• ZhanXG

    Meaning: A Dream as a gamer, never be a given up person Usage: I had a crazy ZhanXG last night. Let me tell you all about it.

  • Decarceration

    Decarceration involves government policies and community campaigns to reduce the number of people held in custody or under custodial supervision in the… – is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons.

  • Performative

    People who more concerned with self-promotion, social media “likes”, or selling books & lectures; than they are about Actual Deliverables. People thought Tina cared about labor issues, considering how much she Tweeted about it, but it was all performative wokeness – she had no problems crossing picket-lines if the business offered a sale.

  • Wet Market

    A market selling live animals and a big place to become ill. Often found in China, the origin of SARS and COVID-19. Kyle: Hey, how was your trip to China? Chris: It was fine, though I did feel a little sick from eating that pangolin at a wet market.

  • Bubble

    To simply invest money with the purpose to make a profit. Bubble is to make something more than what it is. When you blow bubbles they multiply. I’f you say I’m blowin bubbles, this means to re-invest profit to make more money. If you say I’m tryna bubble, it means to make a profitable investment. “Yea man I’m tryna bubble” “I’m finna flip […]

  • Long hauler

    A pandemic victim for which the negative impacts to their health and related symptoms persist for months or years after being infected with the virus. A long-hauler with prolonged suffering from Covid-19 seems to go unnoticed by many in part because they are bed ridden and in social isolation.

  • Cancel culture

    A modern internet phenomenon where a person is ejected from influence or fame by questionable actions. It is caused by a critical mass of people who are quick to judge and slow to question. It is commonly caused by an accusation, whether that accusation has merit or not. It is a direct result of the ignorance of people […]


    A term used by some people to refer to people of color. Despite what some other troll said, this is not a term used to intentionally exclude Asian people. It is not supposed to be a catch-all term for every group of people on earth. “BIPOC want to be treated the same regardless of their race” “We are donating to BIPOC organizations”

  • Unconscious bias

    Definition: unconscious prejudice against people of a certain race, gender, or group  “Unconscious bias” is a negative term, which was added to the Oxford English Dictionary last year. Everyone has unconscious beliefs about other groups, and these beliefs can cause them to discriminate against others. There is also conscious bias. When people are consciously biased, their discrimination is intentional.    […]

  • Quarenteen

    Definition: a teenager during the COVID-19 pandemic   Do you know a “quarenteen?” It’s another word that’s been observed by Cambridge Dictionary – but hasn’t been added quite yet. If it is added, quarenteen will be a homophone for the word “quarantine.” It’ll also be a compound noun of “quarantine” and “teenager.”   How to use it: My sister is a quarenteen and spends a lot of […]

  • Doomscrolling

    Doomscrolling (also known as doomsurfing) is the act of consuming a large quantity of negative online news at once. Mental health experts have stated that the practice can be detrimental to mental health.

  • Writing Service

    A writing service is an online service that can provide help with any type of writing. A good reason to use a writing service is if you have homework that is due or an essay that needs to be finished, but you don’t have time to finish it by yourself. A writing service utilizes expert […]

  • Homework Service

    Homework is a school or college assignment that a student has to finish at home on their own time. Homework is something that every student will face during their education, and sometimes will have a lot of it to do. If a student has no time or needs help they can get school or college […]

  • BuyEssayOnline Review​

    It is a website that provides professional US writers services which will give them 24/7 support if needed, and provides a 100% authenticity of the articles. Speaking about the best essay writing service reviews without this website would be almost impossible. Despite it being one of the fairly new essay services, reviews has one of the highest numbers of positive reactions online. This information  will be even more valuable to students who […]

  • Custom Essay

    Definition of Custom Essay: custom is defined as a piece of unique academic writing created for money by the essay writing company (for instance, at the particular student’s request. Today, there are thousands of students who are turning to an online writing service for a custom essay. At first, the student may think that […]

  • Courtsiding

    Courtsiding is a term used in relation to tennis, which is where this method of gambling began, though it can actually be used to explain the method across a number of other sports. It is a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers by being at the event in question and seeing everything that […]

  • NAP Horse Racing

    The term NAP is something associated with gambling in particular, but mainly when we are talking about horse racing gambling. There is nothing stopping the term being used for any other sport as there is no specific link to horse racing, but no one really seems to do so. It is engrained into the history […]

  • Jhandi Munda

    Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian casino game that has been very popular for many years. While the exact origins of the game are not known, we do know it came from Arunachal Pradesh. Other names of the game include Langur Burja, which is how the game is known in Nepal and Crown and Anchor, […]

  • iGaming

    Definition:  iGaming is defined as placing a bet on the outcome of an event or game online, and these activities include poker, sports betting, online casinos with the largest share of the market being taken up by sports betting and online casinos. More Information:  Why Is The iGaming Industry So Successful In Malta? Malta doesn’t […]

  • Maltese Islands

    Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries area-wise with a 316 square kilometers land area. But don’t be fooled because almost everything else about this country is huge and remarkable. Malta is a historic-rich country, and its location in the Mediterranean has made it one of the must-visit places in this part of the […]

  • non toxic mattress

    Definition: A non–toxic memory foam mattress is a mattress that is made without using harsh chemicals. These chemicals include toxic flame retardants, plastics, and various petrochemicals that are found in many conventional mattresses. Additional Information:  It’s the age of the conscious consumer, as more and more people realize the toxic effect that everyday objects can have on human […]

  • Popular CS: GO Betting Markets

    Esports have been steadily rising in popularity for a number of years with larger prize pools and increased viewership. It is no coincidence that betting on esports has also increased and esports gambling revenue is expected to double from $7 billion to $14 billion in 2020 in part due to the cancellation of traditional sporting […]

  • No Deposit Bonus

    No Deposit Bonus There are multiple types of online casino bonuses and they come in all shapes and sizes. One just has to look at the Promotions page of any online casino to understand the range available. One of the bonuses that players will come across at an online casino is known as a No […]

  • All Ways Slots

    ‘All Ways‘ slots will usually tell you how many ways you’ll win at the slot, such as ‘720 ways to win’ or ‘243 ways to win’, these numbers being much larger than 25 ways to win you’ll have at a 25 win line slot. Online casinos have a huge range of choice in terms of slot games and they all work differently, but All Ways slots are growing quickly […]

  • Juval Noah Harari

    Juval Noah Harari: “Will we lose our freedom in the battle with the mocker? Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli historian and professor of history at the Jewish University of Jerusalem. He is also the author of the well-known books “Sapiens: A Brief History of Man” (2014), and “Homo Deus: A Brief History of the […]

  • Bonus Slot

    A term referring to a winning round while playing a slot machine. Additional Information: All You Need To Know About Bonus Features in Online Slots There was a time when slot games were simple – when you pulled the lever, the reels spun and paid you cash if they aligned – that was all. Sounds […]

  • Marrakesh Express

    Definition: a slang term for smoking marijuana Uses: I’m gonna take the marrkesh express tonight and chill. Additional Resources: If you were to play a game of word association with cannabis, you’d probably last a fair few rounds. The plant, whose compound is also used in medicine, can be referred to by any number of […]

  • Dry Bud

    Definition: The word Dry Bud often refers to marijuana leafs that have sat for too long and are now dry. Usage: That’s some dry bud you got there. Additional Resources: Drying Marijuana buds properly is essential for producing a good crop. Learn the different ways to dry Cannabis and choose the best way for your […]


    Definition : The word PRAYCIOUS is made of the root word PRAY and the suffix – CIOUS. The suffix CIOUS essentially means “Full Of” So the word PRAYCIOUS means “FULL OF PRAY”. SENTENCE : Our LIFE in our ETERNAL LIVING GOD is so PRAYCIOUS (FULL OF PRAY).

  • Woey

    A slang terms for bullsh-t. An example use would be “I bought a 10 piece nugget from McDonald’s and they only gave me 9. This is some woey!”

  • Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage of the bets placed over an online casino game that the online casino will pay back to players over a period of time. The RTP all depends on the type of slot game you are playing. These include classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and many more […]

  • Okurtt

    Something Cardi B says. You have to roll your tongue for the ‘r’. The ‘r’ kinda sounds like a bird call depending where you live. Anyways you say it when you are happy or like speech sis. Also can be spelled Okurrr and Okurt

  • tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • vericen

    something that is verified, and central to growth of another business. submitted by: kevin rhodes

  • cat ellington

    \’kat ‘el’ling’tən\ noun a famous american songwriter, poet, and casting director. submitted by: brian wolinski

  • hebrewed warfare

    a hybrid warfare which is subordinated to the idea of extermination of the non-hebrews submitted by: volodymyr knyr

  • i’ll show you where the bear shit in the buckwheat

    old phrasology meaning “i’ll take to you to school” in what ever they were about to do i.e. beat you in a game of cards, or horseshoes or any other compet-tive p-sstime. submitted by: bart siegwart

  • sam’s mobile locksmithing service llc.

    sam’s mobile locksmithing service llc. is a locksmith service in lawrence kansas ran by samuel wynn.

  • platinum_miner

    new definition for platinum_miner, it’s a definition for being addicted to minecraft submitted by: luke dell

  • kovaite

    kovaite is a word which refers to all people across all ethnicities who reside in and around the city kovai (coimbatore) in tamilnadu,india. submitted by: vishnuram selvaraj

  • fizzyknickers

    an adult s-x toy site aiming to give you fizzyknickers every day. selling lingerie, bondage and more. discreet delivery! submitted by: fizzy knickers

  • shoot for the head

    shoot for the head comic saying that describes someone who looks like a zombie. gaaawd, did you see that person? i have an idea we may have to shoot for the head! submitted by: dr. paul fisher

  • drunk engineer

    the serious medical condition where the sufferer is known to have been in the person responsible for a project with the final result indicating their total lack of common sense to the arrived solution. sadly symptoms are only made apparent *after* the entire project has been completed and everyone suddenly recognizes the obvious mistake.

  • skrubiness

    cameron eberle is g-y skrub. he puts milk in his b-tt crack so it looks like chocolate milk. submitted by: cameron eberle

  • blinge fashion

    founded in july 2015, blinge is a clothing rental website that allows its customers to access branded and designer clothes without actually having to purchase them. founded by pooja dubey, shikhar khanna and shashwat gopal, it aims to solve the age old problem of girls/women of not having anything to wear for particular occasions even […]

  • trampsters

    a trampster is a girl who is so gross she smells like a tramp that h-r-s her self out and a dumpster. submitted by: caitie l

  • equallyokedtarianism

    equallyokedtarianism pr-nunciation: e’ quol-lee yook’d tar e’ un iz-um etymology: equally (of sameness); yoked (bonded together); ism (a movement). meaning definition: v. equallyokedtarianism refers to the general movement of peoples-a group of people, or a neighborhood, or like-minded anywhere who are couples bond with one another-who are of the same or very similar civil ident-ties, […]

  • garmadon

    legit one of the best mother f-ckers of the lego universe he will die for his son legit hey garmadon how ya doin

  • long island tail

    when he’s grinding up on you and you reach back to size up his d-ck “man i don’t know know if i should sleep with him, what if he’s too small?” “dude just do the long island tail and go from there”

  • wat wuz it

    when some one say something slick under their breath person a: thats why ya breath tank you: huh? wat wuz it ? oh ok the term watwuzit is most famously known from a man named zo on instagram (@iamzoie) this term can be used in multiple ways: for example you could use it slyly or […]

  • aimbro

    a video game player (particularly first person shooters) who runs around guns first without any intention of playing for the team. they blame their team when they lose, and can be very toxic. “bro there’s an aimbro on the other team. ” or “dude you are such an aimbro get good”

  • gunna fritz

    gunna fritz (noun) – the defacated remains of food, otherwise known as poo. originating from the legendary film star gunnar fritz stansson. example 1: billy: fortnite? ryan: ye boi billy: alright invite me to party ryan: yeah 2 secs just doing a gunna fritz example 2: josh: you guys are sooo bad at this game. […]

  • qwonking

    going into random world of warcraft servers and vrchat lobbies and telling people to “qwonk my bush”. this originated from the autistic subscribers of qwonk (the really famous vrchat player). world of warcraft servers are now filled with people asking others to “qwonk me daddy”. person 1: let’s go qwonking! person 2: qwonk my bush […]

  • lil razor

    a young upcoming rapper that will take your mother and make her his “mommy” (s-xually) although he hasn’t released a full song yet he is releasing an alb-m by next month. he is having autograph signings this sat-rday, july 14, 2018 at elitche gardens at 4:20 pm i once called lil razor a f-ggot and […]

  • scrogin

    a snack do you pack the scrogin?

  • hospital blunt

    when you need to smoke asap i need a hospital blunt

  • urban asskissery

    when people write about your name and it says something nice and makes you feel good about yourself, but in reality its people writing about their friends/crushes. person 1 – i’m going to look up my name in urban dictionary}. person 2 – fine. person 1 – wow, it says people who are named like […]

  • trippie kidd

    a young rapper from abilene tx real name is juan gutierrez man trippie kidd spit fire

  • ni’earica

    ni’earica also know as a short thick girl who doesn’t want her -ss. but she is nice and kind. but will gladly beat a n-gg- -ss for being disrespectful to her or anyone for that matter. she is between light and brown skinned. she loves sports she will be loyal and care for anyone as […]

  • nick minervini

    some albino -ss kid who doesn’t shave his bush. put a piece of provolone cheese next to him and you couldnt tell the difference. kids mom wipes his -ss and if he gets tired beating off, calls his mom over to do it for him. microp-n-s looking -ss gets h-rny o ver rivers and boats… […]

  • lucia johnson

    someone who broke my f-cking heart “i lied to my boyfriend for a month after he gave me multiple chances and now i stalk him and im obsessed with him” said lucia johnson

  • 2 hour special

    when you buy a game on steam, play it for just under 2 hours and return it because it’s most likely a sh-t game and you get bored easily. brian: “hey! we should try this game!” tyler: “it’s sh-t” chris: “ya, but 2 hour special! “

  • naaraxella

    an intellectual and beautiful alien species found on the planet galilei. they have a human-like form, white hair, galaxy-patterned skin, and glowing white star spots. the ‘whites’ of their eyes are black, and they have retractable wings and horns. these creatures were created for the unfinished, fictional book named, “beyond the sky” by kayla renneker […]

  • fwox

    a mercy main in overwatch. that’s always in love with a new guy everyday! oh look, there fwox goes again.

  • stingraid

    a stingray with aids pool’s closed due to stingraids

  • scottish perfume

    slang for vomit -what’s the smell? -it’s scottish perfume. peter overdid with the booze yesterday.

  • roblox jailbreak kids

    kids who will camp just for free cash, call you “noob” when you arrest them, scammers who arrest you when you give them money, and f-cksticks who have their chat off cops: *arrests kid:omg u are such noobn kid:m0n3y 4 c4rd me:oh boi :d *gives money* kid:*arrests me: *blows up wall* kid *hides then arrest* […]

  • ngoan

    ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠶⣿⣭⡧⡤⣤⣻⣛⣹⣿⣿⣿⣶⣄ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⣼⣊⣤⣶⣷⣶⣧⣤⣽⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⣠⣶⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣧ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠸⠿⣿⣿⠿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⣿⣻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡆ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⣿⣿⡀⠘⣿⡿⢿⣿⣿⡟⣾⣿⣯⣽⣼⣿⣿⣿⣿⡀ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⡠⠚⢛⣛⣃⢄⡁⢀⢀⢀⠈⠁⠛⠛⠛⠛⠚⠻⣿⣿⣿⣷ ⢀⢀⣴⣶⣶⣶⣷⡄⠊⠉⢻⣟⠃⢀⢀⢀⢀⡠⠔⠒⢀⢀⢀⢀⢹⣿⣿⣿⣄⣀⣀⣀⣀⣀⣀ ⢠⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣶⣄⣙⠻⠿⠶⠒⠁⢀⢀⣀⣤⣰⣶⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣄ ⢿⠟⠛⠋⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣟⡿⠷⣶⣶⣶⢶⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡄ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠉⠙⠻⠿⣿⣿⡿ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⢀⢀⢀⢀⠈⠁ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣄⠈⠛⠿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠟⣹⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠇ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣧⣀⢀⢀⠉⠛⠛⠋⠉⢀⣠⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠏ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣤⣄⣀⣀⣤⣴⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠋ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠙⠿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠛ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢹⣿⡿⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡟⠁ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⣿⡇⢀⠈⠙⠛⠛⠛⠛⠛⠛⠻⣿⣿⣿⠇ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⣸⣿⡇⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢨⣿⣿ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⣾⣿⡿⠃⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⣿⡏ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠻⠿⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢠⣿⣿⡇ ngoan know the way

  • botod

    ball on top of d-ck – botod is a rare medical condition of having t-st-cl-s on top of the p-n-s. this poses major problems during s-xual intercourse due to the position of the t-st-cl-s. unfortunately, doggy style, the cowgirl, the reverse cowgirl, the helicopter and the pogo stick cannot be achieved without major testicular discomfort. […]

  • u succ

    the greatest insult known to man, next to no u. person 1: i might’ve accidentally burned your house down… person 2: u succ person 1: *gsap*

  • right click rip

    to save (rip) someone’s published photo then re-upload it as though it was your own, rather than just sharing it. freezing my -ss off all afternoon to finally get that awesome sunset only to have someone right click rip it and take all the credit.

  • olivia pitts

    a f-cking god, she lives in m-ssachusetts, idk why im writing this but she has a meme page wow, olivia pitts is really savage!

  • streamsexual

    an imaginary term used to label ones s-xuality when being bombarded with the other mainstream imaginary s-xuality labels that have been invented by recent generations of confused people looking for attention and striving to be accepted for their imaginary s-xualities. i identify as streams-xual because being only heteros-xual, h-m-s-xual, or bis-xual is out of style.

  • i | ii | ii | l

    wait… is this… yes, i | ii | ii | l is loss

  • avart

    the last name of champions. an avart will send their dog to attack you then hand you a snack for the car on the way out. avart’s also marry baseball players wow those avart’s are really something else

  • impeach cobbler

    delicious desert best served cold, like revenge. only “45” calories, and comes with printed warning ” could cause pain and sometimes death for rednecks and trumptards”. at the red hen restaurant: customer: “what’s good for dessert?” waitress: ” we have some scrumptious impeach cobbler” customer: ” awesome! now that donnie is in prison, i just […]

  • pests

    a group of diehard fans of the opie and anthony radio show on xm satellite radio. they are also known as “the o&a army,” but nicknamed “pests” by opie and anthony for their persistence and fervor to promote o&a and relentlessly annoy o&a’s rivals and detractors. they are a dedicated group of fans who will […]

  • milk dudz

    t-tties that sag low, are unevenly shaped like milk duds and release milk under duress. derek j’s milk dudz made great snow plows in the winter. the extra money generated from plowing allowed erin a second liposuction appointment. the milk release feature proved to melt snow like salt would shrivel a slug.

  • moopan

    moopan is the head person of every group.he is the eldest and eventually the wisest person in every group,he makes decisions which no one can question and is binding on all group members…never mess you shouldnt be questing that guy…he’s a f-cking moopan

  • kaylie gardner

    stuck up little b-tch omg kaylie gardner is such an annoying b-tch

  • wobbling-in-flight

    verb: 1. a man who is traversing stairs with an erection. adjective: 1. a person who claims to be straight, but is clearly bending in their s-xuality as they interact with others verb: 1. my husband hit his tip on the handrail while he was wobbling-in-flight. adjective: 1. did you see cindy wobbling-in-flight as those […]

  • cuck time

    when a husband watches his wife take it. get in here midnight merriwether, my wife is down for pound town, and my watch says its cuck time.

  • zkevin

    a 7 year old famous for great games, like kebabulon tyc–n, or sanicball, or even find the magic orb. yep those are all of his games the other games like robot 64, blamo, cube cavern, and cleaning simulator were 100% made by daveboyo. soundrider: ” wtf where did my zkevin definition on ud go” “removed […]

  • kazmiras

    kaz is short for kazmiras he is the most handsome and kindest boy in the world and he tries to make petiole happy when they need it. even though he can be very annoying everyone still loves him i love you kazmiras ❤️

  • hbye

    it means when your too bored to say hi and bye separately or your in a rush it’s easier and faster. kid1: hbye kid2! sorry i’m a rush! kid2: ok, hbye

  • scobienz law

    the law of nature that describes the tendency for desperate single mothers from third world countries to cling onto lonely, socially awkward british males who couldn’t dream of getting any woman otherwise. impoverished marielle from the philippines finally gave up on finding a real man to support her and her kid and was desperate enough […]

  • tran bun

    a transgenders pony tail not a man bun but a trans bun did you hear about nick,he was f-cking this girl from behind only to realize it was a tranny so he grabbed it by the tran bun and punched it in the face

  • nuke pusher

    a country that leases nuclear warheads to other countries as this situation is very financially beneficial to the nuke pusher and it also enables the nuke pusher to exert influence on nuke junkies, essentially blackmailing them into doing things for the nuke pusher, such as by helping the nuke pusher to invade other countries; nuke […]

  • undergrizzle

    this is what the taint region on a male or female turns into after lack of proper maintenance. transformation is sped up due to muggy climates and prolonged exposure to swampnuts or swamp-ss. if odor is present, transformation is complete. d-mn bro, when was the last time you showered? you should probably tend to that […]

  • pissin’ mud

    getting p–p packed in your p-ss hole from -n-l s-x, then p-ssing it out afterwards. “after f-ckin sally in the -ss last night, i was p-ssin’ mud first thing this morning!”

  • chjeeped

    the situation where an accessory other vehicle manufacturers would put on their vehicles standard, just to get you to look at them over the compet-tion, fiat/chrysler considers an accessory because it can, selling wranglers faster than it can build them. i feel so chjeeped that our lowering riding suv has grab handles standard, but with […]

  • navayah

    navayah is a sweet s-xy girl that every boy wants she is a great girlfriend loyal and trustworthy she has a problem with controlling her temper baddie alert oh you see that girl navayah she is very cute

  • geroek

    afrikaans slang for being very high from marijuana. yoh, you looking pretty geroek

  • ever run top before?

    it means ever sucked d-ck before. usually used by thirsty men. guy asked girl: ever run top before? girl responds: yea on accident 😉 so it means ever sucked d-ck?¿

  • pull a n at jeezy’s

    when you go to a north korean’s place to have some fun late at night yo bro you gonna pull a n at jeezy’s tonight or what?

  • sighsmometer

    a pneumatic-bellows-type device that is attached to a patient’s chest with velcro straps, and is used to measure how deeply/evenly the patient is breathing. if ethan couch had to lie still on a doctor’s exam-table for more than a few minutes, he would probably wear out the sighsmometer with all of his impatient wheezing and […]

  • blah blah blah me me blah blah blah blah blah me me me

    1. what you say when someone is going on, and on, and on about their boring -ss life and you want to show how obnoxiously hilarious you are. 2. also a finding nemo reference. kieran: oh! so i forgot to tell y’all that i’m gonna be a father! emma: blah blah blah me me blah […]

  • san franshithole

    san fransh-thole the city of san francisco, ca. san fransh-thole is filled with homeless, crime, feces, tent cities and rampant liberalism.

  • primcey

    the word ‘primcey’ is another way of saying ‘dumbas’ or ‘brain damaged’. wow, you are such a primcey!

  • fuckboy o’clock

    the hour at which a f-ckboy hits you up because he’s drunk or lonely and looking for anyone to fill their void to cuddle or have s-x. this will happen late at night, usually when you are ready for bed after not talking to this boy all day. whos to say you are even their […]

  • true girlfriend experience

    raw s-x… no condom hey!. what’s your donation?.. well it’s $150 for 1 hour and$350 a true girlfriend experience…

  • eskada

    i have no idea what the f&%# it means, but my friend keeps saying this word. i suppose its from one of these r-t-rded lil prefix rappers. long story short, r-t-rded shet. i would not recommend using this f&%*ing ape sh-t word. have a nice day lil f-cks // beetlejuice tru tapec kopa blausim eskada […]

  • fuck your ears

    another term for ear rape/really loud noise in which you’re thinking you are going deaf. “please… just… f-ck your ears…” – mama

  • chaz wasted

    when a person reaches the level of intoxication that affect the ability to speak and form comprehensive sentences yet still remain entirely awesome and can hang all night like a boss. getting so drunk that your mouth can’t form the words in your head but you can still have a full conversation and entertain the […]

  • keinedrain

    keinedrain is a jealous type of girl she cute she has lots of friend and and she got a telling problem and att-tude problem she don’t take no bullsh-t keinedrain all her ex’s want her back keinedrain is a jealous type she cute she got lot’s of friends she also the loyal type and she […]

  • silver dog

    a term used for a dog that’s hot for their age. my dog benny is 10 years old and still thriving, his a silver dog! the term used for a dog that looks hot for there age. my dog benny is 10 years old and still thriving, his such a silver dog!

  • floofyto

    a cat who is really fluffy and has a lot of fur ; a very furry feline that cat is not a fatty, he’s just a floofyto. a cat who is really fluffy and has a lot of fur ; a very furry feline that cat is not a fatty, he’s just a floofyto.

  • toe hitch

    when a man with abnormally large big toes inserts one into another mans -sshole. sometimes toe hitching is used to successfully push hemerroids back in. jeff toe hitched ray in the pool.

  • justice elite dance company (jedc)

    justice elite dance company (jedc) isn’t even a studio. they have no building bc said owner has no collateral (or students, faculty, or friends). sure, this “studio” is the place to dance on the coast, however some may get confused bc they thought they were going to karate lessons. if you plan on sending your […]

  • smurfette conundrum

    when you’re the only girl in a group of friends and your role in the group/team gets simplified to “the girl” or worse, “the potential love interest.” oftentimes, the rest of the group will -ssume you’re sleeping with or consider you as “claimed” by one of the other members of the friend group, as if […]

  • gisnervern

    the most loving person who would sacrifice anything for their beloved. however hardly understood. there is only one “gisnervern”. too bad!

  • gossiprayer

    noun. (1) a person who gossips about someone whom they are praying for. (2) a prayer that includes gossip about a person mentioned in the prayer rev. scott sure is a clever gossiprayer. did you hear his gossiprayer in which he mentioned sister kathy struggling with her diet and mismanaging her questionable rental cabins?

  • ribbon

    widely used slang for a females genitalia – v-g-n- mate i’m not coming to meet you out i’m chasing ribbon tonight.. 1) an award given to someone for merely partic-p-ting, even if them and compet-tion are concepts that shouldn’t exist in the same realm. 2) a nickname for someone that ranks well below a bronze […]

  • dont pull a seb

    when someone steals every girl you bring around the group whether its your friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, or sometimes even your dog. person 1: wtf you just pulled a seb on me dude person 2: im sorry i like to steal your baby girls person 3: dont pull a seb, that aint right

  • timeia

    timeia is pretty and cute she is smart she is s-ssy she is kinda mean and she is a kind person. timeia can be sweet to people and she is a sweetheart

  • mejfhinfvhuerhfvjfuefhfouerfhjfnerifhrfnrejfherfnjbefjeofhuejfndflfnufhefbedjfhuwd

    used when your bored or trying to pretend that your doing a big project on your computer. teacher: are you doing work. me: yes *types mejfhinfvhuerhfvjfuefhfouerfhjfnerifhrfnrejfherfnjbefjeofhuejfndflfnufhefbedjfhuwdjnunchjcjihfnifhdjfnfhjfnifhefnjoduwdikldjwpidkwdkpdjwokdwkhifgubkjvhfhefkjnkerfiujlfhsihjfe* teacher: ok then looks to be your busy i am now going to walk away.

  • madyline

    madeline’s are smart and caring. they never give up and when they do they change big time they normally fake smile to keep people from questions they are activists and deep down inside they have a very dark dark side. they are great friends for anyone to habe but an irreplaceable girlfriend if you loose […]

  • latino grouping

    the belief that all latinos in the u.s.a are mexican. me getting off the phone: si, te quiero, bye. whiter than albino friend tiffany: hey i didn’t know you are mexican! me: well, actually, i’m latino. tiffany: hey ashley, did you know she was mexican? ashley: you’re mexican? me: not all latino’s are mexican. my […]

  • babeet

    when someone gets triggered, or can heavily relate to something. babeet! i’m triggered.

  • uvaldick

    a person who does something in an overall douche way that guy is an uvald-cks, he finished me in fortnite.

  • coochie wedgie

    coochie wedgie is where the seat of the panties get caught up inside the lips of a v-g-n-. these panties always give me a coochie wedgie. when a secure woman is blessed with a package between her legs that tends to get a little hungry. the act of a woman’s under garment keep rising between […]

  • losing my linguine

    losing my linguine is what you say when you want to lose weight by cutting pasta out of your diet. guy 1: i gained a lot of weight recently, i’m thinking of losing my linguine. guy 2: okay.

  • you dumb

    a term usually used when someone says something they think is funny but it is actually f-cking g-y. best used during the akward silence after the f-ck face is done speaking. “that picture is really cool.” “thats what she said!” ………………….. “you dumb!” a term used often in place of a lengthy insult regarding someones […]

  • no that’s a potato

    used when talking about an unknown object or creature. person 1: what a weird thing person 2: no that’s a potato

  • posh mamma

    an extremely rare occurrence in the female population. considered by scientists to be akin to an albino african. a prized unicorn among men. this woman is the woman of every mans dreams, but is elusive, even in plain sight. she does what other women are incapable of doing. things such as: holding a conversation, comforting […]

  • gooferiferous

    when your goofin love has a distinct odor . a stinky goofin. i wad p-ssed by a gooferiferous today.

  • memese

    the language of memes (play on the language j-panese) concerned parent: “what language is that voice in?” kid: “memese”

  • jesse alonzo

    a manager that works for usaa (united states automobile -ssociation) that looks to do anything in his power to set people up for failure. he is known to be one of the worst managers of all time. he also looks for a way to get people fired for no reason and won’t quit until he […]

  • fired chicken

    a thing n-gg-rs love tyron: wow tht fried chicken looks good javonte: fasho doe black ppl love fired chicken

  • you goofy

    whatever the f-ck meech means bro you goofy

  • 6f

    an abbreviation for “ffffff,” used to reference the most extreme level of whiteness possible, one that is staggeringly asinine in its appearance, privilege, and/or -ssociated abhorrent behaviors. see also: ffffff etymology: rgb hexadecimal conversion of the color white (ffffff) as opposed to black (oooooo) source: goggle rapidtables and cross reference hex-to-rgb. you have to be […]

  • fuckme

    a curse, usually said when agitated or frustrated, similar to ‘d-mn.’ *after stepping on a painful, upward facing plug* ‘f-ckme’ 1) a sing of exasperation, not to be taken literaly by someone not showing an obvious s-xual interest. 2) during intercourse, to be taken literally, sorta. means go harder and deeper. 3) exclaimation. 1) f-ck […]

  • abshiro

    abshiro one of the most beautiful people on the planet. she will be so kind to you if you are back but if you are mean to her prepare to hide in your room for the rest of the day abshiro is the most taleneted girl you will ever meet she always makes a person […]

  • brendan kell

    an annoying guy that: a) doesn’t know how to drive a car and has been pulled over by the cops b) scratches the car c) sucks at fortnite person a: yo why is that guy so bad at fortnite? person b: idk he somehow managed to blow himself up. person a: oh i know it’s […]

  • waffle house fight

    a fight that breaks out in a waffle house, usually as a useless disagreement or mix up. that guy forgot my syrup! i’m gonna start a waffle house fight.

  • graat

    1-when any event or thing is so extraordinaryly sup-par that it surp-sses all description of the meaning of the word. 2-a block of goat cheese that has been aged for several moons. the party was hardly one where you moved furniture, it was graat all the way. my vision is so graat that i misread […]

  • chocolate fantasy

    a caucasian’s desire to have s-x with an african american. wanting to go black and then go back. hugh grant wasn’t making a mistake. he just had a chocolate fantasy.

  • chain joo

    chain joo is a girl that is small for her age but she can be fierce and aggressive. she cares for her friends deeply, not everyone understands her so she is underestimated at many times. she has many good friends like omelate, di, mushroom,joen,lx(nicknames of chain joo ” hey! have you seen the new girl? […]

  • fuckco oroodx

    use this word when you don’t have anything to say. f-ckco oroodx(used by itself)

  • thotius primius

    once a month each thot transforms into a giant raging monster. as the monster they seek the blood of their enemies to regain the blood that they lost. the thotius primius become real b-tches at this time, like i know you wanted kit kat and not snickers but they didn’t have any stop yelling at […]

  • polakotaco

    is a person who is part latino and part polish hey my friend here is a polakotaco his mom is polish his dad is latino

  • crease gunk

    the sh-t in the creases in between one’s genitals and thighs, generally built up from under garnments or just not washing your junk. does anyone here know the best way to get rid of crease gunk?

  • zoited

    when you have a headache from a nightmare manny head feels zoited

  • kytilin

    kytilin is a nice loving person. she is a boy magnet and always gets the looks. she hates drama but always finds herself in it. kytilin has the beautiful looks and is very thicc. she has friends . she always makes the best of things even when they are not good. get yourself a kytilin […]

  • rule asmr

    if the word is in the websters dictionary, there is an asmr for it “you johnny, did you hear about rule asmr” “no, what is it” “if the word exists, there is an asmr for it

  • knock your cock off

    to be so surprised/astonished/amazed/intense that your c-ck is knocked off. that tentacle p-rn will knock your c-ck off. when you p-ss off some inbred chick and she karate chop your d-ck and it turns black and falls off. hey you dipsh-t, that angry b-tch tried to knock your c-ck off!

  • joahan😻

    joahan😻 is a great person and he’s all about himself. he gets a lot of girls but when he picks one and starts dating her he’s all about her and only her . he’s loyal, funny, cool and fun person to be around. he’s very hot and has a great personality . you’re very lucky […]

  • boat douche

    the type that makes all kinds of boat friends and always has hot chicks on their boat to make themselves look better to other people and their personality completely changes because of it ever since that dork john bought his boat he’s turned into a complete boat douche!!

  • sakura the cat

    a furry cat girl that is a therapist created by samantha. s. sakura is a mother of three. her children’s names are judy, sasha, and susan. she works at sakura and alfred’s therapy. she is a good mother. she likes mac and cheese sakura the cat likes mac and cheese

  • show up or hoe up

    so when your girl is supposed to come over and she cancels plans, she’s gotta hoe up and send nudes )you)hey trisha are u still coming over, (trisha) sorry i can’t i’m going to my grandpas house to pick applesauce (you) show up or hoe up bihhh

  • lokota

    lokota is the ship name for two lovers jake: what’s your favorite ship? zan: i ship lokota jake: why? zan: it’s a beautiful ship between two lovers

  • preqúed

    to put ones yazoo in the fridge to chill, before ones friend asks for said yazoo. “hey mate, you got that yazoo i asked you to get from shop” “yeah mate i’ve preqúed it” “ahhh sweet sn, i’ll preqúe you a ting next time” “sweet”

  • short of breath

    lungs don’t have enough oxygen struggle to breath i’m having trouble breathing i feel short of breath

  • lagboat

    teenaged christopher biggins impersonator and founder of the bermondsey branch of his fan club, with a disturbing ‘daddy’ fetish. physically interfaced with his commodore 64 by means of an -n-l probe c-m broadband link, lagboat can only leave his nan’s loft for a few hours at a time to attend ‘wall matches before his rectal […]

  • jeralissa

    she’s very beautiful has an amazing body makes sure she makes everybody smile never dull she’s stubborn from time to time but she will get there she’s likes to move around a lot and very talkative she doesn’t like when people tell her to do things hey jeralissa you look wonderful !!!

  • virgrin

    a vrigin is a guy / girl who has not had s-x many fortnite players who brag about winnings on snapchat are ones who belong in this typw of people kyle plays so much fortnite now… he may never end up losing his virgrinity!

  • katejrah

    katejrahs are beautiful and weird and wild, but often have problems fitting in. they have a dark side and get mad easily but give them junk food and its all good. aunt: katejrah is so pretty but she threw a brush at her cousin today” mom: why? aunt: katejrah didn’t have as many cookies as […]

  • madoink

    when somebody does something radical or stupid or used in context to taln about an action honestly teir 100 skin is pretty madoink dude, u stole my scar you madoink idiot

  • sit roasted

    when you only sit on the biggest of d-cks by a campfire. wow, lu loves getting sit roasted when he goes camping, isn’t he a big g-y?

  • shaju

    a usually constipated and dumb h-m-s-xual with indian origins who loiters in the lands of europe. what?! you are going to the uk, hope you don’t return as a shaju.

  • iayana

    iayana is a colombian girl who is nice she will never take no for an answer she laughs at anything she can be a brat and kind annoying but in the inside she will always be an independent girl i want to be an iayana

  • taedyn

    a social b-tterfly,handsome, short tempered and loving person. taedyns are very friendly and outgoing. if they’re at a public place by their self they won’t be scared to come up to you to try to be your friend. they’re also incredibly loyal and trustworthy. if you have a taedyn in your life, never let them […]

  • bambi gams

    long, s-xy legs of an attractive young woman; a nickname for her ex-hollywood producer: invite bambi gams over there up to my hotel room and tell her i’m gonna make her a star paid flunky: no, harvey. you know you can’t do that sh-t anymore ex-hollywood produce: oh, come on. just this once, okay? i […]

  • la momma

    a phrase that cj came up with to mess with dajia but he doesn’t even know what it means. dajia: what does la momma mean? cj: idk, lets check urban dictionary

  • nogart

    to b-gart a joint/blunt/piece/etc., but not smoke it due to being already stoned/distracted whilst holding it. jimmy:(talking to others while holding joint) timmy:”jimmy, quit nogarting the f-ckin j”

  • r-squig

    the red squiggly line that underlines errors in text editing software such as microsoft word, sublime text, and visual studio code. 1.your program will not compile till you get rid of those r-squigs. 2. i don’t understand why students turn in their papers covered with r-squigs and expect to p-ss.

  • lord waffle beard

    a person or thing who tries too hard to be funny by being “random”, i.e. invader zim , foamy the squirrel. think old hot topic shirts and 13-year-old anime fans . “lord waffle beard is such a omg hold up teh spork!!!! random name”

  • babystepping

    babystepping is when you are trying to walk through an obstructed area while intoxicated, causing you to loose footing and make little steps like a baby stumbling. i saw you babystepping by my xbox cables, don’t break my sh-t!

  • ginormousir

    bigger then ginormous your muscles are ginormousir

  • kelantan

    in a state that many people are making weird stuff and etc for example: you are a such a “kelantan “ lah ali

  • fridgen

    another word for a bad word i fridgen stubbed my toe!!

  • ganser syndrome

    ganser syndrome is a rare dissociative disorder characterized by nonsensical or wrong answers to questions and other dissociative symptoms such as fugue, amnesia or conversion disorder, often with visual pseudo-hallucinations and a decreased state of consciousness. the syndrome has also been called nonsense syndrome, balderdash syndrome, syndrome of approximate answers, hysterical pseudodementia or prison psychosis. […]

  • den fart

    that one monstrous and disgusting fart you’ve been holding since the beginning of the day and has built up the most horrid smells, only to be let out all at once once you open the front door of your house. dad: hey guess who’s back from work? just so you all know, the whole house […]

  • st0.n3

    someone who’s trash at fortnite omg you are so bad at fortnite you are almost as bad as st0.n3

  • nut tray

    any girl that you use only for s-x. she doesn’t mean anything to you, you just nut then leave. nut trays tend to not be the most beautiful girls, because they are easier to smash then leave. friend 1: yo i need p-ssy, but none of these b-tches that good bruh friend 2: f-ck it, […]

  • taleeah

    taleeah – the best person youll ever meet theyre shy but very welcoming once you know them very sensitive but likes to hide their feelings very indecisive im glad i met taleeah she is just taleeah and i wouldnt trade her for anything the world

  • natashya

    a girl who is a thicc (yeah with two c’s) hoe, who loves to much on carrots but also looks like a yummy mashed potato. this means she’s the s-xiest and most h-rn–st girl on the planet. d-mn she’s thicc, and juicy just like a potato. her name must be natashya

  • sartorians

    the sartorians are a strong fandom, they are girls or boys who support the singer jacob sartorius. they are the best, strongest, and loveliest fandom in the world!! person #1: those are a lot of fans who are they here for? person #2: oh! those are sartorians, they’re here for jacob. a boy or a […]

  • moab soccer

    a variation of the cl-ssic game of baseketball. that is, a cross of a cross between baseball and basketball. nine innings of two teams of rusty degenerates taking turns kicking a volleyball at patio furniture arranged to resemble some sort of r-t-rded baseball field. missing a chair results in an out and catching a deflected […]

  • shane potter

    this t h i c c kid that goes to my school also harry potters brother graduate of hogwarts. hey did you hear about shane potter touching jayson?

  • mud shark

    a mud shark is any white girl who, due to peculiarities in her psyche, dates only black men. there are two distinct types of mud sharks: type i mud sharks (the most common) are fat girls with little or no education who, rather than dating a white guy from the bottom of the heap, go […]

  • abbey robinson

    abbey robinson is an awesome girl that loves tacos! she’s kind, funny and caring. lots of people say bad stuff about her but it’s all made up, she appreciates the people she has in her life and isnt anything like other people describe her as! ew have you hear about abbey robinson hey let’s not […]

  • nawwaar

    nawwaar is an arabic name,it means light and fire,it’s also the name of the fifth month off the year. nawwaar is a name for boys but also used for girls. not to confuse it with nawar wich mean a flower. my name is nawwaar. (it’s why i’m writing this in this stupid website)

  • bdiwooskssk

    a siked out cave woman “hey wanna go out for ice cream? i heard there’s a deal going on” “um i’d love to! bdiwooskssk!!!”

  • hoseman

    slow moving, foot dragging imbecile and expert work cover claim extortionist. “who’s that lazy pr-ck over there?” “that’s hoseman, cant you tell?”

  • meirshe

    simple an optimistic perspective. with a maintained meirshe mindset, you can achieve anything. maan, you need some meirshe in your life ya yup. /mee/yiar/she/ – mindset, movement, lifestyle, perspective. do what you love and follow your dreams. you can do anything in the world if you set your mind to it. we are all just […]

  • freaky zoriki

    the act of shoving a zucchini in someone’s -sshole for s-xual gratification. i was having a good time till she pulled the ol freaky zoriki.

  • cripple critter

    a person who is slow, ugly, stupid, or a blend of them all. usually blocks doorways so that people can’t get through them, just because they have nothing better to do. also sucks… peepee, i guess… at driving. me driving: move yo booty cripple critter!!! (honks)

  • marleeezy

    a bad b-tch, someone who is slim thick, has a phat a$$, gets all the guys, makes h-lla money, and is independent. look there goes marleeezy, she don’t need a man, and look she has a fat -ss.

  • cigarettes

    designed by insightful people, who realized that the last 7 yrs. of life are not worth living anyway. those are the 7 yrs. you cant make coherent sentences, and you sh-t yourself constantly. “grandpa you sh-t yourself again, here is a pack of camels!!!!! 1. a magic wand used to conjure buses. you can stand […]

  • yaritze

    she is pretty but really special girl, she’s crazy and happy, always is trying to help her friends. friend: can you come with me please. yaritze:ok come on

  • ameltheism

    taken from the word “amelioration”. ameltheism is stance towards theism, religion and other bodies of belief and faith based thought which -sserts that is better to seek change and transformation as opposed to the complete denouncement and abolition of such things. it is a movement that regards any and all endeavors to adjust and reform […]

  • koljaks

    the mix spelling for jakol ,meaning to m-st-rb-t-. used mainly in social media in the philippines for friends to use in the comment section as slang not to upset family members person 1:bro you must get alot of girls with your good looks person 2: nah bro i just koljaks at home

  • lord fellaini

    nickname for the best player in football’s history, most talented and skilled, marouane fellaini. he is often called a god of football, impressing with every single minute on the pitch. and he has the best hairstyle ever. “omg! how the f-ck someone can miss that? normal for lord fellaini” “lord fellaini strikes again! only two […]

  • pulling a jackie

    saying your ready, but delaying departure because you forgot something are you ready to go? yes, wait, i have to run upstairs, i forgot something… she just pulling a jackie…

  • amburlee

    she is a freking goddess, like dammmmmmmmm. i don’t even know how to explain the amazingness of this b-tch. she be lookin like a whole snack is that amburlee, dammmmm, look at that glow up!!!

  • pushnar

    p-ssy bro stop being a pushnar

  • shotgun cum

    shotgun c-m is when a man c-ms in a girls mouth without warning i was sucking off darry then he shotgun c-m me!

  • maggie craft

    -a 5”1 walking sack of sh-t. she backstabs everyone she comes across and talks alotta sh-t but if you were to hit her, she would lift off into the atmosphere and hopefully suffocate very slowly. -d-ck switcher -walking asian bobblehead “bro do you know maggie craft?” “you mean watermelon-head fish-p-ssy?”

  • braxin

    two or more bloods coming together in a positive manner to create something positive. the two main blood hoods are braxin together.

  • nogwog

    a racist term used to describe people, it consists of the words nignog and gollywog, can be used to offend everybody. that nogwog is back again, what a c-nt.

  • willie weed

    the amount of weed smoked by willie nelson yes im white “you bring dat willie weed”

  • real fellur hours

    from 12 am to 12 am is when you call up your fellow brothers and tell them how much you appreciate them. guy#1 yeehaw its real fellur hours borther guy#2 oh d-mn time to call up my borther

  • sunshine emo

    somebody who does not look or act emo™ but still is involved by either being in a band or listening to that style music. they will often be the standout happy one among their friends. patrick stump from fall out boy would be considered a sunshine emo.

  • burnee

    when someone says your a burnee , it means that you have multiple backgrounds from all different countries, and you are “lit”, and “fun”. john: yo, did you see that gyal keke at the party? bob: ya ya, shes bare burnee.

  • assgennial

    when a millennial doesn’t know their head from their -ss my coworker is so -ssgennial coz he thinks he knows something about everything and doesn’t even know his -ss from his head when a millennial doesn’t know their head from their -ss my coworker is so -ssgennial coz he thinks he knows something about everything […]

  • monett

    a very smart, pretty and outgoing girl. she loves to hangout with friends and family and loves going on adventures. she hates fighting with her friends and tries her best to not be a part of drama. perfect for advice and a shoulder to lean on. has a ghetto -ss and nice b–bs, also has […]

  • affrizal

    tall man. he is cold outside but actually a sweet person. a little bit secretive. he always help people in need. his smile lights up the world. i noticed him last year. his charm and politeness make me fall in love. affrizal inspired me a lot. cliche but its the truth.

  • fashiontage

    one who is p-ssionate about fashion, and keeps themselves ‘hip on the scene’ by continually updating their wardrobe to stay in step with the everchanging fashion world. these individuals are also able to comprise a hot outfit if, given the right tools, no help required. one who is enthusiastic about design, and keeps themselves ‘hip […]

  • facebook foolie

    a lame-o that relies on facebook memes and culture as a comedy source. yo dude, did you see h3h3’s new video on more facebook foolies?

  • kanonfuee

    the strongest emperor in world smile conspiracy. praise kanonfuee our emperor!

  • mutual concession

    mutual concession is an act of giving up one’s own possessions, interests, rights, comfort or stuffs like that just to foster cooperation among two or more persons and to sustain the already existing relationship. -emeasoba george mutual concession is synonymous with give-and-take.

  • throt

    (noun) a thot that is even more thotty than most thots; someone that possesses extreme thottiness tessa: “d-mn, karen is so thirsty that even sleeping with the entire baseball team didn’t quench her. she a thot!” jasmine: “nah b-tch!! she’s a throt!” throt (and or throtie), is a derogatory acronym that stands for, “that hoe […]

  • hand gammon

    play on words of “hand cannon”, this entails putting your hands inside of two piglets -n-ses and using them as melee weapons to thwart off your enemies. i’m going to use my hand gammon to beat him to a pulp!

  • shit tugger

    when you have to sh-t but it’s too big so you have to start tugging it out of your -sshole. squidward: spongebob you are such a sh-t tugger spongebob: i know squidward t-st-cl-s

  • cracker ass fool

    a person on kik who has a weird voice you are a cracker -ss fool

  • jessley

    the ship name for the pitch perfect movie franchise characters jessica smith and ashley jones, who have literally been there the whole time. person 1: do you know what we deserve? person 2: what? person 1: a jessley wedding.

  • that ain’t it

    the response said when someone says something that just isn’t morally right, or disturbing. brad: “i just nutted on my cousins face!” tyquan: “yeah, no that ain’t it.”

  • jacob saggitits

    jacob sartorious also known as jacob saggit-ts is a player, and cheats on girls from time to time used in a sentence “jacob saggit-ts, is the most ugliest, person and also a man hoe”

  • willy wacker

    someone who doesnt stop wacking off. see also rory. jesus man, stop wacking off all the time! your such a w-lly wacker. someone who likes to w-nk alot, more then the average person (dave faid) for gods sake, do u have to be such a w-lly wacker! pulling down your pants and shouting anyone want […]

  • close keys

    that moment when you text fast but accidentally press the letter next to the letter that you were trying to text. so it comes out like thia. (this) (in a text message) girl: how are you? boy: i’m doing food girl: you could do something else if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ […]

  • wantaeng

    a term to insult someone saying like dumb dude you’ re such a wantaeng

  • toddler knocker

    when the male genitalia is so girthy and long that when you walk by a toddler it knocks them off their feet. hey marissa that guy last night had such a toddler knocker!!

  • bellwop

    like a b-ll-nd but also a whopper. he’s such a f-ckin bellwop

  • a chunky mandem

    when you’re in a public place (usually a zoo or cinema) and a family who are all morbidly obese walk along arguing in height order. “after giving my girlfriend a greasy steven the next day we went to the zoo and we got stuck between a chunky mandem”

  • national go commit die day

    just just f-cking commit die on something on july tenth can’t wait for national go commit die day

  • jaejae

    the most bad -ss f-cker in the world and is awesome in every way is so hot and amazing at singing wow its jaejae a goofy hot woman jaejae always makes me laugh.

  • oqué

    the spanish version of the english word “ok” or “okay”. a product of spanglish. speaker 1: aye mi ese, how’s it going homes? speaker 2: i’m doing oqué hambre. spanish way of saying “okay” person 1: hey you want to go get some queso and chips person 2: sure oque

  • jacuzza

    the self-appointed nomenclature for the jacuzzi mafia. the jacuzza were snooping around outside earlier, have you been selling jet streams around their turf again?

  • endrina

    endrina has lots of friends and is really popular but she doesn’t realize it. she’s seem really nice but she will steal all your money if she gets the chance because she’s broke and the second she gets money she spends it all on clothes, hair products or makeup “dude you just got your paycheck […]

  • nokuthula

    nokuthula is the best person to get advice from. she is very kind and sweet until you tick her off the boat. she doesn’t like showing her emotions to a person until she could actually trust them. she puts a smile on her face and puts everyone on top of her cause she actually cares. […]

  • motherfeckers

    how r-t-rded people spell “motherf-ckers”. you motherf-ckers dude, don’t try to be cool. that word is disgusting.

  • passive ball management

    when she’s jacking it, and you get that rhythmic ball swing with the strokes. i can’t get my girl to handle my boys. all i get is that p-ssive ball management.

  • the red bulldozer

    this is when a man requests for another man to shove a sugar free red bull can in his -ss for fun. he generally complains that the mans c-ck was too small and needed something more. in most situations he chooses not to tell his wife he does this but there are some exceptions. hey […]

  • 88w88

    88w88 is used in replacement of owo, because in this scenario, it is a spider gf, meaning she would have many eyes, creating the 88w88 88w88, what’s this?!

  • parmandeep

    parmandeep is an amazing person, you would be extremely lucky to have him in your life. he protects you from harm and always has your back. his voice can calm you down in an instant. he has good manners and turns any rude person, into the sweetest guy/girl in the universe. his smile makes you […]

  • is that you, yeah?

    when you see an old friend and you feel the need to forget their name and ask if it is them, the more appropriate way of saying “yo mate i see it is you”… ehhh fam! is that you, yeah? fam das you bruv.

  • sombd

    the abbreviation for “suck on my b-lls, dog”; an expression used to declare an att-tude of frustration, irritation, moderate anger or general malaise. the customer service at that store can sombd.

  • chunked up

    to vomit something in chunks my boyfriend chunked up a load of apple cinnamon oatmeal last night and it was really hot

  • canuckiwi

    someone that was born in canada living in among the maori in new zealand. justin trudeau would be far to busy to ever have the time to be a canuckiwi alongside jacinda ardern.

  • multifandom

    a multifandom is a universe consisting of multiple fandom characters and places and universes from books, films, tv shows and stories, “i loved that multifandom video on youtube!” a multifandom is someone who is absolutely obsessed with kpop . so obsessed, in fact, that they can’t even only stan just one group. they are physically […]

  • xrayhopper

    a fat man with a huge p-n-s , often masturbating to anyone around him that guys such an xrayhopper.

  • jim crow fisted

    when you have 3 out of 5 inserted into your -n-s or v-g-n-. “yeah, i couldn’t really get it up so i just jim crow fisted him.

  • spoon bandit

    a nocturnal infiltrator who creeps momentarily into the spoon position before escaping unnoticed. much to my surprise, the cctv footage revealed the visit from a spoon bandit

  • falasha

    a bad b-tch who takes sh-t from n-body. has hands, a fat -ss, and cute curly hair dammmn who’s that girl she’s bad af oh that’s my b-tch falasha

  • jeila

    they are caring , beautiful, and unique. they care for their friends and forgives too easily. does things on time. truthfull and trustworthy. she is the person you can rely on jeila you are a ggreat friend

  • tinder celebrity

    a tinder user who is famed and known to every male/female out for notoriously pursuing as many profiles as possible; simultaneously. they are often found to be deleting and reinstalling their profile in hopes of matching former left swipers. they blindly and furiously swipe right to every profile in a 160km radius, thus eventually gaining […]

  • lepojevic

    a family line of astounding prost-tutes, who suck d-ck better than any other matriatriarcle family. if you were to suck any lepojevic’s p-ssy it would make you live forever as they call it the ”p-ssy of youth”. if you shove your shaft into her mine you shall be rewarded with many many diamonds and a […]

  • kusfaggot

    a combination of the arabic word “kus” and the english word “f-ggot” when you put the two together it makes “kusf-ggot” a kusf-ggot is a person whom is so brain dead that there is physically no words to explain their brain deadness except “kusf-ggot” d-mn dude micheal is an actual kusf-ggot

  • fruity loop scoop

    as you’re f-cking your cute b-tch; you realize, “man, i’d really enjoy some fruit loops right now.” so, you take your big f-ckin gallon of c-m milk, you dump it in that b-tch- however, you do it in time with an entire box of fruit loops. (not sponsored) then, you take a dairy queen spoon […]

  • sloppy maple

    when you -j-c-l-t- in maple syrup and eat it with your pancakes i made some sloppy maple yesterday it had a little of a salty taste to it when you’re about to c-m, you grab a maple syrup bottle, and squirt it all over her face, while you c-m inside of her. “there’s something sticky […]

  • bohemian monkey slave

    some fat dude name jerry tell jerry he looks like a bohemian monkey slave.

  • vigneswari

    someone quite naive but extremely special. a vigneswari may be the one to overthink stuff but is quite handy in situations where you need somebody to talk to you. tends to have a nice -ss. quite possibly d cups. that is one vigneswari, my fine -ss friend

  • trash drug

    a drug not deemed pleasurable that salvia is a trash drug

  • ruby gillis

    ruby gillis is the pentagonist of the book series “anne of green gables” and of the 2017 tv series “anne with an e”. she is a small girl, the smallest of her group, and wears pink dresses with a white pinafore over it every day, as well as big pink bows in her hair. she […]

  • salted fish

    a term, originally from chinese, used to refer to someone feeling tired and sluggish after working long hours, i feel like a salted fish

  • yolelin

    someone who can be quite charming at first but can get too comfortable too quickly. can be rude and not trustworthy, even if you knew them for a long time wow yolelin is getting pretty rude now, i thought they were diffrent

  • ugliester

    tremendously hideous; being facially challenged you are the ugliester.

  • basketball sacks

    when his b-lls so big you need to buy a ball bag for them his b-lls so big i had to buy basketball sacks

  • dying in la

    a beautiful and the last song from the new ‘pray for the wicked’ alb-m by panic! at the disco. brendon urie could surely made you cry with his voice. some fans have even called this northern downpour 2.0 olivia: guys, have you heard ‘dying in la’ by panic! at the disco yet? random dude: eww, […]

  • hashaging

    hardcore s-x have you been hash-ging in my bed

  • through the roof

    an expression meaning something is ridiculously expensive. friend: “i’m think about grabbing those gucci slides for vacation.” me: “i would too, but they through the roof.”

  • shinyoung

    shinyoung is usually an asian girl with small eyes and lips, and black hair. she can be a little serious if you tell a joke that might offend her. but once you get to know her, she has a really funny personality and is super smart. everyone needs a friend like a shinyoung. shinyoung was […]

  • adress

    common misspelling of “address.” guy 1: hey, what’s your adress? guy 2: you mean my address? guy 1: yeah, whatever. guy 2: i wouldn’t want someone knowing my address who can’t spell it.

  • caeman

    can be a hoe. hard headed. likes to be outdoors. a great friend and knows how to treat a girl (when he’s not being a hoe). can give you mixed feelings. overall a great person to be with “hey quit being a little caeman” -hannah

  • deet season

    a period of time where all idiotic, extreme, or outlandish ideas must become a reality. this time period normally lasts three to four days, starting on the second friday of each month. this time period contains pretty much no sleep, lots of stunts, and borderline illegal pranks to entertain you and your friends. tbh its […]

  • jalyson

    jayden + alyson. usually in a good relationship together they talk often but usually are playing games, watching tv, or with friends when talking. they are in a good happy relationship where they talk often, and care a lot about each other. they will love each other till the very end and are always there […]

  • mundapod

    the safe where a large amount of money is hidden. person 1: “let’s go in the cave to try to find some money!” person 2: ” okay but first we have to break through the mundapod.”

  • freudocorrect

    when your phone autocorrects your message with a freudian slip you look like jack swallow. oops i mean jack sparrow, d-mn freudocorrect!

  • to finesse a mango

    skilfully slicing a mango mason likes to finesse a mango

  • respicte

    a short period of rest or relief from people demanding respect and p-ssive aggressive punks boarding themselves up with self help books. if respect has become about bullying (online and off) and self help has become about victim hood. a person looking for respicte wants a place that is their own. from the words respect […]

  • jet ski legend

    any legend who can ride a jet ski for longer then an hour without getting tired out. that kid definitely is not a jet ski legend, he complained the entire time and stopped after 45 minutes because his thumb hurt.

  • big ree

    when youre so triggered a regular reee just isn’t enough i got so triggered that i let out a big ree.

  • devonse

    devonse is a shy and mysterious man. he consist of having a bright smile and an amazing personality. devonse’s are very unique. devonse is very caring.

  • take a dip in the river

    to have s-x with a woman whilst she’s on her period. “not tonight babe, i’m on my period” “it’s fine to take a dip in the river, but i wouldn’t drink from it”

  • tae’leur

    a bad, beautiful, hardworking b-tch tae’leur works so hard.

  • dyam

    “d-mn” pr-nounced with a withering polskie accent you want to go to the radiohead concert and i don’t give a dyam about those depressive british lunatics another word for best player i am dyam at this game

  • caenen

    one s-xy -ss man! in fact so s-xy you could lick whipped cream and cherries off of his nipples for days and nibble on his ears for hours while snuggling with him. his favorite fantasy is just to be loved and to find a true partner he loves to have an intimate relationship filled with […]

  • leet fleet

    a conglomerate of elite individuals that hold friendship to the highest of standards. the bond of their fellowship is reciprocal. “that bro has got to be in the leet fleet.” “for sure. he’s one of the founding members of 2 pi beta chi.” “concur”

  • top jonny bananna

    (1) something done exceptionally well. (2) an excellent person who’s done something fantastic. phrase recorded by 851. he’s caught that criminal. top jonny bananna. that ikea cupbiard was put together in record time. top jonny bananna.

  • taintbrush

    noun – an extended soulpatch. a long vertical strip of facial hair directly below the lower lip, beneficial for stimulating the taint during cunningulis or salad tossing. while i was “eating at the y”, my taintbrush drove her crazy! also known as a “soul patch.” hair grown below the lower lip and above the chin. […]

  • ogiop{ighiw0oadfjg rigfjoeoaejdbhf pweokjnjkp[wdfg

    means that is (doofus) on high roblox drinks and dumb (not meaning just using to make fun of my friend for saying do you know what i said ogiop{ighiw0oadfjg rigfjoeoaejdbhf pweokjnjkpwdfg xd ogiop{ighiw0oadfjg rigfjoeoaejdbhf pweokjnjkpwdfg means that the person is very drunk

  • beaver tears

    a female lingo for masturbation, or jilling for when females squirt yesterday i had beaver tears from jilling so hard

  • naun

    naun is southern slang for neither. pr-nounced na-un,like noun but with an a i don’t want naun one of them

  • shoulda rolled

    a response to something that happened that in no way could be avoided. police officer: the victim was h-t by an oncoming car. it was going too fast for him to avoid it. police officer 2: ….shoulda rolled. or “today we will discuss the ways freddy murcury could have avoided hiv. number 1….. shoulda rolled”

  • pixelpupz

    pix-el-pups: (noun) a pair of streamers, one who is of the female variant that is young, but lacks the knowledge of days past. the other is of the male variant that fancy’s big t-tted anime waifus and suffers from the female variant of this pair. i enjoy watching pixelpupz on

  • benha

    a town in the north of is the capital of region called el-qalubia in egypt. i live in benha. benha is a word created from two best friends named ben and neha. everyone loves benha.

  • trutherbot army

    a group of slacktivists whom on twitter tweet disinformation, conspiracy theories and promote child s-xual exploitation. twitter has banned the twitter accounts of numerous members of the trutherbot army for doing tweets promoting child s-xual exploitation.

  • yankai

    a chinese immigrant, also known as a apex chinasaurus rex, who violently f-cks everyone in his way. he resembles an out of control gorilla, snowflake. help! yankai is here. prepare your -n-s!

  • yeinis

    a well loved and beautiful human being very goofy and always smiling for little reasons , very quiet and has quite the opinion. omg she’s so beautiful! that’s a yeinis

  • it’s coming home

    used by english football fans during world cup compet-tions. indicates hope they’ll win compet-tion (in context of england being game’s birthplace). (football’s referred to as soccer in north america). “it’s incredible, england’s through to a world cup semi-final! it’s coming home!”

  • aukmh

    typical flemish (belgian) expression standing for: als u kunt me helpen (if you could help me) this saying is a variation of “aub”(alstublieft) ~ if you please variations of aukmh are as follows: ukmh (authoritative; you could help me) aukm (questioning; if you could me) he kerel! heb je een safke voor mij ofzo? aukmh!!

  • vorkla

    being g-y and a furry that plays garry’s mod person 1: ewwww what is that thing flirting with men and has a furry costume on? person 2: that’s a vorkla person 1: let’s knuckle dust that vorkla! person 2: bet!

  • lucia 1212

    the psychic group of people. people born on 12-12-00 once a blue moon the year turns 12-12-12, last year was 12-12-12, the next 12-12-12 is 12-12-2112, study show they are 365 days in a year but there’s only one 12-12-12 in a year. you were born on lucia 1212 the psychic group of people. people […]

  • ducati scrambler

    when a girl has a t-shirt on with a motorcycle picture and you grab her t-ts and shake them like scrambling eggs kelly was wearing this cool vintage motorcycle t-shirt so i went ahead and gave her the old ducati scrambler.

  • pampix

    the ship name of pancham and vulpix. trainer 1: i ship pampix trainer 2: i don’t trainer 1:*kills trainer 2*

  • alpha weeb

    an athletic/buffed weaboo alpha weeb (アルファウィブ) like a weaboo, alpha weebs are in to j-panese anime and also have their own waifus. although, they are very athletic and they sometimes use their waifu, ironically or unironically, as a motivation for their gains. they have accepted themselves in being branded a weaboo. alpha weebs are not […]

  • kyndree

    she’s a goofball who loves everyone! she is some times a b*tch, but we all love her❤️ “kyndree is pretending to be a llama again! oh how i love her!”

  • math as propaganda

    when both developed and developing nations are receptive to adopting a foreign or an alien math curriculum, or part of it, because of its rich or creative content—when they recognize that there is much to gain and no political agenda in embracing it. singapore, an island-state that has punched above its academic or economic weight, […]

  • to drapemat

    verb: to use a used fabric or a clothing item to make another clothing item she used her very best skirt to drapemat dancing skirt for her daughter.

  • quickpay

    quickpay is a person-to-person payment service that lets you send and receive money from almost anyone with a u.s. bank account using an email address or mobile number. lynda, you can pay me back on the weekend by quickpay if you prefer…

  • frase banane

    the flavor that we all savour in franch it is called strawberry banana boi: i love my drink boi 2: omfg it f-kin frase banane! gimme!

  • mercy mcauley high school

    a school of amazing strong females 💪🏻 they are independent and they need no man but if they chose so he usually is an amazing guy😉 these girls rock the color orange even though it’s the worst color on the color wheel (they didn’t have a choice) they are great people and everyone wants to […]

  • xmpt

    this word is a abbreviation to its root word exempt. this word means to be anonymous, missing or lost. these people did not show up to work today, i guess i’ll mark them xmpt

  • qak

    a different way to say quack. the duck goes “qak, qak, qak”.

  • holsted

    a big d-cked family d-mn! the holsted brothers both have big d-cks! the question is who to blow?!!?

  • abcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyzzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba

    when you have nothing else to do so you decide to type the alphabet forwards then backward to cure the boredom. immmm soooooooo bored abcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyzzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba ahhhhhhhh much better

  • po po glo

    when you see the glow of police lights. something must have happen down the street because i see po po glo.

  • gehto

    a brand name of eye wear. gehto is an australian brand of sungl-sses and eye wear.

  • lardash

    the human embodiment of greed. money and women, power and s-x, status, glory. he demands the finer things in life. check his left hand for tattoo to confirm it is indeed him. is that a lardash? i don’t know bro, check the hand

  • an appropriate card

    1. a card played in cards against humanity that sounds like it works and won’t get your video demonetized, until you or someone else decided to read too far between the lines. see too appropriate 1b. a card played in cards against humanity that actually works too well, so it doesn’t get picked. 2. an […]

  • leslie knope

    if she were real, she would definitely become the first woman president. for real. leslie knope: why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast food? ron swanson: people are idiots, leslie.

  • tootsie boots

    a sophisticated way of saying socks . a way i which you tootsies are being warthed by your tootsie boots jamie was wearing tootsie boots to sleep, what a freak.

  • cream covered oreo

    when a man f-cks a black girl and c-ms on her their relationship has really gotten better because she let him give her a cream covered oreo

  • maleigh

    a maleigh is something that looks like a dumb, ugly, orangutan. awwww, that monkey looks like a maleigh. it is ugly, stupid, and annoying. it is abnoxious and gross. it picks its nose and eats its boogers. ew, it’s such a maleigh

  • hit me with a semi and call me kevin

    australian tradesman slang for “i can’t believe it” hit me with a semi and call me kevin, that’s a good lookin’ rig.

  • confrumpled

    to be troubled in the toes. (oc mom talking to an oc mom at a public park in a safe neighborhood): look at the way that boy waddles, he seems confrumpled.

  • polish stalker

    a weird polish tourist who just won’t leave you alone and won’t take no for an answer. while traveling to the country of france, i unfortunately encountered a very arrogant and strange polish stalker.

  • exasscracktly

    shares a meaning with exactly, but often used when someone is “dead-ss” right. her: i’m not hungry. him: are you sure? you can’t eat any of my food. her: i’m sure. her: *eats his food* him: ex-sscracktly as i suspected.

  • braying ass

    any reporter who is obnoxious, loutish, or crude in their asking of questions, especially out of turn or in a formal setting. did you see that braying -ss acosta shouting at the president while he answered the questions of another reporter? did you see that braying -ss screaming at president putin?

  • trumpnuggets

    those socially unhinged exchanges with other heads of state, dropped like unfortunate t-rds, by the grabber in chief. all the little trumpnuggets have begun to stink just a little more, now that his deeply autocratic plan has h-t the fan.

  • jackie chan your nuts

    to bash someone in the nuts for touching you with their cold hands *someone touches you with their cold hands* “im gonna jackie chan your nuts”

  • toxic gamer

    a kid who will call himself the best but isnt and always calls people trash what a toxic gamer lol a gamer or community that thinks there all good and can beat anyone and sometimes always talks about people being trash this kid is so toxic or a toxic gamer

  • momk

    mother of my kid(s) there go my momk right there, she lookin bad asl

  • rexiajurrasic

    s-xually attracted to dinosaurs he channeled his rexiajurrasic when watching jur-ssic world

  • michael perone

    a “michael perone” aka “perone” is a person who plays xbox and gets mad at all people who are better than him at a game. a “perone” is also a word for someone who is very racist. “perone” can be used to describe someone being into incest, under age girls, and they are usually are […]

  • cargnotuous

    when someone is moody. when i told amanda she looked pretty, she seemed very cargnotuous

  • crystal severance

    noun. a sl-tlike creature from north american mythology whose means of survival is involvement in romantic relationships with misled individuals. a crystal severance is an unfaithful compulsive liar and morally devoid. synonyms: siren, succubus, terrible person. bro, i told you she was going to cheat. i could tell that she was a crystal severance.

  • collinear anatidae

    a fancy way of saying “ducks in a row”, which is an expression meaning having to have everything setup perfectly to work. collinear = in a line anatidae = family of birds know as ducks. you’d really have to have collinear anatidae if you want to get a rocket to mars.

  • flappid

    pancake t-tties d-mn that b-tch had some flappid t-tties

  • itszpanda

    a guy named lewis who is a latino who works at taco-bell , sucks them toes and smokes crack and f-cks them crack hoes down the street for free toe pics its that guy itszpanda who smokes crack at taco-bell a snack looking latino who works at taco-bell and his name is lewis and he […]

  • sam francisco

    1) a pair of friends with a bond so strong that a major californian city where full house took place is named after them 2) phrase coined by a mr. michael spelts “d-mn dude, i wish i was as dope as sam francisco. that dynamic duo is scorching hot.” “tell me about it bro… no […]

  • sneakycheat

    when am man has to go to the restroom (#2) in a public place and all of the toilets are full but a urinal is available. the male cunningly cuts line and makes a b-line to the open urnial. he them creates sheer pandemonium by turning around and sitting on the urinal to do his […]

  • podkowka

    a family with a up and coming youtuber daughter, and beast oldest brother, and the middle child is a havin -ss lookin -ss, fortnite tryhard having -ss, and hairline diabetic them gingas is some podkowkas

  • doogooderism

    doogooderim is the belief that it is the moral imperative of others to do “good deeds” on behalf of others at their expense. philadelphia taxed soda to pay for urban arts programs in the spirit of doogooderism.

  • koreansexual

    being s-xually attracted to kpop idols, boy or girl, or koreans in general. omg rosé from blackpink is so hot!! im koreans-xual

  • mc tiny

    a wee glaswegian d-ckhead that thinks he sounds good when in fact his tunes sound like as much fun as sh-gging a washing machine with a spiky d-ld- attached to it. in other words, pure white! mc tiny’s tunes are pish!

  • leggacy

    genetically p-ssed-down attractiveness — or lack thereof — of human legs. that family has traditionally possessed fairly-decent-looking calves and ankles, but they also have to deal with shaving lots of body-hair every week — guess that’s leggacy for ya!

  • life-saving extraction

    physical removal of an individual from a situation that is life threatening and not compatible with continued life; when a person is removed from a dangerous situation where death is imminent. he waited patiently for a life-saving extraction from the crimes against humanity committed by the regime founded on organized crime.

  • anallely

    sweet girl who looks sweet on the outside and is even nicer on the inside. however watch out and don’t get on her nerves because she will roast you. always there for you when you need her and is a super pretty girl. if you find her, never let go, she is an amazing person. […]

  • pakinanny

    similar to a hootenanny, a pakinanny is a gathering of pakis. in this gathering, they devote themselves to the sacred arts of insurgency and explosives production. hey bro did you hear? shanza went to a pakinanny last week!

  • baldwin school

    the premier all-girls school in the philadelphia region. it and greenwich academy are almost universally said to be the best suburban girls schools on the us east coast. the school enrolls the blonde sisters of haverford school boys, who have the rare skill of hosting the main line’s largest parties and pull off 1400+ sat […]

  • paiziah

    paiziah is an incredibly smart amazing girl who can find her way out of anything. she has beautiful eyes and great hair. she’s overly nice in a good and bad way. i asked paiziah if she would do my homework for me, and of course she said yes.

  • marxican

    a leftist, socialist, progressive or communist of latin descent. q: “have you heard about that new congress woman from the bronx?” a: “that marxican chick?” q: “yeah, that’s the one.”

  • jackcrutchie

    the ship name for jack kelly and charlie “crutchie” morris from newsies. i totally ship jackcrutchie. they obviously have feelings for each other.

  • salmon splats

    diarrhea brought on by eating salmon. “i didn’t want to stay for a drink because after dinner, i had a bad case of the salmon splats.”

  • br buddy

    two distant friends who hung out in the bathroom to skip cl-ss soon became inseparable sisters. their future adventures await br buddy

  • on the outs

    to not be in jail, not locked up, to be free. i can’t wait to be on the outs again, i’m so sick of being locked up. on the out, a fict-tional idiom invented by jake. jake is a doofus. the other day, jake said he and miss piggy were on the out. we roffled […]

  • jatsu

    the shipping of the ship jellal x natsu very kinky jatsu is dirty otp

  • nigito

    nigito : the hispanic version of “n-gg-” dominican nigito: yo what’s brackin nigito cuban nigito: nun much nigito, wbu

  • ketchup bitch

    a sl-tty native american woman d-mn dude, did you see that ketchup b-tch that mike f-cked the other night??

  • statuphobia

    the act of being made uncomfortable or morally apprehensive at the idea of two people above and below the age of 18 having s-x, as in statutory kevin: 99.9% of america has statuphobia john: i don’t think most of america is afraid of statues kevin: that’s megalophobia and that’s a whole separate issue

  • peak woo

    (noun) /pēk/ /wo͞ o/ a level of paranormal or conspiratorial discussion, or a subject in the paranormal or conspiracy genres, that is deserving or invites derision or mockery due to the absolute absurdity of the subject matter. i.e. q, blue avians, 5d ascension, flat earth, mandela effect, etc. man, that last rogan episode with eddie […]

  • hit the hills

    to go snowboarding or skiing on the mountain. hey man, wanna hit the hills? sure, just let me grab my gear.

  • speculoanuaphobia

    speculoanuaphobia is the irrational fear of sliding gl-ss doors, especially if you believe there could be somebody unknown behind it. if you have this fear, many of your friends will be so weirded out they likely won’t want to be your friend. cathy: “omg i can not sleep on your couch!!!” morgan: “why not?” cathy: […]

  • lin yanjun

    a visual god. he’s the most handsome person in the entire universe. not to mention he’s whipped for you zhangjing. “hey look! i just saw a really hot angle!” “oh my god that must be lin yanjun! “

  • primadonnë

    someone with rare swag. a diva. they stunt. she’s so primadonnë. look at those new balenciaga’s. they so primadonnë!

  • chrishbo

    a christian beasley by definition, a dank rap lawd who get’s absolutely no females whatsoever. makes horrible rap music and can be described as a cringe. yo did you see the new pokemon go kid’s new song? he is such a chrishbo! did you see that guy get rejected lmao he is such a chrishbo!

  • esposo

    it’s husband in spanish mi esposo es muy hermoso

  • go kermit sewer side

    it is basically a spin off of go commit die, except this is more deadly, it reaches into your soul and hits you hard, its more destructive than jokes about dead relatives, its the best comeback person 1: your mom g-y person 2: stfu and go kermit sewer side

  • automatic clastitionata

    fancy-schmanccy talk for “let’s get this party started!” spongebob: “ac! that stands for automatic clast-tionata, which is fancy-schmanccy talk for “let’s get this party started!”

  • shafyqqah

    shafyqqah is a beautiful girl.that everyone has a crush on.she has a very great personality and very funny.she likes trendy clothes and colors.she is a very simple girl but very beautiful shafyqqah is such a beautiful girl.she is very cute.she always says she is ugly but she is so gorgeous.she has a beautiful and neat […]

  • yuraima

    yuraima is a sweet caring girl !! she is really pretty and she gets along with everyone!! she always gets along with the boys the most though all the boys love her!! and she will always care for you and she also has a nice body !! yuraima is everything a boy is looking for!!

  • fanny roar

    a queef of tremendous force of h-llish power. a c-nt grunt with an impressive duration. “i was about to go down on the missus when she suddenly let rip a f-nny roar that made my cheeks back like a f-ckin’ wind turbine!”

  • remonda

    remonda is a magical liquid that brings the inner essence of ones true potential it has the ability to grant superhuman abilities that bring out the color of soul and personality do you still have a little bit of remonda i heard no ones been able to find it for eons

  • derpmercial

    a stupid, useless commercial. hey man, i saw a derpmercial from the 60s…man it was stupid.

  • slopie

    (sloh-pee) a yuppie who lives in the park slope section of brooklyn, ny “man, i hate slopies” or “that slopie ran over me with a baby carriage” (sloh-pee) -noun, plural: slopies a yuppie who lives in the park slope section of brooklyn, new york “man, i hate slopies” or “that slopie ran over me with […]

  • one plus one equals three

    a person with a low iq who believes they are right even when clear evidence dictates they are wrong. audrey is one plus one equals three because she believes george soros is a holocaust survivor.

  • goi’yania

    a very mean, but understanding,kind hearted,rare person ,who at times can be very insecure but confident when comfortable.very independent and never wants help. a goi’yania is rare to find ,so don’t expect to find one so easy

  • vegetfruits

    the sub-cl-ss of botanical fruit that’s often served as/or with vegetables. a simple definition would be a non-dessert type botanical fruit that one can put in a traditional salad. examples of vegetfruits are cuc-mber, corn, bell peppers and tomatoes

  • kennadii

    a funny silly girl that always likes to have fun. she very gorgeous with all her melanin . she loves her natural hair . shes always in style not to mention she’s very curvy , and she has a nice booty . you can rely on her at any time, because she cares about you. […]

  • pb

    personal best; a new high score at anything, good or bad. john: “hey look, nick just set a new pb on rejections tonight.” matt: “ya man, what’s that his third at this bar?” p.b. 1. acronym for perv boy or pervert boy -a term you use on a sincere sweet man but you realize that […]

  • faleela

    dumb ex emo hoe but she’s funny and really loud. also pretty and makes you jealous ooft. “who’s that loud -ss hoe?” “that’s faleela”

  • filthy pogo stick

    a s-xual position involving a man on his back while having a man or woman ride him reverse cowgirl. while doing so the man or woman is grabbing the bottom mans scr-t-m and holding it as if they were riding a pogo stick leons n-ts-ck is sore as h-ll after letting that dude give him […]

  • bangquaintance

    a person whom you have s-x with occasionally, but not enough to clarify as a f-ck buddy. i wouldn’t say we’re friends with benefits more like bangquaintances

  • nigger toe

    a brazil nut. to crack one open, put it into the freezer for a while. or put it into boiling water for a few seconds. brenda served her guests a bowl of n-gg-r toes. a brazil nut – a toe-sized nut that comes in a brown sh-ll and is found in mixed nuts. i like […]

  • ing-yong

    an adlib commonly used by new era artist from california to atlanta the artist califix always uses the adlib ing-yong in every song

  • tonks

    awesome character in the harry potter series. she’s a metamorphagus (she can change her appearance at will), which is left out in the fifth movie. a lot of things about her are left out in the movie… grr… anyways, in the 7th book she married remus lupin. she gets pregnant, but lupin freaks out and […]

  • liam leask

    a boy that had friends then lost friends then became a rec room boy he struggles to grow taller and has recently been accepted in the ccc. look theres a rec room boy it must be liam leask a short boy who struggles to grow. he recently lost his friends because of a fight. he […]

  • chubby legs

    when someones legs are so chubby they wobble when they walk aarons got really chubby legs he’s too scared to wear shorts

  • trevor bourdeau

    a douchebag who thinks he’s big sh-t but not, gives off a lot of little-d-ck energy and can’t take no for an answer you’re being a trevor bourdeau!!

  • time retardation

    when you ask someone if they’ve done something which you know they haven’t and then as they’re answering they do the thing you’re asking them to do. dad: “molly, is your seat belt on?” teenage daughter: “uh, yes. . .” she says as she puts iphone down and tries to sneak it on without dad […]

  • scat 2.0

    a term for “so sick.” or “so cool.” elijah: “i got my new jordan 11’s, and they’re scat 2.0, bro!” its like sh-t but the next level slang term for “taking it to the next level” also slang term for “this is cool” steve: “hey, man. i got this new game i’ve been wanting, and […]

  • flynnloader

    the next generation of freeloaders that aren’t content any longer just to mooch off peoples generosity. they also have to put pressure on people and haggle an even better deal because their so important. that -sshole asked me for another six beers after i offered him just one what a flynnloader .

  • kundilingus

    the ancient s-xual practice of obtaining -rg-smic elightenment through the act of sacred coital meditation. coital meditation we practiced kundilingus yoga in complete harmony

  • egnys

    4″6 individuals who excel in compet-tive mlg gaming. they are known for their stealth and are rumoured to make even less noise than an earthquake with a magnitude above 10 on the richter scale. filbert- hey bruce did ya here about the plays the g.o.a.t pulled in fortnite bruce- oath mate i heard he pulled […]

  • sweet & spicy

    someone who can simultaneously be crazy f-cking hot and crazy f-cking cute at the same time me: hey jess, you’re a real piece of sweet & spicy ya know jess, on my c-ck: mhm~

  • get dragged

    how to respond when someone talks bad about you; a fight threat “next time she tell you that she gonna get dragged”

  • sellas

    the word sellas is used to describe somebody who is completely awesome, in every way. it’s also used to describe sombody of greek herratige and who ingages in behaviour commonly related to black people i.e listning to notorious big. girl 1: “see that hot guy over there?” girl 2 :”yeah he’s such a sellas” another […]

  • karelism

    a religion that worships the violinist, karel holas. april 18 is the karelist equivalent to christmas, it is also known as mom karel day. i support karelism. do you see that person over there? he is a karelist. praise mom karel! :d

  • the dam snack bar

    a reference to percy jackson and the t-tans curse when zoë nightshade, thalia grace, grover underwood and percy jackson were at the hoover dam and were looking for the ‘dam snack bar’ we should find the dam snack bar. the dam snack bar? yes, what is funny?

  • laindon roadman

    a laindon roadman is a boy usually aged from 11-40 these creatures are usually found in basildon or laindon, they would wear a nike tracksuit (usually gray) nike tn’s, a black north face puffer jacket, and a nike cap. they top it off with their iphone 5c (usually white or blue) oh and let’s not […]

  • tough chick

    a resilient woman who can accomplish any goal and overcome any obstacle. she is a fighter, a warrior, and a survivor. she is a patty. she inspires others because she’s a tough chick that doesn’t give up.

  • the orange oaf

    1. the xenophobic, misogynistic, h-m-phobic, s-xist, racist 45th president of the united states of america. he is known for being a fraud, breaking deals and commitments, dodging the draft, not paying taxes, tearing apart families, poor grammar, blathering hyperbole, lying to the public, having no clue as to how foreign relations are built – let […]

  • u.s.s.r.

    union of soviet socialist republics all of those new countries surrounding russia were in the u.s.s.r., check out a map pre 90’s union of soviet socialist republics informally: the soviet union a country that occupied 1/6 of all the land in the world. existed from 1917 to 1991. ruled by the communist party. consisted of […]

  • lickin peach

    when someone licks a shaved v-g-n-. i like lickin peach 👅 🍑

  • fuck my drag

    when a drag queen outright dismisses another drag queen’s aesthetic. “f-ck my drag, right?” kennedy says during her own confessional interview, responding to milk’s dismissal of her craftsmanship. “if i’m not your cup of tea, then baby don’t drink it.”

  • ethanee

    ethanee is an amazing, gorgeous, bright, stunning, loyal and talented girl. she is very comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t care what others think about her. no guy can resist her, including me the guy that wrote this. she’s the most loving girl that walks this earth. if you are sad, or have a […]

  • a second hand bjarni

    a bus w-nker that is cheap and never buys his own stuff and waits to get it second hand. man he got that iphone for free he must be a second hand bjarni

  • i’m sexy

    1) someone who believes their s-xy. 2) someone who wishes to be s-xy. 3) someone who’s truly s-xy. (like me) 1) person 1: i’m s-xy person 2: not this again ugh. 2) person 1: i’m s-xy person 2: no your a “wannabe s-xy” 3) person 1: i’m s-xy person 2: i know (;

  • shawn and maura

    a phrase which is likely chanted in the bridgewater middle schools cl-ss of 2022. shawn being the hairy monkey is in desperate need of a mate seeks companionship with the maura. this chant in his favor made him relevant in the bridgewater middleschool some may chant at lunch, “shawn and maura(clap clap clap clap clap)…..” […]

  • half a heart

    how you feel when you love somebody, but you know what’s happening is for the best. you don’t want it to happen, but you both know that it needs to. your heart belongs to them, leaving you feeling empty and alone; with only half a heart. lover 1: “i miss you” lover 2: “i miss […]

  • deak1n808

    a good person who steals your kills on fortnite. why deak1n808 i just almost got that kill, f off.

  • inverted nipples

    a somewhat rare condition in males and females in which the nipples have soft/puffy aureolae and an in-turned nip. they can, however, be extroverted temporarily when aroused. it is rumored that inverted nipples are more sensitive than normal nipples. (o) normal nipples. (o) (-) inverted nipples. (-) nipples facing in-ward my nipples after kinky s-x […]

  • tom glynn

    he is my imaginary friend he likes potatoes tom glynn

  • fact-fuck

    verb a political person proven to be a propagandist and embarr-ssed among his peers and feel as if he lost and has been screwed. adjective: fact-f-cked i am going to fact-f-ck you with truth about the post you made. that fact-f-cked trump supporter does nothing but tell lies.

  • ripperoni pepperoni

    an expression used to express the most possible grief you can in the most concise amount of time. person 1: i just got news that my grandfather just died. person 2: dude, ripperoni pepperoni. i feel so sorry.

  • nobody knows

    said when an answer is unknown. this n-body guy sure knows a lot of stuff. n-body really knows how though. its a mystery .. i guess n-body knows.

  • sloupy

    the sleepiness you feel after eating some good -ss soup. i can’t focus right now, i’m too gotdam sloupy.

  • dans wench

    a girl who wants him so much when his ex girlfriend leaves penny is dans wench she only got dan cause leeann doesn’t want him

  • wa she rey

    it is a language from yoruba speaking people in nigeria , it is a form of hailing someone or a compliment which means you’ll do good things or you’ll be great wa she rey! padi mi wa she rey! you’ve bought a new car

  • jhena bigdick

    when a human being is bipolar for d-ck one day they like white d-ck then black and then asian wich eventually goes to indian d-ck and then the cycle continues. jhena likes black d-ck and then asian d-ck after u never know what d-ck she likes because she likes a different one everyday she definitely […]

  • abbey russell

    an amazing, kind, gorgeous, sporty, smart girl. she really wants a boyfriend who is taller than her and will hug her tightly. she is so rare and amazing once you find her never let her go. “wow i wish i had an abbey russell as a friend!”

  • whalebreather

    a person who is swimming and blows the excess water out of their mouth creating the mist that looks like a whale is releasing air on top of the water. he showed that he was a whalebreather when he sprayed me like a whale. he whale-breathed on me

  • choke knoll

    another name for oak knoll because every time they talk it sounds like they have d-ck in their mouth. did you hear helen? she must be from choke knoll because her voice sounds like she’s sucking d-ck

  • okn’t

    it means when you’re ok but your not. when you feel good but you don’t friend: are you ok? me: no i’m okn’t

  • mystalin

    the most beautiful girl in the entire world. beautiful white skin, pretty eyes, and an adorable face. she’s an amazing person to talk to and stay up until 5:00 am with! also, she’s not a communist lmao. it’s not my stalin, it’s pr-nounced: mist-a-lin you idiot. look at mystalin today, she’s so cute. mystalin is […]

  • belarna

    a girl who is beautiful and can be quiet on the outside but loud on the inside. especially one of them 😉 did you see belarna today? she’s looking 😍 .

  • spedwipe

    a person who takes a sh-t on the toilet and misses. noah: oh my god, did you hear what nick did? brandon: yeah, that spedwipe f-cking shat all over the ring. noah: i know, right? how do you even f-cking miss? you’re sitting down!

  • pomo fomo

    fear of missing out on postmodernism i put in a lot of derrida and barthes references in my 1990 thesis cause i had a serious case of pomo fomo.

  • alaa eldin

    the craziest chabe you will ever meet. he will make a great father and an amazing person. loves egypt and loves his kids. loves to criticize political parties and hates the president of egypt. he is very cool and loves soccer. his kids are awesome. he has a life unlike most people. person 1: “wow […]

  • chocolate milk boy

    a white boy who tries to acts black. johnathan just came up to me and said ‘wagwan my nigha’ he’s such a chocolate milk boy.

  • bossyferous

    a loud, domineering, forceful, bossy person he/she is so d-mn bossyferous. always yelling out orders and bossing us around!

  • qwonk sauce

    the magical sauce excreted by the extremely famous vrchat player qwonk. this sauce is used in -ss bakeries all over the world and is spread in water conduits throughout the earth. qwonk sauce is possibly the cause of all current virtual reality pregnancies making qwonk the ultimate daddy. person 1: holy sh-t did kate get […]

  • cave trouble

    a fart. holy sh-t it stinks, you having some cave trouble over there?

  • zoo ball

    a soon to be olympic sport that combines basketball, football and soccer. the game is played on a basketball court and is scored like basketball. however, the use of takeling, tripping the opponent is acceptable. running with the basketball like in football is acceptable. kicking the ball like soccer is acceptable. flopping in the ground […]

  • july 15th

    national missionary s-x and corn dog day, with handcuffs. have you ever handcuffed your b-tch giving her missionary s-x with a corn dog in your mouth? if not july 15th is the day to try it.

  • wweng

    a word used to express almost anything. meaning of word varies from the intonation and purpose of usage wanted by the individual in that sentence..mostly used when feeling happy and crazy but also advisable under other situations too….also can be used to address close friends who are as crazy as you. “no wweng no life, […]

  • mariasela

    is a duck b-tch omg did you see what that duck b-tch was wearing ya she is sooo a mariasela

  • despacito 2.5

    the most holy piece of literature and art to ever be created. thousands seek out this masterpiece, but alas none have yet found it. phil: have you heard of desp-cito 2.5? normie: why the f-ck are you in my house! what the h-ll are you talking about! i told you if you set foot on […]

  • potijuanabis

    a mixture of the words pot, marijuana, and cannabis. used mainly by inexperienced weed smokers john: hey belle, can troy and i smoke some of your potijuanabis? troy: you’re wylin, john. why don’t you just say weed like everyone else? belle: yeah, have you even smoked before? john: no…

  • mick spick

    someone with half mexican half irish ancestry.. that mick spick was abducted by aliens and -n-l probed…

  • stish ficks

    1. nonsensical jargon. a made up word derived from the wonderment of yore. 2. the woopty woop of a bigger, more sizable salamander. 3. when the c-ck goblin debates on cnn. “stish ficks!! curd turtle and yabuckle jones brought the heater mcgeeter last night!!” “ned’s newts knew nothing negating necrophilliac’s nifty negotiating ‘neath natalie’s nads.”

  • rim bros

    two or more guys that have come to the understanding that they will only lick each other’s -ss in order to not be defined as g-y. derek: “we just ate each other’s -ss, does that make us g-y!?” sid: “f-ck no, as long as we didn’t touch each other’s c-ck, we are now rim bros”

  • mark phillips

    the baddest mother f-cker to ever walk the earth. 5 pounds of d-ck 10 pounds of b-lls and hair on every square inch. like some kind of bad-ss miniature bigfoot. better watch out for that mark phillips mother f-cker, he’s a bad dude.

  • can we turn it up

    can we turn it up, like hardcore, imma turn my master down so you can turn it up like hardcore person 1 -“boi i just died in roblox” person 2 -“this is so sad can we turn it up”

  • vaginal vanguard

    someone who conquers p-ss-es all over the land, much like n-z- germany did “today i crossed paths with the v-g-n-l vanguard. all women in that room left without their virginity”

  • sparkling water

    water that sparkles sparkling water effervescent posh beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide. only drank by tories. morgan: ‘oh theresa, p-ss one a gl-ss of sparkling water please’ theresa: ‘only if you plan on throwing it over the peasants’ the worst form of carbonated drink. it’s like angry water. “hey bro you want some sparkling […]

  • erubenous

    erogenous zone of rubbing your fingers are hitting all my erubenous zones

  • the littlest of shits

    the tiniest, most microscopic amount of sh-ts tony, i don’t give the littlest of sh-ts about you.

  • colflesh

    a mean science teacher. colflesh is not nice and mean

  • she has her friend

    she has her period. she can’t go in the pool because she has her friend.

  • vithusha

    the most beautiful girls to ever lay foot on this planet. of tamil decent, she is the prettiest of them all, with such a bubbly and caring personality, always putting others before herself whether it be in terms of money or emotions. sometimes doesn’t like to admit she’s in the wrong, but then again she […]

  • sour ana the spanner

    sour ana the spanner: (ana gordon) she is that b-tch -ss sub at carshalton college who thinks shes fit, smart and s-xy but in reality she has the iq of a tea bag and is wrinkly like 1 aswell. marcos: whos that old women over there walking like shes all hot!? raul: ughh! thats sour […]

  • slutterfish

    a girl who sucks sick for money are use men to her advantage i bought her a drink next thing i knew she was shopping with my credit card then left broke what a sl-tterfish

  • tetrachromacy

    whenever an organism can detect four rays of light. (red, yellow, blue, ultraviolet) birds, reptiles, and fish typically have tetrachromacy.

  • gambino party

    when a man with substandard s-xual chareteristics, pleads with another man to meet the mounting s-xual needs of his female partner(s). don’t cry. my friend is going to come over. we’ll have a gambino party.

  • sakulenzki

    a super pretty girl with red hair holy moly, is that a sakulenzki? she’s hot!

  • jasiu

    a very noughty boy who likes to party, work hard and to do stuff in the shower. he pulled a jasiu last night. someone who likes to pretend his name is jacob at coffee shops to avoid confusion. “what’s the name for your order?” “jasiu” “what?” “jacob – my name’s jacob.”

  • experimental anthrax vaccine

    no soldiers actually got anthrax. but they did suffer from, debilitating stomach cramps, severe diarrhea, memory loss, partial facial~paralysis, temporary blindness, drooling, bleeding gums, erectile dysfunction, uncontrollable flatulence. the soldiers nicknamed this the “kane madness” !!disclamer!!! (fictional illness from 2001 movie evolution) the soldiers inoculated with an experimental anthrax vaccine suffered from the “kane madness”

  • virbra

    person born on the virgo libra cusp: if you were born between september 19 and september 24, you fall within the range of the virgo-libra cusp, also known as “the cusp of beauty.” individuals born on this cusp are ruled by both mercury and venus — respectively, the planet of communication and the planet of […]

  • rawtism

    raw… autism. dude i i’m having rawtism.

  • huevonnials

    spanish slang combining the word “huevon” meaning lazy with the word millennial. refers to the lack of drive or work ethic of the current generation. this generation has no concept of a hard days work. we are surrounded by a bunch of “huevonnials”

  • fongery

    when you turn into a parrot and start repeating phrases that makes no sense. you: brrrrrr brrrrr brrrr some random guy: do you have the fongery?

  • west dallas

    west dallas is the only hood where bloods and crips get along but we also known for chopping trucks and stealing your cars …west dallas does not give a f-ck and we will charge anybody up and end up on the first 48 we also got the best nachos at pepes and every beef is […]

  • shammayah

    beautiful, intelligent, strong, powerful women who can speak her mind and not care about anyone opinion. she’s a great best friend, she gives amazing advice and she will always be loyal and trustworthy. “boy you need a shammayah they the best “

  • tykiuoo

    :sad, pain, hurt, nonconfidence & dead; we all hurt and times like these were are all tykiuoo (i) silent / tie-kuoo (uoo) as in the song . its very overly overwhelming feeling to feel alone? i’m feeling really tykiuoo and i hate the feeling…

  • uber kidnaps

    a wonderful uber service that is set out to find whomever you choose. the uber service will then proceed to kidnap this person and take them to a foreign country where they do not speak the language. person 1: haha u suck! person 2: *sends out uber kidnaps* person 1: is lost in unknown country […]

  • stoner aesthetic

    definition 1) adjective: someone who isn’t a stoner but looks and acts like one definition 2) adjective: an item that gives off laid back and chill vibes example 1) boy: have u seen danny? you’ll know if u see him, he’s got a stoner aesthetic. example 2) girl 1: i love this rick and morty […]

  • sugar pro

    a woman who’s naturally good at pleasing her man. “dave said his wife is 100% a sugar pro”

  • rizo

    see “rajeev” a f-cking b-tch -ss loser that doesn’t go outside. that b-tch is such a rizo

  • zhu xingjie

    zhu xingjie zhu xingjie also known as j.zen or huba! zhu xingjie is a mult-talented king who raps,composes,sings,dances and specializes in magic. zhu xingjie debuted in mr,bio in 2015 alongside zhou yanchen and zhou rui. zhu xingjie partic-p-ted in a chinese survival show called idol producer and placed #15 out of 99! zhu xingjie a […]

  • kennadee

    kennadee is a very beautiful girl with a huge heart and definitely one to keep. you’ll be lucky to meet one but treat her well because she will be honest with her feelings. guy1: my girl is so beautiful guy2: her name must be kennadee

  • croatian cuddle

    when a couple scissors each other while watching reality tv hey babe – it’s time for a croatian cuddle

  • 400 thousand dollars

    how much it costs to fire heavy’s weapon for 12 seconds it costs 400 thousand dollars to fire this weapon for twelve seconds -heavy weapons guy

  • jaiyde

    she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. she has the best personality and she a so loyal, any guy would be lucky to have her. she will annoy the f-ck out of u, but that’s bc she loves u. the ppl she annoys the most r the ppl she loves the most. she can […]

  • freezie blow

    a s-xual act that involves a male recieving oral s-x, and when sufficiently aroused the erect p-n-s is then submerged into liquid nitrogen, partially or completely freezing it. have you seen the freezie blow video?

  • jizz jazzer

    when you -j-c-l-t- up someone’s nose. dude, when stacey was blowing me, i accidentally gave her a j-zz jazzer.

  • fingnature

    signing an electronic pad with your finger because the little plastic pen is missing. just need your signature on that pad baby! yeah i know, they’re supposed to fix that, you can just use your finger, that’s your fingnature baby! signing an electronic pad with your finger because the little plastic pen is missing. just […]

  • sunja

    a s-xy lesbian. one who will eat your p-ssy better than anybody has ever ate your p-ssy before. a kind soul in the world. loyal to no end. wow i should date a sunja.

  • wastemen

    people who miss all lectures neil and david did not attend hardware. what wastemen plural of wasteman to be very drunk as a group “let’s be wastemen!” pathetic/useless human you are a wastemen

  • goulash

    a s-xual practice involving the insertion of human excrement into the -n-l cavity of another person edwin goulashed mary all night long “good grief marjory, that’s some fine goulash” “didn’t you hear we’re not speaking? she wanted to perform goulash on me!” a random mixture of miscellaneous food together, usually at school lunches. i love […]

  • kierra morey

    a girl who broke up with her manz a month ago, and complains about being lonely when five f-cking dudes are tryna slide into her panties, and then gets offended for being called a hoe (also known as a pretty wh-r-). aye look, it’s kierra morey.

  • dubai american academy gems

    dubai american academy has one leader. leader always wins even if he is wrong he is most likely stronger than everyone or has more connections than everyone meaning he will jump you if you talk back or snitch or do such actions. everyone loves the leader because they’re afraid how they really should feel. enjoy […]

  • emerald cove

    a sweet nice middle school were good two shoes go. and n-body likes them bc they are so nice and they always do the right thing look i don’t like this girl she goes to emerald cove

  • overtly faggy

    a phrase used by the goddess randytaylor. the precise meaning is unspecified, but it can be -ssumed that it means something or someone is flaming with h-m-s-xuality. (e.g a flamer) the idea of men sucking on p-n-ses while wearing spandex is overtly f-ggy.

  • yoylecake

    a special cake from the online animated show that started season 1 in 2010, b.f.d.i (battle for dream island) the cake is made with the ingredients to make a cake, but you just add special “yoyle berries” after consumption of yoyle berries, you will be turned into yoyle metal, which can’t freeze. “here you go, […]

  • i wish i’d done more math.

    a common refrain among blue-collar workers who feel that had they taken more math in school, they would not be stuck in their current dead-end jobs; however, they console themselves that these wouldn’t be anyone’s last words on his or her deathbed. jack, who has only worked for a few years since leaving school, keeps […]

  • kyner

    kyner is a guy who is very sweet at first sight. he is caring and often shy twords people and immediately makes freinds and ally’s, however dont let that fool you because under his sweet charming smile he can be very witty and minipulative. hes not to be trusted so easily “whos that?” “oh thats […]

  • foopydrip

    to posses the most sickening, and disgusting levels of drip. breaching godly drip levels. he who is foopy. is drip. root: chlamydia. vro, u see devon yesterday? that man has foopydrip.

  • leruo

    a person that loves to dress up in flashy clothes and is extremely smart but is not very modest about their intelligence…leruo is also quite shy and only shares his feelings with a very close friend he doesn’t want to tell that girl he likes her… typical leruo

  • ugly tracer

    a god and a voice actor who is well know for his role in sinful.cats on discord. also a fake doxxer who r-t-rded thots who have queen role hate. i just love the way ugly tracer’s voice sounds in vc the god of thot destroyer and sunful.cats, but also a fake doxxer who thots hate […]

  • z90

    what is z90 ? z90clothing is an american designer clothing brand that produces luxury clothing doing business and multiple different countries. z90clothing focus is to on 90 points of positivity created by its owner. what is z90

  • hairy mustard

    when a girl has a hairy vigina so the male proceeds to poor mustard on her vigina and lick it off jake: erika why didn’t you shave erika: because i wanted a hairy mustard jake: let me go grab the mustard and like it off your hairy vigina

  • wolf river weiner wash

    fingerblast a chick on a sandbar along side a river, getting sand into her v-g-n-. then you f-ck her hard, no lube. then c-m inside her, pull your c-m and sand covered d-ck out, a wash off your d-ck in her mouth. i was floatin down the river, and got a hankerin for a wolf […]

  • necro-entomophobia

    the fear of dead insects. the sight of a bug’s corpse sends one running. john: (grabs sandal) c’mere you little f-cker! harold: dude stop! i have necro-entomophobia, remember?

  • morgenmaybe

    to be noncommital, especially for poker. danny: guy, are you coming to poker this week? guy: don’t know yet, i’m still a morgenmaybe.

  • love jug

    a jug, typically a water jug, filled with a variety of alcoholic beverages and party drugs, such as lsd, shrooms, ecstasy, etc. how are we going to get them to the polls?! with this love jug!

  • zooped

    anna’s made up word anna made up the word zooped

  • swepted

    past tense for the word swept. to be used only by uneducated southern media and journalists. a thunderstorm swepted across the mid south

  • sharmaan

    loves to play basketball. wears gl-sses but suddenly decided to wear contacts. he’s a short -ss n-gg- and always changes his mood. don’t ever underestimate him he’ll take your b-tch to his bed and call it a night. d-mn.. that n-gg- short but fine. he is a real sharmaan

  • this nigga eating beans

    the worst insult known to the universe. all men that have been insulted by this phrase will go commit die in 3-7 buisness days. me: eating beans while watching cars 2 in the theater. me: spills beans. african american teenager : this n-gg- eating beans. me: dies when you spill beans all over yourself while […]

  • prapery

    way too good to be true also stucked up children mae’s children are prapery children

  • dynamic dan

    an absoloute idiot towards everybody in the discord community and bullies people for emojis. most of the time he’s just busy either p-ssing on his mum or jamming his bits into a fire alarm. stop being a dynamic dan you f-ck

  • hyucka

    verb; flee, escape, to “bolt from” “let’s get rid of this last load and hyucka outta here.”

  • richely

    a gorcious girl she boujee she will be the most loyal person that you’ll meet so you better keep her close. she’ll be that one friend that will ride with you though anything. she really popular everybody wants to be her friends. if you have a richly on ur life don’t mess up !! don’t […]

  • scorpion stance

    in a state of high level alcohol intoxication, it is to face plant on ones face while descending a set of stairs david’s face looks like a piece of salami man! i heard he pulled out the scorpion stance while he was munted and on holidays in france

  • cockmeat mustard gargle

    when you skull f-ck a girl, c-m in a bottle of mustard, shake it up, fill her mouth up with the mustard and skull f-ck her again. b-tch said she wanted a sandwich so i gave her a c-ckmeat mustard gargle.

  • obama pop

    pop music from the early 2010s to 2016 that had a sound that was undoubtedly optimistic and excessive. after moving away from the great recession, housing bubble, and other economic problems in the late 2000s, the obama era resulted in an effort to shift away from the problems of the bush administration, with pop music […]