• brosectamy

    when your bro has a girlfriend who has him by the b-lls. bro #1: yo can tim hang out tonight? bro#2: nah kim gave him a brosectamy.

  • whore gay washingmachine

    george washington’s nickname hamilton in a nutsh-ll: wh-r- g-y washingmachine also hamilton, lafayette, mulligan, burr: we like ladies laurens: i’m g-y though

  • fohnatti

    the fastest m-f- out there. he will score countless cheeky goals and has a s-xy goatee. he likes the thicccccccccc girls. he will f*ck your b**ch if you give him a chance. also known as “natti” see how s-xy that goatee is… must be fohnatti. oh dayumm that was a cheeky banger must be natti. […]

  • a patty mitch

    there aren’t any definitions for a patty mitch yet. can you define it?

  • sherlya

    the closest person you can get into a chit-chatty conversation. fun loving and extremely caring about the other person’s enjoyment without losing one’s taste. in fact willing and wishing to share the same happiness one achieve into others. a wonderful name worth remembering! sherlya’s comments are pretty honest and straight to the point.

  • fat slug

    a large line of cocaine. i railed a fat slug and was bouncing for half an hour.

  • ajahree

    ajahree is the queen of everything. she loves food and boys more than she loves anything else in the world. she’s a pans-xual p-n-s lover lol not at all. her nickname is aj. oh yeah she’s also a n-gg-aa soooo black power . ajahree is the queen of the world ajahree likes to be called […]

  • bafoolary

    when someone is suggesting an unacceptable answer or question. the person is use to being a fool. the smokers trading a top tier running back for a bench receiver is bafoolary!

  • vidmar effect

    when gasper vidmar goes off the court during a game everything in the world goes wrong no hitler was reborn it must be the vidmar effect.

  • aurèk

    probably not white, very nice on the outside and secretly naughty on the inside. he is genuinely sweet and would do anything for someone. aurèk is a very truthful and loyal person. also very athletic, and intelligent. get you an aurèk aurèk is amazing.

  • finnagonnajit

    (n) (v) (adj) you cannot define this word it is simply finnagonnajit hey, you finnagonnajit?

  • richsta

    a gangster who’s rich and or has a lot of money “i’m a richsta” “woah that gangster has a lot of money” a gangster that has a lot of money “bruh that gangster has a lot of money” “i’m a richsta”

  • memed out of my life

    to say/do something to someone that causes them to stop talking to you. “oh, emma? yeah, she totally memed out of my life.”

  • premaditation

    the act of becoming angry over an event that has not occurred premaditate premaditated we were arguing because my boyfriend premaditates.(gets angry over something that did not happen)he uses premaditation(the act of becoming angry over something that did not happen) to pick fights with me. when he is premaditated (angry over something that never happened) […]

  • luke bland

    “luke bland” is a boy who like to tongue punch other boys -sshole on days that end on a ‘y’, also loves receiving a dirty chewbakka by ikatam luke bland loves a tongue punch

  • debroah

    deborah is a very beautiful and all around great girl.she will be will you whoever she can.although she may not be perfect or do things as expected but who is.many guys would be attracted to her and way too many that someone can count alexy:wow deborah is such a pretty girl brother: she is such […]

  • ryllie

    a girl with blonde hair and a huge -ss ryllie is also a child of god

  • fre sh e vakadoo

    its fresh avocado u f-cking idiot there’s a new thing called fre sh e vakadoo

  • garage break

    a legal way of saying you’re going to smoke weed. i’ll be right back. i’m going for a garage break.

  • gateway herb

    a very hot pepper that causes sensory overload requiring one to always need something hotter. i just ate pure cayenne, and you know, that’s a gateway herb. i need the scorpion mash stat!

  • aiewall

    when your too mad to say words, you either say random words that makes no sense or let your body say it for you by demonstrating how mad you are. person: stop sp-wnkilling me you f****ing n***** b**** s*** hakkr weeb!!! no skilled lo life!!! some guy: uh oh, looks like someome is about to […]

  • weakarm

    when u been jerking off for a long time and loose feeling in your arm i got a weakarm after being dumped

  • ka’shanti

    the baddest girl ever she can take anybody n-gg- on site.she fine as f-ck and every boy thinks she’s cute . she goofy and sweet boy :did you ka’shanti i she was fine another boy :oml yes i’m going to go talk to her what should i say to ka’shanti ?

  • technical reason

    term to be used to escape from issue or questions specially when all goalposts exhausted. bermuda triangle for a question seeking it’s answer. india’s gdp down due to technical reasons! crude oil cheaper than ever before and petrol is costliest ever india due to technical reasons

  • trumpet-in-chief

    alternative t-tle for president trump, one of the greatest propounders of stupid bullsh-t the world’s ever seen. n-body trumpets stupid, stupid bullsh-t like him. believe it, n-body. it’s unpresidented. sad! a: so, our president just tweeted again… b: what’s the trumpet-in-chief come out with this time, or do i not want to know? a: would […]

  • light skinned mode

    when some is leaving you on read or isnt opening messages or taking calls or just not replying as a stereotypical light skinned would. him: man she when into light skinned mode she hasn’t answered any of my calls or text her: dang.

  • shleezy

    a term to describe dressing fancy and comfortable at the same time. therefore making it shleezy. i wore a shleezy outfit today, since it was unbearably cold to wear just my suit.

  • subhazardous

    something so awful that even knowing it will put someone at risk for being unable to learn and develop beyond their current level with regards to the subject, and in severe cases can actually cause a regression of knowledge on the subject. when used with regards to things other than knowledge, refers to something just […]

  • becky lemme smash

    an amazing meme ron: becky lemme smash becky: no ron ron: wut… swiggity swooty? becky: ur tail is small

  • black science man

    people dont think the universe be like it is, but it do. black science man: this is knowledge

  • bytooty

    b-tt, -ss, booty 😜 if i knew how to put a catheter in, you can bet your sweet bytooty -ss booty , i’d do it for the money he’s offering!

  • wingding gaster

    wd gaster (named after the fonts wingdings and aster) is a secret character in the rpg undertale by toby fox n-body knows much about gaster, we don’t even know what he really looks like, but we know that in the game he was the former royal scientist of the underground abilities: unknown possible appearance: a […]

  • posticipate

    (noun) 1.) to partic-p-te in something, but only through social media posts 2.) to give disingenuous support 3.) to contribute in a trivial way there’s a local political rally coming up, but i don’t really want to go. i’ll go on facebook and postic-p-te a little. “are you going to run in the charity marathon […]

  • shit on a dumpster

    to smoke marijuana. dave: hey bro, wanna go sh-t on a dumpster? francis: nah man i have a lot of homework to do.

  • pengerz

    a word that gracie peleshok made up and it’s a longer version of the word peng but means that’s some one is beautiful, or very good looking. and girls often use it more. that girl is pengerz. u are totally pengerz!!

  • boro boyz

    phrase used to describe the youth in small towns ending in boro. dated back to the early 90’s or earlier. slang. considered “gangster” background when spelled boro boyz. also spelled boro boys look here comes the boro boyz! #smalltown

  • honors seminar

    literal cr-p honors seminar=literal cr-p

  • gloves for pooh bear

    a condom for male genetalia. ron got some gloves for pooh bear before putting it in his lady.

  • taiwan tampon

    the act of placing your p-n-s in a bloodied v-g-n- and after ejaculating, going for round two with the toilet. hey bro i just gave trinity a taiwan tampon!

  • damyin

    sometimes crazy with a short temper and likes video games and legos. probably has adhd and is very calm if you just give him a video game to play he is such a damyin!

  • trashbag ass

    when your -ss looks like a trashbag. sometimes from sitting on it too much jeni, you spend so much time on the computer. no wonder your -ss looks like a trashbag full of chewed bubblgum. you need to work your trashbag -ss a little bit

  • nhl memers

    the sc-m of the internet, will suck you off for popularity then go to the next person. those godd-mn nhl memers are in drama again.

  • fucked update

    when you’re watching a replay of a game and they put the final score of the game you’re watching on the ticker on the bottom of the screen. d-mn it, i had to turn off the replay of the kings game because there was no point in watching it after the f-cked update!

  • midnight rimjob

    the s-xual act of eating -ss when it is covered in sh-t. lmao! sh-tmouth over there gave a midnight rimjob!

  • incesticles

    when you smash your t-st-cl-s into your little sisters face while tryin tto f-k her my little sister ate my food so i gave her my incesticles

  • grayraccoon

    gray racc–n is a great animal and very handsome smart and can steal your girl instantly if it wanted to my pet grayracc–n just stole someone’s girl

  • geese in the bog

    when a girl has been f-cked so many times that when you go to f-ck her, her v-g-n- is destroyed and full of questionable liquid (mostly other guys sperm) so that it’s like a b-g guy 1: “dude, i heard you hooked up with mollie last night” guy 2: “yea but she’s a sl-t, it’s […]

  • makaloo

    there aren’t any definitions for makaloo yet. can you define it?

  • jodaiah

    “the goat” a real man who gets all the girls and who has lots of skill in every thing he does jodaiah did u see all the girls that hit you up

  • hawawa

    the feeling that you get when you reach the the next level of b-tterflies in your tummy. when she looked at me and said “i do!”… all i could think and say is hawawa

  • srobhgien

    neighbor spelt backwards my srobhgien’s are next door

  • 🅱️ravis

    a gae -ss n-gg- that has so sense of time, reality, and is always off 12 xan (examples are for illiterate cucks that are to caught up in being a n-gg-r) (((((🅱️ravis ))))

  • elbbubeson

    a very handsome man. this word is used to describe a man who has a huge p-n-s and is loved by many. (pro-noun) elbbubeson, you handsome, b-st-rd. elbbubeson!

  • cringed out

    when the cringe is just too much for someone to handle. “that new trend is getting cringey.” “i’m already cringed out.”

  • nectar of the vine

    a word frequently used by alcoholics or farmers to describe wine. the nectar being the juice and the vine holding the grapes “if i were to find a pot of gold, i’d buy bottles untold of the nectar of the vine”

  • lyrika

    a teenage girl that speaks her mind. will b-tch slap you out of no where…..dont be rude to her! very pretty eyes, loves food. she is a hommie hoppin hoe. lyrika is a very rude b-tch she will slap u out of o where be careful.

  • nakamatsu

    it’s a middle name that means you have the biggest girthest largest most enormously powerful d-ck in the mushroom kingdom!!!!!!!! that guys middle name is nakamatsu he must have a huge p-n-s

  • grettel

    grettel is a caring, loving, romantic person. she is usually small and likes things most people don’t. she cares and is wholesome to everyone she meets and considers other people’s feelings. she wants everyone to feel welcome and you’re lucky if you ever date one! marry a grettel and see your life be the best […]

  • joey infection

    a infection caused when a man named joey touches you or aids. joey touched my d-ck yesterday and now i have the joey infection.

  • deglagate

    to explain about a conversation i deglagated the cl-ss about my topic

  • collatado

    when you suck a n-gg- beef and he nuts in 2 seconds. me: yo you gave that n-gg- head? him: yeah boy. he was a collatado though.

  • synicia

    a girl who has many talents she can play basketball, volleyball, and many other sports. she is very athletic. we need synicia as our point guard.

  • flobgobble

    when someone that has a limp d-ck but still gets it sucked regularly. she is going to the nursing home to flobgobble that rich guy that lives there.

  • mince and cheese pie

    occurs during -n-l s-x when the male c-ms into a girls -sshole as she excretes poo making a mixture that resembles a mince and cheese pie. tim told his girlfriend to take a sh-t before they had -n-l s-x to avoid making a mince and cheese pie.

  • gold soul

    the definition of a “gold soul” is someone with true , honest intentions. a person who is caring and genuine. i used to date helen back in middle school our vibes were always good. she has a gold soul

  • mouth running

    mouth running: a person talking sh-t. sisters friend: bakla. bakla bakla ka. bakla ako. bobo mo. bobo mo. bakla ka. mali it t-ti mo! chinuchupa! chinuchupa! ah ahh..chinupa! brother: here we go again. “mouth running “… shut your ugly -ss up…

  • beltshazzar

    a name given to define a devil person stwwww yu is a beltshazzar budday.

  • have a go at it

    a saying used when someone does or says something so outrageous that you can only resort to p-ssionately saying have a go at it! vic says “my booty is looking smashing this evening.” jacko “have a go at it!”

  • dahse

    a huge dumb-ss dahse cant do a d-mn thing right

  • adidas streak

    when you take a poo and you leave three stripes on the side of the toilet bowl. omg sandra, have you taken a look at the adidas streak in cubicle one in the girls toilet? its disgusting!

  • lunkwitz

    there aren’t any definitions for lunkwitz yet. can you define it?

  • lookitscaze

    a noob at league of legends and a real troll, he’ll make good champs look good. also lookitscaze is someone who procrastinates at everything, someone who is lazy af. dont be lookitscaze, its a bad influence. dont trust someone who is lookitscaze.

  • pulling a chris smith

    verb. using an -ssumed ident-ty to sneak into a highly exclusive, sold-out event. specifically, impersonating a real, low-level member of the media /press (e.g. chris smith, fox news graphics department) to gain entry into a major tournament, concert, prize fight etc. “dude, there’s no way simon can get tickets to the world cup!” “nah, bro, […]

  • slogafuck

    a ch-r- you have to slog through and you are saying f-ck often because it is not pleasant. and it still doesn’t feel pleasant at the completion or the end of it, cause you know it isn’t the end… here i am doing my online benefits again, what a slogaf-ck.

  • schmittered

    the act of getting f-cking hammered. i’m totally gonna get schmittered this weekend!

  • waxed anti-semitic

    the act of anyone suddenly crossing the line and going on a virulent anti-semitic rampage. tim was having an ordinary conversation with bob, but all of a sudden waxed anti-semitic when bob mentioned his support for bernie sanders.

  • deep sink

    the point at the end of a party when you have a deep conversation with a person/people. the name comes from the meaningful conversations usually held in the kitchen by the sink after a party has taken place. hence the name deep sink, it can be used for any end of party meaningful conversation or […]

  • après-pool

    that lewk that you make when you’re done swimming, but not done chillin by the pool/beach. think pink and orange c-cktails, impractical earrings, and lots of slightly see through clothing. i’m not planning on swimming to long, so my après-pool lewk has to be on point.

  • dickis cripilus

    wanting a girl so bad you nearly kills himself and rejects his long time friend for a chick jordan has d-ckis cripilus

  • freedom pesos

    the ‘murican dollar hey jim, you got anymore freedom pesos?

  • fireshine

    dumb-ss m-th-rf-ckers who add moonshine to fireball. as f-cked up as adding sauerkraut to fireball take that fireball and some moonshine to that sh-t. drink it down… fireshine will make you sh-t fire for days!!!

  • nerpleburger

    a gourmet sandwich that a t-rd-burgler gets when asked for. daddy can i have a sh-t sandwich or should i go get a nerpleburger?

  • kang lun

    he is all about money when u see a person whose face looks like money, it is kang lun. he is moneyface kang lun=money

  • kachiga-time

    when you get down and dirty with another individual of the same s-x. “dude, i just had some kachiga-time”

  • la chida

    la chida is the best person ever she’s beautiful and h-lla lit…everybody want to be her friend because she’s coo la chida h-lla coo

  • lobby boyz

    boyz who stay on every lobby in college , who take everybody girlfriends. we hssu certified one of lobby boyz beat my bike in last night.

  • tejaswinnie

    a female who has an intriguing and mesmerizing aura,she is the epitome of intelligence and talent. the name is of indian origin and describes a goddess who has taken human form to grace the earth with her kindness , comp-ssion and talents.she is the all powerful one and has the mind and willpower to move […]

  • oropouche

    a person that f-cks around and infects you with their annoyance and/or bullsh-t; someone that has f-ckboy tendencies person 1: so tell me how i texted jane 10 mins ago and she hasn’t replied, but yet she just looked at my snap story…..what an oropouche!

  • brohst

    when you cut off a bro from your life. “his girlfriend was such a b-tch that we brohsted mike.”

  • attuide

    this the word for a kid who does not know how to spell att-tude correctly you’re attuide freaking sucks

  • runchled

    annoying creases or other ill fitting bits of clothing. especially socks or tights. mummy, i don’t want to wear these tights because they’re too runchled.

  • ratchetastic

    the pinnacle of ratchet behavior jim: did you see stephanie’s dress? rob: yeah i’m pretty sure i saw her birth c-n-l. jim : word, that sh-t was ratchetastic.

  • hasnul

    he’s tall, dark and hansome. loves electronic studies so much. someone who is two years younger than him has a crush on him ever since the first day they met; she tried to drop a few hints but it is always hard for him to notice! i will always love you, hasnul.

  • clout chasing

    when someone speaks badly about another person that is better off and doing better than them, to start a meaningless beef to get there popularity boosted johnny started clout chasing because mike is more popular than him.

  • thotitat

    an environment in which thot’s particularly thrive in. most thot-tats can can be indicated by loud noise, epilepticy inducing strobe lights, discarded bottles of strawberry svedka and other thots. in the event of a thotiat being established in your vicinity, most professionals recommend immediate thotination. however, most thots can be incited to relocate with gifts […]

  • dirty pasties

    dirty shoes // shoes that are ladgin no.1; ” what on earth is she wearing on her feet?” no.2;” dirty pasties, they are innit”

  • sugar spuffed

    when you’ve blown your load in a worldie and it was amazing. i had the best time ever last night, she was that good i sugar spuffed all over

  • vicelia

    vicelia is the type of woman to stay with you through thick or thin be there for you when you need her. she can also become freaky and hungry for s-x if you do her right. she is loyal and a keeper. vicelia is a unique name.

  • josh castic

    a christian white boy that loves god and hates g-y people. currently whit a huge youtube channel whit its popping song “pika chu” ” you are being such a josh castic”

  • extreme doggy style

    when you and a/or your dog perform the s-xual position doggy style i love it how me and my dog perform extreme doggy style for my birthday.

  • donklenutter

    an idiot donald trump is a donklenutter

  • janined

    to perform a task with haste and brute strength, and complete disregard for damage to property or self. mum rearranged all the furniture in the house today while dad was at work. she totally janined it.

  • backdoor gyro

    when your giving -n-l and c-m inside your girlfriend’s (boyfriends) -ss. c-m resembling the tzatziki sauce on a gyro comes out and spreads, usually between the -ss cheeks or p-ssy… resembling the folds of a pita. mannnn! i have my girlfriend the best backdoor gyro last night! then i ate alllll that sandwich… tzatziki sauce […]

  • winter bloom

    a bloom that was rosed in the winter yo that winter bloom tho (whip juju)

  • reverse leapfrog

    when you and your significant other are both naked and somehow you have both forgotten the rules of leapfrog. this confusion occurs when one partner is lying on their back and the other partner (the p-n-sed one) attempts to p-ss over them. during this attempt their p-n-s accidentally slides into your mouth and before you […]

  • ashton slong

    the smallest thing in the world among the c-cks my boyfriend has such a ashton slong

  • thallanthanam

    self praising the new mla of kerala was thallanthanam. he was praising only about himself where ever he gets a chance.

  • dust sucker

    woman who sucks off old men, hence removing the dust from their unders-xed bodies. that red is a real dust sucker, she just loves the old guys.

  • flashing the chrom

    to show you are armed in public usually a gun with a l-ster and looks intimidating yo i had to start flashing the chrome to protect myself

  • sexy noises

    noises that are byproducts of arousal. not really moans or anything, just noises that are hot. “oh yeah man she was making them s-xy noises last night when i pleasured her.”

  • mohawk college

    the “#1 rated college in the ghta” because of the surveys they shove down their students’ throats. home to possibly the most unoriginal school mascot ever, mo the hawk. employer: “oh, you went to mohawk college? sorry but you don’t qualify for the position.”

  • pooem

    a really sh-tty poem. a combination of the words “poo” and “poem”. the cl-ss took turns sharing their poems, but half of them sucked so they’re more like pooems.

  • eat it raw

    another term for “go suck a d-ck” shut up jen you can go eat it raw

  • beat the case

    to basically get away with a crime “did tay-k beat the case” “idk man he on some c–n sh-t”

  • jin xin

    jin xin. a gorgeous chick who attract guys and is lovely. loves to help people in need and very kind. she trust people easily but you shouldn’t betray her. cute. lazy at times and hates to read . she has lots of friends and loved by many people around her. fun.young at heart and loves […]

  • mexicans dozen

    a mexicans dozen is a number, typically 15+, that related to their ability to cram so many people in an apartment or vehicle. similar in character to a bakers dozen. how many deep they rolling? sh-t, they got a mexicans dozen in that b-tch.

  • parga

    he’s a s-xy man and has a big d-ck ,he will treat you right if you treat him right. did u see pargas big d-ck ?

  • ventching

    the act of venting a problem and b-tching about it at the same time. in therapy today jane doe was ventching about her messed up life.

  • hadjer

    hadjer is the best. she has long striaght brown hair with brown eyes. she may be adictied to phones but if there is any time to go out side she would. in arabic, hadjer is the wife of a profet. you can’t bully hadjer because she is brave and has the best comebacks. ❤ hadjer […]

  • millennialist

    used to describe a world view that embraces changing values and methods to standardized beliefs. adjusted lifestyles in favor of socio-economic trends. i.e. telecommuting, environmental preservation, etc. boss: why does she want me to review it on the computer? i always want 3 printed copies before i make corrections for her to fix. then she […]

  • fun punch

    a fun punch directly into the female nether regions. i gave sally a fun punch she will never forget. she had the best time.

  • zoei

    super cool girl who has difficulty pr-nouncing words on occasion. i’m zoei i’m looking hot but i don’t half fancy eating a celemet (meant to be clementine). a smart,pretty girl who has a big crush!shes shy but has a good style a little nerdy!shes never lit😂!….she has a group of friends she’s popular!..she doesn’t really […]

  • vegginator

    a nickname for a vegan or vegetarian he was chomping down the vegetables so fast that it could be a superpower and if he was a superhero his name would most definitely be the vegginator

  • petrochemical

    htjejdijwjwbbrbeheujdnebebebbe ijjjwoowhbe petrochemical

  • derptidude

    derptidude, noun. punning portmanteau meaning: (1) intellectually deprived, morally depraved broflake, a dude with att-tude so solipsistically self-serving, justifying, discriminatory, and obnoxious it’s turpitude (depravity; wickedness), who espouses ideas and engages in behavior so stupid and inane — derp!! (2) the state of being such. derptidude says hurricanes harvey and irma have nothing to do […]

  • manswine

    a racial slur that orcs and plots use to say human “stay out of mordor manswine”

  • azalea’d

    when something is so bad it is completely removed from the collective cultural concious and ignored forever. “whatever happened to bluetooth earpieces?” “everyone realized how dumb it looks to wear one and then we just azalea’d them.”

  • rapacidious vetralian

    a fictional creature that has the head of a unicorn and the body of a dinosaur. it was invented by a computer science cl-ss in santa barbara, ca. kaylee was shocked when she saw a rapacidious vetralian sitting in the cl-ssroom with her… then she realized she was daydreaming.

  • myreonia

    she is the most intelligent and interesting person i will ever meet. if people disrespect her they will be punished in the future. she is smart, and always has a opinion on something. myreonia is a beautiful young lady.pretty,funny, gullible,amazing myreonia is a goat…real deal

  • pullgod lari

    a dangerous beast who roams the local schoolyards for young, innocent boys to pull. easily identifiable as a stronk, teenage taiwanese girl. if you see one, approach with caution with at least 10 friends to back you up, otherwise one will simply be pulled in too quickly. obsesses over abs way too much. popular with […]

  • pair of wankers

    an astounding pair of master steel makers from wales who have the *occasional* w-nk don’t be fooled though.. these pair are the best love making beasts the valleys provides send that ladle out you “you pair of w-nkers”

  • fire-gram

    a really great instagram. you look great. your friends look great. nature looks s-xy. the likes are pouring in. this lighting is fueling the fire-gram i’m about to post!

  • tellie

    tellie…a constantly evolving and ever changing group of friends that know the true meaning of love… gorgeous wonderful tellie

  • heinemann

    a very creepy man, stares at little children with pleasure and teaches a sh-tty chemistry cl-ss. usually drives a white van and has a plain goatee. somehow married to a woman that’s obviously younger than him that heinemann keeps staring at my kids

  • bothish

    when you are both of something. usually used by dumb-ss rednecks. jk jk i am a cowboy and a redneck, so kids bothish

  • carinoia

    the constant fear of ones vehicle breaking down. “yo dex! you hear that sound? i think it’s my transmission!” “shut up and drive g, it’s just your carinoia.

  • lelny

    1. when you try to type lenny but somehow move your finger 2 inches to the right when typing the 3rd letter. 2. a combination of the words “lel” and “lenny”. usually used after someone does something dumb. person 1: *gets tripped* person 2: lelny

  • allendre

    sweet and caring. always concerned about others. often referred to as a s-xual goddess. my s-x life is the bee’s knees! i started seeing this girl. her name’s allendre 😉

  • sine sensu

    sine sensu-a shooter from the streets of los santos (noun) (latin language) everyone needs to fear sensu. sine sensu is always mad.

  • sarah carmichael

    the baddest b-tch who just got engaged at 17. she bad, she thick. she sarah carmichael. d-mn did you see her? who? sarah carmichael.

  • venetian sneak

    applies to any transportation network company ride sharing driver (like uber or lyft) in the las vegas area who picks up from mccarran airport, and “sneaks by” the venetian’s main entrance to drop the p-ssenger off at either the palazzo, the mirage, or treasure island. the purpose of this driving maneuver is to avoid heavy […]

  • dineesha

    people that are really extra, so overly dramatic over the smallest things dineesha will start crying when something doesn’t go their way

  • bonathan

    a ship name between twelve year old jonathan, and eleven year old bonnie from the troupe. girl: omg! is that jonathan and bonnie?! boy: yes! bonathan is the best ship!

  • mercy kill

    to make one’s peni nut so hard they f-cking die dude last night she totally mercy killed my w-ng it was crazy

  • chealynn

    chealynn is a very cute and cuddly sister. she can be a reall bi**h at times, but every big brother needs a chealynn as a little sister hey chealynn, u want to play on the swing

  • xiaopu

    a s-xy bis-xual who is down for a great time. chooses the healthy lifestyle. loves smoking pot. xiaopu is such a pothead

  • shinking

    shopping + drinking = shinking the act of walking through a mall shopping and stopping at bars along the way. jojo came to pennsylvania for our annual pre-christmas shinking trip. when you’re lying on the couch in an awkward and uncomfortable position but you can’t be bothered turning over. origin: the word comes from the […]

  • daca

    deferred action for childhood arrivals (daca) is an american immigration policy established by the obama administration in june 2012. he was arrested for daca.

  • virtue signaler

    a virtue signaler is typically a far-left liberal sjw with a strict die-hard approach to advocating freedoms/privileges to minorities of all backgrounds. what separates a virtue signaler from other liberal sjws is the incessant need to prop their self up with their political views to appear superior to anyone who disagrees. virtue signalers also hold […]

  • stop n’ plop

    the careful manoeuvre performed instantly after weeing in order to transition into pooing. sorry, i took so long. i had to stop n’ plop!

  • chris wood

    chris wood is an american actor known for portraying kai parker on the vampire diaries, jake riley on containment and mon-el on supergirl. chris wood is an amazing actor! he’s also very humble and sweet! a famous p-rn star from the late 50’s. the first person to be caught on film giving multiple women an […]

  • abortion fire

    when the situation at hand gets way out of hand. the infrastructure in winnipeg causes rush hour traffic to turn into an abortion fire. took me 3 hours to get home.

  • manzilla

    a behemoth, monstrosity of a man. often exceeding 6 feet in height and over 200lbs. may resemble a gorilla or other large ape, and often behaving like one, particularly if intoxicated. tends to be very popular among the ladies due to his larger than life nature. i got in a fight with this dude but […]

  • berdan

    a s-xy mother f-cker with a big d-ck he is tall and strong and is good in the bed berdan has a big d-ck

  • butter buddies

    someone you eat b-tter with, typically in the sense that you are really hungry at a restaurant waiting for food and all you have is the b-tter from your bread and b-tter. jeffrey and viola were at a restaurant and jeffrey paid viola $12 to eat four of the things of b-tter thus insuring a […]

  • kcus

    suck backwards kcus abbreviation for “k see you” used to say bye to someone, end a convo with annoying f-gs, or to show ur annoyance, disbelief, jealousy, frustration, disgust, discontent, surprise, or really anything can also be followed with “bye love you” for added effect or “my moms here” if you really want to show […]

  • natasha simpson

    the most wonderful girl in the word. brings the best out in you and makes you feel like a man or woman again. once you find her keep her near cause she’s such a keeper i need you, natasha simpson

  • sutej

    a very sincere, caring guy. he is your one love for all eternity, and he will never give up on your relationship. sutej is the modern-day romeo.

  • pultragasm

    intense feeling when you’re really cold and/or shaking i’m shaking so bad, i’m having a pultragasm!

  • camscheller

    a kid who strives to one day not be a virgin, the one who is sitting in the corner of ur local math cl-ss that gets bullied as soon as he walks out of the school. fishes everyday to find peace and rides dirt bikes occasionally to fit in with a crowd for once in […]

  • ariestle

    ariestle is the s-xiest guy i’ve known. no one else in the world has his exact hair. i missed when he wore the maui hair though. he’s got the spiffiest haircut(screw you radcliffe). god bless swaggmast3r69 geez, that’s not ariestotle, thats ariestle dummy.

  • thirsty boi

    a cold beer for the bois. it’s 9 am so we left to go buy some thirsty bois because we’re alcoholics.

  • butthole uppercut

    whem you uppercut someone in the b-tthole. did you see tom give katie the b-tthole uppercut?

  • sydney ochoa

    a sydney f-cking ochoa is the snakiest, conniving, manipulative, dirty sl-t you’ll ever meet in your entire life. they will make you trust them an d believe you hold a bond of friendship until they the f-ck you in the -ss with pebbles as lube. they often come in a what’s called a “señor chang” […]

  • jank pussy

    a revolting stench she smelt like jank p-ssy

  • pencil boy

    a guy with a d-ck smaller than a pencil dude. pencil boy needs to grow some b-lls…….. well the little some that he has.

  • office workers

    with the evolution of modern medicine, an office worker will live to around 85 years old. these zombie like humans, infected with the parasite of indoctrination, are compliant and conditioned to both obey and seek validation from the one source; absolute authority. roger: “want to jump off the bridge at high tide tonight?” tim: “wow. […]

  • mhj

    stands for mediocre hand job let’s h-t up some bars, meet some chicks and hopefully get some mhj’s. stands for mary holo jane have you seen the new gamedesign from mhj?

  • d’quavion

    a bad-ss black male with a big d-ck & is good in bed😋 d’quavion is a f-cking cool -ss n-gg-

  • sleggin

    a northern irish term, most popular in belfast, denoting the use of sarcasm, or cheek. ‘ahhh…come on… don’t take it thick, i was only sleggin’ mocking ya.’ ‘if that wee lad sleggs cheeks me again he’ll get a doin.’

  • grey on black

    a female named _____ who likes a guy called ___, she wears a grey top and black jeans to grab his attention to flirt with him because she wants to be his. she’s wearing grey on black must like that guy and want him!

  • efaz

    a guy who spends more than 24 hours in the mousqe and is pretty dumb.also means tiny d-ck. oh why do you efaz all day?

  • abby bushell

    a girl who loves a good hug. d-mn, i wish i could hug like that.. yeah same, that looks like a hug abby bush-ll would give!

  • rumple4skin

    when ever you hear of the 4skin bein spoken of. it means you are about to have the best s-xy dance party of your life and dantes gonna get a d-ck up his -ss did you hear about the rumple4skin

  • gay killer

    one who has the tendency to eliminate the population of the g-y race bill: man john really hates those g-ys. george: yeah he’s a g-y killer.

  • davitt

    one who suffers from dellusions of grandeur about his weiner. a psychotic episode of p-n-s envy. while waiting in the proctology office a man saw the size of the doctors device and went into a davitt.

  • can d bar

    when a dumb-ss teacher doesn’t know how to pr-nounce candy bar imma eat me a can d bar

  • chillman

    a person who sits back and gets insulted without even caring. ian is such a chillman, he never roasts back.

  • global warming denier

    deniers are phsychologically flawed individuals who actively deny the mainstream scientific viewpoint that the earth is warming due to the release of co2 by the burning of fossil fuels. while 97% of climate scientists are in agreement and the evidence collected by use of the scientific method is indisputable, these people deny the reality through […]

  • hellenism

    the blending of cultures (greek/egyptain/indian/persian) was called h-llenism. cause alexander the great spread greek culture as far east as india. alexander the great used h-llenism for a theory in oldern days.

  • internet-equette

    rules and regs of usin the internet we could all use some brushing-up on our internet-equette!

  • sacracy

    the other version of secrecy but a more secret version since your not using the word secrecy keep this a sacracy

  • rileys dick

    a overwhelmingly small p-n-s man he has a rileys d-ck

  • feminemist

    someone who is a feminist but also likes eminem. they throw a lotta shade, but aren’t the real slim shadys. “oh, you feminists…” “nono—feminemists, we throw shade!”

  • harmonicock

    an oral s-x technique where a person slides their mouth up and down a p-n-s shaft while breathing or murmuring into it, like a harmonica. she had a reputation for giving great harmonic-ck.

  • tiasa

    one who fails to appreciate the people who value her. she’s really beautiful. she has a friend who thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in this world but she probably doesn’t know that. he is probably the best thing that’ll ever happen to her but she doesn’t realize that. she thinks he’s cute but that’s […]

  • stepping on their necks

    dressed very sharply or looking nice and spiffy. her: jim looks really nice today him: he’s real spiffy out here stepping on their necks

  • bougie

    aspiring to be a higher cl-ss than one is. derived from bourgeois – meaning middle/upper cl-ss, traditionally despised by communists. when my friend miya wears a blazer or lucy gets a m-ssage i call them bougie cause we’re unemployed college students. adj. anything that is percieved as “upscale” from a blue-collar point of view. ‘bougie’ […]

  • a little aids

    a term someone would say to lose weight without putting in the effort of exercising. “f-ck my highschool reunion is coming up in 2 months. i should hit the treadmill but i don’t like sweating. i wish i had a little aids”

  • roll cuz

    two cousins who like to do stuff together my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my roll cuz

  • jibrel

    jibrel ,or jibril, is a muslim name for gabriel. jibrel is someone who is annoying but cute. he tense to be a playboy. if he is in school, he will be a cl-ss clown or the school joker. but girls still adore him even he is not that f-cking hot. to sum up , jibrel […]

  • peg chunker

    a chunk of meaty flesh taken out by a peg on a dirt bike or motorcycle. my bike ripped out some of my flesh, a total peg chunker!

  • aniiyah

    aniiyah is the most rich person in the world she is loyal, respectful, gets into trouble half of the time, smart,and the most beautiful girl ever aniiyah is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

  • sniggleshit

    a person who does something stupid hey snigglesh-t you ran that red light use it in place of dumb -ss

  • titan clit

    when a cl-t is bigger than a finger but smaller than a d-ck. “bro, morgan has a t-tan cl-t.”

  • james caleb

    a common name often shortened to “jc” usually belongs to a lazy -ss white guy who is charming yet socially awkward. james caleb, d-mn bro he parties too much.

  • isaiah qaradaghy

    isaiah qaradaghy is hottie that can pull all the girls and always is in the best group of people and far away from the lame group also he’s a very short but cute boy isaiah qaradaghy is nice

  • haias

    a good friend. will be there for you, but if you cross them, they will make sure you regret it. can be fake around people they don’t like to keep the appearance but if they become your friend, they won’t let you go. when haias is crushing, she’s crushing hard.

  • slurge

    the grease puddle left over on your breakfast plate after eating. is usually composed of bacon fat, yolk, toast sweat and whatever combination of hot sauces and ketchup you use. most often occurs in inexpensive diners. wow, that slurge puddle is epic. give me your toast, i want to soak that bad boy up. a […]

  • calebjob

    the act of consuming children after a hand-job. last night sarah gave me a “calebjob” and it was pretty weird.

  • cheese throat

    a filmy buildup in the throat from substances such as mucus, or more commonly thick, liquid foods such as queso, that makes it difficult to speak properly without first clearing one’s throat. jim took a moment to clear his throat before speaking, as the c-sserole he was eating gave him cheese throat.

  • anal fist fest

    a fest of -n-l fistings, preferably a gang bang last nights -n-l fist fest was so fun

  • crisbell

    a pretty -ss ganster with a big -ss. she’ll beat the cr-p out of you if your on her bad side. if your on her bad side better watch out. she loyal to the people or person she loves so you don’t got to worry crisbell got a strong att-tude even tho she dont show […]

  • double job

    a blow-job and a hand-job being performed at once onto a single person by onther. my wife gives the worst double job so i go to my doctors for the good stuff .

  • ganjii

    a young teen boy that thinks driving a fiat punto with a m-ssive subwoofer is cool. “you seen that ganjii guy blasting his sh-tty subwoofer?” “yeah what a f-cking f-ggot i hope he dies from drinking bleach”

  • brody gibbs

    a very attractive man, with great lips for kissing, and other things, but a very small p-n-s. he also has a very kind heart. person 1:hey, that brody gibbs kid kissed me really good last night! person 2: he kissed me real good too, but then he unzipped his pants, and i ran away.

  • big mak

    someone who is very thicc who’s name is makenzie but has no c in their name. “hey big mak, what that -ss do”

  • kageyama tobio

    kageyama tobio is a volleyball player (position: setter) for karasuno high school in the incredibly popular anime series, haikyuu!!. he is f-cking beautiful (like, have you seen his face!?), and even though he’s rough around the edges, he’s a genuinely good person. he is currently 16 years old, 180.6 cm tall, and has been offered […]

  • liquid braces

    when someone smiles so you can j-zz on their teethj-zz-j-c-l-t-shinyteeth that b-tch let my j-zz on her teeth and it shined like liquid braces!

  • barroom brawler

    anyone who starts a fight or brawl in a bar or pub and doesn’t take it outside where he might get beaten up before bouncers can break it up. ‘he reckons he’s so tough, but he’s just a barroom brawler, and wouldn’t last a minute out on the streets.’

  • mouhtadi

    to describe an autistic/special needs child of aboriginal descent. eg. person 1: ‘that child is acting quite strange…” person 2: “don’t be so insensitive! that child is a mouhtadi. i’m so glad centrelink social workers look after children like him”

  • mega faggototay

    tristan goodman tristan is a mega f-ggototay that suck mega f-ggototay c-ck ps .lol this was just a joke

  • eluard

    a tough -ss motherf-cker with an awesome taste in shoes. gets b-tt hurt easily, but what others don’t know is that his feelings get hurt often by others. look at that eluard over there, such a sensitive young man.

  • shooting moves

    the process of running multiple errands in the hopes to make money. ay my bad i was busy, i was “shooting moves” all day.

  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    qwerty… u is next to y you:uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hunkymonkey69, you have too much time on your hands

  • storm clouder

    a person who can take a huge hit an blows out a huge cloud you cant see through or around it it’s truly amazing how much of a storm clouder you’ve become

  • whom’st’d’ve’ed

    when you want to emphasize the confusion relating to who did something “whom’st’d’ve’ed does this nibba think he is!?”

  • valterra

    valterra is a calm girl a little shy but, once i meet her she is a sweetheart. very caring and protective of her friends. every nice to haters as well. valterra is really nice.

  • bent spoon

    a type of s-x position (most common to g-y/-n-l s-x) where the bottom plants his feet on the tops knees while the top is sitting down and rides the tops d-ck. you can google this position on multiple websites that preview multiple s-x positions “he’s really good at bent spooning, i didn’t think he’d know […]

  • fucking normies

    reeeeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeee those f-cking normies. reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • joshelin

    for a nice girl, pretty, and a goo girlfriend. shes a good friend who you can trust… she has a weird personality. she loves to sing. she plays soccer.. omi goddd what joshelin is overe there

  • mr. scott

    a f-cking cool -ss music teacher who has no chill and doesn’t give a f-ck about anything you do. he also plays pokemon with one student in particular. in case you were wondering, he is now balding as of may 2017. person 1 “man, mr. scott is so f-cking cool!” person 2 “i know kat, […]

  • eat the happy meal

    to swallow sperm i told that b-tch to eat the happy meal.

  • agaman

    you are very compet-tive and get annoyed or frustrated when you loose or don’t reach your full potential, but you are almost always a good sport you are exiting, quick witted and adventurous . you are fun and energetic, but you need to calm down and be more sensitive to the moods of people around […]

  • rathead

    a rathead is cross between a hoodrat and a chicken head. a nasty girl from the hood that been on every c-ck on the block, but think she all that, has nasty, stinky unwashed hair, bad ratty weave, died red hair, thinks getting dressed up is wearing flip flops and panties. is always yelling at […]

  • slippery helicopter

    a fat lady lays still on a bed covered in b-tter flavored maple syrup. a man of much smaller size then lays stomach down on the womans belly inserting ahis p-n-s into the womans belly b-tton hole. he then uses his surroundings to spin in a counter clockwise direction. (all of this is performed whilst […]

  • get cucked

    when you instantly and unexpectedly get f-cked over. wow, jake just dropped his phone in the sewer lol. get cucked.

  • bang time son

    also known as bts, a term used to signify a time to f-cking kill it and get something accomplished. examples include going to the gym, playing a sport, eating food, or just being a f-cking baller. guy 1: heading to the gym for a hardcore workout. guy 2: yeeee bang time son.

  • scooblet

    (n.) a sarcastic word used when someone says something obvious “wow the sky is really blue” “nice job figuring that out scooblet”

  • slim thicc shawty

    a girl who has a small waste thicc booty and thighs. you can never get enough of that juicy booty! if you get one don’t let her go!!! lizzie is that slim thicc shawty!

  • flora il.

    i small lil’ town in south il. very small…kinda boring… but crime free except for the cosners “we just got a taco bell in flora il.”

  • scrotefacedmonkeyfuck

    a person who has the look of a scr-t-m that has been f-cked by a monkey. ‘that little scr-t-facedmonkeyf-ck has been found stealing’ or committing any other anti social activity

  • omario

    omario is the synonym of the greatest guy in the world. an omario has a crazy sense of humour and is fun to be around. he is very sweet and charming. i got me an omario. he is the best guy i’ve met.

  • high doubt

    1. when there is a chance that the statement someone just made is completely false and full of sh-t. 2. a way to question alternative facts adam: kelly anne conway just said that sean spicer was giving alternative facts. andrew: high doubt that a word of truth came out of her mouth, let alone his.

  • elyshia pender

    a girl with sheer perfection head to toe. she is intelligent, has a great personality, she’s amazing and has the world’s greatest smile. she is over all just flawless and just gorgeous. elyshia pender was absolutely gorgeous when i saw her. gorgeous

  • nianne

    a person who can sing well with a pleasant vocal. she love to draw and crazy over k-pop group. she love anime and would do anything to make them alive . she look young ,smart and imaginative girls. she is gifted with such a beautiful voice. she is mostly a quiet girl. h-llo, i am […]

  • canyarna

    this is the name given to a couple of bestfriends whose names are canyon and tiarna. they are one of a kind and the rarest thing on earth! they are the perfect match! person 1: “hey look at those two walking there, they look like best friends. i want what they they have. ” person […]

  • dirty coleman

    a soldier that remains filthy regardless of how much personal hygiene he or she conducts. pvt snuffy is such a dirty coleman, he just got out of the shower and is still disgusting!

  • nakeem

    a very chill man. love to laugh and have and fun and will get into you. selfless, wise, helpful, psycho, and sometimes highly intelligent. some nakeem’s are hard to express feelings, they seem sarcastic but sometimes they really mean it. and other nakeem will do crazy and wild things more of a party person. sometimes […]

  • milky bar boy

    when a pale white boy is the name dylan milky bar boy is coming to my house tonight

  • sundember

    the seventh and last month of the year, people born in this month have a 99% of being r-t-rded. hi, i have a severe mental deficiency and i was born in sundember.

  • crankospolo

    a person who s-xually abuses young girls ranging from ages 8 to 18 via internet. girl: “mom i have been getting spam requests from this person to meet me at a certain place.” mom:”just ingnore them dear, that person just being a crankospolo”

  • big doink

    fat blunts you smoke in amish i saw this dirty fat guy smoking a big doink in amish. #gang

  • mexican birdbath

    when you f-ck a girl so hard that she p-sses out, then u p-ss in her open mouth. after he made her p-ss out, he gave her a mexican birdbath as a sign of grat-tude. when you run into the bathroom while you lady/man is taking a bath and take a sh-t in the tub […]

  • gunist

    (noun) a gunist is a person who believes one type of firearm is superior, or that a particular group of firearms are inferior to the others. (adjective) of or like gunist: gunist politics, gunist att-tudes gunist have labeled a group of rifles as ‘-ssault’ rifles, singling them out as more violent or dangerous than all […]

  • atomic oven

    similar to a dutch oven, but the delivery of the biologic is via the tube of the victims c-pap machine. this maneuver is best executed while the recipient is asleep, and gasps deeply when the positive air pressure is removed. brenda was wronged deeply by her boyfriend. while he slept, brenda unplugged barry’s hose from […]

  • donbee

    a strong,ambitious and very respectful man… with much love and has sweet phenomenon of caring heart… he’s loved by many… man of all and most especially the heart of every woman … he’s a lovely man to be with e.g i need a man like donbee

  • bingevest

    bingevest…bingevested. to be at least two episodes into a streamed television series that you find terrible. however, because you have put it in the time thus far, you feel obligated to hunker down and finish the entire series anyway! my whole sat-rday was wasted since i was bingevested in that horrible online tv series!

  • yeast dick

    when you get the flu and can’t shower for a month straight, your d-ck gets dirty and yeast-infested jeff take a f-cking shower, you got yeast d-ck

  • nuff said

    enough said. you dont need more!!!… stop asking me! obviously 0+0=8. nuff said. there is nothing more to say about the subject. those from the boston area remarked that around there they tended to bang a louie rather than hang one (or even just sedately take one), which was taken by the less charitable on […]

  • table thief

    i person who moves in on your table or chair and claims it as their own while you’re in the toilet or at the bar. ‘mate, can you look after my table ’cause i don’t want any table thief claiming it while i’m at the bar.’

  • alabama applesauce

    when a man and his friend cut open their sisters head and have s-x with it using her blood as lube, then they get some applesauce and dump it into the wound and eat it me and mike gave my sister an alabama applesauce

  • falinko

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ falinko? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ !

  • roblox roleplayer

    7-12 year old children who enjoy having fake s-x talk with their roblox boy and girl friend on games like keep city, city of robloxia, wolves life and dragon life. deserves to be murdered and gets angry and calls you noon if you call them out on it that kid is a total roblox roleplayer […]

  • rapdazzle

    to recite rap lyrics that contain a word that a friend has mentioned. i was talking about yams, and chris decided to rapdazzle.

  • ymerej

    the s-xual act of stuffing your partners d-ck in a hair-dryer at maximum heat for 3 hours and then pouring vodka on the shriveled c-ck while violently giving them a bl-wj-b. dude, my girl gave me the ymerej last night. i haven’t felt my d-ck since!

  • nova mexi

    when mexicans put into gas chambers and get g-ssed the poor mexicans got nova mexi today

  • lmaoqwertyuipsdfghjkzxcvbn

    qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm but with a lmao at the beginning and removing the letters of lmao out of qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. created and found by ‘bored to death’ experimenting urban dictionary users. hmm, lets try lmaoqwertyuipsdfghjkzxcvbn shall we? i’m bored to death and have lots of time on my hands anyways.

  • chocolate dropp

    chocolate dropp is a fine -ss boy he’s smart cute cool funny knows how to dress and especially likes to flirt but wen he gets a lady he’s down for that girl if they do sum wrong he say f-ck em but he smexyy asf too and also wen y’all lady’s throws it back he […]

  • im on your ass

    the 2017 way of saying “i’m on your case”. when you’re on to someone and what they’ve been doing. the 2017 way of saying “i’m on your case”. when you’re on to someone and what they’ve been doing. tommy: where’ve you been? we’ve been looking for you and samantha. samuel: ok? i’ve been nowhere tommy: […]

  • graup

    an ugly person that b-tch is a graup with her ugly -ss kankles.

  • mabbel

    if you find a mabbel, never let her go. she’s the sweetest they come in every aspect. not only forgiving and kind, she is the perfect go-to person when you want to turn up! she is social and looks like a mexican princess with her short hair and long lashes. if you find a mabbel, […]

  • kinzleigh

    a girl who is intelligent and beautiful on the inside and out no matter what people say. she is confident in herself and will be tough when she needs to even though she is so sensitive on the inside. kinzleigh loves her friends and family and is obsessed with unicorns and snapchat. i’ve never heard […]

  • duelling

    when you and your friends get together and -j-c-l-t- on his/her b–bs o that guy is duelling just like katy perry and he liking it

  • gabbey

    a kick -ss b-tch with a great sense of humor and the best girl you’ll ever meet. always stick with a gabbey through thick and thin. it’s also a nickname for gabrielle. gabbey is a beautiful, smart, and athletic girl with a heart for loving anyone. a girl named gabbey is definitely a good friend […]

  • rattle-eyed

    can’t keep your eyes focused. man, i’m so rattle-eyed i can’t even focus on my work.

  • alabama dinner special

    s-xual act in which while f-cking someone doggy style you grab their arms and steer them out the front door and bang their head on the broken stove in the front yard. see also: admiral uncle daddy was f-cking me from behind last night and gave me the ole alabama dinner special.

  • i am not no jerk

    when you are not a jerk but you never succeeded in english cl-ss hey, i am not no jerk!

  • jeiufhbqaurhgabf

    the precise pattern created when traf rolls his face across a standard american keyboard. jeiufhbqaurhgabf

  • shamecott

    shame + boycott. when you do something so embarr-ssing or bad that you never return to a place again out of pure shame. i sh-t my pants at ikea and now i’m shamecotting it; i can’t be seen there again!

  • hard to quit

    describes something or someone you just can’t let go, even if you want to (like cigarettes). i tried breaking up with meghan, but d-mn, she hard to quit. i was going to cancel my subscription, but netflix… ahhh… hard to quit.

  • sebaceous crustacean

    crabby fat -sshole stop being a sebaceous crustacean george, they’re just kids.

  • frankfort square

    a small town in illinois, sub-town of frankfort (sk-nkfort). frankfort square is an isolated area for the most rejected sl-ts and hippies of frankfort. normal people are not welcome here. that girl from frankfort square is the new star of 16 and pregnant!

  • vellichor

    – noun the strange wistfulness of a second-hand bookshop. walking past my local bookstore i am always filled with a recondite sense of vellichor vellichor gripped her as she crossed the worn wooden threshold of the old bookshop

  • menace

    basically it means insane, good, awesome, sick, deadly. gurpreet: what do you think about pop tarts? harry: pop tarts are f-cking menace! in the word of carzy but this guy, he’s a menace tyrone the menace the menace is back at it.

  • transeshtite

    when your try to stay in but you always end up going out despite the unholy deficit of funds and or liver. friday 8pm…”hey greg, wanna come out tonight?” “nope can’t i need to stay in and save tonight” sat-rday 12am…”thought you weren’t coming out?” “couldn’t help it i’m such a transesht-te”.

  • indently

    a slang used to end a conversation or get out of a bad situation, also a another way to say yes person: did you wash the dishes? you: indently! person: do you want some drugs? you: indently not! a slang used to say something after a conversation and also a rude way to end off […]

  • bye bye tinky winky

    it’s the ending of the 90’s children’s show teletubbies referring to the ending of a day with someone you spend the whole day with a: wow what a day, i think you should do this again sometime .. b:yeah we should a:alright then see you later b: bye bye tinky winky a:bye bye

  • silver creek highschool

    a high school in san jose where the food is something not even the starving ethiopian kids would touch. a school where black kids get there own club and are highly against segregation but will not let the white kid join. silver creek is the kind of school where girls become sl-ts and guys become […]

  • tenty-ten

    an exclamation used when trying to achieve a goal, you not only fail but, wind up with something completely different. i was trying to make a bowl of cereal and wound up with a burrito. well, tenty-ten!

  • horse nae nae

    the best and coolest savage to ever live. he will never be defeated and will drop kick any avocados in his way. he is the annihilator of faces,the destroyer of worlds,the horse in horse nae nae. the horse nae nae is the most savage thing that has ever happened to this world.

  • irnes

    s-xy -ss n-gg- who loves to f-ck b-tches oh look at that s-xy -ss dude irnes

  • leo dabi

    when you just gotta leo dabi on those haters. b-tch 1: frick you. b-tch 2: just gotta leo dabi on those haters!

  • sexpeditionary

    s-x·pe·di·tion·ar·y (sekspəˈdishəˌnerē) noun a hot sweet well endowed h-rny romantic gentleman who’s willing to travel more than a mile to have mindblowingly great s-x with a s-xy lover who’s well worth the journey. “she simply could not be happier ever since she started dating her amazing s-xpeditionary lover; she can’t stop glowing and she’s always […]

  • slingin’ some slobber

    the act of oral s-x, generally a woman pleasuring a man i don’t know if it was the tiffany’s bag or the carne asada fries but she was really happy with me. she was slingin’ some slobber all weekend long. in the truck, dressing room at macy’s, on her mom’s front porch, everywhere…

  • rolly knots

    n. a condition when one feels high anxiety awaiting news (good or bad) regarding a career milestone. the knots can roll in one part of the body for period of time then go away, only to return in another part of the body, rolling around, giving one chronic sensation of waves of anxiety. the condition […]

  • hunkapotumus

    a very attractive male. the hunkapotumus is a rare, elusive and mythical creature. here we are lucky to see 3 huddled together in the wake of hurricane irma. i’m a well trained hunkapotumus handler. send them my way and they will be well taken care of.

  • sinach

    an utter troll. the one who will smile as he truck drives you into oblivion without any regret. the one who bullies unironically. also sinisterly good at making hard math tests josh: bro, that math test was really hard. terry: i know right, mr. forshay really sinached us with that test! he said it was […]

  • monatophobia – a fear of dying alone

    a portmanteau of the words thanatophobia (fear of death) and monophobia (fear of aloneness). coined by lemmino in the video top ten facts – death person: “dude, i’m so afraid of dying alone… what if n-body comes to my funeral?” other person: “you must have monatophobia – a fear of dying alone”

  • el bromino

    that’s bro dawg, ya mans. you know brotendo theador brosivelt. i was just talking to el bromino, he said we gotta link up with brotendo.

  • suplorisly

    giving value to something that has no value at all. for example… people suplorisly used the word “game changer” when referring to interpersonal relationships and/or an engagement ring, having a baby.

  • catchrider

    this is the term that truck drivers use to refer to their ex-wives. i had a catchrider doing my ch-r-s but now i will be doing them all by myself.

  • boner business

    when one intentionally arouses his d-ck by viewing s-xual or repulsive content. my friend always does b-n-r business in his free time because he loves to arouse his d-ck.

  • long dick rick

    a man with a m-ssive c-ck person 1: man he had a big d-ck! person 2: you got a long d-ck rick.

  • catch feels

    the phrase is used to describe the feeling(s) one gets from a drug. specifically, the euphoric feeling or feeling “high” one obtains from doing narcotics. yo! this is some good sh-t, some fire! you catching feels yet? i got some pills. you ain’t afraid to catch feels with me are you?

  • tour de fuckheads

    a group of cyclists that wear spandex and think their sh-t don’t stink and they own the road, footpath, cafe. did you get a load of those tour de f-ckheads this morning.

  • low born

    a virgin named jacob k! a low born walks and looks at his friends with jealousy cause he can’t f-ck a b-tch!!!

  • bathing a dirty sloth

    bathing a dirty sloth is when the recipient of -n-l defecates on the p-n-s and then proceeds to gift the giver of -n-l with a handjob using spit as a lubricant bathing a dirty sloth is when the recipient of -n-l sh-ts on the d-ck and then gives them a handjob with spit as lube […]

  • sharvi

    divine; an indian name for girls named after goddess durga hi! my name is sharvi!

  • hair covering the eyes

    my personal definition of bangs – uriel 2017 i don’t like saying the word bangs, i rather say hair covering the eyes

  • bone barren

    when a man is lacking the ability to bone; to have s-x. physically or mentally. steve: how did your night go last night with veronica? conor: not so hot, i got nervous and was totally bone barren. steve: feels bad man.

  • elevator neck

    a woman who keeps talking about sucking your d-ck but never does it. “you said you were going to suck my d-ck.elevator neck”

  • stipdick

    someone who brags about having a 6 foot long d-ck, when they actually have a millimeter peter and don’t want to disgrace every man in mother russia. the best way to tell if someone is trying compensate for their tick tac is if they have a long staff. an example is any wizard from lord […]

  • kecking

    to secretly f-ck around on tinder while in a relationship. “hey man how’s stuff with olivia?’ “i don’t know man. she’s been kind of weird this week. i hope she’s not kecking me.

  • build me a hut

    1. in buddhism building a hut for someone is as bad as asking for s-xual favours. ‘gurlllll build me a hut tonight ;)’

  • remgasm

    an -rg-sm-like feeling in your deepest sleep. last night, i had a remgasm so real, i woke myself up in sweats. #rem

  • montaysha

    a girl thats very friendly but has a side of fighting when ready, they are s-ssy and have no problem of saying what needs to be said. she acts such like a outgoing

  • raydin

    when you go somewhere, f-ck sh-t up and leave, you are a raydin. d-mn that raydin just crashed the party and left.

  • what comes after 69

    mouthwash teacher-what comes after 69 student- moutwash teacher- get the f-ck out of my cl-ss

  • fannyhoe

    when a woman seems innocent but once she gets in the bedroom as she loose af you know she a f-nny hoe. i thought that bird was so innocent till i got her in the bedroom and saw she’s a f-nnyhoe

  • shiggled

    describes a feeling of giddyness or stupidity due to inhibitory substances. comes from she and giggled there are no words i’m shiggled beyond belief!!! laugh in silly manner while sh-tting slightly. “the directions were not for sh-ts and giggles, yet they shiggled”

  • ddick

    the misspelling of the word d-ck hahahaha you spelled it wrong dd-ck- the misspelling of the word d-ck

  • urban forestry

    the art of male grooming of the ‘forest’ area. although mainly by posh gentlemen, can sometimes apply to a ‘lady’ with quite a forest patch which needs to be ‘deknotted’ or tidied up. i say old chap. one simply cannot make lunch today. one has a man coming round to help me with my urban […]

  • shequest

    request by wife/girlfriend to do something that you are currently in the process of doing. my wife shequested i take the dog for a walk as i was walking out the door with the dog.

  • chinese sandblaster

    when you eat a lot of chinese food and bend over, clench your -ss cheeks and sh-t in your lovers face. “you smell like sh-t and looks like you took sandpaper to your face.” “naw man, my lady gave me a good old fashioned chinese sandblaster an hour ago.”

  • james pham

    james pham is a humble, hardworking man who family and friends can count on for anything. charming personality with a s-xy smile with a hint of corky dad jokes. james pham is one of those guys you want in your life. james pham is such a handyman, he built my house.

  • rifthy

    a savage n-gg- with hoes, money, cars, ice, and could ball. most of the time chill asf. very high ego. he wasn’t laid back he was being a rifthy

  • the club penguin snowball fight

    the act of -j-c-l-t-ng inside the condom during intercourse and freezing it in the freezer and then inserting said condom filled s-m-n into a female’s s-x organs hey, my girl and i tried the club penguin snowball fight. it was ice cold, man!

  • nakhya

    is a smart,pretty,and intelligent person with a great sense of humor.could put a smile on anyone’s face at any time.will easily interact with others and is not afraid of what people think or say.will make an amazing parent and tries whatever she can to put a smirk/smile on anyone’s face and never breaks her promises. […]

  • turd buttering

    the act of a woman searching weird sh-t in urban dictionary dude, that chick was totally just t-rd b-ttering

  • funk girl

    a girl who prides herself on one night stands, hookup girl, i met this funk girl from tinder, meet her at a hotel.

  • flynn hammered

    getting f-cking raped to death by military firing squad. person 1: did you hear about anne frank? person 2: yeh, she got totally flynn hammered!!!

  • lucifer’s quinoa

    a slang term for marijuana. mom: devin, you had better not be smoking lucifer’s quinoa in there!

  • backpunisher

    when a dog humps a stuffed teddy bear from the behind and and destroys it in 3 humps my dog just backpunishered my stuffed teddy bear last night when i was watching.

  • rispec

    how cool people pr-nounce “respect” yo, that was amazing man- rispec!

  • mardhiah

    it is hard to explain in english but it comes from an arabic word رضا . it means satisfaction, contentment. people that surround this person or god will always be pleased and satisfied with this person. (because she does good deeds) i am mardhiah with you

  • skager

    scandinavian for s-xy he’s such a skager.

  • ken’shauti

    a strong nice girl, she likes only white boys,nicw to othe poeple likes to cry alot wish ken’shauti was on are team she is strong

  • optorectitis

    when the optic nerve gets shoved up your r-ct-m, or, in plain terms, you got your head up your -ss. jake paul: its every day bro museum tour guide: and this, tourists, is the most severe case yet of optorect-tis. *tourists stare in a mix of awe and disgust*

  • digital black face

    the act of using gifs and pictures of black people reacting to things on social media guy:”oh my god dude that was a funny me may look at what i replied” guy2: “holy cr-p dude you used a gif of kevin hart…that’s digital black face”

  • walletchick

    wallet chick = is that main chick you would hold down 24/7 no matter what you can’t get tired of her ..she knows what and holds you down to. “”i wanna walletchickmeaning they want a chick that does not hoe around

  • schagambi

    (noun)- a word that your boy gunn has made up and doesn’t have any other meaning besides that. i made up the word schagambi.

  • lottacide

    when mr. lottmann pushes you to the point of wanting to kill yourself. hey can you believe i had a backpack on at lunch and mr. lottmann asked me why i had it. it made me want to commit lottacide

  • carpet surfer

    a person who micro inspects the floor to retrieve spilled dope. often with a magnifier and/or flash light. when the dope is gone, becca becomes a carpet surfer.

  • zipper lip

    a zipper lip is when a female is so c-m drunk and c-ck hungry, she hastily rips the zipper down and while doing so her lip get caught in the zipper. that chic wanted my c-ck so badly she got zipper lip.

  • penny bank

    where a woman save a mental image to, m-st-rb-t- over later man those guys, a chest is so s-xy, that’s one for the penny bank

  • potato abuse

    when you eat anything that is made from potatos. (you’re killing my family) ethan supports potato abuse, he eats salt and vinegar chips

  • broke jumpshot

    1. (n.) referring to basketball, when a n-gg-‘s shot is broken or he misses consistently. 2. (adj.) to describe a terrible jumpshot. 1. that n-gg- jeffery got a busted -ss broke jumpshot, he gets no buckets. 2. man, i got a broke jumpshot.

  • toss the greek

    to eat a girl out i was with a girl last night and she let me toss the greek.

  • dragon tong

    an oral s-x move when a woman repeatedly flicks the tip of a man’s p-n-s with her tongue. last night this chick gave me a dragon tongue with no warning and it was so sensitive that i accidentally slapped her.

  • auden alsop

    a person that wear a baseball hat 24/7. julian: hey look at that auden alsop. daniel: you think that auden alsop is balding? he never takes off that d-mn hat.

  • pigetted

    a language spoken by hawaiian islanders. a form of shorthand english that is spoken to shorten the need to speak long sentences. pigetted verion of how to ask someone if they have completed a task: what? you pau?

  • maryvillager

    a person who partakes in the annual pole-smoking contest on the outer banks of the mississippi river to honor the royal german family. that maryvillager can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

  • canarrow

    the romantic and crime fighting pair of arrow/oliver queen and canary/sara lance from the cw show arrow, it best represents the iconic duo green arrow and black canary from the comics canarrow were the best couple of arrow. we need it back

  • fuckiado

    someone in deep sleep 1. she on the bed all f-ckiada. 2. he on the floor all f-ckiado.

  • puben

    a fat white mexican who smokes meth and has a chode and somehow looks similar to a p-b- have you seen p-b-n ? he can’t drive for sh-t

  • jizzbender

    staying locked in a room for 24 hours spanking it tommy was on a serious j-zzbender… he hasn’t left his room all weekend!

  • dude genuine

    when you pretend to be a genuine guy who really cares and wants to take it slow, but really all you want is to bang. man you are being so dude genuine.

  • speed me

    meaning when you really need your friend to reply you text them on all social media and then call them friend 1: hope everything goes well if not then speed me friend 2: ok will do

  • peeling the root

    during f-ll-t–, when the women/giver of said f-ll-t– puts top and bottom teeth on the member at the bottom of the down-stroke and then drags the teeth down the shaft on the way back – giving the sensation that skin is being peeled like a potato had to put the brakes on last night – […]

  • ass treat

    great booty to eat desert or a treat yo bianca got that -ss treat

  • coat room

    a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily i have lots of coats in my coat room

  • thiccery

    a noun referring to a group of elements that share the properties given to the adjective ‘thicc’. when a friend shows you a bunch of fat woofer, shrek, nicki minaj, big -ss shibe, trump, big booooty pics; “this is, indeed, some fine thiccery.”

  • desi justice warrior

    a pejorative term for a south asian (indian, pakistani, bangladeshi) individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. a desi justice warrior, or djw, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they […]

  • kwaybos

    to relate to t-st-cl-s or b-lls. mike!!!!!! suck on my kwaybos!!!!!!

  • ataysha

    ataysha is a ginger ninja who is in my cl-ss my friend is dating her sister hey ataysha how are you ginger ninja hey ataysha ur a ginger

  • elder weeb

    a weeaboo over the age of 25 that lives on there computer and still watches these cartoons made by j-ps well past the 2000’s through 201x- all the way to today which is funny because this sh-t stopped being cool after 1999 when the j-ps forgot how to draw properly you can see these people […]

  • wealth belly

    a protrusion of the abdominal region resulting from living like a f-cking king. also known as the new 6 pack. hey dad, look at that fat f-ck lounging on his yacht! that ain’t fat, kid, that’s a wealth belly.

  • paige ashley

    a pretty beautiful, nice and kind personality girl who will always love and shoot to the star’s like no others do. paige ashley is possible for everyone.

  • stephers

    an angel of the north with blonde hair and blue eyes! they all loved her. she was a real ‘stephers’.

  • senzo

    this is a cool guy. he likes socializing, very intelligent usually has a secret crush on someone but thinks its embarr-ssing to date that person. he is very ambitious. he gets very angry but not oftenly that guy has a typical senzo character, very cute and charming

  • cpdd

    copy-paste driven development behaviour of a software engineer that find sample code on different computer help forums, then minimally adapt it to suit his software needs. that guys is a cpdd engineer.

  • how like

    used when asking a question about the abundance of a certain thing. that hoe got some big -ss t-tties. how like? like talking bout..

  • pink karma

    an amount of ‘good will’ garnered from your female partner to be used for credit to do things she otherwise wouldn’t normally appreciate you doing. sure, i think i’ve got enough pink karma to get a p-ss for a weekend with the boys

  • arguing with a girl

    the most pointless sh-t you will ever do. waste of time. you are never right! ever! can’t be used in a sentence. the girl is still arguing her point because you decided to start arguing with a girl…

  • harmacist

    the opposite of pharmacist. when a pharmacist goes to the dark side and begins intending to cause harm, discord, and in some cases, disruption. often by giving incorrect prescriptions and advice, but in more extreme cases, causing physical harm. my pharmacist isn’t very helpful, this isn’t even the right pill, i think he’s turned into […]

  • dangburnblastin

    when you cannot cuss so you just say dangburnblastin. dangburnblastin thing or it.

  • pisla khal

    pisla khal is bengali slang word that is used to identify a woman who has loose and wet p-ssy. usually black men go for it. example- kim kardasian is a pisla khal

  • safe fam

    an east london term for a good friend or someone who will always back u up yo, my friend jimbobly martinez trunkle bootz is a safe fam you get me?

  • girthy beef

    a large girthy, thick and juicy p-n-s. resembles a nice steak bob: give us some of that girthy beef eden.

  • plumpy dumpy

    a fat c-m dumpster. i love you plumpy dumpy.

  • dirty krimpet

    the sometimes soiled filthy v-g-n- of girls who “get around”. these girls can be seen trying to wrangle any willing guy to share their stds with. if lucky a guy can possibly land a dirty jelly krimpet which is the same said girls however experiencing their friend flo/time of the month. smart men avoid girls […]

  • conductors kiss

    when two pals touch b-ttholes. jon and jason did a conductors kiss.

  • hit him where it hurts

    to hurt someone where you know it’ll be painful the most ima hit him where it hurts, his family.

  • superbrowse

    the application comes in a lightweight package and deploys on your computer in the blink of an eye. note, however, that it requires .net framework to function, which is a default features in modern windows iterations, so there’s a high chance it’s already there. as far as the interface is concerned, the application relies on […]

  • utah jazz fan

    a fan of the utah jazz. one of the most pathetic creatures capable of intaking oxygen and expelling bullsh-t. the most common breed lives in a constant state of denial hoping a higher power will intervene with their season and lead them to a playoff birth. allergic to extended periods of success and championships. utah […]

  • ffcp

    acronym and hashtag( #ffcp ) for fashion focused candid photography check out this hot instafeed, has some great ffcp, love those fresh looks and great heels.

  • handlders

    computer science. term used to describe a process which only serves to elevate an engineers sense of worth, regardless of it’s complexity. the most effective handlder’s will slow down the development of any engineer not willing to spend pointless hours understanding the process that it enforces. rick : “hey gary, i can’t push my code […]

  • jade lee

    a really dumb b-tch who doesn’t know how much of a fugly sl-t she is, likes to surround self with people who are better than her and is also bicurious. thinks bicuriousness is a real thing and its not so get f-kt. “you are a jade lee” “omg, how dare you say that im not […]

  • israeli squeaking box

    a s-x act that involves a gun, a helicopter, scissors, gorilla glue, and a red mega block. first one would need to find a helicopter landing pad and once one is taking off grab the side and hide in the back until the helicopter if fully in the air. once in the air grab the […]

  • mujo

    mujo is generally used nickname (in bosnia and herzegovina as well as in other countries of ex yugoslavia region) for someone whose name is mustafa (eng. mustapha). this nickname is commonly used as name of main character in urban jokes. it has also been used by serbian propaganda to represent muslims of the region as […]

  • foreign females

    a female that is mixed with a foreign culture and looks nothing like a caucasian female or a female mixed with white and brown skin dang my boy i see you got you a bad little foreign. foreign females are not mixed with caucasian and brow skinned.

  • edniyah

    a cute,s-xy kind smart female. lisa was so edniyah

  • lemon cup

    a cup used to contain the contents of a lemon party. old gil really filled up the lemon cup.

  • dark selfie

    a dark selfie is a selfie taken at a site of great tragedy or in a macabre setting. it can also be a selfie taken at the scene of an immediate tragedy such as a car accident or plane crash. it is part of dark tourism. john took a dark selfie at the war memorial. […]

  • phantoml0rd

    f-cking tw-t who stole peoples money. you remember that tw-t phantoml0rd oh yeah i hope he dies

  • andrealiss

    an angel , and no doubt the most precious thing life can give & one day you’ll be cherished forever andrealiss will never give up no matter what happens her determination and maturity is thing that none has ever experienced

  • cruzed

    seeing p-rn on your twitter feed because someone else liked it “i got cruzed today, it was lesbian p-rn too!”

  • chouple

    a chubby couple. oh, look at that cute chouple holding hands.

  • larnet

    the small circular object that disinfects urinals in mens bathrooms, often referred to as a urinal cake. wow! it’s been 3 days and the cleaners still haven’t put a new larnet in the urinal!

  • tl7s 6eze

    it means lick my -ss in arabic ,, it’s used mainly to to make fun of people you’re so stupid ,, tl7s 6eze a: look i’m eating with no hands !! b: …. tl7s 6eze

  • power cookie

    a cookie is placed on ones b-ttcheek during doggy style, the other thrusts so hard the cookie bounces up and is caught with their mouth. power cookies are easier to do with fat people

  • manibusan

    an awkward individual who waddles and has incredibly buck teeth, much like that of a r-t-rded vampire duck. peers often refer to him as ch-nk rather full use of his name. synonymous with: r-t-rd, r-t-rded asian, r-t-rded asian vampire duck. guy 1: oh my god i was just bit by that duck! guy 2: that’s […]

  • symplexity

    there aren’t any definitions for symplexity yet. can you define it?

  • plarnview

    to plan and review, all in one task, at the same time. let’s have our plarnview meeting.

  • lit-non

    when things really didn’t pop and it was not ‘lit’. that party was so lit-non.

  • casket stuffer

    a useless bag of skin and teeth who will never amount to anything. they’re better off being 6 feet under where at least they wont be siphoning oxygen from productive members of society. man! that jamal is gonna grow up to be a real casket stuffer. he’s just like his father.

  • wahmen

    mentally r-t-rded women you’re a wahmen

  • make america dank again

    the act of overloading the united states of america with memes, to the point where a meme itself, donald j. trump, becomes its president. person 1: are you ready to make america dank again? person 2: h-ll yeah! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • carsons mom

    finest women alive. beautiful big breast with a luscious booty. super tan with a great tight body. carsons mom gives great head

  • slick-neck

    a human who preforms the action of sucking a c-ck on the regular. “shani’qua has sucked all of my friends c-cks; what a f-cking slick-neck”

  • kaler

    the kaler is a great and beautiful friend she is loyal and she will protect you but if you get her mad you will want to run holy cr-p kaler is mad runny yay kaler is happy a beautiful person that when angry will hurt someone she has dark humor she’s nice when happy if […]

  • neejay

    a neejay, is a person from asia. this includes people from the subcontinent india. although it’s generally more used for people with a lighter tone of skin. hey neejay, get over here, you still owe me some money!

  • yucca valley high school

    the worst school ever. it ‘s in the middle of the desert in the sh-thole town known as yucca valley. half of the kids are here because their parents forgot to where a condom. it is full of white trash, emos, illegal aliens, stoners, and methheads. all the girls are ugly and have stds. some […]

  • big nose charlie

    when someones d-ck is so big there is a m-ssive bulge in their pants and girls just want to suck it clean wow he has a big nose charlie, mmmm

  • pull a snatch

    steal someone’s girl. you i’ma bout to pull a sn-tch on his girl.

  • clive’s tim tam slam

    the act of leaving a tim tam biscuit in a cup of tea until it is soft and lost all form, then pouring into your girlfriends -rs- for her to squirt back into your mouth. named after australian icon clive palmer. “hey dude how was your night?” “bro it was epic, me and kara did […]

  • zagar

    a name for a terrible teacher that’s as b-tchy as a girl on her period. “i f-cking hate zagar he/she sucks d-ck.”

  • goyke

    the act of stealing someone’s kill in an online multiplayer shooter game. dan, brah, why you gotta keep goyken’ my kills!?

  • ru hungry fat condom

    the fat condom: when a homeless person in new brunswick, nj asks you for money and you tell them you’ll buy them food. you buy a famous fat sandwich of your choice and slowly insert your d-ck in it. then, you wrap a condom around the penetrated sandwich. you go to the homeless person and […]

  • kropla

    means “drop, droplet, drip” in polish, also it’s a uncommon surname in germany, extremely rare in u.s.a, and canada. if you see a persons last name that has kropla on it in the u.s. , you’ll probably won’t see another one, again. kropla a last name/surname that is very rare in the u.s., uncommon in […]

  • 한 지 미

    (han ji mi) an asian girl who loves k-pop (preferbly bts or astro) loves listening to,sometimes dumb,loves reading,treasures all her friends and an amazing girl to start a family with 한 지 미 (han ji mi) is my girlfriend

  • fromage booty

    a nice b-tt that results from a cheese diet. like cakes but normally reserved for french women. “d-mn, son! look at that -ss!” “that’s that good fromage booty”

  • tayanea

    doesn’t like you for no reason tayanea stills your n-gg-s because she don’t like you

  • grevitch

    the stuff that comes out of your lawn mower. i hate mowing the lawn. the grevitch somehow keeps getting in my eyes.

  • homobromo

    an intended or perceived, somewhat if not literal, h-m-s-xual moment or incident between 2 or more males or “bros.” dude we high-fived but laced fingers and made eye contact for a few seconds. it was an honest h-m-bromo.

  • the voy effect

    when you’re at a event or party and everyone is gathered in one room, and 3 or more people leave the room and go to another room, and then a majority of the people follow to that room it is called the voy effect. you know you’re pulling the voy effect when you move rooms […]

  • tahron

    a kind hearted person on the inside but on the outside, is a douce. 😒 i’m really not feeling tahron rn

  • mohamed ismail

    a b-tch -ss mother f-cker that usually has -ss burgers and is on phone 24/7 that mohamed ismail is such a b-tch -ss n-gg-

  • camp olympia

    best camp ever. only problem is that when counslers say they are merit making they are really at bars getting drunk dancing in table tops and banging in the bathroom then when they come back they make up an excuese to go to the bathroom camp olympia is the best camp ever.

  • bus high five

    when two buses drive at each other with their stop signs out i want to see a bus high five

  • backstream

    backstream is when diarrhea abruptly shoots out of your -n-s in a steady stream. erin ran for the bathroom as backstream slid down her legs.

  • woyft

    what’s on your feet today? meaning: what shoes are you wearing? *guy calls his friend* guy: ‘yo, woyft?’ friend: ‘ wearing my nikes, what about you?’

  • red man mustache

    the act of performing oral s-x on a woman with a mouthful of chewing tobacco while she is menstruating. the individual performing the oral s-x may not spit out the tobacco and must hold it in their mouth or spit inside their partner. if performed correctly the individual will have a reddish brown mustache and/or […]

  • lol xd

    1) used to describe uncontrollable laughter 2) a phrase used in a middle of an interaction or conversation, reminding the people your interacting with that you’re being friendly towards them and absolutely hating them at the same time. 1) this is so funny lol xd! 2) “yeah, so the plans are set?” “i guess, seems […]

  • rocket joint

    a joint with 4 tips/filters rolled together. “yo sandro, roll me one of them rocket joints, we gon get as high as the international sp-ce station”

  • change the gerbil

    a term used when someone’s rancid fart smells like a small animal died in their -ss. stan dropped a m-ssive fart that choked everyone out in the car. dude it’s time to change the gerbil!

  • it was just a joke

    definition #1: an excuse one will say after committing regrettable action. definition #2: an explanation given by the accused when they are faced with severe consequences. example #1 a kid on a chatroom joked about blowing up a daycare. a week later, police storm his house and arrest him. when questioned why during interrogation, he […]

  • eggyman

    when your mate is acting like an idiot and you want to insult him but don’t wanna go too hard on him. “oi jerry, tim was such an eggyman yesterday, i don’t know what was going on…” – ben “yeah, he was acting so stupid, what was he thinking.” – jerry

  • niggadoo

    a stupid n-gg-. man1- whats 2 + 2 man2- 5 man1- you f-cking n-gg-doo, you dont know sh-t.

  • zres

    zres is when you feel like you need a poo but you don’t just went to the toilet oh no it’s just a zres

  • corn forest

    a hairy -sshole i want to f-ck her corn forest

  • hdghjsjkhkjdfghskjfgsjfknvtvrsr

    one of those things you type when your f-cking bored hdghjsjkhkjdfghskjfgsjfknvtvrsr

  • turbo tard

    a r-t-rded person or someone who is incredibly stupid. blue: “pewdiepie is a n-z-!!” bob: “no you absolute turbo tard, stop listening to the wall street journal”

  • skitty’s law

    people fall into one of two groups, those who would have s-x with a skitty for $10,000, or those who would pay $10,000 to have s-x with a skitty. skitty’s law at play, i know where you’d sit

  • halimahize

    to leverage on one’s religion and race rather than rely on one’s ability to get ahead in life—after indian muslim presidential candidate halimah became singapore’s first female malay president in an affirmative election by default. emulating the strategy used by three indian muslim candidates—who qualify as malays because of their faith and not because of […]

  • fat doinks

    usally pertaining to fat c-cks but sometimes means idiot n-gg- i be smoking them fat doinks

  • drop flop

    when you sh-t your pants and have no time to go to the bathroom, while walking you drop your pants half way and flop the t-rd out without breaking stride. hung lu was late to school and sh-t his pants so he did a quick drop flop to make it to cl-ss on time.

  • heep hop

    when your n-gg- is in the hallway and u wanna say hi in a really r-t-rded way heep hop my n-gg-

  • tatoodies

    a different meaning for nipples and booty cheeks i wanna lick your tatoodies

  • corona pony

    after a warm shower with a cold corona one places the empty bottle in you -ss. hence, becoming a corona pony. dillan’s favorite ritual after mowing the gr-ss was the shower, beer and becoming a majestic corona pony.

  • limra

    it is the name of one of the most beautiful girl on the planet. she is the best. she can do anything and everything for u if u r good to her. never let her down, but if u do she might still forgive you. there is nothing she cannot do, she wins in whichever […]

  • sender bender

    when you wake up, knowing the inevitability on the day. decide to grab whatever alcohol you can find, and just send it. i’ve never seen philip when he isn’t mid-sender bender.

  • reservoir cum

    the left over c-m in his/her belly b-tton when said man came. sansa: dude why is there so much c-m in my belly b-tton. jeoffry: that’s called reservoir c-m, sansa.

  • affairaversary

    when your affair last more than 6 month or one year. jen, happy affairaversary. thanks for not telling my wife. tim and janice are celebrating their one year affairaversary.

  • andre drummond

    cant score only rebounds i cant score i only get rebounds cause i play like andre drummond

  • görüsmek

    noun: the act of hitting someone in the face with your half erect p-n-s (similar to smurfing), that has been incubated in a special “c-ck-holster” to cultivate a large amount of sm-gm-. the name is derived from the turkish word “görüşmek” meaning “to meet” and incorporates the in the above practice mentioned sm-gm-. she really […]

  • on a lazy

    having a day of doing absolutely nothing. usually accompanied by a pack of doritos, tracksuit bottoms and a laptop. “dude are you going to the big game tomorrow?” “nah bro i’m doing f-ckall, i’m on a lazy”

  • demah

    in arabic it means the raining clouds or dew . it’s a name used for most unique of women. a really beautiful middle eastern girl who has an amazing personality. she is extremely gorgeous and has an amazing body; many people adore her because she is just that perfect. she is basically what perfection is. […]

  • torbis

    someone who spin ninja kicks people in the face!!!! wow that kid just kicked someone in the face he’s such a torbis

  • aurelion sol

    trash character only mained by feeders and huhi. from league of legends ermegersh huhi’s aurelion sol is so good compared to tait’s!

  • gubd

    a apple that is eatin with your b-tt yum thid gubd makes my b-tt feel great!

  • laphouser

    p-n-s, c-ck, p-ssy pounder, tube snake, ritchard johnson. b-tt-stabbing blood-stick. overy baster, skin flute, ect,. i put my laphouser in her p-ssy and beat cheeks till she squirted like the buckingham fountain.

  • blend chick

    a regular, simple, woman for whom anything outside for “normal” is “shocking!”, and inconceivable in real life, due to trying to blend in high school, and having never learnt any lessons since then. eg. the notion that some men and women could be into bdsm and not just acting. not going to a show because […]

  • thot church

    thot church is where a bunch of thots speak upon there lives as thots an blame there lives on n-gg-s .❤️ mom i have to go to thot church

  • verofied

    the act of falling deeply for a beautiful gorgeous italian woman. i was immediately verofied at the site of veronica

  • gucci gang

    gucci gang is a group of friends that are lit asf look at my gucci gang we lit everyday

  • maeped

    the act of getting so sh-t faced that your lesbian alter ego comes out and you either beat men or violate juicy women. d-mn, poor mich-lle got maeped last night by justine.

  • deadbugging

    a s-xual fantasy where a man or a woman lies on their back like a dead bug and gets their b-tthole eaten like a pudding cup by his/her partner. babe i think we should try deadbugging eachorher, it’s this new position i heard.

  • twiggie

    something or someone acting strange or out of character. “you’re acting so twiggie today” or “this car was acting twigging out this morning”

  • #cejadkc

    the acronym for connor murphy x evan hansen x jared kleinman x alana x drugs x kinky x connor no one really knows why this exists, but it does wow, that #cejadkc ship is pretty insane

  • mailbox indian

    a member of an indigenous american tribe who, despite the fact, are enrolled members of a federally recognised sovereign nation, chooses not to identify as such. unless they happen to receive gambling revenue per capita or if their tribe offers scholarships or benefits of any kind. sam – “hey guys, i’m an indian” sam, a […]

  • mhy

    an exaggerated version of ‘my’, in the context of ‘my g’. used as a positive adjective and or pr-noun. pr-nounced like ‘my’ but more similar to ‘migh’. can be elongated for extra emphasis that donut is mhyyyyy.”chris gave us a proper fat bag”. “mhyyyyy”.”oi are those thai sweet chilli sensations?” “yeah, you want some?” “oiiii […]

  • eyebrow raiser

    introducing stimuli that engages the adrenals and or imagination. when manipulating a person through shock or bewildered confusion a humans eyebrows raise. nathan: ” when big mike burst through the ski lodge door naked with a sword sh-lley sh-t herself.” joel: “total eyebrow raiser.”

  • squang

    a squid gang little timmy went to the aquarium his favorite exzibt was with the squids they were really close one might even say a squang a squad gang. those guys are so close, they must be apart of that squang.

  • tara driscoll

    the hottest and thickest women that has ever stepped on the face of the earth if your name is tara driscoll you a f-cking hot as f-ck congrats

  • cumulonigga

    synonymous with the raincloud variant of the c-mulonimbus. dayum, its ’bout to rain. look at the size of that c-mulon-gg-.

  • zheng long

    the future president of the milky way supporting g-y rights omg its zheng long hawtt

  • grrooo

    the noise your girl makes when your d-ck accidentally slides into her -ss. jane: grrooo my -ss! jack: oops my b jane: … jane: my -ss :c

  • little red dress

    what a woman wears when she want that vitamin d girl: i want some f-ck tonight better throw on my little red dress.

  • tataum

    tataum is a pretty, smart and beautiful girl who the guys can’t get over she breaks your heart once you’ve lost her.tataums are very special and if you p-ss her of she is sure to take your b-lls of to. tataum is the girl that makes you cry when she breaks your heart. tataum makes […]

  • playing with girls feelings

    when a boy leads on a girl multiple times until the girl starts developing feelings, the boy then ‘rejects’ the girl and goes onto the next “stop playing with girls feelings john!”

  • dicktilian

    a seemingly nice or normal person who is actual a gargantuan -sshole, d-ck, c-cksucker, douche,or just an all around c-nt that blends in well with their peers. similar to a chameleon blending into its surroundings. when i first started working here ernest seemed like a stand up guy. he was always saying nice things and […]

  • niksha

    niksha is a name of a loving girl …who understands everyone very well and is very caring …is cute in her own way .she is frank and beautiful nature wise hi niksha … niksha is a girl

  • simulwatch

    to watch movies or televised programs with friends or family at the same time, typically if you or they are located across the world from each other. a count down is required to make sure your viewings are properly synced up. the amalgamation of “simultaneous” and “watch.” “hey, man. have you watched moana yet?” “no, […]

  • outcrease

    opposite of increase. steals numbers instead of giving you numbers my money just outcreased!

  • dog horse magenta dildo

    the type of 18 inch d-ld- that you can find under your grandmothers bed. can safely be used on dogs if proper steps are taken, and can even be used to please a stallion. most are magenta colored as a symbol of femininity. michael: “guess what guys? i found a dog horse magenta d-ld- under […]

  • fraggley

    horizontal creases in trousers that appear randomly during normal wear. see runchled. i don’t like those trousers because they get too fraggley.

  • templatish

    having the appearance of, or being derived from, a template. that website looks pretty templatish.

  • nillah

    nillah, a word for a friend or a “homie”. yo, what’s up my nillah!

  • blood on the dance floor

    1) a kick-ss michael jackson song that centers around a girl named susie who seduces jackson and kills him with a knife. it’s the first single off of his 1997 remix alb-m “blood on the dance floor: history in the mix” 2) a 1997 remix alb-m by michael jackson that consists of 8 remix from […]

  • fingerblasting g.rayner style

    when the planets allign every few thousands years its important someone is ‘fingerblasted g.rayner style’…. it may cause internal bleeding, it may cause delusional thoughts… but she will be thankful after, according to the creator g.rayner last night, i was ‘fingerblasting g.rayner style’. sadly she died, but she died happy.

  • popsicle sandwich

    when three or even four men f-ck the same girl, in the same hole, at the same time. jimbo: yo’ you hear about sarah? bobert: no, what happened? jimbo: johnny, luke, and harry all gave her a popsicle sandwich last night!

  • mcsimon

    the act of seducing someone to the point of s-xual consent, then, repeatedly telling that person to “hold on” while you take care of as many other tasks as you can until the one seducted loses interest and leaves in frustration. simon- ‘we went on a date last night, but i don’t think there will […]

  • tshe

    having a modest amount of displeasure for the cooking of the duck meat. the food they brought me was complete tshe

  • shawazzle

    a person that struggles with common sense naail is such a shawazzle

  • squeeze bucket

    boyfriend hey tor, where’s your squeeze bucket?

  • gollem

    a strong, muscly totally smart man that spends most of his time killing people and playing marco polo with it gollem is very hansom.

  • spanish vacuum

    when one s-xual partner forms a perfect seal around the others -n-s, sucking the fecal juices out. then transporting the juices from the -n-l cavity to the v-g-n-l crease whilst maintaining a constant slurping noise. i was having a bad day, until my boyfriend gave me a spanish vacuum.

  • tushka

    a girl’s name. russian meaning christmas child and gift from god. she is short but muscles of steel and likes to stay healthy and fit. sometimes she coms across as fearless and other times sinks into fear and insecurity. quality face to face time with people she cares for, are meaningful for her. she can […]

  • curtis ray

    jacob blackstone’s cousin also a stoner curtis ray is a stoner

  • stewed fruit

    a replacement for a compliment, insult or neutral. compliment -hey babe you’re looking so stewed fruit today insult- those shoes are so stewed fruit neutral- i not sure how to feel about it that test was kinda stewed fruit

  • the crusty crab

    the correct spelling of patrick star’s name a: is this the krusty krab b: no this is patrick a: is this the crusty crab b: lmao yes thank you

  • leaky purse

    a v-g-n- with a bottle of alcohol hidden inside it. i searched the girl before she entered the concert and found she had a leaky purse.

  • planet fartness

    where one goes regularly to exercise their colon. marge: “where’s ted this evening?” willis: “at planet fartness exerting his colon.” marge: ” that really stinks!”

  • kuhu

    synonymous with care, realistic and strength. can be conditionally used for condition of being confused about emotions and feelings. a kuhu never really knew how much somebody did and can love her. kuhu’s are generally very bubbly & cute. she’ll be extremely caring , loving and emotional in nature. they are kinda clingy & know […]

  • congressinating

    acting like your getting alot done but in reality getting nothing done. i was busting my -ss congressinating on the jobsite today.

  • trump delusion syndrome

    when someone is so supportive of donald trump that anothing he does is automatically good or part of some greater plan despite whatever it actually is (see also: 4d chess) a: why does x think that trump firing all his staff members in the first few months is a good thing b: he’s just got […]

  • coonsicle

    a c–nsicle is what you get when a r-t-rded drunk, n-gg-r or negress locks him or herself in a freezer and dies. that stupid sheboon in chicago locked herself in a fridge, ended up a c–nsicle and now her mammy wants to get paid!

  • banana-fever

    opposite of yellow-fever, banana-fever refers to the fetishization of asian males by non-asian women. although, stephanie is of caucasian descent, she’s always had banana-fever after growing up around so many asian men.