• laserpointism

    it is the religion, in which you always have a laser pointer in your possession. friend: hey! why do you have a laser pointer? you: i converted to laserpointism. buy the domain for your pet site

  • toledo

    a city dying faster then a bullet can move. toledo has been run to the ground by its 2 wonderful mayors (finkf-ggot and jack ford). this city has been rated one of the worst cities to live in america on many different lists. its a giant f-cking sh-thole. i live here. run get the f-ck […]

  • uni culture

    common att-tudes, beliefs and behaviours of university students. for example; uni culture is not engaging or listening in a lecture but still being proud you went buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • sevs

    7-11. this is a popular term on longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away. “yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze” 7-11 convenience store. im broke lets knock over a sevs. slang for the 7-11 convenience store, most commonly […]

  • kenad

    kenad is bosnian. and ugly look at that ugly bosnian! his name must be kenad buy the domain for your art site

  • logical negativist

    a person who believes the philosophy that no knowlege is secure. the main argument is that knowledge is provisional hence people can believe anything they want. im a logical negativist. i can believe what i want, when i want, how i want. buy the domain for your cat blog

  • jomo

    joy of missing out: you’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing. opposite of fomo or the fear of missing out. guy #1: i had a great day, climbed a hill and didn’t check facebook. guy #2: good day? guy […]

  • happy ya yarles day

    a term applicable to any special occasion boy 1: it’s my birthday! time for everyone to bomb marley! boy 2: here’s your present boy 1: ah thanks, both bob and bomb are lethats d-ckswords girl: ahoy! happy ya yarles day! buy the domain for your cat site

  • preacherbox

    when the preacher goes into the “box” the pulpit…. the preacher went to the preacherbox and delivered a great sermon. buy the domain for your travel site

  • sswdi

    slightly smirking while dying inside – use this as a replacement for lmao when you’re not actually doing it. sswdi is much more practical than lmao. you just stubbed your toe??! sswdi slightly smirking while dying inside – use this as a replacement for lmao when you’re not actually doing it. sswdi is much more […]

  • national motorboat day

    on april 18, go up to a shordy and motorboat her t-tties! *motorboats t-ttes* you can’t complain, it’s national motorboat day! buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • 65’ing

    its like the ugly fat twin of 69’ing. like an old burrito thats been left in the back of the fridge that is now all moldy and distgusting. its where a man does a handstand and a woman rides him from above. this move is old and no one likes it guy1: hey did u […]

  • cheddardick

    a mix of a tryhard, goody goody, and suckup. if you wear an earth day shirt on earth day, you are a cheddard-ck. a dirty frenchman (usually a soccer player) who has horrible breath and sucks at almost all things in life. they like to stick their p-n-ses into small sp-ces and j-zz everywhere, when […]

  • pencil fart

    the name of jeffy goldfish “daddy my fishie names is pencil fart buy the domain for your foodie site

  • upward throatfuck

    when the submissive person is giving the dominant person head while his body and face are facing upwards. bro, you should’ve seen that girls face after i gave her the upward throatf-ck.

  • i’ma smack

    to be angry or to want to smack someone i was at the store and someone took the last easy mac so i yelled i’ma smack because i am mad and i want to smack him buy the domain for your cat site

  • snapkin

    it’s not something you define, it’s something you feel; you already know it. how can anyone not know what a snapkin is? you: hey what’s a snapkin? me: wait, how do you not know what a snapkin is? buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • bookend boyfriends

    g-y boyfriends who look and dress similarly; like two bookends. nick and cody could be twins. total bookend boyfriends. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • robil

    black person who’s actually white and hangs around with white people. black person: yo wanna shoot some hoops real quick robil: why? i’m going to play tennis with my buds! black person : annoying -ss robil

  • my nigga fadi

    my n-gg- fadi stuck his 1inch wonder inside his b-tch an she kept asking him if it was in so she started saying to all his friends he has a 1 inch wonder now he is known as 1inch wonder boy. o sh-t its my n-gg- fadi aka 1 inch wonder.

  • sausulent

    the definition of being saucy and succulent d-mn girl lookin sausulent buy the domain for your cat blog

  • pirouline

    a french rolled biscuit type of cookie often filled with chocolate or some sort of flavored creme inside. i love pirouline cookies with chocolate filling. buy the domain for your art site

  • klonked

    unexpectedly twisted with a hint of lemon dude i’m f-cking klonked right now man. zesty

  • anisa jomha

    someone who loves to stream on twitch and talk smack on discord. also known as idubbbztv’s girlfriend, former t-tty streamer. guy: “i hate that t-tty streamer anisa, idops girlfriend” guy: “yeah me too.” girl: “i mean anisa jomha is cool now.” guy: “no.” buy the domain for your cat blog

  • pradyun

    ghar mein light ray hai, teri ma ka naam g-y hai you are so pradyun buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • jarel nunez

    the kid in your cl-ss who is in love with anime. and gets rejecet by all the girls jarel nunez is a big weeb buy the domain for your art blog

  • anxietal thoughts

    when something gives you so much anxiety you physically want to shrivel up and die shane dawson’s excessive chest hair gives me anxietal thoughts buy the domain for your recipe site

  • atikis

    has a big shlong d-mn big shlong atikis has buy the domain for your art site

  • nuts hang

    to relax, to chill. basically describes how your a male’s t-st-cl-s hang when they are wearing nothing or loose fitting more confortable clothes. iight so boom, i let my nuts hang, blood. that’s my word! get up in they face! talk your sh-t! let your nuts drag! i let my nuts hang. a hundred n-gg-s […]

  • great barrington, ma

    town in berkshire county, m-ssachusetts typically overrun with 2nd home owners, out of towners (city folk) and people who just won’t get out of your way. also contains too many eating establishments and not enough affordable housing for those who need it. heroin use runs rampant. great barrington, ma is an alright town, if you […]

  • civilions

    this is the most common name given for the civil engineering department by the students as an ident-ty. those are the members of civilions buy the domain for your pet site

  • that last desperation

    when you have drunk the whole bottle of water or a beverage, it always appears to have a drop leftover in the bottom of the container. that drop of drink is considered as the best portion, but u just can’t drink it because of the f-cking surface tension george: “dude i can’t drink the last […]

  • trapp-house

    a hangout where a lot of freeloaders and losers ware their welcome; usually heavy drug traffic that magnet police. (you do the math) gregory: ” guess what charles? that trapp-house down the road got busted! ” charles: ” i believe it! ” buy the domain for your foodie site

  • fawod

    telling someone to come forward or to come here meka; where are you fam, i told you to fawod along time ago promesse; okay fam say less broski buy the domain for your travel blog

  • promise in progress

    a promise you would like to make but due to a lack of experience or tools cannot, so you leave it as a promise in progress it’s a promise in progress buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • goo brew

    ejaclation resting in a girls v-g-n- for an extended period of time yo my girl was trying to goo brew her, but i wasn’t about to have a baby

  • bella marie

    she’s a bad b-tch you can’t kill her girl 1 : omg is that bella marie ! girl 2 : omg yeah she’s a bad b-tch you can’t kill her buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • rip a dick

    when you and your friends all meet up and jack each other off while playing a horror game (amnesia, resident evil 7, etc.) and when somebody gets scared there’s a chance he’ll rip off his friend’s d-ck. “yo bro want to rip a d-ck tonight?” buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • tumppa

    a g-y furry who has a futanari mother wow you smell like a tumppa

  • raiki

    a fat guy c-nt obsessed with drinking s-m-n straight from the d-ck that guy is a raiki alright

  • slightly offended

    slightly offending someone playfully and/or for fun kane was slightly offended when he got called “a fat-ss” but still laughed buy the domain for your recipe site

  • babeglected

    when you’re in a long distance relationship& only get too see your boyfriend once or twice a month, but your brother lives with him & steals him 24/7 this is not okay, i’m being babeglected & i need love now! buy the domain for your art site

  • sack sneefa

    some one who likes the smell of male scr-t-m ¨i am a sack sneefa¨ buy the domain for your diy blog

  • nig bigga

    nig biggs will soon rise to fame in the meme community , it also is another way of saying,”u have mega g-y” kevin:ur mom has g-y lol kyle:u are nig bigga kevin:sh-t kevin:*dies* buy the domain for your diy blog

  • zmpq

    zmpq is a state when the human brain reaches such a high level of boredom, that you try to entertain your self. this is a state which the human brain cannot leave, unless something exiting, or the bell rings to let you out of school. i typed zmpq. it made me feel better about myself. […]

  • mitchell phillips

    usually not hung scared of older women but usually s-xually attracted to young people means the same as peado “your actual such a mitch-ll phillips” buy the domain for your art blog

  • pratiman

    a brown piece of sh-t with a c-ck shoved up his -ss d-mn, what a pratiman. walking around like he owns the place

  • avianphile

    a guy who loves bird p-rn. eww your watching that you avianphile buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • that’s just how it be

    ~\_(•~•)_/~ dang man,that’s just how it be buy the domain for your cat blog

  • ganbjler

    an street criminal hoooobjgan that ganbjles with groups of persons and ganbjles against other groups of persons that often hangs out with other hoooobjgans. iam a boss g as in ganbjler i started and invented my own cl-ssic gs. buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • kidmen

    kidmen, a cute and awesome girl that never fails to make you smile whenever you’re around her. she’s an amazing person. she’s one of the rarest kinds of girl to find. once you get close to her, you’ll start falling in love with her. i wanna date a kidmen buy the domain for your foodie […]

  • 💮

    a white j-panese cherry blossom representing a job well done or a cute white flower. also represents something cute, well made or of great quality. – i got an a+ on my test. -💮 -what does that mean? – i dunno, i just read it meant well done in j-pan.

  • toof sweater

    layer of film on your teeth 1st thing when you wake up or after giving a bl-w j-b. d-mn, girl. i gotta brush my mother f-cking teeth. i’ve got h-lla toof sweater !

  • carpoleptic

    uncontrollable tiredness during long car rides. doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re tired but you just end up falling asleep to p-ss time or sleep. “yeah any car ride longer than an hour and a half, i just fall asleep even if i’m not tired. i must me a carpoleptic .” buy the domain for your […]

  • bexleigh

    sweetest most caring person you will ever meet. is one of the hottest human beings on the earth. she will make you go for her instantly. she is sweet, caring, loving and hilarious. she will make you laugh. omg did you see bexleigh today, she looked so good in that dress! buy the domain for […]

  • zander thouvenell

    -ss -ss -ss -ss p-ssy p-ssy p-ssy p-ssy b–bs b–bs b–bs b–bs woman woman woman woman is something zander will never get zander thouvenell is a unequivocally debauched ignoramus and a reprehensible air-polluting sub-literate simple minded mental midget

  • jack newall

    noun ~ a thumb like creature with a distinctive potent smell often described as a mixture of dark fruits and sh-t farts ew that guy looks proper like a jack newall buy the domain for your art vlog

  • mycole

    sweet young person got a lot of haters cute cl-ss clown and rude i wanna be mycole buy the domain for your pet site

  • klank thompson

    someone who thinks they are a legit baller but they are trash and they throw up an airball or miss a deep 3 point shot very badly. tom: i was playing basketball with some kid at the park yesterday. he was so bad. he was one klank thompson!”

  • nate marks

    a scooter kid who recently cut his bars. a kid afraid of black people and all minority’s. he knows how to do a b-tter cup meaning he’s the sickest scooterer out there. nate marks might be g-y but is the cutest g-y out there mainly because he looks 5. look nate marks is at the […]

  • jaleb

    jaleb is a person who doesn’t talk to much but understands situations and try solve them, he’s handsome, loyal, smart, and cool. even though he has less confidence in himself and seems like he’s not a talkative person, he welcome anyone who’s a true friend with open arms. there go cool jaleb, showing how smart […]

  • subreddit

    a group of white men “i hate walking home on thursdays because there’s always this subreddit outside my house that catcall me.” buy the domain for your pet blog

  • april 16

    naitional nipple lickers day. april 16 is the day where when a boy sees a girl that he likes, he shows her this definition and she has to allow him to lick her nipples. boy: “hey girl it’s april 16. you know what that means. national nipple lickers day, here’s the evidence” girl: “i guess […]

  • betrump

    to cheat or deceive he was so sneaky he betrump buy the domain for your travel blog

  • laurasplaining

    the female equal to a guy in a fedora mansplaining things to women in a similar fashion to laura ingraham. “hey, what cheesed your mom off? she’s laurasplaining all over facebook about civil rights and cultural appropriation.” buy the domain for your pet blog

  • pal pator

    meaning a mix between a player hater and a perpetrator man u see oh dude pal pator on the basketball game today

  • my nigga john

    my n-gg- john just put his d-ck inside his fan and it got cut off osht ima go call some f-cking doctors on this sh-t what a f-cking idiot i can never rely on this n-gg-. my n-gg- john got his d-ck cut off and he is still a virgin he is f-cked.

  • the people’s cumshot

    when mid coitus, pull your b-tch off your d-ck right before you both climax, drop kick her out the window of a second story room, nut out the window, and then dive out the window elbow first with your elbow racing your nut to said b-tch’s face. roger – “dude did you really give khloe […]

  • grabber

    chest pain caused by heart disease marked by the death or damage of heart muscle due to insufficient blood supply to the heart. jim drank, smoked, and ate bacon every day, now he’s dead from a grabber. one who shamelessly pursues any overtime available as long as its for payment – a mercenary might have […]

  • sathvi

    freakishly tall girl, super smart, is semi-popular but hangs out with the not-so popular group, is an amazing math tutor sathvi is my best friend buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • apollogist

    a person who uses any means to defend a controversial claim by the state, in particular one who brands any counter-claim a ‘conspiracy’, the most famous such debate being that the usa landed men on the moon from 1969 to 1972 in the apollo missions, hence the deliberate misspelling of the word ‘apologist’. apollogists are […]

  • primal love

    primal love is when instinct and emotion, overpowers thought. when two bodies meet and they literally join as one with no inhibition. the couple was clawing, grabbing, pulling, holding, and expressing what could only be primal love. buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • coach terry

    coach terry a strong black african wow your coach terry buy the domain for your diy blog

  • babuh

    the person who you have s-x with. jack is my babuh.

  • smigloo

    a type of small cargo/p-ssenger boat. hey me and my family are going on a trip down to the coast to go on a smigloo, wanna come with me? buy the domain for your pet site

  • national fingering day

    on april 17, shove your finger up bare -ssholes. i will shove a finger up your -ss and you can’t complain because it’s national fingering day

  • mahwah high school

    a school where good students go and bad students come out. good student: mahwah high school is the best place on the f-cking planet bad student: f-ck mahwah high school it’s full of g-y f-cking f-ggots.

  • scerfoffoling

    the act of doing cartwheels on the road towards traffic. dude that is rad scerfoffoling buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • skyscraper ego

    a 1000+ foot ego, 1300 foot if you count the antennae. jefe has been playing up to alan’s skyscr-per ego, but alan hasn’t noticed since his head is in the clouds. buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • bust a fit

    when one’s outfit is on point, when they are popping out with that look. “i see you sis, bust a fit and shi” buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • baldymcnosehair

    a fat dude who is the master of pingas and has the hairiest nose ever. guy 1: wtf who is that fat-ss? guy 2: thats baldymcnosehair guy 1: why buy the domain for your pet site

  • cactush

    cactush: the condition of a person who has new pubic hair growth on her genitals and is pr-ckly and uncomfortable for her partner. “honey you need to shave, your cactush is a little rough on me.”

  • jahnay

    the goofiest girl you’ll ever meet, she’s always laughing of smiling and is funny and can always make somebody laugh. but careful don’t mess with her because once you do she’ll pop. when you see her around her friends she s always laughing you know it’s a jahnay buy the domain for your travel site

  • golden stream counselling

    affordable counselling service provided in creative environment healing power of golden stream counselling buy the domain for your recipe site

  • fap shaming

    to belittle someone for masturbating excessively. me: i was watching some lit–ss p-rn last night and i fapped like 4 times to it. friend: you shouldn’t masturate so much. it’s not healthy. me: stop fap shaming me you fat–ss piece of sh-t!

  • matthawk

    a portmanteau of the names matthew and hawkins. teacher: “what is your project name?” matthew and hawkins: “matthawk.” an all around good dude named matt who has a mohawk. this haircut is not common and so hence how someone decided to give him the nickname. he’s a good homeboy to have around and his unique […]

  • wizards gift

    when someone sits too far back on the porcelain throne and leaves a small amount of sh-t on the back of the toilet seat, opposite of the witches kiss “someone has left a wizards gift in the toilet.” buy the domain for your art blog

  • keep it wrinkled

    trying not to have a b-n-r, not making your p-n-s skin tight with an erection guy 1: going in a date tonight guy 2: keep it wrinkled! buy the domain for your art vlog

  • mammary hammock

    slang term for a woman’s bra/br-ssiere that mammary hammock is really struggling to keep those things inside. buy the domain for your foodie site

  • horse gurdian

    a majestic creature, a good man who plays to much halo the horse gurdian said, if a football player loses his c-ck, what might he put down his pants?

  • open sea club

    like the mile high club, but on a boat. it additionally combines the fact that one is on the sea and that legs are being opened. ashley joined the open sea club when she f-cked brad on his father’s yacht.

  • waluiging

    to bring a drunk girl home and instead of having s-xual intercourse, get her into bed, give her water and biscuits and let her get to sleep, like the hero waluigi would guy 1: oh that girls pretty plastered, you gonna have s-x? guy 2: nah, i’m waluiging dude guy 1: oh sh-t, like our […]

  • horse onion

    an especially large dingleberry hanging from the -rs- of a man, makes one cry. mate! check out my horse onions, wanna touch them a little bit? maybe? yeah? buy the domain for your travel blog

  • fixing my chair

    when you gotta w-nk off your d-ck but just say you have to fix your chair as a coverup yo guys i gotta go because i’m fixing my chair buy the domain for your art blog

  • serrio

    a b-tch and a f-cken g-y f-ck who sucks at life. serrio went to play basketball a lost all of his life.

  • norminular

    the scientific way to say normie coitusing norminulars (using my vocal cords to make vibrations that have rather high volumes) buy the domain for your travel site

  • anti-shit

    next level sh-ttiness d-mn, that was so sh-tty it was anti-sh-t level buy the domain for your travel blog

  • downsyndrautism

    f#cking autistic piece of sh-t. that kid over there has severe downsyndrautism buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • soulynn

    soulynn; a girl who you can’t stop thinking about. a girl that isn’t afraid to try things that are new and unusual. she will cheer you up when you are feeling down and if you need someone to talk to, she will be right by your side listening. she is the kinda girl that is […]

  • zoonked

    f-cked up boutta get zoonked tonight

  • viagcident

    the accidental ingestion of multiple v–gr- and gain of the accidental long lasting b-n-r. d-mn i had a bad viagcident today… my room mate saw my hard d-ck! buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • kinky k

    kinky k is a girl who open her legs to anyone. she’s known as the town sl-t, her name is typically karissa, and she’s a clout chaser. man kinky k is me fav side hoe, she open 24/7

  • psychin’

    when the swells are in and you’re vibing with the boys swells are looking gnarly today, i’m so stoked to shred the waves with the boys. psychin’! buy the domain for your recipe site

  • ur padre large gay

    ranks right in the middle of all the “ur (family member)” insults. right after “ur dad lesbian” and one step below “ur granny tranny” john: ur dad lesbian gary: ur padre large g-y john: *spontaneously combusts, demon appears dragging john’s soul into a fiery pit of eternal h-ll.* gary: *becomes one with the heavens and […]

  • devils roach

    devils roach is when your at the end of your zoot but there’s still weed left. yooo you gonna do that devils roach ? “let me bun that devils roach “ buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • jet dryer

    a device used to dry a nascar or another motorsports race track. also juan pablo montoya’s meetup place where sh-t gets heated. tom: is the nascar race on pat: no the jet dryers are out, it stopped raining buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • sarwat

    that one friend who cares a little too much about her friends. she plans every event, then complains about planning every event. “i’m forced to” she claims, but i promise she’ll plan the next one. she looks good in every color but turquoise and constantly looks at you with an expression that is both confused […]

  • lafeus

    a person who is great at football and really smart and s-xy with a big tong lafeus is hot af buy the domain for your recipe site

  • pooter plug

    what you plug your -n-s with, so that you don’t get raped. a pooter plug is the plug that you desire whilst getting gangraped. if you don’t have a pooter plug, you will get -n-lly gangraped. help!!! i didn’t use my pooter plug, and now i am getting gangraped!!

  • electron affinity

    the amount of energy released when an electron is added to the valence sh-ll of an isolated gaseous atom highest electron affinity in the periodic table is of chlorine (cl) buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • blerina

    blerina, a very pretty and attractive girl,who most has light skin and dirty blonde hair and will get stalked.. hey blerina is the most cutest girl every buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • munchkinish

    a language made up by 6th graders “mom tony fire” (i speak munchkinish) buy the domain for your cat blog

  • angry mosquito

    while the male is on top of a woman (in doggy or missionary style) he then proceeds to poke her v-g-n-l area with toothpicks leaving small red dots along the v-g-n-l opening. i became single after giving my girl the “angry mosquito”. treatment last night

  • artration

    penetration by art or an artful penetration she felt artrated by his tattooed c-ck. to be stabbed with a paintbrush is true artration

  • does logan have a small penis

    yes, he’s a f-cking loser with a -2 inch micro pe pe. wow, look how f-cking small his p-n-s is. does logan have a small p-n-s

  • dr suess dat ass

    i will dr. suess dat -ss. i will slap you here, i will slap you there, i will slap you anywhere! i will dr suess dat -ss

  • seth kabonick

    a short jewish individual. usually short fused and although only five feet tall may contain the anger of a six foot tall latino man. most typically working as an accountant or pharmacist that guy is being a real seth kabonick.

  • twezoid

    a person who goes to the park and sucks the farts out of dead pigeons -ssholes. dalton went to the park because he is a twezoid. buy the domain for your travel blog

  • spin the razor

    spin the razor is a game (usually played by teens), involving a razor and your pubic hair. players take turns to spin the razor on a flat surface, and the two people that it is pointing at must shave off each others pubic hair. usually ends in blood and tears. you guys want to play […]

  • syndromic

    a f-cking downer -ss b-tch (austin) look at that syndromic -ss kid

  • grind gang

    a group of friends that bs school -ssignments together and have fun doing so while using their spare time to look at things that actually matter (time,money, and b-tches). david didnt have his homework done in time because he didnt work with the grind gang. david: “d-mn, should have went with the grind gang now […]

  • hungry boys

    a group of males who are eating alot at a restaurant, usually ordering more types after finishing food. these individuals are usually stoned or drunk after finishing 14 duck tacos, and receiving an additional order joe turns to the 3 sitting at the bar “you are some hungry boys,” as places the order, going back […]

  • in beat

    when your the rhythm or tune of a song you hear friend: man, you are really in beat with this song. other friend: yea, i listen to it every day. buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • za’meia

    a za’meia(or zameia) is one of the most beautiful girl you can ever find. they are funny, sweet, confident, pretty, thick, smart girl’s you can meet. they have a lot of p-ssion and talent. they lighten up the room every they go. they have a lot of friends. they have a smile you that you […]

  • ty track

    ty track is the legendary rap line of south korean idol namely lee taeyong (stage name: taeyong). taeyong is the lead rapper, main vocalist, visual, and main dancer of the kpop concept group, nct (neo culture technology) “booming system uh uh, ty track, ty track,” buy the domain for your diy site

  • taurissia

    one who is beautiful, smart, outgoing, and has a sweet voice. tends to be sweet and has a nice body and can throw down in a fight if having to. loves hugs, kisses and can be a freak at times but is really shy. taurissia is the best women ever buy the domain for your […]

  • flamegasm

    when something is so spicy it gives you extreme pleasure and happiness, basically an -rg-sm “d-mn, he just ate those hot cheetos and he’s loving it! he must be having a flamegasm” buy the domain for your pet site

  • colten is bad at games

    an insult referring to the toxic castle maining rainbow six siege player savageshark546. austin: heyyyyy did you see my 1 man feed?? elisha: colten is bad at games!!!!! austin: dafuq? buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • midnut

    in the middle of -rg-sming. my mom walked in on me midnut. buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • sustainablelearning

    sustainablelearning- the ability to unlearn, learn and relearn; exponential growth everyday, everywhere with everyone. the price of admission to breakthough continious improvement is found within sustainablelearning. buy the domain for your diy site

  • world wide web pollution

    when people create emailing list trying to sell stuff no one wants, wasting time and sp-ce on the world wide web. i am sick of getting emails from people i don’t know trying to sell me stuff i don’t want. all these people are doing is contributing to world wide web pollution. buy the domain […]

  • sloppy toppy 5000

    a sloppy toppy 5000 is the act of pulling off a play in fortnite when you are at a significant disadvantage, for example a 1 v 4 or a 1v1 when you are on 30 health and the other guy just took a chug jug. if done successfully, a sloppy toppy 5000 must be followed […]

  • indian smoke signal

    during intercourse a man takes a few puffs of a (cigarette, blunt, pipe, etc) and blows the smoke into his partners v-g-n- where she then proceeds to push out the smoke. her v-g-n- was a homemade fog machine after doing the indian smoke signal.

  • ultimate derp

    a s-xy man, the only one of his kind. he has a derpy face, but he’s really cute. you won’t go wrong if you choose to love this s-xy man. he spends his days jerking off to p-rn and talking to his friends. watch out! ultimate derp is jerking off again! boom! buy the domain […]

  • cairns high

    cairns high is the sh-ttiest f-cking school ever. it had the worst people and worse teachers. all the sl-ts go here including alana murray frankie manier sophie mckinnon and pretty much evryone else in that grade. there’s lots of f-ckboys and sh-t-ss people that aren’t worth your time. go to f-cking tbay instead of this […]

  • keyhole friend

    a person who you call a friend but you literally look at their life through a keyhole. this means you don’t completely see their entire life, just whatever small piece you can see, or they allow you to see through the keyhole (social media like facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat). the only reason this person […]

  • karushan

    a guy who likes pamela ye that karushan loves pamela ye buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • dicksmall

    its what you say when you have a very large d-ck so large in fact you have to say d-cksmall in order to hide it from all the women and your english teacher also i have a small d-ck jon: hey fil d-cksmall fil: yeah d-cksmall too but i actually have d-cksmall jon: yeah same […]

  • black mist

    a s-xual predator who is bis-xual that also has been charged with rape. girl 1: “i want to date him” girl 2: “don’t! he’s a black mist”

  • eggcup

    to be a fool or to do something, or otherwise mess up ‘harry you eggcup’ ‘you total eggcup’ ‘eggs in cups; eggcup’ someone with an egg shaped head who wears loose fitting shirts, who is slightly dim witted but overall a good paramedic hey would you look at zak eccles over there, he is such […]

  • shit swizler

    people that go up to others the spin some sh-t on a stick just as those people at the circus to with plates they can also swizzle kids into coming into there van sh-t swizler: hi boys boys: who the f-ck are you sh-t swizler:does it matter follow me boys; stay the sh-t away you […]

  • no blood to your head

    when your so interested in a girl that all your blood is in your c-ck yo dude you got no blood to your head but d-mn look at dat -ss

  • thermalblitz

    thermalblitz is a funny meme account on the platform instagram. their account is well known for “not being a furry” person 1:did you see the new post from “thermalblitz” person 2: yes it was a funny meme a pink cat with clout gl-sses. a term also used for someone who is pretty cool and doesn’t […]

  • ijanay

    she is really cute.she kinda thick she’s tall.she can pull and boy she wants.she lightskin.she smart,funny,and cool.she ain’t scared to fight a mf big,tall,fat,skinny nun of them. get you a ijanay buy the domain for your recipe site

  • hit the beard

    you know, when sh-t needs done, you “hit the beard”. just like antonio montana (scarface) when he shivvs one of fidel castros top henchmen.. manny-the boss needs us to take the hit out on that gut over there, that is our required target to freedom. antonio- ¿que te pasa? let’s “hit the beard” and go […]

  • keyrotta

    keyrotta is a crazy man that will not stop from anything to get to you, doesn’t matter if you don’t want him. usually dates girls that have blue hair and usually wears gl-sses. he is such a keyrotta!!!!! buy the domain for your pet site

  • declerico

    this “word” is actually a last name primarily from italian origin. the name is usually given to strong italian men who have large reproductive organs and sport wonderful wavy dark hair. guy- wow that guys last name is declerico intellectual – he’s probably italian buy the domain for your cat site

  • fuckpoop

    to p–p one’s pants while lying on a bed while f-cking a girl in the -ss simultaneously. like this: ___ ( 8====================d~~~~~~~~~~~~0 (___ “i f-ckin’ f-ckp–ped my pants.” f-ckp–p or f-ckp–ping is the action of f-cking p–p or p–ping f-ck commonly used in the black community as they all look like f-cking p–p there. mack […]

  • 631 bike gang

    a bunch of p-ssy -ss n-gg-s who only know how to ride a bike. this stupid -ss “gang” of 4 year old boys who have a ig with a small account of followers. act like they can afford “drugs” but the only drug that they have is v–gr- because they all have small d-cks. – […]

  • concrete chicken

    the act of penetrating another’s -n-s, while proceeding to pour a liquid concrete mixture inside of said -n-s, letting it dry, and attempting to pull out. that concrete chicken really left me sh-tting bricks. buy the domain for your cat site

  • case of the brimleys

    diabetes aka betus why was jimmy throwing up and sweating? well, it turns out he has a case of the brimleys. buy the domain for your pet site

  • bugash

    g-y -ss principle that knows famous people and he’s a gamer,he doesn’t like students asking him what his epic games account mr.bugash

  • bonappeyeet

    when a trill bull goes jawnin’ in france. yeah i speak french, bonappeyeet. buy the domain for your diy blog

  • друг

    no. don’t mention or you will be sucked into the void. i did look up the translation though and it means “friend,” so whatever out of your friends, which are you? truck freak crazy -ss друг the fighter

  • kerjhafsdnvjlk

    you just smashed your keyboard dum-ss. you are a r-t-rd kerjhafsdnvjlk

  • shenangle

    means “awe sh-t” without saying awe sh-t. when you drop something, you say “shenangle”! awe sh-t shenangle, dropped my phone in the toilet! buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • bootleg photographer

    someone who purchases a dslr camera, uses it on automatic to take instagram worthy images and calls themselves a photographer. she’s a bootleg photographer. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • sahayla

    sahayla is one of those people you will see and say to yourself i want to be friends with her. she is really pretty and kind, she is really funny and loves animals. she is a really outgoing person. sahayla is unique buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • jorj

    jorj is a guy who is always sweet and kind. he is shy, but has a strong personality. he’s so hot! jorj plays lots of sports and secretly everyone wants to be with him. he will have a crush, but is too shy to tell her. when she asks him out he will say know […]

  • jalen hendrix

    a name for a stupid -ss p-ssy -ss crop little n-gg- with a f-cked up hairline and a lil d-ck. also can be used to call someone g-y/h-m-s-xual/trang/f-ggot/kendall jenner hey that jalen hendrix kid is a f-cken b-tch -ss n-gg- for not getting me cookies !!

  • a child

    the thing that is worse than a rapist “there’s only one thing worse than a rapist” *boom* “a child” buy the domain for your pet site

  • slaphorse

    a male or female that enjoys -ss slapping like you see cowboys do to their horse in an old western. that girl was such a slaphorse my hand is tired.

  • the kangloid

    as you are performing oral s-x on your girl. seduce her with geometric equations and the pythagorean theorem. preferably in a whisper yo andrew! did you hear about logan doing the kangloidhis girlfriend yesterday during math period??

  • bwow bwow bwow

    when a fat person is walking down the street and you think this word in your head bwow bwow bwow buy the domain for your travel blog

  • bum bleed

    the result of a hard day of defecation, or the consumption of sunflower seeds sh-ll and all. will: dude i just ate a whole bag of sunflower seeds! dawson: did you eat the sh-lls too? will: of course! dawson: you better get ready for some heavy b-m bleed. buy the domain for your pet blog

  • interquesting

    when something is interesting as well as questionable then it can be refered to as interquesting wow that is truly interquesting although i do not understand fully. buy the domain for your cat blog

  • bitches be bonkers

    another way of saying “b-tches be crazy” this phrase originated from jamal turner, a character from the hit netflix series “on my block” ruby: he’s not coming with us. jamal: and why would you want him to? *monse starts walking towards cesar’s house* jamal:monse? monse! jamal: see, b-tches be bonkers. buy the domain for your […]

  • snunch

    1. a midday meal consisting entirely of snack foods i’m not too hungry so i think i’ll just have snunch. eating food that you shouldn’t be/ hiding good food to eat later. this usually applies to when household share food in a student or shared house situation. its a combination of the words, sneaky and […]

  • ryan monroe

    stupid idiot face “bro did you hear about ryan monroe?” “yeah she’s a stupid idiot face!” pwned like and share buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • daben

    a daben is a spoiled person and is usually g-y and does not have what it takes to pleasure a woman. he usually hates sports due to the lack of physical strength and effort and he’s overly sensitive and usually ends up crying.and i very ugly, fat h-m-s-xual. if you ever get a daben ditch […]

  • shapirowned

    first used by thegads on youtube c2018 to describe the utter humiliation, by ben shapiro, of a leftist moron. you just got shapirowned buy the domain for your art blog

  • omni-gay

    everything g-y u c dat n-gg- angel, yeah he’s omni-g-y

  • pamcakke

    pamcakke is the mom of legendary rapper cupcakke. the name was given to her by twitter stans as her real name is believed to be debora/h. she sometimes makes appearances at her daughters concerts supporting her offstage and can also be found on instagram @pamforyou. early 2018 she was truly recognized by twitter for the […]

  • naked on weed

    out of weed to sale man i’m naked on weed today, but i will be straight tomorrow. buy the domain for your cat site

  • lunchinner

    the meal that you have at 4-6 pm, technically not lunch, nor dinner. it’s a meal with real food, so not afternoon tea either. ‘hey i woke up at noon and only had a coffee so far, wanna grab a lunchinner?’ ‘sounds good, i have to finish it before my 6pm cl-ss though.’ buy the […]

  • blue purp

    a new drink that is taking the industry by storm, blue purp intoxicates the drinker, and produces a high not unlike marijuana. n-gg-: d-mn, boy, dat blue purp be givin’ me a buzz! a drink that many are calling the “new lean”, said to produce a high, through the mixture of sugar, antifreeze, and sprite. […]

  • clorpie

    clorpie it is a thing that followes that person around. and they will be mad at there best friend if they left them. ugh i have a friend and she is such a clorpie ya i hate clorpies buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • 100 delta

    100 delta means you have a big d-ck. oh my god becky look at his 100 delta! its like so big ! buy the domain for your foodie site

  • hayqa

    hayqa is the kindest and most intelligent person. hayqa also cares for everyone. i wish i was a hayqa. hayqa is very intelligent and kind. hayqa is also very caring and sensitive. shes such a hayqa. buy the domain for your cat site

  • shit mask

    a sh-t mask is a term for comical purposes, stating that your age is higher than your true age, then telling said person that your secret is a sh-t mask person1: hey, how old are you? person2(30): i’m 52 person1: what’s your secret? person2: i use a sh-t mask person1: a sh-t mask? person2: yea, […]

  • jiggytrill

    a playboi that pulls girls daily girl #1 is that jiggytrill over there!!! girl #2 he’s so d-mn fine buy the domain for your diy site

  • ur ancestors molesters

    this is the ulitimate insult! use it to make someone uninstall life. better than: – ur mom g-y – ur dad lesbian – ur brother a mother – ur sisters a mister – ur granny tranny – etc. jimmy: ur ancestors molesters! bob: melts into liquid form.

  • hbfvjbfuvfuvbfenfeuieeiid

    do your work and stop googling in random words into google. when your bored in cl-ss hbfvjbfuvfuvbfenfeuieeiid buy the domain for your travel site

  • yodeling kid

    the best singer ever and will perform at walmart until he dies because he loves it so much man i love the yodeling kid. buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • titsday

    a popular day on kik in which people (generally women) flash their t-ts. typically on tuesdays and thursdays because “t”. happy t-tsday, everyone! it’s t-tsday! show some b–bies!

  • micheals grandpa

    this grandpa is one of a kind. during m-ss, he rapes his grandson by burring his fingers deep into his tight b-tt hole. he is a professional rapist. he also during the week days parks his truck outside of the church and jacks off in it for two hours straight. he is awaiting the next […]

  • fuckmus

    a celebratory form of s-x. preformed by two consenting individuals of any s-x, race, form or shape. happens on special occurrences such as birthdays, christmas, easter, halloween, pay raises, promotions, graduation, etc. example 1: tim got a promotion at work. tim’s announces “happy f-ckmus” and they proceed to have s-x. example 2: person a: how […]

  • hong yu

    hong yu is a dumb but funny guy also puntastic most of all boderline lonely. theres mushroom for improvement in this description but wooden you want to know how short this could be look at this guy.his hong yu buy the domain for your art blog

  • lil ewy

    the hottest sound cloud rapper known to man. lil ewy has been known to inflict enemies with severe burns and lyrical disfunction. ow i burnt my hand on this”lil ewy” mixtape. don’t touch the stove, it’s “lil ewy.” don’t wear a long sleeve shirt, it’s “lil ewy” outside. buy the domain for your travel blog

  • shitterfitter

    to be used as an alternative to the word plumber when he/she also says they are a pipefitter (to be used in the plumbing and pipe fitting industry) billy works as a sh-tterfitter. buy the domain for your pet blog

  • three dolphin club

    an -ssociation (probably non-existent) each of whose members has had s-x in sp-ce, -ssisted by a third astronaut to keep the two bodies pressed together in zero gravity. (the theory goes that that’s how dolphins do it in the water, but several online videos show that no third dolphin is necessary.) does that pin with […]

  • whooly

    completely full, 💯 percent, whole awake. there is few who are really. whooly free thinking people. buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • arteen

    persian jew. with a very small d-ck. no one likes this human and he talks like a peasant f-cking arteen, look at that chode of a human

  • cheddarcheeks

    when u don’t wipe good enough and your -ss cheeks sweat combining the two got rushed and now i got them cheddarcheeks

  • clam nipples

    a boy who contains aid infected clam juice in his t-ttys and has a very undersized peny weeny oh you see clam nipples over there he mustve cam out of and ally with a black man named latrelle buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • jhopefully

    twice the hope i’m fine for now, jhopefully buy the domain for your diy blog

  • gavin`s mom

    mother of a disappointment, and the greatest meme of all time. she if most likely a fat motherf-cker and has an eating disorder. gavin`s mom is the og g-mos buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • josh roberts

    a g-y c-nt who sucks his own d-ck for pleasure cause he knows he aint gonna get a girl and just play fortnite in his moms garage or bas-m-nt person – josh roberts other guy – p-sses himself or dies

  • shitt fuck titty licker

    “sh-tt f-ck t-tty licker” is an expression used to signify a sense of disappointment or regret over an action. “loses in a game of league of legends”- sh-tt f-ck t-tty licker.

  • the wilkes-barre

    while wearing a colonel hat, hitting a girl from behind while she roars like a bear. both hitting a crack pipe throughout the whole thing. person 1: yo, check out that girl, would totally hit that with the wilkes-barre style. person 2: oh word?

  • hot forest

    m-ssive bushel of female pubic hair “i went down on my room mates sister, i had to push through her hot forest before i could seal the deal.”

  • f.u.p.a.

    fat upper p-ssy/p-n-s area. most commonly pr-nounced foopa, is a multi-functional word to describe a person of larger stature, with a more pr-nounced or “padded” upper genital region. holy sh-t! rosie o’donnell has a huge f-cking f.u.p.a.. you could almost use it as a pillow. or for the males… jesus christ! johnny has such a […]

  • peck

    (n.) a brief kiss (v.) to give a peck to i gave him a peck on the cheek. n. a short sweet kiss. lips barely touch, but they still do. guy1: so did you kiss jessica? guy2: it was just a peck. guy1: don’t worry, they get better. a mans chest area muscular he has […]

  • where is my wife!?

    a phrase typically exclaimed by a single eccentric male in sorrow or madness when in search of their female partner, with little success being granted. ayoon: where is my wife!? hibab: idk fam ayoon: i swear down, i need to find my wife! where is she!? buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • cool cool cool

    a quote used to tell how cool story you just heard from the other. however you don’t give too much *i*sh-t*i* about his story. james: “i woke up today and realised ta mean ‘thanks -sshole’ in long word” you: “cool cool cool” (then immediately forget what he just said and go back to you life) […]

  • spam chowder

    a s-xual act, when an uncirc-mcised man, not showering or cleaning the p-n-s for a week, develops shmegma, then decides that it’s a good idea to get his d-ck sucked and c-m in a woman’s mouth. the woman then spits out the c-m and shmegma. after, the man takes his meat stick (hence the spam) […]

  • eat my dust

    to be outperformed or outrun by someone, usually by a very wide margin. “eat my dust!” my friend yelled as he sprinted off buy the domain for your pet site

  • cum burst

    when a g-ngb-ng has consisted of more than seven people, the moment which everyone c-ms and turns out to be a total disaster. everything rain down from d-cks thus causing the whole room to be repulsive. “i just heard that tristan had a c-m burst in her room last night .” “eww, that’s why her […]

  • sleepbang

    when you are so tired that you unexpectedly fall asleep causing your head to whips downward then you often whip your head back up again. this usually happens in a seated or upright position. wow! did you just see seth sleepbang and then smoothly p-ss it off as listening to punk rock?! when you wake […]

  • zach billot

    stupid. might have blonde hair. not good at violin or school. owns a chicken shop??? what???? salutatorian. wears funky shorts. has hair on his arms. ew. 14 shoe size,,,,,,,,,,,,,. he has world history seventh period. theresianstatd zach billot is stupid. buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • national 69 day

    holiday celebrating eating p-ssy and sucking d-ck. (preferably at the same time) “hey babe, can we 69?” “um. no.” “but it’s national 69 day!”

  • non-man penis haver

    this is a male old enough to qualify as a man,but is not dignified enough to behave as such. he is also not digified or cl-ssy enough to be deemed a f-ck boy and is a complete loser by all senses of the word. not only does he not have a position in life to […]

  • tide pod effect

    the popular trend of doing anything just to gain attention. commonly present in the current generation. “man, i sure enjoy consuming tide pods” “great, another victim of the tide pod effect” buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • teep eater

    someone who likes the taste of the tip of a males p-n-s ¨you’re are such a teep eater” buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • ooooissss

    ooooissss is used when something good has happened or currently occurred. bobby got a a on his exam he screamed ooooissss in joy of p-ssing his test buy the domain for your art vlog

  • premium feel

    when something has a premium feel, it is very appealing, and most people would want to have it. peter: delicious, his food has a premium feel. buy the domain for your diy blog

  • jack alexander jones

    noun ~ a special brerd of vulture, one descendant from jewish culture. particularly enjoys self pleasuring and being stingy. large figure in the g-y community that jack alexander jones really is a special breed

  • smacked fart

    to have an extremely ugly face. have you seen jannice? she’s got a face like a smacked fart! buy the domain for your foodie site

  • david ray iv

    a s-xy hot beast. gets all the ladies. has a m-ssive p-n-s. when it is not erect it is 12 feet long but when erect it is 24 feet long. david has several nicknames such as “hercules”, “s-xy beast”, and “kachow master”. david’s usually have lucious short and brown hair. david’s are just pure s-xy […]

  • savannah noland

    when a b-tch acts a total sk-nk like the og savannah noland. gah dude, that chick is pulling a savannah noland right now by grinding up on that guy in the club. buy the domain for your pet blog

  • soapstone

    according to the mohs scale, talc, also known as soapstone, is the softest mineral. it is second in total softness only to the softest thing on earth, jeremy scott d-nkin. much like its counterpart, jeremy, it is composed of a stack of weakly connected sheets that tend to slip apart under pressure. what is the […]

  • gorizzly

    a part man, part gorilla, part grizzly, all awesome creature who steals unsuspecting hearts with tickle fights and games of naked hide-and-seek in the woods. i didn’t get any work done today because my gorizzly was h-rny. buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • orrissism

    a statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, while utilizing some type of deceptive element, such as a double meaning or including some element of truth; enabling the specific meaning to be denied if the statement is challenged. this type of ambiguity is one of the most dangerous types of lies, as often times it […]

  • a long island

    a girl who is hot but not pretty. like a long island iced tea this is someone you pound in a club, but never have at dinner with the parents. chad: yoooo, i hooked up with this chick meghan last night at the club. brad: lemme see her insta, bro. chad: nah, just look at […]

  • muddy texas winged prodding

    dress up like batman with a utility belt, a cattle prod, a spray can and a gun and run around at night and when you see someone sh-t on him or her then spray them with your spray can and start beating them senseless then zap them with your cattle prod and then murder them […]

  • cake jórwell

    a bad lil jawn that plays football and lacrosse and is a true daddy (no h-m-). dat bull lookin’ like a cake jórwell today. buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • aekn

    a big indian sh-t, usually causes a commotion and is very smelly sharting your pants in public holy sh-t i smell an aekn from that guy over there! he’s trying to make it not obvious d-mn! that aekn smelled strong as f-ck!

  • dhushan

    a person who is a serious douchebag. thinks that he is the best and hates arthur. he sh-ts himself because he loves infinity war. he also eats insects. you’re such a dhushan ya tru i hate arthur i love infinity war tho buy the domain for your foodie site

  • saleh reviews

    the mental hypebeast saleh reviews is the mental hypebeast of youtube. also subscribe to him buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • grimeway

    1 specific man that vapes alot, and also wins every game ever oh dude, thats grimeway. look at his sick clouds buy the domain for your art blog

  • sandprincess

    a female that is from the middle east, or has middle eastern roots and is arabic. d-mn, did you just see that hot sandprincess on the bus? dude you should go to miami in the summer its where all the the sandprincesses hang out out, living off their arab sheikh type father’s money.

  • nathlimar

    she is a smart person. she is beautiful. she is wonderful. she is mature.she is interesting. and nathlimar is the most beautiful person to have as a friend. and nathli if you’re reading this you are special to us . nathlimar we love yo so much. buy the domain for your foodie site

  • beaver seizure

    a female -rg-sm, or the effect that overcomes a woman’s ability to make rational decisions because she thinks someone else is hot. she had a beaver seizure and i had to wash my sheets. everytime he walks in the room, she has beaver seizure and can’t think properly. omg, she took her shirt off and […]

  • syreese

    she is a very special person who loves to goof around who has many personalities who is very talented syreese is amazing buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • out you go dumbass hoe

    when ones mother says they may not acquire mcdonald’s whilst driving past it, one responds with “out you go dumb-ss hoe” joe: can we get mcdonald’s it’s right there joe momma: nah fam we gotta fruit loop at home joe: “out you go dumb-ss hoe” joe: *throws mom out of car joe momma: gets ran […]

  • buddyfucker

    one who will do anything to further his own personal interests without regard for the impact his actions will have on the interests of his “friends” or colleagues. buddyf-ckers cannot be trusted to “do the right thing” and have no regard for abstract principles such as ethics or morals. this t-tle is used frequently in […]

  • badboy

    a young man who has many characteristics of a naughty boy: he’s independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger about him. for these reasons and more, he’s […]

  • niquasa

    niquasa is an name given to an beautiful p-ssionate being ,he or she is calm when it comes down to serious moments and very free when it comes down to fun moments he or she can also be very shy when there meeting new people and can tell when someone is fake he or she […]

  • austin cozma

    a true specimen of perfection. a man as true and hot as billy mayes himself. although he might have some issues with people and may secretly be bill gates in disguise. oh my lord! austin cozma just did 9/11 buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • adrianna ramirez

    adrianna ramirez is a the name of a girl who always knows how to cheer you up when your down. she is beautiful and will only be mean to people who deserve it and are disrespectful to her first. shes shy but when you get to know her she seems a little crazy but in […]

  • norman logic

    when someone tries to seem smarter than you but ends up making everything seem more confusing than it already is and just makes a conversation an unbearable loop of agony. norman logic can also be used to win an argument when they the person knows they are wrong. parker: luffy is the leader of the […]

  • oliver brito

    the most annoying and fattest man to ever live your being such a oliver brito buy the domain for your diy blog

  • tomarii

    tomarii: a n-gg- who attract girl with some sort of problem. tomarii is caring but would play your heart like it’s a basketball, dribbling / crossover your feelings and sh-t. tomarii is a fine man but dumb as sh-t sometimes. girl: omg tomarii texted mee omg omg girl2: what did he say girl : he […]

  • gimme the zucc

    when mark zuckerburg does anything that his followers can meme. followers continue to meme any robotic movements or thoughts the robot zucc is. he is memed until an error code is enabled on his hard drive. death follows the lady in the livestream shouted ‘gimme the zucc’ when mark zuckerburg sips water. buy the domain […]

  • harrison joyner

    a y’all -ss f-ggot who looks like a piece of sh-t -hey! do you know harrison joyner? -ya…that kid is a f-g.

  • wife stealer

    a guy that steals a wife from another guy. daniel is a wife stealer. he stole another man’s wife. buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • aepic

    aepic is a contraction of “epic pic(ture)”. donald trump fighting a crocodile would be aepic! buy the domain for your art site

  • haeleigh

    fun, s-xy as sin, simply amazing. haeleigh’s are outgoing and sweet. said to be amazing in bed and great kissers. if you are lucky enough to know a haeleigh, then you should find yourself very fortunate bcause haeleigh’s are said to be extremely of the best people out there haeleigh’s are the sh-tttt super […]

  • vegarty

    cool slang for a vegetable party “hey, want to come to my vegarty i’m having over the summer? it’s gonna be wet!” buy the domain for your art blog

  • kardashian’s playbook

    where one uses all types of tricks and lies for publicity. “you see how carrie underwood kept hyping her face injury right before her acm performance, but she just ended up looking amazing?” “yeah she got dat out of the kardashian’s playbook.” buy the domain for your cat site

  • pyrometer

    the gage used to measure how hot a girl is. yesterday me and john sat on the beach using our pyrometer to rate the girls walking by. buy the domain for your diy blog

  • akrystal

    akrystal is the most beautiful person walking this earth, she’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s funny, and she got a fatty! she’s independent and she attract boys and girls. she cool and ghetto at the same time but she will beat a b-tch -ss. she don’t got time for drama, she outspoken, and she’s everything you […]

  • thicki minaj

    someone who is thick beyond compare emily adams is so thick i think we gonna call her thicki minaj b-tch she a thicky beyond comare. he aint chubby and she aint skinny either but she gotta big booty. she be what all the guys look at nowadays. d-mn thicki minaj! that booty thick!

  • gooshgadoo

    traditional turkish dish consisting of a combination of grapes and/or shrimp mixed loosely with mashed potatoes, often fetched from the local market. could be served with falim or uludag gazoz. onur, go to the market and fetch me the ingredients for the gooshgadoo please!!! buy the domain for your cat blog

  • your mother is a homosexual

    your mother is a h-m-s-xual is a phrase posh people use instead of ur mom g-y! prince john fakename the third: your mother is a h-m-s-xual butler bill: no u!

  • school bus nut

    a student or athlete that misbehaves on a bus before they reach their designation omg, the wrestling team were p-ssed when tj acted out in front of everybody, he is such a school bus nut buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • bimall

    size that is neither big or small. often used by people in denver, colorado. no relation to bis-xual people my dog mary is bimall. she’s just medium sized. buy the domain for your art blog

  • ditsa

    a really hot and s-xy girl, who seems all goody-two-shoes, until, there’s some sort of party. boys’ (and even some girls) have their eyes glued to her. mark:- wow! just look at that hot mess! john:- whoa, man! that’s a ditsa! buy the domain for your cat vlog

  • toothbrush nigga

    a male who has stuck their p-n-s in many females mouths, like a toothbrush. gavin is such a toothbrush n-gg-, always getting head and sh-t

  • nahide

    the worst person to be in crowds, only one could love her. nahide went to the park. buy the domain for your travel site

  • scrundled

    a combination of scrunched and bundled. my knickers are all scrundled up! buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • baraniecka

    a horrible hoe. my teachers last name. can suck a 100 inch. is a total d-ck i hope that ur not in baraniecka’s cl-ss she raped 98 students last month

  • bunny orgy

    a term for when a guy has s-x or tries to have s-x with a ridiculous ammount of women. a reverse gang bang but gone crazy wild. basically put a guy has s-x with s-x with between 5 to 25 women in one orgy party. normally seen in p-rn or in guys dreams but on […]

  • big box nonprofit

    a big box nonprofit is any large nonprofit organization whose employment practices are indistinguishable from big box for-profits. a big box nonprofit will call discrimination “unintentional workplace bias”.

  • lobernoch

    lobernoch – the act of -j-c-l-t-ng a sandy like substance into an unsuspecting cl-toris or p-ssy as you may say, when the c-nt or p-ssy as you may say is at it’s most driest as in wiping off any juices with a paper towel or a shamwow™ it is perceived as the most pleasurable time […]

  • marqueef

    the only black person in the world that has a small p-n-s. him/her a chill who can kick -ss in fights and shoot offs. they have a tendincey to get in trouble because they get in fights and queef a lot girl: he beat this kid matt up in the cafeteria whiles farting. boy: he […]

  • johanna wagstaff

    johanna wagstaff is a weird woman who loves to grind with tectonic plates. you can usually see her in vancouver trying to create an earth-quake by grinding with the sand causing quicksand. today i saw on the news that johanna wagstaff had finally caused the mega-thrust earthquake in vancouver by grinding as hard as she […]

  • zan-tar

    this was the original name of tarzan in the handwritten m-n-script by edgar rice burroughs. zan-tar was a martian name for tarzan zantar : tarzan in french “verlan”, meaning, switching places with the syllables that are “tar” and “zan” which results in “zantar”. this n*gga str888 from the jungle, we call him zantar buy the […]

  • niceu

    nice just with a u that koreaboos use hey friend i got a new game niceu buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • #funnymemes

    u are the stupidest person alive to look up a definition like this #funnymemes are the best buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • the sloppy drip

    the small area between your hand and your d-ck that lets c-m drip down to your b-lls after you jerk off, making a sloppy drip. after i jerked off, i couldn’t find my c-m, then felt a crusty substance later under my b-lls. must have been the sloppy drip.

  • slinthead

    a derogatory term used for someone who has done something stupid that usually calls for repercussions. the term is commonly used by fans of the maze runner series. that slinthead needs to follow the rules a slang word used to describe someone being stupid or annoying. can be used playfully or meaningfully “omg, stop being […]

  • pulled an oreo

    when a guy gets an expensive birthday gift from his girl and breaks up with her after his birthday or before the girls birthday. kylie pulled an oreo on megan buy the domain for your pet blog

  • ziinos

    ziinos is the type person who is somewhat odd and edgy. deep down they have a lot of hidden feelings for the people they love but is to afraid to share them. as scary and intimidating as ziinos may seems they are very sweet and kind to everyone they trustand appreciate. ziinos is a very […]

  • myrali

    myrali is a great friend. best friend you always want to hangout with. crazy. always silly. brown eyes. brown hair. pretty, beautiful. always looks good. man myrali is gorgeous. buy the domain for your foodie site

  • miss vanjie

    miss vanjie, aka vanessa vanjie mateo, was a contestant on rupaul’s drag race season 10, and was the first to be told to sashay away by hostess rupaul after losing in a lip sync battle. her departure from the stage was meme-worthy due to her bizarrely yelling her own name three times as she walked […]

  • torreya nucifera

    torreya nucifera is a slow-growing, coniferous tree native to southern j-pan and to south korea’s jeju island. it is also called kaya. it grows to 15–25 m tall, and the leaves are evergreen and needle-like. shin-kaya (“new kaya” in j-panese) is usually an alaskan, tibetan or siberian white spruce, which has become somewhat popular for […]

  • when is it gay

    it’s only g-y when you don’t -rg-sm on the other person’s genitals steve: you guys had s-x? i didn’t know you were g-y. larry: dude, it’s not g-y, we came on each other’s d-cks! steve: oh, okay then, well when is it g-y? larry: every other time that doesn’t happen. buy the domain for your […]

  • try-buy

    the act of going into a store or shop, not to actually by anything, but just take advantage of the free samples. examples: going into costco just to eat the free stuff going into an expensive store just to spray the tester bottle of perfume on yourself girl 1: wow, that perfume smells really fancy […]

  • koz’s forehead

    slang for one’s own p-n-s baby you can lick koz’s forehead! buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • turbo charged midget

    i midget that can not read or is useless angus is a fat turbo charged midget buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • alichee ballsack

    alichee is a very werid specimin and will make a mock of you she also will be very opinionated by telling rachel to f-ck off alichee b-llsack will make a mock of you

  • lickalatapuss

    a lesbian dinosaur man, look at that lickalatapuss

  • old person child

    someone who is very old but still acts like a child. tyler is such an old person child since he is old but needs common things explained to him! buy the domain for your art blog

  • nishing

    lazy, dumb and thickkkk. always late and sleepy. oy, stop nishing around buy the domain for your travel site

  • gut reno

    a gut renovation is when the house has its all materials replaced with new. new walls down to the studs and raw framing, floors, appliances, fixtures, wiring, pipes, etc. anything less is merely an updated apartment. – man this house looks like new. how old it is? – it’s a gut reno buy the domain […]

  • national lie to a girl day

    when its april 16 you lie to a girl about something that will shock her look i said i im not a virgin and she believed me because its national lie to a girl day buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • erokhin

    typical russian last name, often -ssociated with a f*ck boy. you know that new guy? he is such an ‘erokhin’, he is already going for 10 chicks. buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • venezuelan piñata

    the s-xual act of a naked man doing a handstand while resting his legs against a wall (or pressing himself between two walls so he’s not touching the floor) while a partner (or multiple) beats his genitals with a stick until he has an -rg-sm (candy) or falls. mike had to call in sick because […]

  • loot hog

    a bad friend who would rather have a scar then help his team! man b goes for every supply drop he’s such a loot hog buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • wank ass

    something really dumb or sh-tty. “what is this w-nk -ss music we are listening to?”

  • jacobsimple

    a stuck up b-tch who thinks jacob sartorius is a great guy (he’s not) “jeez that jacobsimple girl is such a b-tch” buy the domain for your foodie site

  • tos snop

    he likes to necc tos snop does mkwii and ori, he also likes to necc buy the domain for your pet site

  • anlie

    anlie is a very cute couple that is always together no mater what and gets each other through everything omg that anlie couple is so cute like no joke buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • ashveer

    ashveer ashveer is a name for a pretty indian girl with brown hair and eyes, she is very creative and funny at times however if you get on the bad side of her she can get angry extremely fast, she’d do anything for her friends as she’s a loving and caring person. buy the domain […]

  • abhainn

    abhainn. a a big fat greek yogurt tub ( approx 1kg ) only available at walmart mart. hey mom, can you get some abhainn at the store? buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • stalkaphobia

    when you have a fear of stalkers i have stalkaphobia when i’m alone at night buy the domain for your cat site

  • wet cobain

    a form of self-pleasure that invloves putting your own d-ck in your mouth and sucking yourself off as if simulating the tragic suicide of kurt cobain, where your p-n-s is the shotgun, and you intend to “blow your brains out” with the barrel in your mouth. i gave myself a wet cobain the other day […]

  • heshitha

    hesh-tha is a savage and funny person who cares for people around her. she is caring, positive and smart , cheering up people who are feeling sad and low. hesh-tha, although she has fears, she will overcome and face them in a braves yet funny way. hesh-tha being savage always brings laughter around her friends. […]

  • rakowsky

    someone who yells at you for no reason and always says don’t talk back to me rakowsky yelled at me for answering her question buy the domain for your pet site

  • mark ‘jacko’ jackson

    the greatest australian rules footballer of all time. started out in the vfl in 1980 for the richmond tigers. did not play a senior game, but received invaluable guidance from coach tom hafey and others on the tigers coaching staff on how to play at the top level. went on to the melbourne demons, st […]

  • pre-shot spawning

    when crosshair sp-wning happens, and the person is already shooting as you sp-wn in, so you die instantly are you f-cking kidding?! i hate pre-shot sp-wning!

  • al’tierria

    most beautiful, a true best friend,amazing , wonderful, loving helpful, loveable, nice helping love to laughter,love to smile,loving, al’tierriais a nice and wonderful person. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • canadette

    a canadette is a female leaf “hey, there are canadettes on the tree” buy the domain for your foodie site

  • dominyck

    dominyck is the type of person you go for the goodies and the hook ups. and she’s a total kissup. if you introuble she’lol help you out, back up your story if there is something in it for her. she has some friends. she keeps them close. she makes fun of her friends when they […]

  • max mason

    g-y wow, you’re so max mason buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • munshi

    a man of scholarly background in ancient india the revered man is a munshi buy the domain for your diy site

  • preformer

    when bekah f-cks up in groupme because she can’t spell anything “ehh we are preformer” -bekah 2018

  • milk rush

    when you have a sudden urge for the taste of s-m-n so you drink milk and let your imagination take over ethan gave me a milk rush. i cant control it buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • mary and katie

    best friends. these two became very good friends in a short amount of time and love being around eachother. they might get mad at one another sometimes but overall like the other person. they will walk places together and hang out when they want. usually one is smarter or more atheletic then the other and […]

  • tazanna

    a tazanna is a cute girl with a tough outer sh-ll but a soft heart. she’s got a great sense of humor and she is undeniably beautiful. she is creative, outgoing, and very aggressive if you get on her bad side. she can be sweet, and protective, and if you get into a relationship with […]

  • gabiecorn

    a gabiecorn is a majestic unicorn like creature. it lives on gum and water, and hates human beings. -“ohmawgerd it’s a freakin gabiecorn in its natural habitat! the corner of death and darkness!” buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • tenderizing the meat

    it like holding a person hostage but you still kill him. you use him as bait kind of. b-ttsniff |||: can you kill me now? me: no! i’m tenderizing the meat. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • craugy

    katherine and ali it mean hey ugly, rusty, dusty, musty, and crusty. they don’t get d-ck for life. they hate snakes, they don’t taste good shaniqua: oh my gosh did you see ali and katherine they were looking craugy af , but i still want to smash them ugly -sses

  • tiot

    1.a tiot is a person who never fails to brighten your day even when they’re having a bad one. 2.a person who is wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess. 3.a rebel and a riot amoung other things “she is such a tiot!” buy the domain for your pet blog

  • cool cat saves the kids

    a questionable film about an overgrown man-child in a cat costume named cool cat. cool cat bands together with his master, daddy derek as they set out to stop bullying. which ironically, the director does to any reviewer of his masterpiece. throughout the film, they are terrorized by an overweight blonde kid named butch. butch […]

  • fred flintsphone

    fred flintsphone…an old -ss phone or primitive phone like a jitterbug i sent my grandmom a .jpg but it took her 4 days to download it cuz she got a fred flintsphone

  • geri flakes

    dead skin flakes that fall off of old people and float into the air or fall on to surrounding surfaces. when we removed ethels socks, so many geri flakes flew into the air that for a moment i thought i was in a snow globe. buy the domain for your diy site

  • bondmaid

    a bondmaid was a slave girl in the bible. hagar is the best recorded meaning of a bondmaid to sarah. a bondmaid probably made some money. buy the domain for your cat vlog

  • saheed

    the s-xist black kidd you will ever meet. usually athletic, he will always keep it 100 with you. good taste in music and food you should want to keep him forever. usually popular as well everyone knows him. i wanna be like saheed bro he’s mad wavvy. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • vicknakumar

    a name that is derived from two ultimate indian gods who are immortals. the person with this name is said to be smart, entertaining, patient and aggressive sometimes. they have a lot of patience but once you go over your limit, they rage and will seek revenge. it is described as one of a kind […]

  • loveomeophobiono

    the fear of someone loving you and not telling you that they love you omg did you hear that adriana has loveomeophobiono buy the domain for your foodie site

  • ramod

    lazy takes people for granited and he is very selfish he can also be a cheater at sometimes why do you have to be so selfish ramod buy the domain for your foodie site

  • pop a mentos on a nigga

    1. to beat a n-gg-s -ss 2. to bust a nut on a n-gg- niel is finna pop a mentos on a n-gg- (verb) to beat the sh-t out of someone let pop a mentos on a n-gg-

  • jakoplasma

    you guys know that ‘mycoplasma’ is k/a the joker of plant kingdom. similarly, joker of the animal kingdom is jakoplasma. jakoplasma’s purpose is to make sh-ttiest of sh-tty jokes and make ppl laugh. he/she listens to other ppl carefully, loves them, very shy, feels jealous at times, and often makes fun of his/her ex. ruth […]

  • hichki

    hichki is the hindi meaning of hiccups.its also a hindi movie. drink water to remove it. mujh ko hichki agai hae buy the domain for your recipe site

  • miles ng

    a g-y person james: hey jerry do you wanna come to mine tonight and ill lick your b-lls jerry: no james im not a miles ng like john

  • khadooshin

    this word can be used in alot of different meanings look at the examples to understand you should understand what they are saying or your retarted (jim)hey bob you really khad–shed that test(bob)i will now have to kill myself ex 2 (kim)het bill that outfit is really khad–shin(bill)ya mum g-y lol(kim’s dead body)no you(bills mega […]

  • hanyla

    kind,confident,athletic/academic girl that can tell you whats what and is so loyal to others. 💞 hanyla is a great name for my future daughter. buy the domain for your cat blog

  • emini

    an absolutely beautiful girl. girls want to be her, boy want to have her, and very….shall we say…talented;) everybody wants an emini a beautiful princess ❤ always in her feelings. fall in love to quick. like to express her feelings. bipolar emini has n-gg-s.

  • yeeshai

    a hardcore beast that is beast lawl. nibba good at fortnite and is really flipping good at singing. if u wanna add more go ahead this is just a start. yeeshai is a beast. yeeshai is a handsome masculine tall man with phenomenal ways with women any lady should be happy to have him he […]

  • amazon queen

    1. queen of the amazon girls tribe 2. strong female warrior/leader/ da boss 3. a s-xual lioness 4. someone who spends too much time shopping on amazon the leader of our group is like an amazon queen. she is an amazon queen in bed. she be da amazon queeeeennnnn. buy the domain for your diy […]

  • flick nut

    an insult claiming that a person is subject to premature -j-c-l-t–n or climax that dude is such a flick nut

  • wokegasm

    when you have thoughts so profound, that you become woke and it feels -rg-smic. i had a wokegasm when i realized time is an illusion. buy the domain for your art blog

  • dusty trunk

    having a copious amount of cocaine in and around your nostril following a visit to the toilet to powder your nose f-cking h-ll dan, sort the dusty trunkout before the birds clock you or we get thrown out of here how’s the hooter looking? have i got a dusty trunk?that last blast was keith cheggers

  • ur daughter a slaughter

    the single phrase that ends all of humanity, ur granny tranny, ur sister a mister,ur son a nun, are minuscule to this 1:ur mom g-y 2: ur dad lesbian 1: well, ur granny tranny 2:no u 1: ur grandpap trap 2:ur sister a mister 1: shut up 2:ur brother a mother 1:ur son a nun […]

  • kaylee-anne

    kaylee-anne is a cool awesome girl with long hair and and a bright smile. she will laugh at lots of jokes quietly, but she can complain! kaylee-anne is a pessimist, but she will be able to make you happy with her amazing stories! kaylee-anne is fluent in sarcasm and she isn’t short but she isn’t […]

  • haadiya

    haadiya is a really mean and bossy person in general, but she is still caring, loving and will get you back in order if need be. haadiya hates everyone and hates nature too but if your nice she might not hate you. haadiya is so freaky buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • spankytard

    spankytards trump followers all of the spankytards love spanky’s invasion of syria buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • swaddleable

    very easy to swaddle or cuddle brain: you’re just so pet-te and swaddleable buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • april 17th

    national boyfriend appreciation day girl#1:did you know april 17th is national bf appreciation day girl#2guuurl no didn’t gotta get me a man before that buy the domain for your recipe site

  • juuse saros

    noun- the cutest little boy in the world, can do no wrong, someone with perfect eyes and an adorable personality my son is so adorable he is going to be the next juuse saros! buy the domain for your foodie site

  • nwml

    no worries my love. for when a significant other asks a favour from you and you’re like no worries, happy to do that because i love you. gf: “hey babe, what time should i meet you before your basketball game?” bf: “7:40” gf: “nwml!”

  • tielle

    a girl, looks like a boy, dresses somewhat like a boy, isn’t a lesbian, you are probably cooler than her, but she wont be mean to you. tielle just p-ssed her pants. she’s very girly. girly voice, forever 21 clothing, looks very mature for her age. quiet around you. the younger sister of tiffany suacillo. […]

  • mileke

    a real n-gg- with money. treats all of his girls like princesses and make sure their spoiled. doesnt fight all the time cuz him and his gang stomp n-gg-s. but he is a cool person and like smoking. mileke is a cool dude

  • frooken

    a free range chicken enjoying the greener pastures of life. ‘check out that frook’ ‘what’s frooken good lookin’ ‘living life free as a frook’ buy the domain for your cat blog

  • nicholas anastasiadis

    very horrible at fortnite nicholas anastasiadis woah he sucks at fortnite buy the domain for your pet blog

  • just troll.

    when troll has you completely in love with then and he is the only thing you know in existence. wow..ever sense troll made me listen to “only troll” for a little while, all i know is just troll. buy the domain for your cat blog

  • dent popper

    when you get fresh with a woman and you find out that one of her nipples is inverted so you have to perform a “dent popper” on the problem area by violently and swiftly sucking on the nipple until you feel it pop back out in your mouth. i was getting fresh with tina and […]

  • jacarious

    a very nice tall man who gets all the girls and very know he is funny he very handsome and he is a super freak whom all the females want one night with. jacarious is with his side girl sarah buy the domain for your diy site

  • kaldick

    a perfect person to swig you in the booty. will c-m for you if you don’t run away. don’t risk it, he’ll be right behind you if you don’t look out, probably in your -ss kald-ck is going to c-m on you

  • manman

    not a woman man boyfriend, husband, male partner ma man loves me takes me everywhere! buy the domain for your pet site something that always makes me smile, seems to efforlessly make me get some crazy–ssed bubbles in the pit of my stomach, who is really funny, cute and adorable and always seems to have […]

  • mug mug mug

    its a mug with the words “mug mug” on it. it also looks horrible. “why do you own that mug mug mug?” buy the domain for your pet site

  • computed

    when something is the best. when something makes a lot of sense. this is from the cl-ssic sci-fi film the rise of the robots, whenever the robots talked or ended a sentence they said “computed”. nerds that love this film would use the phrase at comic cons and other nerd/geek events and it is now […]

  • yardadges

    goin’ long! he went for some fat yardadges buy the domain for your pet site

  • massinissa

    sometimes called m-ssi, he is the most handsome boy you will find in your life, he’s perfect kind and caring people who surround him are always happy. if you have a m-ssi in you’re life marry him and keep him for ever girl: oh my god look, m-ssinissa is so handsome i wish he will […]

  • jimat

    janelle is my twin and a queen. she is such a jimat. buy the domain for your foodie site

  • kieran polish

    an -sshole who is a n-z-, trump loving, white suprematist, hater. he also hates foreigners and wants to rule the world. ‘the jews deserved it’- kieran polish buy the domain for your pet site

  • dometopicita

    to give someone your wet dangling thing for money girl: hey could you dometopicita please stranger:sure buy the domain for your recipe site

  • adipolly

    1. it is commonly used word in malayalam for describing something which is quiet superb or fascinating. 2. to express their excitement 3. great, awesome, wow. the concert was an adipolly performance which went deep into the hearts of everybody. buy the domain for your travel site

  • whale feminist

    a large woman who claims to be a feminist but just want the law to favor her and all women with the same beliefes sales -ssociate: h-llo may i intrest you in some 0 calorie fat free yogurt? whale feminist: so you think that just because i am fat like a f-cking whale that i […]

  • monnier

    monnier is a last name name that originates from france. it is a last name of look and loving characteristics. his name is mason monnier. buy the domain for your art site

  • 7 pin

    the pin that griffin always leaves, crawls up into a ball, and cry’s like a little baby griffin and the 7 pin went on a date because trinity doesn’t like him buy the domain for your art site

  • howy

    howy is a guy that likes to play games hey howy howy is a guy who likes to play games a lot hey howy how you going buy the domain for your art blog

  • rompski

    a ‘rompski’ is a conepiece or bowl packed full of marijiuana and or a mixture of marijuana and tobacco. commonly reffered to as chop in new zealand and australia. the saying was originally popularised by the youth of waiheke island. a small island in new zealand. i just snapped a rompski with the boys. ( […]

  • dayzle

    g-y b-tch that’s dayzle because just look at it buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • vexed is an understatement

    when something has really cheesed you off! “did you get that horrible snapchat update?” “yes, and vexed is an understatement.” buy the domain for your cat site

  • jaisynda

    always loves potatoes don’t ask her a lot of questions she gets frustrated and is very creative good artist you should totally be friends with any jaisynda you meet wow jaisynda is so kind i just love her buy the domain for your foodie site

  • jen soto

    the girl that unfriended you because you were being nosy and you thought she was godly pretty. a jen soto will notice you and won’t say hi to you. just like her go and one day she will think about you and wish she never treated you that way. had giselle when she was 22 […]

  • aayur

    aayur is a sanskrit term meaning “life” or “vital power.” it also means someone desirable. i wish i could have an aayur in my life. buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • pussy vape

    when she’s riding your face and queefs up your nose have you tried p-ssy vape?

  • anaphalycticatardicon

    anaphalycticatardicon, or urens syndrome, named after the original host, is a rare disease that has only one known active case in the world. with only one known case of anaphalycticatardicon, very little information and research has been gathered about urens syndrome. however more information is being gathered on a daily basis to develop a greater […]

  • dotsaphobia

    fear of dots does not like dots friend: …. me: i have dotsaphobia so stop buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • hijke

    a girl who is bold and beautiful. stands tall above the rest. strong voice and always wants to be heard. stubborn at times but means well always. very friendly and crazy when she’s around people she’s comfortable with. loves her family and friends deeply. easily hurt so don’t break her. savage hijke is a wild […]

  • steeze lord

    aiden evans – st–ze lord “d-mn man, aiden evans is such a st–ze lord” buy the domain for your diy blog

  • fr*ck

    alternative to f*ck what the fr*ck did you just say! buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • wineker

    a wine buff who can’t help but tell you how much they know about wine. the combination of wine and w-nker pat won’t shut up about how much he knows about wine, a total wineker ! buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • damil

    damil is very nice person and usually tall and very good person. damil is a very good kid /adult buy the domain for your diy site

  • ninja syndrome

    a childhood condition, usually temporary, in which the afflicted child believes him or herself to be a ninja. this condition typically p-sses after the child hits p-b-rty and discovers the opposite s-x. guy 1: hay bob hows it going. bob: not too bad guy 1 but my son has ninja syndrome and keeps hiding and […]

  • eye ra

    a s-xy camel slayer you see that sister slaya over there, it must be an eye ra because dat booty b poppin! buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • my nigga chad

    that n-gg- that always comin to ya house and eating all ya food and shoring in ya toilet. then once in the bed chad try some g-y sh-t with you but thinks no h-m- means sh-t. my n-gg- chad just f-cked my b-tch, now i’m going to beat his -ss with an italian sausage

  • kyhan

    handsome man strong mind yet stuburn he like to be by him self yet loves to have a companion he is silent but yet hears every conversation won’t talk to you if you don’t talk to him first he is a very vengative person that will try to get you if you did any harm […]

  • yalixa

    short girl yalixa is so short buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • waygerofosombre

    a former way to say “i don’t know, sorry” which was most often used in poems from the 17th century. it was last deprecated in the year 1842. jesse, where did you buy those shoes? not sure, waygerofosombre. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • trickywi

    a youtuber that makes pokemon songs, and top 10’s. i love trickywi buy the domain for your diy blog

  • he kang

    an autistic kid that likes to cry but is very smart but very easily agitated. once agitated, will keep crying non-stop he kang is a smart kid but likes to cry buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • hella letta

    something that is super cool guy: check out my new phone other guy: that’s h-lla letta buy the domain for your art blog

  • jaredan

    a smart guy who knows a lot of science and math and likes to listen to heavy metal. also likes to suck kn-bs. jaredan came here to listen to metal and suck kn-bs and he’s all out of metal. buy the domain for your travel blog

  • unal

    unal is the person who is a donkey . he is every tym shy.. he is cute. he has sooooo good looking eyes. he has good looks . but still he has a brain of donkey. he loves food. if your a best friend of unal u don’t want to feel like leave him and […]

  • skitst

    a complete mad b-st-rd. “that mark hamill fella is skitst” buy the domain for your pet blog

  • peropgen

    the encapsulated version of “person of the opposite gender.” though at first it sounds a little funny and futuristic, the new word “peropgen,”—which means “person of the opposite gender”—saves time, sp-ce, and energy works and is extremely helpful. buy the domain for your cat blog

  • confused screaming

    when you don’t know what the h-ll is happening and you confused af friend: i don’t like women because women like d-ck and that’s g-y. me: *confused screaming* buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • bootying

    the act of a girls b-m hole rubbing up against a mans genitals d-mn bro she was bootying all over my schl-ng buy the domain for your art site

  • omniscum

    a contemptuous term for a person who chooses to eat animals or their byproducts. “wow, those omnisc-m over there sure are selfish.”

  • niggaphile

    the term n-gg-phile refers to a person who is s-xually attracted to black people. an unusual disorder amongst white folk but it is, however, commonly observed amongst the black communities. a fetish for large -ss and copious amounts of unprotected s-x will often accompany the affliction. not to be confused with honkeyphile, the general s-xual […]

  • three blind musketeers

    when three of your short fat white friends are tied up and blindfolded and f-cked by the nearest, nastiest homeless man named gerald yo, did you hear how i gave the chad brothers the ol’ three blind musketeers

  • eefke

    an eefke is a sweet, dutch person with a big heart for nature and stands up for what’s right. they are amazingly attractive and you will be blessed if you have one in your life. don’t let go of them. eefke smelled the morning mist as she walked through the forest. buy the domain for […]

  • 🌻

    a sunflower emoji 🌻 used when talking about sunflowers. omg i want to go to the sunflower field tomorrow 🌻!

  • dessariee

    the bestest friend you could ever have, she is funny, outgoing, very beautiful, and just overall fun to be around. she is someone you can rely on when you need to tell a secret, or need to rob a bank😂! once you find a dessariee, keep her, she is beautiful, happy, funny, the best kind […]

  • elephant yawn

    elephant yawn: an extremely well traveled v-g-n-. bro, i was slumming last night with this crummy dumpster sk-nk, and i was pounding away at her gaping elephant yawn like a champion mma fighter defending his t-tle, but i just couldn’t bust!!!

  • javont

    javont is a very messy guy that doesn’t cleans his mess up also javont shows out and try to be a “bad boy” javont is messy buy the domain for your cat site

  • charning

    shaking or stiring violently i was charning the milk for it to become b-tter. buy the domain for your art vlog

  • shut up, my one brain cell is working very hard right now

    when you go too school and they ask you ” what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333″ then goes over to your desk and says “hurry up larry the answer is do at the end of cl-ss” teacher: ” what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333″ you: shut up, my one brain cell is working very hard right now!!! buy the domain for […]

  • arschlochfleisch

    ring-shaped muscular flesh around the most important organ in humans and mammals in general which serves to close the opening of the/your cavity organ, to keep it well shut so your nickers stay clean (over contraction). philipps arschlochfleisch is pink and juicy. buy the domain for your cat site

  • schnarr

    the last name schnarr may be derived from the german word “schnur”. meaning string which most likely means they’re skinny yet fit in there own way if ya know what i mean ;)))). scharr’s are funny,undeniably cute, also freaky if you’re lucky enough to get it outta her 😉 mostly known for there big o […]

  • darsy

    a very mysterious, smart, beautiful girl who is different from others making her unique. she can make your day so much better by just smiling and laughing. she tends to overthink stuff but manages to handle any task. she’s the kind of friend everone wants but doesn’t deserve. *friend a doesn’t see her for a […]

  • wog can opener

    a big hairy greek man with an unusually thick layer of hair surrounding his legs, this is wog can opener’s ozone layer. when wog can opener is frightened or salty, large quant-ties of milk gush from his -n-s to ward of any toxicity or absorb his victims. one of wog can opener’s most prolific traits […]

  • zestun

    just some pervert who makes reaction gifs person: zestun, stop lewding the lolis! zestun: *mad laughter!*

  • paul alun

    a paul alun is a m-ssively big nosed clonker, he cuts his own hair and his momma dresses him funny. on the plus side he has a good taste in hats look out, that there ant eater is gonna go hungry i can see paul alun coming over yonder buy the domain for your cat […]

  • roehan

    man who batters anyone in his path he eats wild boars and f-cks hot b-tches he comes for the tribes of south africa and runs with the lions ur -rs- just got roehaned

  • paweena

    origin: thailand type of woman who goes for married men with money to fulfill her lifestyle. she is the kind that does not want to work for her cash, and would rather live off others to support her financially. guy 1: why are you broke all the time, dude? guy 2: man, i found out […]

  • ndor

    not deserving of response she said “elon musk just likes to play with his toys. he’s not all that!” i just smh and said”ndor”. buy the domain for your cat site

  • bum swiped

    a large animals use of their rear end to push a person out of the way. also is a technique used by dogs during play my pony just b-m swiped me when not wanting to get his rug on buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • eddie backblownout

    eddie backblownout is the words used when random sissy boys spend the nights away from their main sissy boys to be with other sissy boys… wow…dude….eddie backblownout againnnnnn!!! and for free as usual… buy the domain for your cat blog

  • humprot

    a person who is tall and shlanky,looks like a rat and smells like a garbage bag. i am in the humprot clam. buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • sanyce

    a smart strong caring loving person who never stops fighting sanyce how is your beautiful self doing today buy the domain for your art site

  • kyve

    kyve is a usually a man who is very athletic and talented. he can also be intelligent and funny when he is auround other people who talk to him kyve is a very good man buy the domain for your art site

  • victim whore

    one who seeks victimhood by doing anything it takes to be viewed as the victim, even by instigating a situation. by verbally abusing the fine gentleman, then getting in his way to yell at him some more, the victim wh-r- filed charges on the fine gentleman for -ssault when he made the slightest contact trying […]

  • rusalina

    a beautiful, smart and intelligent girl who loves everyone! she is so friendly she can practically talk to animals and get away with it!! she is so sweet that not even lemon juice is sour enough to take her down! so hot and is loved by all rusalina is so pretty!!! buy the domain for […]

  • fugleunt

    she was a fugleunt…. short for a f-cking ugly c-nt renee cameron was a fugleunt … knowone liked her.. she was a f-cking ugly c-nt she was so ugly and a c-nt we couldnt decide on what to call the b-tch she was a fugleunt…. a f-cking ugly c-nt she was a fugleunt…. short for […]

  • mcgeathy

    the nicest type of family you will ever meet! that family is a mcgeathy one! buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • myi’kayla

    a sweet amazing girl who is loyal, smart, and strong. she is always there for you if you mess with her friends she will kick your -ss. she is to good for this world and you are very lucky if you meet a myi’kayla. “whose that incredible amazing girl over there?” “that’s myi’kayla.”

  • daniel breton

    to be a daniel breton you must be a p-ssy b-tch and sucks a lot of d-ck and gets no girls, he wants to be a stripper for men and once dreamt about sucking 8 mens d-ck at once one of them mne were khaled man that g-y boy is so daniel breton

  • album soon come

    sm3 is coming soon lol “when is sm3 coming out??” “alb-m soon come” buy the domain for your pet site

  • dipulch

    to simplify something, make things easier. remove or avoid over-engineering from products or processes. keep it simple and usable. i gonna dipulch this process buy the domain for your cat site

  • angel-brook

    angel-brook is prolly someone who would always ask for money (wink wink) what i’m trying to say is angel-brook please stop asking me for money sincerely, michael please angel-brook just stop buy the domain for your cat blog

  • resting moron face

    a person, man or woman, whose usual facial expression makes them appear foolish and lacking common sense or intelligence. robert isn’t as stupid as he appears., he just suffers from resting moron face. buy the domain for your travel site

  • moncada

    a great last name. meant for only the hottest guys there is. people with last name for moncada tend to have happy life’s and can often bee confused as f-ck boys. but in reality they are nice people who like to give their love. there goes moncada, he is such a f-ck boy no he’s […]

  • adjunctsploitation

    the unspoken practice of heaping unreasonable amounts of the academic grunt work that no higher-ranking faculty will deign to do upon adjunct professors and then either severely underpaying them for their labor or paying them in “experience.” appropriate credit for this labor is typically withheld. “did you hear that ms. smith is doing all of […]

  • balldust

    dried, crumbly s-m-n. after d-ck had a wet dream, he woke up the next morning with balldust in his boxers. its when you go to the bathroom and find sprinkles of lint and p-b-s after a guy has used the bathroom. you can find this on or under the toilet seat. clean up your ball […]

  • wibdiw

    wibdiw means “journey”. it’s not really heard of but in southern arizona you might hear few people say it. it’s also a name. “hey jenny?, wanna go on a wibdiw?” “sure where to?” “how ’bout the grand canyon?” “sure!” buy the domain for your recipe site

  • yuhhh

    he/ she wants some her: lol him: yuhhh you either wanna go down on him or her her: lol him: yuhhh buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • orbin

    a great guy. he could be hard to get to know at first but once you do it will be totally worth it. he’s smart, serious ,but also funny , also he may have a slightly dirty mind at times but you know its funny 😂 orbin is funny buy the domain for your pet […]

  • jemaylee

    a bueatiful female with big b–bs and she’s mine and only mind. ps there’s only one girl named jemaylee in the world. that girl is a jemaylee buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • dywtf

    dywtf-when you don’t want to straight up type it, but you want to ask if the person is tryna f-ck. “do you want to f-ck?” soooo dywtf?

  • april 17

    national suck d-ck day! a day challenging all you thots to suck a strangers d-ck. have fun and don’t choke. why is she sucking everyone’s d-ck? must be april 17. buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • tori tequila

    tori tequila is a fun, charismatic , s-ssy lady! these girls are full of energy and will keep you in your toes! loves to be in the spot light entertaining everyone. however, challenge this lady and she will bite back.. i challenge tori tequila to a duel and she bent me over and filled me […]

  • megatitty

    a huge -ss t-tty “wow look at that megat-tty!”

  • caydyn

    a good friend for the most part, then stabs you in the back and is a complete d**k to you for the rest of the time he knows you and basically n-body likes them. example 1; “who’s that?” “caydyn, such a jerk” “oh.” buy the domain for your pet blog

  • sakhiya

    the little miss perfect , the best , funny , and popular b-tch everyone wants to f-ck with , but not the one to mess with when mad. sh-ll give off an innocent look but on the inside she defines death , shes mean on the outside but sweet on the inside. d-mn little miss […]

  • bilette

    a mean brat who loves to make people try on shoes oh bilette! please don’t ask her to go shoe shopping buy the domain for your cat blog

  • heck up

    a very mean phrase when, if heard, the user should be punished. it’s like the phrase ‘shut up’ but 10x worse. you should only say this when someone is being very irritating. bill: hi bob how’s it going? bob: heck up bill: *gasp* buy the domain for your art site

  • mohed

    mohed is a person everyone needs. he’ll be there for you. he’s amazing at sports. mohed is a natural leader. he’s dedicated and really funny and charming, and deep down he’s a real sweetheart. mohed has a caring heart, and any girl would be extremely lucky to have mohed. mohed is handsome and his eyes […]

  • stord

    a russian sword that repels doors so i got out my stord the other day and all my doors disappeard! buy the domain for your diy site

  • booboo smack

    to successfully smash an attractive coworker or friend, especially pertaining to a female subordinate or exiting the friendzone with a very desirable person “that investment banking boss was b–boo smacking all those interns last summer. i hope one of them got an offer even though it’s a boutique shop” buy the domain for your cat […]

  • chica rica

    a chica or funloving gal who you want to get down and dirty with in the club in a friendly but slightly naughty way. you then return home and take several more shots and continue the party in your living room. this does not lead to s-xual encounters other than spooning. hola chica rica!!! (roll […]

  • nigt

    a rather unpleasant way of telling someone that you know its night and you know they mubje because they tell you every bl–dy night! (at silly oclock) i was awaiting the muchly antic-p-ted name call message followed by a ‘night mubje’ but when i replied ‘nigt mubje’ she shat her t-ts because she knew sh-t […]

  • hit the fufs

    to m-st-rb-t- just gonna go hit the fufs buy the domain for your foodie site

  • leedham

    a biology teacher in bangkok , he has incredible students. mr.leedham gives me lots of detentions buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • koeller

    a f**k boy who has a m-ssive forehead, long face, pretty tall but nothing impressive. he’s a beta-male and the only way he can feel alpha is dating under aged or barely legal girls. he squints his eyes when he takes pics of him and the chick he’s dating, like he’s hot s**t or something. […]

  • popo and izla

    the love story you learned about in 7th grade that was good enough for you to continue thinking about. you wish you were gorgeous and had a man who was just as handsome. a great love story. the romeo and juliet of mexican culture. popo and izla is a wonderful tragic, but romantic story. buy […]

  • lol_ge

    a big hairy person that lives in a cheese cottage. a level tramp you are the biggest lol_ge buy the domain for your recipe site

  • stale ham sandwich

    someone who is lame, boring, or lack l-ster. one who has no excitement in their life. steve is such a stale ham sandwich. he never wants to go to the bar. buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • privk

    a “privk” is when you accidentally spell pr-ck wrong but then you send the person this definition so it looks like an actual word “caolan is an irish privk” buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • bruhhh

    someone who is r-t-rded would say this to his friends ( people that don’t actually think of him as their friend.) john: bruhhh can you p-ss me a paper napkin jack: no, i’m not even your friend. buy the domain for your art blog

  • memehubz

    memehubz is a meme page on a social media based platform known as “instagram” as of april 15, 2018 he stands at 25.4 thousand followers. his mascot is a pokémon by the name of “pikachu” either eating a sandwich or next to it. memehubz posts very frequently and his followers love him. “did you see […]

  • haha ur face

    an absolute terror of a comeback that destroys any argument with nuclear explosions, both hypothetical and real. the power level of this phrase trumps even that of the ancient “no u”, for the opponent’s opinion is left in limbo and their existence is made a lie. use only in emergencies or when attempting to end […]

  • nascharene

    nascharene is an introverted girl. she doesn’t fit in very well, but she has really close friends. she is very timid around newcomers, but once she gets to know them, they can really hit it off. she really likes k-pop. hey, bring nascharene, she’ll make the party more fun. buy the domain for your pet […]

  • cedriana

    the name of a dark brown hair and eye color beautiful girl ,loves to draw,and not to much of a make up person,an honest true full girl that loves summer,and serious when it comes around to be her friends. cedriana has a best friend named sophia. buy the domain for your diy site

  • lol fuck you

    an insult that can kill anyone lol f-ck you shut up

  • ken soto

    unlike his snotty wife, he’s the more polite one you would rather buy from. he is owner of mango fix in elk grove. just as fine as jen, you can see how they fell in love. clearly you can also tell why they are a true love story. ken soto is great to talk to. […]

  • 696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969

    truly the largest group of 69’s. this is the largest 69 orgy phsically possible for humans to create. any more people will result is death to all partic-p-nts because the s-xual thrill would be too intense for their human bodies to endure. strange friend: “h-llo friend, would you like to join me, and many others […]

  • zijah

    a young beautiful girl who will not admit it she’s very funy, her laughter will even make you laugh, a zijah will laugh alot, she will make you laugh no matter what! she might be short but she’ll be by your side at the end of the day. once you like zijah you will always […]

  • china ling

    the beyonce of the world. super aggressive to boys. probably doesn’t know sh-t about china and its language, but still calls her self that. true savage. the best out of the whole dictionary wow that girl is my china ling buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • alakai aidan

    a really cute boy who knows how to treat a girl hook your bestie up with an alakai the most bad-ss name you’ll ever have in hawaiian not many people are giving this name very few have it only a select hand full of people bare this majestic name i’ve seen this person name alaka’i […]

  • your family reunion a homosexual communion

    most deadly insult of them all ; worst than ur mum g-y, your dad lesbian, your granny tranny, etc. guaranteed to kill your opponent. bob : ur mum g-y jeff : but ur dad lesbian bob : stfu f-git, ur grandpap a trap jeff : listen here d-cktw-t your family tree lgbt bob : your […]

  • fat controller

    a man who spanks men your such a fat controller buy the domain for your travel blog

  • rosilyn

    the meaning of a raising queen strong and powerful. the queen rosilyn is on the rise. buy the domain for your diy site

  • hoopty dent

    when a man does -n-l without lube with either a male or female. toddd pulled out his erection and put it in jay without lube and got hoopty dented buy the domain for your diy blog

  • weeeeeeedrow

    a word to describe a super s-xy person “meliza is such a weeeeeeedrow” buy the domain for your travel site

  • assfart sandwich

    when flatulence is (violently and forcefully) expulsed from the r-ct-m upon 2 slices of (white) bread. i had an -ssfart sandwich for lunch. canned tuna is getting expensive. buy the domain for your art site

  • bihaco

    bihaco, boy i have a crush on, is the super secret term you use when there is a boy you are major crazy crushing on and what to tell them how you feel but keep it on the d-low. boy i like: hey me: hey, w-ssup bihaco! boy i like( clueless ) buy the domain […]

  • tubby-subby

    a submissive partner who is also a bit chunky. my name is mich-lle, love dudes that smoke cigarillos, i am a tubby-subby down for couple’s play. buy the domain for your travel blog

  • sonkev

    a wild creature who likes to roam in its habitat. the wild sonkev approached me and i was scared. buy the domain for your travel site

  • vtay

    a special kid that thinks with greatly ideas,he/she will be somthing special using their minds. also a very nice person who shares no matter what any say. this kid will never give up his/her dream they don’t care if there hurt or weak they’ll keep trying and never gives up. vtay will never give up […]

  • dariyante

    a person who is nice to others and respects everyone for who they are. that person is a dariynte. dariyante nice individual buy the domain for your cat blog

  • subservientist

    one who practices subservientism. the subservientist believed that by outlawing the right of someone to protect themselves from criminals or a tyrannical government, it would create a peaceful society. buy the domain for your travel site

  • the ye old switcheroonie jackmove

    the act of killing the last person or people left in a fortnite town, causing you to get all the loot with minimal effort. bout to pull the ye old switcheroonie jackmove on these noobs. buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • jemylah

    jemylah is a beautiful , loving , loyal ads girl and if you leave her your dumb. she doesn’t believe that she’s beautiful but she really is. and if your a friend of hers your very lucky and it’s a special unique name. she will show all her friends love but she is vicious so […]

  • tyrene

    reece’s girlfriend who likes ravioli are you tyrene yes i love ravioli buy the domain for your pet blog

  • makynleon

    a handsome person who is athletic and stands up for his friends and family no matter what that person named makynleon is very athletic and brave buy the domain for your diy blog

  • jeliza

    jeliza is a beautiful and agreesive girl. she the best girl you could ever wanted. don’t ever let her go. i want jeliza buy the domain for your cat blog

  • counter-signal

    to criticize; typically a phrase used by people on the far right or far left side of the political spectrum to shut down critique from those on their side closer to the center who want them to moderate their views. don’t counter-signal me for wearing n-z- paraphernalia you cuck. 1488!!! buy the domain for your […]

  • zaylin

    a complete and udder d-ck often rich and thinks highly of him self will almost always be a p-ssy zaylin is a d-ck

  • tennam

    the name tennam stems from the root word awesome. usually found in people of ancestry of but not limited to tibet and the tibetan highlands. tennam is a cool, smart, handsome guy but has trouble with girls and usually messes up. you can count on him to finish his work but not so much on […]

  • zefft

    word used in place of words that are inappropriate; can mean what you want it to. the true definition is kept for certain people in block 5 honors english 10. quit being such a zefft!! zefft zeft noun 1. a nick name given to elite soldiers that excel in all aspects of life. 2. alpha, […]

  • tickly pickly

    noun. tik-lee-pik-lee a magic object that when touched will tickle your pickle. jeremy touched the tickly pickly and his pickle was tickled. buy the domain for your foodie site

  • latricious

    a girl thar is bossy ,huge lips,has a adiction to rolling her eyes and will get nowhere in life everyone hates latricious buy the domain for your art vlog

  • octopuses

    many/ multiple octopus. instead of how the posh d-ld-s say it as octopi or octopie or how ever they say the word. ben said: hey, wanna go swimming? karen said: yes, sure, i love octopuses ben:yay, wanna be my gf buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • tylill

    the realest n-gg- of all time. he will make you run ya pockets tylill is the best person ever

  • rouge masters

    rouge masters rouge masters is a tcg term for powerful boss monsters in an non-meta high-tier rouge deck buy the domain for your recipe site

  • hashawn

    hot, strong, gets girls, don’t take sh-t from n-body, get money,(basically a savage did u see that boy, his name must be hashawn buy the domain for your recipe vlog

  • pareshaaned

    confused or perplexed i was pareshaaned after imy bag was stolen buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • sh’rai

    a loving and most annoying person you will meet. she is a very jealous type. all the boys got on her. sh’rai is my bestfriend buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • jaward

    someone who is a boss , stunna , motivated , determined and ambitious. his grind never ends because being comfortable will never be enough. jaward is a self made boss who is determined to succeed. buy the domain for your travel vlog

  • zavante

    ugly stuttering person that n-body likes when zavante comes around n-body talks to him buy the domain for your foodie site

  • captain america’d

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  • using harvey’s mirror

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