmet and pull back out. last night i gave my girlfriend a helmet popper.

  • lambiino

    the former owner of the houston aeros of the junior hockey league. known for his choking and his 0-5 record in the cup finals, losing multiple cups straight. don’t pull a lambiino and choke this lol

  • chucha chunk

    a cute chubby person you such a chucha chunk

  • daniel newton

    snake daniel newton is a snake

  • eyoub

    there aren’t any definitions for eyoub yet. can you define it?

  • browie

    browie meanings brother, brosepth, bro, habib etc hey browie is our food here yet?

  • meatcuck

    one who insists on cucking their health, environment and moral integrity to the meat industry look at that fat c-nt struggling to walk up the stairs, i bet he’s a meatcuck

  • lesbisexual

    being bis-xual, but more attracted to females. i’m lesbis-xual because in attracted to both male and female genders, but more into females.

  • canibyed

    when a person or animal sh-ts thrn p-sses and pukes in the same place. the f-cking dig canibyed again

  • saneja

    saneja is the most beatuiful girl on this planets she is so smart and sweet she has the biggest b-tt,small b–bs,and sometimes has wordrobe malfunctions in public places like school or stores every guy should want her and if she tells you she loves you then be happy becuase she might really mean it she […]

  • haley soto

    she is the nicest person to meet! she can make your day even better then in was in just a few seconds. the most beautiful person in the world with a strong last name as soto. you should never let her down or reject her kindness for everyone will not have the motivation from her. […]

  • pure fuel

    lean or any alcoholic drink whats in this? pure fuel!!!

  • kurian

    the most littest last name anyone can ever have.only the cool people have this last name.everybody likes a kurian so don’t hate. that’ boy is a kurian for sure because he is litttt.

  • karolyne

    a s-xy, witty girl. very unique, and mixed, can speak different languages whether it just be two or three or even four! brunette and brown eyes. kind and stubborn. respectful and dearing . outstanding. seems innocent but really isn’t, very dirty. shy but out-there. hard worker and constantly strives for the best. and absolutely positively […]

  • jesse gonzalez

    super amazing guy. he’s sweet, funny, caring, cute/hot, lovable, playful, and a bit of a trouble-maker. he has pretty eyes, and he says some of the sweetest things in the world. he’s unique. he always knows how to make you smile or laugh, and can definitely cheer you up when your down. he’s very trust-worthy, […]

  • spirat

    a f-g whom makes fun of other f-gs but is the supreme f-g. also like to f-ck all the hoes and b-tches while praying in a church person a: god that guy is such a f-cking spirat person b: ikr, he’s f-cking someone during communion

  • candle lighting

    meth let me do some candle lighting.

  • choach & chops

    when a man can only grow sideburns not long enough to touch the chin hair. “yo, did you see todd can finally grow a full beard? it’s not just choach & chops!!” sometimes manuel cries because he can only grow choach & chops.

  • donald trumps gayyyy

    donald trumps g-yyyy he’s really g-y a person who hates donald trump: donald trumps g-yyyy that extremely g-y looking b-st-rd! someone who doesn’t know who donald trump is: ok that’s your opinion.

  • poison sting

    it is where you go up to someones back and thrust with a b-n-r i use poison sting on her back its super effctive

  • lenya

    a very bubbly person, and so beautiful. caring too. she gets a lot of attention, but she doesn’t even realize it, which is something amazing about her. she’s sometimes in her own little world, and everyone wants to be a part of that. she’s innocent and always seems happy. cute and tiny. pinching her lovely […]

  • australian nickel

    a punch to the face. (five fingers in a fist) you better shut your mouth before i give you an australian nickel!

  • shmegular

    the female version of being regular without being consider basic something you do all the time im just being regular shmegular like any other day

  • you dont have to be lonely at farmers only dot com

    a dating website created for lonely farmers, who apparently we city folks just don’t get. you dont have to be lonely at farmers only dot com! them city folks just don’t get it.

  • chug water

    a slang term for whiskey. grant: hey what’s going on with mike? he’s totally wasted! connor: the man had too much of the chug water!

  • vocalot

    a genuinely nice streamer on twitch, he’s a variety streamer but horror is his main genre. fred: dude you know that guy vocalot? satan: yea dude

  • keshyra

    a ugly dumb -ss b-tch that gets mad for everything i am a keshyra i am always mad

  • nut heat

    nut heat is best defined as covering with a blanket from the waist down and being forced to remove the blanket as the “nut heat” is too overwhelming. body heat but in the nuts. d-mn, i was tossing and turning all night cause of nut heat

  • yu-an huang

    a guy with a huge d-ck and is a even bigger one himself. stupid idiot that thinks he is good at thing he plays whether its sports games or jacking off. yu-an huang doesn’t know how to play sh-t

  • occasional furniture

    basically, it’s furniture that is used all the f-cking while. wife: hey honey shall we use the occasional furniture table tonight for dinner? husband: you mean that table we’ve used every night since we got it?

  • double dinosaur

    a three way with two old guys she went to the retirement home and got a double dinosaur last night.

  • sweet-a-leet

    someone that you care for in a romantic way. it can be a boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife. it can be equal to a main boo but in some cases more than a main boo. this person is a romantic ride or die. tim: man you sure are lucky. teresa is a wonderful […]

  • big crack

    large split in -n-s i ate his big crack

  • got a nigga

    when a homie drops a favor for a n-gg-. i was finna blast my nut in that b-tch but my man johnson got a n-gg- and finished me off before i creamed that booty.

  • oppotits

    any man or woman with enough body m-ss, or inadvertent medical condition, which forces a “breast like” presence on the backside of their upper torso. back b–bs hey? did you see the twin brother and sister near the hot dog tent at six flags with the oppot-ts? both of them appeared to have b–bs on […]

  • stone bro

    a bloke who thinks skyrim is overrated and cant spell. riley: yo did you play skyrim last night jezza: yeah dude skyrim is amazing *stone bro comes out of nowhere* liam: skirem as ovaretad!!!! everyone: f-ck off you stone bro!!!!

  • deezel

    a sweet loving dog who is very smart and handsome. a beautiful mix. i love deezel, he is a sweet kind hearted puppy who loves kissing people.

  • nathan oreo

    the most autistic kid in the entire world. you look like a nathan oreo!

  • jealous loner

    -sshole who criticizes everyone else’s relationship just because they are alone and ugly inside and out. tony “mike let’s hang out tonight” mike “can’t going out with my girlfriend” tony “that’s weak” mike “you are just a jealous loner”

  • research roast

    whenever a kid cant directly roast you so he does a bunch of research he might say it was easy but in reality it was hard and he roast you for whatever he got from his research sheep: better not anger me or i’ll research roast your -ss

  • groaning

    sounds that come from people that are having s-x, moaning and groaning are really simalar. tom was groaning so loud when cristi yanked his d-ck hard.

  • shatty fatty

    when you are a lactose intolerant,ice cream loving fat man. i am a shatty fatty.

  • girth storm

    a very inflated p-n-s. wow hes got a girth storm in his pants!

  • denippling

    a form of population control. they began denippling mothers in the movie tears of the sun to keep them from feeding their kids. denippling is also called involuntary mastectomy by some people.

  • whimpanda

    a whimpanda is a person who offers bl-wj-bs to every person they come across. amanda is a real whimpanda, she keeps offering me bl-wj-bs!

  • driving nigga

    a friend you drive around with and just ride. friend~ hey you wanna be my driving n-gg-? me~sure lets go ride around this b-tch

  • tounge restling

    makeeoutttt witthh touuunnngeeeee man i want to tounge restling with her

  • janyth

    a very sweet and kind hearted female. always does for others because that’s what truely makes her happy. she never gives up. janyth has a very beautiful curvy shape wow janyth how r u so pretty and smart!!?!

  • tajanai

    a beautiful girl, with short hair and a smile that can brighten anyone’s day. she has a crazy personality, is outgoing, and a risk taker tajanai is a really cool girl. she trippy af. #crazy#pretty#hood#ghetto#fuuny tajanai is amazing you should get yourself a tajanai

  • estfanos

    an awesome n-gg-, that f-cks b-tches. girls like to jump on him all the time. this n-gg- is so muscular and doesn’t like white people. i would want to be like estfanos

  • ozdogan

    a small d-cked creature who dwells under rocks but only if there are not rocks. three vestigial tails but hates veggie tales doesn’t eat sugar but loves sugar by maroon 5 holy sh-t that ozdogans beak is magnificent

  • viking deepthroat

    when vikings pillage you’re house and smash you’re -ss while shoving a mace down your throat villager:please no more viking deepthroat viking: no mercy! no b-tt plugs!

  • hot dog polisher

    someone who loves sucking hot dogs as in p-n-sis. jose wanting off work early and ask the boss. joke ly i said go polish his hot dog and may be you will get off work early jose is the biggest hot dog polisher we have.

  • gingerection

    a) an erection one gets when s-xually aroused by gingers (redheads) b) an erection one gets when aroused by ginger (the root) “man, just thinking of amy adams gives me the biggest gingerection” “whenever i eat ginger with sushi, my gingerection goes through the roof”

  • shausty

    adjective: when a person gives off vibes of being effortlessly “hot” and dope. edwin is popular with the ladies because he is so shausty.

  • misma

    an aura of poison gas carried around by a sad and angry person. a sad and angry person carries an aura of poisoned gas around with them and when stops near others releases a “misma” causing a total change in the atmosphere of the place. she is very beautiful and caring and always loves to […]

  • how u dey

    this simply means “how are you”? hey how u dey?

  • rohan kapur

    a thirteen-year-old child with the biggest d-ck ever. usually, a social outcast and has minimal friends. but his d-ck is 7 1/2 inches long and will obliterate everything around him. hey, you know james has a 6-inch d-ck? not a “rohan kapur” sized d-ck, but decent.

  • dummy chot

    to be a dummy chot is to be a complete f-cking moron. if someone calls you a “dummy chot” it means they -ssume your iq is lower than a single brick. john : you see randy over there? i heard he got a 17% on the test. georgina : god that guy’s such a dummy […]

  • dalitria

    a young talented girl whose thick , and always in style. all she loves to do is eat. she’s also very pretty and holds her mouth for no one. look at dalitria with her thick -ss .

  • grant herbert

    the best soccer player in the world! enough said… grant herbert is better than ronaldo.

  • new gcses

    evidence of how dimwitted the government is – that is the people who we’re supposed to trust to run our country. they are essentially gcses but made harder for no good reason like when in real life would you have to work out some scientific equation but not have the necessary formulas accessible? (science) who […]

  • amoosing

    the act of mixing the words “amazing” and “moo” to typically used to describe a dracc–n. did you hear lizzie say “amoosing”?

  • soviet prussia

    another name for east germany during the cold war not to be confused with soviet russia in soviet prussia you do not ride bikes,bikes ride you!

  • serenity sanchez

    a breed of c-ckroach with a mole and very related to a witch and cr-ps sh-t out of the mouth serenity sanchez is a b-tch

  • da-shayna

    nice,kind,and really helpful with people\animals one of the bestfriends you will ever have in the world and she is really pretty.and dresses really really really nice and she is a caring person:) some one:hey da-shayna da-shayna:hey

  • samiaing

    samiaing is when a person proceeds with extra caution whe preforming simple daily tasks and intensely freaking out when the plan to proceed with caution fails for example if you are skating on an ice rink and uncontrollable panick and overuse safety you have successfully done a samia (and have also manage to attract everyone […]

  • jekel

    a kill -ss rapper, very tall dude, never cheats on a girl, the boy can dance and he is funny bad!!! hey, jekel wanna come watch netflix? b-tch bye!

  • homonazier

    a very hot ,s-xy g-y man that attracts other g-y guys only for a h-m- douchebag. dude brian took home two twinks last night ! ahhh….he’s such a h-m-n-z-er

  • joe alwyn

    joe alwyn is a british actor famously known for being so gorgeous it actually hurts… buy reputation by taylor swift including songs about joe alwyn and how he is fit like a daydream…

  • katyria

    a women who never gives up on anything and will fight for what’s best. she chooses family first over anything even friends just to show she’s committed. katyria will always be by my side.

  • kahaani

    kahaani is a small girl, with a nice body. kahaani is very s-xy without knowing it, and likes to have fun. at the end of the day kahaani is still smart and nice. that girl is perfect. she must be a kahaani.

  • meme zero

    used to refer to the initial creation or origin point of a meme first person: hey look at this funny cat video secondp: omg this cat is awesome thirdp: is this meme zero? firstp: no, this is photoshopped in, meme zero is from a youtube video

  • gold leader

    a guy who thinks he’s the best thing in the world (gold) and is the head of a highly effective team of motivated and attractive individuals (leader). he is held in a positive light, with begrudging respect to his humor and addiction to certain substances. oli: “good work gold leader” gl: “oi f-ck off ey”

  • sofishtication

    when you think you’re fancy but you can’t pr-nounce sophistication and you’re drumk. b-tch, this dinner makes us sofishtication.

  • saggy boobsicles

    when an old woman has saggy b–bs and she has oral s-x her nipples will tend to get hard honey get those saggy b–bsicles over here. now

  • itywtmiybmad

    i’ll tell you what this means if you buy me a drink! sign : itywtmiybmad customer: what does that sign mean? bar tender: i’ll tell you what this means if you buy me a drink!

  • spilling milk

    1. to c-m inside of the v-g-n- in most cases by accident and it’s a strong possibility that you need to buy the female a plan b or other forms of pregnancy guidance. 2. to supersoak a female with your c-m “d-mn it was so good last night. she got me out here spilling milk”

  • bun cuff

    the crease made between the -ss cheeks and upper back thigh. man natty has the nicest bun cuff i have ever seen…

  • svtfoe

    a show, wether you like it or not, it’s just short for star vs the forces of evil, (i like it…) person 1) hey do you watch svtfoe? person 2) wtf is that?

  • leuart

    a guy with a f-ckable d-ck that guy is a leuart.

  • kennile

    a name for a strong man making girls wet kennile made me wet last night.

  • tododeku

    “tododeku” is a pairing in the anime called “boku no hero academia” (or if you’re dumb asf, my hero academia) the shipping is between todoroki shoto and midoriya izuku. it is by far the most popular ship in the series. let’s just hope it becomes canon someday. person: hey, what do you think of tododeku? […]

  • double decker dick

    when two men grab their own d-cks and pull them back opposite of each other and release at the same time. this releasing a shockwave. david and gery did a double decker d-ck and now their in a coma.

  • i love you with all my everything

    what it means??? i love you with all my everything. i love you with all my everything.

  • dangergun

    an autistic n-gg-r called dangergun has no b-lls and is retarted on discord a dangergun is a dumb -ss cuck lord with no life

  • havona

    a very intelligent girl when she is willing to try. often a couch potato except when it comes to basketball. havona is funny but very judging. if you ever come across her in a conflict walk your -ss away. i wish i could be like havona. havona is my spirit animal.

  • link and build

    link and build mean to join together and create music. it comes from the youtube video ‘when the clout attacks’, and they refer to ‘link and build’ in this, as the boy created a soundcloud beat and wanted the other two to create another with him. josie- ‘yo charlie, wanna link and build on soundcloud.’ […]

  • midnight cipher

    a girl who tries really hard to make good art but fails miserably (who is also obsessed with ezio auditore from -ss-ssins creed) oh my god, midnight cipher,stop it

  • meagan (n.)

    meat-eating-vegans server: do you have any dietary restrictions? laarni: yes! i’m a meagan (n.) !

  • zeeebo

    a jevon carter who is a nitty brandon: yo jevon you’re such a zeeebo jevon: i’m g-y:)

  • oddsees

    oddsees -noun. unusual events seen in times of air pollution and global warming azaleas blooming in winter ,active mosquito larvae under ice are oddsees.

  • bruesli

    bruesli’s are very rare. very beautiful girl who has a special way of attracting guys. extremely flirty and kind. they can either be your n-gg- or you wife. appreciate her yo idk but i really like bruesli but that’s like my manz

  • lachauntay

    a young beautiful girl / who is loyal , awesome , brave , annoying ,smart , loving and caring , weird , all of the above . lachauntay is so gorgeous .

  • fat zacky

    a large man with a mullet who always wears a hat and will never take it off to the point where he got hospitalised to get his hat remove while his parent was fishing at 12 at night random guy: hey fat zack let me take your hat fat zacky: rages fat guy with a […]

  • roxanna pilar carriel

    there aren’t any definitions for roxanna pilar carriel yet. can you define it?

  • sneh

    the epitome of brawn’s, s-xy, and intelligence. omg shankuntal, look at that guy over there. he is so sneh! emotions, qualities, feelings, experiences, anything that belongs to or relates to a platonic love relationship. a sweet feeling when you know you are in love with no expectations from your end. you just want to give […]

  • scooch-da-looch

    when you move closer to a person in order to lick their elbow and they turn around right when you are in the middle of the lick. dude did you see the guy do the scooch-da-looch on the subway.

  • cunt shaming

    publicly calling a person a c-nt because they are a low life of which you have no more reason to communicate with them. to verbally abuse someone by stating a fact by calling them a c-nt. i c-nt shamed him and left the bar. i couldn’t take it any more as she was c-nt shaming […]

  • nasman

    complete wasteman can’t get any one nasman can’t get any girls

  • nut nutty

    when something unexpected, surprising, or crazy happens during -j-c-l-t–n. sh-t got real nut nutty last time i jacked off, here’s what happened………

  • rectal implosion

    (verb) an act occurring when the rectal cavity becomes tightened to the point of immense pressure and the digestive system implodes ethan suffered a rectal implosion yesterday. there was rectal plasm everywhere.

  • hairy bat

    a long schl-ng covered in ingrown hairs. person: hey man how’s your hairy bat? person: good a lot of the hairs are falling off!”

  • david jimenez

    david jimenez is the hottest motherf-cker in the game. everybody loves his hair, and them hazel eyes on point. he can be serious when necessary, but wild af too. he will never f-ck your sh-t up and is loyal as f-ck. great -ss kisser, give it a try. also, diugh game? ha! y’all got no […]

  • taily wacker

    an small uncirc-mcised p-n-s resembling that of a turkeys i heard that f-cker has a taily wacker

  • daddys donation

    a free giveaway, of seeds of life, from any willing male for a females pleasure. wow, sean gave me daddys donation all over my face last night.

  • transfagbian

    a term used to describe someone that’s confused about their gender and s-xual preferences at the same time. most of these individuals are delusional, brainwashed vegans that haven’t consumed an adequate amount of vitamin b12. unfortunately, the condition is irreversible. the transf-gbians work hard at vegan and discourage eating dead flesh and chicken periods. drinking […]

  • astinguished

    when you grab a bird and stretch its neck out so that it honks when it yells. i took my pet bird jerry to the vet to get astinguished.

  • planksgiving

    thanksgiving on a pirate ship. bobo drank a gallon of rum and tried to start a mutiny this planksgiving, so the captain made him stumble the plank.

  • elmahdi

    biggest d-ck around, period. can kick anybody’s -ss, even mayweather. super cool, and suck a cupresun in one suck. elmahdi is super cool, bro i can’t even get at his level

  • fazwaz

    fazwaz is a good vibe or a good feeling. its an amazing feeling you have when everything is going perfect! im feeling fazwaz today!

  • kaajah

    a nice young girl that every loves. she’s sweet, confindent, and nice everyone loves her. your so kaajah

  • potato gang

    a group of 3 people who celebrate holidays such as cowboy christmas, cowboy halloween, and cowboy valentine’s day. overly fond of smiley fries. the potato gang is overly excited about cowboy thanksgiving.

  • shuckability

    the ease of which clothes can be shucked or removed. when purchasing a dress it’s important to consider the shuckability of the dress.

  • actively alive

    to be alive for a consecutive amount of time without dying you are actively alive right now.

  • shclover

    ugly, uninteresting little idiot. my friend greg is a shclover

  • becklyn

    becklyn is a beautiful and nice girl. she will live up to her destiny even if she has to take the the long road to get there. becklyn hates any boy, but she loves her dad even if she has one. becklyn will fight even to get any thing she wants but if she has […]

  • no aade

    when a girl says “no aade”, she doesn’t actually mean “no aade”, get your sh-t together boy no aade, i don’t get jealous of her or anything.

  • moto boat

    when you use your mouth to blow air in the -n-s of a femal or male. i caint wait to moto boat my girl friend tonight.

  • evan and ciara

    the absolute worst couple to ever be matched up in the history of bad couples omg look at evan and ciara i swear they should just break up

  • powerful pex

    a b-boyone in a million (breakdancer) with strong pecs muscles term the word phrase slang urban word from (pecs to pex) defined moves with 2 or 3 difficult moves combing to make a power moves. man powerful pex can still do powermills with dam he fresh. man powerful pex floats are fast and better than […]

  • white sprinkle

    when a women/man has 4 or less men -j-c-l-t- on her/his body she got a white sprinkle by 4 men

  • brayle

    brayle is usually tall, dark hair, very nice, funny, and really sweet to others. he is very nice and gentle. he makes friends really easily. his humor is great. he’s a pretty boy, and has a great smile. he loves sports and is chill asf. is the popular kid at school. usually has dimples and […]

  • depaul catholic hs

    a place where juul is cool and legends are made. real ogs go to depaul, and only the weak transfer out. the best of the best. only downside are the teachers who make you wanna kill yourself. legends and og go to depaul catholic hs and all they do is juul

  • snot boxer

    a typically young kid who wipes their nose with their whole fist tom: do you see those little kids with runny noses? jerry: yea, what a bunch of snot boxers.

  • woman wrapper

    a nigerian term denoting a male whose actions and ideas are geared towards gaining the approval and/or affection of females. john: that charles guy told sarah what we did in boys’ hostel yesterday. mark: charles na woman wrapper i swear. he will do anything for girls to give him attention.

  • load hoagie

    a hoagie roll full of a man’s love nectar. may include other meats and cheeses. i fed that wh-r- a load hoagie. she loved it.

  • lash and dash

    when you get your eyelash extensions and forget to pay for them. you are not being a responsible client if you “lash and dash” your eyelash stylist.

  • snow wog

    a term used to refer to migrants from northern european, eastern european, nordic, baltic and scandinavian countries and their descendants. dude 1: “i thought we was aussie ’till he started speaking with that rusky accent and drinking vodka” due 2: ‘what, he’s a snow wog?” dude 1: “yep – straight up crazy snow wog!” girl […]

  • get with that fool fight to shoot or stab start confrontation hey cousin there’s that guy that’s been talking sh-t about you. go get with that fool!

  • sushi play

    when you put a piece af sushi in her v-g-n-(maybe a nice maguro) and try to use only your mouth to get it out in one piece. hey john how about sushi play tonight? h-ll yeah, you know i’ll get that sh-t out in one piece amy.

  • passivities

    any way you chose to spend your time that does not require much physical movement. synonym: netlfix and chill. antonym: activity person a: i strained my hamstring working out. person b: oh man that’s a b-mmer! i gave up being active years ago and got into p-ssivities more. i’ve become quite good at netflix and […]

  • smeeple

    similar to the definition of yeet. it is used as an exclamatory claim in the beginning as an interjection, mid sentence when nothing else can be said, and to finish off one in an unsure manner. or if you truly wish, just saying it aloud is quite funny, or whispering it into a pals ear […]

  • floble cake

    a multi-layer cake. three or more cakes in one. usually prestige chiefs would go about the task. the new chefs tried to perform a floble cake, and it ended up collapsing inside each other.

  • john ozminkowski

    a vapid african american hoe that likes a jessica smith and celebreatss quanza even tho he’s white. wow you celebrate quanza even tho you are white with jessica smith? you are such a john ozminkowski.

  • dacari

    a fine boi that took alijahs mom dacari is fine.

  • naked egg taco

    taco bell breakfast item -ssociated with painful and explosive diarrhea 2 to 3 hours after consumption hey dude, what happened to darren? aw man idiot had a naked egg taco for breakfast and is home sh-tting his brains out (diarrhea), (hershey squirts)

  • drip job

    when a h-m-s-xual -j-c-l-t-s on top of a straight male without his consent. lmao that guy just got a drip job from eric when you -j-c-l-t- into your sock and then suck off the s-m-n all of my friends do drip jobs

  • desmond koh

    desmond is famous for his parents wealth in the south east asian region. he is the best example of a try hard. he is overly hardworking which sometimes takes a toll on him. he is a wannabe f-ck boy and puts in all his effort towards this goal. he is nice to friends and hostile […]

  • p.d.a. with my partner in public.

    g-y youre f-ckin gey because of your vp.d.a. with my partner in public.

  • husheel

    husheel is a male, that generally gets bad grades he is usually “h-rny” meaning he has a b-n-r for the most part. he is destined to be a janitor in the future, and fail multiple grades. “that guy is definitely a husheel he wont aspire to be anything”

  • jalajan

    a bossman legacy also an hero for all indian jalajan bossman

  • makuks

    makuks is a slang term for sh-t. my exam was makuks.

  • asdrubal

    a person who is extremely funny,savage, and sometimes r-t-rded.he will always make your day and will always make you laugh. wow that guy right there is a asdrubal

  • rage baron

    when your whole team has been playing so bad that you’re all tilted out of your minds and you just decide to do baron for no reason and without any consideration of whether or not it is the right call. success or failure, this play is called a ”rage baron” we won my promotion match […]

  • ben bran

    a good f-ck. if you been ben bran’ned then you got f-cked good. “mate did you see that? he f-cked her good, she got ben bran’ned

  • premachair ejaculation

    the act of sp-nking over yourself, when you climax earlier than antic-p-ted whilst watching online p-rn, causing you to fall backwards off of your chair. he was careful about masturbating in his bedroom since the occasion when he suffered from premachair -j-c-l-t–n, and struck his head on the floor.

  • th2c

    a kick -ss independent woman, living life to it’s fullest. she loves to smoke weed, drink, party, and go to concerts. very free and always up for a last minute trip to ibiza or vegas. super hot, edm chick. based on krewella song “th2c” man, that chick is totally a th2c. she’s so hot and […]

  • shanndalear

    a very smart and s-xy young lady,who can do anything she puts her mind to. very violent shanndalear: im sorry i tried to kill my sister i wont do it again.

  • shneveah

    a person who is a huge b-tchy c-nt and whines alot that girl is such a shneveah

  • zombietwerk

    when someone has been taking the drug called ghb (street name..scoop,water,..etc they begin to going n out of consciousness and begin to have involuntary body movements ..,thus looking like zombies doing the famous “twerk” she is so watered up …she. is. doing the zombietwerk

  • corin (boy/male)

    corin is a determined person and a s-xy male. he is very caring but can sometimes be a bad boy. he is sweet but sometimes rough. corin likes nasty things or pictures and admire girls. corin is a name that is well suited for a light skin. corin is a person that is also obsessed […]

  • little german fairy

    a g-y, drunk, german midget blowing some guy through a glory hole the little german fairy had fun last night.

  • ntbroa

    not to be rude or anything “ ntbroa , but that girl looks busted today . “

  • skatejutsu

    a skateboarders way of being a ninja and of a warrior of skateboarding, skatejutsu is a technique and art of skateboarding. he’s using the skatejutsu, alexander soup used skatejutsu for years,

  • recent baw

    the ball you most recently nutted from suck my recent baw ya goon

  • keimya

    a racist person that doesn’t like black or white people but is black. there should be no keimya.

  • panushe

    females private part v-g-n- p-ssy-cat the doctor has seen many p-n-shes

  • ahkiren

    ahkiren is a strong, athletic person who is not afraid to say “i’m black” as his catchphrase even though he is white on the inside ahkiren: hi i’m black

  • bush hammer

    a tool used to hammer some bush. usually made of a fleshy substance. can be found in both erect & flaccid form. often a long, hard shaft on which is attached a weighty member of girth. “there it was staring me in the face; the legendary bush hammer. i feared for my genitals.”

  • feidy

    feidy is a pretty girl that is smart, gorgeous, a bit mean but a dance queen, she just so fine feidy is a cute pretty girl

  • trespooping

    the act of leaving p–p in a toilet for the next person to see. someone needs to stop tresp–ping and flush that nasty thing down the toilet.

  • nyim

    a milk dud looking kid with f-cked up waves. can be short and loud. yo nyim really annoying!

  • periodicating

    woman who is b-tchy cuz she is on her period trish was periodicating today !

  • favite

    one of the many words that you accidentally type out when you’re trying to spell “favorite” what’s your favite type of music? favorite*

  • remral

    that one weird kid in your group that doesn’t understand any reference you make and is also super gullible but you still love him like a brother. half r-t-rded and doesn’t stop talking about sh-t you don’t care about. person 1: “i don’t understand” person 2: “don’t pull a remral”

  • vialana

    a nice,loving,caring person. someone who will have your back any time when ever you need it. i love vialana.

  • critical help

    when a person is not human and can be seen and heard doing things that makes you f-cking triggered and cringe until you want to find a gun and shoo either them or yourself to relieve this symptom. this guy needs ‘critical help’ because he’s w-nking to mlp

  • skysexual

    a nosferatu-lookin -ss kid that has an unhinged and undying attraction toward large, whale-like females. he spends most of his time acting h-m- s-xual but is not; therefore he is and always will be skys-xual. he also eats -ss. d-mn, look skys-xual is sniffing that obese girl’s -ss again.

  • blanket equality

    blanket equality is the share between blankets to make sure blankets are distributed and shared among the population equally. wow that person really cares about blanket equality.

  • joe wallace

    a mexican with a s-xy moustache and a sombrero guy – joe wallace your moustache is so much better than jackson’s joe- i know

  • raynardo

    a very weird black man with blonde hair. tends to date any race except his own and loves dancing and music. d-mn! there goes raynardo!

  • unboobed

    when a g-y guy comes up to a female and grabs your nockers and rips them right off and gives them to his mate g-y guy: those are some nice nockers female: ouch i just got unb–bed g-y guy: here you go mate

  • 5.7 hemi

    a really big hemorrhoid timmy: “ mommy? where’s daddy?” mommy: “he’s in the bathroom treating his 5.7 hemi dear.”

  • presentation skills

    a person with presentation skills use multimedia in order to present information clearly and effectively. for example, a person with presentation skills would dance to “a little party never killed n-body” from the great gatsby soundtrack during a presentation about the 1920’s. person a: did you see how david danced to “a little party never […]

  • olivia valdez

    legit the best human in the world. beyond words. beautiful. hilarious. stunning. guys can;t keep their hands off. guy: “yo have you seen that new girl?” guy 2: “oh, you mean olivia valdez? she’s awesome” olivia:”what’s up ladies?”

  • maurci

    a fun weird person to be with but sometimes he can get really annoying and he has black hair with a mole on his chin is that “maurci” he looks awesome

  • richard nixon’ing

    when you get so drunk that you turn into richard nixon when you have to deny wrongdoing, and affirm that you are not a crook, usually whilst throwing up peace signs. gregg was richard nixon’ing hardcore last night, he went into the gas station and stole a soda and yelled at the cashier, “i am […]

  • sea cow cow pow wow

    they’re partying, partiers. sea cows and cows having a pow wow i don’t know i just made a word up, i just really like this thought, of sp-ce cow . sea cow cow pow wow

  • style on taft

    having a good time with your friends those senders are sending while they style on taft

  • peeping turd

    an almost tasteful nude selfie you send someone with the casual feature of a t-rd, cheekily peeping out of your -n-s before full release is granted to it. i sent him a peeping t-rd while he was away and he got f-cked off the plane for masturbating.

  • william rafferty

    a term to describe a nonse look it’s a william rafferty

  • typical teenager

    a typical teenager is an extremely dangerous member of the human race that should be avoided at all costs. you will encounter a typical teenager at least once in your life. a typical teenager is often found doing one of the following: partying on the weekend, losing their virginity, flirting with their boyfriend/girlfriend, listening to […]

  • nibbology

    the study of nibba or nibbatron “hey what do you study” “oh me?? i study nibbology”

  • kywayne

    a big black fat monkey who loved a smelly girl his closet friends often call him meat head and he looks like king kong hey here’s tht kywayne over there

  • ollie ollie

    a special type of person or animal. the phrase “ollie ollie” is common with dogs and very rarely used with humans. an ollie ollie is special in every way. ollie ollie’s are often known for their extraordinary talents, outgoing personalities, and their amazing looks. “did you see that husky dog do a triple back flip?” […]

  • dedung

    to unclutter. to clean out i dedunged my garage by getting rid of many useless toys and christmas decorations.

  • spiffernoodle

    a skinny, well dressed fellow sup,spiffernoodle.

  • gursoy

    a very tall -sshole. wow that -n-l was so good you made my behind into a gursoy

  • fambloski

    brandin cooks favorite word, definition unknown at the moment. but we currently think its a mix of fam and broski to form the compound word fambloski. goodnight fambloski, see you tomorrow!

  • tenglish

    the language of made up words and tongue twisters. “twisted tartar toss to tom” “haky jaky naky flaky” “what language are you guys speaking!?!” “tenglish!”

  • heckindogger

    a elite military meme, occasionally used more as a insane word. person 1: yo did you see a heckindogger? person 2: heck yeah i did it was elite!

  • that honest

    term used for liquor tom: you wanna hit the blunt? jerry: i’m on that honest right now and the bottle not even halfway so maybe later.

  • fearless math

    when you don’t let your limited knowledge of higher math prevent you from being financially successful; instead, you use your entrepreneurial brain and common sense to recruit the top college graduates to do the tedious and boring work for you, be they the accountants, programmers, and hr personnel. as a sh-t millionaire who claims that […]

  • alana rowley

    there aren’t any definitions for alana rowley yet. can you define it?

  • winona raney

    a hard working young beautiful perfect goddess who deserves more than what she has and takes more bullsh-t than she has to. holy sh-t your a winona raney

  • 🅱️oolaman

    a person who is obsessed with the 6ix, mans not hot, and jésse. also s-xually attracted to fuccbois named clark. person 1: who’s that guy with clark over there in the parka? person 2: it’s 🅱️oolaman. mans not hot.

  • bflffl

    best friends and lovers forever for life i can’t believe you’re my bflffl ♡

  • middle school fuckboy

    a guy that hugs girls in the hallways always posts pictures of him and his other f-ckboi friends with girls and with eachother they are mean to everyone who isn’t there 4 other f-ckboi friends and the instagram captions are cringe af hey u know mike is a middle school f-ckboy of course did you […]

  • sobhi

    a cute, fine, adorable, handsome, s-xyyyy!!! boy. you can never stay mad at him. he will try so hard to keep you safe, happy, and comfortable. he’s lovable, funny, and a great boyfriend. he’s very unique you won’t find anyone like him. the best in the world is sobhi

  • coronato

    crown in italian means coronato. the spanish form of coronato is coronado. i’m going to the nick coronato’s party next week.

  • japanes

    the sound of a jamaican person saying lose ya panties hey there lady lose j-panese please

  • bucklaw

    an extremely handsome gentleman, typically of european decent. it started in a town called carbondale. bucklaw’s are typically tall and strong. that guy is very strong he must be a bucklaw

  • ethan orlesky

    ethan orlesky is a jerk who asks you out just so his friends will stop bugging him that you like him he will break your heart and then asks why your cousin who is like your sister hates him ethan orlesky is a jerk idiot dumb face ethan orlesky is a jerk

  • mist of badass’

    a group or a tick of bad-ss’ who vape game is second to none. these highly superior individual’s vape is so strong, that girls panties just fall off. yo, have you seen my girls friend? the last time i seen her, she was standing next to that mist of bad-ss’ bro.

  • sus ass

    similiar to sus -ss b-tch; sus -ss is a proper noun or t-tle given to people when used to insult or name call. guy 1: yo you got my weed guy 2: uhhhh ( fumbles in pockets) guy 1: yo quit being a sus -ss guy 2 : f-ck you man ( runs away) later […]

  • burger queef

    when you decide to have too many burger king cheeseburgers, you decide to queef in your baby mamas face while calling her sweet lady by queen while stoned to sh-t. “me and my wife got into an argument so i pulled a good ol’ burger queef on ‘er.” -guahabi d.

  • snackboy

    a young nubile boy willing and wanting of that nut, ready to swallow it up. ” d-mn, he was a snackboys, he swallowed all that nut!”

  • figure of imagination

    that “girlfriend” of a friend that everyone has heard of but never seen. “shruti was arvind’s figure of imagination”

  • amber parker

    when your v-g-n- smells like 3 week old lasanga oh sh-t the doctor says i have amber parker

  • chost to cost ratio

    chost to cost (also known as the chost to cost ratio) is a measurement of justifying whether the size and quality of a meal were worth the price paid for it. bigger, tastier and more filling foods are generally considered more “chosty”. person 1: “have you checked out that new restaurant yet?” person 2: “yeah! […]

  • jahkira

    a stinky lesbian who eat out fish d-mn jahkira ugly asf

  • investigayte

    (v.) the act of trying to figure out if someone is g-y or not. friend: hey, did you ever hook up with carly? me: no, i’m still investig-yting. friend: how long could it possibly take to investig-yte? me: … a long time.

  • shawn wayne

    not normal you are a shawn wayne

  • dangerous pussy

    p-ssy so good it’s hard to say no or stay away from even if you’re married i promised myself to never talk to her again, but it’s so hard because she’s got a dangerous p-ssy.

  • ryan high

    a gentleman who is afraid to talk to women jerry is a ryan high

  • eagent

    an employee of the evil company ea who sneaks into discussion groups to spread false information and derail threads on websites such as reddit and 4chan attempting to expose the company for the leeches that they are. that comment must have been written by an eagent, no one supports ea.

  • exacles

    the plural of the word exactly usually used in terms of endearment towards a friend or someone closer than an acquaintance. person: “oh well, it’s going to be his problem now!” you: “exacles!”

  • magnifico

    an amazing name that refers to “magnificent”. this name could be spoken as a last name, and when given it, it’s the right word to fit that persons personality! “magnifico definitly fits that’s personality!”

  • aylvia

    fun awesome friend loves to be wild and crazy everyone wants to be around aylvia

  • elkton rollback

    when an overweight man with a small p-n-s wants to have s-x with a woman he may have to push against his fatty pelvis to bring his p-n-s forward. the woman had to give him an elkton rollback before she straddled him so she could find his small p-n-s.

  • a daan attempt

    a daan attempt is not knowing what your doing but brining it with a c-cky level of confidence so stupid people believe that you’re pulling it off. “yikes man that was a daan attempt at playing the guitar”

  • domate

    a domate is a person who is in a relationship or friendship where their partner is considered the dominant one and they are the submissive. while it is usually considered s-xual it does not have to be – nor is it strictly man to woman or woman to man. women to women happen quite frequently […]

  • whistle prejudice

    (n.) when a narcissistic woman gets mad at a man for whistling, thinking she is being cat called. “a’int n-body whistling at you b-tch; that sh-t’s whistle prejudice”

  • bullcrap dun changed since 1900

    stuff has changed since a long time ago. son bullcr-p dun changed since 1900

  • finn byron

    a ugly boy who is desperate and will take any girl possible. he is racist and thinks he is cool. ‘you are a finn byron!’

  • i don’t want to

    me neither “i don’t want to do homework”

  • big bottom lip bitch

    the b-tch sitting next to me jalen a big bottom lip b-tch

  • celesty

    a kind warm hearted person. very intelligent, caring, sarcastic, and most of all a party person. celesty is a honest friend and has many many friends. woah her name is celesty

  • =-0987654321`qwertyuiop[]\’;lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,./

    sliding your finger across the top row of symbols from left to right, moving down a row, then right to left, and continuing that pattern until you reach the bottom. “bet urban dictionary can’t define =-0987654321`qwertyuiop\’;lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,./” *searches* “god d-mnit”

  • waffle cat

    a very nice little cat in the ginger shade of waffle that waffle cat is sooooo fluffy and nice

  • hollyoaks challenge

    a game in which the contender start masturbating in the t-tle sequence of the british soap opera hollyoaks and the challenge is to climax and finish before the end of the sequence. you wouldn’t believe it, but i was so close to c-mming and beating the hollyoaks challenge but before i could the opening finished.

  • baked stomach

    when you eat a sh-t ton of raw cookie dough and sit and front of a heater for 12 f-cking hours and then take laxatives and sh-t crispy cookie chunks i ate so much cookie dough,i think i’ll sh-t out a cookie plater if i have baked stomach

  • gindel

    a girl who has an unhealthy addiction to undertale and who’s friends’ names begin with the letters e, g, and a “gindel is so addicted to undertale”

  • rudolf steiner

    rudolf steiner is a hippy- dippy- hocus- pocus, cult of a school filled with gnomes, broken dreams and eurythmy i go to rudolf steiner we all celebrate michaelmas and dance in a cult circle

  • miss buck

    fat ugly b-tch that is possible the worst ever teacher to live. has diabetes and anger issues. but most importantly when angered let’s off a roar saying can i have quite can i have quite said miss buck

  • boataz

    a term of slang referring to riding a boat a way to describe the motion of a boat and its appeal “hey, are you ready to boataz outta here?” “there are so many boats out on the water today but that one’s a boataz.” “are you ready for a weekend of boataz?”

  • cameron jones

    the best person in the world, better than brody, dylan, and landry lol cameron jones is super awesome, and cool. better than anyone {mostly landry, and brody they are super trash}. you should respect cameron more thsn anyone, {oh yeah make sure you dab on them haters}. cameron jones is the best person ever , […]

  • milangitis

    someone who is extremely off in the brain, they usually foam from there ears, and do very dumb things, if u a milangitis u are stupid, tru story that idiot is a milangitis, he tripped on flat ground!

  • box checker

    someone who checks all the boxes to be pretty but, when you put it all together, it doesn’t really work. from far away they’re really pretty but, the closer up you get, you’re able to see the flaws in their artificial beauty. all their attractiveness is fake, so it’s not actually pretty. the box checker […]

  • jenner-jabi

    a hijabi girl that dresses like kylie jenner. their outfits are usually made to cover more skin than what kylie would wear but not necessarily modest. it may also refer to a hijabi that likes wearing fashionable, curve-enhancing, or tight outfits with their head-scarves(hijab). huda is a total jenner-jabi, she likes to go out looking […]

  • ralph job

    the act of crushing plans by being a “no guy.” everyone’s all hyped until that one guy pulls a ralph job and ruins everything. yo, nice ralph job, man, now everyone’s canceling on wednesday night for the boys.

  • moroney

    a person who has an inadequate amount of money and then acts like a “moron” and spends it on a useless item. these items can range from a shirt too big or another unusable material possession. person 1: oh man your did you hear about what zach bought. a gl-ss dart board. person 2: wow […]

  • blake goldberg

    a term used to refer to a person with an abnormally large head. wow, that kid in the corner really has a blake goldberg!

  • sub af

    someone who is submissive as f-ck boy 1: “bro jessica will do anything i tell her to do” boy2: “she is sub af”

  • insabled

    when u want to call your friend ‘disabled’ because they’re acting like a tw-t, but they’re not literally disabled. incapable of doing anything right. or high/wonked on ketamine. disabled autistic wonked wonky ketty f-cking h-ll mate haha you’re literally insabled who are you

  • heirogifics

    the act of speaking in gifs when partic-p-ting in online conversation. when commenting on facebook lately, i speak only strict heirogifics.

  • f.m.i.s.h.b.d.i.

    f-ck me i’d smash her back doors in f.m.i.s.h.b.d.i. she’s well peng like send me nudes piff ting

  • get out the bowl

    1. a phrase used to tell someone to evacuate a place or an opinion. 2. a phrase used to express surprise or astonishment. 1. a: i told you once don’t make me tell you twice, get out the bowl! 1. b: man, i don’t agree with that opinion whatsoever, get out the bowl.. 2. she’s […]

  • after the flash

    some sh-tty roleplaying community full of edgelords. guy 1: “dude, i played after the flash yesterday.” guy 2: “bro, are you an edgelord too?”

  • spestice

    someone so unbeliably stupid that you cannot possibly think of another word to call them. tony: hey josh, did you f-ck my girl? josh: nah it was an accident i slipped into dat p-ssy 🙂 tony: wow, what a f-cking spestice!!!

  • brown potato

    a potato that has been carefully curated inside one’s -n-s. “sheila invited me over to her place last night. i know she’s into pegging so i let her find my brown potato.”

  • granola ass hippy

    rich, hot, hippy, who hugs trees. did i mention hot. idk what the granola is but whatevs has. he’s hot but hes a hot f-ckin granola -ss hippy

  • nigger headphones

    when you put headphones on wrong. tyrone! quit wearing n-gg-r headphones. those headphones go on your ears not your cheeks you f-cking r-t-rd.

  • hair fear

    the phenomenon where an individual intends to get a haircut, but reconsiders after performing a last minute evaluation of their hairstyle. this is in fact your hair exhibiting existential dread and influencing you into extending its lifetime. aaron: “well i have a hair cut booked 15 minutes from now but i dont think im going […]

  • neydel

    the kind of guy at a mil-sim event that yells “it’s nerf or nothin!” after seeing matt from evike, before proceeding to throw every cyclone grenade he has at him. after, the wild neydel in his natural habitat proceeds to kill jews and eat children. someone: “hey have you seen neydel around?” neydel: “cyka blyt! […]

  • gembae

    gembae… the bae of your gem. she is lovely and spicey in all the right ways. she will make you pesto pasta any time of the day and any day of the week. she loves wine and a good time . watch out for the gembae will: i met a right gembae last night bex: […]

  • purge list

    a list of people you just want of the face of the earth “she p-ssed me off. congratulations, now you’re on my purge list.”

  • arreonnia

    a wonderful girl , very quiet at first but once you get to know her you will love her always funny, smiling , and just want to have a good time but if you try her she will mess you up arreonnia will fight anyone

  • doodoo cutter

    another name for -ss or b-tt. man, she has a pretty nice doodoo cutter.

  • loyalassamya

    the loyalist person on earth i needa stop bein a hoe and get like loyal-ssamya

  • billy wright

    a lad who thinks hes hench but just sits on his -rs- playing cod ww2 all day like a sad mother f-cker whilst playing with his p-b-s billy wright is such a g-y

  • le fuck

    the f-ck but in a nicer way or in a really fancy way. french people say this ” jonathan where is my cup of tea ” ” sir le f-ck you talking bout

  • hampden charter school of science

    a psychopathic prison that prides itself on its academic excellence. the inmates see it as a noun uncoordinated show of confusion. today i went to hampden charter school of science.

  • dylan thomas

    dylan thomas-a foocking c-nt who is always wearing red even though he isnt a blood or ck cuzzz he is white af. he walks around the courtyard every single day until he can find a group of people that look friendly and g-y enough. when he gets mad he makes this weird -ss face that […]

  • cleepotorus signpigru

    a man or woman who suffers from this diease tends to lose stomach acid as they poo my uncle said he was sick i didnt believe him now he is dead cuz of cleepotorus signpigru

  • marko zimic

    a really nice dude who loves memes and has the softest hair. loves to use racial slurs and other rude words wow marko zimic has such nice hair

  • effram

    efframs are typically very unattractive and dumb. they will live their whole lives single and being a virgin. they will die alone. shut up effram an effram is usually a virgin. but he was known as the man, the myth, the legend in some instances. effram’s usually try to start beef and can’t see that […]

  • force whack

    when a person of power such as harvey weinstein or louis c.k. forces women to watch them m-st-rb-t-. can also be used as a surprise form of m-st-rb-t–n to unsuspecting victims. first used on twitter by comedian owen benjamin on 11/9/2017 in reference to louis c.k. harvey weinstein force whacked into a potted plant in […]

  • tharusha

    fat -ss hairy italian(indian) man who loves pizza and eating pigeons and will murder you if you don’t like lazania tahrusha: do you like lazania? stranger: no tharusha: “puts up the knife to strangers throat”

  • attack buzzard

    is a freaky dark monkey that smells like marijuana and wet dirt. and hates all white people that are not part of the kkk hi my name is attack buzzard

  • undisclosed information

    when you or a friend’s girlfriend asks a question that is better off being unanswered to her, you speak of it as undisclosed information, preventing you or your friend the emotional stress of her knowing while simultaneously not lying to her face. tanner: oh man your totally gonna give it to her at prom jaylah: […]

  • bloodher

    bloodher: stands for your brothers whom you share the same or similar parents hents the word “blood” in it. nowadays you use the word brother or brotha etc… referring to your close friends so “bloodher” establishes the biological relationship with you and your actual brother so there is less confusion in today’s mordern slang language. […]

  • dufaq

    like saying wtf(what the f-ck) but instead, you’re saying what da f-ck. what dufaq are you talking about!!!

  • shabebediopa

    {adjective} when a person is being and idiot or r-t-rdation and forgets everything in a conversation or group brooo!! stop being so shabebediopa, its really getting on my nerves.

  • grays point

    a wealthy suburb in sydney’s sutherland shire. surrounded by water, it is noted for its secluded surroundings and leafy, winding streets. residents are families who enjoy the surrounding beaches and trails. referred to as ‘the palm beach of the shire’. you live in grays point!? lucky!

  • taterfri

    is a type of food or human that looks good or tastes good taterfri is the oposite of school lunch 😉

  • bumpla

    b-m love the little mexican child loves b-mpla

  • macroaggressions

    obvious, intentional, above board insults, where there is no chance of a mistake on the part of the transgressor (as is the case of microaggressions) to be provoking, insulting, or otherwise discourtious. a man says to a woman he doesn’t even know, “d-mn, you’re hot!” telling her friend about it, she says, “these guys and […]

  • dead dick december

    after no november comes dead d-ck december , this month of agonizing pain or joy consists of beating your meat the amount the date says , therefore if it were december 7th you’d beat your meat 7 times a day and if you make it to december 31st which means you beat your meat 31 […]

  • kelania

    a s-xy stripper girl from mexico ooooh, she’s a nice kelania

  • trumpid

    meaning: to be willfully stupid or ignorant, despite facts presented, á la djt and his most rabid supporters. see also: obliviot. reporters have noticed that no amount of evidence to the contrary will sway the most die-hard trump fans, they are simply trumpid.

  • nut gut bust

    when you bust in yo girls gut and it expands her stomach. nut gut bust: when you bust in yo girls gut and it expands her stomach. i had a mega nut gut bust in sarah last night her stomach grew 2 inches.

  • anzelina

    anzelina is a sardinian form of angelina, it is a rare name mostly used in the soviet union at the time. it is a girls name meaning “angle” a girl with this name is : loyal, brave, will do anything for anyone, trust worthy, strong inside. but she with this name is delicate, emotional,and weak […]

  • daddi parmar

    daddi parmar is the overlord of life, who can eat giraffes and discipline little kids who did nothing wrong. daddi parmar demands that you pray for him, as he owns you. daddi parmar is used during a sentence. ‘i really wish i could meet daddi parmar for myself’

  • uncle harambe

    when your uncle pays you a special visit during the night and latches hold of your c-ck like harambe and gives you a tug job so hard you think your d-ck is going to get ripped off. i spent the weekend with my cousins. it was great until the uncle harambe. i’m still sore.

  • homie dumper

    can’t decide which of you gets to go to the bathroom first? with the homie dumper you don’t have to worry about it. the homie dumper is a new innovative system where your friend sits on the toilet and takes a sh-t while you sit facing him, with your legs wrapped around him and sh-t […]

  • bum rice

    when your trying to organize a office pot luck but end up looking like a total d-nk i’ll bring the b-m rice!!mmm

  • anaconda in the honda

    chamorru ( people from guam) slang for having hardcore s-x in the back of your car 😉 leche babe wanna see the anaconda in the honda

  • yamia

    a b-tch -ss hoe bruh, that girl a yamia

  • playdope

    when one plays with their devils lettuce before/during they roll a megazoot. “hey bro, this one time, my roller was touching up the weed, that-my homie is an example of playdope.”

  • jachristian

    jachristian is a loyal caring soul.believes in himself and always try to achieve his out cause he do have a short temper.he always the life of the party. guy: who’s that guy that helping that girl girl:that’s jachristian

  • chatalkative

    someone who is talkative in chat. juni: you talk a lot tonight in chat. shaheen: yep, i feel chatalkative. he is a chatalkative person but he does not talk too much in real life.

  • anna sagely

    amazing girl who loves food and hopefully keeps a boyfriend anna sagelys too salty

  • nigerian helicopter

    a s-x move where both partic-p-nts are of african descent (preferably purebred nigerian or somalian). the male lies flat on his back, presenting his erect p-n-s as the motor shaft for the helicopter blade, the female then inserts herself onto the male’s shaft. the female then spins clockwise, emulating the blades of a helicopter, thus […]

  • menwell

    a human persons middle name menwells the human persons middle name

  • sekar

    brown -ss dude who drinks a sh-t ton of water and is in need of a 6 foot body guard at all times look at that guy and his friend such a sekar

  • grim cock

    when the d-ck is absolutely horrible grim “he had the grim c-ck”

  • boobie tee

    a t shirt designated to give women b–bs some personality by adding design to the section where their b–bs pop up. word was created by b– when they started selling their b–bie tees amy’s dragon ball z b–bie tee got a lot of attention specially with her big b–bs.

  • bigjigglypanda

    he only wears underwear and a panda hat because he is homeless his favorite “catch phrase” is”you stupid god d-mn f-cking b-tch!” usually when they are plaing golf it my friend is sooo bigjigglypanda right now

  • mrs. stein

    my teacher whom is a d-ck that girls a total mrs. stein

  • percico

    the ship name of nico di angelo and percy jackson from the percy jackson/heroes of olympus series. it’s non-canonical. – “nico is such a little sweet cinnamon roll! – “i know, right? – “i’ve read a percico fanfiction yesterday and it was sooo cute!” – “you ship percico? not solangelo? alright, we can’t be friends […]

  • uptown cosplay

    there aren’t any definitions for uptown cosplay yet. can you define it?

  • mykayla-lynn

    mykayla-lynn is a unique and is really insucure about their appearance or things that they make such as drawing’s, writing pieces, paintings, clothing desighs ect. they are kind and often worry about others more then them self. “wow, she looks like a mykayla-lynn to me”

  • counterespionage

    activities designed to prevent or thwart spying by an enemy the counterespionage was a great idea in worls war 11

  • swofting

    s-x while on face time. while f-cking this b-tch i decided to swoft my friend. he was f-cking his girl at the same time so we ended up swofting.

  • fupa scoopa

    a large ladle like device that aids in the process of lifting ones fupa in order to provide easier access to the v-g-n- and -n-s. i once ate a nasty chalupa so greasy it flew out my p–per but wiping my -sshole’s no longer a h-ssle with the help of my fupa scoopa

  • guatemalan gardener

    a s-xual position in which the pitcher stands on two skateboards (one foot per skateboard) with the catcher in a wheelbarrow-type position, suspended by the pitcher’s p-n-s on one end and a self-propelled lawnmower on the other. the lawnmower is turned on and the partic-p-nts ride out of the garden down the street while they […]

  • double decker oatmeal creampie

    a three-way with two amish women resulting in filling their insides. hey man. you wouldn’t believe last night after the party. i had a double decker oatmeal creampie and it was amazing.

  • gylow

    a asian american with a sh-tty personality or also known as a f-g crusher or rice picker man the f-cken ch-nk is such a gylow

  • iffating

    when one gets into strange situations but still gets out alive. also can be known as “pulling an iffat”. iffating has also been recognized as doing things in a more stupid way. an example of this would be a way your mind thinks. for example, the proper way to get out of a tree when […]

  • daania

    daania is a very smart girl. she knows a lot of things. she is very smart and outspoken. she will not be quiet if she doesnt feel like it. she has a secret, a lot of secrets actually. daania moved to virginia.

  • awerrible

    awesome and horrible combined. friend: my ex finally left me for her tractor. me: *pats back* that’s awerrible man…

  • up down 180

    when receiving a head job, the giver strokes the p-n-s in an up and down motion whilst turning their hand 180 degrees at the same time how’d ya go last night mate? bro, best up down 180 i’ve ever had

  • kiigan

    usually asian. likes to bamboozle kids for fun. he’s enough. pretty thoughtful. has good hair. pretty fricken g-y. looks good with or without gl-sses, even though he says he looks slow with them. kiigan uh xd

  • kierden

    a r-t-rded loser who thinks that hes a cool guy, usually wears g-y turtle necks that kierden looks like a f-ggot

  • veggie boy

    he is g-y and eats veggies only. veggie boy is so g-y

  • tampa tip toe

    while in the doggy style position you insert your great toe into the woman’s b-tthole without pulling your p-n-s out of her v-g-n-. i think i got a charlie horse giving your mother a tampa tip toe last easter.

  • yagga o’s

    a cerial consumes by people who say meme mem-ay and esket-t. esket-t eating some yagga o’s

  • hey nigga fuck you

    when you’re homie backstabs you “ha, you’re trash at rocket league” “hey n-gg- f-ck you”

  • lymberatos

    that s-xist and racist -ss b-tch that only likes greek people and female. she’s probably hitler but she likes greeks, not blonde humans. she probably rapes little kids for pleasure dang we have lymberatos next you mean h-ll? yup

  • dings and dangs

    dents or scratches on a car my brother borrowed my car and got it full of dings and dangs! smh

  • mmbastaki

    a really beautiful young man, that never goes outside. hey mmbastaki go outside more often. let the people see your face.

  • ufuranies

    a clinical term for a broken b-n-r during morning wood. kyle was given a ufuranies during christmas, when his sister woke him up.

  • henry and sydney

    henry and sydney are the perfect couple. they’re are always happy and smiling together. the combination of their personalities is too much to handle. they both are incredibly good looking, and are both very polite. they could easily be prom king and queen. person 1: did you see henry and sydney at the prom last […]

  • elbé

    the word elbé defines a beautiful young woman, god fearing and all rounded who possesses all the qualities one would hope for in a human. being humble one would never know about her abilities but only hear about her achievements. she is loving , warm and tender hearted complimented by her strength, determination and p-ssion. […]

  • ethan parke

    a stupid -ss motherf-ka that owes me money f-ck ethan parke

  • give a ________ mug for xmas

    urban dictionaries way of making money off any f-cking weird -ss words that you search up. wow! i can give a ________ mug for xmas.

  • kynzee

    kynzee is very weird but funny. loves sports especially basketball. love nike clothes and likes stephen curry look at kynzee playing basketball

  • skerl

    a nordic abreviation of sk-nky girl mike lived in sweden for 11 years because he loved chasing skerl.

  • rim ring

    it is when any number of people eat each others -sses in a ring like human centipeide. hey, do you guys want to do a rim ring instead of watching a movie.

  • jenniveal

    a big -ss hoe that is a jenniveal a right

  • opportunity

    a word they use in corporate america to trick you into doing work no one else wants to do while thinking your going to get promoted as a result of your hard work. “hey! can you please file these work papers and make these copies! this is a great opportunity! you should be glad you […]

  • jessica mary

    so incase you didn’t know, jessica mary is amazing and shes sweetest girl you could ever meet. she doesnt look as good as she should ….her threads he kicks her flaws, but it’s cool..its her way to school. she’s cruhsin’ on him but he aint crushin on her..well atleast thats what it seems. she loves […]

  • funhack6

    literally the definition of trash that guy is so funhack6 he cant even play the game right

  • athicction

    athicction (adj): addicted to thicc athicction: if it wasn’t for my athiccion, i wouldn’t still be with him.

  • vyapamed

    verb: to get killed under “mysterious circ-mstances” when one gets “too close to the truth”. origin: over 40 people have been found dead under “mysterious circ-mstances” who were even remotely involved in the investigation into the infamous vyapam scam. oh sh-t! i fear simply posting this definition will get me vyapamed!

  • jarold

    a stupid -ss beaner who thinks he’s smart and sits at home and smokes weed all day and thinks he’s a hit with the ladies but in reality he’s ugly as sh-t. he also has a sh-tty -ss beard and an oily -ss man bun. wow that dumb f-ck looks like a jarold

  • tanner lucy

    a s-xy man who plays football and rec basket ball and lax and is so cute and funny and cute and so lovable and cute and sweet and cute and so thicc tanner lucy means perfect

  • family court

    1) an evil terrorist organization h-llbent on transferring men’s -ssets to women so she can p-ss the gains into the corporate coffers since she does a lion’s share of consumer spending. 2) the underbelly of feminism that steal $50 billion from men each year to give to her while she b-tches about a wage gap. […]

  • ashley gong

    actually spelled “ashlee gong”, most likely a weaboo that also enjoys playing harvest moon on her 3ds until she falls asleep with it. can’t get any guys but enjoys shipping others and dislikes being alone but too bad shes alone 95% of the time. i’m ashley gong and i love harvest moon and my imaginary […]

  • llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio

    a little town in wales. there is a train station in wales called llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

  • veepster

    a short, arrogant, bald/balding male (dude) who tries to show dominance even though he has no power i wish that veepster would quit looking over my shoulder and play golf already.

  • terroin

    a person that is terrible at doing heroin. cameron is terroin

  • manpaul

    adam sandler meets g-y in a super cool yet not cool person. super fun, interesting, and nice but also a huge d-ck that no one takes seriously. dude manpaul is so lit right now and i hate him but also he’s such a super cool guy!

  • turfoom

    when you are typing something and someone punches your keyboard turfoom is taking a fist to your best friends phone while they are texting their crush.

  • tell tale’d

    verb; to chop up and stick underneath the floorboards of a house or other building. a reference to edgar allen poe’s “tell tale heart,” where the protagonist chops a person up and buries them underneath the floorboards. buddy: i’m not to sure about mike, the new guy in accounting. he looks like the kind of […]

  • essex middle school

    ess-x middle school is just a bunch of wannabees. you can walk in on any day and see every single kid in the school wearing basketball shorts and vineyard vine t-shirts. during lunchtime while the teachers are making absurd -ssumptions you will hear kids playing songs on their beats pills that were at their peak […]

  • flip twins

    when you and a friend (usually best friend) share a girl in the same day/night this girl wanted to get with me but said she had to get with me and my friend we are the flip twins

  • evangelical

    type of christianity that places authority in the bible as the infallible word of god. this does not necessarily mean a literal interpretation of everything in the bible (cf. creationism). not to be confused with evangelism, which means something entirely different. no-one knows what evangelical means. a generalization of multiple groups of protestant christianity. it’s […]

  • rekt 2.0

    getting rekt in a mega way and very embarr-ssing len rekt 2.0 willam

  • porn sexuality

    p-rn star rated by how good she is her “p-rn s-xuality” -out of ten what p-rn s-xuality rating would you give that b-tch -aah a p-rn s-xuality rating of 8 i’d say. what bout you. -aah i’ll give her a 9 it’s when someone has a different s-xuality for p-rn and usually makes someone confused […]

  • oneyda

    she is so hottt and shes reallyy nice but dont get on her nerves ! oneyda is very cute

  • dotart

    a geek that would say that to someone “doesn’t matter i am still better than you in algebra you dotart”

  • rehumanize

    to reverse the dehumanization of a group. the organization rehumanize international’s goal is to rehumanize those killed in the womb, during war, from the death penalty, from police brutality, through poverty and racism etc. etc. ree-hyoo-muh-nahys verb. 1. to restore to humans the sense of self-hood and individuality; to recognize and respect the inherent dignity […]

  • creative pooper

    taking a dump in an “out of the box” kind of way; p–ping in places where no one has p–ped before brent: ‘ i took a p–p in a city intersection and an elevator yesterday friend: ‘ you are a creative p–per brent brent: you have no idea

  • safiye

    beautiful girl with the personality of a wolf. a peng girl who is very smart and understanding. great when listening to your problems but usually dosnt even care. safiye is a savage!!

  • guy ashley

    ashley was predominantly a male name since the 16th century in great britain guy ashley is bad-ss, his style is on point, and he is intriguing to talk with he diversifies and breaks your preconceived opinions, although he will have some of his own, he likes to judge, mostly out of observation he easily integrates […]

  • chris ashley

    a person who has love for cowboy killers and grizzly wintergreen and also loefor the other green if you know what i mean chris ashley love ciggs

  • trepa

    an idiotic jerk that doesn’t know how to stop touching girls b-tts and is a total f-ck boy. do not trust him he will just seduce you. omg trepa touched my b-tt.

  • colombian blowjob

    similar to a colombian neck tie, where in the victim’s throat is cut and the tongue pulled through, but in addition to that the neck would is then used like a mouth for f-ll-t–. “yup. another example of violence from the mexican drug war. this your first time seeing a colombian bl-wj-b?”

  • dorique

    a nerdy boy that can not dance and is not attractive at all. god sake dorique you are dumb.

  • ha! comedy

    when two gorgeous, sharp jawlined, thicc -ss, daddy twins say something very funny and you cant help but laugh girl 1: hey gurl! watch this video, its hilarious! girl 2: *watches video* ha! comedy!! girl 1: iknow right!!!!

  • #lubelife

    1) a state of mind, body, and soul that transcends man-made limitations, 2) a lifestyle of limitless exploration, 3) a sh-t-ton of s-x-lube. p-ssing excellence is the first sign you’re living the #lubelife. sh-tting a gold brick is the highest #lubelife level seen to date (11/10/2017). #lubelife, great for f-cking. — “should we wait in […]

  • all american girl

    a girl who tries her best in all the aspects of her life, is a great supporting girlfriend and wife for her man, blonde, blue eyed, long hair, gorgeous, cute, s-xy, and caring always. the all american girl is what every man wants. antonio: woah leila you’re only my all american girl. 😉 leila: thank […]

  • uhem

    to descreetly get someone’s attention. “uhem” i’ve been standing here for 5 minutes.

  • titty sniffer

    something that kaglins says when he has no comebacks. panzy: kill yourself. kaglins: if i wanted to kill myself i’d climb my iq and jump to yours. panzy: if i jumped from my iq to yours, i’d be falling forever. kaglins: t-tty sniffer!!!

  • dremont

    a total idiot or fool your such a dremont

  • marriott status

    when you dodge a question by staying quiet or saying “uhhhh…..” pheonix: “hey did you get top before?” xavier: “……uhhhh…..” brandon: “he’s on his marriott status again”

  • glenocide

    the act of calling everyone at the party or music festival “glen”. man or woman, they are now glen. how to commit glenocide. “hey glen! nice to meet you” “my name is steve” “cool! my name is glen, and this is glen and this is my girlfriend glen, hey everyone, meet glen!” “i already told […]

  • levia

    a smart and very hard working girl with some att-tude. she is s-ssy and sometimes will act like a b-tch. always wants it her way, and if she doesn’t have it her way she will start making fun of people. her close’s friends only know how to control her when she gets mad. focus’s on […]

  • diner lurking

    the act of lurking in a diner, fast food joint, or just restaurants in general in hopes of getting leftovers from other people’s plates. after the meal at denny’s we went diner lurking and got some f-cking killer nachos.

  • christina roache

    she is someone who is fearless.she can consider herself as a dork,but is really cool.she has a diary,and can spill all of her feelings in there.and when she feels like spreading it to the world,she’ll tell her most trustworthy friend.she’s someone you don’t want to mess with.especially her friends.when someone is being teased,even if she […]

  • lilly hernandez

    a stupidly thick hoe your a lilly hernandez

  • sereana

    an amazing person who is always there for you. sereana is a brave, independent woman, she will be there to help you all the time. sereana makes you laugh all the time, and she always makes your day better. “gotta love sereana!”

  • dybka

    a father or reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! his my dybka

  • blonde lacrosse kid

    a kid who is blonde and plays lacrosse and or soccer is white and thinks that he is cool man 1: you know that blonde lacrosse kid? man 2: yeah the one that plays soccer and lacrosse and is trash? man 1: yeah the one who thinks he is cool man 2: he looks like […]

  • kinkle

    a nickname given to people who easily seduce fit people over online video chat. kinkle pulled that hottie alicia last night when she broke up with george. to kinkle someone; to be kinkled noun; verb a manipulative misrepresentation of what another person has said; to “twist their words” for dramatic effect. this is often done […]

  • keeing

    when someone has consumed enough marijuana to the point where their laughter no longer sounds normal but instead a repet-tion of the word “kee” in a whispered voice. bill: “yo john isn’t -n-l like trying to stick a baseball bat through a cheerio?” john (in a whispered tone): “kee, kee, kee, kee… um yes” both […]

  • kalulambi

    an exclamation used by someone who has a profound hatred against powerpoint and technology as a whole. meaning: putain! les powerpoint! ugh, ça me fait chier! me: i can’t get this powerpoint to work! *i fall to my knees and scream to the sky* kalulambi! term used to describe a really bad technical problem, usually […]

  • dorkmeister

    an annoying person. someone constantly doing dork things. that scott is a real dorkdorkmeister.

  • evanee

    evanee is absolutely stunning! she is an outgoing person, and she makes mistakes but no one can stay mad at her. she is a hard worker and people look up to her. she is also very stubborn. evanee is the best.

  • weigertism

    religion dedicated to the one true god, father weigert. father weigert has moved from this world after his enlightenment on his followers. he rests eternally in the dankest of the dank river valleys with a broken stapler as his holy weapon and the light of the baby leg lamp forever shining down upon him. he […]

  • san diego plateau

    the female reproductive organ that has been infected with a virus. the gynecologist said “ma’am you have a san diego plateau between your legs and we need to amputate.”

  • bookwook

    jewish holiday that celebrates disappearing from a tenuous situation. i got to get the h-ll out of here and go celebrate bookwook before things get out of hand!

  • desiigner’s voice

    the most autistic f-cking voice ever! you sound like desiigner’s voice , death!

  • i like you like a friend

    this is a type of being friendzoned. happens when asking a girl out or say you like her. boy: do you want to go on a date with me? girl: i like you like a friend boy: friendzoned girl: we can still be friends?

  • annarude

    a woof made during -n-l “i was h-tting it from behind when she hit me with that annarude.”

  • lewbanga

    usually a bearded individual with terrorist qualities. is usually slightly overwieght and has trouble making real friends.people in his rather small group of friends usually refer to him as a f-cktard being that he is r-t-rded and a f-ckwit . wow! look at that fat r-t-rded terrorist looking f-ckwit. must be a lewbanga

  • hard ice

    hard ice is when you have an erection in the winter tom hanks had hard ice at our christmas party

  • gavisht

    a smart boy that means to shine the moon gavisht is bright

  • mackencia

    pretty, flawless nice but sometimes mean has an evil and nice personality has sweet friends can be kind to others. really loud sometimes. loyal person is an independent woman mackencia is a pretty and nice girl and is a great best friend.

  • qatada

    a braceface who is short and cares too much about grades bro that kid is such a qatada, he studies for 6 hours a day

  • brehyr

    brehyr is a welsh name and she is usually a tall blond chick with blue eyes. she is very caring and one of the best people you will ever meet. she enjoys reading and watching anime and although she can be annoying she is always trusted to have a laugh with and to be there […]

  • fmig

    f-ck me i guess hey, want some food? no thanks wow, i was trying to be noce, fmig

  • zambuackis

    when your n-gg- is tweaking hard asf “khai was h-lla zambuackis when he tried this other girl”

  • closeted nigga

    a white male or female that’s black inside. my wigga jackson is a closeted n-gg-.

  • gewaun

    gewaun is a very fly person who is loyal and very chill . he’s laid back as cool also is very athletic and c-cky and handsome gewaun your very handsome omg your so cute….awww thanks

  • assc

    anti social social club me:aye did you get that -ssc sweater friend:what’s -ssc me:it’s the anti social social club

  • chukwuma

    a loyal friend who never turns his back on you, he is beautiful and s-xy, he gets all of the girls but yet he is still humble. he is an exceptional footballer who has extrodinary technique. he is a loyal boyfriend and will love you as long as you are going out, he will treat […]

  • whole hoe outchea

    whole hoe outchea. adjective. meaning- when one (typically a male) does something you don’t agree with or you find inferior to that of a real f-ckin demon. phrase is mostly -ssociated with males from the westbank (across the river). la boy you not even like that, you a whole hoe outchea!

  • water nut

    when you nut and it’s so clear that it looks like aquafina spring water. if you water nut in someone, it is impossible for pregnancy to occur. “did you just nut in me?” “nah, i water nutted so we’re good”

  • makuei

    a dark skinned guy that likes to watch anime, play playstation and trick shots. hey did you watch naruto last night?yeah i watched it with makuei.

  • maku

    maku the strongest the best of the best d-mn your maku strong bro!!! the best of the best on computers. also known as leet or 1337. how sweet are my maku skills? making -ssumptions knowing you “hey maku, is your name lexi?”

  • radcabphobia

    the phobia of radcabing a website. colin radcabs too much. i think he may get radcabphobia soon.

  • liessel

    liessel’s are usually snakes. they make you believe they’re your friend, but when you get close they just push you away and stab you in the back. try to avoid liessel’s. “jessica stole my idea for the science fair! what a liessel move.”

  • nesterova

    name for a s-xy, intelligent woman of eastern european descent. person 1: did you meet the new girl in sales? dog 1: yeah, she is a real nesterova

  • casaandra

    casaandra is a fun girl to hang out with. she is very flirty with a lot of guys and she is also very moody. she can be very very sarcastic at times but sometimes she can be “kind of” nice. casaandra has an average body she happens to have a bigger b-tt than b–bs but […]

  • evangina

    evangina is a serious medical condition wich of symptoms are the following : changing from mates every week being frustrated with sn-bish people ending peoples name with “gina” these sufferers are mainly in the wester part of south africa where the condition bagan. sufferers are also pr-ne to be 4×4 enthusiasts and are mainly egotistical […]

  • buckingham cartwheel

    when you cartwheel past the entire queen’s guard and then roll through the corridors of buckingham palace looking for the queen. -a man got arrested outside of buckingham palace today. -really, how? -he attempted the buckingham cartwheel.

  • more than a friend

    when you’re friends with a woman/man, do everything together, occasional s-x but don’t have a t-tle or date…… she’s more than a friend , she’s my kissing, playful, bestie!

  • gay nathan

    that one handsome lovely g-y person named nathan and of course he’s g-y oh wait what nathan g-y guess i’ll call him g-y nathan

  • chicoween

    an event in which teenagers-young adults from chico and the surrounding areas gather and engage in various activities which often include alcohol and drugs. chicoween begins the thursday before halloween weekend and lasts until halloween. if halloween falls on the weekend, may god have mercy on your soul. every type of party happens this weekend […]

  • friendsta

    a private instagram to talk sh-t or post party pictures and you only allow select people to follow it. hey did you see my new friendsta post.

  • eagleninjas

    a call of duty player with an advanced level of skill wow your amazing at call of duty you must be a eagleninjas.

  • akhtar

    a dumb -ss who licks people all day and who cant shut his mouth and cant spell. often known as the dumbest of the dumb that guy is so thick that he is an akhtar

  • jenni nipple

    a big fat nipple jenni nipple was shirtless as her big fat nipples bounced

  • luxsy

    “luxsy” is the integration of the words “lucky” and “s-xy”. it is a slang term typically applied between couples or someone attracted to one another. it is a popular exchange between youth. “hey, luxsy, would you like to go the beach today?” “man…she was the most luxsy lady i’ve ever seen.”

  • stariotype

    a man with a tiny d-ck who is black as f-ck! your a stariotype!

  • make that cheese

    making that money; earn money i am going to work overtime this week to make that cheese

  • sikuka

    a family united as one. they fight sometimes but there is no doubt that they have each other’s backs. they are love, hate, tears, and smiles. they are one. sikuka is a family, sikuka is forever.

  • fee trial

    a sleazeball offer to join a subscription service that automatically becomes a monthly charge if you don’t specifically cancel the offer. i have been paying for this “fee trial” for 10 years and i didn’t even know it existed!

  • jund

    a term used by raymond’s of the world when they’re trying to be rude ben is such a jund. stop being such a jund.

  • ship in a night

    usually refers to a short term s-xual or non s-xual friendship with a male partner . oh baby, he was just a ship in a night . you are just a ship in a night baby .

  • yunhg

    a state of being young and edgy. dude, that guys so yunhg.

  • shanghai knights

    two dudes tag team one asian chick hey where did tyler and richard go? oh the shanghai knights? they are tag teaming val again. shanghai knights strike again.

  • chaoswarlord

    being extremely sh-t at any given task at hand. oh no, he just pulled a chaoswarlord

  • styll slang … means “though” t.o alwayz holdin it down .. reppin fo lyfe seen ! “yo da new alb-m aint as good as his first one .. i duno” “tru it wasn’t as gud…but it was hype styll.” styll means “though” “how old isz you?” “sixteen” “you look older styll..” a word meaning “cool”, […]

  • oof gang

    a bunch of savages who like to get f-cked up and vape dude 1: that oof gang is so cool dude 2: i want to join that oof gang

  • candalario

    school shooter that has anger issues wow! candalario really did a good job today with cronin

  • morse piss

    urinating in a morse code pattern after ejaculating. mark took a morse p-ss after masturbating.

  • bening it up

    repeatable entering and leaving a terrable relationship for reasons only god and the one benning it uo understand. ben: bro i got back with my girl even though she broke my stuff and hits me in the face. trey: bro your really bening it up right now.

  • vincent tang

    vincent tang a vincent tang is when you f-ck your girlfriend with a random food such as a cuc-mber

  • perpheads

    people will try to compare communities to perpheads and as a result its d-ck has been stretched by too many autist fedora trippers. big man: this gmod community sucks, perpheads is better reasonable man: go f-ck yourself